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#darcy lewis
Monica: Listen up, there's a lot to say and we only have a minute.
Darcy: Why, are you in a hurry?
Monica: I'm not, but all of you have ridiculously short attention spans.
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steverogers-nonnie · 5 hours ago
🌹❣️This is the Amazing Person Award! Once you are given this award you are supposed to paste it in the ask box of eight different people, who, in your opinion, deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it is sweet to know someone thinks you’re amazing inside and out ❣️🌹
((💋 @dr-darcylewis-anon))
You’re an angel, Dr. Lewis. You’re my second favorite genius. (If I say you’re my first, Tony will have my head.)
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upat4amwiththemoon · 7 hours ago
The Scary People Next Door part 2
Summary: Two new, and beautiful, women move to the neighborhood.
Pairing: ? x fem!reader
Warnings: descriptions of violence and death
Word count: 2413
a/n: Thank you so much for 70 followers! If you have a preference whether you’d like this story to be Wandaxreader or Natashaxreader, do tell! Hope you enjoy this, feedback is always appreciated :)
Tags: @madamevirgo @fishlikestuff @hi-i-1 @d14n4ol @simpforwandanat
Tumblr media
Y/N opens her eyes slowly, groaning at her pounding head. She looks around the room she’s in, not recognizing it. “Ow.” Trying to rub her painful head, she notices her hands are tied to the chair she is sitting in. “What the fuck.”
“Ah, she’s finally awake.” A man presents himself from the darkness. “Took you long enough.” The man talks with an accent Y/N can’t recognize.
“Where am I?” Y/N looks around the cold and empty room. The walls are grey. Although, they have some spots that look very much like blood, but she tries not to stare at them too much. There is no furniture besides the chair she’s sitting in and a lamp over her head, which is the only source of light. The room looks like a basement.
“Don’t you worry about that.” The man takes out a knife. “All you need to worry about are the women in the picture I showed you. Where are they?”
“I really don’t know who you’re talking about.”
The man gently sets the edge of the knife to Y/N’s neck, holding it there. “They’re very dangerous people, who kill. We need to eliminate them before they do it again. So, we are the good guys. Don’t you want to help the good people?”
Y/N giggles nervously. “I don’t think the good people would kidnap innocent civilians.”
The man grumbles something in another language under his breath. “Very well then, I tried the nice way, now yo-”
“You really didn’t.” Y/N comments, silencing the man. He stares at her, baffled by the audacity to interrupt him while he’s holding a knife to her throat. “You didn’t try the good way, is what I’m saying. In case you didn’t understand...what I was saying.” The more she talks the quieter she gets.
The man presses the knife to her throat even harder, almost breaking the skin. “I understood. You really don’t know when to shut up, do you?” He moves the knife to her cheek, easily making her bleed. Y/N whines, flinching away from the blade. The man laughs. It echoes through the room, jumping from wall to wall. “Now, you better talk. They aren’t coming to save you.”
Oh, she wasn’t counting on it.
Wanda walks back into her and Natasha’s house. She’s holding a full plate of muffins that she made for Y/N.
“She didn’t want your muffins?” Natasha asks, noticing Wanda’s frown.
“She wasn’t home, but her door was open.”
Natasha perks up. She glances out from the window, seeing that Y/N’s door is indeed slightly ajar. “You sure she wasn’t just sleeping somewhere or something?”
“I’m sure.” Wanda sets down the plate. “What if something bad happened?” She sits down next to Natasha, looking at her with a worried look.
“She probably just went to the store and forgot to close the door.”
Wanda hums and nods, but she can’t help worrying for their neighbour.
Y/N groans for the umpteenth time. The man struck her face again. He has been hurting her for hours, trying to get her to talk. She was considering it, telling him they were her neighbours, but she somehow felt like that’d be a bad idea. Plus, she was still partially scared of the two, she didn’t want to get to their bad side.
A second man walks into the room. The two men start talking in what Y/N has finally recognized as Russian. Not knowing any Russian, she starts paying more attention to the pain on her body. It feels like someone drove over her with a train. Her whole body was screaming for the pain to stop.
One of the men takes out a gun, distracting Y/N from the pain. He points it towards her head. “Hey, hey, hey! Can’t we talk about this?” She starts squirming on the chair, trying to free herself.
The man laughs. “Don’t you think it’s a little late for that? We gave you all the time to talk, but you stayed quiet.” He clicks the safety off the gun.
“Because I don’t know.” She starts crying. “I don’t know who they are or what they do.”
“We saw you three talking near a grocery store. How do you explain that?”
Y/N hangs her head down, trying to stop crying. She didn’t want to seem weak in front of her captors, but she couldn’t stop. “I have seen them, but I don’t know anything about them. Please, you have to believe me.”
The men glance at each other. The one further away from her nods, making the one with a gun turn back to her. “Well, if you have nothing else to tell us, you’re useless.”
Two gunshots. Y/N flinches violently, closing her eyes. When she doesn’t feel any new pain going through her body, she opens her eyes carefully. The two men threatening her are laying on the ground, dead.
“You okay?”
She can hear the voice clearly and feel someone untying the ropes holding legs, but all she could focus on was the blood puddles under the men.
“Hey, can you hear us?” The gentle tapping on her cheeks makes her snap her head up. Natasha is in front of her, moving her head around to see the damage. Wanda is behind her, letting her hands free. Y/N nods, unable to say anything. “Good, come on.”
Wanda and Natasha each hold onto Y/N, helping her to stand up. However, it doesn’t go as planned. Y/N whimpers and falls to her knees, right in front of the man.
“I can’t. It hurts. It hurts so much.” She whispers, tears falling freely as she tries not to stare at the body.
Wanda kneels down next to her, putting her hands on Y/N’s cheeks. “I’m gonna lift you up, okay?” When she doesn’t resist, Wanda puts one arm behind Y/N’s knees and the other around her torso, lifting her up from the ground.
