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#danny phantom writing
idiot-onion · 42 minutes ago
What do you think ectoplasm smells like?
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peachdoxie · 8 hours ago
You’re gonna make me start watching Danny Phantom at this rate and I’ll probably thank you
Lol, I wouldn't jump the gun on thanking me yet. I haven't watched the show in a decade, but from what I remember and the opinions I've seen on tumblr, Danny Phantom is prime example of "great concept poor execution" especially towards the end of its run. There's a lot to enjoy in it, for sure, but it's got a lot of flaws. Albeit, my view is definitely skewed, and someone who actually watches the show will have a more informed opinion. But either way, it's your decision, and if you do decide to watch it, I hope you can get some enjoyment out of it :)
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fandomsh1t · 14 hours ago
The Fentons were a strange bunch, everyone in town new this much.
They always were causing some commotion in one way or another, whether it be due to thier ghost obsession or thier loud as hell SUV. Despite how obnoxious they were, everyone in town at the very least respected them in some shape or form. The gossip about them was always interesting and action packed, but it was never mean. Not really.
No matter how many times the fentons accidentally blow up the amity park sign while ghost hunting, the citizens begrudgingly understand that the Fentons were keeping them all safe.
The Whispers had recently shifted however, disbelief left any listener flabbergasted, clawing for an explanation of the event. The Fentons were scientists, ghost hunters, parents. The technology they had available was unknown to outsiders. The narrative shifted away from being protectors of thier town, to something else entirely.
The Fentons claim she was a distant cousin, but the resemblance between the two kids was uncanny. Both had the same strange mannerisms and excuses. same eyes same hair, old photos of him were almost indistinguishable from her. They both even had the same interest in space.
People began to respect the Fentons out of caution rather than gratefulness. The rumors couldn't be true, the Fentons wouldn't do that. And yet, if that were true, where did she come from? If you were one unlucky enough to be around while the Fentons were in action, after hearing the rumors, the hatred they spewed at ghosts seemed to leave a sour taste in your mouth.
If they can be that remorseless, maybe they would do it. No one in town will admit they believe the lies, but the thought leaves a linguring suspicion and distrust to anyone who hears it.
There was no doubt the Fentons could do it,
but who would clone thier own child?
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fandomsh1t · 14 hours ago
Fenton gender reveal party for thier new kid that ends with danni jumping out of a box. To the surprise of everyone, the new kid is a twelve year old clone of their older son Danny. How this happened the community will never know.
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nosleeppotions · 15 hours ago
There's a lake in the Forest Freaks' territory that often freezes when it gets cold, though how frozen it is is always a gamble. A gamble the Freaks quite enjoy playing with. - Unknown Archivist
It was winter and somewhat snowy, which many of the Freaks figured was the perfect time to show Leah the lake.
Joy and Leah happily walked hand in hand, expecting to meet the others there when someone suddenly shoved a wooly hat onto her head, upon looking behind her she realized it was Nosleep. "It's cold." He huffs, hugging a happily whistling Slushy (also dressed for the cold) close to him like a teddy bear and walked back to Sin who was still trying to catch up. "Shadow-boy has a heart." She jokes to her husband who was more focused on showing her the lake and somewhat dragging her along excitedly.
When they got there some were already out on the ice and they were surprised to see Viper a little ways off laying in the snow (with not much in form of winter gear) making snow angels.
Leah paused to eye the ice none the less, "Is it safe?" Her husband grinned. "Honey-Pie, finding out is part of the fun!" He let's go of her and and rushes forward, sliding on the ice while standing before promptly losing his balance and landing on his rear though continued sliding further due to momentum.
Instead of following right away she decided to verify by a trustworthy source. Luckily Nate was nearby making a snow blob. "Is the ice safe?" He looks up at her and gestures an iffy sign. "Eh it's... fifty fifty on a good day. Though if it can hold him-" he gestures to Jolly who was JUMPING on the ice. "It should be fine." There was a suspicious crack sound and Leah shot a concerned look at Joy who was playing a game that looked like tag with some of the others.
"Don't worry, they'll be fine." Nate quickly reassures.
"After all, if you're immortal everything just becomes a game." Nosleep adds, still holding Slushy, joining them in watching the people on the ice.
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princessfanonanona · a day ago
Here’s some crack from the dp server I’m in, entirely inspired by @filly-serenity realizing that if Danny is ghost king, Jazz is a princess.
