meeshasmind · 2 days ago
YOUR RIDDLER X READER FICS ARE SO 💘💞💖💕💓💗 I think it would be pretty cute if riddler had a sweet bimbo!reader who's TERRIBLE at riddles even the ones for kids cause the idea of him dating a person who sucks at riddles is super funny to me! Aksksks
Thank you aaaaa-
Edward finds you so innocent and adorable, likes acting like a patient simp teacher to help you solve riddles and stuff. Absolutely cheers you on proudly when you get things right 💚
Even if you’re awful at them, he finds the attempts amusing and gets all flustered but confident when you’re looking at him in awe when he solves something ridiculously complicated in, like, 0.00001 seconds 😵‍💫
He gets mad at his victims when they answer wrong, but for you, it’s like all hyper giggles and “No, sweetheart, think the question over and try again. My silly baby 🥰”
He’s also mega protective of you, thinks for you to the point of possessiveness sometimes 🥰 In Eddie’s mind, he’s just preserving your angelic self and doing what’s right!
He stares so much at you though, you’re so pretty and this pretty person likes him backkkk 😍
Tumblr media
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spicedchaiandromeda · 2 days ago
Olay you said you already have 3 prompts for Louis but, I wanted to give you another one 🥺
Fool For Love - Louis Ives
After doing some research you find a place somewhere out of town that is an LGBT+ safe space holding a dance, so you surprise Louis with a new dress and tell them you’re going to go out dancing and they can wear it 🥺 so you spend the night dancing with them and watching how much their eyes sparkle with happiness under the lights AAAAA ❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺 (I use they/them pronouns for Louis but honestly go ahead and use whatever you hc them as using, sometimes I see she/they and she/her being used so you don’t stick to mine if you have a different idea!)
Author’s Note | oh christ almighty, this request makes me want to cry. this is the best ending for Louis. literally everything they deserve. Louis, my beloved, you are getting all of the love possible on this page. also. I made it Valentine's Day here because it just made sense lol.
Tumblr media
Today is the kind of day where Louis can't stand the scratch of their buttoned up collar. The kind that makes them want to loosen their tie in the middle of the office; in other words, not a good day. Even on a day where pink hearts and adorable cards are passed around, Louis finds themself lost. They still weren't close enough with their own coworkers to justify any of them going out of their way to include them on any of the Valentine's Day festivities.
The uneasiness only worsens as the hours lurch onwards and doesn't subside even when they clock out. Irritated skin, a long list of corporate demands, and the suddenly discomforting arrangement of Louis' bones combine to make them an anxious mess as they walk through the door of the apartment and crash into the couch. Burying their head into the armrest, Louis groans deeply and straightens the kinks in their spine out. Louis hopes that takeout and a night in would suffice for you this year.
They try not to think about how Terra's office and their bad habits will inevitably give them a permanent hunch. Instead, they focus on their limbs; the tension seeping away the longer they lie still. Then they feel the couch cushion dip beside them. Your hand running a comforting line up the ridges of their back and rubbing their aching shoulder blades.
"Hard day?" you murmur. Louis simply nods into the upholstery. 
You click your tongue with concern and watch their back rise and fall for a few seconds before you continue, "Do you think you can handle a surprise right now?"
Louis' head peeks to the side, barely managing to look at you as they mumble, "I think I could."
Your smile is instantaneous and wide as you take the flier you'd set onto the coffee table and clear your throat, proceeding to read from the paper, "Manhattan's Valentine's Day Dance; you up for it?"
Louis sighs, "Darling...if I have to go out in a suit again..."
"You don't have to wear a suit, honey." You flip the paper so they can see, "Look."
Squinting to read the decorative text, Louis sees the phrases LGBTQ+ Friendly and Come be proud of how you love.
"You mean...I could-- I could wear what I want?"
You giggle with your tongue between your teeth, "That's part of the surprise, actually." Louis rolls over and sits up and you place the rectangular box on their lap. They stare at the loosely tied bow on the front and only make an effort to actually untie it until you place an encouraging palm on their knee.
Getting the box open, Louis spies the powder pink tulle skirt, threatening to spill over the edge of the white box. They hold the garment up by the spaghetti straps; let their eyes run across the silk bodice that they could already feel wrapping around their torso. But the skirt was simply divine. Soft and made of puffy layers that Louis was already desperate to spin around in.
Your eyes are hopeful as you ask, "Do you like it?"
Louis throws their arms around you and heaves a dry, sentimental laugh. "It's perfect."
