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fuckandfluff · a month ago
Something Borrowed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: dark!Bucky Barnes x innocent!reader
Word Count: 7.7k 😩 (approx 20 min read!)
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! THIS IS A VERY DARK FIC. Please take our warnings seriously. The subject matter is very disturbing.. Dubcon, non-con, loss of virginity, kidnapping, slapping, choking, coercion, mental and emotional abuse, swearing, alcohol, unprotected vaginal sex, creampie, dacryphilia, blood play, drugging, degradation, brainwashing, oral (f receiving), fingering, male masturbation, spitting
A/N: This is the entry @sableseb and I are submitting for the @basementwiveswritingchallenge (found here). This was the most fun I’ve ever had writing a fic and I’m genuinely so glad to have her as my twisted sister through and through! It’s the longest thing we’ve written so buckle up 😉 - @fuckandfluff
Tay came to me with this challenge and I couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity to collab. It just seemed right to partner up with her to create something darker. Our minds our genuinely one. It’s scary sometimes, and that’s what makes us a good team. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as we do.x - @sableseb
Tumblr media
Another summer has crept up on your little midwestern town, the nights growing longer as the Fourth of July grew closer. Your neighborhood association threw a block party the second Friday of every month as a way for new residents to get acquainted with the more established members of the community. That’s when you saw him: tall and muscular with chiseled features, a dusting of stubble across his sharp jaw, and a fluffy mop of chestnut locks, he was stunning.
He’d mentioned moving into your cul-de-sac just a few weeks prior, but you hadn’t noticed, too swept up in studying for end-of-semester exams. You’d assumed that a man as handsome as him surely had a family, but that assumption was wrong. Harmless neighborhood gossip had revealed that he was recently widowed, having moved here from Manhattan to escape the painful memories the city held.
You couldn’t begin to fathom what he’s been through, he held a look in his eyes that told a story of pure hurt and longing. Bucky Barnes is a mysterious man to say the least. He seems to keep to himself mostly. So seeing him there, mingling in the crowd and introducing himself amongst the community was a sight that struck a bit of bewilderment upon you.
His smile was bright, drawing people into his charming nature. You could see the women hanging onto every word that escaped those full lips. But those eyes gave him away each time. No matter how much he laughed, how much he flirted, how much he feel as though it’s just an act. An elaborate ruse to have people think he’s fine.
A toxic trait you’ve tried to work on is your inherent desire to fix broken things. And Bucky is clearly broken. One sunny afternoon, you pluck up the courage to pay him a visit with a basket of freshly baked scones in tow. His home is tucked at the end of the street, sitting quite a ways back on the property line. As you strut up the lengthy cobblestone walkway to his front door, you take in the ornate hedges framing the entire home and can’t help but think of how much privacy they must afford him. You arrive at his doorstep, knocking once, twice, before Bucky swings the large oak door open.
“Uh, hi y/n. Can I help you?” he inquired, awkwardly rubbing the nape of his neck with his calloused palm.
Those eyes - wow, had they always been that piercingly blue? Almost getting lost in them and nearly forgetting the reason for your visit, you stutter, “just wanted to bring you these!” You take a step forward and push the basket of baked goods between the two of you.
Bucky has never seen you this close up since he moved in. He always takes you in from afar, admiring the way you tend to your flowers, how you sit on your porch each morning with a cup of coffee just enjoying the coolness the morning air brings, playing with your nephews when they’d visit each weekend.
Now that you’re in his direct line of sight, he’s almost in tears. You’re gorgeous. Just like she was. You have her rounded eyes and wavy hair. The dainty hands you’re wringing together at the moment remind him of her soft touch, how her wedding ring formed around her slender finger just right. His heart clenches. Bucky loved his wife more than anything. She was his light. And now, after being engulfed in darkness for years, he stumbled upon you. You’re his hope and he’s not going to let this hope fade. He has to have you in his life.
“Would you care to come in?” Bucky’s voice is laced with a hope that you can’t deny.
“Of course,” you tell him, stomach erupting in butterflies. He’s wanting to be social with you.
As Bucky ushers you into his home, you can’t help but gawk at the countless photos adorning the walls in the narrow foyer; a wedding photo, random little snapshots of his wife looking like an absolute goddess, photos of the two of them with beaming grins plastered across their faces in front of the Eiffel Tower or some other romantic destination. You weren’t sure how long it had been since his wife had passed, but clearly the wounds must have still been fresh. All you want is to try and bring a little bit of joy to his life. It seems like he never leaves the house except to grab a load of groceries or fetch the mail. No one deserves to be this lonely.
“I didn’t mean to just invite myself over,” you shyly say, neatly tucking your ballerina flats on his doormat as he leads you to the living room, “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“No need to apologize, doll. Wasn’t up to much anyway. Can I get you a drink?” He gestures for you to take a seat on the leather sectional as he ventures into the adjoining kitchen.
“Sure yeah, um, dealer’s choice!” you reply, easing into the plush leather seat.
You watch him make his way to the kitchen before turning your attention back to his living room. It’s all man. Dark hardwood flooring, a gray couch set, a sleek fireplace with a flatscreen resting above it. Bucky’s got taste. You wish your house looked as neat and clutter-free as his.
You’re drawn back to the photographs furnishing the shelves and walls. He truly looked happy. As you study his deceased wife more, you start to notice something. She looks a lot like yourself in the majority of these pictures. You suddenly feel odd, like there’s a reason for your resemblance. But you don’t dwell on it for too much longer as Bucky makes his way over to you.
Handing you a crystal highball glass filled with what looks to be cola, his large hand briefly brushes against yours and you can’t help but feel a spark. You push these unsavory thoughts back down, because the objective today was to offer friendship to Bucky, nothing more. Now was not the time to let your self-indulgent thoughts get the best of you.
“Thanks! What’s in it?” As you take your first sip, a tiny droplet dribbles down from your bottom lip. Bucky wipes the liquid from your chin with his thumb, letting out a small laugh. You feel your face heat at the contact. He’s just being nice, you remind yourself.
“It's rum and Coke.. hope that’s alright. Had to special order the rum because you can only get it in Miami,” he responds, settling into the seat adjacent to you.
As you take a more generous drink, the taste that hits your tongue is super familiar: “Florida Mermaid? I thought I was the only person in the Midwest who knew what it family goes down every year to Destin and we always bring home a bottle.” What a total coincidence that he happened to know exactly what libation you loved.
That’s how the rest of your evening went, telling stories to one another. You both talked about your childhoods, your hobbies, your favorite movies. Bucky has to be the easiest man you’ve talked to. You would have never dreamed that your silent, brooding neighbor would be talking your ear off by telling you about himself. Neither of you bring up the elephant in the room, though. But it’s there. The foreboding question of, “what happened to your wife,” hangs heavy on your tongue, not daring to interrogate him on such a matter.
You glance up at the clock hanging on the wall. It’s almost midnight and you’re still drinking and chatting. “I really should get going. Thank you for the wonderful evening, Buck.”
Buck. He knows that nickname all too well from a woman that wasn’t you. From a woman he gave his whole heart to. Bucky can feel his cock start to harden as he imagines what it’d be like to have you whimper out his name just like she did while he’s between your legs.
“Anytime. I’ll walk you to the door.”
As you both say your goodbyes, Bucky’s left alone with images of you dancing through his mind. You’re so sweet he can practically taste you without even pressing his tongue against your warm flesh. He remembers the way your lip felt against his thumb, it was so soft and glistening from the drink.
Bucky sits back down on his couch and pulls his cock free from it’s confines. He slowly strokes himself to the thought of you on your knees for him, begging for his cum, begging him to fuck your throat. He needs to act fast, he doesn’t know how much more time he can take without you.
Tumblr media
Nearly two weeks have passed since your visit with Bucky and he hasn’t escaped your mind. There’s a connection between the two of you that you just can’t shake. Flashes of his thumb brushing against your lip invade your thoughts daily, craving to know what his lips would feel like crashing against yours. But you don’t want to pry or poke too much - he knows where to find you if he wants another drink or maybe something more.
He’s been making himself scarce lately. In fact, he’s so swept up in some new home renovation project that he’s abandoned his grocery trips altogether and instead opts for home delivery. The only time you see him now is when he’s busy working away in his driveway.
Each afternoon you sit out on your porch, unable to keep your eyes off his chiseled physique as it glistens with pearls of sweat. A man who can use his hands is the ultimate turn-on and you couldn’t help but let your mind wander: What would those hands look like wrapped around my throat like a necklace?
You’ve thought about dropping off a glass of freshly pressed lemonade to quench his thirst as he works away on the front drive shirtless, sanding down what looks like antique furniture each afternoon. Yet you haven’t gained the courage to make the first move. Though in your second year of college, you’re still a virgin - not by way of religious conviction, but because every guy on campus just seems gross. A man like Bucky has been married already, to a gorgeous woman, you might add. He wasn’t going to be interested in a sad little virgin like you.
You sit and stew with your own musings most nights, always thinking about your neighbor. Your feelings are so jumbled when it comes to Bucky that it’s impossible to flesh out your true thoughts. He’s handsome and sweet, sure. But, there’s something else to him, something dark looming behind the lingering touches and soft smiles.
Morning comes and Bucky’s constant hammering and sawing have come to a halt. His tools aren’t even sprawled out along the concrete anymore. It’s like he was never there to begin with. Your heart seizes in your chest, you miss seeing him in nothing but his tight jeans, miss how his biceps bulge when he lifted a plank of wood, and especially how his hair and chest would dampen from the perspiration. He became part of your morning routine and he vanished just as soon as he appeared.
Curiosity gets the better of you when Bucky doesn’t show up for the town’s annual cookout on the Fourth. It’s a staple in the community each July, something you always look forward to with great enthusiasm. You’d love to experience the glittering fireworks display with Bucky in the bed of his pick-up, even just as friends. As the sky flashes bright hues of red, white, and blue, you race over to Bucky’s house to see if he’ll catch the tail end with you.
Before you’re even able to knock, Bucky greets you at the threshold of the doorway. His hand cups the small of your back, escorting you into the home with a sense of urgency.
“Sorry, I can’t stand the sound of fireworks. She - it just reminds me of gunshots,” he bemoans, a look of utter despair etched across his features.
“Don’t apologize, Bucky. Makes total sense why you wouldn’t want to be out, they can get so obnoxious sometimes,” you sympathize with him, assuming he’s making reference to his wife and her tragic demise. Rather than inquiring further and picking at the wound, you instead try to bring some bubbliness to the conversation.
“Why don’t we just stay in and try to make the best of what’s left of the evening. I can even tell you more embarrassing childhood stories!”
A beaming grin washes across his gorgeous, stubble-laced face: “Absolutely...I wouldn’t want anything else. I think the night calls for another round of rum and Coke, hmm?”
Bucky can’t believe how perfectly everything is falling into place. He didn’t even need to use the handcuffs and chloroform he had purchased from the hardware and drugstore earlier in the week. As he drops the tiny pill into your cocktail, he almost feels bad about how easy this is.
You can’t help the excitement that takes over you as he hands you the drink he made to you. He’s a really good mixer, there’s no questioning that. Comfortable silence takes over as you sip at the liquid, already feeling a bit light. “So,” Bucky begins, “how about some more of those stories?”
You start to tell him more tales of your childhood days, how you were accident prone and sported braces for months. As the conversation continues, the words seem harder to get out. Your thoughts are overlapping, your speech is slurring, your eyelids and mouth feel heavy. Something isn’t right. Fear overtakes your body as it slowly becomes unmovable.
“Bucky. I don’t...feel too well,” you choke out.
“It’s okay, I got you. Just lay back, you don’t look so good.”
He’s on you in an instant. You feel his warm hands cup your face, keeping your drooping head up. You can’t focus on anything much longer, darkness envelops you and you slouch against Bucky.
He has you. After all this time, he has you in his arms. He feels how smooth your skin is, how your little puffs of air are hitting his neck. He wants nothing more than to take you here and now, but he wants your first time with him to be special. Bucky wants you to be aware of who makes your tight cunt weep.
Picking you up, he makes his way to the basement, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as he makes sure not to bump your head on anything. He’s worked so hard on everything for you. He needed everything in his basement to be perfect for his little wife. He watches each step carefully and makes it to the bottom.
Bucky gently places you down on the soft bed and starts to remove your clothing with ease. His breath hitches at your panty clad figure. Your breasts are on full display, nipples pebbling from being exposed to the air, your cotton underwear seems a size too small, accentuating your hips and mound.
He gathers his thoughts and pulls a floral sundress from the closet. This was her favorite one, he’s sure you’ll love it too. Bucky slips it on your sleeping form with no resistance. You look like a painting with your eyes closed, lips slightly parted and your hair splayed out. He leans in and places a kiss upon your forehead, letting his lips linger for a moment.
“Sleep well,” he whispers.
Tumblr media
Your head is throbbing, the feeling much like a bad hangover but somehow even more intense. As your eyes flutter open, you’re met with unfamiliar surroundings. Sitting up sharply, you survey the room, suddenly becoming disoriented. Had you drank too much and fallen asleep at Bucky’s? How mortifying.
The room you find yourself in is decorated beautifully, gorgeous antiques placed on every surface and an ornate painting of the Italian countryside hanging above the mantle. It reminds you of a fancy hotel suite, though you can’t help but notice the absence of windows.
Glancing down, you realize the clothes you came over in are not the clothes you’re currently wearing and a white gold band is wrapped around your left ring finger. You can hear the creaking of footsteps on the hardwood above you, quickly realizing you must be in his basement. If it was just a change of clothes he gave you, it would add up. But the ring?
You’ve seen the ornate dresser and sturdy bookshelves that are now scattered around the room before. They’re the recent projects he’s been tirelessly working on in the driveway day after day. You’re suddenly thinking back to all of those photos of his wife, the striking resemblance between you two. The dress you’re currently wearing is the same one in their Eiffel Tower snapshot. Your heart pounds in your chest as you begin to understand the dire situation you’re in.
In a mad dash to get upstairs, you race up the narrow staircase but are blocked at the top by Bucky.
“Not so fast, wifey. Where do you think you’re going?”
You back away from him slowly, careful not to miss a step as you make your way down. He follows with a scowl. At this moment, you realize how much bigger he actually is compared to you. Bucky is a mountain of a man, all broad shoulders and taut chest. His thighs are firm and hips narrow. All that mixed with the way he’s eyeing you? You’re terrified.
“Bucky, just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone. We can just pretend this never happened,” you rush out. You wish you sounded more calm, more collected, but hysteria is slowly starting to take over.
“Oh, doll. You’re not going anywhere. You’re my wife now.” His smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. He’s still taking you in, need is building up inside him and he doesn’t know how much longer he can control himself.
“People will realize I’m missing, Bucky. They’ll come looking for me.”
Instead of striking worry in him, he just laughs. “Do you really think so little of me? I have everything taken care of. And you’ll make your appearances in town when I’ve trained you to need me, to obey me. I’m an easy man. But you don’t want to make me upset, sweetie.”
Tears form in the corners of your eyes and slowly pour down your cheeks. You have to get out of here. You work the band off your left hand and throw it at him: “I’m not your wife. You’re sick. You need help,” you spit.
Bucky’s blue eyes darken, clearly agitated at your deliberate disregard for the ring. He bends over to pluck the dainty gold band off the floor and yanks your wrist towards him aggressively.
“Trust me, sweetheart. It could be much worse for you,” he growls, jamming the ring back onto your finger, “if you don’t behave I have no problem keeping your corpse around instead.”
He slowly walks you backwards until your back hits the wall with a soft thud. His fingers forcefully lace with yours, his mouth hovering over the column of your throat. “Now it’s time to consummate this marriage with my pretty little bride. I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
“Bucky,” you plead, “please don’t do this.”
No matter how much you beg and bargain, nothing can change his mind. He’s set on you, struck even. You look so ethereal as he looks down upon you. Eyes are puffy, lips makes him hard. Bucky wants to ruin you, morph you into his dream wife. He’s already lost one and he’s not about to lose another.
He rocks into you, the feeling of his hardness pressing against your mound has you nauseous. But, the friction sends electricity creeping along your spine and whimpers falling past your mouth. You try to move your neck away from his onslaught of licks and sucks, but he doesn’t take too kindly to that as he harshly bites down on your heated skin.
“I want you to strip for me, doll,” he commands as his lips enclose around your ear, dragging it through his teeth.
As Bucky steps away from your body, he watches intently as you discard the sundress with shaky hands. He’ll never get tired of seeing your body, so soft and begging to be explored. Your arms fly to your chest to shield it from his heated gaze.
“You’re beautiful,” he rasps out. You feel your face warm at the compliment. You didn’t want this, but you can’t help the way his glances and words make you feel. No man has ever paid you the time of day. There’s a sense of loneliness that has taken over your heart. But, here’s Bucky, saying things you never thought a man like him would speak to you. It’s all so conflicting. Your mind is telling you how this is all so wrong, but he’s filling that lonely void.
He guides you to the king-sized bed that sits against the wall. You try to convince yourself that this will all be over soon, but you have a sinking feeling that this is just the beginning of a long time. You look up at him as he hovers over you, erection pressing firmly against your clothed core.
Nothing is said and nothing can be heard except for your low sobs as he slowly leans down to attach his lips to yours. When he realizes you’re not kissing him back, he pulls away and says, “If you don’t start showing more enthusiasm, I won’t be so nice.”
This time, you entertain the kiss. You really don’t want to experience his bad side if this is him being nice. His tongue finds yours as he licks inside the expanse of your mouth. You’re starting to feel light-headed from the lack of oxygen so when he finally parts from your swollen lips, you’re sucking in air rapidly.
Bucky trails his mouth along your neck once more before making his way down your chest, stomach, and thighs. He’s nibbling the soft flesh on the inside of your legs and his scruff is causing a slight burn. Your whines echo throughout the room which causes Bucky to rut against the bed. He’s loving the little noises he’s making slip past that pretty pout.
His hands move to grasp your underwear and suddenly, you're snapped out of the haze of fear, sadness, and...want? You jerk yourself away from his grasp, climbing up the rest against the headboard.
“What did I tell you?” he grits out, but before he can completely lose his temper you tell him in a soft voice, “I’ve never done anything like this...with anyone.”
Oh fuck. You’re a virgin? Bucky didn’t think it was humanly possible to be as turned on as he is right now, but his dick jumping at your words tells him it’s entirely possible. He can feel his heart soften a bit, he wants you to enjoy this, he wants to claim you.
“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll go slow. Okay?”
You don’t know why you're not putting up more of a fight with him, why you’re falling into his horrid trap with seamless ease. You don’t dwell on it as you slide back down the bed, head falling against the plush pillows and putting your legs on Bucky’s broad shoulders. He pulls your underwear off and he’s met with a sight that’ll be forever burned into his memory.
You’re wet, soaked even and he’s barely even touched you. Oh how he loves virgins. Always so sensitive, so easily attached. He can’t wait to plunge himself into you and see your face contort at the slight pain, to feel your tight walls gripping him, like your cunt is begging him to stay inside you forever.
“Have you ever touched yourself, baby?”
“I have.”
“Mmm,” he hums, “show me what you do.”
Your heart is pounding so hard that you can see your chest move and you can hear the blood rushing in your ears. You’ve never felt this type of embarrassment before. Knowing he won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, you place two fingers on your clit. Why are you this wet? You shouldn’t be turned on by all this and yet, you can practically feel yourself dripping onto the blankets below.
Bucky watches as you rub yourself in slow circles, your folds glistening in the light. He lets out a low groan, “Such a pretty sight. I’m going to help you out a bit, okay?”
Before you can ask him what he’s doing, you feel a finger breach your entrance. He just couldn’t help himself. He needs to feel you in his hands. Your back starts to arch as he pumps his index finger inside you at a languid pace. He’s not even paying attention to your lower half anymore, his sole focus is on your face.
Your eyes are squeezed tight with your brows knitted together. Little squeaks and gasps continuously bounce off the walls. He knows he’ll take you every day, every night. You’re just too addicting, especially since he’s the first to touch you and the only one who will ever touch you.
The pressure in your lower stomach is starting to build at a rapid pace. You feel him add another finger, stretching you out further. A moan gets caught in your throat, your fingers swirl faster against your swollen bud. But Bucky’s pace never slows or gains speed, he’s keeping the stroke of his hand long and drawn out. He’s making you fall apart. He wants to hear you ask for your release.
“Please, need you to move faster,” you gasp.
It’s music to his ears. Your wanton moans and pleas go straight to his aching groin. He knows you're close, he can feel the way your pussy clenches around his digits, he can feel your wetness slide down onto his palm. He has to have a taste, it’s killing him not licking into you.
You feel Bucky’s hand wrap around your wrist and pull your fingers from your clit. You let out a sound of discontent at the lost friction. Before you can beg for him to make you cum and end your misery, his fingers move in and out of you at a harsh cadence as his lips enclose around your bud.
You yelp at the contact. Never could you have imagined something like this. The sweet suction of his mouth has heat forming all across your body. You don’t seem to be in control of your own mind, he’s reduced it to thinking one thing and one thing only. To cum.
You can hear the obscene sounds coming from yourself as Bucky’s fingers slip in and out of you with ease. You grab two fistfuls of his cropped hair and keep his face in place. Bucky doesn’t mind it at all. He wants you to use him because that’s what he’s here for. He’s here for your pleasure and your heart. He wants you to give him everything.
Your hips seem to have a mind of their own as you practically hump his face. You grip his wrist and shove his fingers back inside you each time he tries to remove them. His face is covered in slick as he never lets up on the assault his tongue brings. Your thighs are trembling with each lick and suck.
“Taste so good, doll. Know you wanna cum. Let go for me.” He hums against your wet flesh, sending vibrations along your swollen cunt.
Blinding pleasure takes you over. Your body is suspended in the air as everything pulls taught and your eyes roll in the back of your head. Bucky doesn’t slow, he’s milking your orgasm for all it’s worth. You don’t know how long your body stays frozen, but when your back hits the mattress, you’re spent. It’s like he drained all your energy just from his mouth.
Your eyes shut as you try to even your breathing out. You’re delicate all over, it’s like he knows your body and how to make you feel these sensations. There’s almost too many of them at the same time. Your mind is fuzzy, filled with post-climax bliss.
Suddenly, the rustle of clothing grabs your attention. You open your eyes and look down. There, on his knees looming over you, is Bucky completely bare. He’s a big man, everywhere. You gulp at the sight, fearing he might not fit. You haven’t even taken so much as a finger until he helped himself to you. Even just his fingers were a stretch.
“Bucky, I can’t. I don’t want this. I-” His palm cuts off your rambling as he looms over your spent form.
“I don’t care what you want, baby. You’re here to please your husband. Don’t make this harder than it has to be,” he cooes. Without another word, you just nod your head in agreement. He’ll always get his way with you. You know he'll never let you be.
“Now, be a good girl and spread these legs nice and wide for me.”
You try to fight the tears you feel stinging your eyes as you do what he says. He dips his head to spit onto your pussy, rubbing it into your arousal with his cock. It looks almost painful how hard he is, an angry red tint takes over the head, veins appear along the shaft. His tip bumps your clit a few times causing you to jerk up towards the headboard.
“So sensitive,” he smirks. “Virgins always are. I’ll be gentle.”
You just hope he keeps his promise, you really don’t want to be ripped open with no remorse. Bucky lines himself up to your entrance. He starts slowly, sinking into you an inch before stilling and letting you adjust to his girth.
“You’re gonna have to relax, sweetie. You’re so fucking tight,” he grits through clenched teeth.
You feel like heaven to him and he isn’t even half way inside you. He slides in deeper once you’ve loosened a bit. You’re still a snug fit, so snug in fact that Bucky thinks this isn’t going to last as long as he hopes. He can feel the harsh throb of your walls against his shaft. Your arousal coats him completely and he feels some slide down to his balls. It’s nasty, it’s debauched, it’s something he plans to do every day.
He’s fully in you now and the burn isn’t necessarily unpleasant, but it’s not the greatest feeling. You thought your first time would be special, sharing your body with someone you love, with someone who loves you. Not this kidnapper, this borderline monster. At least he’s somewhat caring towards you, trying to make your first time as painless as possible. He has to have good in his heart somewhere. That gives you hope. Hope that he’ll end all of this soon.
Bucky just stares at you while you’re trying to accommodate his member. Taking in each feature you have, making sure to remember every little detail he can. “You’re so gorgeous…” he whispers. You don’t know what happens, but the tears break free and you’re sobbing almost hysterically. Are you crying from pain? Pleasure? Over the fact his words have a warmness erupting in your chest? You don’t know, you don’t think you’ll never really know.
Bucky thinks you cry so beautifully. But he knows you’re in a mental state of pain which causes his heart to twist. You’ll see soon enough he’s not the monster he knows you think he is. He kisses your cheeks, catching the tears that fall from your eyes with his lips. He takes the opportunity to start moving, drawing his hips back slowly before flushing them against yours once more.
“Even more so when you cry.”
His body completely envelopes yours as he strokes inside you. The air leaves your lungs as you feel the drag of his cock. He slips in and out with little to no trouble, more wet noises can be heard throughout the room. The pain is gone now and is replaced by pressure. It sends a heat through your body once more.
Bucky buries his head into your neck as his pace picks up a bit. He places kisses along your throat and you can hear him panting as his release grows closer. Your toes start to curl as his hand finds a breast and starts to tweak your nipple, causing you to arch against him. When he’s taking you apart like this, you’re putty in his hands.
“Know you said you didn’t want this,” he says in between thrusts, “but you’re drenched, your thighs are trembling, and you’re trying to bite back moans...just admit it, baby. You do want this. I can make this body beg for more. My pretty angel, I own you,” he whispers against your ear.
You don’t say anything, just small pants leave your lips. Bucky isn’t looking for a response, he knows his words ring true for you. As he cages you in, his thrusts start to grow sloppy. You’re just so damn tight and soft, it makes him wild. He reaches a hand between your bodies to find your clit.
When you feel his fast circles along your sensitive nerves, you know you’re a goner. You let out a wail as your legs wrap around his waist. Your hands fly to his back, leaving harsh indentions from your nails as you drag them down his toned muscles. Your orgasm is intense, you didn’t know cumming around something could feel so good, it’s like it never ends as white noise fills your ears and your body shakes.
Bucky cums right after you. Your constant clenching and pulsing had him on the edge already, but as soon as your nails dug into his back, he came with a groan that got muffled by your hair. He starts placing tiny kisses all over your face and neck, enjoying the feeling of having you under him.
You two lay like that for a long moment, just trying to gain composure. You feel him soften inside you as his cum starts to leak out from where you’re both still connected. He gently pulls himself out of you and you wince at the loss. You feel so empty and now that your high is starting to wear off, you feel used. More tears start to form.
“Hey,” Bucky calmly says, “you did so good. You’re perfect for me, y/n.”
You bite back your sobs as he removes the soiled blankets and wraps you in a fresh one from the closet. You watch as he dresses himself as if nothing about this is wrong. He comes over to you and places a kiss against your head.
“Get some rest. I’ll be back soon.”
As he makes his way up the stairs, you wait until the door shuts before you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You’re numb. You don’t know what to feel. On one hand, you want to kick, scream, and fight. But on the other, you want him to love you, to not be a captive and instead be with him willingly.
Will you truly ever be free?
Tumblr media
The days begin to melt together, unsure if it’s been a week or a month since Bucky took you as his captive. It just makes your heart sick, especially because you know you’ve probably missed your nephew’s 6th birthday. You’ve definitely missed your end of semester exams. You’ve missed so many things.
The space he’s prepared for you is gorgeous and it makes you sick even admitting it. He lets you watch whatever TV programs you want and always offers to pass the time with you in whatever way you’d like. He’s fully stocked a bookshelf with your favorite authors, littered your room with your favorite beeswax candles, and even offers to make you cocktails with that rum you love so much. It becomes very clear very early on that he knows all of these things about you because he’s been stalking you.
But you take no interest in the things that previously brought you joy. Instead, you just spend your afternoons sobbing uncontrollably, something that begins to grate on Bucky’s nerves. He makes sure you spend your evenings on your back, sobbing in a different way.
Yet your resolve hasn’t been entirely shattered. You decide to make a plea to Bucky, hoping to appeal to his emotional side which you know must be buried in there somewhere. As he shuffles down the stairs to bring you your dinner, you make your pitch.
“Bucky I - I am so grateful for this set-up you’ve given me. But I need to go home, I need to get back to my life,” you beg, scanning his face for any inkling of a reaction.
“This is your home, doll. We’ve been over this.” He places the bowl of piping hot soup in front of you, gesturing for you to have a spoonful.
“Buck, please. Please. Your wife wouldn’t want this. You need to let me go.”
He softly wipes the falling tears from under your eyes but his demeanor is anything but soft. “That’s enough, I don’t want to hear you say anything more about this.” His words pack a fierce punch but you know that you have nothing to lose by pushing the issue more. He’s already stolen your innocence. He’s already kept you as his prisoner.
“If your wife could see this, she would be disgusted. Buck, you’re a great guy who misses his wife. But kidnapping me isn’t the answer.”
“Shut your whore fuckin’ mouth! Just shut it!” He spits, shoving you down onto the plush sofa with one brutal push, “I told you to stop but you can’t fucking listen, can you? You’re never going to be anything like her, you’re just pretty enough to keep my cock warm.”
With steadfast precision, he unbuckles his belt with one hand while clenching your throat with the other. In some cruel twist of fate, you’ve got your wish of knowing how it would feel for his hand to be your necklace. You gargle and gasp for air, legs flailing underneath you to try and wriggle free. You’ve never seen Bucky this angry, this vitriolic.
His hand relents on your neck, instead shifting to your cheek with a hard slap, “I was trying to be patient with you sweetheart but now you’ve really pissed me off.”
Unfortunately for you, all that clings to your figure is a skimpy nightgown, allowing him to flip the flimsy fabric up and gain immediate access. Without any care for your comfort, he rams his rock hard cock inside with one brutal thrust.
“God, you’re so much tighter when you’re scared.”
You knew fighting it wouldn’t be of any use, he was so much stronger and his arms had now pinned your delicate wrists above your head. Clenching your eyes shut in an attempt to distract yourself from his vicious assault, this made him even more agitated.
“Wanna see those scared little eyes while I fuck a lesson into you,” he growls, pushing the delicate skin on your eyelids up so they retreat back open.
Unlike every time he’s laid into you since your kidnapping, this time is markedly different. There is no care for your well-being, no regard for your pleasure. You know that this fuck is purely about asserting his power over you. The filthiest words and sounds escape his lips as he pushes himself deeper and deeper inside you.
Every time you think he’s close to coming, he cruelly pulls out to the tip. This pattern happens for the better part of an hour, Bucky wanting to keep your throbbing pussy on edge for as long as possible. He’s absolutely serious about the lesson he’s going to teach.
His nature is now fully animalistic as he snaps all the way up into your cervix. The pain never dulls down, it’s just a consistent searing in your cunt that radiates up to your abdomen. You yip, whine, scream as he bottoms out over and over again. Praying for it to end, you bite down on your bottom lip to deliberately draw blood. Any other sensation of pain is a welcome distraction from what your new husband is drilling into you.
Bucky’s mouth curls into a sadistic smile, dipping down to your bleeding lip and messily smearing the droplets across his thumb, only to ram it into your mouth. The metallic tang meets your tongue abruptly, making you want to gag at the taste.
Your abused cunt instinctively clenches around his cock, praying that if you milk it maybe he’ll lessen the violent tempo. This plan works because his pace begins to falter, his grunts growing closer and closer together as sweat drips from his forehead onto your neck and chest. He rocks into you once more, his throbbing member pumping your womb full of his hot spend.
“Don’t fuckin’ pull this shit again, bitch. Punishing you hurts me more than it hurts you,” he mutters, tucking himself back into his jeans.
He could mark your body, try to destroy what remaining fragments of hope you had left, but you’d never let Bucky break your spirit.
Tumblr media
Bucky, did in fact, break your spirit. Turns out, you hadn’t been as strong as you thought, not when every day he kept you full of him, kept you compliant in fear that he’d have another outburst. He’s been persistent, always making sure you’re around him and convincing you that you need him.
As you both lay in your bed, you have your head pressed against his bare chest, mindlessly drawing shapes across his taut skin. He spends the majority of his time down here with you. You’ve come to crave his presence, his touch, the way he makes you fall apart with ease while mindlessly chanting his name. Bucky always tells you how beautiful you are when you come undone for him, when you’re doing something so mundane. You now know he genuinely loves you and that he needs you to be happy. You never want him to be unhappy ever again.
When he isn’t fucking you into the mattress, you both watch tv, play boardgames, bake together. There’s a sense of normality now. It’s like you’re made for him, like all this was supposed to happen to bring your two souls together.
“I’ve been thinking,” his deep voice breaks you from your thoughts, “you’ve been so good for me...I think you deserve a day out. How’s that sound?”
Your heart momentarily stops. A day out? You haven’t been outside in so long, you miss the fresh air, the pretty blue of the sky, the rain on your skin...of course you want a day out. You desperately need it.
You raise up slightly to meet his gaze. “You mean it?”
“Every word.”
Your heart flutters as he smiles at you. You love when his eyes crinkle, he’s looked so at peace lately. You trace the lines of his smile and whisper, “You’ll be with me, right?” You can’t imagine being around people without him by your side.
“Each step of the way, doll.”
You kiss him then, deep and loving. It’s not rushed or hasty, it’s perfect. He’s perfect. You pull away and bite your lip. “Can we go now?” you ask. You can’t contain your excitement when the question leaves your lips.
Bucky pretends to ponder before answering, “go get dressed. Make sure to wear a jacket, it’s rainy!” He has to shout the last part because you’ve already sprinted to the closet. He smiles to himself, he loves seeing his doll happy. Happiness is a good look on you. He gets out of bed to go upstairs and dig through his own closet.
After finding warmer clothes, you sit on the little couch in the center of the room and eagerly await for him to come back down to retrieve you. You hear his footsteps descending and rush to the bottom of the staircase.
“I see you’re ready,” he smiles and places his hand in yours.
It feels odd not being in the basement. His home is practically the same as you remember it, all masculine decor and utterly him. You really don’t want to spend the rest of your days locked away in the basement anymore. You want to be equals with Bucky. You want to take part in his everyday life, not the life he’s created for you down there.
“Bucky,” you begin as he looks tentatively at you, “will you ever let me live up here with you?”
He can’t help the smile that breaks across his face. He’s beyond happy to hear that question. Now he fully knows you want him as much as he wants you. He hates keeping you locked up, but it was for your own good. He needed you to see how deep his love runs first.
“If today goes well, I’ll move you in up here tonight.”