Jazz is in the middle of a very stressful test. Not that it was important in any aspect, but it was the first test that had to work for. To say she was focused would be to imply that stating the moon was round; obvious and redundant.
Which is to say, when the portal opened up right next to her and a ghostly specter in very old yet nonetheless smartly dressed floated out, Jazz didn't notice. 
She didn't notice the glow that cast her own shadow across the paper. 
She didn't notice the sudden quiet that filled the room. 
She did register the soft clearing of a throat above her head. 
Blinking, Jazz looks up into the stiff faced blue skinned man. "Uh," she says eloquently. 
"A message for Princess Jasmine Rose Fenton," the ghost intones in a voice of subtle authority, holding out a rolled up scroll. 
"Thank you?" Jazz takes the scroll and glances between it and the man. She bites her lip, unsure, holding the scroll as if it might bite her. 
"Is there anything else I may assist you with, Your Highness?" The ghost asks. 
"Oh, uh, no...sir," Jazz blinks up at him. "I'm good, I think." 
The ghost bows deep at the hip. Standing straight he vanishes into a second portal.
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writing-dumps · a day ago
dreams of the core
DannyMay Day 28 - Alone
tw: self-harm (in the sense that danny's keeping a vital organ outside his body without a good reason)
Summary: Danny indulges a painful guilty pleasure.
Ao3 Link
Danny phased through his bedroom window and landed on the navy blue carpet, wobbling slightly as he turned human. He rubbed at his eyes and hissed as he read the bright red numbers on his alarm clock.
“Looks like I’m not getting that essay done,” he said, shoulders slumping. His gaze trailed to the wall on his right, a few posters of famous rock bands covering burnt paint and variously sized holes. He turned to his bed, the sheets messily arranged and a pile of pillows at the head, a small note from Jazz on top saying “sleep well, Danny!”. His eyes lingered on the recently stitched rips in the duvet from where his hands tore the fabric in a white knuckle grip.
He glanced at the wall. Then back to his bed. Then to the wall again before his lips twitched into a tired grin.
“Just for a little while,” he whispered to himself.
The rare quiet of the house followed Danny as he walked to the bathroom and carefully closed the door behind him, locking it with a soft click. He waited with baited breath as his back pressed against the old wood, but there were no sleepy cries about ghosts or muffled yells to keep it down. Danny exhaled.
Slowly, he sank to the floor and started to unbutton his shirt, the cool air from the dark room helping to loosen the tension in his shoulders. He brought his right hand to his chest and paused, tilting his head back. Dull humming from the machinery embedded in the house drifted through the door and he took a breath.
Two of his fingers extended forward and tapped his chest twice. As they pulled away a light blue orb emerged and followed close, illuminating the room in its soft glow. He smiled fondly, his left hand hovering beside it as it floated above his right.
A soft buzzing filled the room and made his ears tingle with its warm song. It sounded like wind whipping past him as he flew through the vast night sky. Like his awe at seeing the Earth from space with his own eyes instead of through a screen. The orb took on the sounds of cheering townsfolk, praise from his sister, teachers, and mentors, and immediate acceptance from his parents. And when Danny strained his ears, he could almost hear confessions of love from his two favorite people.
He stayed like that for a while, admiring the small orb with a fond smile. Eventually though, he curled around it, left hand clutching his chest and face twisted up in pain. As his right hand shook, he guided the orb back into his chest and breathed a deep sigh of relief. Danny leaned his head against the door and closed his eyes for a few minutes before soft knocking and the concerned words of his sister floated through the old wood.
A few more seconds and Danny was slapping himself lightly, standing up and buttoning his shirt again. He let his content expression settle into something more annoyed and opened the door to harp about Jazz breaking the ‘no psychoanalysis while Danny’s in the bathroom’ rule.
When he returned to his room, his alarm clock read 7:02am, several hours since he came home. He sighed and dragged himself to his closet to get ready for school.
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mandareeboo · 2 days ago
Half-tempted to write a DP oneshot highlighting how insane group projects must be when you’re constantly fighting ghosts as an excuse to diss 1984 for a few thousand words but because I’d be putting it in the style of kids who’ve recently read it and are transcribing notes/slides I’d have to -checks notes- read 1984 again.