Staring at that dress in the box and wearing it in front of the mirror was one thing. But sitting in the car and driving to the banquet hall was another. Louis worries. What's the likelihood that that someone sees how they look and makes some sort of rash judgment? Louis has no clue if they could handle that. Being rejected by Henry so long ago had left its mark of scorn; turned them into a paranoid person who feared being found out. It’s a sickening anxiety that knots up in their chest.
But every fear melts away entering the ballroom. People of all shapes and sizes and appearances graced the dance floor. And for the first time, Louis feels the nerves simply melt away. Here, they aren't alone. Especially as you hold their hand, leading them towards a corner where a refreshment table stands.
"Want a drink?" You offer them.
Louis shakes their head firmly, glittering gaze set on the twinkling lights that line the walls. It's the kind of scene that reminds them of some dance they'd gone to in their youth. Shoved into an stiff suit in a color they didn't like, Louis had yearned to be one of the girls with glitter on their eyelids and skirts that flared out playfully. Now, in this little way, Louis can be.
Louis asserts, "No, I want to dance with you."
You're glad that Louis has started to let their hair grow out a little more. A section of it falls over their eye gently and little locks curl against the nape of their neck. Cheekbones softened with a light pink blush that's only enhanced by Louis' natural coy flush, you're entranced by the sight. How a human could look so heavenly is beyond you.
On the brink of tears and hands suddenly shaking a little from nerves, you extend your hand to grab Louis' and bring them closer. Louis presses their forehead to yours and lets your free hand rest on their hip as you both sway to the soft music. Feeling the silk slip under the layers of tulle brush over their knees, Louis tries not to let the sensation get to them. But they can't help the few teardrops that fall effortlessly.
Underneath the soft lights, you pull Louis directly to you so you don't have a chance to miss the feeling of their tall frame, tenderly embracing you back.
"Happy Valentine's Day, dear. I love you." You whisper and press a chaste kiss to the button of their nose.
Louis's eyes flutter open and their nose scrunches up at the action. They chuckle, "I love you too."
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riddlers-den · 2 days ago
Disarm pt. 17
Words: 1.7 K
Summary: Edward and Y/N talk things out :)
Tags: angst, argument, hurt/comfort, chronically ill reader, anti-social Edward, makeup, cute idk
author note: sorry that this is a short one!!! but i wanted to give you guys something since its been so long
Tumblr media
Chapter 17- As I Play The Part Of A Saint On My Knees
The two of them laid in bed together for a while before Edward prodded a reluctant Y/N to get up and take a shower with him. He helped wash her off, since she seemed very sleepy after their activities. He decided to let her linger in the warm water after he got out so he could go and change the sheets for the two of them. Y/N joined the room shortly after he had finished replacing the sheets. “You should drink some of this,” he suggested, motioning to the sports drink he had left for her on the nightstand.  It was important that she rehydrated after all of that. He regarded her while handing her the drink, trying to see if she was really okay or not. He certainly hadn’t planned on their evening going as it had. She seemed fine, he thought as she smiled at him warmly. He was content with that. Edward could feel his own exhaustion taking the edge off of his thoughts. He was surprised at everything that had just happened if he was being honest. Her calling him Riddler in the middle of sex was the last thing he had been expecting. If anything he had been trying to adjust to the fact that Y/N might never fully understand that side of him—just tolerate it. He supposed that most people wouldn’t be okay with murder, even if it was righteous. But then Y/N had surprised him with her words.  That certainly changed things. They still needed to address their argument as well. The sex had definitely helped. He felt more relaxed now, but knew that it probably wasn’t the best conflict resolution for the issues Y/N had brought up prior. He had been reading a lot of relationship blogs in his spare time and many of them said that “healthy communication” was the key to long-lasting relationships. He had realized that hiding his feelings and trying to keep his distance from her was what had caused this whole mess. He didn’t want to make any more mistakes, he never wanted to lose her ever again. Tomorrow I’ll  open up to her. Be direct. No more hiding feelings. Y/N was already sleeping soundly beside him, and he could feel his own body starting to give in to sleep as well.  We’ll talk tomorrow.. Edward yawned, curling around Y/N. He was asleep within minutes. 
—--------------------------------------------------- Y/N woke up early– earlier than Edward even. She watched him sleep, his usually furrowed brows at ease on his face. His face and the bridge of his nose weren’t obscured by his glasses for once. He looked peaceful. Her sweet Eddie. She felt a pang of guilt in her stomach, her mind flashing back to how she had yelled at him the night before.  
