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#danny phantom

yes!! the first thing u should know is that I want this based exclusively on the fact that Danny likes space and she’s named Star, and the second thing is that this is a bunch of background stuff for Lightning & Comets (which I may get back to eventually but this has been A Year as we all know)

- I like to think that Star’s family used to live near FentonWorks, so it was easy for her and Danny to become childhood friends. They used to sit together on the bus home and also do homework and stuff at Star’s house. They moved when the kids were in like early middle school so they hung out a lot less but they still text sometimes.

- Star does someone’s math homework in an episode as like a bribe or something but what’s important is that I have decided this means she’s good at math, and L&C Danny is also good at math bc he has to be if he wants to be an astronaut so he works really hard at it. Which is a long winded lead in to say that they’re definitely in mathletes stuff together at school.

- I think they should be sci-fi buddies, just cause that would be kinda neat. They send each other book recs.

- After her family moved Star got a lot closer with Paulina, and she and Danny didn’t hang out as much. Danny sort of fell in the social hierarchy so for a while she avoided hanging out with him at school but she realizes that’s kind of mean and apologizes and now they’re on p good terms again. They try to hang out more but Danny can be kind of flaky on account of ghosts so it doesn’t always work out.

- Sam and Tucker get invited to a few hangouts too! The four of them like horror movies pretty good so they watch those sometimes together. Paulina also gets invited but only shows up once.

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Ending the weekend (*realizes that it’s past midnight*) and starting the week with an excerpt from Ghost of a Former Self:

Jazz drove them to the outskirts of the city, parking up on one of the many hilltops, the same hilltop that they had parked on for many conversations in the past. When Danny had told her that his name was Danny. When she had been rejected from her first-choice university. When they didn’t need a reason at all, but just wanted to talk. 

Danny pulled his cheek from the window and cried, “Hey! I never realized that you can see Vlad’s mansion from here.”

He phased right through the windshield, sitting down on the car’s rusty hood. Jazz blinked before taking the more natural route, stepping out of the driver’s seat and climbing up next to her brother.

“See?” Danny pointed to the hill across the city. “There’s the telescope. My room’s right underneath that. I can look at space all night.”

Jazz hesitated. “That’s…actually what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Her brother looked delighted. “Space?”

“No, no. Vlad.”

“Oh.” His face fell but he was still intrigued. “What about him?”

“Well, Ember was upset earlier—”

“She what?” Danny cried, balling his fists. “Why didn’t anyone tell me? Is she okay? What happened?”

“It’s okay,” Jazz soothed. “We took care of it; Vlad helped.”

“Wow, really?” When his sister nodded, he said, “Huh. Good for Ember.”

Hesitating again, Jazz finally said, “He started talking to her and, well, he revealed some things about Mom and Dad; how he felt about Mom and Dad.”

“Oh no.” Danny groaned. “Did he say he hated them?”

She shook her head. “I think he…loves them?”

“Oh!” He relaxed, finally unballing his fists, even smiling. “Yeah, of course he loves them. Well, he did. They all loved each other.”

“No, Danny, I mean romantically.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“You know?”

He nodded, leaning back against the hood, staring down at the city. His eyes specifically travelled from two neon signs to the mansion atop the other hill. “They used to all be together.”

“Together, like—?”

“Like, in a poly relationship; they were all living together, they were all living,” Danny said. “Then, well, they weren’t. I’m with you, though. I’m pretty sure Vlad still loves them, even if he doesn’t want to admit it, and I’d bet you a year-supply of Nasty Burger that they still love him.”

He threw his sister a grin, only to realize that she was frowning. He then realized that she hadn’t spoken. He then began to panic.

“Hey, Jazz, there’s nothing weird about it. I mean, all three of them are weird, but they can be weird together. They should be. They should have been. They should be and should have been able to love each other. The world’s hard enough; if three people love each other, well…I’m bad at math, but that’s a lot more love than if two people loved each other, so even if you think it’s weird—”

Jazz interrupted him with her epiphany: “That’s why you said that the Fenton Peeler would go off in his hands! Mom and Dad would still consider him ‘family’, so they would have programmed all of the Fenton devices to work for him. And that’s why he was terrified to shoot it!”

Danny paused before saying, “Uh, yeah, he wasn’t sure if they still counted him as family or not, and he didn’t want to know.”

“Well, why wouldn’t they?” Jazz cried. “They love him. Of course, they would count him as family.”

He smiled and she added, “Wait, sorry, I just processed your ramble. Of course I’m okay with it. I mean, I’m not okay with how everything turned out. It’s really sad.”

“Sad, how?”

“Well, Vlad told Ember that he knew what it was like to lose a life. That’s when he mentioned Mom and Dad. He started listing things and, at the end, he said, ‘I missed out on a family. I missed Jack and Maddie.’”

Danny whistled. “I bet that got to Ember.”

Jazz nodded and said, “Yeah, it cheered her up, but it bummed everyone else out. I mean, think about what could have been.”

“Yeah.” He sighed, sitting upright, wincing when his midriff ached. He clutched his shirt, feeling the lichtenberg figure underneath. With the flash of pain came flashes of everything that had happened over the past few months. It was only then that he realized, it had been a few months. Most of the leaves had fallen and white crystals were tumbling from the stars. The world was half-dead, waiting for the season to fully change. It was this thought that caused Danny to say, “But think about what could be.”

I, for one, often think about what could be…

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It’s warm.

She should be happy. Here they were, the phantom and the huntress. It’s been so long since this all started. How long have they played this game of Cat & Mouse? How many times has he won?

It doesn’t matter. He wouldn’t win again.

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So, I wrote something…

I didn’t want to let the first day of Ectober Week go by without me doing something, so I used my makeshift determination and imagination and put together a… collection of words. I don’t even know what to call it. It’s not very good m, but practice makes progress 🤷‍♀️. I feel like everyone is OOC, so if anyone has any constructive criticism on how to improve, I’ll be happy to take it.

Take my very embarrassing first fic.

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