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redrobin-detective · a day ago
Maddie was chopping up vegetables for dinner when it came back. Despite expecting the intrusion, her shoulders tensed. It always came back once the sun set.
“Mom, please, let me in. It’s Danny, please, just let me explain,” the thing that may have once been her son pleaded from outside the kitchen window. His spindly hands clawed lightly up and down the ghost shield that prevented him from entering the house. She put her head down and continued chopping.
“Mom, please it’s been over a week since the accident and you won’t,” his voice hitched, “you won’t even listen or look at me.”
The Accident. It deserves a capital letter for stealing her baby from her well before his time. Neither she nor Jack has been down there since the portal was started up at the price of their son’s life. She’s never gone so long without hearing Jack babble on about his passion. He’s barely left the bed at all since Danny’s funeral. Since the day their son’s ghost first showed on their doorstep, begging to be let in. 
While she dumped her chopped veggies into a bowl and moved them towards the sink for washing, she glanced up at the boy in the window. He was pale, she could tell that through the green tint of the shield. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say he was her sweet boy, just exhausted and miserable. But if he were her boy, he’d be able to cross through the shield without issue. Maybe he really just was contaminated and just needed- No, she couldn’t let herself pulled down that dangerous line of thought.
“Mom, that accident, it did something to me,” the ghost tried to explain. “I-I can float and pass through solid objects and other weird stuff. I think it’s why I can’t get past this stupid barrier.” He got angry for a second, pushing against the shield and his eyes glowed in the dimming light. After a moment, he gave up and slumped against the shield and looked up at her with sad eyes. She averted her gaze before any more of her heart broke off. “Please I don’t know what’s going on please just talk to me. If I can’t come in inside, then step out and talk to me. I just, I need some help with whatever is going on.”
“Danny,” she said through wobbling lips, clutching the sides of the sink like it was the only thing holding her together. “Danny, you’re dead. The portal vaporized your body but left an impression of your soul behind, an impression that thinks it’s still alive.” She said slowly, forcing the awful words out of her mouth. The apparition at the window was silent. 
“We, our work did this to you and nothing on this earth can undo it no matter how much I wish it wasn’t so. You need to move on to whatever comes next, you don’t belong here anymore. The longer you stay, the more your memories will become corrupted without a living body. Until you’re just just another mindless ghost.” She looked up at the boy, what was left of her boy, and his agonized face. “Dad and I... we promised we wouldn’t hunt you like this but please son, for your own sake, let go of your tether and move on.”
“Mom,” Not Danny wailed, throwing himself again at the ghost shield. “I’m not dead! Not all the way!” He said, glowing tears making their way down his baby face, a face that would never grow older. “I’m still here, I still think and sleep and eat. I’m so tired and hungry and scared, please, just five minutes just-just one minute. Just please, Mom, I need you.”
“You did,” Maddie choked, turning away from the window because if she doesn’t she might do the unthinkable. She might let the shield down or step outside and make herself vulnerable to this vengeful spirit with her son’s sparkling blue eyes. “You needed me baby and I wasn’t there. I let you die in the one place you were supposed to be safe. I am so sorry and I probably deserve this but I can’t let you in, I can’t let you hurt Jack or Jazz.”
She stormed out of the kitchen, leaving her half prepared meal behind. The last few days have always ended up like this. Maddie cooking, the spirit begging for help and her abandoning the space. Looks like they were ordering out, again. She wondered how long her son’s ghost would haunt them, waiting outside like a lost puppy, asking to be let back in.  
She wondered if, every night until the day she died, she would see that messy black hair and aching blue eyes pleading for help she could no longer give. It was a just punishment for a mother who let her child die but god that didn’t mean that the prospect didn’t fill her with sickening dread.
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writing-dumps · a day ago
dreams of the core
DannyMay Day 28 - Alone
tw: self-harm (in the sense that danny's keeping a vital organ outside his body without a good reason)
Summary: Danny indulges a painful guilty pleasure.
Ao3 Link
Danny phased through his bedroom window and landed on the navy blue carpet, wobbling slightly as he turned human. He rubbed at his eyes and hissed as he read the bright red numbers on his alarm clock.
“Looks like I’m not getting that essay done,” he said, shoulders slumping. His gaze trailed to the wall on his right, a few posters of famous rock bands covering burnt paint and variously sized holes. He turned to his bed, the sheets messily arranged and a pile of pillows at the head, a small note from Jazz on top saying “sleep well, Danny!”. His eyes lingered on the recently stitched rips in the duvet from where his hands tore the fabric in a white knuckle grip.
He glanced at the wall. Then back to his bed. Then to the wall again before his lips twitched into a tired grin.
“Just for a little while,” he whispered to himself.
The rare quiet of the house followed Danny as he walked to the bathroom and carefully closed the door behind him, locking it with a soft click. He waited with baited breath as his back pressed against the old wood, but there were no sleepy cries about ghosts or muffled yells to keep it down. Danny exhaled.
Slowly, he sank to the floor and started to unbutton his shirt, the cool air from the dark room helping to loosen the tension in his shoulders. He brought his right hand to his chest and paused, tilting his head back. Dull humming from the machinery embedded in the house drifted through the door and he took a breath.
Two of his fingers extended forward and tapped his chest twice. As they pulled away a light blue orb emerged and followed close, illuminating the room in its soft glow. He smiled fondly, his left hand hovering beside it as it floated above his right.
A soft buzzing filled the room and made his ears tingle with its warm song. It sounded like wind whipping past him as he flew through the vast night sky. Like his awe at seeing the Earth from space with his own eyes instead of through a screen. The orb took on the sounds of cheering townsfolk, praise from his sister, teachers, and mentors, and immediate acceptance from his parents. And when Danny strained his ears, he could almost hear confessions of love from his two favorite people.
He stayed like that for a while, admiring the small orb with a fond smile. Eventually though, he curled around it, left hand clutching his chest and face twisted up in pain. As his right hand shook, he guided the orb back into his chest and breathed a deep sigh of relief. Danny leaned his head against the door and closed his eyes for a few minutes before soft knocking and the concerned words of his sister floated through the old wood.
