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lesetoilesfous · 2 days ago
Reblog this post if you’re in the DA fandom and you DO NOT ENDORSE:
Death threats
S*icide bait - ie telling people to k*ll themselves
Any kind of digital harassment
I’ve had a wonderful time in this fandom, and I can’t believe I’m seeing this on the rise.
We cannot tolerate this kind of behaviour and maintain a safe place online. So many people in this fandom are from marginalised communities - no one needs more hate and violence, and definitely not over a thing that we love.
So let’s make sure these people understand that this kind of behaviour is NOT admired, respected or endorsed by the artists, writers and fans who’ve made this space.
You don’t get to sweep up someone’s content and have fun and then go tell someone else to k*ll themself.
Fix your heart or piss off.
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incorrectda · 2 days ago
Alistair: It sure does smell like wrongdog in here
Warden: Oh, buddy...
Alistair, tearing up: Ask!
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quarrian · 4 months ago
Are you alright? Say something, please...
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sagasketchbook · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Quick Zevran for good night sleep
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wyvernscales · 4 months ago
Things in Dragon Age: Origins with the absolute worst vibes:
Writing Xs in goat’s blood on a bunch of doors in Denerim
Sprinkling ashes on the ground and summoning a demon who fell in love with a woman who later cut out a man’s throat for proposing to her because the demon got jealous
The terrified spirit of an elven child calling for its mother
Tossing corpses into the well beside the Chantry right next to Templars and Sisters
The corpse of King Caillan strung up naked by darkspawn at Ostagar
The camp in the Brecilian Forest that seems warm and inviting until you wake up and realize you slept in an ancient camp surrounded by the remains of victims to a sloth demon you had almost fallen prey to
The Mad Hermit????
That Irving trusted Uldred to weed out the blood mages by planting tomes in the library and waiting to see who picked them up, and Uldred only outed the weaklings to forward his rebellion
All of Haven really
Finding a torso, head, and limbs in bags scattered around the Deep Roads and using them to summon a pride demon
Sophia Dryden’s centuries’ old walking corpse
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ishouldgay · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I wish the Inquisitor was able to be this rude about the chantry in dai. Though Cassandra would probably punch you a little...
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xxarchdemonslayerxx · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I've been replaying Origins, this time with the grey warden armor mod, which I'm obsessed with tbh. Went to draw one, maybe two sketches of my warden (because I think he's neat) and it got a bit out of hand.
More of the same
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incorrectda · a day ago
Warden: Love is dead and never existed. All you did was betray me as I lay sick and festering. You are the definition of dread.
Alistair: Are you okay?
Warden: My mabari stole my fucking garlic bread
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lemonflavoredcherry · a year ago
dao companions when they have low approval : you have,,broken my trust,, I will leave you :( goodbye...may you become a better person or die in a ditch
dai companions when they have low approval: I won’t leave but just know that I fucking HATE you. If not for the anchor I’d stab you myself. Fuck you
da2 companions when they have low approval: haha no don’t go against all my morals you’re so sexy aha
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Dragon Age characters who aren’t Ferelden, every time they see Ferelden for the first time: Wow this place is a shithole
Me: Wtf it can’t be THAT bad
Me, after seeing Tevinter and Orlais: Wow Ferelden is a shithole
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