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She鈥檚 gonna stomp on you with her cool boots
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hewwo... spare outfit 馃憠馃憟
cool ass cowboy wizard
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tumbling-darkling 8 months ago
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Day one of sweet sweet memories.
You know damn well Danny has an entire album of his clone/cousin that鈥檚 filled with photos he stole and blackmailed out of Vlad and the blurriest Cryptic images of Dani taken off the Internet. Glowing eyes and all her gremlin glory.
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pencilbrony a month ago
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madametamma 3 months ago
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I designed what I thought Adult Danni (Ellie) would look like in Stephen Silver鈥檚 style.
I Have her in Casual wear, a more feminine look; Her ghost form and a more spooky ghostly form. (As well as a quick sketch of her enjoying take out on a stay at home movie night)聽 I imagine her growing into a similar jawline as Danny and developing a sporty look.
This is how I imagine Ellie鈥檚 life going.聽 Unlike Danny who never wants to be too far from Amity for too long, Ellie鈥檚 heroics are more of the globe trotting variety.聽 If Danny needs something investigated far from home and can鈥檛 do it himself, he knows who to call.聽 She鈥檚 like a spy, like James bond, only she can鈥檛 convince anyone she鈥檚 a suave, stays cool in all situations type, lady for longer than five minutes.
A lot of people who subscribe to the Danny ghost king AU believe she鈥檇 totally be the type to make everyone refer to her as the princess and yes, that鈥檚 how I see her too, only she acts more like a loyal knight, enforcing the king鈥檚 will.聽 Danny鈥檚 not a fan of that.
Danny: 鈥淓llie how come whenever I ask you to do me one little favor, you gotta treat it like a mission from on high, that always ends with you demanding someone to聽鈥淏end the knee to his majesty鈥?聽 You gotta knock it off.鈥
Ellie:聽鈥淵ou can鈥檛 tell me what to do!鈥
Danny:聽鈥淵ou can鈥檛 have it both ways!聽 Either I鈥檓 your king or I can鈥檛 tell you what to do!鈥
On her days off she likes to hang out with friends.聽 Her and Valerie have their favorite places they always meet up whenever she鈥檚 in town.聽 There鈥檚 at least a 50% chance that she can get Val out to Karaoke every time they hang out.聽The other 50% ends in a movie night.
I head cannon Ellie as Asexual and bi-romantic.
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tkdrawsstuff 11 months ago
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flynn and technus don鈥檛 get along
聽mainly cause technus is a dick, but flynn鈥檚 not above siccing ellie on him
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ragazzoarcano 7 months ago
鈥淣on prestare orecchio alle menzogne
non farti soffocare dai maligni
non ti nutrire di invidie e gelosie
In silenzio soffro i danni del tempo
le aquile non volano a stormi.鈥
鈥 Franco Battiato
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Danni is so funny.聽
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zannadoodles 2 months ago
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here are some women <3 I鈥檓 redesigning Danni and Esther, so hopefully I鈥檒l start drawing them more!
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gaylart-mess a year ago
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Pirate au I drew up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa With Captain Habit, Runaway noble Danni and some Kamal x Parlsey asdfgh I鈥檓 hoping to draw up the rest of the habiticians at some point too but aa
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undertalewasagoodgameokay 5 months ago
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UNDYNE TIME!!!! God I love her so much. And it鈥檚 a real shame that nobody uses her all that much in aus. I mean C鈥橫ON. There is so much potential, ESPECIALLY in backstory aus. How did she lose her eye? Why鈥檚 she so determined? Why鈥檚 she so hellbent on the human hatred? There鈥檚 so much potential, and it鈥檚 just. I cant believe how little she鈥檚 used.
Anyway, rant done. Here鈥檚 more info about everybody鈥檚 favorite strong fish, and her role in my aus:
Tumblr media
- Original AU
- 18 y/o
- Just officially joined the Royal Guard!!!!
- (As a sentry but still)
- She鈥檚 on her way to success!!!!
- She was kinda on a not so great path for a bit.
- Got arrested a few times, and even had to do community service
- It didn鈥檛 help that her dad was really distant
- He was the head of the Royal Gaurd before Undyne, and he wasn鈥檛 exactly the nicest guy
- He really drilled into her that all humans were bad and humanity NEEDED to be destroyed at any cost
- Undyne kinda was left on her own a lot and really acted out because of it
- Heck, she lost her eye because she got in a bad fight with another kid
- Asgore and Gerson really helped her channel all of that anger she has to something more productive
- Honestly I鈥檓 proud of her
- And also wish I was her
- I mean come on. Look at that side shave.
Tumblr media
- Spectrophobia AU
- 13 y/o
- Oh homegirl鈥檚 really not doing good right now
- A mixture of unusually high determination for a monster, two very powerful parents, and a spitfire personality resulted in her not having a great control over her very, very powerful magic.
- Those factors kind of blew up in her face.
- Litterally.
- Homeslice literally blew her own eye out when she got really, really mad.
- Poor gal鈥檚 really lethargic and sick right now thanks to a mix of pain meds and general magic loss.
- Thankfully her moms and dad are there for her, and so is Asgore (who makes frequent visits to deliver cheesy-broccoli soup)
- She watches a lot of Anime to pass her time, and it鈥檚 really where her interest in that stuff started
- Also, with how helpless she felt throughout all of this, it鈥檚 no surprise that she has issues admitting when she鈥檚 hurting when she gets older :,)
- Oh!!! And also she is completely deaf in the ear next to her blind eye
- Blast took that out too
Tumblr media
- Curtain Call
- 19 y/o
- Contrary to the freaking drama fest going on with the Gaster Fam + Alphys, Undyne is doing p good.
