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#danny fandom
hauntedbygh0stfish · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Probably the worst one yet! But that’s 4 days in a row of fully coloured Danny phantom scribbles, let’s see how long this lasts
Second frame inspired by a paranatural joke
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slasherbaby · 20 hours ago
Love You [read under the cut! ♡]
Pairing: gender neutral reader x danny johnson (dead by daylight)
Length: 546 words
Warnings: mentions of stalking
Etc: they/them pronouns for reader + reader’s nickname is Angel
Danny traces little swirls onto Angel’s skin as he watches them sleep, his eyes wide as he takes in the sight of them breathing. It’s one of his favorite things to do, so much so that he wakes up hours before Angel, just so he can watch. It’s better now that Angel trusts him, now that they share his bed. 
It had been harder back before they really knew each other, back when the closest Danny got was watching Angel through their window. Sometimes he would sneak in while they were asleep, capturing photo after photo of their bedroom, their hair. The way their nose scrunched up when the floorboards creaked under his heavy boots. 
He sighs and pulls Angel closer, tucking his face into the crook of their neck. Danny knows he got lucky with Angel, even if they made him feel crazy half of the time. He had never felt love like this before, the type that gripped him by the heart and the mind. It made him want to kill anyone who even thought about looking in Angel’s direction, made him wanna lock Angel up in his basement and keep them safe, with him, forever. 
Angel groans, whatever words they mean to say jumbling into something unintelligible, filled with early-morning grog. Danny hides his smile with a well placed kiss, his heart swelling up with something strange. Warm and strange and safe. Not completely foreign, at least not anymore. But it was still new. New enough that he can’t help but speak, his lips moving gently on Angel’s skin.
“I love you.”
He expects the words to hang heavy in the air, but they don’t. They dance from his lips like cotton candy, light and sweet. It’s the first time he’s ever told Angel this, despite having felt it for some time now. It’s the first time he’s said those three little words to anyone.
“Danny,” Angel’s voice is still gravely from sleep, but it’s still unbearably soft. Danny shuts his eyes to the feeling of their fingers weaving through his hair. “Danny,” They sing song.
Danny hums in response, his lips curling up when he hears Angel’s answering chuckle.
“Danny, I love you.” Angel tugs lightly on Danny’s hair, just enough so they can meet his eyes. “I love you more than life.”
“I think you just love using my name.” Danny smirks. “Danny this, Danny that.”
“Oh shut up.” Angel huffs, but Danny can see their smile plain as day. “You’re a bully.”
“Yeah? Whatcha gonna do about it?”
It’s Angel’s turn to smirk, swinging themselves up and over Danny’s waist, straddling his hips. “Hmm…” They murmur, leaning down until their lips are centimeters away from Danny’s. “I can think of a few things…”
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hauntedbygh0stfish · a day ago
Tumblr media
Based off part of a page from the paranatural webcomic ^^
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maxthehecker · a day ago
Tumblr media
Have some doodles I guess
I haven't been in the mood to use my drawing tablet and idk why🤷‍♀️. Sorry the lighting's so shit lol. And sorry my hand writing's also shit. (U could click and zoom in? That might make it easier to read/see? Idk lol)
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crispyimagines17 · a day ago
There’s no secret that you love powerful men; those who can give you the world at your feet and thinking it isn’t enough. You were currently dating a narco, and despite being all day at home surrounded by 6 foot men watching every movement you make, the trips to Greece or Italy always lighten up your mood. 
Expensive jewelry, designer clothing, cocktails, so he can show everyone you belong to him. Or so he believes... until you find your next victim. 
Tumblr media
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When did we all collectively headcanon that Danny does Steve’s paperwork/ that Steve is really bad at paperwork?
And where did it come from? Was it an episode or something? Has Steve expressed a hate for paperwork at some point?
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louroalka · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So basically everything is the same except Phantom is a demon, and has Danny’s violent alternate personality and acts completely on his own (so not Danny, just sharing his body)
Technically Phantom’s form can be controlled by Danny (wicked cool superpowers yeah) but that is immensely difficult because Phantom is powerful and wild
Danny DIED in the portal accident. He was only brought back to life because Sam and Tucker signed a deal with a literal demon (Phantom) because they were terrified out of their minds about what would happen if the Fentons found out
...Except that didn’t really work out as well as they hoped and sure, Danny was brought back, just that Phantom moved in permanent residence inside Danny’s mind.
