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#dark! bucky barnes

Little Minx


*This is a one-shot *


Pairings: Steve Rogers/Reader, Bucky Barnes/Reader, Steve Rogers/Reader/Bucky Barnes 

Word count: 4031

Warnings: Dubcon, Smut, Sex Pollen, Oral sex M & F, Fingering, Multiple Orgasms, Threesome, Cussing, Spanking

Summary: ‘Multiple Partners writing prompt for @sherrybaby14‘ “Dark!Steve drugs the reader with sex pollen and has his way with her multiple times. Bucky finds out what Steve is doing and tries to convince him that it is wrong. But, once Steve shows Bucky how good the reader is during drugged sex he can’t help but have his way with her too.”

Thank you to @pagesoflauren for beta reading this

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Reblogs & Comments on Tumblr are welcomed and encouraged. It helps me grow as a writer so I would love feedback.

Reposts to other social media sites and apps are NOT allowed.

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tulips and victoria lilies [2]

[part one]

Steve x Fem! Reader x Bucky

Word count: idk, it’s like, just there.

Warnings: tense shifting, anal, smut, unedited and dubcon.


Originally posted by 3intheam

“Y/N,” Steve started, his hand is on the small of your back as he brings you from his side to the front of him. He’s so much larger than you, his chest is warm against your back; your cotton shirt is no protection against all he is. But right now, he’s as young as you’ve ever seen him, vulnerable even as he introduces you to this man whose face you’ve already seen in history books. “This is Bucky. My best friend.” He said, and you hear the smile in his voice.

You smile at him, Bucky, he has a small, broken thing that might be smile on his face in return. He’s looking at you in a way that you’re unsure about. You stretch your hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

He accepted it, you can tell by his grip he’s trying not to hold you too hard. It’s slack but he holds your hand in his nonetheless. “Are you staying for dinner, doll?”

“Oh,” you weren’t sure, you glanced at Steve for guidance. It was his night to plan the date. His blue eyes wink at you as he nods. “I guess we are.”

You were hoping for a night alone with Steve, after all, you’d been so busy with getting back to school for your Masters and working at the flower shop and he with his Avenging, that you’d barely had time for anything but a few quickies and coffee dates. But you were still happy that you were in that stage of the relationship that he’d want to introduce to the people he cared about. Steve has already introduced himself to your family, your aunt and he’d known about your parents. In fact, it felt like he had cemented his way into your life with an unsightly permanence for a relationship so young. It felt good to be cared about so much but it also felt unsettling. You should be glad someone wanted you with such feverish temper. Right? But sometimes, his love seemed to threaten to strangle you. You could not breathe, you buckled beneath the pressure of his caring. But would you rather a life without it? No. Never.

The dinner went well, Bucky regaled you with many stories that left Steve with pink ears and you with a burning belly from all the laughter.

That night had ended with Steve driving you back to the flowershop and slowly fucking you until you cried for relief.

From your room, the neon lights of the outside bathed the both of you. Drenched in love and sweat as you gazed at each other. Steve always looked so good in the afterglow of rocking you to the end. In the few months of your relationship you’d grown to admire him most of all when undone. Here, he became something else that he did not allow himself to become otherwise. Steve appeared in all of the young man that he actually was rather than the seasoned Captain he was forced to portray. This was the man you loved.

“You’re so beautiful,” you blurted out. Embarrassment flooded your cheeks and afterwards you tried to hide your face in the sweat of his chest. He smells like you and lemon. The scent of the bath wash your recently bought.

Steve pulled your face up, he forced you to look him in the eyes. Blue meet y/e/c as a smile, slow and handsome creeps upon his face. He is lovely even with the unnatural red of the neighboring lights.

“I love you.” It’s the first time he’s said it. Tears burned your eyes because when has anyone besides your mother said this to you with such earnest genuineness.

The words barely make it out of your throat, your heart is so full and is beating so fast you can barely think. “I love you too, baby.”

It’s easy to get you on your back, Steve doesn’t even have to strain to move you when your so liquid after all the orgasms he’d forced from you. You gasped at the sight of him above you. Blonde hair and tanned skin glowing red, usually Steve looked so angelic to you but tonight it felt as if the devil himself was above you.

So beautiful and strong, it was an allure you thought you’d never felt when you met him.

“Spread your pussy for me, baby.” Steve whispered, and in the light you could see his massive hand tugging his thick cock.

You did as you were told, the sticky state creating a sound effect as you passed your fingers in and out of your pussy for him. Steve groaned as he eyed the glistening lips and the drenched state of your fingers. “You wet for me, huh baby?”

You were never overly vocal about it but you nodded hysterically almost making the satin bonnet Steve had slipped onto your head fall off as you squirmed. You knew how much he loved seeing you get yourself off to him. “Yes, baby,”

Steve hummed, tugging at his cock some more. “You want this? Where do you want it?”

In the tiniest of shy whispers, you replied. “I want it inside me, baby.”

“Want me to fuck that tight pussy, huh?” He teased, but as he lowered his hips your fingers slipped out and allowed for him to fill you again.

Steve sunk deep into you, causing to scream – you were already so sensitive and filled with this constant want for him.

Oh, you really did love your devil.


“Pass me the blueberries, honey,” you requested of him.

Without looking Steve handed them to you, staring at the television while you both ate breakfast. Honestly, both of you were stuck on the news. COVID-19 had reached a peak in New York and the Governor had recommended a period of “self-isolation”. Which was really just a softer way of saying quarantine.

“I need to call, Bucky,” he told you, leaning over to plant a kiss on your lips. You tasted of fruit and the slight spearmint of your toothpaste. “Where did I leave my phone?”

You pointed to the table by the bedroom door, right where his pants were. Last night you’d both been in such a hurry to be naked that he’d forgotten how you both left clothes all over. Steve rant Bucky’s contact quickly, still ever so amazed at the technology in his hand.


Steve rolled his eyes. “I think I found a way.”