A few more seconds and Danny was slapping himself lightly, standing up and buttoning his shirt again. He let his content expression settle into something more annoyed and opened the door to harp about Jazz breaking the ‘no psychoanalysis while Danny’s in the bathroom’ rule.
When he returned to his room, his alarm clock read 7:02am, several hours since he came home. He sighed and dragged himself to his closet to get ready for school.
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writing-dumps · 3 days ago
they're siblings, your honor
DannyMay Day 27 - Rain
Summary: A rainy weekday morning with Danny, Jazz, and Ellie.
Ao3 Link
Light trickled in through the single window above the sink, gray clouds filtering most of the early morning sun and keeping the kitchen dimly lit. Danny and Jazz sat at the table, dressed for the day and enjoying their respective breakfasts.
Ellie descended the stairs and glided into the room, the sound of slippers dragging against tile nearly drowned out by the pelting rain outside. Jazz held her face over the steam wafting off her tea and sighed before addressing her sister.
“Morning. You want me to make you something?” Ellie shook her head and opened the fridge, sticking her face in it. Danny emptied the cereal box into his half empty bowl, some of the milk spilling over the sides.
“Glue day?” he asked. Ellie held up a finger and water in the shape of the word “yep” appeared above her head. She pulled out a dimly glowing container and plopped down beside Jazz as the water dispersed back into the air.
“You okay for school?” Jazz asked. A thumbs up answered her as the girl dug out a handful of green granola and shoved it in her mouth. “Do you want me to grab a notebook?” Ellie accepted a spoon from her sister and shook her head, holding up a finger. More water letters appeared, this time in front of her.
I’ll just fake a sore throat they won’t call on me
“Nah, go with something more official. Like laryngitis.” Danny said around the food in his mouth. “No one will bother you for a couple days at least.” Ellie pointed her spoon at him.
I don’t wanna get sent to the nurse, genius
Danny waved a hand. “They won’t send you to the nurse. If they try, just write up a note with a fake fancy signature and go back in 10 minutes.”
“Danny, that’s forgery. You shouldn’t be teaching her that.” Danny and Ellie rolled their eyes as Jazz paused to sip her tea. “And finish chewing before you eat, that’s gross.”
Danny made a point of keeping eye contact with Jazz and chewing the last bit of his food with his mouth open. His sisters had clear disgust written on their faces and Ellie dropped a large ball of water on him, drenching him in seconds. He managed to swallow his food before coughing and looking down at his soaked clothes.
“Ellie! Now I’m gonna be wet the whole day.” Ellie kicked him under the table. “Ow, what?”
a) you deserved it b) use a towel
“I’m still gonna be wet.”
no you won’t, that’s what the towel’s for
“Towels don’t make you dry, they just make you less wet.”
Jazz ignored the ensuing argument and continued to sip at her tea. Once the mug had emptied and her siblings finished their food, she cleared her throat. They turned to her.
“Intangibility?” They were both more awake now and looked thoroughly embarrassed, Danny chuckling and letting the water phase off him as Ellie slapped a hand over her face, a random assortment of letters appearing in the air.
They put their dishes in the sink and, with the exception of the half-ghosts fighting over the bathroom, the three siblings continued their morning routines in relative silence. The younger two met up with Jazz at the front door, Danny trailing after Ellie with a loud yawn. Their mom chose that moment to pop out of the lab.
“Alright kids, ready for school?” Maddie asked as she took off her hood and goggles and locked the metal door behind her. She pulled off her gloves and dropped them on the kitchen table before walking over to them. “Your father should be home soon so we can give you a ride.” Ellie looked excited at the offer while her siblings paled.
Jazz held up her keys with a strained smile. “We’re good, thanks mom.”
“Are you sure? It’s really no trouble.”
“Positive,” Danny and Jazz said in unison as they used their hands to block Ellie’s water letters. The youngest Fenton scowled and elbowed both of them. Danny caught her arm and she tried to phase out of it, which led to both of them turning intangible which then led to both of them engaging in a super strength poking match.
“You don’t get a vote. You’re way too much of an adrenaline junkie,” Danny said, a few seconds later groaning in pain and hunching over as Ellie got him in the kidney. She stuck out her tongue and blew raspberries at him as he tried and failed to retaliate.
“Like you’re one to talk,” Jazz said with a snort. “But yeah Ellie, you always want mom and dad to drive us. It’s like you’re trying to get us all half-killed.” The two halfas immediately snapped their heads to her and dropped their hands.
“Now that’s just insensitive,” Danny said, crossing his arms while Ellie shook her head. Jazz rolled her eyes and Maddie sighed.
“Alright I get it, but let me give you kisses before you go.” One by one, they lined up and she gave each of her kids a kiss on the forehead, ending on her youngest. She zipped up Ellie’s jacket and pulled up the hood, tucking in stray hairs as her daughter tried to squirm away.
Moooom! The water above Ellie’s head condensed into thick block letters.
“Oh it’s a glue day? Should I grab a notebook?” Ellie shook her head, an annoyed look on her face.
“She’s gonna fake a throat thing.” Danny said, glancing at the clock on the wall. He nudged Jazz with his shoulder and pulled up the hood of his sweater as Ellie ducked under their mom’s arm and headed out the door.
“Okay okay, we’re going. Bye mom!” Jazz said as she opened her umbrella and followed Danny out with a wave. Maddie stood in the open doorway and waved back, bidding them farewell and then closing the door behind her.
Danny yanked up the roof of Jazz’s convertible from where it was stuck in the back and they got in. The car doors slammed shut and the rain tapped gently on the windows as two seat belts clicked into place. Danny leaned back in his seat and pulled out his phone as Jazz adjusted her mirrors.
“Ellie, seat belt,” she said, turning on the ignition. A heavy burst of water hit the windshield. She squinted at it, leaning forward over the steering wheel to get closer. “What does that say?” Danny glanced up and blew out a large puff of cold air, fogging up the glass and making the watery letters more defined.
guys look!
Danny and Jazz turned to the backseat. It was empty.
Another heavy burst of water dragged their attention back to the front.
I’m right here
“You’re invisible,” Danny said.
I’m not though
“What are we supposed to be seeing?” Jazz asked as she used her sleeve to wipe down her side of the glass.