Phantom CANNOT hurt Danny or his friends, because contract stuff, and he is frustrated/amused about this
Technically Phantom is KEEPING DANNY ALIVE. Which means in alternate version of UE Vlad KILLED Danny by ripping Phantom out, and Phantom, now gone absolutely crazy, killed Vlad and devoured Plasmius
Phantom despises Danny’s bad habits (not getting enough sleep, not eating enough, not standing up to Dash) and sometimes takes control just to do those and scream at Danny
This is not a PitchPearl AU. I’m fine with PitchPearl just not in this AU.
Phantom enjoys flirting with people just to piss off/embarrass Danny.
Ghosts still exist, just Demons now exist too
Danny is aware of EVERYTHING Phantom does, he just can’t control Phantom until Phantom lets him have control
Phantom loves scratches behind his ears and raw steak
Tumblr media
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maxthehecker · 2 days ago
So this is about the whole fnaf drama that's goin on rn I guess
Y'all can love dead kids without supporting the asshole creator. Getting and enjoying the games doesn't make you racist. I don't know why people are saying that just enjoying something that was made by an asshole makes you an asshole. It doesn't. Just like what you like. Period.
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My controversial opinion: sometimes canon is better than popular fanon
Oh no yeah, you right. You defs right on that. Definitely right.
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animemoonprincess · 3 days ago
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slasherbaby · 4 days ago
Danny Johnson
Height: 6’4
Weight: 220ish lbs
Build: Muscular, leaning more towards toned than body builder
Hair: Black, short, messy
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: Romani Jew
Born/Raised: San Francisco, California
Pre-Roseville Murders
Growing up, he was very close with his mom. She raised him alone after his father left when he was a baby. His mother was very sick when he was a kid, and she died when he was 17. After graduating high school, he scored a scholarship to study in New York, where he received his degree in Journalism. After college, he got a job in Philly and started using the name ‘Jed Olsen.’ The murders started soon after. He didn’t stay for long, leaving before anyone could even think that he might be involved. He traveled all over the states, but never went past Utah or Pennsylvania. New York and California were ‘off limits’ to Jed Olsen, because they were reserved for Danny Johnson.
Roseville Murders
Danny moved to Roseville in 1996, when he was 26 years old. He met Angel right after the murders started, at the local bar where he would choose his next victims. Angel was drunk, too trusting, and asked Danny on a date. Instead of killing Angel, Danny decided to humor them and said yes. He wasn’t expecting to actually catch feelings for them, but it happened.
He still stalked them, but it was out of obsession rather than learning their schedule with the intent to kill. Ghostface would still call Angel when they were home alone, toying with them and scaring them, knowing that it always led to Angel running to Danny for comfort.
At first, Danny introduced himself to Angel as ‘Jed.’ Eventually, after he started to have real feelings for Angel, he told them his true name. Angel, surprisingly, didn’t ask for clarification. At office parties or work gatherings, whenever Danny would bring Angel, Angel would keep up with the jig, calling him ‘Jed.’ 
Once the police began to suspect that ‘Jed’ had something to do with the murders, he knew it was time to go. After telling Angel to pack a bag, he went back to the motel he’d been staying at to do the same. The Entity spoke to him, fog rolled in, and the rest is history.
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hxlfa · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
“… I think we skipped a step.”
         The contents of the beaker were fizzing over onto the counter, soaking the edges of Danny’s notes. He hadn’t exactly been prepared for the lab–he’d been up all night fending off ghosts, as per usual. Homework usually took a back seat.
               “Think we have time to try again before the teacher fails us?”
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slasherbaby · 4 days ago
Danny Johnson Kinky Alphabet
warnings: nsft, choking, knifeplay, stalking, consensual-nonconsent
𝓐 is for After-Care
‣ He is very big on aftercare. If there was any impact play involved (or anything rough enough to leave marks) he’ll insist on it. He’ll kiss every bruise, massage all over your body, and (if he spanked you) rub lotion on the more sensitive areas he hit. If you let him take some photos of you during it, it’s even better. Running you a warm bubble bath, massaging your shoulders, bringing you water and some snacks. Just let him snap a few pictures of your relaxed face as you enjoy the hot water. If you forgo the typical aftercare he likes to give and just want to be held, he’ll also be down. As long as it’s okay that he gets a few pictures of you in his arms, looking completely blissed out and comfortable. Seeing how trusting and reliant you look, especially when you’re in a vulnerable, post-sex space... it would be criminal for him not to capture the moment.