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writtingmistakes · 2 days ago
Amity Park Haunting Update
Because my keyboard hates me, it decided to bust and now the only way that I can write, edit, and publish my stories is on my phone so that will probably lead to the story coming out later than I’d planed. I’ll do my best to copy everything, but the next chapters are coming, don’t worry.
Moral of the story? Fuck you Apple.
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hhhhnnnngg I'm getting some comments on Bitter of people being angry at Maddie and I'm so sad guys like I'm trying so hard to express how she could not possibly fucking know what is actually going on and people are still mad at her
what am I doing wrong I'm letting you down Maddie I'm so sorryyyyy 😭😭😭😭
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shower-phantom-ideas · 2 days ago
Haunting Pains
   Jack woke up, head pounding, and no idea how he got here. Looking around to see a bleak cell with concrete walls and floors. The only odd thing was the green bars and an odd glowing green orb on the ceiling. Of course once he looked to his right to see Phantom sitting on the other side of the cell he instantly knew why the bars had a green tent to them and what the odd orb on the ceiling was for. Jack quickly stood up feeling for his utility belt for a weapon, only to find all of his weapons gone.
  “Whats going on here you spook and what have you done with my gear!” Of course Phantom just rolled his eyes at the accusation. “I haven't done anything with your gear. In case you haven't noticed I’m trapped in here with you.” He said gesturing to himself. Now that his attentions was brought to it the ghost wasn't floating like it normally did and its normally bright aura was completely gone. If Jack didn’t know any better he could mistake Phantom for a normal living human. Who or whatever trapped them here clearly know their stuff about subduing the thing. Phantoms one of the strongest ghosts in Amity even he and his wife have trouble figuring out how to contain Phantoms overwhelming power. Their captor wasn’t messing around.
Meanwhile Phantom walked up to the wall clearly investigating how sturdy it was. Probably trying by to see if it could phase out of them. Though the moment it touched them the wall seemed to burn its hand. Jumping back with a yelp and holding its now injured hand. “Great just great” Phantom seemed to mumble under its breath. It was then that Jack noticed a blue mist escape Phantoms mouth. The ghost quickly flipped around facing the bars looking ready for a fight. That’s when Jack heard a familiar laugh.
“ Ah ah ah careful there little badger, you wont be able to phase thru those walls so easily” Plasmius chimed, as if speaking to a child. Phantom seemed to be glaring daggers at the ghost. Plasmius was about to speak again when Jack interrupted “What is your business with me you foul demon!” Without a seconds warning a pink ecto-blast shot him right in the chest knocking him back a bit. much to his confusion Jack remained unharmed just stunned a bit? Though it seemed neither of the ghosts knew that the blast was so weak. Plasmius immediately changed his expression to disgusted “Don’t interrupt me you pathetic oaf!” Much to Jacks surprise Phantom jumped to his defense inbetween him and Plasmius “Leave him alone Vlad!” Clearly unbothered and a little bit amused “Or what Daniel? you’ll glare at me to death? please you’re completely helpless in there.” Plasmius started to chuckle to himself “Just like that buffoon behind you” his chuckle turned into a full on laugh now. This did nothing to stop Phantom from walking right up to the bars reaching his hand thru and punching Vlad in the face.    
    Hold his newly reddened cheek Plasmius look up at Phantom who seems completely satisfied with itself. Much to Jacks surprise Plasmius just smirked “now now Daniel” Vlad held out an open hand and soon it started to crack and pop with small sparks of electricity. Phantoms eyes snapped to as he stood frozen by whatever the old ghost seemed to be doing. “oooh whats the matter little badger hmm?” slowly he reaches his head towards the cell  “scared of a little shock” as soon as he said the word the small sparks in his hand grew jumping from finger to finger. As he moved closer Phantom moved back. It wasn't until he was almost touching Jack did he notice Phantom was shacking, sweat slowly sliding down the ghosts face. Seeing the fear in the smaller ghosts eyes Vlad shot a small ball of lightning right past Danny's head causing it to freeze in its place. Laughing Vlad withdrew his hand “If i was you Daniel I would think about behaving a little better” then he left the two alone.
    The moment Vlad left Danny fell down do his knees, his legs unable to hold him up from all the trembling he was currently doing. He just sat there staring at the floor terrified. It took Jack a moment to piece together just what had happened. once he understood he instantly felt bad for the small spook. Phantom what shocked to death and the other ghost was using that against him.
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writing-dumps · 3 days ago
they're siblings, your honor
DannyMay Day 27 - Rain
Summary: A rainy weekday morning with Danny, Jazz, and Ellie.