She tries to keep her eyes open, only to see more bodies in the other room. Y/N can see Wanda and Natasha talking, but she wasn’t sure if they were talking to her or each other as she couldn’t hear a word. Deciding to give into the tiredness, she leans her head to Wanda’s shoulder and falls asleep.
Y/N winces at the pain on her cheek. “Sorry.” A hushed voice says on top of her. She opens her eyes slowly and sees Wanda tapping a cotton ball to her cheek, making it sting. “Hey.” Wanda smiles, holding onto her hand for some sense of comfort.
Y/N hums, still too tired to speak. She glances around the room. It’s a living room, but not her living room.
“How are you feeling? Do you want water?”
As she nods, Wanda gets up from beside her and leaves to the kitchen. Y/N starts looking around the room more. It has all the basic furniture like a couch, tv and a small table, but otherwise it’s empty. Like no one was actually living there.
“Here you go.” Wanda comes back with a glass of water. After Wanda helps her to sit up, Y/N gulps down most of it quickly. She hadn’t gotten anything to drink or eat for hours. “Better?”
She nods. “How long have I been asleep for?”
“A few hours. I started cleaning your cuts like fifteen minutes ago, I didn't want them to get infected.” Y/N nods again. She was still in the same clothes, but her sleeves were rolled up to see as many of the bruises as possible. “I’m really sorry. This all wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t try to befriend you.”
“It’s fine.” She looks down. She didn’t want to see the look on Wanda’s face. She felt like that’d be the last straw to make her burst out in tears. “Can I go home?”
“Well, I have to clean the rest of your cuts first. Besides, I don’t think it’d be good for you to be alone for a while. Can you ask your friend to stay?”
“I don’t want to tell her.”
“Okay. How about you stay here?”
Y/N shakes her head slowly. “I just want to go home.” She presses her palms to her eyes, desperately trying to stop the tears.
Wanda sets her hand on Y/N’s shoulder, making her flinch. She quickly takes her hand back, not wanting to hurt the girl.
“I’m sorry.” Y/N whispers. “I didn’t mean to.”
“It’s okay, I should’ve asked. Can I hug you?” Y/N nods, already leaning towards Wanda, who wraps her arms around her shaking frame. “Everything will be okay.”
They stay at the position for a while. Y/N practically melts into the hug, not having been held like this in a long time. Wanda slowly moves her hand up and down on her back, smiling when she feels Y/N snuggling closer.
A loud banging makes Y/N back away from the hug. Her breathing turns shallow and she starts looking around the room, looking for a way out.
“Shit.” Wanda glances at the door. “Natasha!” She tries to get closer to Y/N, but she’s backing away from her in a state of panic. “It’s okay, no one is going to get you.”
Natasha jogs down the stairs to the door, opening it and slamming it close when she steps outside. “Who the hell are you and why are you banging on my door?”
“What have you done to Y/N?” Angry looking Darcy points her finger towards Natasha. “I’ve been trying to call her for hours with no answer. Then I come here, see her door unlocked and her phone is on the floor, screen broken.”
“I’m sorry, who are you?”
“Darcy! Her best friend. Now, where is she?”
“Everything is okay, Natasha is taking care of whoever is behind the door.” Wanda is staring at Y/N helplessly, who is in the middle of a panic attack. “Can I touch you, please? I can help you to calm down.” Y/N shakes her head, scooting even further away from her.
Wanda glances at the door, trying to stay calm while Natasha is outside. Soon she stands up, goes to the kitchen, gets an ice cube from the freezer and walks back to the living room. Kneeling as close as Y/N lets her, she takes hold of her jaw, making her automatically open her mouth. Before she can close it or rip away from her hold, Wanda drops the ice cube into her mouth. She pushes her jaw back up and holds her hand in front of her mouth. Y/N’s eyes widen as she feels the coldness in her tongue.
“Breathe through your nose.”
Slowly she starts breathing in and out through her nose. And breath by breath they get deeper, calming her down.
“Good job.” Wanda smiles. She takes her hand away from her mouth, letting herself calm down as well. Y/N points towards her mouth. “Oh right, you can spit it out.” She puts her hand under Y/N’s mouth, so she can spit it there.
After throwing the now smaller ice cube away, Wanda sits down next to Y/N. ”Who’s at the door?”
“I have no idea, but whoever it is, you don’t have to worry about it.”
“I’m not letting you in!” Natasha sets herself in front of the door, blocking it from Darcy, who is desperately trying to get in.
Darcy groans, she knows she won’t win. Natasha is stronger and much more persistent than her, and she can be very persistent. “I just want to see Y/N. I’m worried.”
“Don’t be.”
“Wow!” Darcy scoffs, shaking her head. “Look at that, all my worries went away. Life is now wonderful.” She glares at Natasha. “Just let me talk to her.”
“Will you leave after that?” Darcy nods rapidly, holding her hands in a prayer. “Fine. Only if she wants to.”
“Of course she’ll want to.”
“We’ll see.” Natasha mumbles. “Wait here.” She goes inside, closing the door right after her so Darcy wouldn’t get a peek inside. “It’s Darcy.”
Y/N head snaps to Natasha. “What is she doing here?”
“You didn’t answer her phone for obvious reasons and she got worried.”
“Shit, uhm...” Y/N stands up. Her hand goes through her hair as she starts pacing around the room. “She can’t see me like this.” She hovers her hand over the cut on her cheek.
“So should I send her away?”
“No, she’d just come back with Monica and ram down the door.” Y/N walks to the door. “It wouldn’t be the first time.” She mumbles as she steps outside, leaving Natasha and Wanda stare at each other with baffled looks.