After about a minute without an answer, the two visible Fenton siblings shared a look. Jazz started to get out of the car and Danny transformed into Phantom when the letters on the windshield started to move.
Water started to slowly float up off the car and condense into a large ball on top of the hood. Jerkily, it morphed and stretched to make an outline in the form of their little sister. The watery shape popped into Ellie's full ghostly glory a moment later.
“Oh shit, nice,” Danny said as he turned human. Ellie grinned and another blast of water hit the windshield.
you’re damn right it is
“That was great Ellie, but we need to go. Get in,” Jazz jabbed a thumb at the backseat. Ellie’s shoulders slumped and she pouted. She flicked a finger and more letters appeared.
aww~ can’t I ride out here? the weather’s so nice
“You can fly if you want, but don’t try to stick to the car. You’ll fall off and hurt yourself.”
but I don’t wanna fly
“So get in,” Danny said. “Jazz is right. You’ll get hurt riding out there.” Ellie frowned and crossed her arms.
you’re just trying to baby me again
Jazz winced. “I didn’t mean it like that. You're a perfectly capable and responsible girl, but riding on the outside of a moving vehicle is dangerous.”
so is ghost hunting
Jazz took a deep breath. “Look, Ellie, Danny’s done this before and he wiped out pretty hard.”
yeah, but I’m not Danny I’m wayyy better at holding onto things and better looking
“We look identical.” Danny turned to Jazz. “And it was your reckless driving that distracted me.”
“You were hit by a bird.” He turned back to his phone.
“Doesn’t wing a bell, sorry.” Ellie clasped her hands together and leaned towards her sister.
I’ll be holding on real tight, okay? I’ll even make myself a seat belt, like a responsible half-ghost
“You’re going to do it anyway, aren’t you?” Jazz said, sighing.
no, of course not who do you take me for, Danny?
He frowned. “When you eat pavement, I’m not gonna say anything.”
“Yes you will,” Jazz said at the same time Ellie sent an identical message. Danny ignored them and went back to texting his friends. The youngest sibling stared at the oldest with big pleading eyes and a wobbling lip.
Jazz held her gaze for a few moments before deflating. “Fine.”
Ellie grinned and changed back into a watery outline of herself. She flopped against the windshield and it was like someone dropped several buckets of water on the car. Once the mini tidal wave had settled, the older siblings watched as an upward stream of water went up to the roof. A moment later, a tapping sound came from the driver side window and they turned to see a watery arm waving at them.
The eldest took that as her cue and pulled out of the driveway. They headed straight for a while, avoiding potholes like the plague, and slowed as they came near the first turn. Jazz kept glancing at the mirrors and almost came to a full stop as they neared the green light.
“Just go. She’ll be fine,” Danny said, trying to hide his own quick glances. “As long as rain brain remembers she can float, nothing bad will happen.”
The irritated honks behind them started to let up as she nodded and pressed on the gas. The car turned in a wide arc, skidding a little on the wet road before steadying as they continued on.
Danny let out a relieved breath and chuckled. “See? When you’re not driving near a flock of birds, there’s nothing to it.” Jazz laughed, her tense grip loosening on the steering wheel.
“So you admit—!” She was cut off by the sounds of a crashing wave, swerving cars, and a cacophony of loud honking and yelling behind them. They both winced. Spoke too soon.
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feralhalfghost · 5 days ago
I do plan to write "Like a Phantom in the Shadows" more, I promise, but man, Apostle feelings first. Sorry for the delay.
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apinklion01 · 7 days ago
[[ Okay I’m fairly new to the phandom, but quick question here: is there any sort of headcanons about either Wulf or Walker? I came up with some stuff, but I’m not 100% certain if anyone hasn’t already. ]]
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emotigonecreative · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
I've been on the run
Since I was a boy
But now I'm done runnin', got another thing comin
Watch my enemies get destroyed
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murphy-kitt · 7 days ago
Cozy - Day Twenty Three
(Part 1: Core) (Part 2: Candlelight)
Jack almost trembles as he walks down the stairs, footsteps heavy each time as he grasps the small square of blanket in his hands.
He can’t be terrified now. Danny is probably more scared right now, he thinks.
The faint humming flitters in his ear, but not settled and rhythmic like usual. It’s pulsing and stressful. That must be Danny’s core acting up.
The thought alone is ludicrous, but it must be true.
All of a sudden, his son flees around the door behind him, and freezes when he notices his father. The man almost breaks. Danny looks terrified, a look which Jack never wants to see on the face of his own child.
“I’m the humming, Dad. I am.” Danny pants, words breaking like a dam. His fingers clench around the doorframe as he scans Jack. Up and down. Up and down again.
“I know, son. I know.” Nods Jack as he saunters over to the sofa, gently laying the blanket over one arm. “I hope I gave you enough time to process this.”
Danny blinks in surprise. “Yeah. I did.” His eyes still hold their blue wariness, however.
Beside him, Danny moves from the doorframe and quietly creeps, footsteps so quiet like a graceful cat. So different from the clumsy son Jack had grown so accustomed to over the past six months.
He can feel Danny’s blue eyes piercing, watching. As if any movement he makes is under watch. From the surprise Danny emits, Jack can imagine Danny was expecting a very different reaction.
“What were you expecting?” Jack asks, “I mean, you’re darting like a startled rabbit. I must be doing something that’s surprising you.”
“I guess ‘cause the humming.. I thought… I thought you’d have weapons. Not a blanket.” Danny shrugs, putting a hand over his chest protectively, “My ghost core. You hunt ghosts.”
Jack’s world crumbles.
Here he was, prepared to reassure his son and feeling ready to face anything after looking through that ancient photo album. Now he wasn’t too sure.
Ghost hunting — the only thing that Jack had excelled with in life — in Danny’s view was the thing that Jack saw was more important than his own kids.
“Daniel James Madison Fenton.” The large man states firmly, placing both hands on his son’s shoulder so he can’t run. This is important.
“You and Jazz will always be more important than any ghost hunting could ever be. Screw those weapons! Screw that lab! Screw that dang portal. You and Jazz are always and always will be foremost the most important things in my life. You hear me?”
Something changes in Danny’s eyes, and a small smile arises on his face.
“You really mean it, Dad?”
