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No way I just saw someone say that Finn Jones is hotter than Charlie Cox...don't make me laugh. Finn is not touching Charlie in either looks and hotness nor in acting ability. The disrespect...As if Matt Murdock didn't take the world by storm just for a 1 min cameo in NWH, and Charlie was constantly getting hit tweets about how hot he is. Finn is the definition of average white man, come on now. I don't know a single person who stans Danny Rand lmao he's not on Matt Murdock's level, stop it with the blasphemy.
My reaction to seeing that one person say Finn is "hotter" than Charlie:
Tumblr media
Like it's not April Fools, stop it with the jokes!
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buckysbarrnes · a day ago
My favorite thing about Charlie Cox is that for a grown man he really has the “little puppy whose paw was accidentally stepped on by their owner and now both their paw and their feelings are hurt” look down pat. What a guy…
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rockryu · 2 days ago
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briefcasejuice · 2 days ago
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charlie cox as matt murdock in marvel's daredevil 2.01
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saintmurd0ck · 2 days ago
🌟: Frank likes to annoy Matt by abusing his senses of smell and hearing. I love your writing!!
thank you SO SO SO much for sending this in, and for complimenting my writing. the fact that you read it and enjoy it means the absolute fucking world to me.
this was a JOY to write and holy fuck i think this is dirtier than just one night 😭😮‍💨
ALSO this is kinda unedited im so excited to post regardless 🤭
join my 200 follower celebration ➶ 。˚ °
Tumblr media
stay quiet, baby | frank castle x f!reader x matt murdock
summary: you steal matt's hoodie, and so frank decides to abuse matt's sense of smell and hearing
Tumblr media
“Hey, uh, have either of you seen my hoodie?” Matt calls out, eyebrows furrowing together in frustration. “I can’t find it and it’s–”
He cocks his ear towards the bedroom, the door only slightly ajar. It’s muffled with heavy breathing and low voices, but like a pinpointed echolocation, he’s drawn to the sound. He concentrates harder, tilting his head as he pulls it apart.
“Shh, sweetheart, don’t wanna get Red all worked up, do ‘ya?” Frank grunts softly. The sound of his hand smacking your flesh. “Although,” he continues, rasping, “m’sure he can smell you. You’re a dirty girl, wearin’ his hoodie like that.” 
You make a sound Matt’s never heard before, a mewl that tents his sweatpants. Matt gulps as he walks closer to the bedroom, palming himself as his eyes roll back.
“Gonna make sure he can smell you gettin' fucked like this, when he’s wearin’ it, sweetheart?"
Matt hears your heartbeat stutter, feeling the air displacement as you nod your head. He’s close to the bedroom now, closing his eyes as he strokes himself, utterly and completely overstimulated. He knows you’re wearing his hoodie, hears every obscene thrust, Frank’s ragged breathing as he speeds up his pace, caring less about being quiet.
A shudder runs through Matt’s body as he hears you squeal, Frank driving the tip of his cock into that spot. 
“Y’like the thought of Red hearin’ you like this, sweetheart?” Frank groans as you squeeze around him with each ruthless thrust.
“Mmhm,” you moan, breathless and trembling, the sounds catching in your throat.
“I think, baby,” Frank rasps, “he’s forcin’ himself, concentratin’, to hear this. Probably has his hand on his cock right now.”
Matt bites his lip, swallowing a moan as he listens to your heart stuttering.
Frank’s voice is louder now. “Think he can hear us right now, don’t you baby?”
Matt pushes the door open, gulping as the scent of your sweat mixed with his hoodie hits, the thought of you wearing it while Frank defiles you almost too much. 
Frank’s underneath you, his thick arm across Matt’s hoodie, hand resting on your throat, while the other arm reaches around to rub your clit. 
“Matty, baby,” you croak, Frank’s grip on your throat tightening. 
You’re writhing now, arching your back, about to fall off the edge. Frank’s not holding back, every resounding smack of his hips against yours echoing in the room. Matt’s painfully hard, throat bobbing as you start to fall apart on Frank’s cock, the slick of your sweat distilling in the air.
“C’mere Red.” Frank lifts his fingers off your clit, wrapping his now free arm around your stomach, angling himself in deeper.