“Y/N!” Darcy throws herself to her. “I was so worried. What happened to you?” She moves Y/N’s to every direction, inspecting the bruises on her face.
“It’s a long story for another time, I’m really sorry I didn’t answer my phone.”
“Don’t apologize, I’m just glad you’re okay.” Darcy frowns. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” Y/N musters up the best smile she can, looking at the street in front of her to avoid Darcy’s eyes. “I’m a little shaken up, but it’s nothing to worry about.”
“If you’re sure...”
She nods. “I actually have to go back in, there’s still some more bruises to clean and then I’ll go home to sleep. Tell Monica I said hi.”
Darcy stares at her best friend. With a worried frown on her face, she tries to analyze her. Sometimes it felt a lot harder to read people than study the universe. She didn’t want to leave Y/N here with the strange ladies she had heard about, but Y/N didn’t fully seem like herself. She looked like she was about to break down. And Darcy wanted to help her, but she knew she’d get nothing out of her if she didn’t want to talk.
“I will. Call me as soon as possible, please.”
“I promise.” Y/N gives her one last smile before heading inside.
Wanda cleans and bandages the rest of her cuts fairly quickly and reluctantly lets Y/N leave back to her own house, where she heads straight up to her room and falls asleep, desperately trying to forget everything that happened.
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fuckyeahdarcylewis · 8 hours ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Thor (Movies), WandaVision (TV), Captain America - All Media Types, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Black Panther (2018) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers Characters: Darcy Lewis, Everett Ross, Ramonda (Marvel), Shuri (Marvel), M’Baku Additional Tags: Pre-Relationship, Single Parent Darcy Lewis, CIA Agent Darcy Lewis, Single Mom Darcy Lewis, Single Parents, Fandral is the contributing paternal parent, but he’s not in the picture Summary:
“Introduce us, please, Everett,” the stately older woman by the king’s side ordered.
“Your Majesties, Your Highness,” he nodded to the younger woman on the king’s other side whom Darcy recognized as Princess Shuri, “Your Honors; this is my deputy director, Darcy Lewis, and her daughter, Notte Lewis.”
“Naughty?” The princess’ eyes sparkled with mischief. “On the nose naming. Well done, you.” She gave Darcy two thumbs up.
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TaserBones: Don’t Throw Water On Me!
During her many stints as a bridesmaid, Darcy used to be rather unsympathetic to the swooning type brides who claimed they were going to faint during the ceremony.
“If you do, someone will throw water on you and mess up your hair or makeup. So keep it together,” she’d commanded bluntly.
This awful threat was usually good enough to scare them into NOT fainting, but at her own wedding, Darcy did what she’d often chided Jane for and got so caught up in the busyness, that she neglected eating.
She made it through the ceremony, floating on love and happiness, unable to tear her gaze from the unutterable hotness that was Brock in a tux.
At the reception, however, she was listening to Clint tell a ridiculous story about some antics between the STRIKE teams and suddenly found her legs unable to hold her up. She would have laughed at the terrified expression on Clint’s face if her world hadn’t suddenly gone black.
She woke up propped against a familiar chest, surrounded by a very concerned Jane, Bruce, and Natasha.
“You better not have thrown water on me!” She said weakly. “It took hours to get this fabulous look.”
She felt Brock’s chuckle as he held her.
“No one threw water on you, love. You just passed out for a couple minutes. What happened?”
“I forgot to eat,” Darcy admitted. “It was really stupid of me, but I got carried away.”
She twisted around to look up at Brock. “Sorry for causing a scene at our wedding.”
“Nothing to be sorry for, Darcy,” he assured her, kissing the top of her head. “I’m glad it’s something that’s easily fixed.”
Someone passed her a protein bar and she devoured it.
“I have been humbled, Janey!” She told her friend. “I will not try not to be so judgy of you now.”
“Oh, Darcy,” Jane sighed. “I would ended up like this multiple times if you hadn’t been judgy. Now eat and drink up so you have some strength for your honeymoon.”
She handed her a glass of juice.
“Now THERE’S some motivation,” Darcy said, having drained the glass and given her husband a suggestive smirk. “Knowing you serum dudes, I’m gonna need all the strength I can get.”
Brock gave her a very wicked smile in return.
“You know it, baby,” he said in her ear.
Clint rolled his eyes and left them alone.
“Yep. She’s feeling better all right,” he muttered.
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lokiofsassgaard · 13 hours ago
Who wants to cheer read a dead dove 18+ Tasertricks fic? More info under the cut.
All right. This is a fic that I used to post around Tumblr, but it got a lot of the wrong kind of attention. Enough of the wrong kind of attention that I quit fandom for a few years.
If you remember a fic called How To Train Your Norse Trickster God, it's that fic. Sometimes I refer to it a Darcy's Stockholm Syndrome Adventure, because that's what it is.
Loki escapes from SHIELD custody, kidnaps Darcy, and uses her as a human shield on an epic road trip from New Mexico to the Faroe Islands. This is not a romance, and will not have a happy ending. This fic contains rape, abuse, violence, death, and a Loki who is 100% the bad guy. This fic crosses every single line possible.
I'm basically looking for some cheer/alpha readers. You'll get pre-edited, very early drafts. These will contain typos, awkward prose, etc. I'm not looking for any kind of editing or SPAG help. Mostly, just looking for some encouragement, and feedback on the overall story. If you like dark shit, it might be up your alley.
This one is being posted publicly, so there's no need to ask for filter access. You don't need an account to read, but you may need one (they're free) to comment.
If this gets abused, I will be putting early chapters behind an access filter. For now, they're available to anyone who wants to read early.
Trickster God on DW
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bookishbrigitta · 20 hours ago
Darcy: ...So yeah, I’ll call a god a douchebag if I want to. He called my best friend a goat!
Bruce: That’s terrible. Being a king shouldn’t put you above common decency, and any family would be lucky to have someone as kind and intelligent as Jane.