You hug him tighter than you ever have before. You can’t wait to be a normal husband and wife and share a house, share hobbies, share his bedroom and every waking moment with him. Bucky has to pry you off him and lead you to the front door. Before you leave though, the pictures that were once hung are no longer. Although there is one photo hanging in a beautifully detailed frame; a picture of you and Bucky, sitting close together on the basement floor and smiling brightly at the camera.
You’re wearing that floral dress, the same one his wife wore in the Paris picture. Your heart flutters and a sense of pride takes over you. He’s not hung up on her anymore. Bucky Barnes is completely and fully yours. With one more look at the photo you grin and turn to follow your husband into the stormy, evening weather.
Tumblr media
I no longer use a tag list so please follow @fluffyfuck and turn on notifications if you’d like to be alerted to new writing!
Please follow my baby @sableseb for more filthy goodness xoxo Tay 💖
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harryspet · a year ago
dark!bucky barnes [harryspet masterlist]
Tumblr media
Hi, I’m Rae! I write dark fics on my blog harryspet. I write for many characters but these are my Bucky fics. Most of these stories contain DARK ADULT content!! This means there are mentions of abuse, violence, noncon/dubcon, smut, and overall just a lot of angst. 
plaything In which you can’t seem to escape Sebastian’s sadistic punishments.
obedience In which Bucky kills her family of former Hydra members before taking her home as his pet.
our soulmate In which Steve and Bucky both find their soulmate at a local diner.  
you’ve got time In which you’re in prison and a CO named Sebastian Stan takes advantage of you.
party princess In which married Bucky takes advantage of the birthday party princess.
rogue angel (ongoing series) In which Bucky tasks himself with deprogramming you, a former hydra soldier. (forced age regression)
a long way down (completed series)  In which the dead are walking, you belong to Bucky and the two of you stumble upon Steve’s settlement.
wrapped in red In which Peter likes you and Bucky makes both of you regret that. (peter x reader x bucky)
secret service In which a political trip to London allows you to be reunited with your favorite secret service member, Bucky Barnes.
caged bird In which you have to make a deal with three devils in order to survive in The Cage. (prison au)
painted with bruises In which Bucky kidnaps you in order to get close to his enemy, Steve, but realizes Steve isn’t the hero he used to be. 
positions In which Bucky trains you for your new owner, Peter Parker. (petplay)
pinky promise In which you and Peter play Mommy and Daddy. (ddlg/ddlb)
please don’t bite  In which addiction leads you into a den of vampires.
his to claim  In which you befriend a lonely Alpha.
cement walls In which the outside world is too dangerous for you and Bucky is the only one who can protect you.
main masterlist
last updated: 11/14/2020
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issasarcasmthing · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Series Master-List
Warnings: Violence and Violent Themes, Explicit Sexual content, NSFW, Triggering topics etc
Started Jul. 17th 2020 -
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
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giorno-plays-piano · a year ago
Tumblr media
Playing games Pairing: dark!Sebastian Stan x Reader Warning: yandere, swearing, some non-con implications towards the end. Words: 2069. P.S. JESUS CHRIST WHAT HAVE I DONE I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON I HOPE NO ONE WHO REALLY MET SEBASTIAN GONNA READ THIS ghjdfyjdfds I’m so sorry guys _____________________________________ “I asked for a vanilla latte with extra milk, not caramel cappuccino.”
You rolled your eyes at his irritated remark. You knew Sebastian wasn’t in his best mood this morning and expected him to make your day nastier just because he felt like it.
“Sorry, but I’m sure it was caramel cappuccino. You asked for some cinnamon on the top, remember?”
“No, I didn’t.” He snarled and looked at you, giving a mocha frappe to Jill, his hair artist. “I asked for a vanilla latte. If you suffer from memory loss, you’d better visit your doctor once we get back to US.”
What an asshole. Mary, who was now applying some makeup on Sebastian’s face with her beauty blenders and brushes, bit down on her lip: she had been watching how he treated you for the last 3 weeks, and it was a living nightmare. It was very odd since Sebastian was on good terms with pretty much everyone around, but you were always an exception. Why? Neither Mary nor Jill could tell. There was nothing revolting in the way you behaved around Mr. Stan, simply doing your job as his assistant. You were getting him coffee every morning, buying some personal stuff for him, managing his meetings… but you were more an errand girl, that’s true. It was surprising for most of the other people surrounding you two, but you didn’t object to your tasks. You were furious because of the way Sebastian treated you.
He was mean, unfair, irritating, and rude. You didn’t deserve it.
“Well, my voice recorder tells I got everything right.” You pulled it from the pocket of your below-knee sheath skirt, ready to press the button.
“What the fuck is that?” The man rose to his feet immediately, almost pushing frozen Mary out of his way and stepping towards you. “How many times do I have to tell you? NO. FUCKING. RECORDERS.”
He was ready to snatch it from your hands, yet you were able dodge him right on time, hiding the recorder in your pocket again.
“Ok, ok, I’m sorry, I’ll put it away!” In a second you were behind Jill’s tall figure as if you were a child hiding from a bad-tempered parent, Sebastian watching you with anger in his cold blue eyes. “I’m not going to use it. But it’s still true, you asked for caramel cappuccino.”
“Guess what? I don’t fucking care.” He growled in a low voice. “You’ll go and get me vanilla latte because it’s your goddamn job. And I want my coffee before Jill’s finished with my hair, understood?”
Watching his with clear disdain on your face, you cursed under your breath. It was freaking hot in Prague where Sebastian was filming now and getting out the second time just to run to Starbucks once more would sure ruin both your makeup and a white blouse you had been wearing. Damn it.
“God, why do you have to be such a bastard most of the time?” You snapped at him, visibly shaking with fury. “What the hell is wrong with you? Are you a closet psycho or what?”
“I’m the one who pays you, honey.” He smiled at you the same way he always did it in front of the camera and you felt sick.
You stormed off the room without having a glance back at his perfect white teeth. Sebastian Stan was the worst person you had ever met, and you were working for him, seeing him every day and listening to his orders as if you were his pet. How did it come to this? Why did he look like the most perfect human being to you six months ago? What made him behave like that to you when in reality it was him who offered you a job?
God, it was all messed up. You did not remember when things got so bad you could yell at each other in a full voice. It was actually surprising, someone like you shouting and swearing at one of the world’s most famous actors, but it was something Sebastian let you do. Like he wanted you to scream at him regardless who surrounded you whether it was his makeup artists, agents, cleaning ladies or anyone else. It was like he got off on it.
True, this job payed well, much better than the one you had before. Moreover, in these 6 months you saw more countries than you did in your entire life, travelling with Sebastian everywhere and meeting tons of new people, many of them being great professionals. It was inspiring; it made you dream of all the things you thought were impossible; it made you curious and gave you a chance to practice your networking skills.
But Sebastian was fucking blowing it. After six months of constant everyday battles filled with rage and pure hatred you had gained weight, 10 pounds to be precise. Now you were having problems to sleep, and you knew it wasn’t the jet lag.
Anyway, you spent the whole day running around the city to buy him this or that. In the evening you were so tired you could barely move your legs while Sebastian was clearly pleased seeing you like that. It probably stroked his enormous ego.
Fuck it. You didn’t deserve a minute of it. You were not going to let him ruin you for fun, just because he could it since he payed you. Why did you spend you precious time trying to please him? Sure, you still considered him one of the best actors on the planet, but the things he did to you were not ok. He wasn’t ok. Maybe he really was a psycho or had some disorder he didn’t want to treat, you had no idea. But you knew it couldn’t continue like that. It was too much.
You spent an hour writing an email and asking to be laid off. It was just a few lines, simple and professional, yet you were constantly adding and then erasing new sentences. You shouldn’t make it personal, you thought to yourself. You doubted you could leave on agreeable terms, but you needed to give it a try. Even if your last argument with Mr. Stan might be the worst of them all, it would be your last one. It was worth it.
Sighing, you decided to take a stroll before going to bed. 15 minutes wouldn’t hurt, right? You’d have some fresh air and enjoy the view of Prague’s Powder Gate – you were lucky to stay right in the center of this magnificent old city. You could make some more photos to show your friends once you return back home. It was also nice to just sit on a bench and look at the night sky full of stars.
Maybe then you wouldn’t feel so guilty for leaving Sebastian and your team.
In the end, it took you way more that 15 minutes, but your late-night walk made your thoughts clear and left no regrets about your choice. What was happening between you and Sebastian wasn’t right, and you could do nothing but leave. With so many people wishing to work for him he would get another assistant in a matter of hours, and you would get your life back. Those money you earned would keep you afloat quiet some time even if you wouldn’t be able to get a job right away.
“What is this, Y/N?”
His voice almost made you jump. Sebastian stood up from the chair in the corner of your room once you put on the lights. What the Hell was he doing here so late? How did he open the door? If he needed anything, he could simply give you a call.
Oh. You saw your little black recorder in his hand.
“I told you I won’t use it anymore.” Your jaw clenched.
“I’m not talking about this piece of shit.”
He tossed your recorder on your bed as if he couldn’t care less and moved towards you so fast you had no time to step back.
“What is this pathetic email you wrote?” Sebastian’s handsome face darkened. “Are you not right in the head? You want to leave?”
“Yes, I do. What’s wrong with that?” Your expression hardened. He dared to touch your laptop when you weren’t there. “I thought you’d be glad to know. Today you told me three times I didn’t deserve working for you, correct?”
“You know perfectly well I wasn’t serious.”
“God, I have a hard time telling when you’re serious since all you do is hating me.”
He sent you an icy glare.
“You know I don’t hate you. You just happen to bring the worst in me, dear.”
There he was again. God, were you going to have this argument right now when you were deadly tired? You hoped it could wait till tomorrow, but it was clearly not your luckiest day.
“If you want to blame me again, it’s ok. I’m the worst one. I’m a bad person and a terrible assistant.” You squeezed your eyes shut and sighed again, scratching your forehead. “I get it. What I don’t get is why you aren’t happy I’m leaving.”
“Because I don’t want you to leave. If I really hated you so much, I’d already found another assistant, but I don’t want that.”
“Listen, let’s stop playing our games just for a few minutes.” This conversation made you feel even more exhausted. “We don’t get along. You don’t like me. Why do we torment each other? I don’t even remember the last time we had a regular conversation without shouting and cursing.”
“I’m not playing games with you, dear. You do.” He had already cornered you, his face determined and somewhat unsettling. “What do you want? A raise? More benefits?”
You were ready to yell at him again.
“Did you listen to what I just said? I want to leave. I want to come home and forget about all our horrible fights. I want to have a steady and boring job back in US. Do you understand?”
“NO, I DON’T!” The man screamed at you again, and now you suddenly felt his arms clenching your shoulders painfully and winced from his touch. “I already told you to stop toying with me! After all this shameless flirting and batting your eyes you wanna tell me you’re leaving? Do you think I’m so stupid to believe in this bullshit?”
It took you a few seconds to process his words. What? Flirting? Well, you did consider him handsome and charming, who on Earth didn’t, but you had never pulled anything like that. At first, it was because of your professionalism, and then your relationships escalated so fast you knew that he hated you and you hated him. What Sebastian had been even talking about?
You felt very aware how close he was once you felt his heavy breath on your face. He never did this before.
“Listen, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I want to leave. That’s all.” You tried pushing him back with your hands against his chest. “Please, let me go. I need to… t-to go to the kitchen.”
“You’re going nowhere, dear.” His expression darkened. “Tell me the truth. You don’t want me to treat you like my assistant? I get it, I get it, it’s fine. I can treat you like my girl in front of everyone if that’s what you want.”
“No! I – “
His put his hand on your mouth immediately, leaning in closer.
“It’s ok, I understand. I grew tired of pretending like nothing happens between us, too. You want me to let everyone now? It’s ok. I’ll post our photo on Instagram tomorrow. Is this what you want? Is this what you want?”
You tried to scream, but his grip on you was too strong as if Sebastian was really some kind of super soldier. Desperately trying to wriggle free you only got him to hold you tighter, his soft lips all over your face already wet with tears.
“It’s ok, dear. I got it.” He shushed you, trying to keep your arms together with his hand and pushing his knee in between your legs. “I’m sorry it took me so long. I understand now, so you don’t have to go. You won’t go, will you?”
You couldn’t answer him even if you wanted to.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
I've been thinking about a priest trying to "save" the reader from demon Bucky, only to fail miserably and gets forced to watch Bucky fuck the reader in his own church
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon Bucky x reader
Warnings: Smut, kinda public sex, exhibitionism, voyeurism Minors DNI.
Word count: less than 1.5 k (?)
A/N: Written on my phone while at work. Will edit later. Do not copy,rewrite, translate or repost my drabbles.
You're sitting in Father Roger's office wearing a demure white lace dress. The matching stockings go up to your thighs, held in place by a pair of wine red garters. Buckys favorites. He loves how innocent you appear when you dress like this.
Your eyes hover over the bookshelf to your left, it's filled with religious literature. Even more books are stacked on his desk. Various pens and crosses are scattered across the uneven piles of paperwork. The overhead light catches specks of dust that dance in the still air. The faint scent of damp wood seeps into your nose.
You eye a particularly pretty cross, your hand drawn to it. Touching the tapered edge, you giggle when you feel a spark sting your fingertips. Withdrawing your hand, you continue to study the room while you wait.
You hum under your breath, perking up when you hear footsteps approaching. Straightening up, you smooth down the front of your dress.
Father Rogers closes the door behind him with a heavy sigh. "I'm so glad you could make it today."
He steps into your line of vision. You give him an alluring grin, widening your eyes ever so slightly. "Of course Father," you say, keeping your voice soft.
Folding your hands on your lap, you blink up at him. Steve watches you closely as he takes his seat, his eyes hardening when he sees the finger shaped bruises decorating your neck.
"There have been rumors that you were seen at the old church and that you may have been engaging in--," he huffs, removing his glasses, he pinches the bridge of his nose. In all his years, he never thought he would be having this conversation.
You lean forward, placing your palms on his desk. "Yes Father."
"Excuse me." He says, his brows furrowing.
You get out of the chair, keeping your hands on the smooth wooden surface. "I did go to the church. I did call for Bucky. And those activities they're whispering about are all true." You smile proudly.
Steve exhales sharply. He tosses his glasses down and grabs your hands. "Child, do you know what you have done? It's not too late, I can help you. We can rid you of this demonic presence."
His impassioned rant fades when you tilt your head to the side. Your eyes drifting over his shoulder. You grin, rolling your bottom lip between your teeth. "You hear that baby. He can rid me of your demonic presence."
Steve gawks at you, carefully withdrawing his hands. The sweet scent of lilacs and vanilla fill the musty air. The lights flicker changing from the dull yellow glow to an unnatural red.
Steve turns his head, startling in his chair. He curses under his breath, his heart hammering painfully in his chest as Bucky emerges from the shadows.
"Mmm language Father," Bucky purrs, gliding across the room.
He stands behind you, pressing down on your back, forcing you into a perfect arch. "Tell me, Father, just how do you plan on getting rid of me."
Goosebumps prickles across your skin as his large hands push your dress up your thighs to your waist. He plucks the garter, the band snapping on your tender skin. You hiss, loving the delicious sting. Bucky palms your ass. You hear shifting and rustling behind you.
Steve raises his hand, starting to form a cross. Bucky laughs a beautiful musical tone that makes you shiver. You're still not used to that mesmerizing sound.
Steve flinches, clutching his ears. He gasps when his hands are pulled down. His seat moving across the floor, the wheels squeaking and rattling as he's pushed to the desk.
Bucky licks up the side of your neck. He grips your hips and pushes into your slick walls with one firm thrust. Pleasure blooms from your core as he stretches you. Fuck, you never feel a burn with him, just pure bliss. You drop to your elbow, moaning as you blatantly stare at an aghast Steve.
Bucky grunts, snapping his hips into yours. "I'm so deep in her. She's so fucking tight." He lifts your hips and you cry out his name.
"You hear that Father," Bucky asks, a smirk forming as Steve struggles against his invisible bonds. Bucky pulls you flush against his chest, each stroke of his cock pushing you to your tiptoes.
He places his hand over your mouth, muffling your moans. The salacious wet sloshing of your cunt echoing in the small room is vulgar and filthy and it makes you even wetter, your slick dripping around his cock.
"Sounds like she doesn't want to let me go." Bucky taunts, lifting your dress, exposing your swollen pussy. Steves's eyes darken, a hoarse grunt caught in his throat.
"Her sweet cunt keeps sucking me back in." He groans, fucking into you harder and faster. You're not listening, too focused on the pleasure burning through your veins.
His tail wraps around your belly, keeping you still. Buckys mouth drops to your ear. "You know, I bet the good father is hard right now, bet his cock is aching to feel your tight pussy wrapped around him."
He flicks his wrist, lifting Steve out of the chair. Your grin hidden by Bucky's rough palm, he's right. Steve can't hide his lust-blown pupils, he definitely can't hide his cock straining the thin fabric of his pants.
You can help the moan ripping through your chest. Buckys large body surrounding you, Steve's piercing eyes on you. It's so debauched but you love every second of it.
"Aw look at that," he darkly chuckles. Bucky pulls your dress down exposing your tits, his thumb teasing your pebbled nipple while his long dexterous fingers circle your clit. "He wants you, little one, but you belong to me."
"Yes, yes I'm yours, all yours Bucky," you pant.
He nips at your bruised throat, his hips slapping into you so fast you're getting dizzy. It's too much, you're so close, so fucking close.
"All mine. Let's show him how pretty you look when you cum."
Steve crashes to the floor, his head tilted back as the desk flies across the room. His gaze locked on your pussy. "Cum for him, little one, let him see why your pussy is better than salvation. " He says, his fingers spreading your folds so Steve can see his large, thick cock pushing into your sopping core.
You clench down with a cry. It's a visceral reaction, the knot unraveling in your cunt, your body tensing as you fall apart.
"Good girl." Bucky groans, his deep voice rumbling across your skin. " Don't you agree, Steve?"
A sly grin cuts across his face, his blue eyes flickering to a deep black. "She's a very good girl."
He stands, shedding his cloak. "Now it's my turn to ruin her sweet cunt."
Part 1
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nsfwsebbie · a month ago
tulsa jesus freak.
summary. | He’d never trade your innocent body for a can of gin. No, instead, he chooses to sing you like his favourite bible hymn.
warnings. | Non/dubcon, coercion, manipulation, gaslighting, smut, innocence kink, corruption kink, Daddy kink, dom/sub, manhandling, angst, virginity loss, unprotected vaginal sex, fingering (reader doesn’t come), dirty talk, praise kink, degradation, creampie kink, *religion, drinking (gin), safewording (but not really), dumbification, humiliation, mild sexism/misogyny, mentions of marriage, and more. 18+, MINORS DNI.
word count. | 9k.
pairings. | Dark!Lee Bodecker x Innocent!Reader.
author’s note. | since my birthday is coming up, here’s a gift from me to you! please don’t forget to reblog! if you take ANY inspiration from my fics (i’ll know, trust me) and you don’t give credit, you will be blocked and i’ll let others know. *the father is a preacher, there is no explicit mentions of religion, no blasphemy, or any disrespect. the sex occurs in the forest.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
White lace decorates your Mother’s gown, only the finest for the wife of Knockemstiff’s priest. You sit on the red leather chair, your knees bent and back hunched over. You peer out the window with your soft yet scarred hands in your lap, thinking of all the world’s possibilities. Instead of trying on dresses for the service on Sunday, you could be picking strawberries at the field, readying the berries for jam.
But your Mother is a woman who has needs along with wants, and she doesn’t like it when anything is in her way. You always bite your tongue when it comes to these things. You’ve found it best that keeping quiet and never voicing your opinion is better than saying one wrong thing and having almost every churchgoer in town show up at your doorstep with pitchforks and torches.
“I think the cream colour is more elegant than the white, don’t you think so, dearest?” she asks, and you turn your head. You look up at her and quickly fix your posture, not wanting to have your ear chewed out on this lovely Thursday afternoon. “Yes, Ma, it looks elegant,” you gracefully tell her, fuelling her ego just how she likes. You always add gasoline to the fire, and it leaves you with no friends.
You know barely anyone in this town. The occasional words exchanged with the shopkeepers and passersby only occur because of your Father’s exalted status. If only they knew that he isn’t as holy as he seems to be and would much rather worship a bottle of moonshine than anything else. “What are you gonna wear, sweetie?” she asks, still admiring herself in the mirror.
“Well, I just thought that I’d wear that dress Nana gave me for my sixteenth,” you admit to her, and she hums in approval. “Good, we can’t be blowing all our money on useless things,” she sighs in relief, and you’re almost tempted to point out her hypocrisy as the price tag on the dress would be enough to make your Nana have a heart attack. “Do we gotta cook for the service?” you ask her, wanting so desperately to be able to bake a pretty pie or candy some yams.
“No need for any cookin’ this time, sweets; we got people bringing their own food for us,” she reminds you, and you nod. Your eyes dart around the store, the room almost empty with only the two shopkeepers and two customers. Your gaze goes to the mannequins that stand by the windows. You can see the old bobby pins holding the back of the outfits together, and you stifle a giggle.
Even the prettiest seeming things aren’t perfect, and you find that to be so cliche. You haven’t even noticed that your Mother is trying to tighten the straps of her dress until the hushed whispers of the store grow quieter. You believe they’re judging you; they always do. “It’s quieter than that little library you always run off to; what’s goin’ on now?” your Mother grumbles, stepping down from the level that made her tower over you.
The most exciting things that occur in this small town known as Knockemstiff are the occasional murders that usually take place on the outskirts of the city. “Oh lordy, it’s the Sheriff!” your Mother squeals, and you furrow your eyebrows. “Sheriff?” you repeat, not really grasping the concept that there is a Sheriff here in Knockemstiff. “Yes, dearest, and we need to get on his good side!” your Mother exclaims, reaching for her red purse.
She hasn’t stopped wearing it since your Father allowed her to splurge on it a few months ago. Father never really allows splurges, only if your family benefits from it for a while. But he just had to let the unnecessary purchase happen, only because your Mother nearly had his hide because he forgot to do something for Valentine’s day. You tried to convince her that he was just busy, and he indeed was. But your words went unheard, and you swore to never speak on such a topic again.
“But–” you start before getting cut off. “No buts! We need him, dearest; we need to have a good connection with him,” your Mother explains quickly, and yet you’re still lost. These ‘affairs’ of your family and the higher-up townsfolk are always so confusing. Your Father is already powerful (though you loathe the way he abuses it), and yet he still wants his empire to grow.
“You doin’ alright there, Mrs. Preacher?” the Sheriff drawls, a toothpick between his lips and his hands on his slightly pudgy waist. You look away. Eye contact is embarrassing, and the Sheriff is so intimidating that even his presence is overwhelming from just a few feet away. You slowly scoot away from him, still seated in your chair. He reeks of sins and cigarettes, maybe even a hint of that moonshine your Father would drink.
The holster on his leather belt holds a pistol. It’s shiny and clean, with not one scratch or scuff on it. He calls your Mother ‘Mrs. Preacher’ with a hint of disgust in his voice. He’s no holy man. God gave up on him a while ago, and he doesn’t care. But he does care about the swindling election creeping up on the county, just a few mere months away. Blue pins with his name written in bold have found their way in your home and heck—even in your room as well.
“All’s well, Sheriff Bodecker. What brings you here? Can’t possibly be buyin’ a dress for yourself,'' your Mother smiles, and even Lee cracks a grin. “Florence wore my patience out years ago with this bullshit; I’m just doin’ my rounds, Mrs. Preacher. You got a problem with that?” he questions, tilting his head to the side. “No problems at all, Sheriff. Sorry if I offended you… This is my daughter!” she exclaims, pointing at you.
“What?” you mumble out loud, looking up at the two elders. “Oh, uh, hi,  Mister-Sheriff Bodecker-Sir,” you stammer nervously as he stares you down like a wolf. “G’day to you too, li’l girl,” he smirks, and you look down in embarrassment. Your Mother clicks her tongue in disappointment, and you just know that you’ll never hear the end of it. Lee’s eyes dart between the two of you, tension seems from the corners, and he can’t help but be confused.
Maybe the happy family scene is just an act…
“She’s just shy… My husband and I were wondering if you’d come to the service this Sunday. You don’t have to stay too long, but I'm sure it'll be very beneficial,” she reasons, with an emphasis on her last two words. Lee nods in understanding, and his eyes flicker back over to you. You’re still looking away, and he doesn’t mind it at all. Knowing how his powerful presence frightens people makes him feel drunk on happiness and ego.
He lets out a small chuckle. “Then I’ll be sure to be there. You got any room for a sinner?” he questions, hooking his thumbs into his belt. “Always,” your Mother gleams, clasping her hands together, almost in a prayer-like manner. “And I trust that your sweet li’l girl will be there too, right?” he asks, turning his head to face you. You sight up straighter at the mention and gulp nervously. “O- Of course, Mister-Sheriff-Bodecker-Sir,” you ramble out. Your Mother sighs in shame, but Lee simply smiles. “Just Sheriff Bodecker or Mr. Bodecker,” he corrects, and you nod.
“Okay, Mr. Bodecker.”
It’s Sunday. You like to assign colours to each day of the week on your little calendar. Monday is orange, Tuesday is yellow, Wednesday is blue, Thursday is green, Friday is purple, and Saturday is pink. But for you. Sunday is white. Maybe it’s the symbolism of the colour, or perhaps it’s because, on Sundays, you’re always forced to wear white. It’s not like you hate the colour; you just get tired of it.
The other girls in town wear different colours, even if most of the time it’s brown. Written in blue pen on the Sunday square is the time of the service. Your Father’s handwriting resembled a chicken scratch when he was younger, is what your Mother says to you constantly. Hers takes a while to decipher, but you’ve grown a skill out of reading it with ease. Your friends would envy your talent of being able to read cursive easily when you were younger, and thinking back, you miss them.
You don’t have friends, not yet and not here, at least. Sometimes, you like to be alone. It’s nice to be by yourself, it’s so very calm and relaxing. You wish you could have a dog, perhaps a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd. But your Mother hates animals, and so does your Father. So you just use the company of your pillows for the time being. They don’t mind any amount of touch you place on them, and they don’t complain either.
When you were younger, you’d swear that your toys could talk. It was a slight improvement from your imaginary friend, who was named Bethel, but your Father still wasn’t pleased. He demanded you’d be sent to some boarding school to set you straight because at the time, kids your age had learned Santa isn’t real, and the tooth fairy is really just their parents. Your Mother had begged him not to, and you miss those times where she had a heart, and she had a soul.
When she was calloused and egoistical. But you can’t blame her; your Father has that type of sway with his words.
She calls out your name, harshly and her voice turns into a croak towards the end because of the strength she uses. “Are you ready? We have to go set up!” she questions, looking at the watch on her wrist. It’s a gold colour, but that doesn’t mean it’s made of gold or plated with it, either. All the gold jewellery is in the safe, as per your Father’s request. You look at yourself in the mirror, not liking the way the tag of your dress is poking into your skin. You’d try to cut it off, but the jagged edge would be just as annoying.
You reach as far as your arm can let you, and you fold it so that the corners don’t bother you. The skirt of the dress is a bit too long for your liking. It hangs a few centimetres beneath your knees, and it leaves your calves exposed. You’re not wearing your stockings because they have a rip in them, and you’re too nervous about borrowing a pair from your Mother. “Yes!” you yell back, grabbing your purse and your sweater.
You have a small snack in your bag, along with a few other necessities. The purpose of the sweater is to keep you warm because, for some odd reason, the church is always a frigid temperature. You follow your Mother to her car, and you buckle your seatbelt up before she speeds off. The car smells nice and clean; perhaps there’s a new air freshener. A green pine tree hangs on the mirror, and you fight the urge to grab it. “When we get there, you have to go to the forest,” she starts, and you furrow your eyebrows together.
You’re not too fond of the forest, only because of the alarming amount of dead raccoons you always find. “Why?” you question, looking out the window to see women and men of different ages and sizes walking in different directions. It’s Sunday, so most of them might be going to the park. You’ve always wanted to go there, but your Father never lets you. One day you’ll sneak out. You’re sure of it.
“Because we need twigs,” she bluntly answers, staring straight at the road ahead. “Why do you need twigs?” you ask, shifting your gaze from the outside world to her. “For a fire,” your Mother tells you. “Why do you need to light a fire? Fires are for camping and for cooking,” you press, letting your curiosity get the best of you. “Just stop asking questions. It’s annoying and quite frankly none of your business,” she snaps, and you fight the urge to roll your eyes.
Defensive as always. For what reason is beyond even you.
“Where’s your accent gone to? Hm? New York?” you sneer, noticing that her drawl is no longer laced between her semi-hurtful words. “Shut your mouth. I need to make a good impression. I need to stand out,” she informs you, and your face is downturned into a confused, frazzled frown. She makes no sense; one moment, she’s saying one thing, the next, she’s changing her tune. “I thought you said we gotta blend in,” you murmur loud enough for her to hear. “Yes, and things have changed since then. So you need to hide that pathetic accent, and you need to speak like somebody from the big city,” she demands, slightly raising her tone.
You nod, and you keep quiet the rest of the ride. It’s better to leave your Mother to stew than anything else.
There’s another car there, and you recognize it before your Mother can even park next to it. “The Sheriff…” you whisper, stepping out of the vehicle. Your feet hit the gravel and mix the small stones around as you wobble just a tiny bit. “Run along, now,” she orders, closing the trunk with a loud slam. “Don’t I have to greet the Sheriff and Dad?” you wonder out loud, and your Mother rolls her eyes.
“Go,” she eventually tells you, and you run as fast as your feet can go. You step inside, and your skin already pebbles up into goosebumps, but you don’t have the patience to put your sweater on. You see your Father and the Sheriff speaking to each other in low tones, both looking equally as stressed as your Mother. “Hi, Mr. Sheriff Bodecker-Sir,” you nervously say, catching both of their attentions. Lee flicks his dark eyes towards you, and his bitter mood turns sweet at the sight of your smile.
“Good morning, sweetie,” he greets, tilting his head upwards, and your Father grumbles some sort of nonsense. “Go do what your Mother told you, make sure they’re not flimsy and disgusting,” your Father instructs, and you nod your head. “Go do what?” Lee curiously asks, placing his hands on his hips and clenching his jaw. He catches the way you wring your hands together, and he knows you’re intimidated by him. “I have to go collect twigs for a fire,” you explain to him, and he nods.
“Why not branches?” he questions, shifting his posture just a little bit. He stands straighter, and his tummy juts out only a tiny bit more. “I can’t cut them,” you inform, and he nods his head again. “Let me help you out; you’ll need to collect plenty for a fire,” he offers, even though it’s not really an offer and more of a suggestion than anything else. He doesn’t leave any room for you to either accept him or reject him; he just walks past you and out the door.
You follow Lee like a lost puppy dog, trying to keep up with the long strides that quickly take him to the forest. “How old are you, sweetheart?” he asks, taking his baton out. He uses it to smack at the tree branches that interrupt his path, and you have to wait until they stop shaking to pass by them. You tell him your age, and you don’t ask for his in return because it’s not the proper thing to do. “I’m forty. I know you wanted to ask, so there ya’ go,” he meekly tells you, and you nod even though he can’t see you.
“Have you ever done this before?” Lee questions and you have to pause to think. “Well, both yes and no. I use to look around for twigs when I was younger, but I’ve never had them ask me to go find a plethora of them,” you explain to him, looking down at the ground. The grass and dirt of the forest are covered in many dried leaves. Some are crunchy, and some aren’t. You fight the urge to jump on most of them because you know it won’t leave a nice impression on Lee.
“‘Plethora,’ you’re pretty smart, aren’t ya?” he wonders out loud, quoting the word you used in an almost envious tone. You open your mouth to answer, but he beats you to it. “I get, you’re from the big city or whateva,’ and maybe that means shit to some people, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. Alright? Tell your Father and Mother that. They’re too dumb to realize it,” he snaps, clearly frustrated with other things that you don’t even want to know. You obviously won’t tell them those exact words; you’d rather face the wrath of the Sheriff than the wrath of your parents.
Some leaves are wet. Perhaps from some light showers that happened a day or two ago. They stick to the bottom and sides of your shoes, but you don’t care enough to take them off. “Where are you even from anyways? San Francisco?” he rudely interrogates, and suddenly you feel like you’ve committed some sort of crime. Maybe thievery, or perhaps arson. A kind of guilt that would usually accompany those crimes weighs on your chest, and you’re not sure why.
You haven’t done anything wrong; you’ve simply just followed orders that everyone keeps throwing at you.
You wonder if your parents have that guilt. Or maybe they’ve got it as a burden instead. But they walk with a jump in each step, and they do more work than you can ever fathom doing, so there can’t be anything holding them down. No conscience, no guilt, no luggage, nothing. You, on the other hand, drag your feet when you walk. You rarely ever skip down the sidewalk, and you don’t jump around either. Every morning you wake up with butterflies in your stomach.
But they aren’t the good kind, so maybe instead of butterflies, you have moths. And unlike your parents, you just can’t lie without feeling bad.
“We’re from Tulsa, Sir,” you inform him with a whisper in your tone and an awkward smile on your face. There aren’t anymore leaves on the ground, and you begin to search for twigs. You’re unsure if you’re going to find enough for a fire, but you’ll try your hardest either way. Besides, it’s better to have something than nothing, right? “Tulsa? Like in Oklahoma?” he double-backs, not sure if he heard you right. Lee never would’ve thought you and your family are from Tulsa, of all places.
It seems almost criminal for you not to be from a big city where everyone is constantly bustling. You’ve got a sort of simple glamour to you that is meant to be strutted on the streets of New York, not on the rough, broken-down roads of Knockemstiff or Tulsa. Your family certainly doesn’t act like they’re from Tulsa; perhaps they’ve forgotten where they’ve come from. Money does have the known side effect of amnesia, no?
“Yes, Sir,” you affirm, nodding your head and kicking at some stone to find more twigs. You have around six or seven in your hand so far, and Lee has none. His palms are sweaty and hot, but yours are cold and dry. The weather gets you like that sometimes, but the Sheriff just runs hot. “Never thought you’d be from Tulsa. You belong in that New York place that everyone is flocking to,” he jokes under his breath with intentions of letting you hear him. You catch his words, and you let out a giggle because everyone says the same as well.
Lee smiles, appreciating the way you know he’s lighthearted.
“You gotta get more than that. That ain’t gonna do shit,” Lee points out, even though he doesn’t make any movements or attempts to help you out. You’re tired, and all you want to do is go home and sleep for the rest of the day. “About how many should I collect?” you ask him because he’s older and he knows better. He’s worldly, and you’re sure he can lend you some wisdom and expertise. “O’er twenty for sure,” he estimates, squinting his eyes to look at the handful of sticks in your hand.