𝓑 is for Bruises
‣ Danny loves to mark you up. How else will people know that you’re spoken for? He doesn’t just want people to know that you’re dating, he wants people to know that he owns you. And it’s not like he can put a collar around your neck with ‘property of Danny Johnson’ engraved on it (though he’d love to), so he’ll bite and suck hickies all over your neck instead. He loves to see the physical marks of your time together, and he especially loves to photograph them.
𝓒 is for Choking
‣ He’s obsessed with choking. After all, what’s more intimate than holding someone’s life in your hands? Even if he’s not trying to asphyxiate you (in a kinky way, of course) he loves to hold your neck while you fuck, especially in the missionary position. It’s definitely a bit of a power/control thing for him, but also he loves how you react to it. Whether it’s the little look of fear you flash when he tightens his grip, or the way your pupils dilate in anticipation- he laps it all up.
𝓓 is for Dirty Talk
‣ This man will talk your damn ear off- it’s one of his specialties. More than anything, he loves to humiliate you verbally. Mocking you when you beg, calling you names. In general just being a degrading bastard. But with the mocking comes sweetness too, mostly sugary sweet words that make you feel like you're gonna melt right through the mattress. In one breath he’ll woo you with the most naughty (but sweet) compliments, but in the next he’ll be calling you a dirty whore, demanding that you beg for his cock.
𝓔 is for Electro-Stimulation
‣ He isn’t into electro stuff. It’s for the same reason that he prefers knives over guns, Danny needs his ‘instruments’ to be personal and intimate.
𝓕 is for Flogging
‣ It’s not his favorite thing in the world (he’d much rather spank you with his hand) but if you’re into it, he won’t deny you. Danny likes to start out with soft strokes, either on your ass or thighs. Just enough to give you a taste of pain, but not enough to really make it hurt. He’ll run his hands up and down the arch of your back between swats, acting like he’s worried about you not being able to handle ‘so much pain.’ Only once you’re good and frustrated (or begging for more, which he eats up) will he start to go harder. He’ll never draw blood (he’d much rather use his knife for that) and he’ll never actually push you to your breaking point via flogging.
𝓖 is for Gagging
‣ Yes. He’ll ball up your underwear and shove it into your mouth, or maybe even strip off one of his gloves and push it in to shut you up instead. He isn’t a big fan of ball gags, but he’ll gladly gag you with his cock if you need something in your mouth that desperately.
𝓗 is for Hair-Pulling
‣ Danny loves taking you from behind, but he also loves to watch your face as he fucks you. He gets off on your reactions, but also loves the way you arch your back and the moans you let out when he hits it from the back. A great solution to this is to grab your hair and pull until you’re forced to arch unnaturally, your neck straining against the position. He might even pull so hard that it lifts your hands up off the bed, all so that he can tower above you and watch your face as you struggle under his grip.
𝓘 is for Impact Play
‣ He loves to give it, especially with his bare (or gloved) hand on your ass. If you ask for it, he’ll even give you a few slaps to your face. Danny wouldn’t ask you first, however. No, he’d make you beg for it. Especially if you got flustered/embarrassed when asking. He’d definitely make fun of you for it as well, mocking you for asking to get hit (as if he doesn’t get off on it just as much as you do). He won’t slap you very hard on the face unless you’re really really begging him for it, and even then he won’t do it a lot.
𝓚 is for Knife Play
‣ Danny likes to hold his favorite hunting knife up to your throat while he fucks you, usually in the missionary position. He loves the way your pupils dilate now whenever you see him holding a knife, whether its the knife you know to associate with sex, or even if it’s just a simple kitchen knife during dinner prep. Either way, you’re like Pavlov’s dog when you see him holding his weapon of choice, automatically acting more bratty, flaunting around, practically begging him to use the knife on you and put you in your place. 
