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#danny phantom fic
redrobin-detective · a day ago
Here’s a fun little scenario that would be part of a larger story I don’t have the time/energy to write.
Something something, the ghosts need to work together with the humans to stop a larger threat. They meet at Fentonworks to form a plan of attack with the humans’ most knowledgeable about ghosts. It is not Jack and Maddie Fenton. However, Danny Fenton and co do not feel like disclosing the fact that they are Amity’s foremost ghost experts. So the ghosts find themselves in an awkward position of having to pretend to be seeking council from the adult Fentons while watching Danny pretend to hide in his mother’s side in fear. But though his posture is scared and submissive, his eyes are glowing with promise of a violent second death if they don’t play along. Cue shenanigans. Fun points of interest include:
- Danny and the ghosts’ frustration and disbelief as the Fentons or even Valerie get ghost stuff so completely wrong and Danny is literally biting his hand to stop himself from correcting them because he’s not supposed to know anything about ghosts. They look at him with weary annoyance, asking why he is making them submit to this and he just stares back equally annoyed and exhausted. 
- The ghosts and Team Phantom need to do their planning in secret so they steal snatches of time here and there with hilarious results. Danny quickly phasing him and Technus into the bathroom for a quick huddle only to be interrupted by Jack trying to get in or quickly miming ideas and plans when people’s heads are turned then pretending to play on his phone when they look his way (his phone is upside down, no one comments. Fenton is just weird like that). They barely get any time to plan without interruption.
- It gets to the point where nothing is getting done and Danny is forced to kind of intercede but in a casual manner. Making pointed comments to have people piece things together themselves, tripping over important inventions to bring them to people’s attention just... pretending to accidentally acquire knowledge and delicately (and sometimes forcefully) leading them to the correct conclusions.
- I bet there would be some interesting conversations btw the ghosts and Danny about why he does hide. Why does he hide his strength and knowledge? They know by now that Danny is protective of hell of his secret identity but ghosts simply cannot understand why one of the strongest warriors hides behind the façade of weakness. Sometimes Danny himself wants to give up the charade bc the whole thing is too damn confusing and exhausting.
- Danny is not used to his worlds colliding in such an ongoing, intimate setting (lets say both ghosts and humans are essentially trapped together) so his personality is constantly flipping btw Fenton and Phantom’s trying to keep up. Dash is confused watching Fenton growl at ghosts while the ghosts are wondering why such a powerful halfa lets the other humans push him around. It makes both human and ghosts realize they don’t much at all about Danny Fenton.
- A lot of ghosts’ knowledge of humans comes from Danny, Sam and Tucker who are, obviously, outliers. In order to play nice with the ghost kid, they try to engage with some humans and are so far from the mark. (For example just kind of assuming all human kids engage in reckless, world changing activities).
- Also the ghosts know Danny and generally have a lot of respect for his power and sense of duty to his haunt. They treat other humans the same, as annoying interchangeable non-entities almost but for some reason, Danny Fenton is given a weird amount of respect being referred to by name and, when he speaks, all the other ghosts stop and listen. Normal people have no idea what to make of this.
- Again, I simply cannot get over the image of Danny doing his best to cower with his back to the humans but while facing the ghosts his face is a snarling, threatening mess. Both sides treat him as they normally do and find themselves coming up short. The humans wonder why the ghosts look at skinny, useless Fenton like he’s important. The ghosts wonder how the humans look at him and don’t see something dangerous. 
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ectoentity · 15 days ago
The trio does a parody ghost hunting show where they go to super haunted places but pretend they're completely normal. Danny regularly "gets possessed" (read: lets his eyes glow, floats, and says gibberish in ghost speak) and no one acknowledges it. Tucker catches undeniable proof of ghosts on camera, thermometer, etc but always has increasingly implausible excuses for it. Sam complains about how her occult stuff is bogus while there is a ghost in her summoning circle.