“You got any friends? Or are you a loner? What about a job? Do you go to university or college?” The Sheriff suddenly bombards you with questions, and you stutter as you try to understand what he wants from you. “No, I don’t have any friends. But I’m not a loner. I don’t have a job, and I graduated college,” you explain to him as you try to keep your feet steady against the bumpy ground. You sort through sticks to find some twigs, and you only end up drawing two from your search.
“Hm, well, I can be your friend if you want. Besides, your parents are going to be inviting me over these coming days, and I don’t want it to be awkward,” Lee offers, and your ears perk up as his words sink in. “Really? Oh, wow, thank you so much, Mr. Bodecker-Sheriff-Sir!” you exclaim to him, turning around and wrapping your arms around his squishy, soft stomach. The hug lasts for only a fleeting moment, just a few seconds. You pull away from him, and you’re smiling so very brightly that Lee just knows you lied to him when you said you’re not a loner.
“Just call me Lee, since we’re friends now,” he tells you, and you nod. “Okay, Lee.” His name feels weird as it rolls off your tongue. Too casual. You feel the need to refer to him by something that carries respect, not friendliness. But you brush off the weirdness of it, knowing that you’ll get used to it eventually. “Look, over there. There’s a bunch of twigs yonder,” Lee points out, nodding in the direction of a shed with two large trees on either side. You look over, not sure how he sees any twigs from so far.
“C’mon,” he urges, stepping in front of you. Lee walks ahead of you, and you quickly follow behind him. You’ve now got around eleven twigs in your head, and they’re all poking your skin in a not-so-very gentle manner. The shed has rust all over it, the silver turning into a copper-brown colour that looks hard to clean. You remember one time your Father made you clean an old, rusted pan that he found in the garage. It took you hours, and by the end of it, you were absolutely exhausted.
Lee leans forward just a bit, bending down and using the black baton to push off some leaves and broken sticks. “There,” he says, slapping the wand on the ground and standing back up. You hesitatingly pick up the few twigs he’s uncovered, and you have a handful and a half. Your bag is resting on your elbow, and your sweater is wrapped around your waist. You don’t want it to get dirty, which is why you aren’t wearing it. “Thanks, Lee, I really appreciate it,” you express, pressing your lips together to give him a kind smile.
Lee nonchalantly waves his baton, and you’re surprised at how laid back and calm of a person he is. You expected him to be strict, a stickler for the rules, and as someone who’d constantly hover over you while you do simple things. Just waiting for you to mess up so he can smoke you out for your mistake. “You move around a lot, don’t you, sweet thing?” he questions after a few wordless moments.
Not silent, wordless.
You can hear each others’ chests rising and falling, both of your mouths slightly parted as you pant just a tiny bit. The wind whistles, shaking a few leaves and makes them rustle. “Yeah, we only settle down for a few months before we’re going somewhere else. It’s tiring, you know? I feel like I can barely catch my breath or sit down for a few seconds. Always taping boxes, writing ‘fragile’ on them, packing my suitcases,” you voice, knowing you could never say these things to your parents unless you want to have them yell at you.
“Well, I’m really sorry about that…” Lee meekly tells you, not sure what else to say. “I- It’s alright, not like it’s your fault, heh. I just want to have a normal life, not one that’s constantly changing,” you murmur to him, wondering about how different things would be—how different you would be if your Father wasn’t forcing you to change locations all the time. Lee thinks nice and hard about a way to change the topic because he can just feel the awkwardness growing by the second.
“You didn’t buy yourself a dress from the store? For the service?” he questions, and you look at him. “Nope,” you shake your head while popping the ‘p.’ You turn your body as you continue to look for more twigs, aiming to add at least fifteen or twenty before you go back to where your parents are waiting. He sucks in a sharp breath, and he clicks his tongue in a disappointing manner. Your furrow your eyebrows. Did you say something wrong? “Such a shame, there was this black one with lace on it. It was on one of the mannequins in the window. It would’ve looked lovely on you,” he explains to you, and you know just which dress he’s talking about.
“Oh, yeah, I liked that one,” you reply, squinting your eyes as you continue on with your search. “Bet your Mother buys more things for herself than she does for you, right?” The Sheriff questions and you nearly choke on your saliva. “Uhm, no, that’s not the case at all, Lee,” you inform him, trying your best to lie. “I’d get you anything you want, you know? Because that’s what friends do.” Lee has a sort of wicked smile on his face, lopsided and bright.
He takes a step closer towards you, mashing some poor leaves beneath his leather shoes. They’ve got steel tips, too, just like your Father. “R- Really?” you ask, stepping backwards to preserve some form of personal space. “Mhm, friends do so many things for each other; to each other…” he whispers. His voice drops to a low tone, breathy and not at all harsh. It’s calming, so very calming. “I never knew that,” you shyly admit to him, no longer looking for twigs. You’ve forgotten about them, in all honesty.
“There’s this special thing that friends do when they first grow a bond, like the bond we have right now! Do you want to do it?” Lee asks, hopeful and starry-eyed. You let out a small gasp, not knowing what he’s talking about yet still wanting to do it. It seems like your parents will be staying in Knockemstiff for a while… So you might as well strengthen your newfound friendship with Lee as soon as possible, right?
You nod your head excitedly, nearly making yourself giggle. Lee smirks at your eagerness, knowing that you’re absolutely clueless about what he’s going to do to you. “What is it? Is it like a game?” you ask him, more curious than a cat. He doesn’t say anything. No, nothing at all. Instead, he drops his beloved baton on the forest’s floor, and he pushes you against the shed. Your back bumps up against the zinc, but you’re not hurt by his suddenness. “Just… Watch, and feel sweetheart,” Lee hums gleefully, and you’re just a tad hesitant.
But he’s your friend, and you need to trust him. So you release yourself from your own binds and just go with what he’s doing. Friends don’t harm each other… Right?
Two warm hands scrunch up the cloth of your dress, forming a pile of white polyester at your lower abdomen. Your crotch area is exposed, and goosebumps immediately find a home on your skin. “Hold that,” he orders, and you listen to him. His hands get replaced with yours, and Lee can feel his blood rushing down to his cock from being so close to touching your pussy. His nimble yet slightly chubby fingers hook into the waist of your cotton panties, and he slowly pulls them down.
You watch him as he lets your underwear fall at your ankles, and your cunt is exposed. He stares you directly in your eyes, only intimidating you and not comforting you at all. But despite your slowly growing discomfort (and slight fear as well), you remain as silent as a grave, and you don’t dare to say anything against what he’s doing.
Those same fingers of Lee’s have been stained with blood and dirt before. They’ve been stained with tears and whipped cream. They’ve been cut up and broken before. Now, they are soaked with your wetness as he lightly touches your folds. He’s not sure why you’re wet, but he likes to think that it’s all because of him. “You’re soaked, sweetie. Why’s that?” Lee questions, a sort of condescending tone lingering between his words.
“Uhm… I- I don’t know, Lee- Isn’t this, like, bad? Since it’s out of wedlock and all…” you nervously ask him, worried about all the things your parents have told you in your life. “Nope, because we’re friends, darling!” he cheers, a bright smile on his face. You let out a sigh of relief, your nerves no longer set on fire due to your unnecessary overthinking. “Just relax for me, and let me do what I need to do,” Lee urges, and you lean your head against the zinc behind you to calm down.
Lee traces his fingers up and down your lips, just barely grazing your swollen clit. He knows he shouldn’t waste any time because these days, it seems to fly quickly. His digits decide to leave your little button alone, and he brings them to your drooling hole. He also knows he shouldn’t take his precious time with every move, which is why he pushes his two fingers inside you without warning. You cry out loudly at the sudden pain that fills you. You feel like you’re being intruded by a rude passerby, perhaps one with eyes that can’t leave anything unseen.
“L- Lee, it hurts!” you whine to him, wondering if you’re being ripped in half. He says nothing, and he lowers himself onto the ground. His left knee rests against the pile of leaves, and he watches the way your pussy hugs his fingers tightly. He’s as stiff as a rock, if not more. He’d love to push you to your limits and even past them, too. Lee strokes your inner walls as he lets you get adjusted to him. With him, you’ll always be filled up with something.
“Does it still hurt, sweetheart?” the Sheriff mockingly asks, but you’re too oblivious to notice the way he taunts you and your weakness. “N- Not as much as before… It kind of feels good, like, tingly?” you describe to him as best as you can, and he just wants to fuck that innocence out of you as soon as possible. ”Aw, I’m glad you’re feeling it now. And plus, I’d much rather see you writing in pain in other ways,” he whispers under his breath. You don’t catch his words because you’re too busy trying to catch your breath.
Lee doesn’t think he’s a sadist; no, of course not. He just believes that you’d look so pretty crying for him to stop hurting you. The burning sensation has turned into something gratifying, and you wonder if Lee has magic laced between his wickedly clever words. Lee’s cock strains against his brown pants, and he has a feeling you’ll be the death of him. “This li’l cunt of yours is so tight, baby. I bet you’ve never touched it before, right? Well, I’ll be damned. I guess first come, first serve really does apply to everythin’,” he casually chatters, talking as though he isn’t knuckle-deep inside of you in the middle of a forest.
“I’d love to ruin this little hole a’ yours. You’d make me the happiest man alive if you let me,” he hums, pressing his lips together as your wetness soaks his hand. “What the fuck am I even sayin’? You don’t gotta give me permission or anything. This is my little pussy. And I’ll do whatever I want with it, even if it isn’t too holy,” he chuckles, and you nod in agreement because you’d trust him with your life, especially since he’s your friend.
Lee slowly begins to thrust his digits in and out of your virgin hole, admiring the squelching sounds and sheen that your arousal causes. Your breath hitches at the growing pleasure, and your hips buck towards him. “Already a slut for me, aren’t ya?” the Sheriff chortles, and you squeeze your hands into tight fists. The twigs poke into your soft skin, and you let out a hiss. You drop them right by his feet, and you look down to where they’ve fallen. Instead of your eyes meeting the ground, they cross with Lee’s, and you find yourself entranced.
You both gaze at each other longingly, and Lee pushes his fingers back into your pussy. Your jaw drops, and you let out a gasp at the lovely stimulation. The man beneath you curls his fingers, and he quickly finds that sweet spot. Your knees buckle, and you nearly give away. “That feels so good, doesn’t it, sweetie? I know it does, and it’ll feel even better in a few seconds,” Lee whispers, shallowly fucking his fingers into your pussy. He tries his hardest to multitask, but he can only really focus on the way you’re slowly turning into a slut just for him.
“Feels- Feels so good, Lee,” you whimper, gyrating your hips against his hand out of pure helplessness. You have no idea as to what you’re doing, but you let your body take control. “Call me ‘Daddy,’ okay?” he orders, and you nod. It’s a bit peculiar, but you’d do anything to make your friend happy. “Okay, Daddy,” you agree before you bite down on your bottom lip. The pads of his fingers stroke your walls and your g-spot roughly. Yet, his movements are still a bit slow as he has no plans to make you come just yet.
You’ve never experienced anything like this. You wonder if this is what heaven feels like because, damn, this pleasure must be from there. And if it’s a place on Earth, it must be wherever Lee goes. Maybe he hails from there. You’ve never met a man so nice like him. He’s the first to ever make you feel anything.
A certain pressure fills your stomach, and your skin lights on fire with a sort of sensitivity. Your legs twitch every now and then, and they nearly clamp down on Lee’s arm. He switches motions, from scissoring his digits to pushing them into you. You’re panting like a bitch in heat, and your cunt is soaking wet. You feel messy, but you don’t care. “Uhm, Daddy? Why does it feel so overwhelming?” you worryingly ask him as a knot in your stomach grows. You’re not sure what it is, and you try your hardest to pinpoint the feeling.
You feel like you need to use the bathroom, and the last thing you want to do is embarrass yourself in front of your new friends. And if you do, you know he’ll leave just like the rest of them. “That’s because of my fingers, baby. Don’t worry, okay? Just relax and let it happen,” the Sheriff reassures, even though you’re still uneasy about it. Something about it puts you off, and even though you want to try your hardest, you don’t want to risk anything. “I don’t think I can, Daddy… I’m really sorry!” you exclaim to him, worried that he’s upset with your words.
And he is. He’s so very upset with not only your words but with you as well.
Lee sighs heavily, with disappointment and a touch of sadness written on his features, too. “I’m really, really sorry!” you apologize once again, even though your words just can’t correctly grasp how distressed you are. He clicks his tongue, and he shakes his head. He feels a bit bad for you, but he also feels hurt that you won’t push your boundaries for him. You’re supposed to be his special one, and you’re supposed to do absolutely anything for him.
A harsh wind cuts through the silence, and Lee almost wants to ignore your pleas and continue to toy with you however he likes. But he’s not that cruel, and he’s not stupid, either. He knows if he messes up once, it’ll forever be engraved in your mind.
Suddenly, he pulls his fingers out of your pussy. He leaves you empty and gaping, and you miss the full feeling that you enjoyed. His hand is sticky with your juices, and the sight of your arousal on him makes him feral. “It’s okay, sweetie, I understand,” he softly tells you, and he even graces you with a charming smile. You wonder how he isn’t married, especially since Lee is so perfect.
Every woman in Knockemstiff either has no taste, or they’re just plain stupid.
“N- No, it’s not okay! Because I ruined it… Will it ruin our friendship? Oh, God, please don’t let that happen! Please, Lee- I mean, Daddy. I can’t lose you. You’re my only friend...” you beg him, only now realizing how grave your mistake is. You want to take back your words so badly, but you know that it’s too late for that. Tears sting your innocent eyes, and your throat aches as you feel a sob build up there. All it can take is one sentence before the waterworks start.
Lee realizes that he can simply just play you like a fiddle. Your naivety may be a curse for you, but it’s a gift for him. “Well, I can’t say for sure what it means for our future. Y’know, that was supposed to be a special moment! But you ruined it, sweetie,” he tells you with sadness on his tongue. Your face forms a frown, and you look away from him to try and push out your heavy emotions. “But, we can fix it,” he adds, and you flash your gaze towards him. “Really?” you ask in disbelief, hopeful that maybe your friendship won’t be going to waste.
“Yes, sweetie, we sure can fix it. You want that, don’t ya? Well, all you gotta do is let me use you how I please,” he briskly explains, and you immediately nod your head. Your heart soars, perhaps like one of the seagulls by the beach, and maybe you’re the happiest person in the whole wide world. “How do I do that, Lee? Sorry, Daddy. Please tell me, I don’t want to spoil anythin’ of ours anymore. Oh, and thank you for givin’ me another chance! I’m really grateful!” you ramble, your face bright even though you haven’t really acknowledged what you’re asking for.
Hearing you call him ‘Daddy” makes Lee want to sin over and over again, without asking for forgiveness from anyone at all. His pants and boxers are just too uncomfortable, and his cock is basically begging to be buried in your canal. Lee abruptly stands up, towering over you like the true monster he is. You gulp thickly, nervous, and just a tiny bit erratic. He moves a little closer to you, and his stomach touches yours. “Turn around and lift up your skirt,” he orders, with his eyes blown out into absolute darkness.
You nod, and you slowly do as he said. He watches you like a hawk, and he stares at your ass as it’s gradually uncovered. He’d love to spank you and play with your butt until you’re begging him to stop, but he knows he shouldn’t get too ahead of himself. Lee’s feet kick at your ankles gently, and he urges you to spread your legs further apart. You do exactly that, and you can feel chills running throughout your body. Patiently, of course, you wait for either his next move or demand. You’re not sure if you should say or do anything else, so you decide to keep quiet until he speaks.
Lee quietly drags his zipper down before he undoes his button and fiddles with his belt. He does it all as quickly as he can, with his chest heavy and face slightly flushed. The vein on his temple bulges out from his arousal, and Lee swears he can’t recall the last time he’s felt this way. He struggles just a little bit before finding the groove of his movements at last. His pants fall down his legs, and he lets his boxers join them, too. Lee’s cock bounces up, hard and leaking, and it slaps against his stomach.
One of his big hands grip the base of it, and he watches as a bead of pre-cum slowly rolls past his slit. He’s a raging red, perhaps almost purple colour. “Daddy?” you eventually call out, wondering if he’s okay. “I’m here, li’l baby, I’m here,” he reassures before taking a step closer towards you. “Hold onto the shed, and don’t make a sound unless it’s my name,” Lee commands, and you do exactly that. You splay your hands on the grey yet copper-coloured zinc, and you press your lips together until they form a thin line.
Lee guides the fat tip of his cock to your soaking wet pussy, and the foreign feeling of something so bulbous has you a bit nervous. He knows that if you saw his cock, you’d panic. He slowly pushes it inside you, watching as your cunt stretches around him. You hug him tightly, and Lee moans loudly. You’re biting down on your lip roughly, trying not to make any noises at all, but it’s hard. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he groans, swiping his tongue against his bottom lip. You have no idea what he means, but you have a feeling it’s about something good.
“Just grippin’ me like a fuckin’ fist, hm?” he jokes, bucking his hips into you. His girthy, thick cock sheaths itself entirely inside your pussy, and you feel like you’re either going to burst or split in half. His groin rests against your ass, and Lee tosses his head back. Tears sting your eyes from this sudden pain that burns you without remorse. “D- Daddy…” you whimper out to him, scared that maybe something terrible will happen. “Shh, shut your stupid fuckin’ mouth, it’s okay. You’re okay, just keep quiet and let me fuck you,” he sneers, and you whisper out a quick apology.
You feel full, maybe a little too full for your liking. The kind of fullness that you lost moments before this, but just at a tenfold. “It’s too much, Daddy,” you finally cry out, and Lee quickly shuts you up by clamping a hand over your mouth. “Can’t fucking listen, can’t ya? Gonna have to fix that another day,” he grunts, fed up with your obstinate ways. He waits just a few more seconds, perhaps ten or twelve by his horrible counting, and he decides to just get on with taking what he wants.
He slowly pulls his cock out of your pussy, until just the tip is left inside you. The feeling is funny, but you quickly adjust to it. Suddenly, he thrusts into your cunt roughly, and he begins to fuck you. His other hand grips your waist tightly, and he knows that you’re going to have the prettiest bruises when he’s done with you. “Fuck,” he groans, and he watches as he slides in and out of you effortlessly. His cock is coated in your wetness, and he can’t wait until he’s covered in your cum. You’re wailing loudly behind his hand, except no tears are leaking from your eyes.
A mixture of pain and pleasure is what you’re feeling. “Good girl, good fucking girl. Take it, take my cock like the whore you are,” he spits, biting down on his wet bottom lip to keep himself from spewing even more profanities. The sound of skin slapping against skin fills both of your ears, but you’re just focusing on the way he feels so good inside you. It’s better than having his fingers inside you, so much better. The tip of his cock finds your sweet spot, and he pounds against it mercilessly. You clench down on him from the feeling, but you’re only really adding fuel to the hot fire that burns inside him.
“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” you moan, though your words are muffled, and he can barely hear you. His cock drives in and out of you quickly and harshly, just how he likes it. His paws hold you like you’re a toy, and he doesn’t care for the way you’re struggling to catch your breath. Each time his cock is shoved back into your sweet pussy, you feel like the wind is being knocked out of you. Drool leaks from your mouth, and it stains his palm like how your wetness stains his cock. “Best pussy I’ve ever fuckin’ had, I swear. Look atcha, eyes rollin’ back in yer head like you’re fuckin’ possessed or somethin’ like that,” Lee snickers, slowing down his thrusts.
His cock doesn’t pound into you as roughly as it should be, and your body is disappointed. You press your chest further against the shed, and you push your ass backwards. You try your hardest to get him to continue, and you’re not sure why, but you’re desperate. Lee lets out a wicked laugh, and he admires the way you’ve turned into his slut in the matter of half an hour. He shallowly plunges upwards, and he lets his cock kiss your g-spot so very lightly that it makes your legs quiver. “You want it so badly, don’t you? Bet your father would go insane if he knew about what I’m doing to you.
Both of your chests rise and fall, and you’re also glistening with sweat. Lee’s movements have ceased, and his lower body is still. “Look at us, just being the best of friends. Do you like this, baby? Well, I know you ain’t gotta answer because I can see how much you love my cock being inside this lovely pussy. It belongs to me now, okay? All of you belong to me. I'm gonna do something, and you better not complain or fight me. But you’re my good little girl, so I know you’ll listen to me,” Lee hums, and you sigh from behind the muzzle that is his hand.
The veins on his cock throb inside you, and you can feel it. You’re hugging him so nicely, just as snug as a sleeve. He removes his paw from your mouth, and you take a deep breath. “Nice, right? Now, I want you to make some pretty noises. Say my name as much as you can. I want to hear it all,” he requests gently, though it’s more like a demand. You nod your head obediently, and you’ve got a smile on your face. Lee fights the urge to pinch your cheeks because he just finds you to be oh so adorable.
The cutest he’s ever had in his hands (and on his cock).
He starts to use you like a ten-cent whore once again, only this time he’s more considerate of you than before. That strange tightening inside you comes back, and you’re nervous. The grip Lee has on you is brutal, absolutely brutal. It hurts so badly, but it’s not enough to wash out the lovely pleasure you’re feeling. You feel like fireworks are being set off on your each and every nerve—sparking up, flying off, and then exploding—and it’s hard to admit that you love the feeling just like how Lee loves his alcohol.
“You know how long I’ve wanted to do this? Ever since I saw you move in, I knew I had to turn you into my fuck toy. And look at yourself now, getting fucked outside of a church when you’re supposed to be a good li’l girl,” he whispers in your ear, and you let out a gasp. Your jaw falls slack, and with one specifically harsh thrust, your eyes fall back into your head. Lee laughs at this dumb look on your face, but his cheerfulness dies down as soon as you clench around his cock tightly.
A moan leaves his mouth, and it has you whimpering. “C- Could barely hold back anymore. Y’know, I had a nice plan, too? We was gonna go to some nice motel, one up by Brewer Heights or some overripe place like that. Maybe I would’ve taken you on a date, but I don’t think your parents would’ve been too fond of knowing that I’d be the first and last man to stuff this pussy full of cock and cum,” he chuckles, almost like some movie villain who is revealing their mastermind plan.
You don’t understand some of the things he’s saying, why wouldn’t your parents be fond of him?
Your eyebrows knit in confusion, and he marvels at how braindead you are. “Goddamn, baby. Really are going stupid ‘cause of my cock, aren’t ya? You’re definitely a keeper, never letting you out of my sights until I get a ring on that finger,” Lee ponders out loud, and your heart jumps at the thought of marrying him. Your Mother has always said it’s better to marry a friend rather than a foe or a stranger. Lee is your friend; he’s your best friend. It would work out well. You know it would. “W- Want that so badly, Daddy. I wanna be yours,” you hazily mumble to him.
“Well, I got a really nice way to make you mine,” Lee informs you, shallowly and sloppily thrusting his hips. He feels his balls tightening up, and he knows he’s just as close as you are. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum; I’m going to stuff you full with it. And I’ll even watch it leak out too. Everybody will watch it leak from this messy pussy a’ yours,” he husks, and he begins to bring you closer to him. You meet him up at each thrust, and every part of your body is sensitive. “D- Daddy, it’s happening again! I- I don’t think I can do it,” you worryingly tell him, even though your pussy is desperately gripping onto his thick cock.
Lee ignores your words, and he continues to fuck you. Your moans grow louder and louder, making you sound like the slut you are. “Come for me, baby, come all over my cock. Do it, now,” he orders, and your body complies. Your pussy convulses around him, fluttering from pleasure, and you wail from the overwhelming sensation. “Daddy!” you cry out to him, and he hushes you as he hits his own climax. As your juices coat his cock, white ropes of cum shot from his tip and paint your walls. “Jesus fucking Christ,” he groans, resting his head against your slightly sticky shoulder.
He looks downwards, and Lee watches as your fluids mix with each other. His movements halt, and the Sheriff sighs with satisfaction. There’s a slight tinge of blood that colours his cock, but he pays no mind to it. He pulls his softening member out of you and quickly drags your panties up your legs. “Put yer skirt back down. You’re okay. You did a good job, baby. I’m proud of ya,” he admits with a meek smile on his face. “Heh, thank you, Daddy!” you cheer, even though you’re exhausted and in pain. He places himself back in his boxers, and he dresses back up.
You turn around, and lean against the shed that you’ve grown fond of. Lee hoops his belt back together, and he reaches into his pocket. You watch his carefully, feeling his cum leak out of your pussy. It stains your panties, and you squeeze your thighs together to stop it from dripping down to your legs. Lee pulls out a can of gin, and he unscrews the cap of it. He takes a swift swig from it, and you watch as he puckers his face up from the taste. His eyes catch yours, and he stares at you for a bit.
You give him a soft grin, and he squeezes his left hand into a fist. Lee pulls the container away from his mouth, and he disappointingly shakes his head. Before you can even ask him anything, he throws the gin to the side like it means nothing to him anymore. “Is everything okay?” you question, innocently tilting your head as if you didn’t just get your pussy pounded by him. “Yeah, just tryin’ to be holy or whatever it is,” he lies, before deciding to walk off without you. You quickly follow him, not knowing what else to do without him. You’re helpless, and you don’t choose him like how he chose you, you’ll be blown in the wind as you once were.
But you should know he’ll never trade your body for a can of gin. No, not when you’ve got him all over you.
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qyllenhaal · 8 days ago
Groupie Luv
Rockstar!Bucky x Reader. 3rd POV. Word Count: 10.4k.
Summary: Y/n wasn't sure how the night attending her first concert would go, but she certainly didn't expect to get her cherry picked by her favorite rockstar.
Warnings: AU! Set in the 70s. Dark themes (!!!), loss of virginity, innocence kink, reader lies about her age (but she is of age), age gap, religious undertones, power dynamics, alcohol mention and consumption, drug mention, smut: unprotected sex, creampie, degradation, use of the word “daddy”, pet names, ending is kind of fluffy though!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The ID card in her head read "Date of birth: 04/30/1956" and her hometown was "New York, New York". The only thing faker than her ID is the worn-out fur coat she wears to shield her from the cold of the night.
Y/n had to do a lot of lying and convince her mother to let her stay a week with her cousin Barbie for Spring Break. Despite being her niece, Y/n's mother does not trust Barbie, and the truth is that she is justified in that. Barbie is a bad influence in the eyes of the family. She dropped out of college her Freshman year to travel throughout America with her new boyfriend who was older than her and touring with his band. She told the family that she wanted to "find herself" and that she wouldn't be back. The world of hurt and anger she caused Y/n's aunt rubbed off on Y/n's mother and her already strict parents decided their efforts weren't enough.
Barbie didn't make another appearance around the family until a year-and-a-half after dropping out of school. She had dropped the touring boyfriend, but now she was living in New York with a much older man. It didn't make the family anymore happier, but after thinking she was the dead body of a girl found in the woods out in Colorado that's been in the headlines, they kept their judgment of her life to themselves.
She caused all that drama, yet Y/n still looks up to her. She would brag to her high school friends about her cool cousin dating rockstars and traveling the world. Without many other girls in her extended family, it was easy for Y/n to want to emulate Barbie and treat her as if she was an older sister. Her life sounded fun, not dangerous like her mother would say. Barbie is living a fast life, but she is young, gorgeous, and not tied to the responsibilities of college studies. At the age of 26, she always has an adventurous story to tell Y/n when she finds time to phone her.
Y/n herself is too scared to ever try to live a life like Barbie's life. She is not fond of taking risks due to her strict upbringing, but that didn't stop her from fantasizing. A life where all she had to do was look pretty, wear pretty clothes, and be somewhat of a socialite sounded like a life of leisure. Every phone call Barbie was selling a dream to Y/n unbeknownst to her.
But, at the end of the day, Y/n is a good girl. She's attending the college of her parent's choice (one that is conveniently close to home) and majoring in what her father suggested. She doesn't break the rules, she doesn't lie, and she stays away from boys like she was told to do.
When Spring break began to approach, her cousin's phone call became more frequent. She was often too busy with school and her sorority duties to answer the phone when she was at home. But Barbie did end up catching Y/n one night and she was begging her little cousin to come and visit her.
"I want to show my little cousin New York," she slurred. Y/n was slightly uncomfortable that Barbie was calling her while drunk, but she didn't know what to say to her about it without sounding rude. "I can come home and come and get you! We can lie about where we're going."
"I don't know," Y/n kept her voice low in case her parents were close. As much as she fantasized about Barbie's lifestyle, actually living it would be a behemoth of a thing.
"C'mon Y/n!" She whined, "don't you want to get away from your parents for once in your life?"
"I-I...I just don't know, Barbie. What would we tell them? I don't think my mom really trusts you, no offense."
Barbie laughs down the line. She knows what her aunt and the rest of her family thinks of her and she just doesn't care. She's 26 and having too much fun to worry about her family's puritanical ways. The only thing she didn't want was for the family to turn her baby cousin against her. There is more to life than obeying your parent’s every demanding wish, and there is honestly no incentive if you do.
“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to her about it.”
“I still don’t know-“
“You don’t want to have fun with your favorite cousin? I think we’ll have so much fun,” Y/n can hear her pouting on the other side of the phone. She was so good at guilt tripping people that she just might be able to convince Y/n’s mother to let her visit for Spring Break, “besides, what’s that one band you love? They’re named after a fruit…is it Tangerine? No…it’s Cherry, right?” Barbie knows how to get to people, and she got to Y/n.
Y/n's mother does not let her listen to rock music or anything with guitars. She has to go to her friend Cindy's house if she wants to listen to anything that isn’t the gospel. They listened to Cindy’s brother's vinyl's from time to time. The very first time Cindy put on a record for her, it was a Pink Floyd LP, Y/n thought God was going to strike her down for disobeying her mother. Cindy thought she was a bit of a freak, but the two had known each other since 2nd grade and knew that Y/n was only that way because of her mother. Y/n’s parents didn’t know that Cindy’s parents had sort of turned into hippies. She was somehow miraculously able to keep it from them.
Y/n didn’t know what to make of the music Cindy showed her at first. It was loud and she sometimes couldn’t understand the lyrics. Around the 5th or 6th time of her going to Cindy’s house to listen to rock records, something clicked for her and Y/n was in love. The heavy drums, driving guitars, and the way these men dressed would give her mother a heart attack if she knew her daughter was listening to secular music.
She liked anything Cindy put on, but her favorite was Cherry. They were not as famous as the bands Cindy favored. Y/n found the record when digging through a pile of the records Cindy's brother left in the downstairs den. Y/n never fangirled over a band up until the moment she convinced Cindy to spin that album on the turntable. She became obsessed with the first seconds of the first track; it was love at first listen.
Once she listened to them, she began to see them everywhere. She wanted to believe it was a coincidence, but Cindy’s mom told them once that coincidences are really “signs from the universe.” Y/n didn’t know what she believed, but she could stop seeing the name “Cherry” everywhere. When the girls at school would pass around magazines to fawn over the shirtless rockstars, Y/n would tear out the pages with Cherry on them before anyone else could get their hands on it. She collected every page that had them or the lead singer James plastered on it, covered in a fur that cost more than her tuition.
James was her wet dream; a man with "no morals" like her mother would say. She did not know what she wanted in a man, but he drove her absolutely wild and her thoughts were wrought with fantasies of him. They called him “Bucky”, and when they played on the late night variety shows, the girls in the audience were all calling his name. He distracted her from her school work and she didn't even know him personally. Maybe it was the bad boy image that got her going. He was unlike any man she’s seen before, and she’s completely enamored by him and his flashy clothing. She had dreams about him and all ended with her waking up in a hot daze. She was in love with him, only knowing a few facts and details about him, but she felt so drawn to him. She doesn't like to lie, but she would lie even to her pastor for Bucky.
"This is what a real man looks like," one of her friends would coo. They would fawn over Bucky and Y/n would get jealous as if he was her man. In her mind, he was her man. None of the other girls in her sorority cared for him until Y/n started hanging up his photos in her dorm. She knows he’s good looking, but she doesn’t want to share him.
Now she has an opportunity to see him in the flesh. Y/n couldn’t believe that this was happening to her. Barbie is essentially handing this opportunity to her, but she’s still stuck in the grips of her parents. When she’s away at school she can do whatever she wants because she’s a few towns away.
“How are you going to convince my parents to let me visit you?”
Y/n always found Barbie to be sneaky, but teenage Barbie has nothing on adult Barbie. Her charisma is almost lethal and how she was able to convince the most religious woman on the east coast to let her 19 year-old go to New York City for Spring Break was mind-boggling. Y/n was still in disbelief even as her plane landed at JFK and Barbie and her boyfriend waited for her in the lobby.
She had landed in New York just three days before Cherry was set to play at The Bottom Line venue. Y/n was out of her home state for the first time, but she couldn't bring herself to care about sightseeing or eating a New York slice of a pizza for the first time, not when she was so close to seeing Cherry in person.
The days went slower than she liked but it did give her time to figure out what she was going to wear. Barbie offered her her closet of clothes. Y/n was shocked to see the amount of designer clothing she had. Halston and Thea Porter hung on hangers that also looked expensive. Y/n had questions about how Barbie was able to afford all of this. She didn't make the connection that Barbie's boyfriend, who was pushing 40 and has her living in a penthouse, is not her boyfriend, but more of a sugar daddy.
"Does it matter what I wear?"
"Of course it does! Don't you want a chance of getting picked out of the crowd?"
Y/n didn't understand what Barbie meant until the day came and she had to wait in line outside of the venue with everyone else dying to get inside. She thought the velvet dress, fur, and platform boots Cindy told her to wear was out of character for her. Her outfit was influenced by Barbie's wall — like Jane Birkin, Donna Summer, Stevie Nicks, and Bianca Jagger. Yet, she had the aura of Jackie Kennedy and it showed how she was nervous even in the way she carried herself. The platforms made her taller, but they also made her walk unsteady. She felt like a movie character, or like this was Halloween and she's in costume. She was out of place, yet she had one thing on her mind like every other girl in the crowd: catching the eye of Cherry's lead vocalist Bucky.
Y/n was almost eye to eye with the venue's bouncer as she stepped up to him. She handed him her ticket before he ripped a part of it off.
"ID," he demands rather rudely.
Y/n pulls the fake ID out of her bra and hands it to him. Barbie's advice of "staying calm" repeats in her head to make herself look less suspicious, but the bouncer still eyes her like he knows she's lying. He holds the plastic up to her face to compare the photo on the ID and the real life version. The photo was so obscure but if he were to stare at it then he'd know right away that it's not Y/n. However the make-up and red lipstick Barbie put on her lips made her look older.
"Alright, go in — Next!"
Y/n was relieved when he gave her access to the venue. When she heard the concert was age restricted, she was afraid that her whole trip was going to be ruined until Barbie produced a fake ID for her. Tonight she is 22-years-old.