𝓛 is for Lingerie
‣ Danny loves seeing you in lingerie. No matter your gender, seeing you get all dolled up for him is enough to drive him close to crazy. He doesn’t know which one he loves more, though. Watching you wear lingerie or ripping it off of you. To be honest, it’s probably a mix of both. It drives Danny crazy when he comes home from a long day at work to see you wearing nothing but the lingerie he picked out and bought for you. You both act like everything is normal while you finish cooking dinner. Eating will probably go just as smoothly, but there’s no denying what's going to happen when you go to take the dishes to the sink. He’ll bend you over the counter, rip the pretty lace to shreds, and fuck you until you can’t walk straight.
𝓜 is for Masks
‣ Ohhh boy, does he love masks. Wearing them of course. Well, one specific mask. The only type of mask he’d let you wear is a blindfold- he loves your reactions, after all. What good would it be if that handsome face was all covered up? If you don’t know about him being Ghostface, he’d love to tie you up, blindfold you, and then come out wearing his Ghostface mask and outfit. Run a knife up and down your skin, just how he knows you like, maybe even cut off your clothes as well. Before cutting off the blindfold. He wouldn’t ever actually hurt you, he just loves to see you scared.
𝓝 is for Neko
‣ You wearing cat ears and a cute, frilly outfit? As long as you let him rip the frilly little outfit off of you, he’s down. He’s totally gonna make fun of you for it, though.
𝓞 is for Outdoors
‣ BIG YES. If you bring it up first, Danny will 100% tease you. Making fun of you for being such an exhibitionist. What, you wanna get fucked where anyone can see you? He’ll call you a slut and mock you for being so dirty. It embarrasses the hell out of you, even though him mocking you always leads to great sex, so you don’t ask again. But that’s just part of Danny’s game, to watch you get all flustered and demure before springing what you crave on you without warning. So that’s exactly what he does. A little while after you first asked, you two will be going on a hike, maybe with the promise of a picnic at the top. He’s taller and faster (also he’s possessive and protective) so he always walks in front of you. At one point, there’s a sharp turn. When you catch up, he’s disappeared. You’re terrified for a moment, looking around like a lost fawn, but right as you're about to call out for him, he grabs you from behind and shoves you up against a tree. He’ll put an index finger up to your lips, flash you a grin, and shove his hand into your pants. He won’t just finger you, though. No, this man will give you a proper fucking, loud enough to scare away any other hikers that are nearby.
𝓟 is for Phone-Sex
‣ Ohhh yes. If you aren’t in a relationship with Danny yet, and he calls you up as Ghost Face, you might just get him in the mood for it. Depending on how you steer the conversation, of course. This works especially well if you have a fear kink, though it might just end with him busting in through your window and putting his money where his mouth is. If you are in a relationship, and you know about him being the Ghost Face, he’ll still call you up. But when you hear the voice modulator through the phone, you automatically know what you’re in store for ;)
𝓠 is for Quickie
‣ While he usually likes to take his time with you, quickies are great too. Especially if you have somewhere to be. If you guys are going to a party together, he’ll pull over a few minutes away from wherever the party is and toss you into the backseat before fucking the daylights out of you. He loves making you walk into public places looking freshly fucked, with your hair askew and your clothes wrinkled. He loves how everyone knows not just how well you were fucked, but that he was the one who did it. Which is obvious from the way he keeps his hand on your lower back for almost the whole night.
𝓡 is for Restraints
‣ Yes with a capital Y! Tying you up is one of his favorite things to do, especially when you're not expecting it. Sometimes he’ll tie you up and tease you for a bit before going and sitting down at his desk to do some writing. It drives you absolutely crazy with want, and sometimes he’ll leave you there for close to an hour while he works. If you’re lucky, sometimes he’ll use rope and tie you up, but then tie a vibrator right against your sex. It’s fun until the orgasms get to be too much, but he ignores you until you become a sobbing, sniveling mess on his bed. He’ll take some pictures before taking away the vibe and replacing it with his cock.
𝓢 is for Squirting
‣ If you can, this man will try his hardest to get you to squirt. He loves it if you get embarrassed or beg him to stop, saying that you don’t want to get the sheets wet. It won’t deter him at all, honestly it will only spur him on even more. 
