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#danny phantom

I dunno who he’s talking about

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just ghost cousins doin ghost cousin things UvU

Wanted to toss Danny in with Danielle after designing her full ghost form ;P Initially I had wanted to do an illustration with Danny, Dan, and Danielle so I could have the whole squad together with their snazzy outfits, but this was all I had time to do at the moment XP


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I’ve been meaning to do designs for Danielle in my au for the longest time and now I’ve finally gotten to it XP Danielle’s ghost suit follows the same design trend as Danny’s, starting off with a Sakura Haruno-themed look, then switching to a dragon ball inspired one as an adult :P I went with a Kefla theme for her adult suit since I felt it was fitting for her X3 

Like Danny, Danielle’s ectoplasm changes color as she gets older; whereas Danny’s changes to a bright pink, Danielle’s changes to more of a coral color :3 And since she’s Danny’s clone, her full ghost form is very similar to his (although I feel like her outfit only came about cuz she saw how snazzy her cousin looked and wanted to look sharp too lol XD)

I feel like there’s more I wanna say, but it’s hella late and my last brain cell refuses to work XD


Do not edit, use, etc. without my permission

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Frostbite and Danny Phantom are on a mission involving a stolen item.

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What in the diabo?

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[bound on the thermos, the totally triumphantly ship at the rest of the thermos, Sam.

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Part 2 is up now.  :3

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RIP Danny. 

I’d expect Dora and Aragon’s kingdom to be nearby as well, because of the time stuff.

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Oh no.  The creativity bug has bitten you.  Sadly, it’s bite is fatal.  

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Hello, and thank you so much! I’m glad to hear you liked the Danny Phantom nonsense~ It would be totally fine if you wanted to use the wishing well spirit idea for your own re-design. Thank you for asking, and I hope you have fun with the character designs you do! I’m sure they’ll be awesome~

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That’s valid.  It isn’t like Long Now is actually canon or anything.  You can decide to use it as you’d like!

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Referring to this fic where a slow-aging Danny attends Sam’s funeral and my Planned ficlet series.


“Wait a second, sweetie.” Maddie held on to one of the grocery store shelves and bent over slightly to catch her breath.

“You okay?” Danny wheeled the cart back to her side.

“Yes, I’m fine.” She let go of the shelf. “Just very old.”

Danny held her arm. “I told you I could just get everything on my own.”

“I like the exercise. Walking around the store is pretty much how I stay in shape now.”

“But would you rather just wait for me at the front? Or maybe in the car? I could walk you back there.” Danny paused. “Or fly you back. If you needed me to.”

Maddie laughed and patted his shoulder. “You’re too good to me, dear. But I’ll be fine.”

She prodded him to move forward, and he obeyed. Like he always did even after all these decades.

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i love danni being taken in by the fentons but i also simultaneously love the idea of danielle masters and her loving, doting father who loves his half ghost child

in this scenario in my head she attends casper high but has skipped grades so shes still younger than everyone, insanely rich and out of touch bc she is also raised by a slightly loony half ghost bastard man. shes only a mild nuisance to danny & co. im thinking monoma-esque. 

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I’m doing some massive sketch dumps based off of screen shots with my version of the characters for practice. So please enjoy this tiny crop of unhinged Paulina.

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anytime I get stuck while drawing, I default back to Danny Phantom

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danny phantom au where vlad isn’t shaped like those glasses you drink from during new year’s but are otherwise collecting dust by the fridge

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oooo good questions so:

  • his dad is a punk ass bitch who walked out on his mom shortly after he was born
  • his paternal grandparents were still present in his life though. they feel like they didn’t do enough to support his dad (and tbh they’re right) so they’re making up for it with kwan
  • they still aren’t super great at it though. kwan sees them like once a year and they bring him a bunch of presents as a sorry for not keeping in better touch, promise to do better next time, then fuck off for the next twelve months
  • he was much closer to his maternal grandparents, though. Ba and Ong were very special to him most of his childhood and they actually lived together for much of that time. i hc kwan as vietnamese (thus the vietnamese terms for grandma and grandpa) and he has very strong memories of making pho and bahn mi with ba and hearing stories about vienam before the war from both of them
  • unfortunately, ong died just before high school and ba is currently in memory care with alzheimers. he still goes to visit once a month. he’d go more often but it’s too hard sometimes when she doesn’t know who he is. he feels terrible about it and wonders if this is how his other grandparents feel
  • his mom has three sisters. one of them died when he was thirteen of a drug overdose that they all knew was coming eventually, despite his mom’s best efforts to stop it
  • one of them has some crazy wacky conspiracy theories that she’s picked up and dr. huang does not allow that shit around her kid so kwan hasn’t seen that aunt in years
  • the other one is normal, relatively speaking, but a bit of a recluse. she would help her family in a heartbeat, though, if they asked it of her, no questions asked. she and dr. huang get along pretty well, even though they otherwise have little in common. kwan suspects that part of that is because his mom is determined to hold on to the one member of her family that she has left, even if she’s a little weird.
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