Bucky sighed, he didn’t know why Steve didn’t give it a break. Yes, he wanted to be apart of you just as much as Steve was but he knew no matter the century that that was still something odd. “Steve this is getting ridiculous –”

“I’ve seen the way you look at her Buck.”

“I look at every attractive woman like that,”

“No, no. I’m not talking about that and you know it.”

On the other line, Steve heard his friend heave a heavy sigh. He sounded exhausted. Good. That meant less of a fight. “What’s the plan?”


“Are you sure he won’t mind?”

That was the first thing Bucky heard you say about the whole thing; he was not eavesdropping as the two of you spoke outside of the Brownhouse. The two of you had met numerous other times outside of the dinner but never spent a full two weeks together like you would now in mandatory quarantine. Bucky had found you attractive from the first time Steve had shown you to him; and that had been weeks before Steve had actually even spoken to you.

Then, you’d sparked an old familiar attraction in him that reminded him of being seventeen and asking girls out. But Steve had already laid claim to you, and Bucky was a good friend before anything else - especially to Steve. Which was why when Steve suggested sharing you with him, he’d been flabbergasted.

“Just once?” He’d asked.

Steve shook his head. “No.”

The stubborn blonde hadn’t elaborated on that. 

“He won’t, doll,” Steve reassured her, before rapping at the door. Bucky stilled himself from opening right away, linger for two minutes before he opened the door. He wondered why Steve hadn’t just used his key.

“Hey, guys,” he greeted, opening the door wide enough for the two of them to pass. You step in first, holding a small, purple duffel back of your hygiene and beauty things. 

“Hey, Bucky!” you greet with a smile, taking off your shoes by the rack before taking a seat on the couch. You flicked on the television and saw your worst fear materialized. The boys didn’t have a Netflix or Hulu. With a sigh, you logged into yours because God knows if you were going to stay here for however long – you were gonna have your shows.

You heard Steve sigh behind you. “I’m gonna go put her things down in my room,” he told Bucky.

Beside you, the couch took a dip and you smiled at Bucky. “How’s it going, Sarge?”

Bucky shrugged. “I’m living through my second plague. Things could be better.”

You threw your head back and laughed, smacking his beefy shoulder. “But you were a baby then!”

He smirked. You liked his dry humor, it was very easy to laugh with Bucky. “Still counts.”

“No, it doesn’t! I was alive when Titanic came out. But god knows I never saw in theatres!”

Titanic?” He questioned, metal fingers running through his short hair. “They made a movie about that?”

You shook you head. “Alright, you’re – we’re definitely watching it tonight.”

“What are we watching?” Steve asked, as he entered the room with a thump.

Titanic!” You exclaimed before lacing your hand with Bucky. You squeezed his larger hand. “Can you believe he’s never seen it?”

Steve’s face twisted, as he plopped down beside you. The two, warm, massive shoulders crushed you but you didn’t mind. It felt cozy. “They made a movie outta it?”

Bucky sighed at the feel of your body pressed to his. You were warm and smelt of cinnamon and felt soft against his hard body. You wriggled against him as you tried to find the movie. Your back was against his side and your legs were thrown over Steve’s thighs. Bucky notices how his fingers strum along the back of your knees and how your bare toes curl at the touch. Your sensitive, he notes, unfurling his right arm over your shoulder. A sweet scented curl brushes his fingertips - it’s soft and shiny, he can’t help but inhale the honey smell.

He doesn’t realize that he’s fully inhaling your hair until he glances up and sees the sparkling eyes of Steve staring at him. As if to say, I told you so. Bucky mutters a fuck you, before retracting and standing. “I’ll go get us some snacks before the movie starts.”

You nod, still trying to figure your way around their tv. Not your fault, it was the latest of Stark technology. You just had a shitty JVC at home – but if these dinosaurs could figure it out, why not you?

Soon enough, Bucky was back and you’d loaded up the movie. Snuggling into his side, you nibbled on the snacks he’d brought out. Bucky was the kind of person you could easily relax around. He had welcomed you and made you feel apart of the tight knit friendship.

“Can’t believe Sam didn’t make you guys watch this.” You pointed out. “He made y’all watch Catwoman but not this. I am disgusted.”

“I liked Catwoman.” Bucky whined.

Steve echoed with a nod. “Me too.”

You rolled your eyes. You were pretty sure why they both liked it and it wasn’t for the story and the representation. “I loved it. But not Titanic? This, this is a modern classic.”

You’d all quieted down after that, watching the movie in relative silence. The end approached and you couldn’t help but tear up. You’d avoided it for years because of how it’s make you cry.

You quietly sobbed into Bucky’s shoulder and Steve rubbed your back. He’d grown accustomed to your emotional reaction to films. Bucky in the other hand had stiffened considerably.

You hadn’t noticed though, sniffling as the credits rolled and you untangled from them. “I’m gonna go wash my face and take a nap,” you announced patting Bucky’s shoulder and planting a kiss on Steve’s cheek. “Your room is the first one on the left right, babe?”

Steve nodded.

When the super soldiers heard the door close, they shared a look between themselves.

Steve spoke first. “You two are close.”

Bucky raised a brow. Metal hand scooping a handful of popcorn into his mouth. “Isn’t that what you wanted?” He asked.

Steve shrugged. His neck looked stiff. “I did.” He sighed. “But not as friends.”

“Jesus Christ, Stevie,” Bucky moaned. “There’s no way in hell a nice girl like Y/N is going to consider otherwise.”

“She did with me.”

“You weren’t the Winter Fucking Solider.”

A silence falls over them.

The two men could bite into the tension if they wanted to. Steve ran a hand over his face. “She said she loved me a few weeks back.”

Bucky stared down at his fingernails. Good for Steve, he thought, ignoring the burning feeling he felt in his chest.

“She’s a special girl, Buck. I don’t – I just feel like she’d be great for us.”

“What does she think about it?” Bucky asked.