𝓣 is for Takedown
‣ He’s veryyyy into this. Though it’s something that he would make sure he knew you were into/interested in before proposing it as a possible kinky scenario. The scene would probably involve something Ghostface-related, knowing Danny. Like him calling you on the phone, threatening and scaring you, before jumping out from somewhere in your house and typing you up. Of course then he ‘has his way’ with you ;) 
𝓤 is for Underwear
‣ Danny’s a stalker- of course he’s into underwear. He’s not the type to sniff your panties, but he definitely will steal your underwear and keep it with the photos he has of you. He also loves to use your underwear to gag you during sex or make you walk around in only your underwear when you spend time together. He loves seeing you in lace, so he’ll buy you loads of it specifically to watch your ass as you walk around the house. He’s super into being fully clothed while you only get something skimpy to cover up with.
𝓥 is for Voyeur
‣ While Danny has quite a few voyeuristic habits, he isn’t the type to get off alone while watching/stalking you. If you aren’t in a relationship with him, he’ll definitely get off to you masturbating when you think that no one is around to watch. He’ll try to time when he comes so that you both climax together, all while stifling his groans behind his leather glove.
𝓦 is for Wax Play
‣ He doesn’t really care for wax play unless you let him turn your kinky session into a photoshoot. Then he’d really get into it. Candles for ambient lighting, tying you up with fancy ropework, and then slowly dripping the hox wax over your body. The wax would definitely be colored red, and after he gets his fill (and filled his camera with pretty photos) he’d scrape the wax off with his favorite knife.
𝓧 is for X-Frame
‣ Eh… He’ll tie you up like that anytime you want (or anytime he wants), but Danny isn’t the type to have a kinky dungeon space or bondage furniture. So he’ll just use some rope or cuffs and tie you against the doorframe. 
𝓨 is for Yes Sir
‣ Calling Danny Sir in bed? It usually isn’t his thing, but it would definitely give him an excuse to make fun of you if you called him that unprompted/by accident. As for names in bed, he loves hearing you say his name. Danny, of course, not Jed. As for titles, he'd mockingly demand that you ‘tell daddy what you need’ or ‘beg for daddy’s cock.’ He doesn’t have a daddy kink, but he definitely is a sadist. Whenever he makes you call him that it’s just to degrade you and make you squirm. 
𝓩 is for Zelophilia
‣ Danny is more possessive than anything, so if someone else comes up and flirts with you, it’s more likely to send him into cold, calculating anger than it is to make him horny. Unless you go out flirting with other guys on purpose, in front of him. Just a little tease or a little smile at someone is enough to make him slam you up against a wall and leave his teeth marks all over your neck, maybe even rip your clothes up a bit and make you keep wearing them for the rest of the night.
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shittykawagirl97 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Pain Killer Confession
Word: 1458
Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Summary: Steve's back. Danny wants to talk about the damn letter.
⚠️ Timestamp of Phoenix – set between ch. 5 and 6 ⚠️
Steve and Danny slumped on the couch the moment they were in range.
Their bodies were pressed together from shoulder to knee. It was a hot and damp night – a bit of muggy too – but neither man could move, not that day. The mere thought of being distant from each other was pure pain in their brain, and they were a foot away from passing out from exhaustion and the pain killers.
They shouldn't pass the night on the couch – and offend their backs – but they were KO.
The day hadn't gone as they had thought.
Steve never had imagined that he would have arrested Wo Fat, crash-landed with the man himself, and saved his sorry ass from the C.I.A. and the Yakuza, all in under twenty-four hours. His world axes felt upside down; the only thing that made sense at that moment was his partner.
Danny, for his part, was struggling too at giving sense at the last twenty-four hours. Steve calls, the plays of the C.I.A., and cherry on top being kidnap by the Intelligence Agency itself. His knee was still throbbing and screaming bloody murder because of the stunts he had to pull to escape the damn warehouse.
He almost couldn't believe that they were safe and sound in Steve's house.
Not entirely safe, yet. He thought.
Alyssa was going to be there in the morning to chew their asses thoroughly but at least they had some hours of peace.
"I give you twelve hours to sleep and shower", Alyssa had said while dropping them off in front of Steve's with a stern look on her face. "Then there will be nothing standing between the two of you and my wrath".