Tony: Yeah, plus, like, inbreeding? You need fresh blood in there now and again, otherwise you end up with this dude...[shows pic]
Tumblr media
Tony (grinning): ...bleeding you dry. Eh, Natasha?
Natasha just glowers.
Tony: Uh, too soon for a Rasputin-hemophilia joke?
Natasha: No. Just that Grigori and I did not exactly part on good terms.
Tony (splutters): How old are you?!
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madamebaggio · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
And for @littlemrscookie second request... More Darcy and Brock ;)
Darcy looked around the restaurant. “This is really nice.”
“We agreed.” He reminded her. “And it’s not even a five stars one.” He teased.
“Right.” She drawled sarcastically. “You do know you don’t need to impress me, right? I’ve seen your abs, I’m impressed enough.”
Brock snorted. “I know. You kept petting them last night. You wanted to give them names.”
“I’m still working on it.” She informed him.
He chuckled. “I’m not trying to impress you. But, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m more…”
She arched an eyebrow. “Ancient?” She offered helpfully.
He narrowed his eyes at her. “Mature. And I like doing things differently. This is our first date; it’s only right that we have a proper dinner.”
Darcy hummed her understanding, her eyes falling back to the menu in her hands. “So we’re not having sex today, right?”
Brock choked on his water. “What?”
“It’s our first date.” She gave him a beatific smile. “It’s only proper.”
Brock put his elbows on the table and leaned forward. “I can wait. Can you?” He challenged her.
Darcy actually stopped to consider it. “If you keep your shirt on, I might be able to.”
Brock laughed so loud everybody in the restaurant turned to look at him.
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madamebaggio · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
As requested by @littlemrscookie​, some Darcy and Brock ;)
“What if they’re inviting us for a swingers’ party or something?”
Brock gave Darcy a look over his shoulder. “Is this a real concern?”
“People in the ‘burbs are insane.” She argued. “One of my cousins had this pineapple decoration on her door, and apparently is like a swinger’s code, because their neighbors showed up ready to party.”
Brock snorted. “Barbara and Michael don’t have pineapples decorating the front of their house.” He pointed out.
Darcy turned to him. “What if they want our bodies?” She asked, and she seemed to be really worried about the possibility.
Brock smirked at her. “I wouldn’t judge them.”
“Yeah, but… Ew.”
He chuckled. “Listen, I don’t think they want our bodies in that way. At worst, this is going to be another boring as fuck dinner, and at best…”
“It’s the break we’ve been waiting for.” Darcy completed on her own, then sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just nervous.”
“It’s okay.” Brock assured her. “This is what we’ve been waiting for. And -for what’s worth -I've got your back.”
Darcy grinned at him. “What every wife wants to hear.”
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devrping · a day ago
pls i wanna play bucky barnes and/or darcy lewis. pls. in either a group or 1x1. hmu!!
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corrieander · a day ago
Fireworks: Bucky x Sarah, Chapter 9
FInally some closure! Still a few more chapters, but things are heading the right direction. If you’re following along, I posted chapters 8 and 9 today, so don’t miss that one. Thanks for reading!  
Tumblr media
Chapter 9
Bucky gently put Sarah down, feeling a stiffness in his muscles.
You have been a problem, Sandhurst spoke in his head. I didn’t know you were in a relationship with Ms. Wilson. That was my fault, I admit. Insufficient exception handling.
Bucky gripped the disc with his metal fingers. He would crush flesh and bone before letting someone have control of his mind.
The first few minutes are the hardest. Controlling the Winter Soldier is a challenge I’ve wanted to try. But your mind is already broken, isn’t it?
Bucky’s hand tremored. “What was the play?” he asked through numb lips. Keep the idiot talking. “Everyone knows Sam’s compromised. Nobody trusts me anyway. Not too stealthy of you.”
Sandhurst narrowed his eyes. Bucky’s fingers tremored again, a shiver that ran up his arm.
“With Wilson,” Sandhurst said, “it’s personal. How do you think Karli Morgenthau stayed off the grid? How did she cover her tracks? Keep her face off surveillance a thousand times? I did it.”
“Sam didn’t... kill her.”
“He weakened her. Made her doubt. He ended the Flag Smashers; he renewed hope in this country. Countries, greed, borders, I could make it all so much more efficient. Karli didn’t understand, but I was going to ride her vision to success.”
“So... you want to do what? Control Sam? Control the president? Won’t work.”
He gave a gruesome, secret smile. Won’t it?
Bucky felt sweat soaking his shirt. Fear sweat. He willed his fingers to crush the disc, but Sandhurst’s force was there. His hand hovered, his fingers quivering.
Sandhurst wasn’t strong enough to move his hand away yet; Bucky wasn’t strong enough to completely throw him off.
Darcy met his eyes. She shifted her gaze deliberately to a cloth pouch dangling from Sandhurst’s belt. It contained more discs.
She shifted her eyes to and fro.
Yes, Bucky got the message. She needed one of those discs in her machine to stop Sandhurst’s transmission and free the others.
Unfortunately, he was so far from being able to lunge and get one, they might as well have been on the other side of the stadium.
This was very bad.
  When Sarah began to come around—was that twice in one day?—she was crumpled on the floor. She felt Bucky’s foot under her back.
Ugh. Her head throbbed, her arm hurt. Her body might burn through anesthetic quickly, but it made her feel like dirt.
She remembered why he’d done it. He was protecting her from Sandhurst, but still...
Sarah realized belatedly that Sandhurst was talking, and it wasn’t in her head. He was right there in the room with them.
“Wilson is going to die today,” he said. “No help for it, part of the plan. You, however,” he grunted. “If I can get solid control, you would be very helpful to keep on staff. Every programmer needs to co-opt the occasional subroutine from a competitor, you know. And what are you, if not free code, free for the taker? Your brain has been used and passed around like a whore, what makes you think you can keep me out?”