Steve shrugged. Bucky knew he hadn’t brought it up. He was the same impulsive boy he was all those years ago. “I’d be open to it.” Bucky admitted. “She’s a fucking rarity but if it’s something she doesn’t want. You can forget it, Stevie.”

“She wasn’t too sure about me first.” He admitted. “But look how far we’ve come.”

“Don’t think I forgot about your little stunt.” Bucky scolded. “You’re lucky she liked you and didn’t punch your teeth out.”

A red blush painted Steve’s cheeks and Bucky snorted. “Still got that cute school blush, huh Captain America.”

“Shut up, Jerk.”

The friends shared a chuckle, unaware that they’d had an audience the entire time.


For the next week, you pretended that you hadn’t overheard their conversation. You smiled and laughed with Bucky as usual and was affectionate with Steve as much as you could. Cooking and busying yourself with school work, you couldn’t help but miss the flowershop. But flowers weren’t essential.

They still had missions. It appeared that a pandemic didn’t deter people from wanting to destroy lives and the world. So often you were left alone for days at a time.

It was fine though, it stopped you from thinking about what they’d said. Ever day you’d bake something new, so by the time they came home there were numerous pastries and cakes for them to gorge on.

You caught the bus every other day to go tend to the greenhouse. It was a relaxing way to be productive and not be surrounded by things that reminded you of Steve or Bucky.

You would be lying if you said you didn’t find Bucky attractive. The brunet was handsome and had a lovely body, beefier than Steve’s ever so slightly but lean nonetheless. You’d caught yourself staring at his thighs now and then – and he was the kind of person that made everything easy for you. Nothing felt forced. You liked that, you only ever felt that months into your relationship with Steve. Bucky was tender where Steve was a bit harsher, more worn. Bucky felt too exhausted for such things and you enjoyed that. It made him easier to be with.

After giving the orchards one last spray, you set up the automatic watering device your aunt had ordered. You timed it for week, giving each grouping of plants a different amount and frequency.

Once you were pleased with the results, you made sure to lock up and head back to the brownhouse.

You were shocked, as you returned that your boys were home.

Bucky sat in the couch with a towel around his head and a pair of of basketball trunks on. Steve was bent over a plate of chocolate chip cookies, jugging down some milk as he chewed.

You took off your face mask before you grinned at them. “Hey guys!” Taking off your gloves and shoes, you tossed the gloves and mask into the little bin you’d placed at the door. You sprayed your hands and body with some Lysol before approaching them.

Bucky have you an amused smirk. “You know we’re just about immune to it right?”

You rolled your eyes, planting a kiss on his forehead before heading to Steve to plant on his chocolate coated lips. “Yeah, yeah but I’m not okay?”

You gave Steve another kiss, sucking some chocolate off his tongue. “I’m gonna go shower, baby.”

“Want me to join you?” He suggested, cupping your chin and giving you a deeper kiss. Your head tilted backwards but that conversation you heard still rang through your mind.

Breaking away, you jerked backwards, jamming into Bucky who you hadn’t even realized had gotten up. With wide eyes you glanced at Bucky acutely aware of his partial nakedness and your kiss swollen lips. “No thanks!” You squeaked out before running upstairs.

Steve and Bucky looked at each other in confusion. “You know that’s the fifth time this week she’s told me no.” He whined.

Bucky scoffed. “Poor Steve. Not getting access to his girlfriend for an entire week. Poor fucking baby.”

Rolling his eyes, Steve drank the rest of his milk. “I’m just saying, she doesn’t usually say that that often. If something’s bothering her, we talk it out. I feel like she’s been avoiding me.”

“Well, what’d you?”

Steve ran his fingers through his hair. “Nothing! I mean, we’ve been on missions a lot so maybe I haven’t been giving her much attention. That could be something.”

Bucky shook his head. “That doesn’t sound like her, and she wasn’t angry – she seemed embarrassed. Like she was running from something.”

It clicked with Bucky faster than it did Steve but the duo made the same curse of surprise. “Shit.”

You just finished you warm shower, and dried your skin before dressing in a simple day dress. You’d forgone underwear because of the heat and focused on your skin care routine. You were startled at what greeted you went you left Steve’s private bathroom. Bucky was standing at the door, the towel that he had his hair in was now on his shoulder and Steve was sitting on the bed. Elbows on knees and giving you a concerned look.

You furrowed your brows, wrapping your arms around your chest, very conscious about your state. “What’s up, guys?”

Steve cleared his throat. “Have you been eavesdropping, baby?”

“What?” You laughed. “What are you talking about?”

“We know you heard us.” Bucky said.

“Ah,” now you got what they were talking about. “I heard you guys talking about me like I was a cookie you could split in half and share.”

Steve flinched and Bucky nodded. “I told him you’d react like that.”

You hummed, folding your arms.

“I was going to talk to you about it but I wanted to wait –“

“For what?”

He scratched his dark facial hair. “For you to be sure that wanted him too.”

You flushed, stammering. “What? I’m with you Steve, I don’t want anyone else!”

Bucky grimaced as if slapped.

“I see how you look at him.” Steve began. “The same way you looked at me when I used to visit the flowershop. Desire, bashfulness – you look at him like that.”

Your chest felt hot and your ears burned at the truth. “I-“

“I know you love me but you could love him too.” Steve pushed, by now you could hardly breath.

“Steve,” Bucky called in warning.

“I know you like him. I know how much more you could like him.”

“I need you both to leave the room.” You say weakly. Surprisingly they do and you’re left alone in the bedroom, heart beating so loudly it hurts your ears.


You spin your head so fast, your braided hair hits your cheek. Standing at the door is Bucky, pink faced and angry.

“What?” You hadn’t heard him correctly.

Bucky sighed. “I said, no. I’m not turning away just because you say you don’t want it. I know you want it. And you’re going to say it.”

You trembled as he stepped closer, coming across the room in quick fashion. You scrambled back until you hit the wooden headboard. “Bucky…”

Tossing the towel off his shoulder he crawled into the bed until he was between your head. A voice in your head wondered, why hadn’t you moved? You could have ran? Call for Steve!