“Of course I do! Now tell me about that snazzy little ghost core of yours. If you want to, of course.”
“I think I’d like that.” Danny beams.
The father and son duo walk to the sofa and Danny sits first, his blue eyes constantly observing him. There’s something haunting beneath those blue eyes, but Jack ignores it. He can’t fail his son now.
“Well, where do I even begin?” Danny sighs, tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair.
“Your choice.” Jack shrugs.
They awkwardly sit in silence and Jack fumbles with the blanket on the arm of the chair. The teenager doesn’t say anything, but simply watches the blanket, deep in thought. Jack stays quiet.
“What do you think about Phantom?” Offhandedly, says Danny, slouching into the back of the armchair, hands hugged around his chest tightly.
What’s this got to do with Phantom? Jack wonders. Sure, he wasn’t exactly a big fan of the ghost, but Phantom did a good job of protecting Amity when needed. But knowing the ghost personally? Jack barely spoke to him, if at all.
“I don’t really know him that well, son. He does a good job of protecting us, but other than that I just don’t know.”
A grateful smile hovers on Danny’s face, and the boy visibly brightens. “You think I— he does a good job?”
“Yes.” Jack nods. It seems that talking about Phantom makes Danny happier, although he isn’t sure why. His son does have a ghost core, so perhaps Danny is trying to get his opinion on other ghosts before he tells him the truth? Especially since Phantom once had been their sworn enemy when he first appeared.
“Well, my core.” Danny winces as he gestures to his chest, “It gives me ghost powers. I can do all sorts. Invisibility, intangibility, ectoblasts, flight-“
“Woah woah, hold up!”
Danny freezes and his shoulders tense.
“You can fly?” Says Jack, eyes wide with amazement, as Danny deflated in relief. His son can fly? And that means...
“Yeah, I can.” Danny smirks.
Jack can’t help the infinite happiness that sparks within him. Danny can fly!
“You can see the stars! You can go to space!”
“Done, and done.” Danny smirks, tilting his head, “Did you think I wouldn’t?”
Excitedly, Jack swoops up his son under the shoulders (Danny’s light for his age) and embraces him tightly in his arms. It’s just like all those years ago when he first put the tangerine HAZMAT suit on, except he gets to see the stars twinkle in his son's eyes with excitement.
My son’s dreams came true!
And as long as his kids are happy, that’s all that matters to Jack. He places Danny back down, and grabs the ragged fabric in his hands.
“And uh, there’s something else.” Danny rubs the back of his neck, awkwardly smiling, “I’m Phantom.”
Jack has no time to even breathe before a halo of light engulfs the room, and there, glowing, floating where his son once stood, is Phantom proudly standing, shoulders tall and eyes filled with confidence.
He steps back, a small gasp emitting from his throat, almost dropping the blanket in shock. However, Jack internally steadies himself, even though his thoughts are going wild.
Danny’s probably expecting him to gawp with astonishment, and shout “You’re a ghost?” or something similar. But he can’t do that.
He doesn’t need words to show how proud he is.
Jack stretches his arms slowly outwards, and embraces his son gently around the shoulders, just in case Danny feels like he needs to be let go of. But his son doesn’t resist, so Jack hugs firmer, all his love pouring into the one small gesture as Danny clings to him like a lifeline.
He’s never been close like this since the accident.. The man ponders, and looks down at his son, safe and cozy in his arms, and his heart swells with pride.
“You’re not just the hero of Amity Park, son. You’re my hero.”
Goddamn I was meant to write something wholesome and happy but I burst into tears reading it. I think I wrote it too wholesome.
I didn’t include Jack giving him the blanket but that’s cause I think it ended off pretty nicely instead of continuing. But I can say that yes, Danny does get the blanket and he loves it very much and uses it as a security blanket.
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floq · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
have you guys heard the full version of remember? it’s pretty good :)
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the-stove-is-on-fire · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Decided to redo my DannyMay “Stars” prompt, I wasn’t satisfied with how it turned out the first time.
For folks in day mode, click the pic! For folks in night mode, light version under the cut vvv
Tumblr media
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murphy-kitt · 9 days ago
Rating: Teens And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Character(s): Danny Fenton, Jazz Fenton, Amity Park, Original Characters, a bunch of people basically
Additional Tags: DannyMay 2021 (Danny Phantom), daydream, Twitter Fic, Social Media, I Don't Even Know, Is this crack?, failed attempt at humour, Danny is a little shit
Series: Part 13 of DannyMay 2021
Chapters: 1/2
Words: 2941
Danny creates a Twitter account for Phantom and trolls the crap out of everyone
It’s finally here! Part 1 of the social media fic.
Also thank you @deuynndoodles for giving me Jazz’s reaction image because it honestly fits so well I am looking away I do not see it
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writing-dumps · 11 days ago
A Half-dead Mockingbird in Paris
DannyMay Day 26 - Luck
Summary: Ever wonder how ghost powers would work with a miraculous? Or how the Fentons would ever be let through border control at any major airport? Do you lay awake at night thinking about how Hawkmoth would go about akumatizing Danny?
Me too!
Unfortunately, this fic will answer none of these questions and likely only bring up more to plague your inconsistent sleep schedule.
(Danny Phantom x Miraculous Ladybug crossover)
(thanks to @thesoulspulse and @princessfanonanona for helping me come up with Danny's hero name!)
Ao3 Link
“Soooo he’s from the future?” Chat nodded his head to the left where a boy in a white, grey and red costume was running around on the ground in front of the Eiffel tower. He had on a white and grey suit with red on his chest and mask, and holding up a white bow in his hand as he ran around. His grey feathered cloak rustled as he tried to line up a shot at the top of the tower, but ducked at the last moment to evade his pursuers.
“No, he’s not. I know what it looks like, but he doesn’t even know Bunnyx.”
“Did you ask?” Ladybug shook her head.
“No, but I’ve met his family. They’re a little weird, but they are supposed to be in our time.”
They scaled the side of the tower, ducking behind beams as a group of snickering white ghosts flew by. They watched as the ghosts ascended up to the top of the tower where a large green and silver doorway floated with dozens of ghosts pouring out of it every second. A teenage girl in an oversized blue pantsuit and orange hair pulled back into the shape of a loudspeaker stood on top of the doorway. The akumatized teen, aptly named ‘Loudspeaker’, let out short screeches at the boy.