Everyone packed themselves in the venue's main room like sardines in a can. Y/n was so hot in her fur coat, but she had nowhere to put it. People looked at her as if she was dying for attention because the other girls had discarded their coats to show off their revealing outfits. They must've found a coat room that Y/n missed when she was rushing to the pit. She remembers when she would judge the girls from high school whose lives revolved around boys, but here she is now dressed like a wannabe Penthouse model. The way her dress shows off her boobs just screams "take me backstage and fuck me!" Barbie said that it was a good thing while it left Y/n feeling unnerved.
She doesn't have much time to stay in her head because the opening act comes on the stage. She's never heard of them before, but their music is so loud she can barely enjoy it. The only concert she has been to was her church's annual Christmas concert. These Hymns were not to God, but to sex and drugs.
"Hey!" Y/n is surprised that she can hear the guy next to her over the music. He's a bit taller than her, but she still comes up to his chin thanks to her platforms. He's not deterred by the music as he continues and asks, "do you want a drink?" His eyes move from hers and straight to her breast once the words leave his mouth.
"Um, no thank you," she yells at him over the music. She's never drank before and she's too scared for her first time having alcohol to be at a rock concert.
Instead of politely saying goodbye to her, he scoffs and mutters, "bitch" before walking away. She's left standing there dumbfounded by his rudeness — no one has ever talked to her like that before.
No one in the crowd was polite. Y/n didn't expect everyone to stand still, but she also didn't expect to constantly be shoved by people trying to get closer. They were aggressive so she let them push past her in fear of getting hurt. She was completely out of place despite being dressed like every other girl in the room.
People were making out and the smell of smoke was thick in the air. She begins to wonder how long until Cherry comes on. She didn't care for this opening act at all. A few people are bobbing and swaying to the music they’re playing, but not many seem all enthused.
They were off in 15 minutes before the stage lights dimmed again. Y/n felt another push from the crowd, from people dying to get close. She’s almost overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Despite looking like she fits in, she sticks out like a sore thumb. She doesn’t understand that many of the girls in this room have traveled to attend multiple Cherry concerts just for the mere chance of having a taste of Bucky. They had their tits out and showed off their long legs despite the remnants of northern winter weather lingering in the air. She felt out of her element. That is until the house lights dimmed and the stage lights began to blare.
A collective gasp from the crowd followed by the first few screams when the band walks on the stage. Y/n didn’t think the room could get any louder until Bucky was the last one to saunter onto the stage.
Just like everyone else, she falls under his spell. His hair is longer from being on tour, making him look dreamier. He walks to the edge of the stage and just stands there as the crowd gets louder for him like he’s a walking god. Y/n is not exempt from screaming her lungs out either. She forgos all of her manners and reservations.
The first chords of the guitar rip through the venue and vibrate throughout her body. There are three other people on stage, but her eyes are trained on Bucky. He’s as charismatic as a televangelist, yet as gorgeous as a Hollywood actor. He gyrates his hips much to the excitement of the girls in the audience. He’s walking sex and his voice is like soft velvet. The little black and white TV at Cindy’s house did not do him justice. Y/n’s mother would call him filth, but he’s hot filth.
“How’s everyone doin’ tonight?”
He’s met with screams from the audience which makes him smirk.
Y/n recognized the opening riff to her favorite Cherry song. Her eyes lit up and her screams morph with the girl’s surrounding her. The song was clearly a fan favorite as everyone in the crowd began to move their bodies. Everyone was unintentionally grinding on each other. Y/n had no reservations about the bodies pressed up against her as she eyed Bucky who was walking towards the edge of the stage. The people on the rails reached out to him, dying for even the smallest touch. Y/n was too far away to be within reach of him, but she swears his eyes glance over her in the crowd. It’s not a coincidence because a few seconds later he catches her eyes and smirks when he sees the dumbfounded look on her face. It’s a moment that Y/n is going to write down in her diary for the next year or so. Her friends might not even believe her when she tells them, but she knows for a fact his eyes scanned over her.
The magic of the night is over quicker than Y/n wished. Cherry played their last song, and then they played an encore. Adrenaline was still coursing through Y/n’s veins and she didn’t want to leave the venue. She lingered in her spot for a little bit before realizing that half of the crowd had already left. It was time to call it a night since Barbie was probably back at the penthouse waiting for her. However, Y/n is stopped dead in her tracks by someone grabbing onto her coat.
“Hey you!”
Panic began to set in as the authoritative voice yelled at her. She remembers that the ID she used to get in was fake and figures she’s been found out. She’s sure she’s not the only one who used a fake ID to enter the venue but she sure does stick out with her fur coat. The man has a grip on her and she’s forced to turn around and face him. It was a bouncer, but it wasn’t the same one who let her in. She was slightly relieved, but still on edge from being grabbed so roughly.
“Come with me.”
Y/n has no choice but to walk with him. She’s almost stumbling over her platforms but she manages to keep herself upright. It doesn’t take long before she realizes that the bouncer is taking her backstage. She thought it was her lucky day, but she is yet to understand the implications of what this all means. Barbie had tried to give her a talk about this just in case something like this were to happen to her.
“W-Where are you taking me?” Y/n finally decides to ask when she walks past a few stage hands and girls who are dressed in a similar fashion as her.
He doesn’t say anything, just keeps walking until they reach the area he was told to take her. It was a large greenroom filled with women, alcohol, and drugs, but most importantly, the members of Cherry filled the room. Y/n’s eyes flashed over the lines of a powdery, white substance and prescription pill bottles. There was a musky smell in the room mixed with cigarette ash; everyone had something in their hand that they were smoking. Discarded beer bottles laid on the floor, especially around the couch that the bouncer stopped in front of.
“Is this the girl you wanted?”
On the couch, sandwiched between two blondes, was Bucky. One of the women was rubbing chest while the other had her face planted in his neck. They weren’t acting normal, Y/n thought to herself, they were seemingly out of it and running on auto-pilot. She was sort of concerned for them, but she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the rockstar that was staring right back at her.
“Yes it is,” he says matter-of-factly. He finishes up his cigarette and discards the butt on the floor. He stands up and he’s so damn tall. If it wasn’t for her platforms then Y/n would have to tilt her head to look up at him. The women who were all over him were pissed that he moved from his spot, but he didn’t care about them at all.
Bucky was trying really hard to break his habit of picking a girl out of the crowd and having security bring her to him once the show was over and done with. That’s why he attempted to surround himself with old hook-ups he knew were a sure bet. It was just too risky and the safe bets knew him well enough to satisfy him. But he has a sweet tooth he wants to satisfy tonight and the pretty thing in the crowd looked too damn sweet to pass up. He steps closer to her as he crushes his cigarette butt under one foot. He can smell the innocence on her like a cheap perfume — Bucky knows when a sweet girl is playing dress-up for the night.
The room is so hot, making Y/n sweat under fur. Being surrounded by so much going on that she can’t quite explain was making her nervous. Bucky could see it written all over her face that this is her first time being in an environment like this.
“Wanna step outside, sweetheart?”
The name had her melting and nodding her head. She follows him outside to the back where Cherry’s tour bus is parked in the back. The night air hits her and it’s the equivalent of jumping into a pool on a hot day. She was so cold earlier when she was waiting to get into the venue, but now she appreciates the cooler temperature.
“Can I see your ID?”
This was the last question Y/n expected him to ask, but she figures he just wants to be safe and be assured that she’s not under the age of 18. She hands him the fake ID and hopes that it works on him.
“Dolly. Pretty name,” he hands the ID back to her. Y/n thought she was in the clear until he places his hand on the other side of her head and his body is so close to hers that her back is to the wall. A scowl sits on his face and she worries that she’s fucked up. “Word of advice. Next time you get a fake ID, make sure there aren’t any typos. High schoolers aren’t my thing, sweetheart.”
“I’m not a high schooler!” Y/n says a bit too fast. Her heart is racing so fast, but she doesn’t want their time together to end even if she doesn’t know where this is going, “I’m in college…I’m 20.”
Bucky is hesitant to believe her. He doesn’t want to get caught up with someone who is lying about their age. However, he decides to take her word for her. He doesn’t think she looks that young, just unsuspecting. The whorish make-up she’s wearing can’t cover up the fact that she looks like Bambi. He finds it so damn cute.
“You wanna tell me your real name baby?”
“It’s Y/n,” she bats her lashes at him as he observes her face. His eyes landed on her lips, painted a vibrant red. The primal urges in him want to see it smeared all over her face. It’s been a long, long time since Bucky has such an innocent little thing right in front of him. He can only assume that she’s pure and untouched.
“Pretty name for a pretty girl. What are you doing out here with an old man like me? You probably have a little boyfriend at home, a girl as pretty as you.”
“I-I don’t-“
“C’mon now, don’t lie to me again,” this time he’s joking with her. Y/n is in a great state of disbelief that a rockstar is interested in her. He’s looking at her with hunger in his eyes which Y/n mistakes for adoration. The boys on her campus don’t find her cute, but a rockstar does. And not just any rockstar, but her favorite rockstar. Bucky knows what effect he’s having on her. He can feel her legs trembling as he presses himself up against her, her back hard against the wall, “do I make you nervous?”
Y/n stupidly nods her head. She should’ve said no, but she can’t lie to him, not when she’s staring into his blue eyes.
“I don’t want you to be nervous for me, pretty girl,” he tucks a loose piece of hair behind her ears. She almost looks like a cute puppy he wants to scoop up and keep as his. “You got me all riled up, teasing me looking all cute while I’m on stage.”
Y/n knew she wasn’t seeing things when his eyes flashed over her when she was in the crowd. She had to thank Barbie later because her cousin making her wear this ridiculous outfit is paying off.
“I couldn’t stop myself from getting hard,” he continued, “if I had my way, I would’ve brought you on stage and taken you in front of the entire audience. But, I don’t think you’re that kind of girl, and I’m right, aren’t I?”
No amount of make-up and perfume can cover up that she’s a virgin. She’s awkward and doesn’t wear sexiness that well. Bucky has dealt with his fair share of nervous girls who are fans of his. Y/n stumbles over every word every time Bucky asks her a question. She doesn’t even try to flirt or try to be sexy. She’s unlike those women that were just all over him 10 minutes ago, but he likes that. The same old thing gets stale when you have it over and over again. He needs something new, something sweet, to satisfy him.
“I bet you parents don’t even know you’re here,” he caresses her cheek with the back of his hand, “their sweet, little daughter who studies real, real hard in college so she can make something of herself. Bet they’d be shocked to find out she’s trying to get fucked by a nasty man like me. Is that what you want, princess? Want me to take you to into that bus and fuck the shit out of you?”
Y/n unintentionally whines, “yes.” His spell is complete and she’s completely enamored. She doesn’t care that she’s inexperienced or that she was saving herself for “someone special.” She’s grinding herself against Bucky like a bitch in heat and he’s enjoying every second of it. If he told her to jump, she’d ask him, “how how?” She wants him so bad and she wants to be wanted by him even more.
“Well, c’mon then,” he grabs her hand and leads her towards the tour bus. Her hand is soft in his calloused one. She’s sure he uses his hands to work hard, playing guitar and writing lyrics all day; she cannot wait to feel those rough hands on her body.
The mix of cigarettes and weed is even worse on the bus. The windows are all closed which makes it stuffy inside. It’s not silent though, as Y/n can hear moaning coming from the small room in the back. They walk past make-shift bunk beds and Y/n wonders just how safe it is to live on a tour bus. Surely they have fun in it though because there are discarded condoms on the floor. The moaning gets louder and Y/n is able to make out the words of a woman begging to be fucked harder. Her eyes widen when she hears the filth coming from the woman’s back. “That’s going to be us, sweetheart,” Bucky whispers into her ear. Y/n can almost faint from how hot she feels.
Bucky bangs on the door only to be met with someone yelling at him on the other side of the door. He bangs on it again and yells, “get out of my room!” It was no surprise that the lead singer got his own private room while his band mates and roadies slept on the shitty beds. Y/n, who would normally be turned off by rudeness, doesn’t care at all. She wants whoever is behind that door to leave so he can lay her down in the bed.
Out comes the drummer of Cherry with a brunette right behind him. She’s wearing a tight, black dress that she threw on haphazardly. Y/n avoids making eye contact with either of them as they pass her up. Bucky keeps a firm grip on her hand as they become the ones to occupy the room.
Y/n takes a second to look around his small room. It’s much nicer and cleaner than the rest of the tour bus. Some of Bucky’s clothes are hanging in a small closet; a few items that Y/n recognizes from his TV appearances hang in there.
“Come here little one.”
Bucky wraps his large arm around her waist and forces her close to his body. She gasps when she connects with his chest. His button up has a few buttons undone and she’s face to face with his bare chest. He looks so fine, like a man that can split her in half and she’ll say thank you afterward.
He pushes her down against the bed and Y/n looks up at him, waiting almost impatiently for his next move.
“Take that coat off baby. Don’t hide your body from me.”
He stands there like he has the ultimate authority over her because he knows he does. She peels the fur jacket off of her body to reveal her velvet dress. It’s tight on her pretty body and Bucky wants to see that go next.
“Take that off for me too, baby. I want to see how beautiful you look under all those clothes.”
Y/n cheeks grow hot. She’s hesitant to undress herself in front of him because she’s never undressed herself in front of a man before. Her body was to be concealed and protected like a sanctuary. She feels like a sinner with each article of clothing being pulled off of her body. Her stupid little brain doesn’t consider anything she’s been taught growing up; they’re replaced by Bucky and the way his hard gaze flutters over her body. She sits on his bed for him, completely nude, with a demure look in her eye. Bucky groaned at the sight of her virgin body. Her skin looked so soft, untouched by anyone in a nefarious way. Her nipples were hard from being out in the cold. After taking in her entire body, his eyes finally landed on her sweet cunt. He could barely see it because her legs were clamped shut, but he forced her open by using his foot to nudge her legs open. The leather of his shoes felt expensive as it rubbed against her ankle. She slowly parts her legs to reveal herself to him. Her virgin cunt is puffy and wet for him. Bucky has always had that effect on women; making them wet without even touching them yet.
“Don’t you look so darling for me,” he compliments. No matter how nervous she is, Bucky knows using sweet words is going to make her do anything he wants. She looks like sin despite being so sweet and innocent. Bucky swore off fucking random girls for the rest of his tour, but he’s never been more happier to be weak to temptation.
"You're not the first virgin I fucked, but it's been a while so bare with me if I'm not patient."
Bucky just wants to touch her. He wants to turn her around and pound into her while her ass ripples against his hips. The urge to be less than nice is taking over him. He will enjoy the pleasures of the flesh tonight.
"You've at least used that mouth before, right?" He began to take off his belt and unbuckle his bell bottoms. She shakes her head no in response to him. She's completely pure and untouched; Bucky cannot contain himself. "I'll show you what to do princess."
Y/n is afraid she won't be good at pleasing him. He's had so many women, much sexier and mature women, suck his cock and please him. She's heard classmates talk about giving their boyfriends' handjobs and blowjobs, but she's never even seen another man naked.
Bucky sits on the bed next to her and rubs her thigh. She cannot pull her eyes away from the bulge in his pants. He looks like he's big.
"Get down on your knees for me sweet girl."
Y/n kneels before him like she does when she prays to God. When she prays for what she wants most in life, she'd never think of asking for something like this.
"Fuck, you look so cute down there. Such a pretty little thing."
Bucky slightly lifts himself off the bed to pull his pants down and free his cock. He knew going commando would make his night better because his cock springs out with ease. Y/n is staring at his length with eyes so wide. He's so big she doesn't think he can fit in her hand let alone her mouth or pussy.
"Go 'head and touch it," he gently nudges. The softness in his voice gives her a false sense of security. She imagines that he's going to be so nice and sweet to her tender body tonight, he just needs to be warmed up.
Her hand moves slowly and she wraps her nimble fingers around his length. She shudders when she feels the weight of him in her palm. Her eyes shoot up at Bucky's face when he sighs at the light squeeze she gives him. It's just a small gesture, but his mind is already making her the star of his fantasies. He needs more from her or else he's going to explode. He wants to consume all of her, turn her from something sweet into something nasty by using all parts of her body for his pleasure. Once he's through with her tonight, she's his; she'll be absolutely ruined for anyone else. He's going to fuck her until she's dumb and can only say his name.
"Move your hand, baby."
Y/n obeys but her hand only moves up and down a little bit. His cock is dry and she wonders if it hurts him. He's grunting which she cannot tell is a good thing or not.
"Do you — do you want me to lick your cock Bucky?" She asks so sweetly.
He's a grown man, he should be able to control himself better, but he almost cums all over her face. The way she talks with such a soft, yet curious voice is going to kill him.
"Yea baby...go ahead and start licking my cock."
She sticks out her pink cock and the wet muscle connects with the underside of Bucky's cock. He shivers at the feeling of her wet tongue on his cock. She licks him again like she's a little kitten. Her tongue is weak against his cock, it feels good, but it's not enough.
"Lick me harder baby."
Y/n apples more pressure to his cock. She grabs the base of his cock to keep it still for herself. She's heard girls say their boyfriend's dick didn't taste good at all, but she likes how Bucky tastes. His flesh is a bit salty from being on stage an hour ago, but it's not bad at all. Every lick elicits a reaction from him that makes her feel all good inside. All she wants is to be wanted by her dream man, and she's proud of herself for getting him to moan. However, she can't help but compare herself to the hypothetical women in his past. She pushes herself a bit further to beat them in this imaginary competition. She licks all the way up to the tip before letting her tongue run over the very top. It's been days since he's cum, tour was killing him, and he cock was more sensitive than usual.
Bucky is waring with himself; he wants to keep watching her learn her way around a big cock, but a dark part of him wants to grab her head and fuck her face. Her make-up is still intact and he's keen on ruining it.
"Open that mouth," his voice is not as soft as he gives her the demand. She obeys him like the good girl she is and his cock is sliding into her mouth. She only has a few minutes to adjust before he's sawing his cock into her mouth. "That's it princess — relax your throat for me." That mouth of hers is so, so special. If her mouth feels like silk then he can only imagine what her untouched cunt feels like.
The tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and she gags on a cock for the first time in her life and she almost panics. "Uh-uh, it's okay baby, just relax that throat," he groans. Her mouth is too warm and wet for him to stop fucking her face. He'll take it slowly for now, but he won't be able to contain himself for much longer. Her tongue slides against the underside of his cock and purposely presses against it. The moan he lets out tells her that she's doing better than she thought she would. Bucky has a grip on her head that's getting tighter and tighter.
Bucky couldn't hold back as he fucked her velvet mouth. His cock was a wide fit in her mouth, causing Y/n's jaw to feel sore. He kept battering the back of her throat with his cock, making her gag harder than before. They were creating such a mess with her saliva clinging to her chin and falling down into globs on her tits.
Y/n can barely form a coherent thought. It was becoming harder to breath but Bucky was so lost in fucking her throat that he thought nothing of her groans; until she's tapping his thigh to let her breath. He pulls his hips back and she gasps for air. "Good little girl," he grits. A connecting string of spit begins from his cock and ends on her smeared lips. He's kind enough to give her ten seconds to collect herself before he's back to using the throat.
Bucky feels himself about to blow in her mouth. He doesn't want to waste his cum, although he would love to see her face and pretty tits painted with it. He only fucks her face for a few more minutes before pulling out altogether.
"On the bed girl."
Y/n was relieved that he was done with her throat. Her jaw was beginning to become sore. Bucky gets a good look at her face one she's spread out on his soft bed for him. The tears ruined her eye make-up and her red lips were smudged. The residue of her lipstick is covered on his cock which he quickly fists off. He loved using her throat, but it was time to turn his attention onto her.
"Look how pretty you sweet and innocent for me," he coos.
As he climbs over her, Y/n wonders how she got so lucky. Bucky looks so gorgeous on top of her, and he looks at her as if she's good enough to eat. She can taste the alcohol on his soft lips as he kisses her. She wants him to consume every inch of her. She wants to be corrupted and doesn't care if God is looking down on her with shame.
Bucky's hand holds onto her hips as he pins her down. She's not going anywhere but just being able to control her body is so fun for him. His lips trail away from her lips and to her jawline. He sucks and kisses at her skin until he's nipping at her sensitive neck. She sighs and wiggles her body against his. The skin is almost ticklish because it's never been dealt with in this manner. Someone kissing her skin is so foreign, but she's already addicted to how it feels to be kissed and touched by him.
"Pretty fucking tits," he murmurs to himself when he travels further down her body.
Bucky gropes her breast until he has to take a nipple into his mouth. She sighs, still holding back her moans in shyness, when his wet mouth connects with her nipples. Every part of her body is sensitive to his touch, but her nipples are incredibly hard that it almost hurts. He maintains his gaze on her face to watch her reaction as he sucks and paws at the flesh of her body. He switches from one nipple to the other, swirling his tongue around her sensitive bud. His tongue presses flatly against her nipple, only to spring back up when he pulls his mouth away.
"It's safe to assume that no one has eaten that sweet cunt of yours?"
The way he crassly puts it makes Y/n want to hide her face. She turns her head to the side, but Bucky grabs her jaw to make her face him again. He smirks when he sees the nervous look on her face. Of course no one has gone down on her, he knows that, but it's so much more fun to hear her say it herself.
"Answer me sweetheart."
" one has been down there before," she stammers.
It's her lucky day because the first man to go down on her is one that absolutely loves eating pussy. He loves feeling a woman squirm underneath him as he holds her hips down and devours her cunt. Y/n's puffy pussy is so enticing to him that he has to feast on her. And feast he will.
"Spread those legs a little wider for me baby. Let me make you feel good."
Y/n listens to him, but she's still unsure about him going down on her.
"Are you sure Bucky?"
"Am I sure about what?"
"Going down...there," she was so embarrassed that he made her say it out loud. Talking about sex makes her feel unsexy. She's also afraid he won't like how she tastes.
Bucky sits up and leans over her. Their noses are touching and his lips barely touch hers. "I've never been so sure baby," his words ghost across her lips.
Bucky sits back up on knees, a devilish smile playing on his face. He spreads Y/n's legs further apart. The sound of her wet folds separating as her legs part makes him feel feral. Even her cunt glistens in the little lighting they have. Y/n has never been so wet or turned on in her life. Bucky could slide right in if he wanted to. Instead he descends on her pussy for the taste he's been dying to get since he spotted her in the crowd.
His hands cup her ass and he brings her pussy up to his mouth. The first contact with his tongue on her pussy makes Y/n's mind melt.
"Buck — oh my god!" She couldn't hold back her cries of pleasure even if she wanted to.
That's what Bucky wants to hear from her. He wants to hear her call out his name like she's his desperate whore. Her little pussy is just as sweet as he expected.
In just a few seconds she's begging him for more. Bucky is loving every second of this. The way her hot flesh feels against his tongue and how she's falling apart at the seams just from him licking her folds. He hasn't shown her nothing yet in terms of pleasing her body, and yet the pretty, little virgin is crying out for him to keep devouring her precious pussy.
"It feels so good Bucky — ahh!"
Her moans are just as cute as her. Bucky hums into her pussy as his tongue dives between her folds. Every time he slides his tongue closer to her clit he gets a louder reaction. He knows the moment he attaches his mouth to it that it's going to drive her crazy; she's going to have her first orgasm on his tongue.
When his lips finally wrap around her clit, the most obscene moans escape Y/n's mouth. Bucky is so turned on by the sound of her cries that he ruts himself against the bed. He wants to fuck into her so bad already, but this pussy is just too good to pull his mouth away from. His whole body is heated as more of her arousal flows into his mouth. Her clit is so sensitive but that doesn't stop him from sucking harshly on the bud. Y/n begins to paw at his head in an attempt to push him away; she's utterly overwhelmed. But, Bucky just locks his arms around her thighs and keeps his mouth on her. The look in his eyes tells her to stop and let him do his job. Y/n tries, she desperately tries to control her body, but it just feels too good to stay still.
The cry of his name becomes so familiar on her tongue. She's still so nervous but she gives herself no choice but to surrender herself to him. Each moment they go further and further until Y/n is pushed to the edge of a new limit for herself. Her body feels light and heavy at the same time. She's nearly done for when a finger makes its way into her pussy, followed by a second. Bucky scissors his fingers out in her pussy to stretch her for him. She's so slick and wet, but he wants her to get accustomed to an intrusion in her little cunt. He massages her walls with the pads of his fingers. They clench around him before beginning to spasm. His fingers just push her closer to her first, and hardest orgasm of her life.
Y/n does not like to swear, but the situation warrants it as her body goes under. Her vision is obscured by patches of white in her eyes. She begins to babble as if she's cock drunk and she hasn't even gotten his cock yet. She underestimated how a mouth and two fingers could bring her to her knees metaphorically. If it wasn't for how broken her mind is, she'd be crying out 'I love you' over and over again.
Bucky pulls his fingers out and laps at her sweetness. He doesn't take too much time licking up her nectar because his cock is so hard and looking for its home. Her pussy is perfect for him
"I'm gonna fuck you until you cry," he groans as he sits up and grabs the base of his cock.
The head of his cock is aimed right at her pussy. It's so hard that it almost looks painful for him. She hates to kill his momentum, but she has to ask, "shouldn't we use a condom?" Her voice is weak from the orgasm that just wore her out. Even on autopilot her anxiousness gets the best of her.
Bucky pauses. He's a little annoyed by her question as he believes she should just go with what's happening.
"I wanna feel all of you baby — besides, I'm clean."
Bucky was not going to fuck that pussy with a condom. There is no way he was going to slide his thick cock into that virgin pussy without feeling for himself how wet and warm it is.
"Do you want me to fuck you or not princess?" His delivery is a bit harsh, but he uses it to assert his authority over her. She's not going to say no to her favorite rockstar he says he just wants to worship her body.
Y/n silences herself but nods her head. She's afraid, but she also doesn't want him to stop. When he says, "good girl," she knows that she's made the right decision.
He glides the head of his cock between her slippery folds. Every time he slides past her entrance, Y/n thinks he's going to slide in, but he continues to tease her. He douses his cock in her slick that just kept seeping out of her. She acts so hesitant yet this little pussy can't stop flowing for him.
"I really wanna fuck that pussy from behind and watch your ass smack against mine. But, I'll be a nice man and let you see my face while I pick your cherry."
Finally he places the head right at her slit and slowly begins to slide in. Every muscle in her body tenses up and she shoots right up.
"No, no — it's okay baby. Just relax for me, okay? Relax for Bucky."
His words only placate her a little bit. She lays back down for him but it's hard to relax completely when his big cock is nearly splitting her open. The air is plucked right from her and she can't even moan, let alone speak.
Bucky almost slides all of himself inside of her before pulling all the way out again. Y/n feels so empty at the loss of him. The next time he's pushing into her he moves a little more quicker. He can't take too much time or else he's going to explode inside of her without really getting to fuck her. Bucky has to calm himself down too so he doesn't blow his load. Her pussy is just so tight and inviting; definitely the snuggest cunt he's had in a while.
She winces as he pushes in deeper and deeper and Bucky begins to caress her skin; he wants to corrupt her, not hurt her.
"Shh, shh baby it's okay. Daddy's got you and that pretty pussy baby..."
His words of encouragement turn her on and make her feel a little bit better. The man who's posters are on the walk of her dorm is fucking her and talking to her sweetly. He's making her into a woman.
Bucky grabs her legs and places them on his shoulder. "Shit," he grunts when the new position gives him much deeper access. He can't believe he has so much patience when he really wants to tear her pussy up. He knows she can't handle it quite yet though.
"Ahh! It's so big, Bucky!" She whines. Her nails dig into his forearms from the pain as she tries to adjust to his size.
"A big cock for a big girl."
Bucky pauses for a second to take in the feeling of her silky walls. Y/n is grateful for the time he takes to admire how she feels because she needs this moment to adjust to him. He’s so big, nearly splitting her in half, but she doesn’t want this moment to end. There is no better person she could give her virginity to. Even if Bucky’s not necessarily as gentle as the first man she’d imagine to have sex with, nor is he someone’s she in a relationship with, but this is so much better than anything else she could have gotten.
“You have the wettest pussy on earth,” he fawns before he begins to move again.
Bucky works her up to a steady pace that is still careful of her delicate frame. Her nails in his skin sting but the pain goes straight to his cock. She doesn’t know just how much he likes it rough and how much restraint he’s actually showing. Once she gets used to him, he’s going to take the stress out on her perfect, untouched body. She’ll be his fuck doll for the night.
“How does it feel, baby? How does it feel to have my big dick inside of you?” Bucky lays his hand on her lower stomach, “can you feel me right here?”
His hand snakes down to rub light circles into her clit. He feels her thighs shivering against his sides. She’s so precious; he could do anything to her and she’d enjoy it, turning into a moaning mess in a second. There are tears in the corners of eyes that spill out once she forces her eyes shut. Her fingernails have exited his skin and settled for gripping at the sheets near her head. Bucky leans down to kiss between the valley of her breast. Her back arches into the air, his lips digging into her skin in the process. “So good…so, so good,” he whispers against her skin. His warm breath tickles her skin. She feels like she’s walking into the gates of heaven as his cock inside of her begins to feel good. It’s electrifying to be so filled by such a man. This feels like a dirty secret she should keep to her grave, but also something she should scream on top of the world’s largest mountain.
Bucky sits up again and cups her face. She’s still so pure even with his cock stuffed inside of her. His cock curves inside of her and rubs against her sweet spot, and he’s just seconds away from giving in and ruining her. His touch, the thickness of cock, should be imprinted on her mind for the rest of her life. She’ll think about him even when she’s married with children. God — Bucky wishes he can just scoop her up and take her with him, but a good girl like her would be ruined by his lifestyle. He likes how sinless she is, and he doesn’t want that to change.
“H-Harder,” she whispers.
Neither of them can believe the word that escapes from her mouth, but who is Bucky to deny her? His hips snap against hers and he fucks into her harder just like she asks. His cock is so heavy inside of her but the burn of the stretch is so delicious. She holds onto him for dear life again. She’s desperate to have another orgasm. It felt so good when she came on his tongue, and she wants to experience it again on his cock. Bucky can feel her tightening up and he’s threatening to spill his seed inside of her.
“C’mon sweetheart,” he rubs her clit harder now, “cum for me princess. Cum all over daddy’s big dick.”
Y/n groans at his demand. She’s so close to cumming for him and that’s all she wants to do. She wants to obey his every whim, no matter how taxing it is.
There are stars in her eyes as she begins to cum around his cock, just for him. Her voice is too weak for her to moan out loud for him, but her whimpers get him going. The warmth spreads throughout her body and she swears she’s seeing stars at this point.
A string of profanities escape his lips and he pulls out of her before she could fully ride out her hide. She whines at the empty feeling inside of her. Bucky was about to cum inside of her, but he wants to take her from behind now that he’s taken her once and made her cum. He doesn’t say anything as he moves her limp body around like she’s a rag doll. He places her on her stomach and then pulls her hips back and into the air. Her knees sink into the bed as she lays with her face down and ass up. Bucky is feeding his cock into her pussy within seconds. Her eyes widened at the new position giving him even more access to her poor pussy. She can feel his tip teasing her cervix. Bucky isn’t so keen on being nice and slow for her this time around. The squelching of her cunt and the slapping of their skin is loud and lascivious.
“Fuck baby — I’m gonna cum in this pussy,” he moans.
Y/n wasn’t on any sort of birth control, but she isn’t going to stop him. She knows it’s a risk, but she just hopes for the best because she needs his cock inside of her. Her morals are as shaky as the legs she’s laying on.
“Gonna let daddy cum in this pretty pussy?”
“Yes!” Her voice is muffled by the blankets on the bed, but he hears her loud and clear.
“Good girl — such a slut for me.”
Being called a slut shouldn’t be such a turn on, but it makes Y/n’s pussy even wetter. Her heat was more intoxicating than any alcohol he’s had tonight. The veins of his cock slide against her soft walls and he fits into her like a glove; her pussy is too good not to pound.
“Fuck princess I’m about to cum…’m bout to give you my big, fat load.”
All Y/n can do is whine. She grabs at the bed and squeezes onto the nearest blanket very tight. She’s going to cum again; she can feel it deep in her stomach.
Bucky was lost in a trance watching her ass bounce against him as his cock disappeared in her tight cunt. But he wasn’t dazed enough not to notice the small gesture of Y/n pushing her hips back against him. He can’t help but smirk at the fact that he turned this sweet virgin playing dress up into his slut. It makes his cock twitch inside of her and he’s finally about to cum. He can feel her getting close again too.
“Cum with me sweet girl — wanna cum with you.”
Y/n feels special hearing those words from him. He wasn’t a selfish man, he spoiled her pussy two times and he’s about to do it again for the third time tonight. His cock keeps spearing her open, reaching deep inside her tight canal. Her pussy gives him one good squeeze before she begins to milk. She can feel his cum spreading inside of her, causing her to gasp as it triggers her own orgasm. He comes to a halt as he bursts inside of her. His hand reaches down to rub her clit through her own orgasm and she begins to shiver under his touch.
“B-Bucky — my god,” her voice is broken and faint.
Y/n can barely keep her eyes open as she feels his cum filling her up inside. It’s so warm and feels like it’s spreading without her body.
Bucky doesn’t want to pull out; he wants to stay buried in that cunt forever. But, he’s dying to see his cum drip out of her. He pulls out of her slowly and watches a gush of white escape from her hole. “Fuck, that’s it baby,” he coos as more and more flows out. He didn’t realize that he had so much pent up inside of him until he saw it dripping out of her. He rubs the head of his cock through her folds before pushing his cream back in.
He’s utterly spent; that girl and her pussy wore him out. He collapses on the bed next to her and pulls her into his arms. Bucky really should be cleaning her up and sending her on her merry way, but he needs to feel someone’s touch tonight after that. It feels nice to cuddle with her although it’s not his most favorite thing to do with a hook-up. He sees it as something that’s too intimate, something lovers should do, but it is the least he can do after being the first man to use her body. But, Bucky also doesn’t want to admit that he enjoyed tonight a little bit more than usual.
“Rest up sweetheart. I’ll get you home tonight,” Bucky coos, his nose pressing into the hot skin on her cheek. Y/n nods absentmindedly. Her mind was totally consumed with being in the arms of her favorite rockstar who had now fucked his way into being her favorite person in the world.
Bucky lets her rest up before he’s cleaning up the mess between her legs. Most of it has dried up, but there are still remnants of the mix of their cum clinging to her inner thigh. He’s proud of his handiwork and looking at the pretty girl laying in his bed is further proof.
Y/n sits up and begins to search for her clothes. Bucky watches her every move. She can barely walk from the exhaustion and soreness that is now ravaging her body. He’s enamored by the sight of her, as if she’s the famous one. It’s so ridiculous how much his heart swells just watching her try to make herself look presentable again. She still looks so sweet and innocent even after getting her brains fucked out.