“This isn’t what you want. I heard you.” You pleased as his metal hand, cold and large snakes it’s way up the skirt of your dress.

“You heard me trying to convince myself of a lie.” He whispered as his lips pressed to your skin. “I’ve wanted you for months. And I’m going to have you.”

You struggled against him before shouting for your boyfriend. Steve stomped up the stairs. You thought he was your saving grace but you realized he didn’t move from the door. “S-Steve? Baby, help me!”

Steve merely assessed the situation before taking a seat in his armchair by he bed. You could almost reach out to him.

Bucky pushes you back down before you could and you felt his metal thumb flick your nub before going to massage your lips until moisture came from them. He kissed you furiously and you hated how much you loved the taste of it. Bucky tasted of plums and blueberries.

You gasped when he slipped a finger in, he’d already manipulated your body to a level of dampness where the appendage could slide in and out. You moaned into his mouth as he worked you, thumb rubbing your nub to swollenness. “Fuck,” you cursed opening your eyes to catch Steve’s blue ones. “Steve,” you muttered out but Bucky kissed you again.

“Steve’s not the one about to fuck you.” Bucky said adding a second finger and sawing you much faster. His other hand held your throat to keep you in place as he fingered an orgasm from you.

You came with a growl, head back and eyes rolled back as you clawed the sheet. “Look at me, baby,” you heard Steve say. “I want you to look at the man you love while Bucky fucks you.”

You did as commanded, watching Steve as Bucky’s fingers slipped out. You whimpered, moving your gaze from Steve’s blues to Bucky’s. Above you his cheeks are red and he uses his other hand to guide his shaft into your wet, warm carven. Your knees buckle as his thick cock filled you. “You’re so fucking tight, doll,” he groaned, pulling back before bottoming out. “Has Steve really been fucking you right?”

At your side you heard Steve huff.

“Fuck, fuck,” you muttered. He was thicker than Steve though not as long. You squirmed, moaning as he fucked you.

“Do you like my cock in you baby?” Bucky asked, a hand at the back of your left knee before placing it on his shoulder. “I can feel this pussy drenching me.”

“Please,” you whined.

Bucky slapped your cheek. “Please, what?”

“Fuck me, Bucky.”

“I am fucking you,” he teased, hand cupping one of your heavy breasts, giving it a jiggle before pinching and tugging your nipple. “Tell me how you want me to treat this pussy, slut.”

You blushed in embarrassment, Steve was never this rude. “I-I want you to make this pussy cry on that cock.”

Bucky kissed you again, threading his hand between your braids before giving a tight grip that made you cry out. “Oh, I’ll make you cry, doll.”

He was dirty talker, you mused crying out from his pounding, Steve was one too but Bucky was much raunchier. He called you all sort of names that had your pussy fluttering until you couldn’t hold back.

“She’s gonna come.” Steve said, you felt his lips on yours kissing you deeply as Bucky’s cock slammed into your wet pussy. “You gonna come on my best friend’s cock, babygirl?” He whispered against your lips kissing you against as you squirted on Bucky.

Bucky pulled out of you, but you noticed he hadn’t came. Steve turned you on your belly and in your lust addled brain you hadn’t realized when they switched places.

Bucky raised your head up, hand on your chin. His cock faced you, angry and pink. Your mouth felt slack and he pushed the head to your lips. Unsure, you licked the head slowly before sucking the bulbous head. You pulled back and spat on it, placing a hand at the base, you slowly bobbed your head up and down.

“Fuck,” Bucky groaned, placing a hand at the back of your head. “You suck that cock so good, princess.”

You blinked up at him, his eyes tightened in lust. Oh, he was close. You almost had him with your rhythm before you jerked at the cold of lube on your anus. Eyes shooting sideways you saw Steve give you a grin before his finger slipped inside your lubed ass.

“Nah, nah,” Bucky warned, forcing his cock deeper into your mouth. “Keep your eyes here.”

You choked on his cock, eyes watering before you screamed and almost threw up on it. Bucky pulled back and Steve replaced his finger with his cock. You yelp and Bucky puts the head of his cock back in your mouth. It takes a while to learn the tattoo of Steve’s railing and manage to suck Bucky off too.

Steve is powerful and large, he grunts behind your as he fucks your ass. You moan around Bucky’s cock as Steve smacks your bouncing cheeks.

“Oh baby, I’m not going to last long. I’ve got a week of milk for you. Gonna cum in your ass Y/N. Is that okay?” Your boyfriend smacks your ass again, despite his claim he keeps fucking you with the same tempo, his hand finding it’s way to your clit and rubbing you to orgasm.

“Such a tight little ass for me, doll. God, I’ve got to fuck you here more often.” You tried not to focus on his words as Bucky came in your mouth. Chocking on his dick, he seemed to totally ignore you. His hand at the back of your head pushed you closer to his groin as Steve sped up his thrusts from behind. Warm milky cum filled your mouth and relaxed your throat to swallow as much as possible but it couldn’t help leak out as Bucky gradually pulled away.

Steve came soon after, rubbing you to a third orgasm as he empties himself inside your anus until it leaks white cream.

The three of you laid on the bed in the moments after, with you squished in the middle of two spent soldiers. Your cheeks burn as the realization of what you’ve done settled in. You want to sit up but you body feels used and energy sucked dry.

Bucky breaks the silence. His tone more normal and much different from the man that fucked you like a dirty whore and called you a slut. “Are you okay, Y/N?”

You cough, throat dry and a reply heavy. “I-I, think I am? I’m sore.”

“That’s expected, baby.” Steve points out, he kisses your cheek and cuddles you side with his sweaty body.

Bucky kissed your other cheek. A question fell from your lips. “So what does this mean?”

Bucky stiffened but he kissed your neck before sucking on the flesh and nibbling the skin. This isn’t his call to make.

“You could be ours.” Steve said, his fingers going to your pussy, rubbing your clit.

