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beardcurator · a day ago
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Jeremy (Ohio)
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coolthingsguyslike · 2 days ago
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yamino · 12 days ago
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Tumblr media
Here is a recap of all the #dappertober art I have done so far! 🤵🏼👀
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mtfstuff · a month ago
Forced promotion
Tumblr media
"That was it.", Mr. Lee said, packing away his history book. He looked at his desk to see if he missed something. After that he took his sports bag, his history bag and left his classroom. It was already late but Brennan Lee stayed to prepare his lessons for next week.
He walked through the hallway and around a corner where he found Mr. Beck, the janitor.
"Good evening Mr. Beck.", Brennan said, trying to get past him.
Tumblr media
"Good evening Brennan.", Mr. Beck said blocking the way for Brennan.
"Its Mr. Lee for you, okay?", Brennan said. "Now let me through, I need to get home."
Mr. Beck still blocked Brennans way, stepping in front of him when Brennan tries to go around.
"Come on Brennan...Mr. Lee. I'm Dan. Lets get closer and call ourselves by our first name.", Mr. Beck said. "I'm allowed to call every other teacher by their first name but not you. Why not? If you dont trust me then ask the others when they're back in school, because right now it's only the two of us here."
"Because I prefer it this way.", Brennan said. "And also because I know what you're doing in the gym. Sniffing the shoes and underwear of the boys. If I could I would get you fired for this, but I cant. Thats why I'll stay away from you and so on."
"I thought I was more cautious.", Dan said quickly kicking Brennan into his balls.
Dans action surprised Brennan, who now went on his knees panting because of the pain. Dan walked around Brennan, grabbed his tie from behind and started to choke Brennan unconscious. The next few minutes were a struggle for both, Brennan and Dan. A struggle Brennan should win easily as his physique was clearly superior. But the surprise attack from Dan and the pain made it harder for him.
His biceps bulged beneath his white dress shirt as he tried to reach Dan and his own tie. He also tried to get up again but his feet only scraped over the floor wildly.
Dan choked Brennan further until Brennan went limp. Brennan stopped struggling as his arms fell to the side and his legs rested moveless on the floor.
Dan quickly checked Brennan for a heartbeat and he felt one. He now leaned down over the unconscious Brennan. He took Brennans arms and pulled him down the hallway into a classroom. He heaved Brennan face up onto the teacher's desk. Dan walked around the desk, speaking to Brennan as if he was awake.
"You know Brennan, I always admired you... but not in a good way.", he said. "You are everything that I'm not. You're the embodiment of manhood. With your muscles, your handsome face, your beard, your tattoos, the subjects you teach and your suits. You make me sick. No one can be this perfect."
Dan started to take off Brennans watch and bracelets.
"Why do these suits look so good on you? Its frustrating!"
Dan opened Brennans belt and pulled down his suit pants to reveal Brennans musky Calvin Klein jockstrap. He felt Brennans dick before lifting Brennans legs into the air to look at his ass.
"Yeah, that is something I can work with.", Dan said.
He removed Brennans pants and jockstrap completely and threw them onto the next table.
Dan took two vials filled with silver and gold liquid out of his pocket.
"You know, Brennan,", Dan said, " I have planned this since a long time."
He opened both vials, drank the gold one and poured the silver one down Brennans throat.
It didnt take long and Brennan was conscious again but he instantly noticed that something was wrong. He could only move his head.
"The fuck you did to me fucker!", Brennan exclaimed. "If I can move again you wont anymore, I take care of that you fucker."
"When you're able to walk again, its already to late for you Brennan. This night will be a night full of sexual torment for you."
Dan opened his pants and pulled out his small dick.
"Suck it or I will do so much more to you!", he added.
Reluctantly, Brennan took Dans dick in his mouth. What else would he have been able to do?
Brennan gagged even though Dans dick was small. After an hour Dan pulled out.
"That should be enough lube. Lets take a look at your after.", Dan said walking around to lift Brennans legs into the air.
Brennan felt how Dan cramped his little stick inside Brennans ass.
The quiet sound of flesh pounding filled the room.
"I dont want to discourage you,", Brennan said with a chuckle. "but I always thought that if I get raped that it was by a good looking man with a big dick. And not just this."
"Just wait!", Dan shouted, trying to cum into Brennan.