Matt gets on the bed, positioning himself over your aching cunt, every wet squelch of Frank’s cock driving up into you sending jolts down his spine. He flattens his tongue against your clit, licking up into a lazy circle. He can feel you dripping, hears you reaching your peak. He leans into you, pressing a kiss into your clit as his tongue darts out. 
The combination of Matt’s tongue and Frank’s cock is too much for you to bear, exploding inside you, crying out as it shatters your body. Frank stills inside you, with Matt’s mouth still on your clit, his drawn out groan heaven to your ears as you milk him dry.
“Fuck, Frank! You couldn’t have given me a warning?” Matt sputters, the smell of Frank’s cum flooding inside you overwhelming his senses.
Frank laughs dryly, relaxing his hold on you. “Oops, sorry Red.” 
Still throbbing, and even more so watching you implode, Matt grits his teeth, palming himself. “Help me out here, sweetheart?” he asks you softly as you get off Frank’s cock, cum dripping down your thighs.
“Mmhm,” you nod, “of course Matty.” 
He stifles a moan as you wrap your mouth around his cock, closing your eyes as you take all of him.
The bed dips as Frank gets up, his body shining with a mix of his sweat and your cum. “Sorry ‘bout your hoodie, Red,” he grins, clapping Matt on the back. “Try not to think of me when you wear it next, alright?”
“Go to hell, Castle,” Matt grumbles, balling his fist in your hair. 
Frank chuckles as he saunters out of the bedroom. “I’m takin’ her with me when I go.” 
Matt doesn’t even get the chance to respond before you pull him in closer, circling the tip of his cock with your tongue. 
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demibats · a day ago
matt murdock as a significant other...
18+ for sexual content. mdni.
he’s the type to memorize your coffee order at the local shop you two frequent on your lazy mornings. when you’re still asleep, he’d slip out of the apartment, cane in hand, and walk toward the cafe. he’d order your favorite and bring it back just in time as you’ve sluggishly moved out of bed and brushed your teeth
matt plans for his romantic endeavors. he likes to be prepared and know what’s ahead of him. however, he does enjoy a spontaneous date every once in a while. maybe something relaxing, like getting ice cream on your walk home from work, or maybe something a little more out there, going to a carnival on a breezy summer night
matt likes when you read to him. he knows the stack of books on your beside table changes every few months, but he relishes the moments when he gets to rest his head on your chest while you murmur the words typed on the page to him
lots of rushed, chaste kisses in the morning while he gets ready for work
any plant that enters your apartment better hope that YOU remember to water it, because matt is a plant killer
the two of you doing laundry together; matt ironing his button downs behind you on the couch, a basket of unfolded towels in front of you as you work through sorting socks
with matt’s heightened senses, you don’t keep a lot of incense or candles around the apartment in fear of him being overwhelmed or getting nauseous from a smell. of course, it’s unlikely he would, but he appreciates how considerate that is
matt going off book when cooking and hurriedly following you around as you look over the recipe pulled up on your phone. he tries convincing you that he knows what he’s doing multiple times to no avail
in the beginning of living together, you have a habit of moving things in the apartment, which makes it a slight struggle for matt who is so used to keeping one thing in one place. you both adjust quickly for the other’s comfort though
morning sex. need i really say more?
like, the morning is definitely the horniest time in your shared apartment. wakes up, groaning at his morning wood. sometimes, if the mood strikes you as well, you’ll wiggle underneath the covers and slowly take his erect length into your mouth to relieve that tension from him 
and sometimes, he’ll be the one underneath your duvet, propped up between your legs with his tongue against your clit. if the mood strikes him, which frequently it does
matt likes watching movies with you because you’ll describe what’s going on to him sometimes, despite the fact he most certainly can hear what’s happening
‘so, the one redhead kid fell into the chocolate pond, and he can’t swim-’
your after-meal routine consists of you taking care of leftovers, matt washing the soiled dishes and then you drying them. you both will put them away, though
matt buys you flowers every sunday. kind of his own day of worship type deal going on here
his gift giving game is like no other. he’s always so specific and intentional when purchasing gifts for his sweetheart, whether it’s something you mentioned in passing months ago, or something he’d overheard you discussing with foggy
matt loves learning and hearing about customs and traditions your family practices. whether it’s cultural or religious or both, he adores hearing how passionate you can get, and how important that is to you
he’s respectful of your space, but he cherishes communication. if something is bothering either one of you, he wants it to be discussed so you can work through the best course of action to tackle the problem at hand
taking bubble baths and drinking wine together 🥺
he calls you on his way home from the office, and you typically call him as well
when it rains, you crack your windows and listen to the rain together on your couch, eyes closed, his head in your lap. he enjoys when you rake your fingers through his hair and massage his scalp. it could almost put him to sleep
matt is the kind of partner who will lay next to you for a while early in the morning, just listening to you take breaths while sleeping. it’s kind of mesmerizing how awestruck he is just by listening to your soft snores
matt definitely sings in the shower. not loudly but you can sometimes hear him when you pass the bathroom door. and when he knows you’re outside listening, he’ll sing in the tune of whatever song he’s singing, something like ‘i know you’re listening to me singing Y/N’
the walls of the apartment used to be pretty bare until you moved in together. now there are few things, photos of you and matt together, little tapestries and paintings; not much but just enough to feel like home
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pinkandblueblurbs · 2 days ago
free use
matt murdock x foggy nelson x fem!reader. roommates, established fwb/free use agreement, threesome, slight angry sex, rough sex, d/s dynamic, throat fucking, light bratting, choking.