“What’s with the temper tantrum, Jasmine? Did you lose your favorite stuffy? Or did your parents embarrass your whole family on live TV again?” the boy shouted in english. Loudspeaker shrieked louder and her shockwaves of sound made a massive crater in the ground, nearly hitting the boy. He started blowing raspberries as he dodged out of the way of a literal tornado of ghosts coming towards him.
As Nightingale flipped over a ghost trying to get him from behind, he unfolded his bow and quickly shot a single arrow into the ghost tornado as it turned towards him again. The arrow changed them into a pile of teddy bears in Albert Einstein costumes.
“Hey look Jazz! If you give up the crazy guy’s butterfly, I’ll give you all these clean new Bearberts~” Nightingale singsonged, holding up one of the bears. Loudspeaker yelled in frustration, causing another shockwave of sound to blow away large chunks of debris and anything else not nailed down.
“You’re not listening to me! You’re just like Danny; he never listens to me and neither do my parents! No one LISTENS!” Loudspeaker took a deep breath and a poor imitation of Phantom’s ghostly wail assaulted their ears. The tower vibrated heavily and Chat and Ladybug held on tight while Nightingale clapped his hands over his ears, somehow not moving an inch despite being directly in its path.
He stayed that way for a while until finally the attack subsided. Nightingale wobbled as he withdrew his ears and steadied himself, picking up his bow from where he dropped it.
“nO oNe LiStEnS!” he shouted back, mocking her. “Like you’re one to talk! I- uh, Danny tried to tell you that going somewhere with television crews would end in disaster! It’s a given with our- ugh, your family!”
“Is he sure he wants to stick with ‘Nightingale’?” Chat asked, holding back snickers. “‘Mockingbird’ seems to fit him a lot better.”
Another swarm of ghosts dived towards Nightingale. He chucked his bow high into the air and clapped his hands together. He slowly pulled them apart and a glowing white arrow was created between them. White gloved hands quickly grabbed it out of the air, then grabbed his bow and pulled it back on the string.
“Blank Slate!” He released the arrow and it hit the lead ghost. Every ghost in the swarm turned into tiny ducks and flapped their wings frantically as they slowly descended.
“That makes 8 times, M’Lady.” Chat turned to face her and raised his eyebrows beneath his mask.
Ladybug groaned. “He’s not a time traveler.”
Chat whistled as Nightingale jumped into the air to dodge a group of ghosts. “Didn’t know the robin miraculous lets you fly.”
“Maybe it’s a bird thing?” Ladybug mused as they continued to climb.
“Mayura couldn’t fly.” Chat whispered as they hid behind another pillar.
“Peacocks don’t fly.” They hopped to a higher beam as a group flew right by where they were crouching before. “Do they?” Chat shrugged.
They continued to climb in silence for a while, before Chat spoke up again. “Phantom can fly. Do you think he’s part bird? My cat senses were telling me to chase after him.”
“Phantom’s a ghost. And he isn’t a miraculous holder.” Ladybug surveyed the area. “Hey come to think of it, where is he?”
“He went to ‘save a cat stuck in a tree’ and took off not long after you left,” Chat said with air quotes. “I’m a little offended I wasn’t the top cat on his list.”
Ladybug looked at him, bewildered. “What? Why would he leave when I said I was going to get help?”
“He was purr-obably too nervous to be alone with me. You know the saying: ghosts want me, fish fear me. I was just too pretty for him to handle.” He smirked. She rolled her eyes with a smile.
“Well come on pretty kitty, we don’t have much time. Nightingale looks like he can’t make any more arrows.”
The duo pulled off a successful sneak attack and Ladybug purified the akuma and amuk. As the gate and the ghosts disappeared, Loudspeaker turned back into Jazz and Ladybug threw up the red and black spotted Fenton Keychain, letting the miracle cure do its work across Paris.
Nightingale landed in front of them and the heroes bumped fists. “Pound it!” They said in unison.
Ladybug nodded to Chat as she twirled her yoyo. “Me and Nightingale will head out first, can you—”
“Chirpp, let’s roost.” A sparkling white line travelled up from Nightingale’s boots to the tip of his hair and solidified into a white, grey, and red kwami with small grey wings in place of the front flippers.
Chirpp looked at Danny, Ladybug and Chat Noir, Jazz, and then back to Danny. They slapped their forehead as their master tried to hold back a grin.
“Oh no,” Danny said loudly as he put his hands on his cheeks. “Jazz and Chat know my identity! I guess you’ll have to take the hairpin back and never give me a miraculous ever again.” As Jazz stood and dusted off her pants, she jabbed him in the gut with her elbow and he clutched his stomach with a groan.
“What he means to say is he is sorry for breaking your trust and it will not happen again. Right, Danny?” she said in stilted French. Danny grumbled something under his breath before sighing and holding out a hand.
“Yeah, sorry about that Ladybug.” Danny chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck. “Guess I’m just not used to having a secret identity.” Jazz pursed her lips and clasped her hands together tightly. Now it was Danny’s turn to jab her in the gut.
He pulled off the hairpin and held it out to Ladybug. “We’ll only be in Paris for a few more weeks, but if you need me, my family’s staying at the hotel across from that one really good bakery.”
Jazz rolled her eyes. “The Dupain-Cheng bakery, Danny.” She smirked and tapped her chin. “Also, Danny does not have anything to do on this trip since his friends are not around...”
“Hey there Bugaboo, Boy Wonder.” Nightingale only groaned.
As Chat accepted a croissant from Ladybug, he whispered loudly. “What’s up with the early bird?”
“I’m a night owl,” Nightingale grumbled from his slumped seat at the roof’s edge. “And whoever suggested early morning patrols is a dead hero.” Chat chuckled and sat down beside the other boy, swiping a take-out coffee with a small cat drawing from the tray in his lap.
Ladybug finished her own breakfast and stretched her arms before coming up to Nightingale’s other side. “Oh come on Gale, tell me you don’t feel anything looking at this view.” She gestured at the sunrise in the distance illuminating the early morning mists.
