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#darcy lewis

After learning how the team didn’t bother to look for Darcy much when Loki took her, she had taken on an even more of a fuck it attitude.

She was in the lab, watching what was going on. Mainly because Loki was there and he was allowed to help with some high-tech project that Tony and Bruce were working on, while Jane worked in her corner on the piece of Bifrost that Thor had gifted her. She was obsessed with it.

Darcy disappeared momentarily and returned with coffee and Jaffa cakes. She gave Loki his mug and some of the cakes, then gave Bruce the same before sitting down to eat her own.

Tony and Jane both looked at her, unamused.

‘Where’s ours?’ Tony asked, looking hurt.

‘You never thank me. So.’ She shrugged, making a show of eating her Jaffa cake. ‘Besides, my job is Loki’s babysitter right now, not your lackey.’

Loki smirked as he sipped his coffee. Bruce looked uncomfortable but tried to carry on with the project.

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I need people to Manip or gif with Darcy Lewis! I’ve done Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Okoye, and James Rhodey Rhodes. I maybe might make something with Bucky Barnes and her soon but I can’t think of people damnit! Send me who you think she’d have chemistry with mcu or other and I’ll think about making something with them.

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You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker


“Haha, guess what I found out,” Darcy teased, leaning over to poke Bruce in the bicep.

He reached up to rub the spot where she poked him. “Ow,” he said pointedly, even though it hadn’t hurt.

She giggled and poked him three more times. “Seriously. Guess what I found out.”

He exhaled deeply and shook his head. “No idea.”

“Awww… c’mon… play along.”

“You’ve given me no parameters in which to make a hypothesis, so…”

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