You squirm, threading your fingers through Bucky’s hair as his lips travel to your sweat slicked breasts and begin to nibble the flesh.

“And you’d both be mine?” You asked, a hint of greed in your tone. The men laugh against your skin.

“As long as you’ll have us.”


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Master List

Pairing: Powered OC/ dark!Clint Barton, dark!Bucky Barnes, dark!Steve Rogers

Words: 2k

Request: Would you mind writing a dark Bucky/OC/Clint smutty one shot with the OC being a witch and them having children? And could Steve be with her as well? Only, he’s got the beard. and her name is Zelda.

Warnings:  18+, smut, non-con. Proceed with caution if you decide to read :P

A/N: This is for @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123​! Thank you for passing along to me such a creative request. I hope you like it! And thank you for waiting on me to do it! <3

Thank you @titty-teetee​ for beta’ing this story! Love ya :D


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Mike does nOT sleep. This man is running on lIke 1 and a half hours of sleep, enough coffee to make him phyically vibrate, maybe an energy drink because he can see the vauge outline of a can, and spite. Help him.

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a long way down | b.barnes &



[this story contains]  dark bucky x reader, dark steve x reader, dominant/submissive, thoughts of suicide, violence, death, heavy angst, zombies, the walking dead au, noncon/dubcon sex, breeding kink (wear protection please)

In which the dead are walking, you belong to Bucky, and you stumble upon Steve’s settlement.

total word count: 17.1k

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four


He grabbed your hand, pulling you in between his legs and you looked down at him with frightened eyes. He stilled your shaking hand with his strong one, “Should we go over how things are going to work between you and me?”

It was rhetorical but you nodded slowly.

“It’s simple. You do as I say and I won’t leave you for dead,” You understood but it was much harsher when he put it in his own words. Looking at him, you couldn’t help but notice his handsome features. The killing had blinded you to it before but now you could see it with full exposure, “You use that gun when the time comes and it will come. I don’t want to have to put you out of your misery if you get bitten.”

“I don’t know how-”

“I’ll teach you, doll,” He declared. You yelped as he suddenly grabbed your waist, flipping you onto the bed and pinning you beneath him, “A helpless thing like you should know how to protect herself.”

main masterlist

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NOTES: “You have a divine animal right to protect your own life and the life of your offspring.”

- Ginny from “Enough”

Had you not been so aware of your surroundings you would’ve never caught the faint glimpse of a dark silhouette figure lurking in the background. A low growl wanders from your lips as your interest perks away from the sound of waves beating against your relatively small trawler yacht towards the sudden silence of all human life. Beneath deck, (D/n) and (S/n) were fast asleep in their cribs whereas you were standing on the wood dock right several feet away. Clutching tightly on the grocery bag handles as your bare feet come to a halt.

You watch in careful observation as your miniature yacht sways gently side to side as the waves come and go. Having just returned from a quick trip to the market that remains on the harbor shore your skin shudders with excitement. Something is amidst the small channels of this desolate marina, the moon hid behind a thick curtain of clouds as the summer winds taunted your paranoia.

The nocturnal nature of the feline inside you warned intensely on an approaching danger. Helping yourself on a slender piece of dried jerky you wandering towards your boat. As the scent of the meat lingers to your nose there is another odor that catches you off guard. The foul stench of dog hovers along the salty freshness of the ocean water. It was when in the vast distance, just beyond the rows of markets and fish shops, you heard the tall tale sound of a wolf howling that you broke out into a sprint. Forgetting the grocery bags that fall from your grasp as your legs carried you towards home.

The howls continued and grew by the dozen as you leap over obstacles of crates left overnight on the wood docks. Yowls and yips from a species much smaller than you follow your every movement as you gain further grounds towards the small boat. Reaching the platform that connects your boat to the dock you kick it into the murky water and turn around behind you. Eyes ablaze with sheer hate you scan across the many boats that occupy the harbor. Not a single person or creature was out in sight, which left you partially confused. Even with your incredible gifts, which involved extraordinary eyesight when darkness overtook, you couldn’t see a single soul. Instead, you smelt them. All four of them.

The howls ceased into silence as you turned around and advanced onto the deck.

You were vividly enraged, unpleasantly so. The small furniture placed around the cockpit and in front of the cabin entrance was destroyed. Chairs were slashed and torn apart as your plants and windchimes were crushed. A feeble whimper followed by a weak cry invades your thoughts. Surreal horror washes over your face as you recognize the owners of those soft whimpers. “Don’t you fucking dare!” Your roar penetrates the evening. It was deep in resentful rage as fur began to protrude from your skin. Claws slowly, painfully, extend from your fingertips as you charge inside the cabin. Darkness overtakes the cabin. Hauntingly beautiful as you reach for your children. Yet again you are dumbfounded. The twins were still in their cribs, right where you left them. Still wrapped in their tiny blankets surrounded by big cat plushies. Not a single item inside was touched.

Grabbing a hold of (S/n) you silenced his cries with soothing purrs and a gentle kiss to his forehead. Strangely, he reeked of a familiar odor. One that left you quivering in a long forgotten fear. Intercom speakers were set up all around the marina as well as connecting to the radios of each individual boat as to alarm everyone in case of storms or crime happening on the market place. A new wave of terror flowed within your system as the radio buzzes to life. You watch in subliminal dread as static turns to music. A tune that brings back many unwanted memories.

You’re just too good to be true,

Can’t take my eyes off of you,”

As the music intensifies you snarl against your ever growing fear and reach for your daughter. As you carefully move her into one hand you stop and admire the brightness of her (e/c) eyes in the darkness. It was like looking in a mirror when gazing upon her gentle face. Setting aside your love for her and her brother you clutch them close to your chest and escape towards the only way out, which was how you came in.