Being careful not to wake him she crawled out of bed, making her way to the kitchen. She made coffee for Eddie, and tea for herself. As it was brewing she sat at the kitchen table, looking out the window. Gotham was covered in snow now. It made everything seem clean and new. “Good morning Y/N..” Edward mumbled, shuffling into the kitchen groggily. “Did you make coffee?” he asked, seemingly a bit surprised. “Yeah! I just was up early today and you always take care of me so… I thought I would do it.” “Thank you.” Edward responded simply, pouring himself a mug. He sat down at the table across from her, looking into his cup sleepily. The two of them sipped their drinks in the early morning silence. “Y/N?” Edward started, “I’m sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to insult you, I know that you’re capable.” 
Y/N set her cup down, surprised at the sudden admission. 
Edward continued, “I genuinely worry about your well-being and I don’t want you out in the cold for so long.” He was so earnest trying to explain himself to her and Y/N felt bad for acting so petulantly before, “You are the most precious thing on this earth to me angel, you have to know that,” he urged, “That’s why I’m hesitant to take risks with you.” She should have known that, especially hearing him say it now. He was always looking out for her. She wished she hadn’t let her stress and negative emotions get the best of her, but everything had been so hard to get used to. Edward looked away from her, hiding his eyes behind his bangs and glasses, fingers fiddling on the edge of his mug. “I know Eddie.. I’m sorry too,” she responded quietly, ashamed of how she had acted earlier, “I should have never talked to you like that.” “Oh, I deserve it.” Edward interjected, his voice insistent. 
She shook her head at that, “No. You don’t— You’re wonderful to me and even though things have been…” she gestured vaguely with her hands, “A little hard to wrap my head around… I never want to argue like that with you again.” Edward looked unsure, and continued fidgeting with his cup. Y/N got  out of her chair and went to Edward’s side. He reached his arm out to her and she pulled him to her, his head resting against her stomach. She stroked her hands through his hair, hoping that it was helping quiet the thoughts that were most likely racing through his head. Edward was brilliant, she knew that. But sometimes that left him trapped in his mind. She pulled him upwards so they were both standing. She curled into Edward, finding his hands and holding them gently. She pressed her face into his chest before continuing, “I have been having a hard time recently, I was hurt that you hid everything from me…” She felt Edward tense a little against her. “It’s hard for me to understand why you told so many others and not me.” 
Her voice wavered, and she cursed herself internally for getting worked up about it. “Um… and after that night when we.. broke up I guess.. I was um.. I was a mess without you, and it seemed like you were fine.” She quickly reached up and wiped her eyes, at the tears that were starting to build up there. She caught Edward watching her with a heartbroken look on his face. “It’s fine– I’m fine now, I promise,” she tried to assure him, “I don’t even know why I’m getting so emotional about this.” Edward held her close to him, squeezing her tightly. “My followers don’t know my true identity— you do. With my followers I don’t have to worry that they’re going to still love me at the end of the day.” He pulled away from her to look at her fully, his green eyes dark and intense.  “My followers are there for the Riddler. They’re there because of our shared goal. You love me for me.” Y/N was starting to understand, she hadn’t really thought of it that way. It turned out that she was also there for The Riddler, but she had fallen in love with Edward Nashton first.
“I agonized over telling you Y/N, when I met you my plans were already underway and you were a stranger so of course I wasn’t going to tell you about them. But as our relationship progressed  I started to care more and more about what you would think and it never seemed to be the right time to tell you.” He searched her face for understanding, “But most of all, I knew that by telling you I was putting you in danger. If I got caught and you knew about my plans, there goes your life down the drain because of me.” His voice sounded genuinely pained at his last statement and she realized the weight he had been carrying. He had been trying to be careful with her this whole time and she hadn’t known.
“Oh Eddie..” Y/N breathed, squeezing his hands tightly, “I love you so much.”
She felt him squeeze her hands back as he spoke again, “I love you so much too– so much in fact that I wasn’t fine that week after I made you leave..” He let go of her and grabbed his cup again, taking a sip. “Far from it actually,” he added, darkly, watching the snow fall through the window.
He ran a hand through his hair in that classic Edward way, “I threw myself into my plans to keep myself from thinking of you. I wasn’t well Y/N. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat.. If I’m being honest with you I hardly remember any of that week,” he admitted.
Y/N’s heart ached at that thought.  She approached him carefully, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry that I thought you didn’t care, Eddie.” she muttered, “I was confused with how distant you were when you came back, but I know that you’ve had a lot to think about too.” “It’s because I feel so guilty, Y/N” he confessed, turning away from the window to meet her eyes, “I feel so terrible for everything I said, how I left you. For…” his hands clenched into fists. “For scaring you.” his voice wavered, and he looked away, setting his cup back down on the table,  “It was like I couldn’t face you— I felt like I didn’t deserve to.”
