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Celebrating the end of the college semester with a meme template of Danny being absolutely done with everything

The template belongs to Capochiino on Twitter, just using this to expand my practice on expressions and simply because Danny will be so tired of everyone’s trash if he has to stay up all night fighting ghosts. Constant bags on those eyes.

Also, fangs. Danny must have fangs.

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1st one!

Decided to teach myself this digital art skill for music & branding purposes.

Knowing my tendency to obsessively practice & work towards a specific goal until Ive made something I’m proud of, I Should have this down within a few months …hopefully lol🥲. A lot of work to do but I’m ready for it fam😅😈 #noob #newbie

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I like to imagine that in the Jazz Phantom universe, she has a cat (not Cujo), and when this cat gets mad, it transforms into a Smilodon, I mean a saber-toothed tiger.
but this is just an idea.

This Jazz Phantom design belongs to, este diseño de Jazz Phantom le pertenece a: @pigte


me gusta imaginar que en el universo de Jazz Phantom, ella tiene un gato (no a Cujo), y cuando este gato, se enoja, se transforma en un Smilodon, quiero decir, un tigre dientes de sable.
pero esta es solo una idea.


Sorry if the tiger drawing is a bit weird, it’s my first time drawing a feline. well, first and second time.

perdon si el dibujo del tigre esta un poco rarito, es mi primera vez dibujando un felino. bueno, primera y segunda vez.

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Running to the enemy’s arms. Danny Phantom comic fic.

Well, like I said after all. I decided to start a Danny Phantom comic based on a fanfic that I read a long time ago.
for now I only have the cover. I’m still sketching the pages, but there goes haha. obviously the story doesn’t belong to me but to deadlydaisy8o8 in she gave permission to share her story and even make some modifications, but I probably left it as it is. I was really looking forward to doing this. ^^

I had a big existential dilemma about whether I drew it my style or tried to do it more to the original cartoon. at the end it looked like this XD

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An AU/Headcanon

So this was inspired by some late night reading of Marsalias/Fiverivers and GothMoth/PhantomPhangPhucker

Seven Ruler’s Wears

The ruler does not need all of them, the crown of kings, ruler’s ring, and weapon of war are all that are required.

Ring Of Rulers-Ring changes to something that the wearer has experienced often or drives rhem such as Pariah Dark and rage

Crown Of Kings- Changes in an elemental and metaphysical manner (It’s design, the feeling it exudes, what it bestows upon the wearer, etc)

Death’s Shroud- A torn, black cloak that makes one feel a cold comfort and makes one visible but physically unable to be thought about when the hood is pulled up

Chains of Kings- Shackles that gain a link and cause the wearer to pull great weight with them when they fail in the four aspects if leadership(Wisdom, Strength (mental, moral, emotional, and physical), Fear, Kindness) (I made that up, but hey, “A golden heart and an iron fist”) (If anyone were to use this for anything the aspects are welcome to change, I’m just coming up with a base idea for my own mental stories)

Weapon of War- A powerful artifact that the ruler uses in important battles, wars, and is a sign of who they are. The weapon is something that calls out to the royal before they reign, Pariah Dark found the mace before he became king.The weapon is always something the user has emotional problems with and speaks of who they are. Danny might have a scythe because it would forever remind him of almost failing Sam and who he could become. (That is based on the scythe being a sign of death, the control freaks episode, and him almost being killed by one when he fought clockwork. I think he would associate all the things that happened during TUE with Dan) The scythe is also a simple, yet elegant tool used for reaping the harvest. (A sign of peaceful times and a sign of death, it’s mostly a symbol of power and the willingness to fight in this headcanon) (I headcanon (in this au) that Pariah Dark lost his eye and/or horn from a mace before he was king, and it was the only weapon that ever harmed him, his first loss)

The weapon is supossed to make the owner face their problems head on and deal with their problems, to show that their pain, be it mental, physical, or emotional, does not matter to them as much as the realm

Scepter of Souls- (apparently that’s a thing in zelda, I didn’t know that, and I don’t really care) It grants power the royal the power to make a human or ghost one of those skeleton thrall things, and it makes it impossible when held to not be heard, so if a royal decreed something all sentient beings would hear it.(no ignorance if the law)

Boots of Barony- Speed enhancing shoes that allow one to find portals and, depending on who they are, create portals. (A halfa, or ghost related to portals could do so)

I was tired and thinking about danny phantom so to all who read this “Beware!” And good time. Also don’t really care about this whatsoever and I hope that no one else does

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