But, no matter what- your speed wasn’t quick enough as two towering figures were standing in front of the platform opening. You recognize them in the darkness as Samuel Wilson and the golden boy himself, Steve Rogers. It pains you to have to bare such vicious teeth towards your former friends, even more so towards Sam. Each were dressed in camouflage gear that nearly made it impossible to detect them in the darkness. The only giveaway was their lingering scent. Steve took a step forward which by default was a challenge in your eyes.

Your lips curl into another snarl, “Step aside Rogers!”

Hair continues to grow along the outer layer of your flesh. Your claws ceased as whiskers poke through your cheeks. The blonde, although taken back, didn’t move a single inch. His face was just as harsh as yours if not much greater. Sam on the other hand remained stoic as you staggered back. Heaving in a panic state you grew fearful as howls spark off in the distance. Tears follow down your cheeks, tickling the long fibers of whiskers.

I will not go back! I will not subject my life to captivity or the lives of my children!”

Energy bursts into your bloodstream as Sam stepped forward. However, guilt radiates off of his frame as if it was smoke evading the forest fire. Tears continue down your face when your nose picks up him.

Although sympathetic to how you felt Steve reached behind very carefully and very slowly. As the thick clouds give the moon freedom to portray light among the harbor you watch Steve as he pulls out a silver pair of handcuffs. The moonlight follows the curve of the stark technology. “Please, (Y/n), don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Come with us and maybe he’ll go-”

You scoffed, hushing the sudden crying of (S/n) and (D/n). “I wonder, did you ever show Madaline this type of mercy before you abducted and raped her into submission?” A grin eerily forms across your face as you watch the blonde’s face turn red with hot blinding anger. Sam on the other hand gave you a disappointing look. Without warning Steve lunged forward towards your spot. Thinking beforehand you avoided his hands and ran inside the cabin. Kicking the cockpit door close and locking it behind your body you hurl forward and slip out the front while hearing the two mean throw themselves against the door. Each charge sent the boat side to side.

Both of your babies were crying themselves in furious fits.

Clutching them to your chest you prayed amongst yourself as you sprinted down the dock towards the shore. Howls exploded in the distance as you made it to the shoreline. Running against the sand proved fatal on your part as it slowed you tremendously down. Throwing a quick gaze across your shoulder you paled. Three horribly large wolves were upon you, Steve, Sam, and Scott.

Pardon the way that I stare,

There’s nothin’ else to compare,

The sight of you leaves me weak,

There are no words left to speak,”

Approaching a rocky trail, which leads into the beachtown, you turn quickly. Having lost the three in the maze of pavement trails full of coarse sand you maneuver between a set of bushes. As their sobbing ceased, you placed both (D/n) and (S/n) right beside each other on the cushioned sand floor and kissed them as they returned to sleep. “Mommy loves you both.” You whispered, aware of the three approaching.

Tearing off the final piece of clothing that held your fur back you lower to all fours and held back an excruciatingly painful scream.

Becoming the huge female feline that once ruled the jungle you watched intensely as Steve was the first to pass the bush. Sam was second. Then Scott, your first prey. As his tail left your view you lept from the bushes and pounced upon his smaller body. His yelp traveled across the beach as you tore into his throat with your large canines. Scott’s attempts to free himself from your wrath was in vain as you were too strong. His fur was no armor as you tore out chunks of flesh. Pinning him down with your massive paws you dug each claw into his flesh. Blood seeps into your already dark fur creating the vivid image of a blood drenched jaguar.

Dragging his corpse to the bushes you hide amongst the plants as movement returns to the sight. This time both males were occupied by the devil himself. His thick pitch black fur was the first to have captured your attention. Years of enduring the hellish torment of the love sick dog fueled your bloodlust. Without even thinking you lunge from the bushes, ready to tear into his throat. A whine fell from your mouth as both Steve and Sam took you down by blocking the oblivious male.

Tackling you onto the ground you two fought against one another. Desperately, they attempted to pin you to the ground. Roaring, you swipe claws in their direction at each attempt they made to pin you. This went on until a voice shook the evening atmosphere. “(Y/N)!” Your name was roared.

You paused, turning to the owner of that familiar voice and startled to see it was James. In each hand was a baby. Your precious children were struggling to sleep in his seemingly gentle hold. As you remained fixated in fear the two injured males seized the opportunity to take you down, which they did. Of your years as former S.H.I.E.L.D you learned that all it takes was one second of a distraction to turn the tides of war to your favor. That is exactly what James had accomplished. Returning human you sob fanatically as you were bound in thick electrical chains by Steve and Sam. James approached carefully, too lost in his admiration for his children to notice the blood seeping from your injured shoulder where Sam had bitten you.

They’re perfect.” James cooed, soaking in the smiles of (D/n) as she gazed upon her father. (S/n) babbled happily as the brunette male cradled him close.

Suddenly, he turns to you with the utmost hate.

“You’re going to pay for keeping them away from me.”

He places a kiss upon your forehead before knocking you out with the heel of his boot.

Part two?🤭👀

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[Warnings] dark bucky x reader, dark steve x reader, violence, death, heavy angst, zombies, the walking dead au, mom!reader, sexual assault, blackmail consensual sex, breeding kink, slice of life, little editing

A/N: I fucked up my sleeping schedule again writing this but enjoy the final chapter :))))

In which you’re pushed to your limits.

series masterlist

word count: 4.2k


Fighting was a dance.

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Author: Dina. @softboibarnes

Word Count: 1166

Pairing: Dark!Bucky Barnes x innocent!female reader

Warnings: male masturbation

A/N: This is plainly fiction.



Throwing some random pieces of garment along with your bathing suit, a towel and some toiletries into your backpack, you felt your stomach jump slightly.

Going away with Bucky for the weekend as a graduation present was everything you had hoped for. You would finally be free from your parents, even if it was only a weekend.