He shook his head, and chewed on his lips for a moment before continuing,  “I know that that was a bad move to make now, I never meant to push you away or make you feel like I didn’t love you.” His voice was choked with emotion, hands clenched at his sides. He studied the ground at their feet. “Eddie, sweetie, look at me” Edward obliged, wiping his eyes quickly before looking up at Y/N. As much as it was hurting both of them, it felt good to finally clear the air. She knew that they could be better from now on. “I love you so much.. No more lies between us okay?”
“I love you too, No more lies.”
For the rest of the morning they cuddled together on the couch as the snow fell outside. Edward was happy to explain the details of his plans and Y/N was happy to listen. He did his best to soothe any anxieties that came up for her when talking about it. Y/N convinced Edward that she needed to actually be able to leave the apartment sometimes, and he understood, planning to take her on a walk through the park that day if she wanted.
It was the best day the two of them had had in weeks. 
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humlesnurr · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✿ ☼ ˢᵘᵐᵐᵉʳ ᵐᵉᵐᵒʳⁱᵉˢ ☼ ✿
a Calvin Weir-Fields playlist
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victorpoo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
more of my the batman fanart i lovd this film lol
the top left one is a lil botched oops
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angels-sinning · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“when i was chubby, i actually felt really sexy.”
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therewillbedano · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
funny reviews on The Batman (2022)
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midlangley · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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citrusam · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
some character art of the batman and the riddler
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ourladyof-iero · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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knifecat111 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the riddler bf running home to put on his silly little outfit and facetime batman
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meeshasmind · 11 hours ago
Reader yandere for Eddie aaaaaa 😍😍
A/N: I’ve done the first Yandere For Eddie scenarioooo 😁 if you liked it, there are lots more specific requests for this sorta thing, so more to come 💚
Pairing: Dano!Riddler x reader (The Batman 2022)
Warnings: Obsessive love 🥰
Words: 1202
Tumblr media
You know exactly how this all started; by something so small, so simple, but so intoxicating and suffocatingly beautiful. And now you know that this will never end.
And that's what he is to you - perfect, as soon as you looked up from the drink you were absentmindedly sipping in the diner, to be met with a curious, unique green stare behind clear framed glasses down the row of the bar a little. His eyes had widened when you noticed them lingering on you, and the young man looked away quickly, cheeks flushed.
But you kept on staring. You couldn't help it.
He didn't look up at you again that time, probably too embarrassed to be caught looking the first time to try again. It didn't matter. Sandy brown hair that dusted over his forehead and framed his face perfectly, a look that was simple, nerdy, and something else you couldn't quite place. The man seemed so delicate and precise as he scribbled notes down in some kind of puzzle book, his writing big and small and random, his attention fixed on words only he could understand.
You wanted to understand too. You needed to. This person, whoever he was... there's just something there, and whatever it is, you love it.
You loved it even more when you found out he lives in the same building as you.
He had bumped into you seemingly by chance, just as you were entering your apartment. It isn't a particularly nice building, but not many places in Gotham are. None of your next-door neighbours has ever caused you any trouble or loud disturbances before, and to find out that the man from the diner lived to your left the whole time?
He is so quiet. He was when you caught sight of each other again, and that same blush formed on his cheeks, eyes round. You dug your fingernails into the palms of your hands to force yourself to say something.
"Hi. I- I didn't know you lived... I mean, I didn't know we were neighbours."
The man matched your awkwardness, only so much cuter, as he dared look up into your eyes again.
"N-no, neither did I," he mumbled, a shy, hesitant smile playing at his lips. "But I wanted to say... I think you look amazing. Like- like a hypernova."
You blinked at the unusual compliment, but had to stop yourself from swooning, looking at him hopefully.
"Really? That's so sweet... thank you, um?"
"Oh- Edward. It's... it's Edward..."
You responded with your name immediately, glancing at the door and then back at him.
"I should, um... I'll see you later," he catches on, and you nod with a smile, unlocking and pushing open your door as he disappears inside his. You lean against it when you're in your apartment and the door's locked again, grabbing your phone out of your pocket and looking up 'hypernova.' It's wonderful, splashes of galacial colours in a starry explosion in the darkness of space.
Since then, you couldn't stop thinking about Edward. You pressed yourself up against the wall of your bedroom, wondering if just opposite that wall is where he sleeps too. But you never really heard much. The occasional talking, maybe on the phone, squeaking from a small pet of some kind, but that's it.
In the end, earlier today, you had decided to confront him. To tell Edward what you were so certain about, about the two of you, like a match made in some twisted heavens. It might scare him off, his eyes wide and panicking, hands trembling as e backs away from you...
But you can't live like this. You can't keep staying against that wall as the only means of being close to him. Not anymore. It's practically torture.