Danny, hovering upside down: Ţ̵̡̛̖͉͓̯̱͔͓͎̫̳͚́̇́̎̊̇̿͋̇̒̓̕ͅủ̴̧͔̳̓̌̇̈́ḉ̵̣̮̮͕̅͒̍͋̈́̐̌̃́̄̊̚k̸̙̼̣͙̥̟̳̦͎̮̘̝̘͍͑e̷̡̡͙̫̳͕͖̼̳̭̤̺̊̋̉̔̊͛̈̎̽̔ŗ̸̙̦̖̗̘̤̬̹̘̗͓̦͇̍̊̉͌̿̔̔̅̂̅̕̚ ̷̛͔̰͑̃͌͋ǐ̵̡̡̮̮͙̲͈͖̹͚̤̮͍̉̓̔̏̄͝͝ͅ ̴̡̡̧͖̯̖̳̼̬̻̼̘̤̦͉͛̈́̔͑̈́ẅ̵̦́́̊͐͊͋̇̌̉̀̒͘͝a̶̧̖̲͚͈̤̫̥͇̠̪͔̓̋͂̅̌͑͆̀̋̚n̸̡̤̲̐̄͑̀͜t̵̘̖͒͛͗̆̓̈́͒͑́̈́̚̕ͅ ̴̧̡͚̥̗͓̘͔̦̹͙̣̊̐t̵͇̹̊̄́ä̶̦͇̭͖̩̻́̋̑̃̄̈́́̕͘c̴̢̟̥̝̰̙̞͈̭͈̰̘͆̑͂̿ǫ̸̪̩̻̤̈́̍̉͑̀̓̎̾͊͠ḅ̴̲̬͍̬̮̯͇̳͚͚̄̕ͅȩ̸̨̡̫͚͓̳̺̙̦̮̫͊̑̐͌͆̚͠ͅļ̶̲͈͉͕̞̙̻͚̩͛̀̿̓͆̓͌̀̔́̈́́̊͜͝l̴̢̛̖̫̫̹̭̺̭̼͙̯̈́̄̊͐͊́͛̓̀̕̚̚
Tucker: Can it wait I think there's fifty rats in a trenchcoat down here.
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floralflowerpower · a month ago
This is somehow not the weirdest thing I've researched for a fic.
But I am almost certain that freakshow's crystal
Tumblr media
Was made of Watermelon Tourmaline
Tumblr media
“Watermelon tourmaline is a rare and hard to find tourmaline. In spirit work, Watermelon Tourmaline is an incredibly powerful ally, especially when working with spirits that are hard to find. Wear Watermelon Tourmaline to attract spirits of all kinds to you and place in a wand to gain the ability to command them. Place on the altar to assist in any type of spirit communication, or place in the bottom of a bowl of water for scrying.” - here 
Freakshow’s Staff is his wand. 
And I am also pretty sure he used it to Scry on Danny.
Tumblr media
Adding this to my growing pile of:
I think Freakshow is a magic user in addition to being very knowledgeable about ghost zone relics. 
I don’t think his staff was a relic. I think he made it himself. 
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five-rivers · 18 days ago
Danny gets impaled/shot/stabbed through the chest in human form and has to convince his classmates/family/random bystanders that really, he’s fine and no Mr. Lancer, please don’t call 911. Really, it’s okay mom, it totally missed him! Everyone please stop staring, there’s nothing wrong. He’s completely fine.
“Did you get hit?” asked Mr. Lancer, frantically patting Danny down.  “Did you-?"
Danny, who had been covering the bullet wound firmly with his hand, forced a smile and hoped none of the blood would leak through before his ghost powers kicked in and healed him.  “Nope!  Guess he missed.”
"Oh, God, you're bleeding!"
Woops. Guess he failed to take the exit wound into account.
"I was just clipped?" tried Danny. "It's just a flesh wound?"
"Someone call an am-"
Danny seized Mr. Lancer's wrist. "No. Ambulance."
"Mr. Fenton, I know how expensive these things can be, but it isn't worth your life!"