Sarah burned in anger. She risked a peek.
It would only be seconds before Sandhurst realized she was awake.
She thought of Bucky catching her before she fell. She thought of him protecting Sam’s back on countless missions. Of him playing basketball in the driveway with Cass and AJ. He was part of her family and she would not let him go down this way.
In one quick motion, Sarah grabbed the knife from her pocket. The one she’d stolen when this first began.
She rolled to her knees; a flick opened the knife.
With a grimace, she drove it into Bucky’s arm. Straight through the disc.
His blood trickled off the knife and down her arm. Kind of a lot of blood.
But his face relaxed and his mouth opened with relief. He took a huge breath. There were tears in his eyes. “Thank you, Sarah.”
He charged Sandhurst and hit him in the torso. He hit him so hard, they both crashed into the huge glass windows in the front of the press box, which shattered outward. He and Sandhurst went flailing out of sight into the stands below, though Bucky threw something in the gaping window as he fell.
Sarah licked her lips and staggered to her feet.
  “That was awesome,” Darcy said to Sarah. She grabbed up the bag of discs that Bucky had wrenched off and thrown back to her. “I can see why Bucky likes you.”
She frantically got one of the discs—holding it like it was a roach—and pressed it into her modified spectrometer. “If Bucky can just keep Big Ugly occupied for a minute... and I can hack into his controls...”
She rolled her shoulders, trying to focus on her program. The disc that was now attached to the base of her neck, just over her spine, seemed to itch. She’d heard what happened to Sandhurst’s guys on the side of the highway. No way did she want to die in an explosion like that. No, sir, no, thank you.
“Okay, never mind, I can’t just hack into his system... but I can... I can probably modify the signal. It’s a point-to-point network, each node communicates with the others.”
Darcy bit her lower lip as she tried different configurations. “However, if I modify it the wrong way, it could send the kill signal. That would suck.”
Sarah raised gestured at the computer. “Don’t waste time telling me!”
Darcy smiled tensely. “Don’t worry, it helps me to talk while I work. I sound like an idiot, but I’m not. Though sometimes I wish to heaven my job involved normal daily stress and not sudden spikes of deadly danger. I need a vacation.”
“You ballsy bugger,” Darcy suddenly exclaimed. “He’s got them on a fail-safe. I mean—if the frequency stops, they’ll blow. If he dies, they’ll blow. If I take down the network...”
“They’ll blow.” Sarah twisted her hands.
Darcy typed furiously. “Which means I got to figure this out before Bucky kills him. But Sandhurst didn’t count on me, I eat gods for breakfast.”
  Bucky managed to land on top of Sandhurst, who took the brunt of the fall. His exoskeleton was still in bad shape from their fight earlier.
This part of the stands had cleared—which was half of a miracle Bucky didn’t have time to contemplate—and they leaped to their feet, both balancing on benches. Sandhurst had the higher ground, but Bucky didn’t care.
This time, Sarah was safe. No discs were nearby. Bucky just needed to keep Sandhurst busy. He didn’t hold back.
Bucky got the knife out of his arm—bless Sarah a thousand times for her quick action—and used it. It wouldn’t cut through the exoskeleton, but Bucky managed a jab at his ribs, another at his thigh.
They cartwheeled through the aisles. Twice Sandhurst tried to use his repulsors to fly away, but Bucky tackled him back to the stadium.
“No, you don’t get to leave this time.”
 Darcy began to smile. “I’m copying the signal from Sandhurst’s node. I’m going to make this one the command node. We won’t be able to use it like he could—unless you’re telepathic at all, please speak up if so—but it will keep the signal uninterrupted. No kill signal.”
“So, he’s got a disc on himself?” Sarah said. “I didn’t see one.”
“Probably hidden. Seems like they work anywhere on the body.”
“And... copied. We’re in business now.” She pointed to the disc in her spectrometer. “No more fireworks today.”
  Bucky’s fight with Sandhurst was punishing, but he didn’t let up. Couldn’t let the man regroup. Couldn’t let him control Darcy and Sarah.
Out of the corner of his eye, Bucky saw Sam coming toward them. That did seem to be Sandhurst’s hail mary.
This time Sandhurst sent Sam slicing by Bucky, catching his arm with the tip of his sharp, metal wing.
The cut stung but wasn’t too deep. Maybe Sam managed to pull back slightly?
Sam came around again, and Bucky ducked lest he get sliced across the back of his neck.
In ducking, he gave Sandhurst an opening, and got a knee in the face. He reeled back.
Sam was coming around again.
This time, as Bucky fought, he maneuvered Sandhurst’s back toward Sam. Bucky couldn’t perfectly control his position, nor could he control how Sam came for him. But Bucky thought... there might be an opportunity.
Just as Sam reach them, Bucky executed his plan.
He couldn’t count on Sam’s exact movements, but he could count on where his wings would have to be as he came at them.
Bucky surged in close to Sandhurst, nearly cheek to cheek, and threw him over his shoulder in a fireman’s hold.
Sam’s wing carved across Sandhurst’s back.
Sam was good about being in the right place at the right time.
  When Sam saw Bucky hoist Sandhurst into his path, he leaned into it. He couldn’t do much, but he’d fought for a little mental wiggle room during the fight, and now he used every inch of it.
He felt his wing slice across Sandhurst’s ribs and through the spinal column of his exoskeleton.
“Yeah!” Sam shouted. He came around, and... he was flying under his own power.
He landed next to Bucky, shield up, ready to help finish the bastard.
Sam didn’t think he’d given a killing blow, though certainly the exoskeleton was done for, but Sandhurst lay on his face now, barely moving.