Danny was in part grateful – his headache couldn't have survived Alyssa shout – and in part terrified – whom in their right mind would ever want to face that woman when angry?
Steve hissed beside him.
The idiot, probably thinking along the same lines as him, had absently reached his jaw to touch the purple bruise left by Alyssa's punch.
«What is your problem, Steven?» He asked, astonished by the stupidity of the man sitting at his right side. «Not only you left the hospital AMA after you crash-landed in the middle of nowhere and had a shootout, now you are probing at your injuries too!»
«I'm fine Danny», Steve retorted exasperated. «I was just thinking about today and the bruise still stings; I didn't even notice I tried to rub it».
Danny shook his head lightly and they fall in comfortable silence for a few more minutes.
«If I have to be sincere», the brunette started, «I never thought that Lyss could throw a punch like that».
The blonde tried. Really, he tried with all of him to not laugh in Steve's face, but the man was seriously astonished by this new piece of information. Jesus! They knew why Alyssa had been shipped off to Hawaii and they watched her punching an idiot that tried to hit on her at Kamekona's and couldn't understand the meaning of "fuck off".
How could have Steve not thought about it?
«Are you serious, right now? Are you fucking serious?» He asked while cracking up. «Did you know her? She is the ultimate punches master! She just misses a certificate on her wall and schmucks popping up here and there asking her to teach them!»
Steve rolled his eyes at his partner antics.
«I know all of that, Daniel», he pointed out. «I always imagine that they would be more… I don't know, soft?»
Danny hauled with laughter.
«Please, please, Steve, tell that to her face tomorrow. I want to watch that show go down with my own eyes».
Steve was about to respond, accepting the challenge, but his brain was faster than his big mouth for once and stopped the words in his throat: if he ever called Alyssa "soft" in front of her, no one would have been able to find his remains, ever.
«Oh my God!» Danny exclaimed, watching Steve eating his words. «Are you seriously telling me that your survival instincts kick in at the thought of an angry Alyssa but not when you are running towards gunshots without backup?»
Steve expression went from puzzled to dramatically offended under a second at that comment.
«I have back up! I have you!»
«You have – Steven, you packed up and went halfway around the world without telling anyone!»
«I told you!»
«With a letter, you idiotic douchebag!» Danny was screaming at this point, all his worries, his despair, his damn love for the SEAL was slipping from behind the door where he had put them. «You couldn't even say to my face that you love me, Steve!»
Steve froze. Danny's words were glossed with hurt, rage and desperation and, when he comprehended what he had just said, his shoulder fell into the couch's back, while covering his eyes with his palm.
Steve could hear the soft sequence of "fuck". Obviously, Danny didn't intend to bring all that up tonight, if ever, but as much as Steve hated talking about his feeling, he was content that Danny did.
He had to make it right.
If there was a thing he regretted while he was away – there were a lot more, but that wasn't important right then – it was not being able to confess to Danny's face. Steve had been a coward and now he had to stitch it up.
«I wanted to tell you in person», he said softly but Danny's new mantra stopped immediately and his whole body went still. He took the opportunity to continue.
«I wanted to tell you so much that I almost woke you up that night just to proclaim my love… But I couldn't, man, I couldn't. I was so fucking afraid of your rejection that I couldn't tell you face-to-face.
«But writing it down, I just hoped that by the time I would be back you would have found a way to not mind my emotions.
«God, I'm so sorry».
Danny watched the man at his right like he just grew a couple more heads. Empty heads, because not even him could have been that dense.
«You were afraid that I was going to reject you?» He asked, just to be sure and give his brain time to locate a perfect burial site.
«Well, I… I, yes, yes. I was afraid». Steve stumbled in his own words, feeling his cheeks flushing and his heart up in his throat. Dear God, if he wasn't ready to be rejected by his Danno.
Danny laughed hysterically.
«Oh my! Steve, babe, what the hell did you have inside your head? Spider web? A hamster running on his spinning wheel?
«Steve, you should be blind to not see how much I have fallen in love with your idiotic ass!»
A few years ahead of that night, Steve would swear he came back with a very romantic statement, swept Danny off the couch, and brought him to his bed to never leave – always when Danny wasn't around – but the reality had been totally the opposite.