Bucky doesn’t know what compels him to say something stupid to the girl. He doesn’t make promises, because they are often broken, but he plans on keeping this one. He cups her face with his hands which forces her to stop and look at him. There are just as many stars in his eyes as there are hers.
“Next time you’re in New York, you call me. Or, wherever the hell you are, you call me and I’ll be there to fuck the shit out of you. Anytime, any place baby.
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christowhore · a month ago
…Then No One Can
Tumblr media
pairing: dark!bucky barnes x avenger!reader
summary: with his newly acquired gift, bucky's feelings grow stronger. but when someone tries to take you from him, he decides to stop at nothing to ensure that you're his- forever.
word count: 6.1k
warnings: DARK CONTENT, non/dubcon, smut, male masturbation, inappropriate use of panties, use of pet names, daddy kink, praising, yandere, drugging, kidnapping, faking ones death, slight angst, use of restraints, degradation kink, knife play, dacryphilia, choking, overstimulation, oral (f receiving), fingering, breeding kink, unprotected sex, cream pie !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
song inspo: we belong together - ritchie valens (would recommend listening to song after reading)
notes: this is the sequel to ‘If I Can’t Have You…’. So sorry for the long wait, accidentally put this fic on the back burner. i hope you enjoy ! READ ALL WARNINGS CAREFULLY, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN MEDIA CONSUMPTION
previous chapter ❦ join my taglist ! ❦ main masterlist
With every flick of his wrist, there was a squelching sound paired with it. The brunette's spit was being used as lubricant as he stroked himself off once again. His right hand on his cock, the other fisting your used panties in front of his nose, savoring the scent.
Bucky continued his rituals of plundering through your hamper for the past several months, swiping up a pair of your panties and continuing the process of jerking off to you. He was too far gone to think about his perverse actions, all he thought about these days were you.
“Fuck baby, swallowing my cock so well,” he breathed out to the air. His eyes were screwed shut as he pictured you once again that day. For this current conjured fantasy, you were knelt down in front of him. Eyes trained up as he shoved his cock deep into your throat, testing out the limits of your gag reflex. “You like it when daddy fucks your mouth, don’t you?”
The imagined sight of his dick disappearing in you had him in a frenzy. The pumps to his hand had increased, his hips wildly bucking off the bed. His acts were desperate, longing for a release.
“Yes, baby,” Bucky moaned, “(Y/N), I’m gonna- fuck I’m gonna cum. Be a good girl and swallow every drop.”
It only took a few more flicks until his balls tightened up and he felt the familiar coil in his lower abdomen snap. His back arched off the bed in pleasure, hot dollops of his cum spurted across his chest, and his voice shouted out your name with glee. “Oh (Y/N)!”
Bucky’s breathing was hard, obvious by the rapid rise and fall of his chest, as he began to come down from his high.
He was never more thankful to Stark for installing soundproof walls; he was sure that without it, the entire compound would’ve heard his cries of desire dedicated to you.
Bucky unclenched his hands, causing your panties to fall from his grasp and onto the sheets.
The super soldier had been careful to not overdo his ‘collecting’, limiting himself to only taking a new pair once a week. Though sometimes if he had decided to pleasure himself with the fabric itself, he felt as if he had no other choice but to replace the soiled garment.
You had taken notice of the various missing pairs, bringing it up with Stark one morning during breakfast. Though the snarky and sexual response from the billionaire only made you playfully roll your eyes. Bucky listened in as you came to the only plausible conclusion that the dryer was eating the pairs up. He was never more grateful that you didn’t pay it any more mind, allowing him the ability to continue indulging in his private activities.
After coming back to his senses, Bucky rose up from the bed and began his cleaning up process. The act of wiping up the drying seed from his body and hiding your panties in his secret stash spot had become muscle memory. His trash can continuously needing to be dumped due to the overflow of cum soaked tissues.
Walking to his closet, his softening dick slapping against his thighs with every step, he reached up on the shelf to grab the stash box hidden under a jacket. Opening up the container, he admired his treasure trove.
Inside were 27 various pairs of your underwear. The assortment consisted of lacy thongs to your more generic cotton briefs. But the style didn’t matter to him, just as long as you had recently worn them when he retrieved it.
Stowing away the undergarment, he set the container back in its original hiding place before heading towards the shower.
Turning on the hot water, he began thinking about the mission he was set to go on later that afternoon. But within minutes, you came back into the forefront of his mind.
“God (Y/N), I just can’t get enough of you,” he thought out loud. With a sigh, his hand found his growing cock, repeating the same fisting actions he had just performed only a few minutes prior.
Tumblr media
The mission went effortlessly: went in, stole the classified HYDRA documents, and got out. Since the assignment was so straightforward, it was only necessary that two Avengers go along.
Sitting in the cockpit, staring out into the night skyline, Bucky's mind was pondering you as he flew back to the compound. Wondering what you were doing back at base, and whether or not you missed him.
Well of course you missed him, he thought, you loved him just as much as he loved you.
A sharp pat on his shoulder snapped him out of his thoughts, as his partner sank down into the plush copilot seat, groaning out as he stretched his overworked muscles.
“Man, I am exhausted,” Sam wearily spoke.
The brunette only nodded along to his question, not caring all too much due to the sudden intrusion of his wicked fantasy playing out in his mind.
“Well, it’ll be alright when we get back. I’ll just ask (Y/N) for a massage, hopefully she’ll say yes,” he added.
The sound of your name leaving his teammates mouth had him gripping onto the pilots wheel. He was certain that if he didn’t restrain himself, the control would snap in two.
Not enjoying the silence, Sam continued on. “You know I got a date with her?” The fact made a vein in the long haired brunette's forehead bulge out.
Why was this the first he was hearing about it? When did Sam start liking you? When did he ask you out? More importantly, why did you say yes when he was right here?
All those questions raced through his mind, causing his breathing to rise.
“Really, when did that happen?” Bucky questioned, desperate to know every single detail.
“Ah, just a few days ago. Asked her out one night after that family dinner Pepper insists on us having together. I’m taking her to this new restaurant that just opened up when she gets back from her mission scheduled for next week.”
The rest of Sam’s rambling about the restaurant went unheard as he tuned him out, simply nodding along when he felt it was appropriate.
Once the jet had landed on the tarmac, Bucky stalked out of the aircraft, ignoring the questions fired at him from Sam.
Making the trek to his respective room, he slammed the door, the force no doubt sending shockwaves down the hall.
“Fuck!” he yelled out, his hands curling into tight fists at his side.
His pupils were blown, chest rapidly rising and falling, his large frame shaking due to anger. With teeth bared, he paced back and forth in his room. Every step made the long strands of his hair sway in front of his face. If anyone could’ve seen him at this moment, they would describe him as a feral animal. A beast in desperate need to be locked away.
Bucky felt rage; directed at Sam, you and surprisingly himself as well. He knows he shouldn’t be shocked that someone else acknowledged how mesmerizing you were, but he always thought that you would end up with him- where you belonged.
Of course he was never able to make the first move and actually ask you out, he just assumed that you would’ve picked up on his feelings by now.
Taking in a deep breath, Bucky sat down on the edge of his bed and began to think.
It’s not like you and Sam were dating, only going on a date. He realized he still had time to devise a plan to ensure that no one could take you from him.
After a couple of hours pondering his thoughts and solidifying ideas, he came up with a sure proof plan to make sure you were his forever. He had until the day of your assigned mission to complete it, to carefully ensure his success.
Getting up, he walked to his laptop at his desk. Thankful for the ability to search up on an encrypted server, utilizing the ability to not be traced, he carefully planned his next move. Once completed, he’ll be the luckiest man on Earth; being able to call you his.
Tumblr media
The morning of your mission, you quickly get dressed in your tactical catsuit, ready to get the stakeout done and over so you can get back in time for your date.
You and Sam had been flirting for a while now. It started out small, just a few suggestive comments coming from the man himself. At first you played it off, due to your feelings for a different Avenger.
Ever since you bumped into him on your first day, you’ve harbored a crush on Bucky. But it seemed as if it was only one sided due to him constantly blowing you off.
You made quite the effort to get him to notice you though. From asking him to join you for a movie to simply training next to one another, he would just stare at you, mumble a few incoherent words, and then dash out of the room.
At first you thought he was just closed off, listening to Steve’s warnings when you first arrived. But then watching him interact regularly with everyone else on the team, it made you come to the conclusion that he hated you. So you pushed aside your feelings and made an effort to move on; hence the planned affair with Sam.
Grabbing your carryon bag and mission dossier, you made your way out onto the tarmac, but the large figure of a certain super soldier standing in front of your assigned quintet made you stop in your tracks.
“Oh, hi Bucky. What are you doing here?” you questioned.
For the first time since you were recruited and joined the team, you were finally on the receiving end of Bucky’s rare smiles. His eyes lovingly gazed into your own, crinkles showing at the edge of his lids. It was a stark difference from his usual brooding stares and it was something that you wished you were able to witness more often.
“I wanted to go out on a mission, to clear my head, and was told you were about to head out on one,” Bucky explained, not letting his eyes leave yours. “Stark said to ask you, so do you mind if I tagged along?”
Your breathing hitched at the thought of spending more time with the brunette. “No, of course I don’t mind,” you whispered, a ghost of a smile etched on your lips.
So elated at the chance to be alongside the man, that you didn’t register the suitcase that he held onto that was much too large for a simple weekend stakeout mission.
The two of you walked side by side onto the quinjet, you taking the co-pilot seat after Bucky insisted on flying. You both sat in silence once again as you took to the skies and ventured out to your destination.
You sat back and felt all of those repressed feelings clawing its way back to the forefront of your heart. Bucky piloted the jet and silently said goodbye to all of the friends you both were leaving behind to be together- just like he planned.
Tumblr media
It had only been 3 hours into the stakeout, and both of your bodies were dripping in sweat. The humid South American climate was a stark difference to what you both were used to.
Bucky sat right next to you, admiring your being intently.
Even though you both were expected to stay quiet and alert in efforts to gain as much intel on the supposed HYDRA base, part of you hoped that Bucky would converse with you like he did with the rest of the team. But you quickly realized that you read too much into his friendly smile and inviting demeanor from earlier.
“So,” you cautiously began, “Have any plans for when we get back?”
Bucky grunted at your question, his mind racing over the new life you two were going to live.
“Well, I got a date with Sam. He’s cute, a little overzealous, but fun.”
You watched as he continued to ignore you, irritation slowly building up inside. “Unlike someone,” you muttered quietly. Though not quiet enough for the super soldier to ignore.
The brunette's head snapped in your direction, “What’s that supposed to mean?” He didn’t realize his hands were tightly balled into fists at his sides until your gaze dropped down to them.
You angrily sighed, “Nothing, Sergeant.”
In that moment, something snapped in the man beside you, though you were so frustrated that you didn’t realize it.
Picking back up the pair of binoculars, you focused back on the mission. So preoccupied with surveying the target, you weren’t able to register that Bucky had rushed up behind you, with a syringe in hand. The last thing you remember as your vision went blurry and your body going limp was the prick of a needle in your neck. As well as a few soft words from the super soldier.
“Don’t worry (Y/N),” he cooed in your ear as he held your sedated body, “Everything will be fine. Just you wait.”
Tumblr media
There was a heaviness weighing down your skull; the feeling foreign to you. That same density holding down your head was felt in your eyelids as well.
Your skills and training gained as an Avenger were trying to come to the forefront of your mind, but the sedative flowing through you made it a rather difficult task.
Though you couldn’t visualize what and where you were, you did know that your limbs were being restrained. The clink of metal rattled as you tried to pull at the cuffs on your wrists, as well as your ankles. The heavy confines keeping you in place dug into your flesh, no doubt leaving marks in their wake.
It took a few minutes, but you were able to blink away the blur plaguing your eyes; but the sight that was unveiled to you was something you never would’ve pictured.
With your limbs stretched and shackled, you weren’t able to fully sit up and take in the nightmare that trapped you, but you managed as best as you could.
What once was your covered frame, was now bare. You were only left in the pair of undergarments that you dressed in that morning- a matching pair of black cotton underwear. Your boots and various matching accessories were also removed, leaving you practically nude.
The thing that first caught your attention when surveying the room was the red dot on the surveillance camera mounted in the corner; your capturer no doubt watching you through the lens.
The space itself was large, as if it were a master bedroom meant for couples to lounge in at the end of the day.
A bit of moonlight shone through the small window on your left; big enough to allow a decent airflow of opened, but not big enough to try to escape through without a struggle.
Looking to your right, you noticed the closet, but what had your eyes bulging out was your clothes hung neatly against their hooks, alongside a bunch of male clothing.
Besides the bare necessities of a bed, closet and a window, the room was empty.
The sounds of your struggles rang out as you made an attempt at escaping; trying every move in your repertoire but to no avail. The bounds that shackled you were tight and secure, guaranteeing your imprisonment.
You tried to scream, but the only noise that escaped your chapped lips were a low, hoarse wail- your throat obviously dried out.
Continuing in your efforts of breaking free, your motions froze when you saw the silhouette of a pair of feet peeking from the space underneath the door in front of you.
Fear ran through your entire being, chilling your skin and caused dribbles of sweat to pour out of you. There was a fear-laced thought that flashed through your mind, that this was the end. Your end. That your captor would do their worst and would cause your demise.
You tried to backtrack in your mind, in an effort to remember what happened last before it all went to black, but your memories were still foggy. All you remembered was your mission and your target.
The rattling of the doorknob snapped you out of your mind. Expecting the HYDRA leader to be unveiled behind the door, you were thoroughly surprised when your teammate was revealed to you.
There was a brief moment that filled you with peace when you believed that you were being saved, but once you locked eyes with the super soldier- that same fear returned tenfold.
“B-Bucky,” you questioned as loudly as you could, “What’s going on? Where are we?”
The eyes that returned your gaze sent chills down your spine.
Bucky’s stare was usually one that was quizzical- always watching and wondering what your next move would be. But this look on his was deranged. His pupils were blown out, only a sliver of cerulean surrounding the black sphere. His gaze was intense; glimmers of nervousness as well as a bit of utter desperation shone through.
He was still wearing some of his tactical wear- his black t-shirt covered his chest, the form-fitting black cargos graced his legs, accompanied by the various harnesses situated on his belt and thighs carrying his collection of knives. His boot covered feet planted firmly against the wood floor, pointed directly at your tied being.
You watched as his mechanical arm seized up, the metal plates shifting and realigning themselves into their proper position. His flesh hand was curled into a fist at his side, occasionally unfolding to stretch the taut limbs before retreating back into itself.
He looked menacing, dangerous- but mainly he looked like the embodiment of pure evil. The sight causes your body to rattle with fear.
Bucky knew that he needed to choose his words carefully, in order to achieve maximum success in his plan. To ensure that you truly understood what and why he did the things he did.
Taking a step forward, he made his way to sit on the bed beside your bare legs, his flesh fingers absentmindedly stroking the soft flesh.
“I need you to know I had no other choice (Y/N),” he carefully began, focusing only on the patterns he drew on your skin- the action leaving goosebumps in its wake. “He was going to take you away from me and I couldn’t let that happen. Not when you belong to me.”
Your eyes were bulged out of your skull at his announcement, confusion running through you. What did he mean ‘belong to me’? Who was trying to take me away?
Bucky observed your confused face, his features softening a tad, “You look so cute when your eyebrows get all furrowed like that.”
He watched as fear began to overtake you again, causing you to tug at the chains. The action made him tsk at you in disappointment.
“Princess, I did all of this for you. Why are you trying to leave me?”
Anger took over you, and as a result made you thrash around on the mattress. “Get me the fuck out of here!”
The brunette stood up, barely avoiding a foot to the groin as your tantrum continued. Though he was still saddened, he couldn’t avoid the desire that filled him when watching your body move. Your breasts jiggled in their confines, every movement enticing him. While you were desperately trying to lift off the bed, it allowed him the glorious view of your cunt swallowing your panties- he licked his lips at the sight.
“You’re sick, Bucky. They’re going to find me. The team will know something happened and will come find me, just you-”
Your pleas were cut off when Bucky’s metal hand tightened around your throat, restricting your vocal cords. He couldn’t stop the flood of arousal that pooled in his groin as he observed you become a sputtering mess, tears forming in your eyes making them glisten under the harsh fluorescent light up above.
“No one is going to find us because we are dead. I made sure of it,” he bragged.
Letting go of your throat, he watched as you regained your breathing and stared incredulously at the man standing above. “What- wait Bucky what do you mean?”
Taking in a deep breath to calm his frayed nerves, he began to detail out his plan to you. “Sam was going to take you away from me. I couldn’t let that happen, not when we belong together. So I had to make sure that no one else could have you.”
Retaking his previous position beside your legs, he continued. “I swiped a quick sedative from Dr. Cho, put it in your neck to make sure everything went accordingly. I had planned it perfectly. I take you here to this safe house, destroy all tracking devices Stark insists on us having, then crash the quinjet. That way we can finally live our lives together like we’re supposed to.”
Disgust was clearly evident on your features when you looked up at the man, “Bucky, we are teammates. We aren’t together, we barely know each other!”
There was a tight grip on your ankle, a silent reminder to show you who was in charge in the bare room. “I know all that I need to know about you. Like how nice and caring you are. How beautiful you are. How you always smell like cherry blossoms from your perfume. And fuck- how heavenly your cunt smells.”
His eyes focused in on your clothed mound and that’s when it clicked in your mind, “Oh my god, it was you. You were the one stealing my underwear.”
“I had to!” he yelled, louder than he expected. “It was the only way I could be with you.”
You felt sick at his revelation, nausea filling your stomach, “You’re disgusting Bucky, a fucking pervert.”
He couldn’t help the slight moan that left his lips at your words, nothing could’ve prepared him for the rush of desire he felt as you degraded him. His pants felt tight as his cock pressed against them, desperate for release. “Fuck (Y/N), you have no idea what you do to me.”
Standing up, he reached for his tactical folding knife situated in his thigh harness, the sight causing your breath to hitch and tears to flow freely down your cheeks. “Please Bucky, please don’t kill me.”
There was almost a sense of sadness that appeared on his face at your words. “I would never hurt you baby, I love you. I just need to remind you that you feel the same way,” Bucky cooed down at you.
You felt the warmth radiating off the brunette's body as he leant over you. The coolness of the blade that touched underneath your bra strap made you jump. The action made the silver steel dig deep into your chest, but not deep enough to break through the barrier of your skin.
Quickly pulling up, the blade sliced through the material like butter. He repeated the action on the other strap and on the middle band, until all the fabric restraints were no more.
A cold rush of air wafted over your chest as Bucky grabbed hold of your tattered bra and tossed it onto the floor. He watched as your nipples hardened under the new atmosphere, your delicate nubs turning taut. Bucky wanted nothing more than to suckle on you, feel your softness graze against his tongue, but he decided to hold off on that for a later time.
Bringing the knife lower, he treated your underwear the same as your bra and reduced it to shreds.
Digging his bare fingers into the front of your panties, he tugged until the material was surrounding you no more, leaving your glistening lips bare to him.
“Look at you sweets, all wet for me. I knew you wanted this just as much as I did.”
You pushed your head to the side, avoiding his proud demeanor in shame. Though you couldn’t see what his next actions were, you were able to hear them. The sound of a deep inhale filled your senses.
Bucky was so consumed in the scent of your slick-coated panties that he dropped the knife onto the floor, the sound slightly echoing throughout the room.
Pulling away the undergarment from his face revealed frenzied eyes. At this moment in time he was too far gone to think about any consequences, all he wanted- needed was you.
Hunching over the edge of the bed, he was situated face first with your cunt. Taking in another scent, he looked up at your cowering head. “I’m not gonna stop til my face is covered in you. In your sweet, heavenly juice.”
You told yourself that this was wrong, and that you wouldn’t enjoy the unfortunate acts being performed on you. But the second the super soldiers flattened tongue met with your core, all restraint left the building. You felt his wet limb lick from your hole to your clit, before he fully encompassed the numb, slurping up the muscle. “Oh shit.”
Even though his mouth was full of you, he couldn’t help the smile that broke out on his lips at the sight of you beginning to submit to him.
His ministrations continued as he lapped you up, filling himself up with the sinful taste of your essence. A taste he personally vowed to always have coating his mouth.
The tip of his tongue explored your folds, delicately licking every one of your slick petals. Alternating between sucking and lapping, he devoured your heat; determination to make you soak his mouth evident in his actions.
Moving back up to consume your clit, he brought his left hand to your sopping hole, index finger prodding your opening.
“Please Bucky,” you desperately begged, “You can’t- fuck you can stop now. I won’t tell anyone.” It was difficult to get your pleas out due to the pleasurable actions being performed on you.
The man situated between your legs only chuckled, “Oh (Y/N), you know I can’t stop now. I’m not gonna stop til I get my fill. Finally get what I deserve.”
With his statement, he roughly shoved his index and middle finger deep into your wet mound. Your tight walls suffocated his digits as he explored your depths. “Fuck Bucky!”
“That’s it sweetheart, keep moaning my name.”
His tongue flicked against your clit then pressed against the fleshy muscle. He repeated those same motions while he continued to finger you. Metal digits scissoring your cunt, stretching you out in preparation for his incoming length.
Your spasming walls and rapid breath intake was a clear sign that your release was imminent, the knowledge only fueling Bucky on even more.
“Tell me,” he taunted against your cunt, “Tell me who’s pussy this is and I’ll let you cum.”
You violently shook your head side to side. Your denial was more to yourself than to the brunette. You didn’t want to give in, you didn’t want to let him win; let him have that power over you. But the way his fingers were assaulting your pussy, and the arousal that consumed you was so much, it made you delirious.
Upon not hearing his desired answer, Bucky sighed before retreating away from you. The pitiful wine that left you was paired beautifully with the sight of your hole gaping and closing, yearning to be filled again.
“We can do this all night, I have no problem. But you will comply. You will admit that you belong to me, and only me,” he threatened, his voice dripping with aggression.
You should’ve fought more, put more of an effort in denying his treacherous advances. But you couldn’t ignore the burning passion that the man unlocked in you with just two of his fingers and a couple swipes of his tongue. So you ultimately obeyed his wishes.
“It’s yours Bucky,” your whimpers barely a whisper, “It’s all yours.”
The animalistic growl that left his mouth was something that was burned into your brain with how inhuman it was. Though you were unable to process it any longer due to Bucky reattaching his mouth and fingers to your lower region.
His assault on you resumed, causing you to bashfully moan out into the air, not even caring how easily you fell under his spell. “Please don’t stop.”
The brunette felt like he had died and gone to heaven. You were finally his, now he just needed to guarantee it.
With your orgasm already on the horizon, he continued to please you. His middle finger brushing along your spongy spot deep within as his index finger lightly grazed your honey soaked walls.
It only took a few pumps and for him to suction his lips tightly around your clit for you to gush around his fingers, soaking his chin in your essence.
“Good girl,” he groaned against your twitching mound, “You did such a good job for me sweetheart.”
He continued to clean up your folds, desperate to taste more of you, not even caring that you were squirming due to overstimulation taking hold.
Finally getting enough, he pushed away from your puffy mound and stood up to full height, staring down at you.
Kicking off his boots, he stripped himself of his clothing until he was left stark nude. A bit of pride surged in his brain as he watched you gawk at his throbbing length, the large size no doubt shocking you.
He took a brief moment to compose himself, stroking his cock a few times as he admired your breathy figure.
Your eyes were glistening, from tears of fear as well as euphoria. He observed your limp limbs, no doubt still slightly numb from coming down from your orgasm. But what really had him locked in was your stomach, and the thought of it swelling up with his child once he filled you with his seed.
“God you look so fucking beautiful (Y/N),” he breathed out to you in awe.
Bucky crawled on the mattress and situated himself between your legs as best as he could due to the chains keeping you in place.
He sat back on his haunches; one hand resting on your upper thigh, the other gripping the base of his dick as he prodded your wet hole.
You couldn’t, nor wouldn’t try to stave him off, too far gone with lust to fully think about the situation you were in.
Coating himself in your slick by running his plump head through your folds, he finally began the sinful journey of sheathing himself deep within you.
While you groaned in slight pain due to his massive size, Bucky sang in pure ecstasy as your warmth surrounded his length. “Oh- oh yes, (Y/N)!”
He buried himself to the hilt, his balls resting perfectly against the curve of your ass as he sunk himself into your core. Dropping down, his weight smothered you as his head rested in the crook of your neck. You felt his warm breath fan across you, heating up the sweaty skin.
His strokes started slow- experimental even. Getting to know the expanse of your cunt, making sure to feel every ridge of your tight walls that hugged him oh so well. This glorious feeling was what he yearned for, and he was sure that if he could, he would keep you locked on his dick, never leaving your warmth.
“Please Bucky. Go faster, I need you to go faster.” Your whimpers of desperation for him to speed up were music to the man's ears, which he had no problem fulfilling.
Pushing himself up with his hands pressed deep into the mattress on either side of your head, he began a faster pace.
The sounds of his thighs slapping against the back of yours, your soaked cunt being battered by his cock, as well as both of your lustful moans rung out in the air. A carefully orchestrated symphony being conducted by his cock alone.
He could feel the sublime feel of you tightening around him once more, notifying him of your second release for the night.
“Cum for daddy,” he breathlessly moaned into your ear, “Cum of daddy’s cock, soak it with your cunt. Make me proud.”
His praise sent chills down your spine as it signaled your release. “Fuck daddy, I’m cumming!”
Though your senses were going haywire, you couldn’t ignore the feeling of Bucky’s assault increasing tenfold.
“Damn, that was so hot. I’m not gonna stop til you're begging me to. Till I fill this sweet cunt. Till your belly swells up nice and plump. Hell, I won’t even stop there. I’m gonna live in this pussy, and you’re gonna be a good girl and take it. Every. Single. Inch.” His last words were paired with a sharp thrust into you, signifying their importance.
Leaning back on his haunches once more, he gripped onto your waist and began to pummel into you. He knew that he was forming bruises into your delicate skin, he knew the damage he was causing, but it only spurred him on.
His thrusts were frantic, not caring at all about your pleasure, more so chasing his own release. Longing to coat your channel with his awaiting seed.
Your body was used at his will, being tugged back and forth along his length as you took him whole. Every sharp thrust into you had his cock brushing against your g-spot, the action causing you both to become delirious.
Neurons were firing away throughout your brain, your fists balling up and grasping the chains that bound you. You were so far gone in desire that all you craved was the grand feeling of cumming around him once more. So you begged. Begged like a desperate bitch in heat at the man above you.
“Please, please, please,” you chanted at him, hopeful that he would allow euphoria to fill your limbs once more.
With a slight chuckle he locked eyes with you, not stopping his movements, “As you wish (Y/N).”
With his newly placed hand, Bucky began rubbing at your clit with his thumb. Your cunt was already a sloppy mess, but with his added stimulation, you were drenching him as well as the sheets below with your essence.
You felt your peak getting closer and closer until white hot desire burst in your core, flooding your being.
Bucky felt your cunt clamp around his cock as you came with a shout. He watched every contortion of your face as your body went through the motions of your orgasm. Your back arching off the mattress, nails clawing into the chains in a desperate attempt to regain stability, mouth sputtering as your moans rang out.
With the heavenly sight before him, he wasn’t able to hold off any longer and came deep into your cunt. His head pressed deep against your cervix as he spilled heavy drops of his cum against your walls.
He fell back on top of you, his own breathing matching your erratic one and you both began the descent from your highs.
You didn’t know how long you two had remained like that, him still situated deep within you as his large frame surrounded your body like a cacoon, but you didn’t mind it.
Finally regaining some of his senses, Bucky pushed back up with his left hand while caressing your tear streaked cheek with his right, softly stroking the flesh with his thumb.
He laid on top of you and admired your face, this was a moment that was etched deep into his hippocampus, which he was gladly grateful for.
With his eyes flicking back and forth between your own and your lips, he pressed forward until he connected himself with you.
Despite his previous rough actions against your body, his kiss was soft and tender. As if he were trying to savor the moment as best as he could. Your lips moved in tandem as you tasted the other. It wasn’t until you were both out of breath that he finally pulled away, but kept close enough for you to still feel his breath against your lips.
“You’re mine,” he spoke softly, “For eternity.”
You knew that reality would soon hit you and the gravity of the situation would come raining down, but you decided to dwell in the moment. Enjoying the peaceful bliss that was given to you as Bucky’s warmth surrounded you, and slowly causing you to drift in a dreamy slumber.
Tumblr media
a/n: aaand now you can play the song (we belong together - ritchie valens)
this was my first time writing noncon/dubcon, so hopefully it’s alright.
if you enjoyed this fic, please make sure to reblog and comment. your feedback is much appreciated !
*dividers credit: @firefly-graphics / @firefly-in-darkness*
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sweeterthanthis · 7 months ago
Your Filthy Heart
Part Two: Beg For Daddy
Tumblr media
Your Filthy Heart Masterlist
Pairing: Stepdad!Bucky x (18+)Female Reader
Summary: The thought of your mother passed out next door, the other side of your bedroom wall, did nothing to quell the intense hunger you felt for him.
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: Explicit language, STEPDAD TROPE/DADDY KINK, slight DUBCON but overall consensual, derogatory language, jealousy, edging, unprotected sex, fingering, bicep choking, slight mentions of prescription pills, Bucky’s filthy mouth.
A/N: A little continuation from Something Old, Something New. You don’t necessarily need to have read it to understand this though. Thank you to my lovely friend and Beta for this fic @ozarkthedog , who I don’t deserve because I often forget to credit her 🤣😘 Enjoy!
Family dinner.
Your mother insisted on it.
Every Thursday night, without fail.
A notion you would have dreaded a few months earlier, but now all you saw it as was a chance to tease Bucky, and remind him of what he was missing out on while he played happy marriages with her.
“How’s college sweetheart?” You heard your mother ask as you absentmindedly picked at your pasta, one foot resting between Bucky’s thighs – the tips of your toes rubbing against the bulge in his trousers.
“Fine, nothing exciting to report.” You replied nonchalantly, leaning back in your chair, your arms raised high above your head as you feigned a stretch; the hem of your crop top riding up just enough to get his blood pumping.
“What about you, Honey? You’ve been working late a lot this week. You must be exhausted, poor thing.” She cooed as she looked over at Bucky, a sickly-sweet tone to her voice that made your stomach lurch.
He hadn’t been working late at all. He’d been picking you up from college most days in fact.
You’d spent most evenings that week tangled up in a cheap, motel bed with him. It was exhilarating, and the guilt you felt wasn’t a patch on the lust that grew in your belly with each passing tryst.
Bucky nearly choked on his water when the pad of your foot pressed firmly against the rigid outline of his cock, his sapphire eyes shooting you a firm look of warning. You couldn’t help the smirk that spread across your glossy lips, replaced soon by a grimace as he placed his hand over your mothers, squeezing it with an affection that you were certain was for your benefit.
“Been pretty busy, Doll. How’s about I take you out this weekend, huh? That new French restaurant just opened up in the City. I’ll make a reservation, just the two of us.”
His stare locked with yours, burning a hole through your skull as you sucked your bottom lip between your teeth in unreasonable rage.
You dropped your foot from his chair, tucking it beneath you as a thought popped into your head – a coy smirk rising on your lips.
“Hey Mom, I’m probably not gonna be home on Saturday night. I just thought I should let you know; I know you worry.”
You didn’t have to look up to know his eyes were still on you, studying your intentions.
“Does someone have a date or something?” Your mother teased, nudging you with her knee beneath the table. “We’ll be in the City anyway by the sounds of it, sweetheart. Who’s the lucky guy?”
Leaning back in your chair, you turned your head to face him, revelling in the very clear jealousy etched upon his strong features.
“Not a date, more like a something. You remember Peter, right? From my biology class?”
“Oh yes, yes he certainly is a looker. And he seems like a gentleman.” She was oblivious to the way her husband was looking at you, completely unaware of the fiery sexual tension burning in the air around her.
“A gentleman?” You scoffed, playing up to the idea that it certainly wasn’t a romantic date you were planning. “I sure hope not.”
Of course up until moments earlier you weren’t even planning on letting Peter take you out. But you knew he wanted you, knew he was more than a little interested.
You watched as Bucky’s jaw clenched, part proud and part scared, knowing it wouldn’t be the last you heard of it.
Dinner finished in near silence, the sound of cutlery tinkling against China ringing in the heavy air.
You couldn’t bear the tension, standing up and loading your plate into the dishwasher. Barely sparing him a second glance, you kissed your mother on the cheek.
“You know, I think I’m gonna go to bed. Early start and everything. G’night.”
Taking two steps at a time up the stairs, uncertainty and pride swirling in your gut, you made your way to your room.
Stripping off, you pulled on your oversized college sweatshirt, ridding yourself of your panties and diving into bed.
Your mind still ticking from dinner, you picked up your phone, the bright light causing you to squint slightly.
‘Hey Parker, wanna take me out on Saturday night?’
He was a sweet guy, and maybe a little part of you felt guilty for dragging him into your twisted game — but you couldn’t help yourself.
You ignored the niggling feeling in the back of your brain that you were growing all together too fond of Bucky, hiding behind a mask of unadulterated lust and desire.
Feeling yourself dozing off, a lazy smile on your face and your phone dangling in your hand, you pushed all thoughts of Bucky to the back of your mind. Slumber takes you quickly, and you don’t notice the shadow pass slowly through the crack of your door.
A pressure against your face startles you awake, his palm curled tightly against your mouth, breath hot in your ear. He’s behind you, his body weight looming down on top of you, the very prominent bulge in his pants rubbing against your bare ass.
“Peter Parker, huh?”
The blueish glare of your phone screen held in front of your face, you whimpered, a text from Peter staring straight back at you.
You tried to move, your mouth dewy from the heat of your own breath against his skin, inaudible pleas falling from your lips.
“I’m disappointed in you princess, thought you were gonna keep that little cunt tight and precious for Daddy.”
His grip over your face tightened, holding your head up to read the words displayed on the screen.
‘Oh wow, okay. You wanna see a movie? Or not? x’
Bucky’s breaths were ragged against your back -- the phone dropping to the mattress next to your head, his hand instantly pawing at the backs of your thighs possessively, his knee shoving your legs apart.
“How many times has Daddy fucked you this week, huh?” He gruffed, fingers sweeping through your already slick folds, pinching at your clit harshly. “Not enough, obviously. Greedy fuckin’ cockslut.”
Tears pricked at your eyes, yet not through sadness. No. You felt shame. Shame at the way you mindlessly wound your hips, seeking delicious friction against your core. His teeth found the shell of your ear and you yelped, your own teeth sinking into the flesh of his palm.
“I’d tell you to be quiet Princess, but we both know Mommy’s out for the count. Thank fuck for sleeping pills, ain’t that right?”
The thought of your mother passed out next door, the other side of your bedroom wall, did nothing to quell the intense hunger you felt for him.