"I'm not going to die," said Danny, rolling his eyes. "I'm just... afraid of hospitals?"
He caught Tucker's eyes over Lancer's shoulder. Really? The other boy mouthed. Danny made a face. It wasn't as if Tucker was contributing any solutions.
"So afraid you'd risk your life?" Mr. Lancer turned. "Why is no one calling-?"
"It's fake! It's fake blood. Tuck and I were going to try to do a short film after school, and, you know, fake blood packets. They're even really cheap faje blood packets. You can see green flecks in the blood!"
Mr. Lancer, apparently againt his will, leaned in to look. "That green looks a lot like-"
"Ectoplasm, right?" He laughed. "Yeah, Tucker and I noticed it. Yeah."
The rest of the class looked on with varying levels of incredulity.
"Mr. Fenton-"
"Here!" Danny yanked up the hem of his shirt. "Look! No holes in me!"
Thank goodness for ghost healing powers.
Mr. Lancer let out a slow, steady sigh. "Alright. Sometimes I wonder at your bad timing, but alright. We still need to call the police." He turned sternly to face the rest of the class. "And talk about emergency response. I know we're on a field trip, but really-"
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fishoutofcamelot · 26 days ago
BBC Merlin - in particular, its fandom - really ought to take on the Danny Phantom mindset when it comes to secret-keeping.
For context, Danny Phantom is a show about a boy who gets turned into a ghost, but must hide this from his parents who happen to be ghost hunters by pretending he's still fully alive. Obviously he keeps this a secret from them, for fear of what they would do to him if they ever found out what he was. Secret-keeping hijinks and glossed-over angst ensue.
And trust me, if you think the magic in BBCM is a queer allegory, just wait till you watch Danny Phantom.
Never in the series is Danny's secrecy viewed as a bad thing. In fact, both canon and an overwhelming majority of the 'phandom' are in agreement that even though his parents wound up accepting him in the end, their anti-ghost rhetoric made him feel extremely unsafe - and on that basis alone he was under no obligation to tell them his secret. The narrative isn't framed as Danny being responsible for his parents' views - instead, the responsibility is on his parents alone to abandon their prejudices and become better people.
Thats not to say Danny is free from accountability, of course. While DP is far from perfect, one thing it does rather well is explore the ways families can drift apart, and how maintaining relationships is a team effort. Danny pushes his parents away - and for good reason - but in the process he also pushes away any opportunity for reconciliation, assuming the worst of his parents for his own safety even in the face of their personal growth.
Sound familiar?
Likewise, Merlin is also constantly surrounded by dangerous, harmful rhetoric against himself and people like him. Arthur in particular is often either actively espousing or remaining passive in the face of this rhetoric. Like, I really do love Arthur, but it would be a disservice to his character to pretend he was always entirely in the right. And we could go in circles about whether or not Arthur deserved to know, or what he would/wouldn't have done if he found out Merlin's secret. The bottom line is, Merlin didn't feel safe. Arthur's words and actions directly contributed to Merlin's uncertainty, which in turn fed his fear.
Just like with Danny Phantom, Merlin isn't responsible for Arthur's views and opinions. Arthur is a free-thinking adult who can make his own decisions. And sure, blah blah blah, Arthur only ever encountered evil sorcerers and dark magic, so he never had the chance to challenge his views - but Danny's parents were also consistently exposed to evil ghosts wreaking havoc, yet they found it in themselves to change anyway.
(And to add to the parallels, "Sins of the Father" from BBCM and "Reality Trip" from DP both feature instances where Arthur and Danny's parents respectively grow from their harmful misconceptions and accept that which they used to hate. But then Merlin and Danny take actions to restore the status quo, resetting any growth they may have had - textually because they thought it was for the best, but subtextually I would argue it was because they were still scared of change and exposure and rejection, and the status quo made them feel safe. Was this the right thing to do? Probably not. But their actions are entirely understandable given the circumstances. Idk, i just thought that was an interesting parallel worth mentioning.)