“I don’t feel anything looking at this view.” Nightingale said, then proceeded to chug the other three coffees on the tray in seconds. His hand automatically reached for the cup in Chat’s hands, but the boy quickly held it away. Nightingale narrowed his eyes at the other boy and nearly tackled him in his haste to snatch the drink away.
As the boys wrestled over the last coffee, Ladybug sighed at the three empty cups in the forgotten tray, two of them marked with little ladybug drawings.
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murphy-kitt · 11 days ago
Mist - Day Twenty Two
It’s a thick, smoky blue mist that first alerts Edward Lancer that the situation around the arcane of Danny Fenton is not one of the usual kind.
It’s a Tuesday afternoon, none of particular importance, when Edward notices the mist for the first time. As usual, Daniel runs out the classroom without an acknowledgement of any sort, and is gone for the rest of the period.
He regains his composure, trying not to clench his fists in frustration, watching the worried faces of Daniel’s friends, Samantha and Tucker. They must know what’s going on with him.
The lesson progresses on — Macbeth he’s teaching the class — which even Edward himself finds boring at this given point. Still no sign of Mr Fenton.
In a rare light of generosity, he lets the class go five minutes early for lunch. More time to mull about Danny Fenton.
“Where does that boy go?” Edward says to the air incredulously, and notices that Daniel’s backpack is still strewn to the side of the students desk.
Exhaustedly, the teacher moves to pick up the bag, ragged at the straps, a faded sunburnt purple with various little rips and snags in its material. The bag makes a metal clunk when he pulls it up.
Edward knows he shouldn’t look.
However, the temptation is too much. Quickly and haphazardly he opens the bag, the guilt and worry of Mr Fenton returning thick on his mind. A stash of scrambled schoolwork lays in the bottom of the bag, stuffed in and likely never looked at again. The teacher side of Edward wounds at the neglected work, but a closer glance reveals that some sheets of the work do have an illegible chicken scrawl, a meagre attempt at filling out schoolwork.
Great Gatsby! Daniel must be trying, but what is that boy up to if he can’t even muster a few sentences of work?
The next item the teacher sees is a thermos of sorts, but it isn’t like any Thermos he’s ever seen before. Sleek, light grey metal highlighted with a neon green, a loop to attach it to things, and a strange assortment of buttons as well as a label proudly brandishing “Fenton”.
Ah, it must be some sort of Fenton ghost invention. But why would Daniel have it if he was afraid of ghosts? The teenager was always terrified every time a ghost showed up. Perhaps his parents had forced him to keep the invention?
It did seem like a thing the Fenton’s would do, after all.
Then suddenly, Edward hears a sharp cry of pain from outside his classroom. He braces, waiting. Someone is injured. The voice sounds young.
One of his students is possibly injured outside the door, and Edward worries. The cry is quick, and genuine, and alone, no sounds of jocks snickering and taunting. So it can’t be a bullying issue.
He drops the Thermos in his hands, and the teacher’s eyes cast to the first aid kit on the wall. He needs to act fast, while wondering internally how a student has gotten injured and who it must be.
Grabbing the case from under his desk, Lancer almost trips and stumbles in a blind panic as he throws open the classroom door, only to be faced with the one and only Danny Fenton, collapsed on his knees in the middle of the corridor.
“Mr Fenton!” The teacher shouts, clattering the first aid kit to the floor and observing the fallen student. The hem of the students shirt is raised, revealing a deep deep gash which slices horizontally across his abdomen, covered meagrely by a weak hand trying to stop the blood, which stains his arm and shirt a startling crimson. Danny’s face has a blooming bruise across his right eye, and he simply just sits, disoriented and barely focusing on Lancer.
“Can you hear me?” Edward asks his student, looking at the blood slowly trickling on Daniel’s stomach.
How did this even happen?
“Yeah.. jus hurts a lot.” Danny shifts his hand, trying to suppress the flow, “I’m fine, though Mr Lancer. Sam an’ Tuck be here soon…”
“Oliver Twist, Mr Fenton! How did you get such an injury?” The teacher’s face contorts in horror. What would even cause such an injury? And who would harm Danny Fenton, of all people? Even the bullies would not resort to such sickening treatment.
“Ghosts. Need the Thermos..” The boy trails off, slumping slightly, and Lancer is quick to grab the boy under his arms to stop him from falling onto the floor. Warm, crimson liquid seeps under Lancer’s fingers, and he tries to hold his shaking composure for the sake of Daniel and helping him.
“Don’t move, Daniel, just, I’ve got you. There’s a first aid kit. I’ll get you fixed up. Alright?” He hasn’t even computed what the student has said, his words are too slurred and incomprehensible.
“No, the thermos! I have to go there.”
“You’re in no fit state to move, young man! I don’t know how you acquired such fatal injuries, but you’re not leaving on my watch!”
“Tis fine. It’ll heal quickly.”
Then suddenly, a thick, blue mist snakes it’s way out of Daniel’s mouth, and dissipates into the air.
The Secret Garden! His jaw drops in shock as he watches the mist disappear, and Daniel coughs weakly in his grasp, slumping his head in a groan.
Something else was going on here. Whatever that most was — surely wasn’t normal — some sort of supernatural, paranormal occurrence. Of course it would be of the youngest Fenton to acquire such a feat.
“Not again.” Daniel scoffs, and Lancer can feel the boy tense in his grasp. It seems the boy is much more alert than beforehand, although he still seems weak and brittle with pain.
“What is it?” Lancer asks. Perhaps he can distract the boy from his pain and get to the bottom of this, strange, strange happening.
“I need to go.” Suddenly, and with surprising strength, Daniel wrestles out of his grasp, pulling away and up, clenching his wound. Edward tries to grasp him by his shirt, but his hands are slick with red, and so are Daniel’s clothes.
“Daniel — Danny, come back! You’re injured!”
As quick as lightning it feels like, the boy runs down the corridor, and Edward can only watch with worry, an abandoned first aid case barely opened on the floor. He’s panicked for Danny’s well-being.
With an injury like that — he didn’t know what could happen to the timid, meek, student.