word count: 1.2k
You know your services are going to be needed as soon as you hear the door to the apartment get thrown open. Foggy’s bag hits the floor of the entryway with a distinct thud, and two pairs of dress shoe clad feet move across the hardwood and towards the kitchen.
“Get out here, sweetheart!” Matt calls, voice a note lower than usual, gruff and impatient. You’re up off the bed in an instant, novel forgotten, and you make your way into the living room to see the man yanking his tie loose from his collar. His jaw is set, his temple pulsing. You know you’re in for a fun night.
As soon as you’re close enough Foggy’s grabbing you by your waist and pulling you in for a deep, heavy kiss. There’s no slow start like there usually is with him- he’s all heat and fervor, and you can taste his frustration seeping into your tongue.
“God, I missed you,” he groans into your mouth, hands running up your sides, groping at your flesh. All you can do is pant, breathless from the kiss.
You can hear the buckle of Matt’s belt clicking as he undoes it and frees the leather from its loops. After another brief kiss, Foggy pulls away.
“On your knees.” It’s Matt who orders it while his hands swiftly free his half-hard member. Feeling bold, you instead lean up for a kiss from him, but your tongue doesn’t even make it inside his mouth before he’s wrapping a hand around the column of your throat and pulling you away from him.
“I said get on your knees.” He growls. His tone of voice tells you exactly how little patience he has tonight. You bite your lip, whining softly at being denied a kiss, but offer him a useless nod regardless before sinking to your knees.
“That’s better.” As praise goes it isn’t much, but it’s still enough to make your cunt pulse. He taps the head of his cock against your lips in a nonverbal demand for entry, and you let them slacken, your tongue rolling out like a red carpet.
He’s pushing into your mouth right away, allowing you to close your lips around his tip and suckle. You draw a low groan out of him with your ministrations.
It doesn’t take long before one of his hands finds the back of your head and he pushes you down, his length sliding down your throat until it forces you to gag. He holds you there, his head thrown back, brows cinched in pleasure, just enjoying the feeling of your restricting muscle. After another gag salty tears are spilling over your waterline, and you can tell he smells them by the way his cock twitches.
His other hand comes down then to grip the sides of your head, and he starts to pull you up and down on his cock, hips snapping forwards to meet you. He fucks your throat like you’re a cock sleeve, ignoring the way you choke and whine, purely chasing his own pleasure.
“Come on, Matt.” Foggy says after a while, drawing your attention back to him. You can just make out the blurry image of him, cock now in hand, through your tears. “You don’t get to have all the fun with her.”
Matt pulls out, his cock making a lewd sound as it slips free from your throat, and he guides you up to your feet with a scalp-stinging pull to your hair.
“Go on, get on the sofa. Hands and knees.” He’s not usually so blunt, but nonetheless you scramble to comply. You position yourself so your head faces the armrest, and Foggy walks around to your front while Matt makes his way behind you.
Matt runs a hand down over the crest of your ass to the small of your back, feeling the curvature of your spine. He clicks his tongue before grabbing your hips in a firm grip and lifting, angling you in a deeper arch. “Up, sweetheart. Give Foggy a nice view.”
“Thanks, buddy.” Foggy’s smirking, one hand massaging at the back of your head while the other reaches across you to give your ass a smack. “You’re always looking out for me.”