Danny and Steve looked at each other with disbelieving looks but for two entirely different reasons: the blonde couldn't bring his mind to actually believe Steve's obliviousness, while the brunette was trying to reboot his brain.
«I thought you were straight, Danny! With the ex-wife-and-kid business!» Steve wouldn't admit to anyone other than himself, but he was a foot away to have a full panic attack.
«Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Steve, there is a thing called bisexuality! And yes, I prefer woman and their soft curve but babe, I can't control my heart and my emotion, okay? You're it for me, Steve. I'm in love with you, your dangerous kind of crazy, and your blow-something-up-first-and-question-later routine.
«I should have let Lyss had her way and scream some sense into you at the hospital!»
Steve looked at Danny, his friend, his partner, his everything and felt his heart almost burst with all the love he was feeling for the man.
A few tears escaped his moist eyes and he let them go.
«God, Danny», he rasped out, «I would really like to kiss you right the fuck now, but I can't move a single muscle, man».
Danny cackled because they really had the worst timing ever.
«Tomorrow morning, babe, tomorrow morning. I'm not going anywhere».
«Good, that's good», Steve agreed. «First, kissing; then, letting Lyss screaming her concerns at us».
And kissing they did the morning after.
Alyssa shouted at them a lot too. Not only because they made her worried a lot over the last month but because they made her lose twenty bucks to Kono, too.
Phoenix masterlist
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vavandeveresfan · 5 days ago
There's a secret shrine devoted to Danny DeVito hidden in a bathroom of a New York college, but the school shut it down.
Tumblr media
Deep in the walls of New York's Purchase College, there is a shrine where you can lay an offering for Danny DeVito.
The shrine is hidden behind the paper towel dispenser in one of the school's bathrooms. Remove the dispenser from the wall, and there's a doorway to a small room someone turned into a tribute to the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" actor.
Pictures of the shrine went viral when a SUNY Purchase student posted photos of it on Twitter. Before a cutout of him, students had left an assortment of tokens and offerings.
The bathroom appears to be in the school's visual arts building, according to Mashable. Several SUNY Purchase students on Twitter said it's been there for at least a year, but no one's sure who created it or why.
Earlier in November, one student posted a video of themself entering the shrine with a group of friends
It went mostly unnoticed until now.
—FREE PANERA  (@pisslorde) November 11, 2018
One student invited him to visit it way back in October
—Kait  (@terreeslavie) October 10, 2018
Some students apparently held a drag photo shoot there
—you'll never be shit duck  (@ifaptoskittles) November 10, 2018
—emma💐🍓  (@emfriedchicken) November 10, 2018
And SUNY Purchase said DeVito is welcome to come check it out
—PurchaseCollege SUNY  (@SUNY_Purchase) November 14, 2018
The school, however, has closed off the shrine, citing "safety reasons."
"While the spirit of the shrine lives on, sadly, it was closed for safety reasons," it said on Twitter. "We hope it can be installed elsewhere."
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everestentertainments · 5 days ago
Was discussing Danny Phantom aus and phanon with a friend of mine and after I got done explaining Ghost King Danny to her she just goes
”AU where that red headed kid you told me about becomes ghost king”
“??? Wes??”
“Yeah the one the fans made up”
“But he’s not a ghost.”
And like idk what else to do with this take but post it here.
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shittykawagirl97 · 6 days ago
Phoenix Verse (McDanno FF) Masterlist
Tumblr media
This fanfiction started just as a copy mechanism; my BFF suggested to write all my demons and traumas in a fiction and well...
I was obsessing over Hawaii Five-0 and season two just touched almost all my main traumas that I had over the years so I looked at my BFF and just went: "Why the f*ck not?"
But then, in my head, the fanfiction took a life of his own and here I am: making a masterlist for the fanfiction because, man, it just evolved into a series 😂😂
Summary: It all started when Doctor Alyssa Fanti punched a coworker and she was shipped out of the Mainland. She thought that she would never be happy again but she hadn't seen the Five-0 Ohana coming.
Phoenix (original work)
Chapter: one || two || three || four || five || six
Timestamp (chronological order)
Pain Killer Confession (between ch. 5 and 6)
Others (chronological order)
Flashbang (season 4)
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roombakittens · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
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