But there was that mist, wasn’t there, Lancer thinks. Not a human quality by any standards — but he can’t figure out what it’s for. Hazy, but there, Lancer recalls the various times that Mr Fenton would spontaneously gasp in the middle of a lesson, then run out and disappear. That was the equivalent of that wasn’t it? Only with a deadly injury to match.
But when had he not seen Danny Fenton looking worse for wear?
The boy always seemed to have some sort of injury, bruises, small cuts, tired eyes from a lack of sleep.
And it was always after the mist came — like there was a routine to this.
Disappear, injuries.
But what was the third?
Where did he disappear? Where did he get the injuries from? There has to be something in between the two halves, and that was the thing that his student was protecting the most.
What had Daniel been doing in the corridor? He’s never seen the student in such a bad state before, so it wasn’t far off to say that he was keeping the injuries as well as this strange mystery that he hasn’t solved a secret too.
Lancer enters back into his classroom, feeling utterly defeated. His mind wrangles for anything, any possibility that it could be. Sam and Tucker are in on this, he mentioned their name.
But he doesn’t know.
There’s one missing piece to the routine that Daniel Fenton has built, along with the lies and secrets and slipping grades and injuries. It’s a routine. To protect himself.
Suddenly, a loud clang on the floor brings Edward Lancer out of his troubled thoughts about his wayward student.
The sound is from the direction of Daniel’s bag, and just beside it, the capsized metal thermos pivots down the rows of desks and lulls to a stop nearby his foot.
Just like Daniel running down the corridor — except there is no end to where he runs. And no end to this mystery, that Lancer just can’t solve, apparently.
He can only stare at the Thermos, sitting sheepishly by his foot, rolling innocently on the floor before it comes to a standstill.
The Fenton Thermos.
The thermos stops rolling — it comes to a halt. And so does Lancer’s struggling thoughts about Daniel and his secrets and the routine he’s built to protect himself.
Because in this routine, a hero lies beyond the mist.
I’m back with the rest of Dannymay and some motivation on my side!
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echoghost1 · 11 days ago
Future Problems update!
Yeah I finally got around to posting the second half!
And I used the DannyMay 2021 prompt Frozen to do it!
Story Summary: The Fenton's were brilliant scientists on the cutting edge of Astrophysics and Engineering. They decided that the best way to study the theories of their field was to build a practical model. Today was the first day they would be activating it and Danny couldn't be more excited to be there with them.
AU: Instead of building a portal to the ghost zone, the Fenton's build an artificial wormhole.
Total Word count: 3,653
Chapter word count: 1,895
You can read it on AO3 or down below!
Down? Backward? Up?
He didn’t know. There was no way to truly tell.
There was no up or down here. There was nothing here but falling.
Or was he floating? Flying?
No. He couldn’t be flying. That implied some level of control.
He just kept falling.
He wondered if he would fall forever.
With nothing there to stop him, the laws of motion seemed to suggest that yes, he would just keep falling.
Then an odd thought popped in his head. A flicker of hope.
He had fallen into the wormhole. Into an Einstein–Rosen bridge.
A bridge.
A bridge connected two places. It meant there was another side.
He wasn’t just falling. He was going somewhere.
But where?
“Rosey? I wanna go home. Take me home.”
There was no answer. No sign that anyone or anything had heard him at all.
He just kept falling.
He wasn’t sure when he had fallen asleep. Or why he had woken up either. All he knew was that he was awake.
Everything seemed the same. He was still alone. Still here. Still falling.
Although something did feel a little different. He was falling, yes, but it was more forward? He hadn’t turned around, at least he didn’t think he had. He wasn’t even sure if that was possible.
But this felt more like forward than backward.
He wasn’t sure why. Or how. Or if it was even real. It could just be in his head.
Maybe he just went to sleep and lost his mind? Did it work like that?
Or maybe he lost it a while ago and just now noticed. Like when you set down your phone and walk away but don’t notice you forgot it until you want to use it. Except with his mind instead.
That sure sounded crazy.
Maybe he lost it when he fell in? When he hit his head it just fell out onto the lab floor.
He giggled at the thought, “Rosey, we gotta go home. I think I left my brain behind.”
He gasped as a new idea struck him, “Maybe that’s what broke my tether? My sanity snapped backward in time and created a paradox that led to me losing it and falling in here.”
He laughed at the ridiculous notion until it started to sound less ridiculous.
Something had come out of the portal and that’s why he was here. He heard it.
He had ducked so he didn’t get hit by it.
Maybe he should have just let it hit him.
He might still be there if he had.
“Rosey, please.”
Then something was different.
There was something where there used to be nothing.
It was just a spot. A darker little dot in the distance.
There wasn’t one there before.
It grew.
Or maybe he really was falling forward?
The dot was too big to be a dot now.
It was a hole?
It was A Something in The Nothing. Did it mean there was A Someplace?
Was he going somewhere?
“Are we there yet?”
The hole was massive now. It had edges. Sharp edges.
Familiar edges.
He reached out. Could he touch it?
He felt something. A breeze? A shift in gravity?
He fell.
He lay on the ground for a second before it kicked in. He was on the ground.
He sat up and saw that yes, that was a tile floor beneath him. He wasn’t falling anymore. He had arrived.
But where?
He looked up and saw the lab.
He cocked his head to the side in confusion. How did he end up back where he started?
Or maybe he hadn’t?
It was dark. All the lights were off except for the few small indicator lights on the control panels.
No one was there.
Where did they go? Why did they leave?
He didn’t want to be alone down here.
He walked over to the changing station to remove his gear, but his clothes were missing. Why did they move his stuff?
He really didn’t want to spend any more time in the bulky gear, but he couldn’t just run around in only his boxers.
Luckily his dad had a spare outfit. The only thing he even bothered to put on was the shirt, which looked more like a dress on him.
He sighed and tried not to think about that little detail. He was at home and all he had to do was go upstairs and change. It was fine. No one but his family would see him.
Totally fine.
Nothing to be embarrassed about. He was definitely not embarrassed.
He wasn’t lying about it either.
He made his way up the lab stairs and hesitated. Where would they be right now? What time was it anyway?
He opened the door and stepped into the kitchen.
Where was everyone?
He walked into the living room, his bare feet against the linoleum was the only sound.
The living room wasn’t empty.
There on the couch, curled up with a book and a hot cup of tea was his mom. Mom?