He looks down at you, and his gaze softens. “You’re so pretty like this, angel.”
You open your mouth to thank him, but at that moment Matt runs two thick fingers up your slit then plunges them into your pussy, and all that comes out is a stuttered gasp.
“You got this wet from my cock in your throat?” Matt taunts, thrusting his fingers at a steady, already unforgiving pace. You whimper out a shaky “mhm,” and in front of you, Foggy grins.
“That shouldn’t be a big surprise, Matt. You know she’s desperate for it, it doesn’t matter how you give it to her.” He angles his own cock downwards, towards your panting lips. “Isn’t that right, baby?”
“Yes,” you gasp out before encircling the tip of his cock with your lips, sucking needily and moaning at the taste of the salty precum on his tip. Foggy throws his head back, muttering a curse under his breath.
Matt’s fingers leave you, delivering a quick smack to your clit that has you yelping around Foggy’s girth. Then his thick cock is pushing inside you swiftly, and he immediately starts up a punishing pace.
You can feel the man’s frustration coming out in his hard, deep thrusts- your ass slaps loudly against his skin every time he yanks you back to meet him, and his fingertips mark bruises into your hips.
Foggy starts thrusting shallowly into your mouth, just barely grazing the back of your throat. His hands come out to hold firmly at the side of your head, and his brows are furrowed with the same pent-up energy that Matt has.
“Goddamn, I needed this.” Foggy grits out, looking down at your wet-eyed face with an overt hunger. He pushes forward deeper, holding you in place as you gag around his length. Behind you, Matt groans lowly at the way the action has you clenching around him.
“I think she did too. Didn’t you, sweetheart?” Matt reaches over you and grabs a fistful of your hair, pulling you off of Foggy’s dick and up so your back is pressed to his chest. “You were certainly ready for us when we got here.”
“A-always ready for you,” you moan out, the stinging pressure his firm grip causes on your scalp only adding to your pleasure. Foggy steps up onto the couch in front of you, stroking his cock rapidly and reaching down to grope at your breasts. “‘M always ready for you to use.”
“That’s a good fucking girl.” Matt growls in your ear, one hand moving from your hip to stroke your clit while the other travels from your hair to curl around the column of your neck. The added stimulation has your toes curling. “You like being our little toy, don’t you?”
“Yes, Matt.” Your walls are starting to flutter, the coil of arousal tightening in your stomach. Matt’s breathing is growing more ragged, growled sounds escaping with every exhale.
“Open your mouth, baby. Show me your tongue.” Foggy orders above you. Your mouth falls open obediently, and his follows soon after, letting out a groan at the sight.
Matt gives one final, deep thrust inside you, and you moan as warmth fills you, his release filling up your cunt. His hand tightens around your throat deliciously and his fingers never stop their swift circles on your clit. He manages to pull you over the edge right behind him.
Mere moments later Foggy moans, and thick ribbons of cum shoot from his cock, painting your tongue, chin and breasts. You keep your eyes trained on him, watching the way his chest heaves and his eyes squeeze shut in pleasure while you ride out the last waves of your own orgasm.
Matt has relaxed behind you, his hand resting lightly on your hip, the other trailing down to rub a rope of Foggy’s cum into the soft skin of your breast.
“How pretty does she look like this? Covered in cum?” Matt murmurs to Foggy. The blond looks down, a satisfied smile on his face.
“She looks absolutely incredible. Like a true fuck doll.” You feel your cheeks warming at his comment, and behind you, Matt hums.
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Best Trio>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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klauswalz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You once tried to save my soul. I'm sorry there was never anything there worth saving.
happy birthday mattelektras
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cardigan-ns · a day ago
Hi! I don't know if you're taking requests, but if you are. Could you write a morning fic where Matt Murdock's S/O is not a morning person, and for the first hour-ish they're awake they mostly grunt. And steal all of the hugs lol.
Thank you if you decide to write this!
Heyy!! This is the most adorable thing ever- I tried my best, hopefully you enjoy. Also sorry it took so long…
It’s quite short.
Pairing: Matt Murdock x Gn!Reader
Summary: requested above.
Note: requests appreciated :)
Tumblr media
Every night when you stayed over, Matt was almost scared for the morning to arrive, the morning where you would cling to him tightly and not wake up until late in the afternoon- he was surprised at how long you could sleep. He, however liked to wake up at the same time every day to give it structure, although Matt loved his rest, he also loved being awake. Unlike his beloved partner.