His arm sweeping beneath you, he pulled you back to your knees, one hand instantly diving between your legs, cupping your sex with a primal desire that left your knees trembling.
Your mouth finally free of his grasp, he curled his bicep around your throat; his free palm slapping against your pussy, making you whine in need.
“We’ve been over this. You think anyone else can fuck you the way I fuck you?”
A finger stretched out your hole, pushing its way in to the knuckle, his grip around your throat tightening just a little. Enough to let you know that he was in charge, and he wasn’t in the mood for any resistance.
“Awful quiet for somebody who had so much to say at dinner, Princess. You like making Daddy mad, is that it?”
“N--no, Daddy.” You squeak, windpipe restricted beneath the weight of his thick bicep.
A second finger joined the first, the palm of his hand rubbing against your clit, and all you could do was fall back into the solid wall of muscle behind you, your head lulling back against his collar bone.
“Oh, she does speak.” The feeling of his fingertips swiping back and forth across the sweet spot deep inside you left you panting, your own hands reaching to grab at his thighs. “Feels good, doesn’t it? Think Peter Parker can fingerfuck you like this? Think he can make you come?”
With a slight twist of his fist, a third finger stretching you out to the point of discomfort, the burn laced with a touch of pleasure, you cried out.
“God, no, no Daddy. Please, please I think I’m gon--”
“Oh no, no you’re not. You’ve been a real cocktease tonight, Princess. They don’t get to come.”
You could have sobbed when he withdrew his digits, your cunt clenching around nothing, mourning the loss of his expert touch.
With a gentle shove between your shoulder blades, he pushed you down, your chest meeting the mattress. One hand wrapped around your thighs, he yanked your ass up high in the air, your conscious feeling the weight behind you ease.
Looking back over your shoulder, your eyes widened at the sight of him pulling off his clothes -- leaving him naked, magnificent cock throbbing from the strain of his erection.
“You wanna come don’t you? Tell Daddy how bad, beg for it.”
You watched as he palmed at his length, slow and dirty, never once breaking eye contact. His head cocked to the side, his lips pouted, mocking you as you undulated your hips in desperation.
“Please, I’m sorry Daddy.” Your voice was shaky, the tension in your belly slowly unwinding, driving your farther away from the edge of bliss. “I w-won’t go out with Peter. I’ll-I’ll be a good girl, please.”
With a sadistic smirk plastered across his face, he climbed onto the bed behind you, the sensation of his cock bobbing between your legs making you shiver.
“It’s okay, Princess. I know you get jealous.” The tip of him ran the length of your slit, your tight hole quivering in anticipation. “You know I think of you when I fuck her, right?”
His obscene words should have made you recoil in disgust, but instead you found your heart beating just that little bit faster in your chest, the slick between your thighs growing by the second.
“I think of this tight, fresh cunt.” Inch by agonising inch, he stretched out your walls, a grunt of satisfaction rumbling in his chest. “I think about how good that tight ass looks bouncin’ on my dick.”
The praise had you writhing, hands braced against the headboard as you pushed back to meet his firm, insistent thrusts. His cock growing ever harder inside you, you took him to the hilt, grinding your ass back against his pelvis, desperate for every bit of him.
“That’s it, just like that. You know how Daddy likes it, don’t you Princess?” It was rhetorical, but you nodded your head all the same, kitten-like mewls falling from your lips. “She can’t fuck me like this, not like you. You just wanna make Daddy feel good, don’t you?”
“Yes, Daddy. Oh, fuck, s’all I want.”
The eagerness in your voice had him pounding into you, the pressure of him driving up against your cervix causing you to sink your teeth into the pillow. His fingernails bit into the flesh of your waist, the cool sting of his wedding ring tickling your skin.
“Fuck,” he purred, sitting back slightly on his knees to take in the sight of your drenched cunt swallowing his dick. “Lookit you, taking Daddy’s cock like a perfect little fucktoy. That what you want, baby? Wanna be Daddy’s little fuck toy?”
One hand tangled in your hair, holding your head down against the pillow, the other gripping the flesh of your ass; he fucked you, fucked you like he owned every part of you.
“Yes - shit - yes!” Your garbled cries muffled by soft cotton, you braced yourself. The invisible coil of pleasure threatening to snap between your thighs. “Oh fuck! Fuck, please! Can’t—”
“Can feel it, go on baby, gonna fill you up. Fuck it all up into you, make sure you remember who this pussy belongs to.”
Your eyes rolling back, spine seizing up as he drove you into the mattress, you shattered. Bliss so intense, you couldn’t stop your knees from giving out, shaking and whimpering against the comforter like the fucked out, mess of a girl you were.
He followed you down, chest flush against your back, his mouth devouring the delicate flesh at the nape of your neck, teeth grazing over the knot of your spine possessively.
Hips rutting against your ass, his movements stuttered; cock throbbing inside you, warmth filling you up as his spend smattered against your bruised walls.
“Milk Daddy’s cock, Princess. Milk it with that pretty cunt.”
Your muscles spasmed, pulling him in, holding him inside the warm confines of your core, your cunt pulsing wildly as the blood rushed to the surface.
Floating in the aftershocks of your orgasm, you shuddered at the feel of his breath rasping against your cheek, the way his tongue snaked out to lap at the stray tears falling from your hazy eyes.
“Make sure you let Parker down gently, hmm? Not his fault you’re such a cockhungry bitch is it?”
A/N: You can read the third instalment The Pure and The Poison HERE. Thanks for reading!
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stuckysdumbbitch · 2 months ago
run as fast as you can
summary: c’mon bunny, try to out run him.
pairings: dark!hunter!Bucky x bunny!reader
warnings: 18+ content, noncon, dubcon, breeding kink, creepy bucky, lactation kink, pet play? innocence kink, rough sex, a mention of blood but not actual blood, primal play, praise, degradation, dumbification.
a part two of “caught in his trap”!
His Bunny au masterlist
Tumblr media
Your bare feet padded against the soft grasses of the forest floor, trying to dodge tree branches as you rubbed the tears that were clouding your vision away from your face.
“Oh little Bunny, just wait until I get you,” you heard Bucky call out from the darkness, signaling he was far closer than you expected.
You knew you were going to trip over a branch, it was far too decipherable. Yet, the moment when your toes stubbed into the root of the thick tree, you couldn’t help but yelp as you fell down to your side.
You cursed yourself, hiding instantly behind a tree. Your toes hurt too much to keep running, and your knee was scraped. You curled up against the bark, tears fallings as you hoped he wouldn’t catch you.
His foot steps were quickly behind you, until they began to slow down and you felt the tinge of hope rattle in your chest. Until you felt yourself being snatched by the ears harshly by a familiar cold hand.
Even in the darkness of the night you could see he had his triumphant smirk on, looking at you with lust and darkness. It seemed like his victory had made him forget of how you had escaped him, until he pressed your fluffy ears tighter to hear you cry out in pain.
“Dumb little thing,” he mocked, craning your neck uncomfortably to nose at your pulse. “I hunt for you, I dress you, I keep you safe for hunters and this is how you are going to thank me? running away? ungrateful brat,”.
He dragged you by the ears all the way to the house, the piercings he had placed into your soft cartilage crashing against your skin. It seemed taunting how he took time to learn about your culture, even planned a ceremony to make you submit to him. The gold rings he placed on the sides of your ears were a sign you were married, matching by the bands he chose to wear around his two ring fingers.
It was true what he was saying; he hunted for two now, being exclusive about not hunting rabbits and sometimes, when he felt generous, bringing you fruits and vegetables he would hand feed you. He also dressed you in animal furs to your dismay, bringing bear or deer furs to sew ridiculously small outfits for you. And for keeping you safe of other hunters, he locked you in the house all day long where you cleaned and sometimes cooked for him.
He opened the door with one hand, swinging you inside without consideration. Instantly, you scrambled to the bed trying to find comfort in the sheets and innocently trying to hide from him.
He peeled off his coat and boots, leaving him in the sweatpants and sweatshirt he was in when he was sleeping with you. His menacing glare kept you glued to your place, peeking at him from over the duvet.
He made his way to the bed silently, just to rip the blanket from your hands. You let out a soft sniffle, feeling him pounce on top of your quivering form, just clad in his t-shirt.
He placed a hand on each side of your head, knees mimicking the action around your middle thighs.
“Dumb little Bunny,” he mumbled, his flesh hand moving up to grace the side of your face. “gonna have to find a way for you to understand you can’t leave me,”.
The hand that was stroking your cheek suddenly slapped you, making your face twist in pain to the other side. You whimpered, lower lip wobbling as you ears flopped, framing your face in protection.
“No Bucky,” he told himself out loud, moving to repeat his tender actions. “Cant be harsh with your pet when she’s probably knocked up,”.
You cried harder at his words that were only meant to hurt you; knowing that by the amount of times he had fucked you this week and by the high fertility rate of Bunny hybrids, you were probably pregnant.
“Don’t cry baby,” he cooed, moving to slip his cold hand up the large shirt. He didn’t gave you any panties because he claimed he liked being able to smell you all the time, everywhere. “Not gonna fuck your pussy; only good bunnies get their pussy fucked, ungrateful brats get their ass fucked,”.
He couldn’t physically hurt you, so he mandhandled you as gently as he could muster with the anger coursing through his body. Placing your body in all fours, he removed the shirt from your frame and began prodding your body. His two finger latched to your clit, giving soft torturous circles of the flesh as you oozed with slick. The smell of your pussy emanated in the air and Bucky inhaled, smelling cherries and flowers. You were so perfect for him.
“Please sir-“You received a harsh slap on your bare pussy, making you jolt. “please Daddy, not my bottom!”
The brunet smirked at your begging, fingers continuing their ministrations. The soft moans you tried to suppress as your tail and ears fluttered was the best sight he could ever had.
“If you want to save your ass,” he began, teasing his fingers into her hole and sensing it clench around the bare tips. “you gonna beg me to fuck this pretty pussy,”.
You gulped down when his finger thrusted inside you core, the stretch already big enough.
“Please Daddy,” you began, although it sounded like you were reciting more than begging from your humiliation.”Please fuck my pussy!”
“As hard as I want?” he questioned, pushing another finger in to make you gasp.
“As hard as you want Daddy!”
He grinned at this, feeling his cock stir in his pants as you continued to beg him to pound you. He pulled it out of his pants, pushing them down to his knees as he also took off his shirt. He had a glorious body, yet his sight was always contemplating you.
He took your finger from your tiny entrance, cleaning the juices from his fingers in your thigh as if he hadn’t eaten you out this very morning. Slapping the tip against your opening, he enjoyed the way you shivered. You always bled, even a little bit, when he fucked you.
“Wanna hear you beg again.” he commanded, and swallowing your pride, you did.
“Please Daddy,” you muttered, the nickname he forced you to use bitter on your tongue. “please fuck my pussy, need you to fill me up,”.
He preened at how you recited the same words he always threatened you with, watching you squirm uncomfortably as you said them.
“Only because you asked so nicely, little girl.”.
He chuckled as he pushed in, this time slow and gently. He savored the feeling of your cunt wrapped around his massive shaft, pulsing and you bit into your lower lip to subdue the pain.
“Hurts Daddy,” you coughed out, and he patted your bottom to give you some comfort. It stretched you painfully, but you still felt some pleasure at how filled up you were.
He enjoyed knitting his fingers in your hair to tug at your ears, but he opted to curl his bicep around your throat. His metal hand grasped your fluffy pompon tail, like he always did.
His movements where slow and sensual this time, and you didn’t know why. He always was rough with you, holding you as tight as he could and banging you till the bed shook.
“Beg me to destroy this little pussy,”he whispered into your ear, and you finally understood. “beg me to fuck you so hard you can’t walk anymore,”.
“Please destroy my pussy,” you begged, ears flopping down as he hit your g-spot. “fuck me so hard I can’t walk anymore.”.
You felt shameful at your words, but he did it anyways. His hands shifted to push your face into the mattress, digits wrapping around your cartilage to tug on your ears painfully for leverage.
You whimpered in pain, the tugging and rubbing of your ears a overstimulating sensation as your clit grounded against his balls.
He suddenly stopped and you, without thinking, whined. You heard him chuckle as he moved out, only leaving the tip inside.
“Fuck yourself on my cock dumb Bunny,” he cooed, watching how you clenched around his tip. “and maybe I’ll rewards you afterwards.”.
Hiding your grunts, you pushed yourself back on all fours and wiggled back your hips to fuck your self on his cock. You rolled your hips and tightened around his shaft, wanting-no, needing- more.
He watched you fuck yourself impatiently, using his dick as a toy for release. You could barely take his cock, yet you fucked yourself through the pain like a champion. Your moans were like music in his ears as your face contorted in pleasure from how much he was stretching you.
His cold hand slipped down to rub your clit, striking in fast motions that tightened your muscles and made it harder to move.
You finally snapped, the coil in your belly snapping as you felt almost electric; energy coursing through your clit all over your pussy as you panted in relief.
“Good little fuck toy,” Bucky cheered, resuming to grab your hips. “gonna get her pussy destroyed by Daddy cause she behaved so well,”.
His thrusts were godly; fast, hard and leaving you cockdrunk as you focused on the pleasure. He was no longer looking for your orgasm, just using you as his perfect little cocksleeve.
“Gonna cum, tiny Bunny,” he groaned, speeding up his movements. “Ya holding me so tight, seems like you don’t ever want me to leave this pussy my little thing; gonna give you another batch of bunnies to bake in that tummy of yours; gonna do that baby? give me all the bunny babies I want?gonna make me a real daddy?”.
His questions threw you over the edge. Bucky wanted to make you a mommy; talked about how your tits will be full of milk and you belly will become big and round and gorgeous. You came at his words alone, as if they stroked your clit delicately.
You nodded, lost in delight as he continued fucking you.
“That’s my good girl, gonna be such a good momma,” He praised, fucking you until you felt the heat spill inside of you. He thrusted a few more times, making the warmth go straight into your cervix.
With a halfhearted laugh he fell to your side, enveloping you in his thick arms.
The only sound that filled the room were your beating heart and his panting. His flesh hand came down to stroke your belly, bulging slightly with his thick cum.
“Daddy,” you called out weakly and he hummed in response. “you think I’m really going to be a good mommy?”.
His eyebrows furrowed at this, at how soft you suddenly became to him.
“Of course lovebug,” he said as if he was obvious. “gonna be the best mommy, and you gonna let Daddy suck those nipples dry right?”.
You didn’t have the heart to tell him that you couldn’t physically give him any actual human children, only little bunnies that would hop along the cabin all day.
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harryspet · a year ago
stardom | sebastian stan
Tumblr media
[Warnings] dark sebastian stan x reader, younger/innocent reader, co-star au, grooming, manipulation, questionable morals, underage drinking, dubcon touching, voyeurism?, age gap, eventual smut
In which you’re Sebastian’s young co-star and he takes a morally questionable interest in you. 
word count: 2.6k
taglist: @nsfwsebbie​​ @buckybarney​​ @hollandsdream​​ @micki-smiles​​ @buckybarnesplumwhore​​
Your assistant moved around the trailer, checking to make sure everything had been cleaned properly over the weekend and that they had refilled all the snacks you requested. Well, she requested. Your mom had you on yet another trendy diet that was meant to make you “look good” for the movie you were shooting. Your mom seemed to always have a problem with your “curves” but the filmmakers were looking for someone different, someone who actually looked real. It was your first blockbuster film and your many auditions had landed you a pivotal role. 
“They forgot the green juice, they always do! We’ve been shooting this thing for a month and they can’t seem to get it right-”
“Katrina, I don’t even like that stuff,” You slouched on the couch, looking around the newly cleaned trailer. You were always either alone, with Katrina, or working with some coach when you were inside here. Still, it was better than at home. At home, you were always alone because your mother was a busy woman. At least here you were alone with a purpose. You had a job that you had earned without your mother’s connections, “I want popcorn and -- oh! Kit kats, I’d love some of those.”
“But your mother-”
Katrina was interrupted by a knock on the trailer door. The older woman huffed, moving towards the door, “Our call time isn’t until thirty minutes from now-” The woman was interrupted again by a deep voice. 
“Actually, uhm, hi, I’m Sebastian,” Your eyes widened as your assistant attempted to place the man’s face, “Sebastian Stan, I’m Y/N’s co-star,” He added awkwardly. 
You quickly stood up from the couch, approaching the door where she was standing, “Katrina! Can you go find me some of that green juice please?” You smiled nervously as your eyes met those of Sebastian’s. His seemed to sparkle in the bright light of the Atlanta sun. 
“You want me to leave you with him?” She seemed to whisper-yell. 
“He’s the star of the movie,” You whisper-yelled back and Sebastian’s lips seemed to pull into an amused grin. 
“Fine, I’ll go find some green juice,” Katrina raised her hands in defeat, brushing past Mr. Stan, before yelling back, “Thirty minutes!”
“Sorry about that,” You apologized, stepping back as if to say that he was welcome inside. You thought it might be embarrassing for him to see you in such casual clothes but he was wearing sweatpants as well, completing his disheveled look with a red hat that read “Rutgers”.
“No worries at all. I’ve had a fair share of interesting assistants,” He replied, stepping inside the cold, air-conditioned trailer, slipping the door closed. You stepped further inside, taking a seat on the couch and encouraging him to do the same. 
“She’s actually my first one. She can be annoying sometimes but she knows me well since she’s practically been my nanny since I was eleven.”
“Oh, right,” You could tell that he was doing some gymnastics in his mind, trying to calculate your age, “I forget you’re so young … you’re so mature for your age.”
You had heard it before but you felt something different when it left Sebastian’s lips. The way his eyes looked into yours, the way he licked his lips, and the way he fumbled with his hands like he was nervous. 
You were aware of how much older Sebastian was than you and that had stopped you from initially developing your crush on him. You obviously respected his acting abilities and looked up to him but, now that you were working with him, you had to set aside that childish part of your heart. 
“Thank you,” You blushed, brushing a strand of hair from falling in your face, “So ... “
A lightbulb went off in his mind as if he had finally remembered the point of his visit after getting distracted by looking at you, “Right, since today’s the first day we’re actually shooting together, I just wanted to break some of the tension.”
In the movie, Sebastian is playing an international level assassin but he’s also playing your mentor. Your character's plot revolves around Sebastian recruiting you to save the world. The movie is based on one of your favorite comics and it was a no-brainer that you wanted to audition for it. 
You nodded, understanding, “What do you suggest?” 
“Maybe you could tell me more about yourself? Something I can’t read off your Wikipedia?” His words made an amusing smile spread across your face. 
“Uhm … I don’t actually like green juice.”
Sebastian chuckled, encouraging you to divulge more “I figured … maybe tell me about your family? What are they like?”
It was an interesting question because no one ever seemed to ask your opinions on things, “Well, I have my Mom. She spends a lot of her time in Italy … she says she gets most of her inspiration for her fashion designs there. My other Mom, I don’t think she ever really wanted me but she calls me a few times a year. She has a new wife and they live in Seattle ... “
You could tell by his eyes that he was hoping for a happier tale, “When do you spend time together?” He asked, his brows raised. 
You searched your mind for an answer, “Holidays … “ Sebastian was surprised by how casually you answered, how normal this seemed to you. 
“What about your friends?” He continued. 
“They’re in L.A.,” You shrugged, “They have school so ... “
“I don’t mean to pry, Y/N, I just  …. Wow.”
“What do you mean?” You asked, noting his concerned face. 
“You’re a young girl alone in Atlanta,” You hadn’t thought of it that way, “That makes me kind of worried, to be honest with you. I know I don’t know you very well … I just think you should have someone looking out for you.”
“I have Katrina,” You frowned suddenly, the realization that you were mostly alone finally hitting you, “You don’t have to worry, Mr. Stan.”
Sebastian nodded, his face still concerned, “I know and that’s good, but it doesn’t get a little lonely just having your assistant?”
You had learned to cope with loneliness from a young age and now it was normal for you. It was comforting to you but you wondered why some of your nervousness floated away when he looked at you, “I … you don’t have to worry, Mr. Stan, I promise.”
“Well, if you ever do feel lonely, you can always come to hang out with me in my trailer.”
“Yeah, of course! I also have a pretty nice place in the city … we could go to the aquarium sometime … maybe get something to eat?” You were silent for a moment, trying to figure out why exactly he was offering this, “Is that weird? I’m sorry-”
“No, no, it sounds nice!” You didn’t want him to think you were offended, “I just assumed that you’d think we have nothing in common.”
“Well, age doesn’t mean much. We’re both actors, right? That’s already something we have in common,” Something about his voice was soothing to you. It was even better than in the movies. 
You grinned, “I’d love to hang out, Mr. Stan.”
“Sebastian. Call me Sebastian, Y/N.”
It was your first day off in a long while. 
Shooting with Sebastian had gone wonderfully. On the days you weren’t feeling confident about your acting abilities, he was there to console you. You constantly took him up on his offer to visit him in his trailer. It was much bigger than yours and on long, night shoots you watched movies with him. 
You went back and forth showing each other movies, Sebastian showed you ones from the nineties and you showed him ones you grew up on. He also told you about growing up in Romania and the stresses of coming to America. 
You truly had a new friend. 
You were holding a penguin plushie Sebastian had bought for you as you stepped into the luxurious apartment he was renting, “This is home for the next four months.”
“I like it,” Stainless steel appliances matched the black, sleek furniture. It still seemed impersonal, like he had yet to make his own mark on the place. You noticed how the vast windows allowed the city to light up the apartment. You were having so much fun that you hadn’t even noticed how many hours has passed. The setting sun illuminated the living room. 
“Can I get you something to drink?” Looking at him, you thought he might be … nervous? The way he rubbed the back of his neck led you to the conclusion. 
“I was thinking more of something that would … help us relax?”
Your mouth formed an “o” shape, “It’s okay if you don’t want to. I wouldn’t want Katrina to be angry with me,” He laughed, trying to fill the awkward tension. 
Just the mentioning of Katrina reminded you of the loneliness you felt before meeting Sebastian. You didn’t need Katrina treating you like a child anymore, “I’ll tell her to leave me alone for the weekend,” A smirk tugged at Sebastian’s lips. You were falling into his grasps more easily than he expected, “I’m an adult, I can make my own decisions.”
“Hmm, that’s true, you are. What can I get you?”
You had never drunk before but you didn’t want him to know that “Surprise me.”
Sebastian nodded, stepping away into the kitchen. As he left the room, you pulled out the room. 
I’ll be back late. Don’t wait up for me. xx
Your phone immediately started to vibrate but you silenced it, throwing it on the couch. You set down your plushie as well, realizing how immature you probably looked. As you did, Sebastian appeared again with two glasses in his hand, “For you,” He handed you a clear liquid with a few pieces of ice in it, a lim sitting on the rim. You stared at it for a moment and he clinked your drink with his before tossing it back.
You sipped at yours and couldn’t stop yourself from wincing.
“You don’t like it?”
“No,” You coughed, “It’s great … I just haven’t drunk in a while.”
Sebastian could tell you were lying. He grabbed your drink from you, drinking it for you. It seemed like the alcohol was helping with whatever anxieties he had before. He gestured for you to take a seat and you did but he sat closer than you expected. Now, you were the nervous one. 
“You’re very beautiful, Y/N,” That took you back, your face heating in embarrassment. You laughed but he said, “I’m serious.”
“You think so?” You looked into his eyes. 
“So intelligent too … I wish I was fifteen years younger,” He spoke honestly, “Besides, I hear from TMZ that you’re dating one of the kids from Stranger Things.”
You pushed his shoulder playfully, “I’m not. My Mom tried to set me up but that’s it!” It took you a moment to realize the hand that was on your thigh.
“You know, if you have questions about guy stuff, I could help you,” Sebastian said, “You’re dating, right?”
“Of course,” You rushed out. What girl your age wasn’t? “But I don’t think most guys look past my famous Mom or the fact that I could be the kickstarter to their Hollywood dreams. I’m a meal ticket.”
“You should be with someone who understands the ins and outs of the business. Someone who already has a career of their own.”
“Someone like you?” You didn’t hear the words leave your mouth, your eyes were on his lips. 
Sebastian leaned in closer to you, his thumb rubbing circles on your inner thigh, “If we were together, it would have to be a secret. It would be a PR disaster for both of us … at least, until you were older,” His eyes were watching your lips now, “That doesn’t sound very fun, right?” He suddenly pulled his hand away, his gaze turning away from you. 
“Right,” You agreed but your mind was trailing away, “Secrets are no fun …. but it’s not like our entire job description isn’t lying.”
At that moment, Sebastian knew you were curious. Maybe you didn’t want him as bad as he desired you but you were curious. 
Sebastian nodded, agreeing, “We play characters and we’re caricatures to the public,” He gazed back at you, “I really want to kiss you, Y/N.”
You hesitated before nodding, “Okay.”
“Okay?” Sebastian pretended to be surprised, “So you’d be okay with this?” He took your chin in his hand, turning your face as he leaned into you. He placed his lips gently on yours. No matter how foreign the feeling was, the moment reminded you of all the romantic movies you’d watched. 
When you pulled away you spoke in a daze, “Y-Yeah …”
“And you’d keep it a secret?” You immediately nodded and he smirked, “My little actress.”
You grinned at that before he spoke again, “I’m gonna get you another drink and you’ll finish this one. We’re going to have fun tonight.”
You were dazed from the kiss but the drinks made you even dizzier. You remembered dancing around the apartment after a few more drinks with Sebastian. You remembered taking off your jacket and … your pants. 
You remembered him laying you down on his bed and kissing him more. You remembered his body being pressed against yours and him reaching into his panties. You remembered him whispering, “You’re so beautiful,” As his hands reached between the fabric of your underwear. It felt … nice, “My little actress.”
You remember the flash of a camera and him telling you to pose. 
It the morning you found yourself in the same bed as him, your head pounding from what was likely a hangover. Sebastian was already sitting up, running his fingers through his disheveled hair.
“Did we … did we have sex?” You asked, your voice groggy and worried. 
Sebastian turned to you, “Of course not,” He answered, his voice deep but tired. You looked down at your body and saw you were still wearing your shirt and panties. The area between your legs felt … different but you weren’t in any sort of pain, “You had a little much to drink so I took care of you. You kept complaining that your clothes were making you hot.”
Right. That made sense. You could trust Sebastian, you reminded yourself. He’s the only one besides Katrina who’s been looking out for you lately. Katrina …. “Katrina!”
You quickly rolled yourself out of the bed, sprinting towards the door and Sebastian quickly followed after you. You found your phone on the couch and fifty missed calls. You quickly clicked on her contact to call her back, “Where the hell have you been, Y/N? You can’t just not come home at night!”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I lost track of time.”
“Are you on drugs? Which ones? I can’t believe this-”
“I’m not on drugs, I promise … I just-” You looked up to the shirtless Sebastian staring and waiting patiently. He was shaped like a Greek god, you almost lost your train of thought. You also noticed how his eyes were saying “I thought you made your own decisions”. 
“I’m going to call your therapist, Y.N. Maybe there’s some emotional turmoil you’re going through-”
“I just had fun, okay? It’s no big deal because I’m a grown woman. You don’t have to blab to my Mom or call my therapist. I’ll be home soon.” You hung up the phone, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. 
Sebastian smirked evilly, “This is going to be fun, Y/N.”
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navybrat817 · 4 months ago
Best Man
Pairing: Soft!Dark Bucky Barnes x Female Reader Summary: Bucky found the girl of his dreams and Steve couldn’t be happier. Word Count: Over 2.1k Warnings: Soft!Dark Bucky Barnes, Mild Non-Con/Dubcon kissing (do not read if that upsets you), kidnapping, slight yandere behavior, obsessive behavior, threat of violence (not against reader), creepy Bucky and Steve, Bucky with glasses (It’s a warning, okay?) A/N: Happy Sinday! Soft!Dark Bucky won this round. The @nix-akimbo edit inspired this fic and is a submission to @angrybirdcr​’s 1K Challenge! Congrats, lovely!
I have discontinued my tag list. Please follow my sideblog @navybrat817-sideblog​​ and turn on notifications to see new fics! I will only post fics and my writing schedule there.
This is not beta read, so any and all mistakes are my own! Please comment, like, reblog or send an ask if you feel inclined. 
I do not consent to have my work posted on any third party site or app. If anyone sees my work anywhere but here or archiveofourown under my same username, it has been reposted without my permission. 18+ Please!!! By reading this, you agree that you are at least 18 years old. Enjoy and thank you, lovelies!
Tumblr media
Gentle music and the scent of a mouthwatering meal filled your senses as you sat at the candlelit table. Steve Rogers, best friend to Bucky Barnes, refused to let you lift a finger as everything was set out, putting a plate down in front of you. It was your favorite meal. They put a lot of care into the details. 
“Steve, you need to take a seat,” Bucky smiled as he sat beside you, slinging an arm over your shoulders.
“In a second. We have so much to celebrate,” Steve said enthusiastically. If he were a dog, his tail would have wagged. "And what is a celebration without a toast?"
“Please don’t give a speech,” Bucky groaned with a shake of his head.
“I’m giving one anyway,” Steve winked at both of you as he grabbed a bottle of champagne, leaving no room to argue.
“Here we go,” the brunette mumbled, but there was no malice in his tone.
“Growing up, dames couldn’t stay away from Bucky. Some days, I thought I’d have to beat them off with a stick,” Steve said affectionately as he opened the bottle, chuckling as some of it overflowed. “He was kind to them. Always a gentleman. We both knew he was waiting for the right one to come along.”
Bucky reached over with his other hand, wiping away a tear that fell from your eye. The metal fingers lingered on your skin until you looked at him. The smile on his face was tender and full of longing. 
"We all know that HYDRA hurt him, but they didn't break him. He was never broken and he doesn't need to be fixed. All he needed was someone to give him a chance to see the good in him. He knew that person was out there. Then he found you."
Bucky's fingers left your cheek, gently skimming down the column of your throat as you looked away. Your skin somehow felt warmer under the cool touch, your heart racing as you felt his heated gaze on you.
"So when he came to me after all this time telling me that he met 'the one', I was thrilled. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to know who stole his heart," he went on, pouring each of you a glass. "He was so nervous for me to meet you that he didn't even introduce us that first day. We just sat at that café table while he went on about how wonderful you were. It was the sweetest thing. I wish you would have heard how lovingly he spoke about you, but you didn't even know we were there. That's okay. You know now."
Another tear fell as you listened. Bucky leaned in, gently wiping it away with his lips this time. He brushed another kiss to the corner of your trembling mouth, exhaling as he rested his forehead against your temple. 
"You looked so beautiful. Like you walked right out of my dreams and into my life," he whispered.
"Naturally, I did my research on you," Steve went on, pausing to smile at you. "And I was impressed. You were kind and patient. Smart. Good. An easy person to fall in love with."
You closed your eyes, trying to keep your breathing calm and even as the emotions threatened to drown you from the inside. 
"You can only imagine how shocked I was when he asked for help to make things official with you. I never thought I would live to see the day that Bucky would need my help getting a dame. I was always overlooked by people growing up, but not by him. He always helped me and stood by my side. I needed to help him, too."
Your eyes were still shut as Bucky turned your face toward his, cupping your cheek as he pressed his lips against yours. It was chaste at first, but it shifted to something more insistent. You tasted his desire. It was so strong.
"Getting you two together took a bit of time, but it was worth the wait. Wouldn't you agree, Buck?"
"Worth it," he agreed as he pulled away to let you breathe. His smile was so bright. It threatened to blind you. "Completely worth it."
"And the rest is history! You're here now. You have each other and I know you're going to have the happiest future."
You sniffled as both men looked at you expectantly. It was difficult to find the words, even as they tried to claw their way out of your throat. 
"Say something," Bucky encouraged, a goofy grin on his face as he ran a hand through his hair, the fingers on your shoulder lightly tapping. In the right place and time, it would have been endearing. But now...
"Let me go," you finally whispered, your eyes filled with desperation as you looked between them. "Please, let me go." 
Bucky’s fingers stopped as Steve stood up straight. Bound to the chair, you couldn't lift your arms to defend yourself. And breaking free wasn't an option. You tried.
“I knew we went too easy after that stunt you pulled,” Steve said as if he had scolded a child.
Bucky's eyes darkened as he suddenly gripped your chin, your heart slamming in your chest. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't soft either. Thankfully, he hadn't tried to hurt you. Yet. "Doll-"
"It's okay, Buck," his friend calmly spoke, urging him to let go. 
"I just…" Bucky swallowed as he leaned back. He looked more hurt than angry, taking off his glasses to clean them. You wondered if they were for show to make him look less imposing. "It wasn't supposed to be like this."
"I know, but we stick to the plan," Steve told him, the chair scraping against the floor as he pulled you away from the table. The smile on his face was unnerving as he turned you to face him. And his eyes… They almost looked empty, but there was determination there that wasn't going away. 
"I won't tell anyone. I promise," you swore as he shushed you. In that moment, you still didn't know what you had done to get Bucky's attention. But now you had all of it.
"I just need you to listen to me. Bucky loves you," he said, holding up a hand when you began to protest. How could he possibly love you? "He does. And I know you'll love him in time. You two are good for each other. You're exactly what he wants and needs. And I know he'll be those things for you."
"I don't need time. I need-"
"I know waking up here was scary. It's an unfamiliar place, but you'll adjust to your new life. You tried to run already and that didn't work. Did it?"
You shook your head. You barely made it out the front door before you were dragged back inside. From the quick glance, all you could see were trees. There were no other homes nearby. No one was around to help you.
"You're home now," Bucky said gently as he set his hands on your shoulders, your body going rigid from his touch. "This is our home."
You inhaled sharply, trying your best not to panic. The room felt too small. It felt like a weight settled on your chest. It hurt. "I have a home," you whispered. They took you from it. 
"Your home is here now. It's your dream home. Exactly what you wanted and more."
You shook your head. The perfect design didn't make a house a home. It wasn't supposed to be a place where you were held captive. It wasn't meant to be a nightmare.  "I have a job. My family and friends," you argued, focusing on steadily breathing in and out.
Steve looked like he was starting to run out of patience and you quickly closed your mouth. "You don't have a job anymore. We took care of that. Your job now is to be good to Bucky," he said sternly, either not noticing or caring about the anger in your eyes. "And as for your family and friends… What happens to them is up to you."
You almost stopped breathing when he smirked. "What do you mean?"
"I'm going to check in periodically. See how things are going. Bucky will have rules set for you and we expect you to follow them. If you disobey him, he'll punish you. And then I'll punish your family and friends," he told you, every trace of false friendliness gone.
You were horrified as you gaped at him. He said it so casually, like he was marking off a list at the grocery store. "Y-You can't. You can't do that!"
"Yes, I can. And I will," he said as you struggled not to burst into tears. "Believe me when I say that none of us want it to come to that, so it's just best if you obey and fulfill your duties."