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Characters: dark!Bucky x innocent!Reader,  dark!Steve x innocent!Reader

Fic summary: Your mother has kept you sheltered for your whole life, but she doesn’t know you’ve started sneaking around with your step father’s best friend. (DARK FIC)

Warnings: DUB CON/ NON CON, age gap (reader is 20), drinking, innocence kink, daddy kink, elements of (poorly practiced) ddlg, sexting, oral (f and m receiving), hand job, Steve and Bucky are both fucking creeps in this, somnophilia, masturbation, unprotected sexual acts (more warnings to be added)

Words: 1.7K

Author’s Note: it’s a shorty today!! thank you so much to my bebby sab (@nsfwsebbie) for making this pretty moodboard!! as i said it’s not a very long chapter, so maybe this’ll turn out to have more chapters than i expected. i’m just going with the flow on this one :)

Everything taglist: @itgetsdarksometimes35@nsfwsebbie@xoxabs88xox@coconutqueen21@villanellevi@mypoisonedvine@saharzek@what-is-your-wish@sarge-barnes-sir@abyssaint@notyourtypicalrose@ozarkthedog@hurricanerin

Dear Diary taglist: @kylorenxbarnes@mrs-sargent-barnes@nannies-dont-date

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If you have the ability to stand up for others you should.

I know a lot of people are tired of hearing it but I can’t stop. I’m not some huge blog with thousands of followers but if I can expose someone for who they are I will. mrsmaggiestorm is also known as omega-nicole who is also known as mom—nicole. She is a racist, and has stalked and harassed so many people on here. Myself included.

She ruined chances of getting published for MIMI and went after friends who stood by her. She falsely accused her of plagiarism and created a hate blog specifically targeting her.

She also HAS NOT apologized for any of her actions.

I can’t not say anything. Because not saying anything and continuing to follow or interact with her means she thinks what she is doing is okay. Over the past couple of weeks she has flooded her blog to try and hide her racism and her hypocrisy is disgusting.

Her actual name is Jennifer. She has posted so many screenshots with her personal information on it that it’s insane that she just now “fears for the safety of her kids.” But the fucked part is that she keeps posting pictures of her kids on public websites. So is she really afraid? She is trying to play the victim card because she knows she has been caught. She is not the victim.

Please, go to . They have posted proof of all of her bullshit so you can see for yourself. Please reblog this and tag it up so people will see this and investigate her. Here is a list of her blogs that you should block and avoid interacting with.

Not blocking and continuing interaction with her is giving her approval of what she is and has always done.

I’m not going to stop until I feel safe for myself and others on this site. Please reblog and make sure to tag

Here is her archives page! You can’t block on there but you can avoid reading her works and following her page. She was finally smart enough to take down what city and state she lived in

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What the night brings


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: yandere, obsession, kidnapping, non-con, breeding, shameless smut.

Words: 675.

Summary: You desperately want to sleep, but Bucky has some other plans for the night.

P.S. Happy Birthday @hurricanerin!! You’re an amazing person and a talented writer, and I’m really happy I got to know you! I hope you’ll enjoy this little drabble 😊❤


You have sensed someone moving beside you on the bed long before you felt the stranger touching your ass, but you were feeling too tired to wake up properly and push this person away from you. You had a tough day and wasn’t able to fall asleep before it was long past midnight. It was around 3 or 4 am now, probably.

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Author: Dina. @softboibarnes

Word Count: 151

Pairing: Dark!Bucky Barnes x innocent!female reader

Warnings: dark!bucky, dark!fic, 18+, loss of virginity, dubcon, smut, age gap (18 and 36), pwp, unprotected sex, male masturbation, abuse of power

Summary: Bucky has always put his best friend’s daughter first. She’s like the niece he never had. He’s recently become more and more infatuated with her, and when he sees a window of opportunity, he decides to act upon it.

A/N: As stated, this is a dark fic, with abuse of power and dub con. Please do not read if you’re under 18 years old. This is plainly fiction.



This is the story of how I really lost my virginity.

Something I’ve been reluctant to share with anybody until now.

He’d been my father’s best friend for years. Since they were boys. Best man at my parent’s wedding, there in the waiting room the day I was born, present at every birthday party. 

Uncle Bucky, as he called himself, had watched me grow up, and I was his princess. The niece he never had.

But once I turned eighteen, something changed about Bucky. His fondness of me, turned into an obsession. 

Every time he was over at our house, he would become distracted. I know now that it was my body that distracted him, and the thought of how much he wanted to take advantage of it.

But he knew he couldn’t do anything while my dad was around. 

So, he came up with a plan to get me alone.

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After professor!Steve, I guess Bucky joining the academic world was just a matter of time :)

Yandere asks

Warnings: dubcon, teacher/student dynamics, jealousy, spanking, authority kink

You’d lost count of how many times you had bent over professor Barnes’ desk. This arrangement started as a way to get your grades up, but you eventually found yourself gravitating towards him even when you didn’t need any help. What could you say; he was just that good.

You figured he thought of your relationship in the same terms, but you must’ve misunderstood him.

“What’s that skirt for?” He asked as he pushed the fabric up your hips. “Who are you trying to impress?”

“None-!” You ended the word in a yelp as professor Barnes’ hand came down hard on your ass.

“Don’t lie,” he admonished. “Short skirt, tiny panties, crossing your legs… Were you trying to get my attention? Or is all this for someone else?”

“I don’t know what you’re- Aah!” You cried out when another blow came, on the same spot he’d just hit. The fingers rubbing and probing at your abused flesh didn’t help either.

“Are you sure? Because the two meatheads you were talking to seemed pretty interested.”

David and Colin? They’d approached you to talk about a group project; if there was any other interest on their part you hadn’t noticed it, nor had you sought it.

“We were just talking about-!” You should’ve known he would spank you again if you didn’t entertain his paranoia. It hurt even more this time.

“God, that fucking ass.” He stepped away from you and huffed. “Move it for me, baby.”

You wiggled your hips and received a loud growl as recompense. The circumstances weren’t ideal, but that sound always did things to you, and you felt yourself growing wet.

“That’s it, just like that. So pretty.” He purred, and the praise did nothing to ease the headiness overtaking you. You had always known that fucking your teacher was a bad idea, but he sure made it tempting. “I’m the only one who gets to look at you like that, right?”