Matt woke up just before his daily alarm sounded, making sure to turn it off so it wouldn’t wake you. He felt your cold breath on his chest where you lay, the pair of you were so close, legs tangled within each other and arms resting over the others waist. He leaned down to kiss your head which made you stir, oh no… he thought to himself, he’s awakened the bear. You groaned as you were brought back to reality, kindly woken by a simple kiss, you moved slightly on Matt’s chest and he smiled widely at your frustration. “Good morning-” he tried to speak but he was met with your finger on his lips shushing him so you had silence to fall back into a deep sleep. You buried yourself deeper into his warm body, the bedsheets barely staying on each of your half naked form. “Matt, baby let me sleep.” You spoke, peppering light kisses to his chest, you mumbled a quiet, “I love you,” as you did so.
He sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to win this time and he might as well let you rest. “Alright.” He replied turning you over so that you were now lying on his pillow nearest to the wall as he was about to turn round the opposite way. You shot up, now confused as to why he stopped cuddling you, you rubbed your forehead, your hand feeling heavy as you were being overtaken by tiredness. Matt has already slipped on some earphones as to listen to a recent case he was working on, you admired him for a moment, working while ‘letting you sleep’ he knows that you always slept better with him holding you, or you holding him. You leaned over to the man beside you and took the earphone out of his ear, he quickly turned over to you, grabbing your hand. Reflexes. You just huffed at him, pulling his arm over to you, hoping he’d understand what you were hinting at.
“Sweetheart what is it?” He asked kindly, worrying if something has happened in the 5 seconds of him releasing you from his hold. You then buried your face in his neck, running your fingers along his chest repeatedly, just the way he liked. “Hold me?” You asked him, with more of a whine rather than normal speech. Matt’s small laugh vibrated through his chest, you felt it through your ear, it made you smile. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you wanted cuddles.” He pulled you closer to him and rubbed your back, soothing you back into a calming state. “I’m sorry” you mumbled into the crook of his neck, it tickled him slightly. He furrowed his brows in confusion at what you were getting at, “What are you apologising for, sweetie?” He asked you, his free hand combing through your hair, you huffed, “-for being so grumpy every morning, I can’t help it. I just love staying in bed with you.” You began peppering kisses all over his neck and face and Matt bit his lip to hide the eagerness creeping onto his face.
He loved you so much. Even if you were a bear every morning…
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erosso · a day ago
alarm clock — f.c
contents: fluff, Frank x fem!reader, husband!frank, wife!reader, early morning snuggling, bit of sensual touches?
word count: 689
[ in which you and Frank cuddle in bed before the alarm clock goes off. ]
Tumblr media
Letting out a small groan, you realized you had woken up just before your alarm clock went off. The soft orange glow of the sun seeps through your translucent curtains, a ray catching your eye and dancing its way to the side of your face as you begin to shift in your spot.
The hand that was lying lazily on your hip, begins to firm its grip, making you break a slight smile.
“Sorry, my love. I didn’t mean to wake you,” you turn to him. His cheek is kissing the pillow. His eyes are still shut, a small pout forming on his lips due to the raised edge of the pillow. You bend one arm up to lean the side of your face on, your other hand grazing its fingertips just enough to feel the texture of his warm skin. You see him give a sly smirk, “What?” You laugh quietly at his reaction.
“Nothin’,” his eyes flutter open, taking his hand off your hip, bringing the back of it to your cheek. You lean into it and close your eyes for a moment.
He loved the way your body melted within his touch. They way you’d stutter when he would look into your eyes, he loved it. He loved you. He couldn’t get enough of you. His fingers were always so eager to press the meat of your thigh through sleepless nights. Frank would do anything for you, and you- for him.
The tip of his nose was nearing the crook of your neck, slightly feathering your skin. You give a smile, trying not to push out a small laugh, but he notices, “What… hm?” He chuckles at your reaction. He knows you're sensitive in the area, he gets closer, tickling your skin with the tips of his teeth.
“Frank-” you smile, trying to push him away, but your hand slips to the base of his bare peck. Your cheeks start to get warm. You’ve seen him like this a million times, but he knows how much you get flustered by just the mere thought of his chest.