"My duties?" you croaked as you felt Bucky's hand wrap around your throat from behind.
"As my wife" he whispered, his thumb moving over your pulse. "I'll be the best husband. I promise I'll make it so good for you. You'll never want anyone else again."
You wanted to yell that they were crazy. That you had no intention of staying there and being anything to Bucky. But you couldn’t let anything happen to the ones you cared about. “Please. Don't…" you begged, tears rolling down your cheeks.
“Shh, shh. It’ll be okay, doll,” Bucky murmured as he ushered Steve out of the way, moving around to crouch in front of you. He slowly wiped each tear away with his thumb, not allowing you to look away. 
"You need to-" he put his finger to your lip before you could say anything else. 
"Did you know meeting you made me feel again? I didn't even know I could. I tried. Nothing worked. But you showed up and I… I felt everything," he said in awe, tracing your lips with his fingertip. "I don't want to lose that. I'm not letting you go. I can't. But I meant what I said. I'll be good to you. All you have to do is love me.”
There was so much hope in his eyes. No one ever looked at you that way. Like you were a treasure. Something to behold. It frightened you. 
"I…" your words died in your throat as he slid his hand to your chest, your heart thudding faster and faster.
"Just. Love. Me."
“...You really won’t hurt my family or friends if I'm good?”
“Nothing will happen,” Bucky swore, making a cross sign over his heart. 
"You have our word," Steve added, his tone sincere. You almost forgot he was there. Almost.
"Can you do that?" Bucky pressed, almost desperately. "Love me? Be my perfect doll?"
You blinked the last of the tears away. Crying wouldn't help. Just like they wouldn't help. They were supposed to be heroes, but they were wolves in sheep's clothing. 
“Okay. I'll be good. And… I'll learn to love you, Bucky,” you spoke, putting the right amount of softness into your tone so it didn't seem fake. He looked over the moon as you said his name, leaning in for a deep kiss. Swallowing your cry of protest, you let his tongue take over your mouth. You already felt consumed by him. You just had to bide your time. Somehow, you’d get free. 
“See? Now was that so difficult?” Steve questioned, moving you back to the table once Bucky stood up. “We want to trust you, but we still need to be cautious. Buck will feed you until we know you won’t try to use the silverware on us.”
You merely nodded like a puppet in response.
"And when we know you can behave, you two can get the wedding date set," Steve smiled as he handed one of the glasses to his friend. "I still can't believe you asked me to be your best man."
"You're my best friend, punk, and I want to have the perfect wedding," Bucky smiled back, gazing at you as he sat back down. "I already have the perfect bride."
"Yes, you do. And she’ll keep being perfect for you," Steve's smile widened into something sinister as a glass was brought to your lips. It was as if your fate was sealed. "Won't you?"
The champagne wasn't strong enough to burn your throat, but the numbness took over quickly. "Yes."
"I'm happy to hear that, doll," Bucky said as he brought his mouth to your ear, his next words making your blood run cold. "Because I'm ready to skip to the honeymoon."
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
Here From Eden
Summary: You seek help from the only one who can fulfill your every wish and desire. All Bucky wants in return is for you to give yourself to him.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Demon!Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Smut, 18+, protective demon Bucky, implied violence, belly bulge, size kink.
A/N: I don't even know. Early sinday drabble/fic. Do not copy, rewrite, translate or repost. Comments and reblogs are appreciated.
All you wanted was for them to suffer as you had. And you're willing to do whatever it takes. Or so you thought when you made a plea with the demons rumored to lurk within the old church to help you.
"You can have anything you want little one."
The deep, gravelly voice swarms all around you, the words echoing as if spoken by a thousand men. The tall candles at the alter swaying and curving towards you, the yellowish flames flickering to a dull red glow.
You glance around the small decaying church, trepidation, and fear forming uneasy knots in your stomach.
What have you done?
You were desperate for revenge but you didn't actually think this would work.
The full moon shines down through the hole in the roof, casting shadows across the rotting pews. They seem to dance towards you, undulating and curling around your bare feet.
"But I demand something in return."
You startle at the sudden pressure on your lower back. Turning your head, you see nothing except shadows that seemingly crest along the faint chill breeze. The church doors creak and groan as they close before your eyes. A sour taste builds in your throat as you glance around.
What have you done?
The feeling on your back gets warmer and you can sense long fingers smooth along your skin.
Gasping, you stumble forward with a small cry. Your breath clouds before fading into thin wisps in front of your face that float above your head.
Bucky stands by the altar, looking almost amused at your offerings. He turns to you, folding his arms across his broad chest, his large frame towering over you. He's an ethereal beauty, captivating you even as you tremble before him.
“All you have to do is ask.”
Closing your eyes, you bite down on your lip, a bitter copper taste flooding your mouth as you’re pushed forward-to him. “I can’t do this- I-I changed my mind.” Your voice cracks, your breaths harsh and broken. “Please, I- “
There’s a soft hum, and the air warms, become sweet. Lavender and vanilla replacing the stench of moldy wood. Opening your eyes, you clasp your hand over your mouth. Too shocked to make a sound, your screams shriveling in your throat as you gaze up at him.
“I know what they took from you, and I will make sure they all pay. All you have to do is ask little one.”
Bucky leans down, cupping your face in his large hands, so unnaturally warm yet soothing. You resist the urge to rub your cheek along his palm. He wipes your bloody lip with his thumb. His tongue flickering out to taste it. “I will take something from you as well.”
You shake your head but freeze when he chuckles. You’ve never heard such a beautiful sound before, it’s mesmerizing and comforting in a way you can't explain. “Do not fear me, what I take I will give back to you.”
He waits patiently while you struggle to find the words to say. Your heart hammering in your chest with each ragged breath.
“What do you want?”
He places his forehead on yours, his tail wrapping around your waist. Your eyes roll back as a sudden bright light overtakes your vision.
The large room swathed in pale white light, delicate strains of music filling the air. A familiar tune, the words almost on the tip of your tongue. Bucky lies naked before you, his large body stretched out over the bed.
His intense glowing blue eyes pierce through you, looking upon you as if you were the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.
“You are little one.”
He shifts on the sheets, holding his hand out to you, an unspoken request in his unwavering gaze. This is your choice, but he’s made it clear how badly he wants you. What he’s willing to do to keep you.
Here with him. Protected and happy.
He’s waited so long for you.
You walk to him, your feet gliding over the plush carpet until you’re at the edge of the bed. You climb up, crawling past his long legs until you reach his thighs.
“No one will hurt you again.” He promises, taking your small hands in his, curving them around his horns. His tail wraps around your waist, guiding you over his large cock. “You will only know pleasure. It will course through your very blood until you’re drunk and dizzy from it.”
He places his hands on your hips, pushing you down on his cock, his swollen tip breaching your pussy. Your slick walls stretching around him as he fills you. “Oh go-“
“She’s not here, little one.” Bucky cuts you off with a deep kiss, snapping his hips up. You’ve never been so stretched, so full before, your silken walls spasming around him, clenching down even as he stills within you.
“Only me,” he mutters, cradling your head back to taste you even more. He rolls your hips over him, sensations you can’t even describe surge through your body, you sob his name, the needy sound swallowed as his tongue slides into your mouth.
He drops his hands back to your waist and holds you in place as he fucks up into your tight heat. You grip his horns, your head falling back as you moan and sob. His tongue flickers around your nipples as he thrusts deeper and faster until you can only gasp. Your ears filled with the deep sloshing of your cunt as you greedily suck him back in.
“So good you feel so good.” Your words slurring together as you lose yourself to the pleasure twisting through you. “Please don’t stop, don’t, so good.”
Bucky licks up your heaving chest, his teeth graze over your collarbone. “Don’t worry little one, I’m going to ruin your pussy until you beg me to stop," he vows, slamming you down over and over, angling you until he hits a spot that has you shaking and yanking his horns down, a thin almost shrill keen emitting from your throat. “You belong to me now. I'll spend forever worshipping you.”
You’re always going to feel me in you.” He places his hand on your belly, pushing down on the bulge he’s making. “Right here.”
You’re getting close, so close, a fiery pressure mounting in your core. So intense and pure, tears cling to your eyelashes as you clench down over his throbbing cock. Your mouth opens in a wordless chant, your stomach tensing painfully as you ride him. So good, you’ve never felt so good, you’re gonna-
Bucky pulls you into his solid chest, pressing his forehead against yours. “
Cum for me, little one. Now.”
His voice deepens to a low growl.
Your body goes rigid and you scream.
It’s too much and not enough all at once as the pure bliss spread through. You swear you’re being split in two as your orgasm rips through you. His cock pistons in your fluttering, swollen cunt, and he groans as he feels you come around him. So tight, hot, and wet. For him.
Your hands fall to your sides, it’s a struggle to keep your eyes open as you pant, his name mumbled on your tongue. Only his large hands keep your limp body upright. He slows to a languid rhythm, each deliberate roll of his hips setting off a fresh wave of sensations until you whimper.
“This is what I’ll give you whenever you need it, need me. This is what I want from you. ”
Bucky tilts your chin up, his lips brushing over yours. “All you have to do is ask.”
Your vision fades around you. Looking around, you’re back in the church. You blink, taking a step back, and oh- your knees nearly buckle as you feel a deep ache in your pussy. Pressing a hand to your belly, you continue to throb, your damp panties clinging to you. He was right; you do feel him like he’s still inside you.
“I’ve already take care of them for you.” You glance up at him and a shiver crawls down your spine. Bucky’s staring at you, unbridled passion in his dark blue eyes. "Do you want to stay with me, Little One?” He leans forward, his large hand reaching for you.  “Or do you want to go back out there?"
The words form before you can think.
“I’ll stay.”
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nsfwsebbie · 8 months ago
you better not shout, better not cry.
summary. | they know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.
pairings. | Dark!Sebastian Stan x Reader, Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader, Dark!Lee Bodecker x Reader, Dark!Charles Blackwood x Reader, Dark!Chris Evans x Reader, Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader, Dark!Ransom Drysdale x Reader, Dark!Andy Barber x Reader.
warnings. | NONCON/DUBCON, gang bang, eight-some, (forced and not forced) drinking, manipulation, coercion, dark themes, crimes, threatening, slight angst, mentions of cheating, age gaps, Daddy kink, Sir kink, power dynamics, boss/employee relationships, face fucking, oral (m receiving), dom/sub, finger sucking, degrading, praise, humiliation, voyeurism, fingering, double penetration, cum marking, facials, anal, unprotected sex, cream-pie kink, slapping, spanking, smoking, choking, hair pulling, manhandling, + more. 18+, DARK FIC.
word count. | 13k.
authors note. | merry christmas/happy holidays! please be wary of the warnings, and have yourself a merry christmas and/or a great day! don’t use my gif without permission, and don’t forget to read and reblog because i worked so hard on this. IF YOU’RE INSPIRED BY THIS FIC OR WANT TO USE A SIMILAR PLOT PLEASE MESSAGE ME FIRST OR ELSE YOU’LL BE BLOCKED. love you all sm! also gonna be submitting this to my bb @mypoisonedvine’s festive holiday challenge! (ty for beta-ing and putting up with me).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Make my wish come true… All I want for Christmas is you…
A group of women erupts in laughter as they point at one of the ugly sweaters that their coworker wears. The man burns up with shame before grumbling off, making you furrow your eyebrows. You stifle a laugh, before grabbing a sugar cookie that you baked yourself. Little red sprinkles fall to the floor as you bite into the treat, the sound drowned out by the others.
The melodious voice of Mariah Carey starts playing and everyone cheers; you included. You quickly shut up, though, realizing how stupid you must look. Standing there by yourself, an elf costume on, stuffing your face full of cookies as you yell.
You find comfort in the numerous Christmas-themed treats — from sugar cookies to Rice Krispies, to cake pops. Your mouth salivates at the sight even though you just had a cookie. Everything is so irresistible… “Merry Christmas Eve!” A cheery voice calls from behind you, and your heart quickens its pace.
“Oh- uh, Merry Christmas Eve to you too, Mr. Barnes.” You stammer in shock, careful to not look up at him. You fiddle your crumb-covered fingers together, a habit that you have yet to lose. “No need to be nervous, doll. Are you enjoying yourself?” He asks, grabbing one of the cookies that are covered in green sprinkles. It’s shaped like a Christmas tree, and it’s one of your favourites.
“Uh, yes, Sir!” You answer quickly and nervously. Undeniably, everyone knows that Mr. Barnes drips with eloquence and dominance. As soon as he walks into the room, everyone either wants to be with him or be him. Everyone vies after him, and he knows that. He knows that, and he just makes it worse and worse and- “Why’re you alone by the snack table, doll?” He asks, snapping you out of your thoughts.
“Oh well- I’m not overly friendly with the others- I mean I’m not rude to them! I’m just not close to them, that’s all.” You ramble nervously, wringing your hands. Bucky places a heavy hand on your shoulder and the butterflies in your start fluttering even harder and faster.
You struggle to look him in the eyes, those darned cerulean eyes that make you weak in the knees. “Oh, I’m so sorry about that… Have you been drinking, doll?” He asks you, and you choke on your saliva. “Oh I don’t drink, sorry if I’m being annoying…” You sheepishly apologize, realizing how out of line you must be acting. Truthfully, Mr. Barnes always has that effect on you.
“Uh- I should probably go see if everything is in order.” You say before Mr. Barnes can say anything else to you. “Happy Holidays!” You call out as you speed walk as far away your legs can take you. Three glasses of eggnog have you wobbling slightly but you’re determined to be far away from Mr. Barnes and the others.
In a way, they aren’t really your bosses. They’re just the CEOs and your boss is the head of the HR department. …Perhaps they are your bosses, but you’ve never really talked to them much. Mr. Bodecker’s temper always frightens you, Mr. Blackwood’s stare would always have you shaking, Mr. Barnes’s aura always makes you weak, and then there’s Mr. Stan himself. Everything about him sends numerous emotions through you and others as well.
You lean back against the wall and pull your phone out, sighing with a heavy heart. You’re not sure if it’s the heavy nostalgia of seeing Santa Claus sitting on a throne or the wallpaper on your screen but either one makes you tear up slightly. You already took photos of the party, and you’ve already sent well wishes to your friends, family and coworkers.
You look back up from your phone and try to decide whether or not you should scroll through your camera roll just to look busy to others. Whilst you ponder with your hazy mind, you accidentally lock eyes with Santa Claus. Younger you would’ve freaked out, but older you burns up with embarrassment. Suddenly, his white-gloved hand beckons you to him with a come-hither motion.
You point at yourself just to make sure because only you know how many mistakes you’ve made of thinking that someone was pointing at you. He nods and smiles, but you’re still not sure. Call it paranoia, call it anxiety, but there’s no way in hell that you’re going to make a fool of yourself on Christmas Eve.
You’re still unsure, so you look around and everyone else is off getting wasted in the main hall. Shiny confetti crunches under your flats as you hesitatingly walk over to Santa. He flashes you a smile and maybe it’s the egg nog talking but his pearly whites look awfully familiar to you. A waitress crosses your path, like a deer suddenly crossing the road. The platter that she holds gets slightly jilted but the shot glasses of tequila survive and her too.
You stop her and grab a couple of shots, taking them down the hatch with no shame at all. Liquid fire claims your throat as you have no remorse for your future self who’ll be hugging a toilet in the morning. You cough and sputter as you continue your way to Santa Claus. “Merry Christmas Eve, little girl!” He cheers delightfully.
You giggle drunkenly, the kind of laugh that would make anyone fall for you. “Oh, so no ‘Merry Christmas Eve’ for me? Seems like someone is asking for coal, or maybe even a spanking.” He drawls in a slight country-Santa accent. Perhaps your ears aren’t deceiving you, but there's no plausible way that Santa Claus just said… that.
“Oh— uh— Merry Christmas Eve!” You whoop, before bursting out in another fit of bubbly giggles. He laughs with you, but only for a few moments before taking in your appearance. Though you’re drunk on tequila, a few sips of wine from before the party and eggnog, he’s aiming to get drunk on your aura. Quiet yet sweet, a nervous mess that only furthers your adorable-ness and amazing desserts.
“See something you like, Mr. Claus?” You question him, snapping him out of his daze. You wiggle your eyebrows to your best ability, but you’re no actress. “Well, maybe I do, little girl.” He winks at you, and you swear that you’ve seen him before. “Wait- Do you work here? Or did we just hire you?” You ask him, as though you’re interviewing him.
“Can’t hire Santa Claus, little girl.” He disappointingly clicks his tongue. You let out an ‘oh’ before letting out a small laugh. He smiles at you and you bite your lipstick stained lip. Your coworkers are chanting in the background but you choose to artfully block them out. Maybe you’re not choosing, and it’s just the alcohol doing its wonders.
“I’m not little, why are you callin’ me little girl?” You slur your words as you question him again. “You are a little girl, and I can’t believe you’re back talking to Santa!” He scolds you, making your eyes water. You jut your bottom lip out in a pout and you’re doing the best puppy eyes that you can. “You been drinking a lot, huh little girl?” He asks you, turning the tables and you gladly let him.
“Yep! Gotta stay hydrated…” You tell him in a sing-song voice that makes him chuckle. “Silly little girl, getting all drunk in front of her coworkers…” He chides, grabbing your almost flailing arms. He pulls you up into his lap with a grunt, even though it doesn’t take much strength. You’re immediately reminded of the way he used to sit you in his lap.
Spinning you around in circles at first, loud giggles and begging for them to stop. Perhaps it’s fortunate that the alcohol renders your mind fuzzy and you can only make out a few colour blobs. “Whaddya’ want for Christmas, little girl?” He teasingly questions, smoothing a white-gloved hand over your hair. “Hmm, I can have anything?” You ask him, a bit of drool leaking out of the corner of your mouth. He nods, taking his thumb and lifting it to your mouth.
Oh, how he has the urge to just push his thumb past your lips and make you choke on it. “Well… I want a raise, even though I’m not all that worthy of the company… Just like my ex said, I’m easily replaceable. Oh! Can I ask for another thing?” You perk up even though your throat burns with sadness and your eyes are almost leaking.
Interested, Lee nods and drags his thumb across your rouge top lip. If he didn’t have a wife who drags him to makeup stores on the regular, he would’ve thought your lipstick was expensive. But it isn’t, because there’s no way your paycheck can afford a lipstick from Hermes or Christian Louboutin. “Can I know why my boyfriend left me? I know I may seem dull and quiet, but I have more to myself…” You sadly ask him, ashamed of how he abandoned you for one of your closest friends.
Lee’s heart breaks in two — making him question whether or not he had a heart after all. Insults had him believing that he’s heartless, but you’re making him question every fibre of his being. “I’m sorry about that, little girl. But what we don’t know can’t hurt us, right? Curiosity killed the cat, little girl.” He reminds you, talking down to you as though you truly are a little girl. “But satisfaction brought it back.” You sass in return, your voice cracking from the impending tears and alcohol.
“You need to listen to me, little girl. Your boyfriend doesn’t know jackshit about treating a girl like you right. He probably doesn’t even know where your clit is.” He scoffs abruptly. You lean in, listening to him as though he’s the wisest man ever. “Bet he can’t fuck that tight lil’ pussy a’ yours as well as a real man like me can.” He whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine and heat to your core.
“Didn’t know Santa Claus had such a filthy mouth…” You tease him, running your hands up and down his thick thighs. He groans, his cock stiffening up inside his red trousers.
“But, before anything like that happens… I would really like to have a raise.” You say with a heavy-hearted sigh. Lee has the urge to grab you tightly and shove his big, hard cock into any wet hole of yours. “Alright, little girl. But you need to continue to be a good girl, or else I won’t be able to get you anything except for a spanking.” He warns with a faux-smile beneath his fake beard. You giggle and squeeze his thighs, almost like a wave goodbye.
You stumble off, probably to go pee or hurl your guts into a toilet. He watches as your hips sway with each step of yours. The sight fuels the thought of you grinding yourself on his cock as you beg him to fuck you. He notices the party has died down to just people humping each other to party songs. Grumbling, Lee pulls the awfully fake beard away from his handsome face. Before, he was cursing his luck for drawing the short stick to become Santa. But now, he’s glad.
He’ll talk to your boss about the raise, maybe along with a promotion. If only the others could mind their own businesses. Literally. He’s glad that he wore only a dress shirt and not the double-breasted suit Jane suggested for him. “You comin’ or what? We gotta’ make these deals before everyone leaves.” Bucky asks as he swiftly walks past Lee. Lee nods and starts to take off the rest of the obnoxious costume. Bucky puts no effort into stifling his chuckle, a known trait of his.
Bucky smooths his hair back, even though not one strand is out of place. His arm whirrs wildly and his fist clenches every few seconds. His stress symptoms were the worst, but they’ve never been this bad. It’s risky; the deal that they’re about to make. For months, they had been making secret bribes, forging numbers and signatures, and putting their employees in loopholes from their contracts. But this deal was the riskiest. Their plan was well thought out, all thanks to Charles, whose middle name might as well be devious.
He stands in front of one of the glass doors. His reflection looks back at him. Somehow, the dark look in his eyes becomes enhanced. His huge frame only makes him more intimidating, but he knows that no woman ever had a problem with it. Except for one. “You comin’?” Lee asks as he brushes past Bucky, mocking his words from earlier on. Bucky rolls his eyes like a spoiled rich kid because he is one.
Bucky buttons his suit jacket and exhales one last time. He walks to his right and pushes the door open with only a little bit of strength. Laughter from different men fills the room, along with thick tension and the smell of expensive booze. “Oh, look who decided to join us!” Ransom sarcastically jabs at Bucky. “Look who finally got laid. I was beginning to think you couldn’t get it up anymore, Drysdale.” Bucky sneers at him, pouring himself a glass of Dalmore 62.
Ransom grumbles a few curse words under his breath and a prideful smirk spreads across Bucky’s face. They all have their ties loosened, maybe even the top buttons of their shirts but nobody cares enough to look. All but Mr. Stan and Mr. Evans are relaxed. They stare at each other with such glares they could murder one another. They all sit in their chairs, all similar. Except for Mr. Stan, who seems as though he’s sitting on a throne.
“They havin’ a starin’ contest or what?” Lee questions Bucky, downing the rest of the whiskey. “I don’t know, but didn’t they hate each other over some family feud shit?” Bucky asks in return, handing Lee the bottle of highland malt scotch. “Like the game?” Lee jokingly asks, knowing that the two head owners of the companies loved to get into petty squabbles. “We all fucking wish.” Bucky jeers, eliciting a chuckle from Lee. As much as they all hate each other, they always did have their moments when they weren’t insulting each other.
The only one who isn’t drinking, Andy, pipes up from all the talking. “So are we going to make this deal or not? I gotta get home for Christmas.” He grumbles just like the old man he is. “Oh fuck you, Barber. Just because you went to Harvard doesn’t mean you’re some busy guy.” Steve jabs, clenching his jaw in annoyance. He always hated Andy, and he proudly showed it.
Charles snickers, Ransom too. Lee and Bucky smirk from the sidelines. Andy clicks his tongue in a threatening way. But Sebastian and Chris send daggers in the form of glares at them. “I suppose we could sign the contracts and then celebrate… I could call the girls from Eighteen30’s.” Sebastian proposes, standing up from his seat. He emerges from the darkness like Batman, his beautiful eyes gleaming in the light. Everyone in the room groans in pleasure, recalling the moments they remembered from the last time they went to Eighteen30’s.
Andy pulls the contract out of his briefcase; an obvious “Andy” move. The sounds of glasses being set down on surfaces fill the room at different pitches. Evans simply turns around, stroking his beard as if he wants to say something. “Got something to say, Evans?” Charles asks him, giving him a devilish smile. “No, just thinking about how I’m gonna be rich as fuck once the ink dries.” He says in almost a hopeful manner. He thinks he has everyone deceived, but it’s the total opposite.
They all choose to keep quiet, wanting to just sign the goddamn papers and get it over with. “Just to be sure… We all know what this entails, right? More money, more power.” Sebastian states, pouring himself a glass of whisky. He never minds the burn, he actually loves it. They all nod, because who doesn’t love money and power? They all pull a pen out of their jackets, ever the businessmen. One by one, in smooth black loops, they sign their full names on the contracts.
Sebastian and Chris are the last to sign because their names carry the most weight. Charles lights his pipes and sighs as he takes a drag of smoke from it. As Lee watches Charles puff the smoke out of his mouth, he has the urge to light up a cigarette. But he can’t, because his doctor told him not to. So now he has to suffer the pain of fighting away that urge and Charles all but taunts him. He watches, and he fights, and he watches until he snaps.
“‘Scuse me.” He says, getting up. “Are you going for the champagne?” Sebastian asks, tracing the rim of his glass. Lee nods, lying to his business partner and longtime friend. “I’ll come with, can’t fucking stand the darkness.” He grumbles, following Lee. They both appreciate the fact that the part is still lively, maybe even more as booze has taken over everyone’s body. “Hey man, sorry you had to be Santa this year.” Sebastian apologizes, clearing his throat beforehand.
It’s not unexpected. Lee already knows that Sebastian is comfortable with him. “Ah, it’s alright. Only had to talk to a couple ‘a horny girls and Mrs. Patterson’s son. That lil’ fucker is cute an’ all, but he fuckin’ drooled on my hand.” Lee rants to him, making him let out a chuckle. “Well, the girls weren’t all that bad, right?” Sebastian questions him, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. “They were… somethin’. Most of them were obnoxious, except for one of ‘em.” Lee admits to him.
“Oh really? Anyone I might know?” Sebastian continues, handing Lee a cigarette. Lee gruffly thanks him and hands him his Valentino lighter. “Hmm… not sure. I don’t think anyone really knows her, she seems quiet. But she was drunk, so that was nice.” Lee tells him, sparing certain details. “She wanted a raise, and to know why her boyfriend left her for some other girl. I think it was her friend. Either way, she nearly started cryin’ on my lap.” Lee recounts to him, something he’d only do with his therapist.
Besides fucking her, of course.
“Oh… maybe we could give her a raise. Do you see her here?” Sebastian asks him with a smirk on his face. Lee wonders if Sebastian is thinking of the same thing that he is, and vice versa. Lee’s blown out eyes scan the crowd for you, hoping you’re still here. Maybe perhaps even more drunk than before. “She’s in this burgundy dress and had a mini Santa hat on… Red lipstick too.” Lee describes to him. Sebastian nods his head and keeps on looking for you.
“Think she had lingerie on underneath the dress… probably wanted to get back with her boyfriend.” Lee begrudgingly admits to Sebastian, finishing his cigarette. Smoke flies from both of them yet nobody seems to care. “How do you know she had lingerie on?” Sebastian teasingly asks him. Lee’s face burns up with slight embarrassment. “I… I was feeling her up, I couldn't help myself. She was all over me in the cutest way possible.” Even though Lee doesn’t give a rat’s ass about God, he’d swear on her that he’s telling the truth.
“Is that her?” Sebastian asks him, pointing at you as you walk out of the women’s bathroom. “Yeah…” Lee puts out his cigarette and throws it beside him, leaving it for the janitor to pick up. Sebastian does the same, aiming his cigarette more accurately. “Fuck, that little doll? I’ve always had my sights set on her. Always so cute and shy… Never bothered anyone.” Sebastian groans, hoping— no, knowing that Lee and the others are on the same boat as he.
“I have an idea,” Lee says, shoving his hands in his pockets. Sebastian follows him, going along with whatever his idea is. From your spot at the snack table, you manage to fill your now empty stomach with your sugar cookies. You’re slightly disappointed that not many of your treats have disappeared, but you tell yourself the night is still young. You look up at the sound of footsteps coming closer and nearly choke on a cookie.
“Oh my— uh, Merry Christmas Eve, Mr. Stan and Mr. Bodecker!” You cheer, stumbling on your words and yourself. “Hi, darlin’,” Lee says, giving you his signature ‘ladies only’ smile. You feel yourself become shy at the sight, but Mr. Stan makes you look back up. He clears his voice and you take in both of them. They both stand tall and intimidating, with enchanting stares that just capture you. “Merry Christmas Eve to you too, little girl,” Sebastian says, taking in your form.
You look absolutely adorable and innocent in front of them. In your little burgundy dress and Santa hat… slightly tipsy with cookie crumbs all over your face. “We came over here to ask you for a quick favour… We just closed one of our biggest deals and we’d love for you to help us bring the champagne. Maybe make a toast with us? It’s the least we can do since you brought all these lovely treats.” Lee explains, grabbing himself a sugar cookie.
It’s identical to the one you have in your hand; except yours is half-eaten and his only has a small nibble. “M- Me? Really?” You ask in shock, nearly going into full cardiac arrest. They probably don’t even know your name, but that doesn’t matter. At least they’re talking to you. “Yep! Unless someone else made all these delicious desserts.” Sebastian jokes around, slightly admitting that he tried a cookie. You shake your head in object and lace your sweaty fingers together.
God, why did you have to drink?
“I’d love to, Sirs.” You whisper with the utmost grace you can muster up whilst being half-drunk. They both nod and Lee places a heavy arm around your shoulders. The cookie in your hand breaks and you not so discreetly drop all the crumbs onto the floor. “Can I ask what the deal is for?” You question, not even daring to look up from the floor. “Oh, it’s nothing to worry your cute little brain about,” Sebastian tells you with a smile, quickly shutting you up and shutting the topic down.
They lead you to the bar and Sebastian makes a simple gesture with his hand. The bartender makes quick work of getting five champagne bottles and you’re easily amazed. Without realizing it, your jaw drops slightly in awe. Both Sebastian and Lee chuckle at how cute you are. The sounds are absolute heaven and they force you to realize something.
Holy-fucking-shit— You have feelings for your bosses.
You choke on your saliva at the epiphany, making Sebastian and Lee jump to you in concern. “Hey, are you okay?” Sebastian asks you, rubbing your back gently. Lee does this same, but his hand inches down to the small of your back. With anyone, you would jerk away and feel very uncomfortable. But with them… With them, it’s the complete opposite. You nod as you slowly calm down. The bartender sets the numerous bottles of champagne down on the bar.
Two bottles of Dom Pérignon, two bottles of Boërl & Kroff Magnum and one bottle of Goût de Diamant Brut. It’s the most expensive champagne in the world, costing $1.2 million. But to them and the company, it’s no big deal. You only know the price because he would rave about it on and on. You sniffle at the memory and Lee shushes you in a calming matter.
“Here, you lift this one, and we’ll carry the rest,” Lee instructs, handing you one of the bottles of Dom Pérignon. You hold onto the bottle tightly, but not too tightly. Sebastian and Lee point to where they’re going to celebrate, just to direct you. You walk in small steps, careful to not drop the bottle. They’d probably murder you if you did. “Right there, little girl… I— uh, I heard you wanted a raise, is that true?” Lee asks you, desperate to hear your lovely voice.
“Uh yeah, I just haven’t had a raise since I’ve been working here. All my coworkers are constantly getting raises…” You sheepishly admit to your two bosses. They nod and frown, how long has that been going on? They’ve kept their eyes on you since you started working here. You reach the door and you don’t open it because your two hands are occupied. Lee oddly knocks on the door, perhaps in a code. A few seconds pass, but the alcohol in your system makes it feel like an eternity.
Mr. Barnes opens up the door and gasps at you. “Nice to see you again, little girl.” He greets, smirking down at you. The sober version of you would’ve noticed the plethora of men in the room, but drunk-you can’t focus on too much at once. You nod shakily, swallowing thickly as you remember your encounter with Bucky earlier this evening. Bucky takes the champagne bottle from you and leads you inside, Sebastian and Lee following.
Bucky briefly leaves the room after setting down the bottle of champagne on one of the tables. It’s incredibly dark in the room and you can only make out the lights coming from the city. Sebastian flicks the lights on and you bite back a hiss at the sudden change. You look around and nearly drop dead right there and then. The company’s biggest enemies are here, smug as ever. “I… Huh?” You’re confused, not sure if your mind is playing a wicked trick on you.
Mr. Blackwood takes a drag from his pipe and then puts it out, the only remnants of it being the scent of smoke. In front of you, though, are Mr. Drysdale, Mr. Barber, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Evans. “Is this the little minx you’ve been telling us about?” Steve asks your bosses, unbuttoning his suit jacket. “Yep, even better in person,” Bucky says, pushing your hair to the side. “What’s going on?” You ask, trying to move away from him. Lee quickly stops you, his pudgy stomach pushing you closer to Bucky.
“Like I said before, little girl. Nothin’ for you to worry your little brain about.” Lee says, his country drawl sending shivers throughout your body. Little girl… The nickname is all too familiar, and it’s not like anyone else with a country accent would call you that. “You were Santa Claus?” You ask him, slightly nudging him. “She’s smart… Can’t fucking wait to make her go all stupid for our cocks.” Ransom says, a smug half-grin on his face.
You whimper at his words because they’re straight out of your greatest fantasies.
“Oh you like that, don’t you? You really wanna be dumb and stupid for our cocks?” Bucky asks in a condescending tone. You shake your head no because all you want is to get out of here. “Let’s get the real party started…” Chris ominously says, grabbing a bottle of Dom Pérignon. He pops it open, the wooden cork flying to the other side of the room.
Foam pours out of the bottle and everyone cheers, minus yourself. Instead, you flinch and still try to move from their grasps. Andy hands him the glasses and he pours everyone half a glass. You, on the other hand, receive a full glass with a strawberry inside. “I- I think I had enough to drink tonight…” You shyly tell them, inching your body away from Andy. “Nonsense, celebrate with us, little girl.” He objects, beginning to tilt the glass forward.
You shake your head and twist your face away, but Bucky’s metal hand stops you. He roughly grabs your jaw and squeezes until your mouth pops open. Champagne fills your mouth and you refuse to swallow. Lee’s fingers dance across your cheek and clamp over your nose, cutting off your only source of oxygen. “C’mon, swallow it all. Do it like the good little girl you are.” Charles demands, the praise going straight to the pit of your stomach.
You cave because there’s no way you’re winning this. Against your will, you swallow the bubbly golden liquid. Slight carbonation sizzles on your tongue and in the back of your throat. You have to admit, it is absolutely delightful. You now see why rich people drink it like it’s water. “That’s a good girl. See? Wasn’t so bad after all.” Andy praises you, tapping your cheek as though you’re a pet.
You whimper again, feeling Lee and Bucky grab your arms tightly. “As much as I love that cute little dress, I’d prefer to see you out of it,” Ransom smirks, handing Andy another glass of champagne. This time, it’s a glass of Boërl & Kroger Magnum. It’s stronger, much stronger than the previous one. Ransom’s hands come to the front of your favourite dress and a loud rip reverberates throughout the room.