There was a long flesh wound diagonally across his back, but really little more than a scratch. It wasn’t much compared to what he’d taken before, like the bullet in the leg.
Bucky reached down and cracked off what remained of the exoskeleton. Hidden under one section of the metallic spine, was a disc. Sam’s wing had cut right through it.
Sandhurst coughed and rolled himself over onto his back, looking up at them. “I lost, but so did you. You never grasped the genius of my plan.” He bared his teeth. “I want to see it...”
They both frowned. Waited.
“What do you want to see?” Sam demanded. “Cause I’m pretty sure my friend here is ready to crush you the minute I give the word.”
Sandhurst blinked, looked at Sam in confusion. “My disc... it’s offline. You’re dead. You’re all dead.”
Sam looked at Bucky. “Do I look dead?”
Bucky was still breathing heavily. “Shockingly alive, actually. Darcy must’ve done it.”
Sandhurst’s eyes blazed. He began to rise and Bucky planted a foot on his chest. “Stay down.”
  Up in the press box, Sarah was reporting to Darcy. “They got him down. Some blood but they look okay.”
Darcy exhaled long and slow, peering at the humming lines of communication visualized on her screen. “Sandhurst’s disc is definitely offline. You and I are okay; and Sam. That must mean it worked.” She tapped at the keyboard a couple more times. Her pointer finger hovered over the space bar. “The question is... I could reverse the failsafe back on him. His disc is offline but the explosive capability is still there. One tap and it’s done. He’s dangerous, for sure. But I know Jimmy would say we need to do it right—”
Sarah bumped Darcy’s hand out of the way. Slapped the button.
“Whoops,” Sarah said, deadpan. “My bad.”
End of Chapter 9
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corrieander · a day ago
Fireworks: Bucky x Sarah, Chapter 8
I had so much fun writing the next two chapters! I think I’ll post both today, since they really do go together. Happy Saturday!
Tumblr media
Chapter 8
Sarah heard Sandhurst’s voice in her head when he was ready to enact his plan.
She wrapped her arms around Sam’s neck—with relief more than anything—and they soared out of the wretched prison they’d been in all afternoon.
She was, of course, concerned about what was coming next, but the rush of wind against her sweaty skin was delicious. For a moment, she just closed her eyes and enjoyed it.
Her shirt fluttered and her braids swung. Fresh air!
They soared toward the football stadium where a sign said, “Home of the Cougars.”
She could hear the president speaking, “There are many who might be surprised at what I’m saying. There are many who want to stop this unification. They told me to cancel this event, they told me there’s a psychopath who wants to scare us into retreat. Into submission! But I said no.”
The crowd roared in approval.
“Don’t like this,” Sam murmured.
“He even got ahold of Captain America, but I said no. No terrorist will get the best of me, and he won’t get the best of you!”
Sam’s wings beat against the air as they rocketed over the press box. Bucky! She saw him standing on the roof in black, looking right at them. His hand was to his ear as he spoke.
He bent his knees. Would he jump up to grab them, to stop Sam?
At the last second, he shook his head, looking pained.
Sarah lost sight of him as Sam’s trajectory cut to the left. The only thing higher than the stadium were the huge racks of lights.
Sarah nearly screamed, thinking that Sandhurst was going to crash the two of them straight into the frames and glass and wiring. At the last second, with a burst of height, they swooped over and Sam dropped her.
This time Sarah did scream, but she only fell a few feet before landing hard on her back. There was a small platform with rails for those who needed to service the lights, and her teeth clanked together painfully as she hit.
Her momentum made her roll. She was going to fall again—!
But she was able to grab one of the poles of the railing. She dangled. She tried to get a better grip on the pole with her sweaty right hand. With her left, she grasped the edge of the platform.
Her feet kicked uselessly. Her hands burned. She could tell she didn’t have Sandhurst’s weird power keeping her hands attached. It was all her. If she let go, she would fall.
With a chill, she realized that if Sandhurst made her let go, she would also fall.
Would he...?
A panicked glance down showed that she was still far, far above the stands. Even if the people below wanted to catch her, it would be bad.
But it seemed to be chaos below. A few were pointing up to her. If they were screaming or yelling, she couldn’t tell. Her senses were centered in her hands.
Don’t let go.
  Bucky’s heart nearly stopped when Sam dropped Sarah. He was already running the length of the press box as she screamed and nearly fell into the concrete stands far below her. He gauged the distance. His mind highlighted the ledges and angles he could use to get to her.
Sam was diving toward the stage.
Bucky knew, in a back part of his brain, that Sandhurst put Sarah in danger for this very reason. He assumed Bucky would spend valuable minutes ensuring her safety.
He was right.
Bucky jumped off the press box. He ran along the top of the third tier of stands.
But despite the chaotic noise of the crowd, now frightened and in danger of a crushing attempt to flee, he swore he could hear each shot by the secret service men as they began to fire at Sam.
They opened fire as Sam dove toward the stage. Monica was crouched over the president. Sam was using his shield to deflect bullets. Bucky didn’t think he’d been shot yet.
Damn Sandhurst for using Sam this way. For making Bucky choose.
Bucky sprinted along the edge of the curve of the stands until he was finally near the light.
The only comfort, as the firefight continued far below him and the crowd grew more panicked, was that Sam would unequivocally order him to save Sarah first.
Hang on, baby.
  Sam fought Sandhurst’s control, but it was like sand in his eyes, like a splinter under a fingernail, like growing pains when he lay in bed as a kid—no matter how you tried, you just couldn’t get a handle on it.
It hurt, it ached, it itched... where the hell was it? It was a slippery clamp on his brain.
His only comfort was that he was unarmed. Sandhurst wasn’t making him fire at the president, or, heaven forbid, at the innocent crowd. Instead, Sandhurst had him swooping toward the stage and sometimes towards the press and nearby stands, but always back towards the president.