Was that his mom? She looked… different.
But who else would that be? He didn’t know that many red-headed adults.
“Hello?” his voice cracked as if he hadn’t spoken for a while. Maybe talking in a wormhole wasn’t his best idea.
She looked up and dropped her book. She placed the mug on the coffee table with a shaky hand and slowly stood up as she stared at him.
Why was she just staring at him?
“Danny?” she asked as if she didn’t expect to see him. As if she was staring at a ghost.
She came over and took his face in both her hands, “You look exactly the same.”
“Why would I look different?”
She searched his eyes and either found what she was looking for or didn’t find it. Either way, it had to be what prompted her next question, “Who do you think I am?”
“I was going to say mom but now I’m not so sure.”
She bit her lip and yeah that wasn’t his mom, was it?
“Um, Danny,” she asked clearly already regretting her question before she even asked it, “How long do you think you’ve been gone?”
“A few hours?” he guessed.
She visibly winced.
He tried again, “A day?”
She recoiled even more.
She brought her hands up to her lips in a mock prayer gesture.
“Oh my god, just tell me! I’m clearly not going to guess anytime soon.”
She dropped her hands with a long exhale of a sigh, “Where do I even start?” she asked herself before looking back up at him. “You might want to sit down for this.”
“I’m fine.”
“Danny, just sit down already,” she ordered.
He rolled his eyes and did what she said, “you sound just like Jazz.”
“You have no idea who I am, do you?”
“There’s an easy way to fix that.”
“I guess there is.” she sat down next to him and took his hands in hers. “The reason I look like mom and sound like Jazz is,” she took a breath and just looked at him for a moment.
Like she was trying to memorize his face.
“It’s because I am Jazz.”
He blinked.
Once. Twice.
That didn’t make any sense. Jazz was only two years older than him. She might act like an adult but she wasn’t one.
He shook his head. That couldn’t be right.
“That doesn't make any sense.” He tried to lean away from her but she held fast.
“It makes sense if you know how long it’s been.”
He looked at her, really looked. Tried to find a lie. To see if that really was his sister.
“How long?” he asked unsure if what she was saying was true, but not seeing any reason for her to lie about it either.
“Ten years.”
He just stared at her. It felt like time had stopped. He couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. He just was .
Was he falling again?
Had he ever stopped?
“Danny?” Jazz asked. She sounded far away.
Ten years away.
“Danny! Look at me!” she gripped his shoulders and the change of position shook him out of his horrified trance.
“Where are mom and dad?” Ten years was a long time. They weren’t dead were they?
“They just went to the store. It’s okay. They’ll be back soon.”
She pulled him into a hug and he just collapsed into it.
She waited until he had calmed down again before she said something other than calming words. “You know, it’s kind of funny that you came home today of all days.”
He pulled back and leaned as far into the couch as he could, “Why’s that?”
“Because today’s your birthday.”
“It wasn’t my birthday when I left.”
She smiled, “no it wasn’t.”
“So does that make me 15 or,” he thought for a second then realized how easy it was to add 10 to his age, “or 24?”
“You know, that’s actually a good question.” she joined him in relaxing into the couch, “I don’t think we can get away with calling you 24 because you still look so young.”
“Do you want to be a 24-year-old with a 14-year-old body?”
“Good point.”
“Also, do you want to get dressed before mom and dad get back?”
“Well, everything is still in your room.” Jazz said as she gestured toward the stairs.
“Aw sick!” he jumped up happy at least something was going to be familiar.
Danny and Jazz were back on the couch while she was showing off her scrapbook and catching him up on the things he missed when the front door opened.
Their mom had just dropped the keys into the dish by the door and stopped in her tracks when she finally looked into the room.
She just stared and was soon joined by her husband. They both stood in the doorway and looked at the impossible sight of their long-lost son sitting in the living room.
He wasn’t sure what to say at first. Just saying ‘surprise’ didn’t seem like the right thing and only saying hello didn’t seem to be enough.
He stood up and walked around the coffee table but stopped halfway into the room because they still hadn’t moved.
He looked back at Jazz and hoped she might know what the right thing to do was. She had always been smarter than him and she was older now, so she should know more.
She looked just as confused as he felt.
Were they mad that he was away for so long?
“I’m sorry it took me so long to get home.”
He looked up when he heard the groceries hit the floor. His mom rushed forward and pulled him into a hug. “Oh Sweetheart, we’re not mad. Just surprised to see you.” She pulled back and cupped his cheek in her hand, “You look exactly the same.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “Jazz said the same thing.”
“It’s great to have you back, son, but I have so many questions and I’m having a hard time not just asking them all.”
“Oh Jack,” his mom lightly scolded with a playful pat on his shoulder, “I think science can wait.”
“Yeah, I heard it was my birthday!”
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itsalrightmeow · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay day 17: freedom
 free of hair! (or something) yay yay, I drew ember almost a year ago today and I didn’t even realize it until I finished this
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alitheakorogane · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 17 - Freedom
(It’s Time To Be Finally Free)
“Ah, let’s sing in the summer breeze!
Even though you’re gone, I’ll look on and keep smiling free
So don’t you go and drag your feet!
We’ll sing a bright duet of the likes that they’ve never seen!
Ah, this little heart I caged so long,
It dreams of azure skies, of clearer light and a place to belong!
I guess that means I’ll play along,
For all of those days, never changed, I’ll push on with this song!”
-Henceforth, Orangestar (English Translation by David Toth)
Two Danny Phantom fanarts posted in one day. 😂
I am back in Danny Phantom artstyle, based on the VOCALOID song “Henceforth” by Orangestar/Mikansei-P. This can be considered part of my Phantasmagorical World AU of mine, but it can still be considered as stand-alone.
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alitheakorogane · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 16 and 21 - Glow and Teeth
(The King of the Ghost Zone)
"Everyone can't believe what they had heard, that someone who is a child of two different worlds is now the rightful ruler of the Ghost Zone."
The fanart is actually based on the VOCALOID song "King" by Kanaria.
Yup, this was drawn for two prompts, which is Glow and Teeth. I have gotten too late for DannyMay, when it's supposed to be June now. 😂😂
Tweening Version:
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