The fantasies are amazing, ones of him blushing and grinning like a dork when you call him Eddie, solving whatever puzzles he works so hard on in those books together. Imagining what his laugh sounds like when you tease him about his handwriting making the whole thing look like a ransom note. But they can't compete with a could-be reality.
But as you sleep, only a few hours away from waking up early in the morning to catch your neighbour before he leaves for work... there's a soft, subtle click from your front door.
You don't hear the man that's been on your mind for what seems like forever pad into the apartment and close the door again, his footsteps heavy but muffled as he steps further into your place. Eyes behind glasses take in pictures in frames, staring at the ones with you smiling happily in with a hidden, fond smile back.
He moves on after a while, going into your bedroom, and watches you sleep as he approaches your figure in the bed. Hands brush over the sheet's material, until they reach your face, stroking your hair.
But then you shift slightly, groggily waking up, and as you notice the shadowy figure crouched beside you, a hand claps quickly over your mouth to stop you from screaming.
"Ssh, ssh, ssshhh," he urges gently, "it's alright. It- it's just me. You might not remember me. No one bothers to."
You blink up at him in awe, recognising his voice almost instantly. Your heart's speeding up in disbelief and giddy excitement, and as he slowly moves his hand away from your mouth, you desperately grab it back, trying to sit up, assuming he's going to leave. Edward flinches, startled, and leans in closer as if he's trying to read your mind, fascinated.
"You..." Edward's voice trails off, hitching in newfound wonder and confusion, "you're enjoying this? Is this what you want- do you feel the same way too?!"
You nod eagerly, practically crying. "I... yes...!" is all you can manage, and Edward helps you sit up, gasping as you throw yourself at him in a hug.
"Wh- why didn't you say something?!"
"I don't know," you respond, taking in as much warmth and scent as you can of your mutual obsession. "I thought I- I'd scare you off..."
You hear Eddie's laugh then; high and amused giggles, and you melt into his arms with a grin.
"Scare me off?" he repeats between giggles. "If only you knew more about who I am... but, you will, won't you, darling?"
You nod again, letting him move you in his arms to rest on his chest, and you cling to him, worried it's all a dream, that if you fall asleep now, Edward will be back in his apartment, in a cruel reality.
But this is reality. And it's perfect.
"You called me a hypernova," you mumble, and he looks down at you with a dopey smile.
"Do you know what that is, lovely?"
"Yeah," you giggle, "I looked it up as soon as you called me one. I like space."
"Space as in, space up there?" Edward asks, glancing out your bedroom window at the night sky. "Because your space... it has to be mine too."
"Mm," you agree tiredly, clutching at the green material of Eddie's hoodie as he presses a long kiss on the top of your head. "Perfect.”
.・ Taglist: ・.
@edwardspumpkinpie @murderbimbo00 @sweetums0kitty @beel-mcburger @cml-san @jervis-tetch-my-beloved @r4iner @bimboanime @phoenixgurl030 @vaylordd @[email protected] @yoyoanaria @yaeyuuki @vinxlsketches @beenz-beenz @ghoulsgraveyard @birds-have-teeth @repostingmyfavs @r3ptiliaaa @for3v3rda1sy @glitterycheesecakegladiator @moonwritesblog @lilyevans1 @httpsunflowers @hxney-lemcn @confusedchildsstuff @callsigncrash @sugahbabieexo @bokksieu @skateb0red @wilburrrsworld @philiasoul @darthcringe @felicityofbakerstreet @bloodypantomime @deadlights-darling @tianotfound @mortem-muse @ireadandream @tinyryder @kpopgirlbtssvt @truecobblepot @jessicainhell
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spicedchaiandromeda · 13 hours ago
Fool for Love, Edward Nashton baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brain is very foggy yk the biz!!!! but maybe sick-fic??? eddie comforting reader who is sick, exhausted, depressed whatever, gimme the comfort darling!!! aLSO we have discussed how much eddie would enjoy being with someone shorter yk!!! so pls!!! eddie!!! give my short ass some love!!! other than that go buckwild babey do whatever i jsut wann b held
Author's Note | storm. my absolute beloved. my short king. I love you terribly and I'm so so so excited to finally fulfill this request. your support and your love has impacted me in a way that I don't think I'll ever be able to explain or repay you for. genuinely adore you with all my heart and I am hoping and praying this insane dose of comfort hits the spot for you. 🥺
Tumblr media
You'd insisted Edward go to work; maybe spend the next week at his own apartment this time. With the limited amount of sick days Edward has saved up in his arsenal, it would only end up being a disaster. He'd get sick and if he didn't take time off, he'd have to trudge himself miserably to work and struggle through the sniffles and coughing fits. It's something he could've easily avoided if he wasn't insistent on being right by your side through all of it.