Sam’s flight grew jerkier and more perilous the longer it went. Was Sandhurst getting tired? Distracted? Where was he?
Bullets coming at him. Nearly impossible to scan the stadium.
Sam didn’t even realize right away that his hands were free. He was automatically using the shield to protect himself.
The president was still crouched on the stage, a woman huddled over him. Her body seemed to ripple fluidly.
“Get him out of here!” Sam shouted. Could anyone hear him over the din?
 Bucky was nearly below Sarah. There were spindly metal rungs on the pole leading to the stadium lights.
He flew up them three at a time.
Didn’t bother to get on top of the platform. Used the poles and edges to go hand over hand to Sarah.
As her right hand slipped...
Bucky grabbed her wrist.
  Sarah’s gaze was locked between her feet. The risers below her. This was going to hurt.
Her fingers were nearly numb from exhaustion. Couldn’t grip any tighter.
Her eyes clenched shut.
But instead of a rush and crunching pain, a warm hand locked around her wrist.
Sarah’s head snapped up.
“Hey, Sarah.” Bucky said. He hung from his metal arm, and his real hand was holding onto her. His smile was affectionate, warm.
From adrenaline, from fear, from joy, Sarah laughed. “Good—good timing,” she gasped. She also felt tears on her face.
“I’m good like that,” he grinned. “Okay, I’m going to raise you higher. Hold onto me, best as you can. Then I can swing us to the ladder.”
The muscles in his arms bulged as he raised her up. Sarah wasn’t short or light, but he didn’t seem to struggle. When she could, her free hand reached around his neck, he swung a little, and she wrapped her legs around his. He made sure her hands were locked around his neck, then shifted hand over hand to the ladder.
“Have to admit,” he said, his mouth near her ear, “this isn’t the worst.”
Sarah huffed.
  Bucky took them down the ladder as fast as possible. As much as he loved the feeling of Sarah wrapped around him, this wasn’t the moment, and he was horribly aware that Sandhurst might make her swan dive into the parking lot at any second.
At the bottom, with both their feet planted on a safe walkway, she breathed. “Oh, Bucky. I was scared.”
“I know.” Bucky smoothed a hand over her forehead and cheek. “It’s going to be alright.”
Bucky felt her body tense up. Her face froze.
Sandhurst was taking control again.
Bucky winced. “Sorry about this.” She didn’t have time to react before he stabbed the needle through the sleeve of her shirt, into her upper arm.
Her eyes flickered fearfully downward, but in a few seconds, her face relaxed and she slumped into him.
The sedative was fast acting. Sandhurst couldn’t do anything to her when she wasn’t conscious. Jimmy had passed out these quick-inject vials, with the plan to sedate anyone with a disc.
Bucky still wanted to get to Sam, but he had another job. He hoisted Sarah up and ran back toward the press box. “Darcy, I got a disc. I’m bringing it to you. You gotta figure out how to disable these things.”
  Jimmy Woo knew when he was outclassed. Monica was protecting the president from stray ricochet bullets. Her body wavered occasionally; the president would be dead from friendly fire if not for her.
Jimmy’s chances of getting to Sam Wilson were slim to none—the man was darting down at them again and again like a bird of prey tearing strips of flesh from a carcass.
The aisles of the stadium were thronged with people. Others were trying to jump downward from row to row, but there were too many people. The tunnels that led out of each section were packed. People were being crushed against walls and railings. Somebody fell from an upper section.
Jimmy hunkered at the foot of the stage. He slithered up onto the stage and nearly into Monica’s arms. “I need this.” He grabbed the microphone headset the president wore and slid it off his head.
Sam whipped by. Jimmy dropped back to the grass field, narrowly avoiding beheading by shield.
He blew in the mic. It was live.
Holding the little wire up to his mouth, knowing this was probably stupid, but determined to try, he yelled, “QUIET!”
His voice echoed over the stadium, but he didn’t give himself time to freak out about it. He began to run—nearly double—toward the nearest edge of the field. “Quiet!” he said again.
The fight still continued, but unless he was much mistaken, the noise from the stands did seem to pause for a moment.
“This is the FBI. We will get everyone out! But a stampede will kill hundreds.” He knew not everyone could possibly hear him, but maybe enough would. “Don’t push. Don’t yell. Look around.”
He tried to remember the instructions he’d read about crowd control. “Look for children. Look for the elderly. Don’t let them fall.”
He knew crowds could be heroic. People were scared, they needed to be reminded. He saw that many other security—FBI, local police, national guard—were trying to direct the flow.
“There are officers near you. Wait your turn. If you’re falling, hold out your hands. If you see hands, pull them up.”
Jimmy climbed the stairs two at a time to the nearest stands where he saw a national guardsman.
Jimmy saw people looking around, shushing those around them.
He saw adults grabbing the hands of kids nearby, the kids who’d been brought for the meet-and-greet with the president.
He saw one man dangling from the highest level of the stands, but at least three people were pulling him back up.
He put the mic wire down. He was panting. The guardsman spared him only a quick glance. “Get back on it,” he snapped. “Keep talking.”
Jimmy took a deep breath.
  Bucky got quickly back to the press box where Darcy was set up. He jerked open the glass door and maneuvered in sideways so as not to hit Sarah’s head. It was shockingly cold inside.
Darcy was typing furiously on her keyboard. Only her fingers weren’t quite on the keys. Was she fake typing?
Bucky frowned. “Darcy, can you get the disc off—”
She turned towards him, and he realized he’d missed the only clue he was going to get. Her eyes were panicked.
He was already too close.
She slapped a disc on his good arm, where it was wrapped around Sarah’s shoulders. His arms, full of Sarah...couldn’t block in time.
Sandhurst stepped out of the next room, a bloody bandage wrapped around his leg. “Hello, Mr. Barnes.”