Ao3 Link
Light trickled in through the single window above the sink, gray clouds filtering most of the early morning sun and keeping the kitchen dimly lit. Danny and Jazz sat at the table, dressed for the day and enjoying their respective breakfasts.
Ellie descended the stairs and glided into the room, the sound of slippers dragging against tile nearly drowned out by the pelting rain outside. Jazz held her face over the steam wafting off her tea and sighed before addressing her sister.
“Morning. You want me to make you something?” Ellie shook her head and opened the fridge, sticking her face in it. Danny emptied the cereal box into his half empty bowl, some of the milk spilling over the sides.
“Glue day?” he asked. Ellie held up a finger and water in the shape of the word “yep” appeared above her head. She pulled out a dimly glowing container and plopped down beside Jazz as the water dispersed back into the air.
“You okay for school?” Jazz asked. A thumbs up answered her as the girl dug out a handful of green granola and shoved it in her mouth. “Do you want me to grab a notebook?” Ellie accepted a spoon from her sister and shook her head, holding up a finger. More water letters appeared, this time in front of her.
I’ll just fake a sore throat they won’t call on me
“Nah, go with something more official. Like laryngitis.” Danny said around the food in his mouth. “No one will bother you for a couple days at least.” Ellie pointed her spoon at him.
I don’t wanna get sent to the nurse, genius
Danny waved a hand. “They won’t send you to the nurse. If they try, just write up a note with a fake fancy signature and go back in 10 minutes.”
“Danny, that’s forgery. You shouldn’t be teaching her that.” Danny and Ellie rolled their eyes as Jazz paused to sip her tea. “And finish chewing before you eat, that’s gross.”
Danny made a point of keeping eye contact with Jazz and chewing the last bit of his food with his mouth open. His sisters had clear disgust written on their faces and Ellie dropped a large ball of water on him, drenching him in seconds. He managed to swallow his food before coughing and looking down at his soaked clothes.
“Ellie! Now I’m gonna be wet the whole day.” Ellie kicked him under the table. “Ow, what?”
a) you deserved it b) use a towel
“I’m still gonna be wet.”
no you won’t, that’s what the towel’s for
“Towels don’t make you dry, they just make you less wet.”
Jazz ignored the ensuing argument and continued to sip at her tea. Once the mug had emptied and her siblings finished their food, she cleared her throat. They turned to her.
“Intangibility?” They were both more awake now and looked thoroughly embarrassed, Danny chuckling and letting the water phase off him as Ellie slapped a hand over her face, a random assortment of letters appearing in the air.
They put their dishes in the sink and, with the exception of the half-ghosts fighting over the bathroom, the three siblings continued their morning routines in relative silence. The younger two met up with Jazz at the front door, Danny trailing after Ellie with a loud yawn. Their mom chose that moment to pop out of the lab.
“Alright kids, ready for school?” Maddie asked as she took off her hood and goggles and locked the metal door behind her. She pulled off her gloves and dropped them on the kitchen table before walking over to them. “Your father should be home soon so we can give you a ride.” Ellie looked excited at the offer while her siblings paled.
Jazz held up her keys with a strained smile. “We’re good, thanks mom.”
“Are you sure? It’s really no trouble.”
“Positive,” Danny and Jazz said in unison as they used their hands to block Ellie’s water letters. The youngest Fenton scowled and elbowed both of them. Danny caught her arm and she tried to phase out of it, which led to both of them turning intangible which then led to both of them engaging in a super strength poking match.
“You don’t get a vote. You’re way too much of an adrenaline junkie,” Danny said, a few seconds later groaning in pain and hunching over as Ellie got him in the kidney. She stuck out her tongue and blew raspberries at him as he tried and failed to retaliate.
“Like you’re one to talk,” Jazz said with a snort. “But yeah Ellie, you always want mom and dad to drive us. It’s like you’re trying to get us all half-killed.” The two halfas immediately snapped their heads to her and dropped their hands.
“Now that’s just insensitive,” Danny said, crossing his arms while Ellie shook her head. Jazz rolled her eyes and Maddie sighed.
“Alright I get it, but let me give you kisses before you go.” One by one, they lined up and she gave each of her kids a kiss on the forehead, ending on her youngest. She zipped up Ellie’s jacket and pulled up the hood, tucking in stray hairs as her daughter tried to squirm away.