TLDR - Merlin lying to Arthur wasnt a bad thing, BBC Merlin and Danny Phantom are uncannily similar, and both Merlin and Danny deserve lots of hugs
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eyesofcrows · 2 months ago
So I made a JL x DP crossover fanfic for this one. Started with the prompt ended with some nice feels ^^
Now with a PART 2!
Constantine took one look around and thought, I’m not dealing with this.
The Watchtower was in ruins—actual fire and flipped over tables—and it was littered with thousands of tiny, blue, silverfish-like creatures.
“I’m not dealing with this,” he said out loud, watching as some started to carry away plant pots.
“What do you mean? C’mon, we gotta get these out!” Flash yelled at him, zooming around each bug.
“What he means,” Batman interjected, standing right beside John Constantine, “is that he’s getting back up. Right?” Oh, that was completely a threat.
John brought a cigarette to his mouth as he talked. “No need to be upset about it, Bats. I’ve got someone in mind.”
Superman zoomed from above, attempting to freeze the bugs with his ice breath. However, they just phased through to continue their havoc.
“H-how soon can they get here?” the Boy Scout panted, clearly out of breath. Stupid.
“Midnight. And he ain’t going to be happy about it.”
_ _ _
Danny was not happy about it.
Midnight, of course. And during finals week, he grumbled in his mind.
He’d just about finished studying and was about to sleep when he was forced into his Phantom form and into a summoning circle.
The place looked like a barn. Mostly because it was a barn.
Danny’s bleary eyes locked into Constantine, who stood right before him.
“Constantine,” he growled. “When I said I owed you one, it didn’t mean you get to summon me at 12 fricking AM.”
Constantine rolled his eyes and gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “I’m sure whatever mundane chore you got can wait.”
“I was sleeping!”
“Exactly. Mundane.”
“Um, excuse me, but could you explain who this is?” a blue figure from the side asked.
Danny squinted at it, trying to focus on whatever blob was in front of him. It only took a moment to understand that it was fricking Superman.
“This here,” Constantine says, pointing at Danny with his cigarette, “is the King of Ghosts himself. Feel like his subjects would listen to him, aye?”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa. We have a pest problem, not a ‘summon-a-literal-king’ problem!” A red blob said loudly, irritating Danny slightly. However, he agreed with what the red blob said.
“Trust me, he'd be more than happy to deal with it.”
Danny eyes the red thing up and down until it clicks; that was the Flash.
Oh Ancients, the Justice League is asking for my help! the fanboy side of him squealed.
Oh Ancients, I’m not getting any sleep today, am I? the soon-to-be college student side groaned.
Danny took a deep breath. “Pest problem?”
“Some rampis infested the Justice League base and there is way too much for me to handle alone.”
Rampis. Danny hated those blue bugs. No other goal than to feed and thrive, even at the expense of others. They were the most terrible thing to ever come out of the Zone.
Danny put a hand to his temples and sighed. “Look, Constantine, I don’t have time to deal with them. Let me… I’m honored to be appointed the JL’s exterminator, but I’ve got things to do. Non-ghost things. Try again next week?”
“The JL’s base is in space.”
“Oh, dammit.”
_ _ _
“So… how old are you?” Flash asked.
“17, almost 18,” Danny answered tiredly.
He was floating around the Watchtower—which was in space! He’s never seen anything greater—with a thermos in hand to scoop up the rampis. He felt like a 1940’s housewife vacuuming.
He’d given Constantine to spare thermos, who was now cleaning up the lower decks. Superman went with him, mostly to keep an eye on him though. Unfair, Danny thought.
“Oh, uh, is that when you…?”
“Nope. I died when I was, like, 14.”
A brief silence took place. Danny could hardly pay attention to it, too exhausted to really mind anything he was saying.
“You’re a child.”
That had brought Danny out a little, a bit of shock from the suddenness of the voice.