He stops in his tracks, looking back at you with a devilish look, “Gettin’ so worked up… this early in mornin’?”
He looks down at your hand still on his chest. Grabbing the finger where your promises to each other laid, his mouth softly grips at the base of your finger. His deep eyes shoot up at you, looking carefully at your movements. Your breath hitches at the sensation of the wetness that engulfs the base of the skin. He finally, yet slowly, releases your flesh from his sinful lips.
Gently laying your hand down, he brings his thumb and pointer finger to his mouth, pulling out the silver band from his teasing smirk, “This here,” he twists the slightly wet metal between his fingertips, “this means you're mine. Ain’t that right, love?”
You lock eyes on him, and God, he’s perfect. The shivers he sends down your spine make this even more real. You can feel yourself start to get excited. It’s still only morning and yet here you are trying to stay calm and unbothered by his actions. But the way his eyes turn a hazel from the rays sneaking in, it makes you slightly grip the sheets.
“Frank,” you begin, eyeing the ring in hand, “your mine, let’s get that straight.”
He gives a chuckle, slipping the ring back on your finger, “Yeah, ya right ‘bout that.”
He reaches for your pink tinted cheek, but slips down to grasp the base of your jaw, he tilts it up, ever so softly tracing his thumb over your bottom lip, “Ya know,” he starts off, getting closer to your lips, he sneaks glances at you as he nearing, “you’re so goddamn beautiful.” You smile, finally tasting the warmth of his fiery lips.
“You sure about that Frankie?” You question, raising a playful brow. He’s about to answer, but the alarm clock finally blares. You grin, “you can finish your thought tonight, hm?” You whisper close to his lips.
He’s mischievous about your request, and he loves we’re it’s going, “Attagirl.”
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buckysbarrnes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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noctnis · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
when the matt foggy uh when the
(image id in the alts!)
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briefcasejuice · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
canonically fat ass
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ratastropic · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some super speedy doodles in between study sessions , look I just know foggy would be such a dog guy , give the man a dog.
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dyns33 · 2 days ago
Daredevil : "... What was that ?" 
Deadpool : "What was what ? The wind ?" 
Daredevil : "I heard someone." 
Spiderman : "My spidey sense is tickling, but it's always tickling around Wade and Moon Knight." 
Daredevil : "It was a voice. A weird voice. Only a whisper. Calling us worms." 
Moon Knight : "... You can hear Khonshu ?" 
Deadpool : "Oh man, Matty is hearing God !" 
Daredevil : "Blasphemy !" 
Moon Knight : "Khonshu says..." 
Daredevil : "I know. I heard. I don't care, he's wrong." 
Spiderman : "I'm guessing he's mad at the comment. With all the wind now." 
Moon Knight : "Do like me and try to ignore him, DD." 
Daredevil : "... He often threatens to kill you ?" 
Moon Knight : "All the time." 
Deadpool : "Oh, he's like Yellow and White, they would love each other. Real assholes. I wish I had a Steven, it would be nicer." 
Spiderman : "Not a Jake ?" 
Deadpool : "I'm Jake." 
Daredevil : "The Pagan God says that you are not." 
Deadpool : "Fuck you, big bird !" 
Spiderman : "Wade, stop punching the wind." 
Moon Knight : "Khonshu is not even in this corner."
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matt-erialgirl · a day ago
I'm gonna go for C-12!
Thank you my love!!
C-12: “ I never even dreamed that you would ever feel the same way”
“I sent the flowers,” you grumbled to your boss and good friend, Matt, as you leaned against his office door, not bothering to hide the annoyance in your voice, “note and all.”
“Thank you,” Matt responded, “you got the—”
“Orchids,” you cut him off, “yes.”
Matt’s fingers halted over the sheet in his hand, his head tilting slightly in your direction as he tried to figure out what it is he could hear in your voice.
“Is something wrong?” He asked you, his voice sincere and immediately making you feel terrible for not trying to mask the resentment in your voice.
Matt was never just another friend to you, he was so much more. You had all these elaborate feelings for him that you never thought you would ever find the courage to admit to him and he had no idea. So when he asked you to have a bouquet of orchids delivered to an address and proceeded to tell you what to write in the card, you couldn’t suppress your disappointment.
“No,” you lied, “just tired, that’s all. Thank God it’s Friday, right?”
“Come in and shut the door,” Matt told you softly, “please.”