Moooom! The water above Ellie’s head condensed into thick block letters.
“Oh it’s a glue day? Should I grab a notebook?” Ellie shook her head, an annoyed look on her face.
“She’s gonna fake a throat thing.” Danny said, glancing at the clock on the wall. He nudged Jazz with his shoulder and pulled up the hood of his sweater as Ellie ducked under their mom’s arm and headed out the door.
“Okay okay, we’re going. Bye mom!” Jazz said as she opened her umbrella and followed Danny out with a wave. Maddie stood in the open doorway and waved back, bidding them farewell and then closing the door behind her.
Danny yanked up the roof of Jazz’s convertible from where it was stuck in the back and they got in. The car doors slammed shut and the rain tapped gently on the windows as two seat belts clicked into place. Danny leaned back in his seat and pulled out his phone as Jazz adjusted her mirrors.
“Ellie, seat belt,” she said, turning on the ignition. A heavy burst of water hit the windshield. She squinted at it, leaning forward over the steering wheel to get closer. “What does that say?” Danny glanced up and blew out a large puff of cold air, fogging up the glass and making the watery letters more defined.
guys look!
Danny and Jazz turned to the backseat. It was empty.
Another heavy burst of water dragged their attention back to the front.
I’m right here
“You’re invisible,” Danny said.
I’m not though
“What are we supposed to be seeing?” Jazz asked as she used her sleeve to wipe down her side of the glass.
After about a minute without an answer, the two visible Fenton siblings shared a look. Jazz started to get out of the car and Danny transformed into Phantom when the letters on the windshield started to move.
Water started to slowly float up off the car and condense into a large ball on top of the hood. Jerkily, it morphed and stretched to make an outline in the form of their little sister. The watery shape popped into Ellie's full ghostly glory a moment later.
“Oh shit, nice,” Danny said as he turned human. Ellie grinned and another blast of water hit the windshield.
you’re damn right it is
“That was great Ellie, but we need to go. Get in,” Jazz jabbed a thumb at the backseat. Ellie’s shoulders slumped and she pouted. She flicked a finger and more letters appeared.
aww~ can’t I ride out here? the weather’s so nice
“You can fly if you want, but don’t try to stick to the car. You’ll fall off and hurt yourself.”
but I don’t wanna fly
“So get in,” Danny said. “Jazz is right. You’ll get hurt riding out there.” Ellie frowned and crossed her arms.
you’re just trying to baby me again
Jazz winced. “I didn’t mean it like that. You're a perfectly capable and responsible girl, but riding on the outside of a moving vehicle is dangerous.”
so is ghost hunting
Jazz took a deep breath. “Look, Ellie, Danny’s done this before and he wiped out pretty hard.”
yeah, but I’m not Danny I’m wayyy better at holding onto things and better looking
“We look identical.” Danny turned to Jazz. “And it was your reckless driving that distracted me.”
“You were hit by a bird.” He turned back to his phone.
“Doesn’t wing a bell, sorry.” Ellie clasped her hands together and leaned towards her sister.
I’ll be holding on real tight, okay? I’ll even make myself a seat belt, like a responsible half-ghost
“You’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?” Jazz said, sighing.
no, of course not who do you take me for, Danny?
He frowned. “When you eat pavement, I’m not gonna say anything.”
“Yes you will,” Jazz said at the same time Ellie sent an identical message. Danny ignored them and went back to texting his friends. The youngest sibling stared at the oldest with big pleading eyes and a wobbling lip.
Jazz held her gaze for a few moments before deflating. “Fine.”
Ellie grinned and changed back into a watery outline of herself. She flopped against the windshield and it was like someone dropped several buckets of water on the car. Once the mini tidal wave had settled, the older siblings watched as an upward stream of water went up to the roof. A moment later, a tapping sound came from the driver side window and they turned to see a watery arm waving at them.
The eldest took that as her cue and pulled out of the driveway. They headed straight for a while, avoiding potholes like the plague, and slowed as they came near the first turn. Jazz kept glancing at the mirrors and almost came to a full stop as they neared the green light.
“Just go. She’ll be fine,” Danny said, trying to hide his own quick glances. “As long as rain brain remembers she can float, nothing bad will happen.”
The irritated honks behind them started to let up as she nodded and pressed on the gas. The car turned in a wide arc, skidding a little on the wet road before steadying as they continued on.