No, not really, but was it wise to tell him that?

Another slap, louder and stronger, tearing a noise from you even though you’d been fighting to keep quiet. “I asked you a question, slut.”

“Yes, professor,” you sniffled “just you.”

“Good, good girl… keep shaking your ass for me.”

You did as he said, even when you heard the familiar sound of metal scrapping against metal.

“You gotta stop teasing the boys in class…” he huffed as he struggled with his belt and pants. “I hate it when the look at you… so fucking much…

The noises ceased and professor Barnes approached again. You stopped moving when you felt his fingers make contact with your tender flesh. He used the opportunity to pull your panties down just enough to expose you to him. The fabric was soft, but it still stung when it brushed against the spot he was so fond of striking.

“You left me wanting all day… Don’t think you’ll be coming today, honey. But, if you keep being good,” he groaned as he slid his cock in between your thighs “I’ll give you a reward when you come see me in my office next. Does that sound good?”

“Yes, sir.” You sigh. It’s a weird form of contentment to have him use you – like you were doing something you were supposed to.“I would like that.”

Your teacher let his torso rest above yours and held your head in place by grasping you by the hair as he whispered in your ear. “I love it when you behave.”

The fingers of his other hand found their way into your mouth, drawing gargling sounds from you as he began thrusting. His big cock just barely skimmed your pussy, but it was enough to give you goosebumps all over. It was so close; it wouldn’t be difficult for him to slide into you, stretching you wide open like he’d had so many times.

He moved slow and smooth at first, whispering sweet little nothings in your ear. He picked up his pace fast, rutting into you until he was slamming you against the table, the force of his thrusts pushing your pelvis into the wooden surface with painful precision. You were too turned on to care. You begged him to fuck you, but no recognizable sound came from your mouth.

His sweet words turned to wheezes, and he came with a roar. You squirmed under him, desperate for more stimulation. Professor Barnes pulled away and delivered another blow to his preferred spot, so you quieted down. Your gasped when he pulled your panties up, and, rather than feeling the soft cotton of your underwear, you were surprised by a warm, sticky fluid.

“I want you to wear it for the rest of the day, no washing up. You gotta learn who you belong to,” he said, rubbing your ass one final time before putting your skin back into place. “If you have trouble with this subject, you can always come see me. And remember: no more teasing your classmates.”

He pulled you to your feet, kissed the top of your head, then sent you on your way with a single slap to your bum.

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Pairing: Dark!Steve X Reader

Summary: A year after wiping your memory and keeping you for himself, Steve Rogers is happy. Happier than he’s ever been. With you and your daughter, life couldn’t be any better. The only problem? You’re starting to remember things.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Minor Fluff, Thickness of Plot

Word Count: 4.5K





“(Y/n) wants to talk to you about the procedure.”

The brunet raises his eyebrows at his partner before nodding slowly. “Okay. What does she want to know?” Natasha sighs and shrugs, leaning her head back against the headboard of the bed.

“I don’t know. But she wants to talk to you directly about it. She doesn’t want to talk through me. Nor should she. This is something that’s going to alter her, not me, so she gets whatever the Hell she wants.”

Bucky groans, knowing where this conversation is going. He pushes himself onto his forearm and looks up at the redhead, beyond exhausted when it comes to this topic.

“I know you don’t agree with this…. this whole thing. But it’s what’s best for everyone. She’ll be able to live happily, without fear. She’ll be safe with him. Far safer than she’d be if she left him. You know that Steve’s never going to let her go.”

“That doesn’t make this right. Doesn’t she deserve a choice?” She asks, hating how okay Bucky is with all of this.

“She has one. And she’s choosing the right thing. By choosing to do this instead of us forcing her to do it.”

She scoffs and shakes her head, arms crossed over her chest.

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thank you

Dark!king!bucky barnes x Lady!reader

Warnings: +18, dub-con, lil choking, praise, fingering

a/n: reblog? ¿por favor?

enjoy :)


Originally posted by ironmanssugarbaby

You? You killed the beast?” The king says as he leans in forward in his throne.

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Pairing: Dark!Steve X Reader

Summary: A year after wiping your memory and keeping you for himself, Steve Rogers is happy. Happier than he’s ever been. With you and your daughter, life couldn’t be any better. The only problem? You’re starting to remember things.

Warnings: Angst, Language, Smut, DubCon, 

Word Count: 3.1K

A/n: I wrote this all on my new computer!!!! I wanna get some more of ABF posted soon, and more Wicked Games! Love you all!!!



“So what the procedure does, is it locates certain areas of the thalamus and the hippocampus. It then sends tiny shockwaves to those specific areas, which stimulate an amnesia-like experience,” Natasha explains, flipping a page in the red book. You nod your head, bottom lip tucked between your teeth.

“It’s an intense and very delicate procedure, and it can’t be reversed.” This piques your interest.

“What do you mean?” She sets the book down and pulls her legs up onto the bed, glancing around to make sure the two of you alone before leaning in closer to you.

“Bucky had the procedure done on him. Of course, it wasn’t as refined as it is now, but it’s the same basic principle. And he still has the trigger words in his mind. He can’t get rid of them, no matter how hard we’ve tried. We went to Wakanda, and even they couldn’t fully get rid of the trigger words. It’s why we keep the book hidden, so no one has access to it. Because they could control him again.”

The two of you sit in silence, mulling over her words.

“So… I’ll forever have the trigger words in my brain? I’ll never be able to get rid of them?” She nods.

“And… anyone can use them to control me?” She can sense the discomfort at that fact.

“Technically, yes. But there are only a handful of people who know about this book, and even fewer know about the procedure being done on you. No one will have access to you, your trigger words, or the book. I swear.”

You take a deep breath and then nod, reaching over the take the book from her, eyes scanning over the big confusing words.

“Does it erase my memories or suppress them?” You ask suddenly, looking up at her.

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