With a shaky sigh, you did as he asked and made his way over to lean against the side of his desk. 
“Now try again,” Matt spoke, his voice warm and soothing, “but without lying this time.”
Your fingers picked at a frayed thread on the hem of your sleeve nervously. It’s not like you couldn’t lie again, you just had this eerie feeling that he’d know. 
“I got jealous,” you finally admitted, shrugging your shoulders, “the flowers, the suggestive note. It bothered me.”
“Do- do you have feelings for me?” Matt asked you, his eyebrows shooting up his forehead as he did.
You chewed on your lip for a moment, pondering your answer. You already admitted you were jealous, might as well keep up the honesty streak. 
“I do,” you answered honestly, “and I don’t expect anything, honestly. I know it’s not convenient, to work with someone you’re romantically involved with. You just asked me to be honest and I am now. I just don’t think—”
“Breathe for a moment,” Matt interrupted your monologue, his hand reaching out to hold yours gently, the gesture making your heart skip a beat in your chest, “you aren’t even going to give me the chance to respond?”
“I don’t have to wait for you to tell me that you never thought of me that way,” you whispered, almost too embarassed to say this aloud.
“What?” Matt asked incredulously, standing up to his feet and coming around to stand in front of you, “sweetheart, the only reason I never said anything is I never even dreamed that you would ever feel the same way about me. I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first day I heard you say my name.”
You were rendered speechless, you were just staring now.
“But the flowers—”
“That’s nothing that matters,” Matt reassured you, his thumb rubbing circles into the back of your hand, “so, let me take you out on a nice date. Is that something you’d like too?”
“Yes,” you nodded, a smile tugging on your lips.
“I’ll bring you lillies.” 
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saintmurd0ck · 6 hours ago
no thoughts just picturing frank and matt eating your pussy at the same time because you yelled at them for arguing 
imagine them shouldering each other out the way in between your thighs trying to get a better angle than the other 
also their tongues obvs collide a couple times and matt just says 'fuck it' and kisses frank fully on the mouth and you're like 'i'm so glad you guys are getting along x'
kitty you somehow manage to read all the scenarios in my head and condense them into perfectly summarised thots. i had a shitload of fun writing this (god do i love their dynamic), and i hope you enjoy xoxox
join my 200 follower celebration ➶ 。˚ °
Tumblr media
shut up, the both of you | frank castle x f!reader x matt murdock
summary: you think of the perfect way to make frank and matt get along after a particularly challenging day
Tumblr media
You’ve had enough. 
The constant bickering, the back-and-forth, the whatever the fuck happens when Matt and Frank are left alone for too long.
You’re on the rooftop, stewing, pacing, wondering how to get them to shut up, while the sun blasts down on you, bitter wind biting against your skin. For the time being, this place is your quiet zone, your solace, ironically, from the two men you love the most. You’ve never felt safer with anyone else, but God, you need a quiet place sometimes when their one-ups and dick measuring gets a little too much.
Still, you know they love each other, fights and all. It's in the little things, from the way Frank takes Matt’s suits to the dry-cleaners, to the way Matt makes Frank coffee in the morning.
And from the way they treat you in bed?
Yeah, they love each other.
Your quiet scheming is interrupted by the harsh creaking of the metal roof door, squinting through the sun's glare to see who’s coming through.
Matt’s aftershave is carried straight to you by the wind before he even steps foot near you. He looks flustered, hair a little out of place, his shirt wrinkled. And the bruise on his cheek. What the hell did they get up to, in the ten minutes you were up here?
You press your lips together as Matt comes towards you, pulling you in to kiss your forehead.
“You okay, sweetheart? Why are you up here?” he asks, voice filled with concern.
You jump as Frank kicks the door open, cursing at it on his way through. “Stupid fuckin’ door, this.”
Coming towards you in large strides, Frank looks pissed, a purple bruise on his face matching Matt's. He’s lifting his hand, pointing a finger at Matt, his other hand curled into a fist. Matt tilts his head at you, at the grumble that comes out of your mouth. 
“M’sick of your shit, Red! Let me do my damn thing!” Frank growls, a muscle twitching in his jaw.
Matt steps away from you, chest puffed out, pointing his own finger towards Frank. “Don’t pull this shit, Castle. I told you what I’d do to you if I found another empty milk carton in the fridge.”