He also insists that he knows how to take care of you better than any doctor could. And you bet that's not far from the truth. He didn't like talking about his past much. He lived in it often enough in his mind. You're the escape. His safehouse. But based on the little he's let you in on, you figure the harsh winters had turned him into a self-sufficient person. Someone who could stave off the bitter cold and the pervasive rot in order to survive.
But this doesn't simply feel like survival. This feels like living--thriving--as Edward puts himself at your disposal. A continued rotation of mugs of warm tea with honey comes through your door. He'd managed to make sense of your mess of a hallway closet and picked out every blanket you owned. The weight of his care is almost deafening.
Even when he's silent for hours at a time, he seems to sense exactly when you need help getting up to go to the bathroom or when your mug of tea is getting low or when you're too cold or too warm. The day is already half over and Edward has spent all of that time, waiting hand and foot on you.
"You don't have to do this," you chuckle hoarsely. "You should really go home before you get yourself sick."
"I have a strong immune system, bunny. No need to worry your little head." he replies absentmindedly, eyes fixed on the morning paper's crossword puzzle laid across his raised knee. His fingertips gingerly graze across your spine before the flat of his palm lays protectively on the small of your back. The gentle assertion over your being could knock the breath out of you and send you into yet another coughing fit.
Your strained throat struggles slightly to voice the internal spiral you're going down. "Why shouldn't I? You've wasted the day away sitting with me...and if I get you sick...you'll have to take more time off...and I know that you don't get paid time off. I just do-"
Edward's voice raises, "Wasted? You think I've wasted my day by taking care of you?"
Rephrased that way...it almost sounds like an insult. You find another way to begin profusely apologizing for the implication before he scoffs.
"I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be." From where you lay on your stomach, you can't see his expression. But you can picture his round cheeks flushing from the vulnerability; could picture him looking down through his glasses at his lap in order to regain some composure.
You feel him shift as he lays on his side and pulls you into the warm alcove in his arms. Instinctually, you melt into his grasp. In just those few seconds...nothing else seems to matter. He envelopes your figure quickly with his own lumbering height. His long arms seem to cradle your existence. And it quells an ache you didn't even know existed inside.
Head already fogging up from the feeling of his body wrapping around yours, you mumble, "I don't think anyone has ever loved me like you do."
He giggles airily--almost to himself--and kisses your hair, "Good. Because I can assure you...there's no one else like us in this entire world. That's why I can't lose you."
The intensity might've unnerved you if you were in your right mind; if you weren't half loopy from cough syrup and from Edward's suffocating passion. But now...now it just feels normal. It feels like home.
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riddlers-den · a day ago
Disarm pt. 18
Words: 2.5 K
Summary: Y/N has an unexpected visitor on a rough day.
Tags: chronically ill reader, violence, unhinged reader
Warnings: depressive thinking in regards to being chronically ill, sexual harrassment, coercion, violence, blood author's note: well.
Tumblr media
Chapter 18- Who Decides Who's Crazy?
Edward was gone today. He was at his apartment, working. He wouldn’t be back tonight either because he was going to do another stake-out at the Iceberg Lounge. Y/N was fine with this anyway, she had that familiar dull ache at the top of her neck and knew that it would slowly grow into a full fledged migraine. It would be terrible if I was out with him and he had to stop whatever he was doing because of me. She was laying on her bed, arm over her face as she rested with the lights off. Maybe with a little luck she would be able to fall asleep before the worst of it came. Her mind was fighting her though, restless with thought. Remember when you didn’t feel like shit every day? Remember when you could do whatever you wanted, all the fun you used to have? Obviously, she remembered. You were better back then. Memories floated through her mind. There she was, first year in the city, out on her own. She always looked cute then, she had put so much effort into her appearance. None of the scrubby comfortable clothes for being at home or in bed all day had been present in her wardrobe then. She had gotten up early, gotten coffee (something she could no longer have) with money she had from a job. Remember that? You used to work full 8 hour days, 5 days a week no problem. There she was, walking through the art museum, taking time to admire each work, her mind fully focused on the experience. No constant body-checking for symptoms, no panic or fear setting in that her legs would no longer hold her up. No heart palpitations, chest pain or shortness of breath. It was just her, and a healthy body that she had taken for granted at the time, and rooms full of art. After, she had taken a walk through the park, and then had gone and done some shopping later. She never worried about energy levels back then, just did what she felt like doing. She had gone home to her cute apartment, made dinner for herself, cleaned and gone to bed. Days like that had been so commonplace back then, something she couldn’t imagine doing now. If she was lucky, now she could do one maybe two activities in a day before having to lay down to recover. Her life had been so much larger before, had so much more promise. Now her whole life had been shrunk down to the size of her apartment, and on certain days, just her bedroom. When the pain got bad on days like this, she spiraled. She was a wound pretending to be a person. Eddie would have liked you better before. You’re no fun now. You can’t do anything. Her throat felt painful as she struggled to swallow, her lower lip starting to wobble. Stop. Stop thinking like that. These types of thoughts never led her anywhere good. Besides, if she were to actually cry right now that would make the pain of the migraine ten times worse and bring it on much quicker. THUD THUDSomeone was knocking on her door. Eddie? She thought he wasn’t going to be around today, maybe he had forgotten something? Brushing away tears from her eyes, she was almost thankful for the distraction. She got up, making her way to the door, the pressure in her head throwing her balance off slightly, pain settling in behind her eyes. She opened the door to find her landlord standing there. Huh?She had no idea what he was doing there, and she suddenly felt uncomfortable, crossing her arms over her pajama shirt. Good thing I decided to put on sweatpants today. He stood there in an oversized winter jacket, eyes narrowed and darting around. He was always an unpleasant man to deal with. Gotham had more than its fair share of scummy landlords and she felt like this guy was one of the worst. However when you were sick all the time and could barely scrape by you unfortunately just had to take what you could get.