He snapped his head to be met with Batman.
That was the second time Batman surprised him. The first time earlier when Danny had found out that he was directly behind the other three, dark and unnoticeable. Gosh, he can still feel the embarrassment from screaming.
“Nuh-uh,” Danny argued, “I’m turning 18. And then I’m going to be King of the Ghost Zone. That’s pretty adult if you ask me.”
“Wait, I thought Constantine said you were the king!” Flash said.
“Well there isn’t any current king. I’m still the king, I just haven’t taken up the responsibilities yet.”
“That must be a lot of pressure,” Batman hummed.
Danny scratched the back of his neck as he sucked in another rampi. “Well, it’s tough, but it’s my right, y’know? The Ghost Zone has gone without a king for way too long.”
“And what do you plan to do when you’re king?”
Danny had thought about that for far too long, and yet the question was never asked until now. “Fix the prejudice of ghosts that humans have. We aren’t malevolent creatures and I’d like to be a diplomat for that. Maybe set up some stuff for ghost children, they’re still kids after all. Um, the old king broke a lot of bridges with sections of the Ghost Zone so I think I’d try to build them back up.”
“A lot of goals, but not a lot of connections,” Batman, somehow, deciphered. Danny had no idea how he found out, but it was Batman.
“Well, that’s what happens when you overthrow a tyrannical king and technically become the youngest ghost to inherit the throne.” Danny shrugged nonchalantly. He capped his thermos as he realized he’d cleaned out the entire floor.
“Aquaman knows how to run a kingdom. Wonder Woman knows how to lead her people. Green Lantern is a known alien ambassador, and Superman is a good inspiration to everyone, especially kids.”
Danny paused to look at Batman, and he could see Flash smirking in the corner of his eye.
He blinked owlishly. “Are-are you offering…?”
Danny could see Batman smile the smallest of smiles, barely a muscle but it was there. “I’m saying that you can make some connections on Earth too.”
With that, Batman walked away, automatic doors closing behind him.
As soon as he left, Flash howled in laughter. “I was waiting for him to do that!”
Danny couldn’t help the slack-jawed expression on his face, trying to mumble out coherent words.
He’d never been so glad to miss sleep.
“You don’t have to speak. Most people react the same for about five minutes whenever Bats does this,” Flash continued to chuckle.
He zoomed towards him and patted Danny’s shoulder a few times. “Welcome to the Justice League, kid.”
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peachdoxie · a month ago
Y'all I just spent like an hour and a half reading about molecular biology and theoretical physics for my Danny Phantom fic.
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drawyourownreality · 7 months ago
me browsing through fanfiction for any media other than danny phantom
Tumblr media
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the-stove-is-on-fire · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tucker, you can’t just say things like that... Danny isn’t ready to face that part of himself yet.
(Context: Before Danny’s NYC trip where he meets Spidey)
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auroraphantasma · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
@dragonsdomain  Happy Holyday Truce! I’m sorry for cutting it so close!
their prompt was: “Ghost hunger AU but Danny can also eat ghost plants. He doesn’t have to eat the other ghosts.”
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redrobin-detective · 4 months ago
You know, it’s actually hilarious that if Vlad hadn’t hosted the reunion that he and Danny might have remained blissfully unaware of each other for a good while. Plasmius will be out there continually sending ghosts to kill Jack, not understanding how the man manages to survive (40% Danny fighting them off, 60% Jack Fenton is just That Bitch). Meanwhile there’s this goodie goodie ghost out there in Jack’s town that just annoys Vlad on principle. Maybe he goes to bully the strangely powerful newly formed ghost not knowing it’s his enemy’s son.
Then for Danny’s perspective you have this smarmy asshole ghost who is scarily powerful and keeps whooping Danny’s butt. Dan is genuinely scared of this ghost so actually makes an effort for him not to find out he’s human and where he lives. So Danny always disappears mid-fight before he passes out. (Vlad thinks he’s gone hiding in the Zone, Danny meanwhile is bleeding out in a nearby alley). Also apparently the ghost has a massive grudge against his dad so he’s like subtly asking his folks if any of their good friends died horrifically also were assholes who beat up kids.