He tried to one up his rhythm but nothing helped.
"Well, lets forget that.", he added.
Dan stripped himself now completely naked and took a bottle out of his pocket.
"Before I do this, I should strip you too. Dont want this nice suit to be ruined.", he added further.
Dan opened Brennans vest and took it off together with his tie and white dress shirt.
Dan took the bottle and squeezed the thick liquid onto his hands. He applied the lotion lotion all over his body.
"This will make it easier.", he said. "For both of us."
He put both of his hands onto Brennans butt.
"Now, this will happen.", he added. "I'll climb into you. As soon as I'm in your body you'll be able to move again but I'll warn you: if you try to pull me out again it'll hirt even more. You wont be able to stop me as soon as even partially in you."
Brennan was horrified. He watched and screamed in agony as Dan started to shove his arms inside Brennan.
As Dans belly button disappeared into Brennan, he felt how he got control over his body again. He quickly sat up straight and grabbed Dans fat legs. He tried to somehow pull the rest of Dan out of him but it felt as if he was pulling on his own intestines. But he continued to pull.
There has to be a way to stop this, he thought.
But then he felt a weird sensation in his body. A tingle that made its way up his body from his butt. A tingle where he felt that he loses control again.
Quickly after that Brennan didnt have control over his arms anymore. They stopped pulling on Dans legs causing them to slide further into Brennan.
Brennan watched in horror how behind his erect dick, Dans last toes were pulled into his own body. That was the last thing that the real Brennan Lee saw.
His eyes rolled back and when they came back it was Dan.
Dan looked at his new erect dick, his abs and his muscular legs. His gaze followed his new legs until it reached Brennans dotted socks and brown dress shoes.
The new Brennan got off the table and stretched his body.
A deep moan could be heard on the room as Dan let Brennans hands ran down his body.
"I'll definitely get used to this.", he chuckled with his new deep voice.
He took Brennans shirt and buttoned it halfway up. After that he took Brennans suit pants, pulled them over his shoes and closed the belt.
Dan checked out his new body in the mirror.
Tumblr media
"Even though Mr. Lee, I mean I, look stunning in a full suit, I think I should show more of my body.", Dan said.
He picked up Brennans jockstrap, took a sniff and pushed it into his pocket. He took Brennans tie, vest and bags before he left the building to drive to his new house.
A month later, the only thing people were questioning was the mysterious disappearance of Dan Beck, the janitor.
Dan played the role of Brennan Lee, the beloved sports and history teacher, flawlesly.
Tumblr media
He loved his new job as he now had even more opportunities to sniff the jockstraps of his students. He also kept the janitors keys to get access to the lost and found box. Dan even managed to trade Brennans used jockstrap and sport cleats with the ones of the best jock, who was secretly gay. Dan knew that he will never leave Brennans body.
Idea by @chrislikesboots
Pictures provided by @chrislikesboots
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celesse · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Mwah!  ♥
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beardcurator · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Andreas (Europe)
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acinomtheartist · 24 days ago
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Tumblr media
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Inktober 2021: Day 2 - Suit
I completed Deltarune Chapter 2, so I wanted to draw some fanart. I couldn’t decide between Ralsei, Swatch, Swatchlings, or Spamton for Day 2, so I just drew all of them!
This is definitely my favorite so far!
(Reblogs >>> Likes)
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yamino · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Dappertober #7: Megara! 💜
Designing these new outfits always makes me wonder about what the story behind them might be. 👀
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mensweardog · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
25% Jindo
25% Human
25% Llama
25% Wolf
=✨ 100% Magic ✨
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elierlick · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Early in high school, I started to appreciate women in suits. Their confidence, style, and creativity inspired me. However, because I’m a trans woman, I didn’t realize I could embody this style, too. I felt immense pressure to prove I was “normal” as someone who publicly transitioned young. I was told I had to be an example for parents to accept their trans kids. I thought I would fail the other trans youth if I dressed how I wanted to. Now, thankfully, I know better. Trans people can exist fluidly. We can express different presentations over time. If our support for trans kids is contingent on gender conformity, then we aren’t really supporting them at all.
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guillaume-bo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
• Florence, Italy, 2 weeks ago.
• Another fab pic taken by @thestoryalist of Mrs Bo & myself…
• More on our Instagram: @gui_bo @the_angelique_noire
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