“Oh- hi, what’s… What’s going on?” She asked, genuinely confused as to why he was there. The pounding in her head was making it hard to formulate words, and she hoped that whatever this was about would be over soon so she could lay down.
“Just here to do an inspection,” he grumbled as he pushed his way past her into the apartment.
An inspection? This was the last thing she wanted to deal with right now. Her stomach flipped and her face felt hot.
“Um- I’m pretty sure you need to give 24 hours before you can just show up here,” the pain zapped her energy to be nice. Her world was so small and shitty already and her apartment was the only thing she had other than Eddie. It was her safe place to be and now he was here, unannounced, ruining it.
He ignored her and continued stalking around her apartment. “Pretty sure I can do whatever I want since I own this building.” He responded, condescendingly.
“Besides, I got a call from someone a while ago about seeing someone climbing through a window here? I just want to make sure my tenants are okay.”
His concern was so insincere and his smile made her skin crawl. That must have been Eddie, she thought. When he came back to the apartment. That had happened over a week ago, if it had been a real threat she would have been dead by now. What a useless scumbag. “Well I can assure you that I’m fine, thanks for checking on me.” Leave.
He went into the living room and she quickly followed, wanting him to get the hell out of her space. He walked over to where the space heater was plugged into the wall.
He made a disapproving sound before reaching down and violently yanking the cord out of the wall. “You can’t have this in here. It could start a fire,” he huffed. “I’ll be taking this.”
Y/N’s blood was boiling. “You can’t take that. It’s my personal property, and its fucking freezing in here. I wouldn’t need to have it if you fixed the heating and actually took care of this place!”
He smiled at her. “This is my building, ma’am, and you are endangering it by having this in here. I’m taking it to protect my property.”
She hated him. She hated this man, hated this situation. Him and his stupid smug look. She knew he was probably getting off on this in some sick way, holding power over her. It’s not like she could fight him on it, though. She needed a place to live. She wasn’t sure what the future held for her and Eddie but for now her name was on this lease and she didn’t want a black mark on her rental history.
“Okay, fine, whatever, just please leave, I don’t feel good.” She was done arguing, she needed him gone. Eddie had a back up heater anyway and she would be plugging that in as soon as this asshole was gone.
“Before I go, I need rent early this month,” he sighed, while taking a seat on her couch.
That statement took a moment to register with Y/N. She looked at him in confusion.
“Running a little low on funds, the holidays coming up and all so I’m gonna be needing it early.” He continued, as if that was a reasonable request.
“I don’t…” Y/N’s hands were shaking and her heart was pounding painfully in her chest, the adrenaline in her body and pain in her head was making it hard to focus. “What?”
He gave an aggravated sigh, and spoke slowly, as if she was a child, “I… need… rent… early.. This… month…”
Y/N couldn’t believe this was happening, she was so angry she felt like she was going to explode. She hated feeling powerless. She was thankful Edward was gone at least so he wouldn’t have to see her being treated in this way. She was embarrassed that this vile man could make her feel so powerless.
“I don’t… I don’t have it yet.” She answered, incredulously. “I still have a week left.”
“Well that’s a shame then,  I guess I could just evict you.”
The room was spinning, inky black rage was bubbling up inside of Y/N. She couldn’t believe this man, that any of this was happening.
“I know that you’ve been having someone over here most nights, two people living here when there is only supposed to be you here…” he continued, his smile widening— showing too many teeth.