End of Chapter 8
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marvelzombiesrp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Name a more iconic Duo: Jane Foster & Darcy Lewis
Jane Foster might not have gotten the intern she wanted when Darcy Lewis responded to her advertisement, but she got the friend she needed. They are extremely different people, but their talents and priorities help round each other out to form the perfect team.
Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis are available for applications.
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usedkarmaficrecs · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Darcy Lewis Characters: Steve Rogers, Jane Foster (Marvel), Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark Additional Tags: WinterShock - Freeform, Fluff and Crack, Not Canon Compliant, the avengers tower is basically where everyone lives, Secret Relationship, steve is neither a blushing virgin nor a total dirty bird Summary:
Because they spend a lot of time apart, Bucky and Darcy have come up with a creative way to keep their relationship interesting. And Steve learns it doesn’t pay to be nosy.
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Just saw over on @fuckyeahdarcylewis a fic called "Queen of Sokovia" (a darcy/zemo fic). The title immediately made me think of a QuickTaser fic idea, basically a The Prince & Me AU with Pietro as the trouble making playboy son of the King and Queen of Sokovia, a small European country no ones ever heard of.
After one too many clashes with the local paparazzi, and one too many lectures from his family, including his much more serious twin sister, about his responsibilities as Crown Prince he cons them in to letting him enrol in an American university where he says he'll study political science and do some growing up away from the all the attention he gets at home. In reality he just wants to enjoy frat parties and spring break with all the beautiful college girls he sees on social media.
Through some misinformation or perhaps some sneakiness on Wanda's part Pietro winds up enrolled at Culver University, who have done away with frat row etc and has a strong feminist culture.
Cue meet ugly with Darcy, a poli sci study buddy. Slowish burn enemies to friends to lovers as Pietro does a lot of growing up after watching Darcy get into a debate with a classmate about Sokovia's tense/complicated political situation, something he's been wilfully ignorant about.
And just as he and Darcy get together/fall in love paparazzi flood the campus and catch them in an intimate moment and start referring to him as the new King of Sokovia, which is a really shitty way to learn his parents have been killed by rebels/political rivals (or something a touch less dramatic).
Pietro has to return home, mourns with his sister, and prepares for his parents funeral / his coronation.
Cut back to Darcy moping around campus. She and Pietro haven't technically broken up but they haven't exactly talked since he left either. She goes to class one day to find everyone in a tizzy over what happened in Sokovia overnight. Fearing the worst she looks it up to find a video making the rounds of Pietro abdicating the throne to his sister (in dramatic fashion).
Cue Pietro's return/their reunion.
And they lived happily ever after, perhaps flashing forward to a royal wedding so that Darcy can have her princess makeover moment.
Tumblr media
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Woo: So what, now I'm just supposed to do anything Monica does? What if she jumps off a cliff?
Darcy: If Monica were to jump off a cliff, she would have done her due diligence regarding the height of the cliff, the depth of the water, and the angle of entry. So yeah, if you see Monica jump off a cliff, by all means, jump off a cliff.
Woo: YOU jump off a cliff.
Darcy: Gladly. Provided Monica does it first.
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Winter Shock: Royal Wedding
Tumblr media
The Wedding of Queen Darcy and Sir James was a highly anticipated event. They had courted for several years following his rescue and the defeat of Hydra and there was much happiness in the kingdom over their union. A few naysayers thought she would have been better off with Sir Steven and were skeptical that Sir James was completely free of the Winter Soldier spell he had lived under for seventy years.
The Queen just laughed at these comments and teased Sir Steven about his growing romance with Lady Natasha.
“Just wait until YOUR wedding. They will be completely flummoxed.”
Delegations from Wakanda and Asgard attended the wedding, along with numerous other nobles and dignitaries.
The Queen looked beautiful in her elaborate white gown, veil and a brand new tiara lovingly crafted for her by Lord Anthony’s smiths. She was escorted down the aisle by a beaming King Thor, one of her longtime allies, whose wife, Queen Jane, had grown up with Darcy.
The palace grounds had been decorated to the hilt for the occasion, and flowers bedecked the archway where the ceremony would take place.
“Is that a tear I see in your eye?” Darcy asked the famously stoic Lord Phillip just before she made her entrance. He’d swallowed hard when he saw her in her bridal attire.
“I admit nothing, your highness,” he’d replied somewhat stiffly, making Darcy giggle.
She beamed with happiness as she made her slow March up the flower petal strewn aisle. James was waiting for her at the end of it, looking very handsome in shining armor and dark blue tunic that bore the royal crest. She vaguely noticed Sir Steven beside him, but her eyes were only for her prince. The smiths and wizards of Wakanda had made him a new metal arm that was even better than his old one and had no curses on it. What made her heart swell, however, was the complete peace in his eyes and the love in them as he watched her walk toward him. A long last, they had found the spell that would render his mind completely impervious to Hydra’s control and James was completely himself for the first time in decades.
Of course, he still carried the memories of the dark deeds the Winter Soldier had done, but he was coming to terms with the fact that he was not responsible.
She finally reached him, grinning so big her cheeks hurt.
“My prince,” she told him lovingly, as she took his hands in hers.
“My Queen,” James responded tenderly, giving her one of his beautiful smiles.
She was certain that they would live happily ever after.
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fuckyeahdarcylewis · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Thor (Movies) Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Helmut Zemo Characters: Darcy Lewis, Helmut Zemo, Other Marvel Characters Additional Tags: Porn With Plot, Choking Summary:
After the fall of Shield Baron Zemo discovers some files that lead him to a super soldier program. Once he eliminates the scientists and test subjects of the program the organisation funding it orders a hit on his wife and son.
He throws himself into the world of politics and helps Miss Lewis draft some appropriate legislation.
[A smutty what if based on my time travel fix it]
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