The ghosts, meanwhile, are looking back and forth at the two halfas like “I’m not gonna tell them, why would I tell them? You tell them! No way I’m not getting involved in their stupid human squabbles, you tell them!” 
To make things even more hilariously complicated, Vlad gets so fed up he takes a long vacation to Amity Park to “reconnect” to his old college friends. He’ll kill Jack with his own two hands and figure out why that white haired ghost boy confuses him so. Vlad Masters and Danny Fenton meet face to face for the first time and their is instant animosity neither can explain. You know the Love Square for Miraculous Ladybug? Get ready for the Hate Square. Vlad Masters/Plasmius and Danny Fenton/Phantom hate each other in all their forms. Danny is trying to be polite but wondering why mom and dad’s creepy friend is setting off his fight or flight and Vlad is just rubbed the wrong way by Jack and Maddie’s creepy, sullen son. They enter a room and both their ghost senses go off and they just swivel their heads around like absolute idiots. 
Let’s make this even funnier and say all this goes down during Reign Storm. Vlad awakens the ghost king who promptly drags the whole town into hell. The annoying little hero wannabe Phantom ghost is fighting him for causing trouble also stopping him killing Jack p l u s Jack’s equally annoying son will not stop bothering him. Danny is at his wits end fighting this Wisconsin Ghost and then going home to the smug billionaire in the guest room. Of course there comes a point where they both de-power in front of each other and it’s just the Spider-Man pointing meme. Both Danny and Vlad are standing there like “are you saying we’ve been going around and around each other for months and not realizing we’re both the same freaky species??”
The ghosts are watching all this drama unfold with ghost popcorn, this is better than cable. 
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ghostpajamas · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
this night is going to end horribly for someone
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coffeecakecafe · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
right okay so I’m still having party time in the crossover zone but the gist here is what if I made a family huh what if I did that (gonna dunk some more info under the cut)
okay so the basic premise is what if we take a Danny at the end of one of those real angsty fics and he does Our Favorite Crossover Door Escape into bnha of course and then he kicks off Aizawa and Mic adopting all those kids we want them to have. this is called what if I had all of the cake I like and stuck it all in one fic I probably won’t write lmao but also: - Danny is crazy op of course, and way too experienced for what the bnha crowd thinks a 16 year old should be. this is mitigated initially by Danny having to recover from the injuries acquired during whichever phandom angst fic he was running from (pick your poison). also he may or may not remember how he got hurt I’m on the fence - I think I want him to sort of exist alongside 1-A til after the sports festival? I think Mineta probably gets kicked out around there, and Danny and Shinsou compete for his place in the class but then they both get in bc I think they should be friends. Shinsou looks half dead and Danny is half dead and this is my basis for that thank u - Wail training w Mic bc yelling son - I think he would be a very cool older brother type person for Eri, who deserves as many siblings as we can give her just sort of in general. also they have matching hair and this is cute. - support department upgrades for Danny’s costume! mostly just so he stops getting plasma laser burns but like who doesn’t love an outfit change - I don’t actually know if Danny goes home but if he doesn’t I think he’d make a cool astronaut-slash-pro-hero bc in this world at least his powers wouldn’t be a roadblock to following his dreams - did I throw electric core in here again? yes of course I did shh - thank you for coming to my TEDtalk I have more maybe but I’ll try to do some comics or something after I get through the zine stuff I’m working on lol
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chamiryokuroi · 3 years ago
I need more fics where people try to summon the king of ghosts or the prince of death or any other royalty ghostly title and they get Danny Fenton, with his ripped jeans, old vans and NASA shirt, completely unimpressed with what is happening “Dude! I was about to take a test and... OMG is that blood on the walls??!??”
Please, I need more of these.
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