Danny let out a relieved breath and chuckled. “See? When you’re not driving near a flock of birds, there’s nothing to it.” Jazz laughed, her tense grip loosening on the steering wheel.
“So you admit—!” She was cut off by the sounds of a crashing wave, swerving cars, and a cacophony of loud honking and yelling behind them. They both winced. Spoke too soon.
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wickedwitchofthenest · 3 days ago
Role Play Rules
Hey! You’re probably here because I either posted/reblogged something you liked or you wanna role play. If it’s the latter then please read on; I have some guidelines I’d like to answer most questions about my role playing right off the bat.
Discuss the plot and characters with me!
We discuss the plot and the characters; Don’t message me and tell me, “I wanna role play and be these characters, let’s go.” (It’s happened.) It’s rude; Talk to me and we can make this fun for both of us.
We each are supporting/lead characters. Make the load equal.
I’m 24 years old going on 25. If you’re a minor then no- I don’t want to role play romance with you. Don’t ask, don’t beg.
Original Characters are fine; I have quite a few of my own that I’ll be adding to my blog at one point or another.
While I’m currently flying the “Golden Guard of the Owl House” flag there are plenty of other fandoms I enjoy. BNHA, Transformers (Prime and Animated), Danny Phantom, original story lines... If you have something in mind just ask. Worst case scenario I just say I don’t know your fandom and we find something else.
I prefer semiliterate. 
I like to write my role plays like people write books. I want details, grammar, and I want us both to have fun. The more details we add the more we can respond and make the other person happy.
I’m not scary; Message me!
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shower-phantom-ideas · 3 days ago
In their studies Jack and Maddie found something they actually believe hurts a ghost. Attacks similar to how they died.
They also found out they never want to use electricity against Phantom again
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survivingnightbyday · 4 days ago
Cloak of Stars
He could see ripples in the world that no one else could. He could see the fraying threads of green and other colors that he shouldn't be able to see pull apart, the beginning of a portal. He could see the patchwork stitches and... well, patches, that fit around in seemingly random places like he was walking on fabric.
He could see the way some ghosts dragged the fabric after them, or treaded carefully around blossoming tears.
He could see the way some humans did double-takes at the sky as though just noticing the stitches in them, or avoiding a seemingly innocuous spot in the road.
Reality was referred to fabric, wasn't it?
People and ghosts alike could walk straight through them like they didn't exist; but some didn't.
Some were careful.
He noticed this as he began to fight stronger and... larger ghosts. Their forms didn't fit, like it was a capsule for something much.
Much bigger. The Ancients and ones that were just... old- they seemed to distort and warp the world like an iron left too long on cloth.
As a human, reality wasn't as easy to perceive and nitpick. He could see other things. But it wasn't as noticeable- he could hide the split-second reaction that came from watching the world being ripped to shreds and hurridly knit together.
As a ghost... it was easy to brush off as a ghost because humans didn't know what was 'unusual' for one. Not even his family knew what was normal.
In Amity Park, the world was especially thin; the Fentons didn't move there for no reason.
Danny always loved space; he loved both the philosophical part and astrology part. The stars were bright, and never seemed to lose their shine, even in the day.
He would stare just a bit too long at seemingly random places though, reaching for a fold before being swayed away by his parent. The sky would be so inviting, as though he could just... jump into it.
It wasn't until the portal accident, when he became Phantom, when he became more, when he saw more- that he could see everything with a clarity that had been absent when he was younger.
It wasn't until he met Nocturne that he realized that his Obsession didn't have to do with just keeping Amity Park safe. The Ancient was curious of him, and he was curious of the Ancients, plural.
It wasn't until he met Clockwork that he realized he could pull on the folds and wrinkles to smooth them out too. That he could pick the threads that began unraveling and coax them back into a neat patterns. Like how Clockwork did with paradoxes.
There were more Ancients; Pandora was a kind one, and he vividly remembered Undergrowth, and he could still feel the remnant of storm energy under his skin whenever he thought of Vortex.
The stars in Amity Park are mine, he thought to himself while gazing up at the endless sky. And I doubt they'd even mind if I borrowed them for a bit.
He reached up towards one of the more pronounced folds in the sky, and was almost surprised when he could actually grasp it- but then he pulled and draped it across himself like a cape, and the stars came down and it felt right.
Danny didn't bother with putting it back afterwards. The cape wouldn't be perceived anyways, if at all. He was pretty sure about that.