Scowling, you clap your hands together, bringing them up to your face. 
“Oh yeah, Red? What’s that, huh?” Frank spits, balling his fist in Matt’s shirt. “I told you, it reminds me to get more.” 
That’s it. The thread behind your eyes, fraying and wearing thin, snaps.
“Seriously you two,” your voice is dangerously low, “shut the fuck up.”
Releasing his grip, Frank and Matt turn towards you, their own faces furrowed.
“Shut the fuck up,” you breathe, pressing your nails into your palms. “Everywhere I go, anything I do, I can hear you two. Can I have some peace, even for a second? Holy fucking shit.”
Matt shoots you an apologetic look, Frank joining with a sheepish grin. 
“M’sorry doll,” Frank mutters, hand rubbing the back of his head.
You’re firm. “No.”
Frank looks like he’s been shot. “No?”
“No. You two are gonna learn to get along. Downstairs, now,” you snap. 
Moments later, you’re a squirming mess, toes curling, hands fumbling to grab at the sheets beneath you. You blink through your haze, staring at them through your eyelashes, between your legs. The moans fall from your mouth easily, at the sight of two tongues working on you, one lapping at your clit while the other slips inside you. And you’re greedy, bucking your hips against them, in a way to get more, more of their tongues on you, circling you, inside you.
Your face is scrunched, your back arched impossibly against the mattress, as Matt flicks your clit, the stroke of his tongue gentle yet firm, while Frank licks a flat strip up your centre, the broadness of his tongue leaving no spot untouched. 
Their movements become erratic as they shoulder each other, Frank trying to get a better angle on your pussy. 
You’re not having any of this.
Lifting your hands either side of you, the sheets all bunched up from your grip, you grab Frank and Matt’s hair, forcing them back together between your legs.
“Behave,” you order, groaning as Frank kisses up your thigh, hooking your leg on his shoulder. He ignores you, pushing Matt out of the way, only to take Matt's place on your clit.
Matt sucks his cheeks in, contemplating his next move.
Your eyes fly open as Matt dives right back on you, the sensation of two tongues licking in tandem almost exploding in you right then and there. Your body contracts, pulsating at their tongues, undoubtedly colliding with each other in their fight to give you pleasure.
The warmth on your clit is suddenly torn away, Frank staring at Matt in a mix of disbelief and anger. “Gonna give me any space, Red?” 
Matt tilts his head towards you, a half-smirk forming on his face. "You want us to get along right?"
You shoot him a quizzical look before nodding.
“Yeah? Well fuck it,” Matt mutters, capturing Frank's face in his hands, pressing his lips into Frank’s, slipping his tongue in.
Frank tears away, pushing Matt’s chest, eyes wide. “The hell was that, Red?!”
You bite back the laugh that rises from your chest, watching as a wicked grin grows on Matt’s face. “Oops.”
Shaking his head, Frank elbows Matt out of the way, your eyes rolling back as his tongue finds you again.
"Least I got him to shut up," Matt chuckles, grunting as Frank elbows him in the side.
You jerk your head at Matt, his smug grin still stretching wide.
Everything feels right again as his tongue joins Frank’s on your pussy, bringing you closer to your peak.
A soft groan slips past your lips as your hands find their heads again. “I’m so glad you guys are finally getting along.”
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bau-jj · 18 hours ago
Stolen/Possibly Stolen Daredevil Works
I came across a post calling out stolen Moon Knight works and the author of one of them has a book of stolen Matt Murdock smut (also the person uploading them to wattpad is a minor)
here’s the link so everyone can check it out and make sure their work hasn’t been stolen
tagging a few i saw in the book: @gxtitobxby @mindidjarin @saintmurd0ck @mattmurdockspainkink @murdock-barnes @murdocksluvrr @freshabogados
reblog so people can double check that their work isn’t stolen
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pastafossa · 2 days ago
So my DD figure arrived.
Sis: "This won't be your favorite I don't think."
Me: "What? Why?"
Sis: "They forgot to include Matt's ass and I know how much you love his ass."
They really did forget the ass though. 💀
Tumblr media
Non-canonical ass aside, he's awesome!
Tumblr media
And I've already had a little fun.
Tumblr media
Anyway the DD shrine has reached max capacity, I need shelves. 😂 please pardon the non-DD itty bitty plushes i have nowhere to put them rn
Tumblr media
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