- I mean she鈥檚 not doing GREAT but p much anything could be considered better than whatever鈥檚 going on over there
- Anyway
- She was dumped as a kid and doesn鈥檛 really know who her parents are
- This kind of led to a lot of anger issues
- Homegirl is currently having a bit of an um
- A Vigilante,,,,, phase,,,,,?
- Yeah she鈥檚 actively getting in the way of the Royal Guard and trying to solve shit herself
- The public loves it, but literally everybody else is starting to get fed up
- Especially because her ruthless tendancies are actively getting people hurt
- Actually, she鈥檚 gotten close to getting fired from her sentry position because of it
- And that just. Makes her more determined.
- Eventually, somebody gets really hurt because of her, and she learns to chill the fuck out and do things the ethical way.
- In the meantime, however she gets into a LOT of fights.
Tumblr media
- The Thing in the Closet Au
- 15 y/o
- Okay this is going to take some explanation
- I didn鈥檛 want to just have a repeat of Dyne or Danni for TTIC but couldn鈥檛 figure out how to work her in with the other characters
- So. Undyne鈥檚 just gonna be doing her own thing here.
- And I鈥檓 not gonna lie. She鈥檚 kinda badass.
- Her mother was a scientist who, like every other scientist in this au, was not a great person.
- Her big goal was to break the barrier; something she and her daughter would eventually share.
- Um. She wasn鈥檛 as ethical about it.
- After her daughter was born, Undyne鈥檚 mom realized she had more magical energy (a substance that would be later discovered as determination by Alphys) than your average monster and decided 鈥淵ep. This鈥檒l work.鈥
- And that鈥檚 where her nickname comes from. She was experimented on.
- Eventually the whole thing was busted and shut down, all of it done quietly for the sake of the victims involved.
- Asgore took in a four year old Undyne as his ward when the whole thing was cleared up
- Undyne鈥檚 mom鈥檚 still in jail for all of it fndkdd
- Being a medical abomination has a few pluses tho
- When particularly agitated she can activate her DT, thusly throwing herself into her Undying form
- It鈥檚 really dangerous cuz she can easily power up to much and start melting, so she鈥檚 never really done it before
- Oh and those marks on her body glow when she gets mad.
Tumblr media
- Home girl when she鈥檚 all powered up (without armor)^
Tumblr media
- Beastly AU
- 8 y/o
- When she was really little, she was dumped in, well, the dump.
- Up until she was six, homegirl lived on the streets of new home.
- Eventually she got dared by one of the other kids to go fight the king
- Undyne has never been one to back out of proving herself, so she took the challenge with a stride.
- Her and Asgore started training
- Eventually he figured out she didn鈥檛 exactly have a home or family to go back to after she left the palace, so he invited her to stay in his guest bedroom until she was old enough to be independent.
- After some consideration, she took it, becoming the unofficial princess of the underground in the process.
- So fast forward a bit and Undyne hears about these two creatures terrorizing New Home.
- Wanting to protect her home, Homeslice decided to bring them down
- In the process she met the Royal scientist, and they got really close
- She鈥檚 almost called him dad before
- Everything was going all fine and dandy
- That was, until 鈥楾he Incident鈥
- Unlike Gaster, Undyne was never good about telling when to call it a day.
- She got after the smaller of the dragons while Gaster chased after the larger.
- She cornered him in an alleyway.
- There was no way to get out.
- And Undyne was reminded that these things are in fact wild animals.
- She can鈥檛 remember most of the way home. Just that her head really hurt, and that the man she had never seen show any emotion other than dry cynicism and mild annoyance was very, very scared.
- Asgore didn鈥檛 let her see Gaster again after that, or go Beast Hunting.
- Apparently the old goat had been under the impression were doing the equivalent of science experiments.
- She never gained vision in her eye again.
- Of course, she kept looking for those things after she was able to be back on her feet, but it seemed they had already disappeared.
Also!!! Here鈥檚 all of their eye scars!!! All of them are from an older Undyne, just to give them level ground UwU
Tumblr media
They lost their eyes the following ways (just to make everything clear):
* Dyne - got into a fight
* Crisp - magical over load blew off half her face
* Dani - Born blind in one eye
* Rat - Experimented and got an implant esc thing
* Fry - Cornered a blaster and paid the price
Okay!!! That鈥檚 all for now!!! Now all I have to get done is Sans! If you have any questions about any of my aus, please let me know!! ^^
Want to see what your favorite character looks like in these aus? Check out their refs here!!!
Papyrus: https://undertalewasagoodgameokay.tumblr.com/post/654731683344564224/so-as-it-turns-out-i-really-deeply-adore
Alphys: https://undertalewasagoodgameokay.tumblr.com/post/655276181408595968/so-i-made-more-au-refs-heres-our-girl
Undyne: You are here :)
Gaster: https://undertalewasagoodgameokay.tumblr.com/post/655801620837302272/hehe-au-time-alright-gaster-simps-come-and
Sans: Coming Soon
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Some danni for your day
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w-existential-fear-e 10 months ago
Laura: How's the sexiest person here~?
Carm: I don't know, how are they~?
Laura, flustered: I-
Danni, from across the room: I'm doing great, thanks!
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tkdrawsstuff 11 months ago
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I haven鈥檛 drawn my older version of danny or his chaotic goblin clone/child ellie(aka danni) in like... months , but i鈥檓 also still on my flynn bullshit聽
why not both!
Flynn is a responsible adult鈩⒙ so obviously he鈥檇 help his little cousin out if she was in trouble (even if that trouble is just being grounded)
danny is too tired for this and just wants a nap聽
ellie is an adorable brat, who finds terrorizing her dad鈥檚 co-workers fun
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DT/UT OC: Danni
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Shay Laren
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