What he did not know was the raising disquiet in the Ghost Zone as more powerful beings became a w a r e of the new ghostling, nor the way an older (he wouldn't be able to comprehend how old until he chose his true path) being hummed and watched as it's counterpart took it's first steps into recognizing itself.
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survivingnightbyday · 4 days ago
what if dr stephen strange died, met the entity of time, made a deal with it, and merged to make clockwork at the very beginning OF time
i mean i dont think ill use the idea but its a neat concept
I Know I was Thinking about smth else earlier but I was distracted. :/
So have Doctor Clockwork instead.
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idiot-onion · 4 days ago
well to share one of my ideas-
Amity Park was always strange, even before the portal/hole in literal reality. I think of it as that one place in fabric that's just a bit /too/ thin. I mean there's a bunch of places but that one in particular? It's just too easy to rip into and mold.
if you get what I mean?
and ah, the wiki- an enemy and ally at the same time lol
I mean, there has to be some reason that the Fentons settled down in some town in almost buttfuck nowhere instead of like, a city center where they know a lot of people are dying and potentially becoming ghosts. So I guess you could say...
Danny Fenton has always lived in a strange space, and not just because he was born in the Fentons' ridiculously huge ans strange building. No, Amity Park's always been weird. They boasted of being America's most haunted town long before the Fentons ever set up shop there.
Danny knows that things like black holes causes the space around them to distort, to stretch and thin because of the extremely high gravity. It's only after his accident in the portal that he starts thinking of Amity Park as his own personal black hole. Not just because it seemed to draw in ghosts and ghostly problems like nobody's business, but because the space there was... weird. Like he said, Amity Park has always been weird. It's like one of his old, worn thin NASA shirts that had been through the wash one too many times because of getting slimed by ectoplasm from one of his parents' experiments. If he poked it when it was pulled taught, the fibers under his finger would thin.
(Danny's poked holes in the oldest of his shirts on accident before. He still wears those around the house. They're soft and remind him of home.)
Even when the shirt was draped naturally around his skinny frame, it would fall a little... differently than a fresh new shirt right off the rack from the mall. The fabric was fragile in some spots and draped strangely in others from where it was so stretched out, creating deep folds and creases. They would break more easily than a new shirt, too. if he moved just a bit too fast around the sharp corners of metal in the basement lab, it would catch and rip easily.
Amity Park, as Danny was figuring out after two years of this, was pretty much the same. He would explore, sometimes, on slow nights where no ghosts were trying to come in and beat him to a pulp. His favorite spot was around the corner from the deli on top of the abandoned building that used to house an insurance company. The fabric of space bent just right that it was like sitting in a planetarium, staring up at the domed ceiling. The stars seemed closer when he was sitting-- or floating-- up there. Almost like space itself was coming down to wrap around him like an old, comfortable blanket.
And then his Tucker-improved Fenton Finder beeps, alerting him of a new ectosignature in the town.
Time to get back to work.
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Alfred Pennyworth - butler, owns many guns hidden in Wayne Manor, has never heard of Phantom
Danny Phantom - ghost boy, looking for Batman in Wayne Manor, has never heard of Alfred
(Batman is a myth outside Gotham. Phantom is a myth outside Amity.)
"Batman? Robin?" An echoing voice whispered down the hallway. "Hello?"
Alfred dropped to the floor and pulled out a rifle from underneath the bookcase, swiftly moving behind one of the open doors. The voice drifted closer and he kept himself still, willing his breaths to stay unheard.
A brightly glowing being flew into the library and Alfred silently took aim and fired.
The being cursed and jerked in the air as they rubbed a hand on their back, the rubber bullet falling soundlessly to the carpet. They turned to the butler. "Where did you come from? And why did you shoot me?!"
"I don't need to explain myself to a home invader." He'd already pressed the distress signal concealed on his belt, but he still needed to buy time.
"Ah, yeah that's fair." The being rubbed the back of their neck. "Sorry, uh, I don't mean you any harm or anything, just looking for some extra help. Do you know where Batman is?"
Alfred kept his firing arm steady. "Haven't the foggiest. Though the police should be arriving soon, if you'd like to ask them."
The being paused for a moment, leaned forward with a hand on their chin and completely disregarding the rifle in the way.
"Oooh, I get it." They leaned back and winked. "Don't worry, I'm bat-tastic at keeping secrets."