“And using equipment that’s dangerous for the building,” he added, gesturing to the space heater in his hand. He was still smiling, as if all of this was incredibly amusing to him.
Y/N regretted being so assertive with him earlier, she didn’t know what to do, couldn’t think of what words to say. She didn’t want to beg this horrible man to let her stay here but she felt like she didn’t have a choice.
She stood frozen by her desk, the rage and humiliation and fear coursing through her body. Every cell in her body wanted to scream at him, to stand up for herself but she felt frozen. Her landlord must have noticed her distress because he spoke again before she did.
He stood up from the couch and made his way over to her, “Hey– it’s alright, I’m sure we can work something out.”
Y/N looked at him, only noticing then that her eyes were teary. She was shaking.
He put his hand on her arm and she wanted to scream, to shove him to the ground— to do anything.
“There are other things you could do for me..” He was much closer now, and she felt his disgusting breath on her skin, “We could come to an understanding..” his hand moved from her arm to her waist.
She recoiled immediately, and backed into the desk behind her. Her utensils and organizers shaking with the thud. Some pencils rolled off the desk and clattered to the ground.
“Get away from me,” she managed to spit out.
“Are you sure you wanna be like that?” he asked, moving closer once again, “Wouldn’t want to have to put you on the streets.” 
He put both of his hands on her waist then, one hand reaching around her back. She couldn’t get away from him, her back painfully pressed against her desk. She scrambled backwards, trying to get out of his reach and then she felt it.  Her fingers touched her brush organizer. It was an ugly thing she had gotten as a gift. It was brown, large and heavy. A thick ceramic vase that was wide and tall and didn’t fit in much anywhere else but it was good for holding even the largest and tallest of paint brushes. She grabbed it and smashed it into the side of his skull. She felt like she was outside of herself, watching him as he fell to the ground immediately, hands pressed to his head. He was on his knees, and she watched as he pulled his hands away from his head. His fingers were trembling and covered in blood. He screamed something at her but she didn’t hear it. It looked something like, “You crazy bitch” or maybe, “You little bitch,” but all she could hear was ringing in her ears, her heartbeat, her breathing. I’ll show you fucking crazy. She brought the vase down again, into his face this time as he tried to get back up. Again. And again. And again. She beat him all over it with it. It felt good. She was tired of him, and people like him taking and taking and taking because they could. Tired of getting fucked over. Tired of being tired. Tired of being powerless. Tired of feeling like a kicked dog. He wasn’t moving anymore and she stopped. The raw energy flooded out of her as she looked down at him. Oh god. He wasn’t moving. 
He wasn’t moving. 
Did I kill him? She dropped the ceramic vase to the ground, her hands and clothes were spattered with blood. Now her hands were shaking. She was shaking. Her teeth chattered. She dropped to her knees and felt his chest. He’s still breathing. What do I do now? She had attacked him but he wasn’t dead. That meant he would get up at some point. She felt panicked, pure fear running through her. She was going to get evicted, she was going to go to jail. Her life was over. Wait. EddieDuh. Her boyfriend was the goddamn Riddler, the smartest person in Gotham. He would know what to do. Still, she was terrified. It was hard for her to keep her thoughts straight.   She had to keep him here. Call Eddie, he’ll know what to do. She grabbed her unconscious landlord and hefted him up onto her chair. She was surprised she was able to lift him, but it was probably the adrenaline. The pain behind her eye was piercing now, her head on fire. She felt like she was gonna be sick. She ran to her junk drawer, digging through it messily. There. A thick roll of duct tape. With the tape in hand, she approached the landlord, hoping he wouldn’t wake up. —--- ? —--- Edward ran a hand through his hair, before leaning back to stretch. He had been hunched over his desk for hours now. He had every last detail of Falcone’s schedule down, the names of his guards, and their schedules. He went over it again and again, memorizing it. He would start his stakeout in an hour and a half, and he needed to eat before then. Pushing his chair back, he reached for his phone. He wanted to check in with Y/N for the night before she went to bed. There were several missed calls from her and a voicemail. His stomach dropped at the amount of calls. She never left voicemails either. Something had to be very, very wrong.
Listening to the voicemail, he could hardly make out her words. She was sobbing and sounded frantic. He could just barely make out: “Please… come over,” and “I need help.”
Edward’s heart was cold as ice as he left the apartment. He called her on the way out but she didn’t answer, only causing his anxiety to heighten. He was almost in tears by the time he made it to his car, fearing the worst.
He sped the entire way there. 
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In The Batman they unmask the Riddler and he looks like this:
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Me when I go to the riddler’s apartment for the first time
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