"I believe you're misunderstanding-"
"Relax man, seriously, I won't tell anybody." They drew an X over the center of their chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die. Or, uh, fade I guess."
"I'm not bat-"
"Not-Batman I know." They pulled a large rolled up map from their belt and unraveled it. "Anyway, there's this 'Gentleman Ghost' guy who came to Amity recently..."
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A Real Connection
Things had been looking up since the ghosts that normally haunted Amity Park had called a truce in exchange for a relative peace in both the Zone and on earth.
Ghosts could come through the portals, both naturally occurring or otherwise, and Phantom would only "escort" them out if they caused trouble in his domain. Most knew better than to cause any real danger, but minor things like flying through the streets in the dead of night or visiting the ol' stomping grounds wasn't enough to get Phantom to appear and force anyone back into the Ghost Zone via thermos.
It was starting to become comfortable. Slowly, ghosts were just part of living in Amity Park. They wouldn't hurt you or take your things unless a particular malevolence overtook them which was actually quite rare.
During the full moon it seemed the chance of something strange happening rose, lit up and powered by the brightened night sky.
Maybe ghosts were getting too comfortable with being around people.
Maybe that was why on one of these moonlit nights, Phantom himself was seen carrying someone.
It was strange that his eyes glowed red instead of green, but there didn't seem to be an evil in them. It could be chalked up to the moon.
It was strange that the body he carried wasn't clinging to him as the hero whisked them away as if rescuing them from a ghost attack.
No, tonight was quiet and peaceful just like the sleeping Danny Fenton.
It was most certainly Fenton, unmistakably so with black hair under the silver moon light and then the neon lights of the FENTON WORKS sign. Phantom was so careful approaching the building and adjusting his grip around the teen as if he were something precious even pushing the hair from his eyes before phasing through the brick.
Bystanders swore that the ghost boy did not come back out into the night.
The next day, rumors and a blurry picture had circulated around Casper High and the only thing anyone wanted to learn at school was whether it was true.
Was Danny Fenton dating the ghost boy?
Flustered, Danny's cheeks turned pink as he was surrounded at his homeroom desk.
"I-of course not! He's a ghost!"
Ah, forbidden love. His parents hunted ghosts after all, a real life Romeo and Juliet situation.
The blush reached his ears.
"That's ridiculous!"
Ah, oh course it was.
Wink wink, nudge nudge.
The questions slowed and steeped into whispers until gym when a lesser ghost, one that wasn't strong enough to have a solid form but dense enough to radiate a certain evil, burst in and shrieked a horrific sound that echoed across the scuffed wood.
Danny Fenton was present for the roll call, but gone when Tetslaff ushered each student out the fire exits.
Phantom appeared, removed the ghost, then disappeared again. Only then did Fenton come out of hiding.
Of course.
It was so obvious.
Danny Fenton calls Phantom for help.
Fenton of course denied this.
"What? Of course not, I just had to go... To the bathroom!"
An obvious lie. Unless, as Wes screamed repeatedly, there was more to it then that... Phantom couldn't possibly have a cellphone to be called with, right?
Panic bloomed across pale features. That blush appeared again and it really was endearing as Fenton stammered.
"Actually yeah! I do call him... He just... Doesn't have a phone so I have to contact him in a different way. He can sense when I need him to come. We're connected-"
Manson shoved a hand over the boy's mouth hissing something but it was too late.
It was sweet. It was SO SWEET! Phantom could sense his beloved, sense his danger and comes immediately to save him! Fenton had such a deep connection with Phantom and it was something that the entire school could respect. After all, most people dream of finding love that strong and who were they to judge Fenton now that he'd found it with the ghost boy?
The day went on, then a week. Danny Fenton blushed and covered his face every time Phantom was mentioned.
Phantom denied their connection with a very similar blush.
Even so, there was still an air of relief when Fenton got up during a ghost attack and he got a pat on the shoulder as he passed by his classmates instead of odd looks.
Then Fenton's parents and even the Red Huntress had stopped attacking Phantom when he did his nightly patrols in favor of asking pointed questions about his intentions with the human boy.
Phantom balked but that soft smile didn't fool anyone, like he knew something they didn't.
"I would never hurt Danny Fenton."
And just like that, Amity Park found itself rocked gently with an easy sense of peace.
If a ghost and a human could love each other, then anything was possible.
Love really was an incredible thing.
For @floralflowerpower
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