You squeeze your eyes shut as the room fills with whistles and groans. “Fuckin’ hell, little girl.” Lee groans, his cock swelling up once again. Suddenly, everyone’s trousers are a few sizes too small. They drink in your lingerie-clad form and you grow even shyer underneath their strong gazes. “I don’t know if I wanna fuck you in this little get-up, or rip it off and then fuck you.” Steve groans, palming himself through his dress pants.
You don’t realize until now that they’ve all surrounded you. Andy tilts the glass into your slack jaw and you allow the bubbly beverage to fill your mouth. Why fight it? Plus, there’s no way you can get wasted off of champagne. You can feel a bit of champagne dribble down your chin and towards your cleavage. It has you feeling even more embarrassed and ashamed than you already are.
The sight fuels everyone in the room. “Fuck it,” Steve says, grabbing the glass from Andy. He throws it behind him, a crash reverberating in the room. You flinch at the sound and Ransom cooes condescendingly. “Are you scared, little girl?” Ransom asks you, tilting your chin up to his face. His blue eyes are blown out with lust and darkness. He smashes his lips against yours and you’re not sure whether to kiss him back or not.
A harsh hand squeezing your ass warns you to mimic his movements. The kiss is rough and filled with need. You try to keep up with kiss lips, so focused on doing it correctly. You don’t even realize that you’re being moved to one of the couches and that everyone has been stripped from their suits. The only article of clothing on the men is their boxers. Ransom shoves his tongue into your mouth and you let him dominate you. Sets of hands begin to feel up your body — groping, squeezing, rubbing.
You feel someone else’s lips on your neck, lightly peppering kisses near that sweet spot of yours. As soon as Charles hits it, you melt in all of their hands. “That’s a good girl, yeah.” Chris praises, cupping one of your tits through your bra. The strings on your lingerie are tearing away, the sound echoing in your ears. Your bra and underwear remain, with tethers of red string on them. Sebastian’s hands run up and down your waist, making goosebumps form.
You aren’t sure what Lee, Andy and Steve are doing, but you know their hands are on you somewhere. Then, Ransom pulls away. Your lips are swollen and they even hurt a bit, too. You can feel wetness pooling in your red panties, but you’re too drunk to care about your sudden neediness. You’re worried about what’s going to happen. Lee lifts you and places you on the expensive shag carpet.
You whimper in pain as the carpet digs into your skin remorselessly. “Sorry, baby. It’ll be worth it, don’t worry.” Lee gently tells you, rubbing your cheek. Suddenly, he strikes you harshly. You let out a shriek of pain and fear, but you’re quickly shushed. “Shh, I know you like that, look -- You’re rubbing your thighs together like a lil’ slut.” He jeers, stroking the other cheek. You whimper and shake your head, even though he’s correct.
“Lying isn’t very nice, little girl,” Steve warns, standing next to Lee. You look up at them both, tears welling in your beautiful eyes. The sight makes them even harder than they already are, to the point where it’s almost unbearable. Lee pulls his boxers down and so does Steve. You gasp and your jaw nearly drops. Their cocks bunce up and slap their lower abdomens. Pre-cum leaks from their swollen, red tips. They’re both roughly the same size, but Lee is thicker than Steve.
“You like what you see, little girl?” Steve asks, grabbing the base of his cock. It looks even bigger in his large hands, and you gulp in fear. You’re not sure why you’re nodding, but you can’t stop yourself. Lee gives his cock a few strokes, and Steve grabs a handful of your hair. You whimper loudly as he drags you closer to his cock. “Say ‘ahh’.” Steve teases, before shoving his cock into your mouth.
You’ve done this before, but never with someone of his length and girth. Your mouth and jaw immediately start to hurt at the stretch. His cock is only halfway into your mouth, but it’s quite possibly one of the worst feelings ever. Steve tugs at your hair again, and you take it as a sign to start sucking. You hollow your cheeks and begin to bob your head, your tongue laving at the bottom of his cock.
You can feel the different veins on his cock throb, pulsating underneath the wetness of your tongue. He groans above you and the others in the room whistle at you. You’re not sure where to look, so your eyes dart around. You end up locking eyes with the man above you and your squeak around his cock. The vibrations of your voice have him cursing like a sailor. “Fuckin’ hell, little girl. So good at sucking cock.” He praises, petting the top of your head.
You involuntarily hum at the praise, squeezing your thighs together. Suddenly, you’re pulled off of Steve’s cock. You gasp for air, not even realizing how you were barely breathing whilst sucking his cock. Your chest heaves and your heart clamours as Lee drags you closer to him. He slaps the fat tip of his cock on your thrumming cheek. You flinch, feeling sticky pre-cum stain your face. Lee shoves his cock in your mouth the same way Steve did, only this time he forces you all the way down.
Your nose meets his fuzzy, soft tummy. You gag and sputter around his cock, trying to control your very much needed breathing. Lee places both his hands on each side of your head. Somehow, he’s still a bit gentle with you, even though he’s forcing you to suck his cock. He slowly moves your head up and down, moaning softly at the feeling of your wet mouth. Saliva coats his coat with a sticky sheen that only helps you make him feel good and nothing more.
“Oh, fuck.” He groans loudly, tossing his head back. You swallow around his cock, your threat constricting around him for a brief moment. You can feel his heavy balls against your chin for a few moments every now and then. All of a sudden, you’re once again pulled away from his cock. Steve forces himself farther into your mouth, just like Lee.
You feel light-headed from the little bit of air you’re getting. But you know that’s not their priority. Gags fill the room and your eyes roll back into your head. You aren’t pulled off of his cock, yet. “Fuck, I’m pretty sure she’s enjoying this as much as you are, Steve,” Bucky says, only just realizing that you’re trying to alleviate the ache between your legs. Everyone’s eyes fall to your cunt, where you’re rubbing your thighs together and humping the hair like a little bunny.
“Bet she probably doesn’t even realize it…” Ransom smirks, feeling his cock throb. You can only hear some of their words. You don’t know what they’re talking about, but it can’t be good. Steve begins to thrust his cock into your mouth, moving his hips back and forth. His balls slap your chin, his cock stretches your mouth and his moans are the only thing your ears can hear. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” He announces, and you shake your head in objection.
You place your hands on his thighs and push him as much as you can. Your efforts are wasted because he doesn’t budge at all. You decide to resort to hitting, but it still doesn’t do anything. Steve suddenly still and his cum shoots down your throat. White stickiness fills your mouth up and you whine loudly. Steve paints your mouth with white streaks and he sighs loudly. He doesn’t pull out even after he’s already come, and you’re confused.
“C’mon, swallow it all like the good little slut you are.” He husks, his voice a bit hoarse. He shoves his cock more into your throat and you have no choice but to swallow it all. As soon as you do, Lee pulls you away from Steve. “Fuckin’ piece of shit.” He grumbles loud enough for only you to hear. He gives a nod to someone and then grabs a hold of your head again. “Shh it’s okay, you can do it. I know you can, you’re a good girl.” He eases, slowly pushing his cock into your wet cavern.
Unlike Steve, Lee is a bit gentler. Maybe it’s because his heart is slightly bigger than his dick. His cock hits your gag reflex and you’re so fucking lucky that you aren’t having any… accidents. Steve’s cum is still lingering in your mouth — musky, a little salty, and sticky. The droplets that are on the side of your mouth roll down Lee’s cock, leaving slight wetness on him that isn’t saliva. As soon as your nose nuzzles against his stomach, he groans.
He keeps your head locked in place for some reason, you’re not exactly sure why. Maybe he’s giving you some time to get used to his thickness. You hum in delight, a way of showing that you’re thankful that he’s sparing you some humanity. He chuckles, stroking one of your cock-filled cheeks. Cold fingers crawl between your thigh and you jump in fear. Your body doesn’t fully jerk away because of Lee’s strength. You can see Bucky smirking from your peripheral view and he rubs your wet cunt through the panties.
You shake your head and try to kick him away, but he stops you from protesting. Bucky spanks your ass harshly, watching as the skin ripples from the force. “Uh uh, stop that. Don’t make me put you over my knee and spank you ‘till you’re bleeding.” He threatens, placing one of his knees on your leg. You try to wiggly away from him, but your attempts are fruitless. You accept defeat, but only for now.
His metal hand returns to your cunt and he grabs the crotch of your soaking wet underwear. Bucky pulls it away from your cunt and you can still see his grin as smug as ever. You look up at Lee and your eyes plead for him to stop it all, but he just rubs your bulging throat. He moans at the slight pleasure and you gulp in fear. His thumb rubs at your cheek whilst Bucky rips your underwear away from your pussy.
Sebastian, Chris, Ransom, Andy, Charles, and Steve watch the sight before them with their hands palming their hard cocks. “She’s so fucking wet, aren’t you, little girl? Bet you got this wet just from sucking their cocks, ‘cause you love it so much. You love being a little slut for us.” He sneers, lightly smacking your cunt. You whimper around Lee’s cock and he grows tired of holding back.
He drags his hips back slightly and moves your head away from his cock, before pushing you back down rather quickly and harshly. You feel Bucky’s fingers trace at your drooling hole, occasionally dipping the tip of one of his fingers inside. He traces your wet lips and your sensitive clit too. You twitch at the sudden stimulation. Lee guides you up and down his cock at a rather decent pace. Your gags, wet noises and Lee’s moans fill the room in a rather melodious manner.
Bucky pushes one finger into your tight cunt, groaning at how your pussy immediately hugs his digit. “God, you’re so fucking tight. This cunt just needs to be destroyed, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we’re gonna ruin it for any other man.” Bucky chuckles, pushing his digit further into you. He feels around, searching that spot that you haven’t found yet.
“You look so pretty with your mouth stuffed full of my cock, little girl. So fuckin’ pretty, ‘s like it was made just for me.” Lee cooes at you, thrusting even harder into your mouth. Tears sting your eyes but you ignore them. Bucky let’s put a noise of satisfaction and pride as you clench around his fingers. “There it is… Do you like it when I touch you like that, baby? Yeah, I know you do. Fuckin’ love it.” He husks in your ear, before nibbling on your earlobe.
You squeeze your eyes shut once Bucky starts moving his fingers inside you. Lee fucks your face with sloppy movements, signalling his impending orgasm. You place your hands on his thick, squishy thighs. Your short nails dig into his soft skin slightly as Bucky assaults your g-spot with his metal fingers. Lee pulls out your hair, a delicious sting radiating from your head. The pain makes you sputter once again around his cock, and that’s when Lee loses himself.
Just like Steve, he shoves his cock further down your throat as he hits his orgasm. His hot cum shoots down your throat, some of it filling your mouth up along with his cock. His hips are stilled but his cock is twitching almost wildly in your mouth. You can feel him throbbing against your tongue and you’re more ashamed than ever. Hopefully, it’s all over now. You shut your eyes close, unable to look Lee in his eyes.
He gives your cheek a light slap, and this time you don’t shriek or flinch. You swallow obediently around his cock, losing all defiance just so that it can all be over. You cringe at the feeling of his cum sliding down your throat, which is a fleeting moment. Bucky’s other hand reaches down to play with your little pearl of nerves. Suddenly, you’re gushing around his single-digit as it thrusts in and out of your pussy. “You look so pretty when you come, little girl. Such a sight.” Bucky whispers in your ear, kissing your neck.
“Aw, you love this, don’t you?” Lee asks, watching as you struggle to keep yourself together. You shake your head, even though the man above you doesn’t allow you to move. “Yeah, you do. You love sucking your seniors’ cocks and having your bosses watch. That’s why you’re all wet, right? Soaking Bucky’s fingers an’ coming all around them.” Lee presses, pulling his cock out. Somehow, he’s still as hard as ever. Steve too.
You open your mouth up to scream for help, but Ransom quickly stops you. His hand wraps around your neck and squeezes, cutting you off. Your scream for help dies down in your throat and so has all the fight in your body. Bucky continues to fuck you with his finger and his hand doesn’t leave your clit either. His movements are quicker, much quicker. Ransom leans his face close to yours, a dangerous scowl staining his.
“Do you want us to be rough, hm? We can fucking ruin you, and your holes. Are you that fucking stupid to try and scream? Who’s gonna help you anyway? Especially if they walk in to see you bouncing up and down on our cocks, begging for our cum.” He spits, squeezing your throat even tighter. “I— I’m sorry.” You apologize, scared of the man in front of you and the others who surround you.
You can feel yourself slowly losing consciousness, slowly but surely. Tears sting your eyes and begin to leak down your cheeks, maybe Ransom chuckle. You can feel his pinky ring dig into the skin of your neck, just like how you can feel Bucky’s fingers push against your sweet spot. “Do you wanna breathe, or do you wanna cum like a good girl?” He asks lowly, staring right into your eyes. You’re not sure what the right answer is, but you can barely think.
From the loss of oxygen to the way Bucky's fingers and slowing down and denying your pleasure. You feel Ransom’s fingers loosen a bit, almost as if he’s giving you a hint. You’re sure he knows you can’t think straight, and he’s probably going to tease you for it. “I… I wanna cum like-- like a good girl…” You breathlessly admit, feeling your eyes flutter shut. “Please…” You beg, more tears leaking from your glassy eyes.
Ransom lets go of your neck but he doesn’t let you fall. Bucky’s ministrations on your pussy speed up, bringing you closer to the edge. White fire burns in your stomach and cunt as you can feel yourself about to cum. “Please, please, please, Sir…” You unconsciously beg, before starting to sob. “Awe… Look at you, so desperate. Hm? You don’t even care if you were gonna pass out, you just want to come.” Ransoms jabs at you, grabbing your face roughly.
You can see that he’s taken off his boxers, his hard cock hanging between his built thighs. “Do it, come right fucking now.” He demands, before hollowing his cheeks out. You can’t see what he’s doing through your bleary eyesight, but you have a feeling that it isn’t good for you. You let out a gasp as Ransom spit on your face, his sticky salvia painting your left cheek.
It drips down to your open mouth in the worst way possible. You let it roll into your mouth because you can’t stop it. “Oh my God, yes…” You pant desperately as you hit your climax. You cum all over Bucky’s fingers, your cunt spasming. You moan loudly, just like the slut they claim you are. Bucky rubs your clit and continues to finger you until you can barely keep yourself up. “So sensitive… God, I’m gonna have so much fun with this pussy.” Bucky groans, slowing down his movements.
You barely have any time to collect yourself from your heaven-sent orgasm. You’re being lifted and placed on someone else. You rub your eyes and turn around, just to see Andy smirking up at you. His kind-seeming eyes, but his smile tells a different story. You turn back around, just to see your bosses and their deviant partners surrounding you. Charles steps forward with his signet ring-decorated hand wrapped around his cock.
He stares you down as he spits in his hands and brings it to his cock. He strokes himself slowly, the salvia making lewd squelching sounds. Andy’s hands crawl up your ass to your soft thighs. He grabs your skin and spreads your legs as wide as he deems best. His thighs rest under yours as Charles kneels down in front of you. “Such a pretty little pussy, Bambina.” He softly tells you, as though he’s your lover.
It seems that you’re looking at him, it truly does. But in reality, you’ve zoned out to a land far, far away from where there were no monsters like these men. Only princes and heroes like him. “Look at her, she looks so fucked out.” Steve comments, pointing at you. Charles hums, before snapping his fingers. Your trip is cut short, and you’re back to reality. Charles grabs the base of his cock and slaps the head of it on your sensitive clit, making you twitch.
Andy runs two of his fingers across your face; his pointer and his middle finger. He moves down to your slightly parted lips and pushes them inside. Charles smears his pre-cum against your wet lips, mixing the stickiness with your cum. You whimper at the feeling and focus on that only. “C’mon, suck on my fingers like it’s my cock, little girl.” Andy urges, pressing your tongue with his fingers.
You hesitatingly comply, trying to please him. The more you listen, the quicker it’ll all be over, right? “You’re just a good little slut, aren’t you? So good, the best little girl ever.” Charles praises, running the head of his cock through your folds. If this was all… okay, then you would agree with him and serve your duties as a good girl. But it isn’t okay, so you leave it at that. Charles pulls his now soaking wet cock away from your pussy, and you feel him push in.
But it isn’t him. It’s Andy’s cock. He slowly pushes into you, stretching you until it hurts like nothing before. He bottoms out with a loud moan that nearly makes your right ear hurt. He doesn’t begin to fuck you brutally, as any man would. No, he stays buried in your wet cunt and Charles seizes the moment. His wet cock head nudges against your other hole, the one that was forbidden to your boyfriend — ex-boyfriend.
You flinch and try to close your legs, but Andy stops you as quickly as possible. “Please…” You beg, using your eyes to tell him “No, I don’t want this. Please stop.” He shushes you and pushes the head of his cock in slightly. You’re gratefully he doesn’t just get on with it and brutalizes you. Andy pulls out of your wet cunt and you’re immensely confused.
To be honest, though, you always are.
Charles pushes into your cunt and fills you up like Andy. He immediately finds your sweet spot just like Bucky did. Andy grabs his cock and leads it to your tighter hole, before slowly pushing in. He groans loudly at how tight you are, how much you’re squeezing him like a vice. “No, stop it, please.” You beg, trying to get up from your spot on his chest.
He pulls you back down and Charles wraps his hand around your throat. “Shut up. Shut your fucking mouth before I get one of them to stuff it full with their cock.” He threatens. His face is calm in the most frightening way possible. Andy curses behind you as he finally bottoms out inside your ass. The pain makes you want to scream, but after your previous antics, you choose to just bite your lip and keep quiet.
Your short, red nails dig into your palms and draw blood, but it doesn’t hurt that badly. They both nod at each other but you don’t notice it at all, too focused on the excruciating pain you’re feeling. You might say that you’re about to pass out, but you can’t even form anything more than “please,” and moans of pain. Charles’s rough thumb rests upon your throbbing clit, ready to bring you to your orgasm.
But God, you’re squeezing his cock so tightly with your pussy it takes him a few moments to collect himself. “You’re squeezing our cocks so nicely, little baby. You just don’t wanna let us go.” Andy chuckles, wiggling his hips for some friction. You let out a loud moan — and you’re not sure if it’s of pain or pleasure.
Charles slowly drags his cock out of your cunt, leaving just the tip inside you. The feeling of sudden emptiness reminds you of when you stand up too quickly after laying down for a while. Mind-altering, if you must say. He slams back inside you and Andy does the opposite; pulling out of you. Charles fuck you slow, yet hard and rough. He rubs your clot quickly as he fucks you relentlessly.
Groans, whistles, curse words and moans all fill the room yet you only focus on the way their cocks are driving in and out of you. “Fuck, such a nice ass. You love having Daddy’s cock in your ass, don’t you?” Andy asks, looking straight down to where you’re connected. You swallow thickly and Charles feels it against his hand. He squeezes the sides of your throat slightly, and you nod quickly.
“Say it. Say you love having my cock fuck your little ass. I bet nobody ever fucked you like this, not even that lousy boyfriend of yours. You probably wished he took you like the little slut you are, destroying all your holes.” He demands as his dirty words make you wetter and wetter. “I…” You pant helplessly, looking around.
Everyone stares you down, their cocks in their hands as they slowly jerk off to you. “I l-love having your c-cock fuck my a-ass, Daddy.” You sheepishly tell him, whispering that last part. “Brava, Bambina.” Charles praises, punctuating his words with one thrust that hits your cervix. You let out a cry and the lewd sounds of them fucking you are drowned out for a brief second.
Charles continues to pummel your g-spot, and occasionally, your cervix. The pain isn’t as bad as the pain Andy is causing you. You can feel Andy’s cock pulsating in you, driving in and out of you. You’re sure you’re probably bleeding, but you know that none of these men care. “Fuck, she’s so stretched out…” Someone says, loud enough so you can hear.
You feel yourself being pushed to the edge at a rather fast pace. “You gonna come, baby? You gotta ask us first.” Charles snickers, slowing down his thrusts and taking away his thumb from your clit. You whine out like a bitch in heat, desperate to come all over their cocks. “Please…” You beg, gyrating your hips so that Charles can continue to fuck you like a starved man.
“Gotta do better than that, Tesoro Mio.” He hums, pulling out even more. He watches in awe as your wetness coats his cock like nothing before. In the bright lights, his cock glistens with your juices. “Please, please let me come! I need it, I want to come so badly, Sir!” You beg, bucking your hips upwards. “That’s a good little slut.” He praises, pushing back into your cunt. You moan loudly and wantonly once he bottoms out again.
The pain in your ass finally turns into pleasure and you moan even louder. “Oh my god!” You squeal despite your throat hurting. You grind down on their cocks slightly, chasing your orgasm. “Please let me come. Please, Sir… Please, Daddy!” You beg involuntarily, taking a page out of your wildest fantasies. Your words spur them on and you’re suddenly crashing into a lovely climax. You moan loudly and clamp down on their cocks as much as your body lets you.
“Fuck, you’re even more beautiful when you come around our cocks. You love being fucked by two men, don’t you? Yeah, yeah you do. That’s why you’re being so needy and desperate.” Andy groans in your ear, feeling his balls tighten up as you milk him and Charles for all they’re worth. You nod in agreement, not even caring anymore,
You soak their cocks with your cum, and your eyes roll back into your skull. “Awe, look at her. She goin’ all stupid.” Lee teases, squeezing the base of his cock to stave off his release. Your heart clamours in your chest, beating wildly as you struggle to come down from your high. Your mind has a slight buzz to it, and the champagne is the one to blame. You can hear soft moans from the other men, and you fight back a shy smile of pride.
Charles and Andy both have beads of sweat dripping down their skin, enhancing your arousal. They both curse under their breaths and groan. Andy’s hips still first, and his cock twitches inside you. “Oh fuck…” He groans in a low voice. Streaks of cum paint your insides, filling you up in a pleasant way possible. You sigh at the feeling and look up at Charles. He squeezes your throat a bit tighter, which only makes you wetter.
His thrusts are slow and sloppy, signalling his orgasm. “Please come in me… Please, Sir.” You whisper to him, knowing he needs something to push him over the edge. “Fill me up with your cum, Sir.” You add, remembering certain lines from porn videos you used to watch. “Oh— fuck…” He groans as he comes inside you. You can feel his cum, filling you up to the brim and then some. Andy pulls out, his cock lightly brushing against Charles’s thigh.
You watch Charles as he slowly comes down from euphoria. You feel empty, so empty. Bucky watches with hungry eyes as cum and a tinge of blood leaks out of your asshole. It’s slightly stretched, which only turns him on even more. Charles drags his cock out of your pussy, slowly and carefully just so that he won’t hurt you.
Again, if the circumstances weren’t so… fucked up, you would’ve enjoyed this all.
You sigh and flop backwards onto Andy’s chest, ready for sleep to take you. You feel your eyes flutter shut, but then you’re jerked back to reality. Your eyes open up just for you to come face to face with Bucky, who smiles deviously at you. “I know you’re tired, baby, but we’re not done with you yet.” He cooes at you, rubbing your ass.
You don’t know where he’s taking you, but you hope it’s somewhere near the door.
“Hi, baby girl… You feelin’ good?” A raspy yet oh-so-familiar voice asks you. You rub your eyes as you’re set on someone’s lap. Ransom’s dark, lust-filled eyes lock with your tired ones. It takes you a good few moments to nod, and he chuckles. His hand comes up to your face, cupping your slightly sticky cheek. He caresses your face with his thumb, and you involuntarily lean into his touch.
Bucky pushes you farther into Ransom’s arms and he grabs your hurting hips. Cum leaks from both of your aching, stretched holes. Ransom’s hand leaves your cheek, but it quickly returns. But this time, it isn’t sweet and loving. No. Instead, he gives you a light slap on the cheek, just like Lee did. The coolness of his ring on your hot skin is… refreshing. It’s different.
Your ass is lifted into the air slightly, giving Bucky easy access to your stretched out rim. Bucky runs his hands up and down your ass, occasionally spanking you. The crack of his hand against your skin is just a reminder of your situation. You can feel Ransom’s cock resting right beneath your abused cunt, throbbing with want and need.
He grabs the base of his cock and lines the fat, leaking tip up to your cum-filled hole. Neither he nor Bucky needs any lube, all thanks to Andy and Charles. In one thrust, he fills you in a way that your fingers can’t. You can feel Bucky scoop up some of the cum leaking from your holes, along with your juices. Everywhere is tingling, a sensation unlike anything else.
He brings his fingers up to your mouth and Ransom squeezes your jaw until your mouth falls open, just like before. Bucky quickly pushes his fingers into your mouth. The taste of cum — salty, musky, and sweet — fills your mouth. It laps over your tongue and you involuntarily swallow it all. Whilst being distracted by Bucky’s fingers in your mouth, you don’t realize that he’s already pushing into your ass.
You gasp around his fingers as he quickly bottoms out inside you. Bucky’s too eager to take it slow. Bucky takes his now spit-slick fingers and wraps his arm around you, reaching down to your clit. You feel even more full than when Andy and Charles were in you. Maybe it’s the added cum, or maybe it’s the same and you’re just not used to being filled by two cocks.
Ransom moves his hand to your stomach and rubs the skin there — the bulging skin. The outline of his cock is faint, but it’s there. “Look at you, all filled up with our cocks.” Ransom whispers, before roughly grabbing your hips. He grinds you down onto his cock before lifting you slightly. Both he and Buckypull out slightly and start shallowly thrusting into you, almost in a teasing way.
You want more, you want more pleasure so badly. You want them to fuck you hard, for them to fuck you deeply and maybe even roughly. “You want something, don’t you, baby? So ungrateful…” Ransom disappointingly coaxes. You thrust back onto Bucky’s cock, a trick you learned from when you caught your ex-boyfriend balls-deep in your closest friend. Then, you grind down on Ransom’s cock.
Cum drips from both of your entrances and runs down the sides of their shafts and your inner thighs. “Fuck, if you wanted it that badly all you had to do was ask real sweetly.” Bucky groans, losing all sense and self-control. He pulls his cock out all the way, not even leaving the tip inside your ass. Ransom pulls halfway out and then bucks his hips up. He fucks back into you, but this time it’s more deep and punctuated.
“Oh— Thank you… Thank you, Sir!” You squeal as Ransom pounds against your g-spot over and over. His sticky, swollen, heavy balls slap against your empty ass. Bucky rubs your clit slowly, just to hear you whine like the desperate slut you are. “C’mon, make some noise for Daddy.” He demands in your ear, rubbing the tip of his cock on your other hole.
The feeling is lovely, but you crave more. “Please… Please fuck my ass, Daddy! I wan’ it so bad, wan’ you to put your big cock in me… Please, please…” You beg whilst you pant wildly. “примерная девочка.” He husks before pushing his hips forward. Despite having your… anal cherry being just popped, he acts as though you’re constantly begging to take it up the ass.
“Fuck, she doing that thing again,” Ransom comments, staring at your face. By ‘that thing,’ he means that way your mouth drops open in a silent scream and your eyes roll back into your skull. You clench around both Bucky’s and Ransom’s cocks, even though your muscles are barely working. You fall onto Ransom’s chest and you can hear his heart beating wildly in his chest, just like yours.
Unbeknownst to you, you just gave Bucky more leverage to fuck your ass. He takes his hand away from your clit and instead wraps it around your hair. He gives your hair a slight tug, and starts fucking you even harder. You dig your nails into Ransom’s chest at the stronger thrusts overpower your entire body and mind. You can hear a groan rumbling in his chest. “Fuck, best pussy I ever had.” He growls, finishing his sentence with one painful snap of his hips that goes straight to your cervix.
“Oh, can I come, please? I need it so— so badly, Daddy… Please, please let me come…” You beg, feeling the knot in your stomach beginning to tighten up. The pressure increases and you’re not sure if you can hold out for a minute more. The lewd sounds, the feeling of their cocks driving in and out of you, and their moans all push you to the edge.
“Awe, well go ahead, little girl. You’ve earned it, come all over our cocks.”
“Yeah… Fuck— I don’t think ‘m gonna last any longer…” Bucky curses under his breath loud enough for you and Ransom to hear. Ransom nods, a bead of sweat running down his neck. Bucky’s metal hand comes up to your bra and he unhooks it. Ransom grabs the cheap fabric and throws it at one of his friends. Ransom gives a wink to Lee, who pockets your bra.
Your tits are sticky with dried champagne from before. Ransom has the urge to swirl his tongue around your hardened nubs until you’re coming around their cocks once again. But his basic needs are just more important than yours as of now. Bucky’s hips still first, his brutality against your ass finally coming to an end.
He swallows thickly — but he gets caught off by a loud, deep moan of his own. It’s right in your ear, and Bucky has you use your body as a brace to hold himself up. His balls tighten up and cum shoots inside your ass. You’re far more sensitive than the previous time and now you can feel every single drop painting your walls. Ransom follows, his load pumping into you in a relieving way. Your walls encompass them both, hugging them tightly.
Bucky fucks into you with a few more thrusts; shallow and quick. He prolongs his orgasm until his mind is fuzzy and his cock can’t take it. He pulls out, removing his hand from your hair and he sighs. His and Andy’s cum follows his cock along with a streak of light pink. He feels nice, prideful in a way that throughout all the pain, you only ever took pleasure.
Ransom keeps his cock locked inside of you, and he just knows that you’re on the verge of either crying, screaming, or passing out. He also knows that you’re smart, and won’t do anything other than remain docile for Sebastian and Chris. “C- Can I go now? I won’t tell anyone– I swear!” You plead to Ransom in an excited sort of whisper. Ransom clenches his jaw and stares down at you, and your lips turn down into a frown.
“You’re lucky we aren’t alone.” He tells you and his words are enough to shut you up. You whimper, but you don’t apologize. “You’ve been such a good girl…” Sebastian says from behind you. You turn around and look up at him. He smiles at you and it’s gentle, almost reassuring. But you don’t return it. Sebastian wraps his muscly arms around you and picks you up with ease.
Ransom’s cock slips from your folds with ease, and cum drips from your filled up pussy. White stickiness drips down your slightly sweaty thighs and it makes you feel so conscience-stricken. Unlike every other time — like when you were sucking off Lee and Steve, or getting fucked by Ransom and Bucky or Charles and Andy — you’re now standing up. It’s weird, a funny feeling that might take you a few seconds to get used to.
Chris comes up to you and he has a menacing stance. He cups your face with his soft yet slightly coarse hands. You flinch, scared that he’ll slap you the way Ransom did beforehand. Luckily, he doesn’t. “Aw, you’re scared, aren’t you?” Chris asks you, rubbing your top lip with his thumb. You hesitatingly nod. “Don’t be. The only thing you should be scared of is us destroying your holes… And by the looks of it, it seems like we already have.” He chuckles in a mocking manner.
You gulp thickly and try to ignore the newfound wetness that is pooling in your core. Along with it is a fire that doesn’t seem to be put out yet. Sebastian’s hands move from your waist to your back, and then to your hips. His movements are gentle and soft, almost as if his intentions hold no malice. But the truth is a complete contrast to what he’s trying to imply.
He spins you around in one swift movement and your world tilts on its axis for a brief moment. You grip his biceps as you try to get a hold of yourself. “Wanna see this pretty face while I fuck you into oblivion.” He mumbles under his breath, and you can feel Chris’s hands running all over your hurting ass. “And I wanna see this ass while I fuck it.” Chris chuckles in your ear once again.
He lands a spank onto your ass, watching the skin ripple in such a marvellous way he swears he’ll never see a girl as pretty as you. Sebastian lifts you up and on instinct, you wrap your legs around his waist. You can feel Sebastian’s cock right near your beaten up, cum-filled entrance. Then, you feel Chris’s tip at your other entrance.
They both thrust into you at once, and a loud squelching noise fills the room. “That cunt is so filled up…” Steve comments from the side, slowly jerking his cock off. You squeeze your eyes shut at his words, and try to block them out. Sebastian lets out a choked moan, whereas Chris groans lowly in your ear.
They both hold you up by your ass, and they start to thrust into you hard and fast. Your head lols back onto Chris’s shoulder and you can barely keep up with them. Sebastian’s hips buck up to your pussy and his cockhead slams into your cervix. “Ow…” You whine, before biting down on your lip. Your lipstick is smeared and your makeup is all ruined, but that seems to be the last thing on your mind.
You’re so fucking sensitive, it’s practically hilarious. Your little body has reached its limit... but maybe your body has no limit anymore. “Shh, just give up, babydoll. You’re doing so good, letting us use you.” Sebastian praises as he delivers a nice, harsh thrust. Chris ruts into you like no tomorrow, treating you like the fleshlight you are.
“Yeah– You love getting used. Bet your boyfriend couldn’t fuck you like this, couldn’t make you feel this good. He probably didn’t know how much of a slut you are.” Chris whispers in your ear whilst he grinds his cock into you. Both of their cocks are covered in cum, but they don’t mind. “These holes belong to us, right? All ours, ready to be used anytime.” Mr. Evans adds.
His slightly greying beard scratches your skin, right where Ransom was choking you. He places a few kisses on your bruising, hurting neck. Your hardened nipples rub against Sebastian’s sweaty chest, and your bulging abdomen touches his, too. “It’s… ‘S too much..” You complain in a dragged out, pathetic whine that turns into a moan. “Oh, it’s too much? Poor baby… Do you want us to slow down?” Chris asks, bringing his thrusts to a halt.
You nod before you start begging because you know they want the cherry on top. “Yes, please. Please, Sir, please slow down.” You ask them politely. You even flash your signature puppy dog eyes, hoping they haven’t gone out of style yet. They both coo at you, before smirking at each other. You shut your eyes and sigh, but your eyelids fly back open when you feel Sebastian and Chris starting to fuck you even harder.
“Too bad,” Sebastian grunts. “You’re going to take whatever the fuck we give you.” He sneers, and you can feel that pressure in your stomach beginning to increase. But it’s too much, more than you can handle. You shake your head and beg them to stop, but your pleas are silenced when Chris wraps his hand around your throat.
Every word that’s in your mouth dies down, and the only thing that comes from you are your moans and whimpers. “You’re gonna come, aren’t you? Just can’t help it, it feels too fucking good, doesn’t it? Do it, come all over our cocks right fucking now.” Sebastian growls as your moans become louder and your grip on their cocks grow tighter.
Your legs are shaking as you come undone. Your hands curl into fists and your eyes shut as they roll back. Your wet walls gush around their thick, long cocks and they continue to fuck you until you’re babbling like a dumb little baby. “Fuck…” Chris curses under his breath, his thrusts becoming sloppy. It’s the same for Sebastian, and inside you’re elated.
Finally, finally, it’s all over.
They both pull out and you’re all but confused. They set you on the ground and you can barely stand without holding on to either Chris or Sebastian. Lee chuckles, and you shut your eyes in embarrassment. “Oh, don’t be like that.” Ransom sasses from Lee’s left side. He’s right. These men just put you through hell, and that’s what you’re going to be embarrassed about?
Sebastian pushes you to your knees and you fall with a muffled thud. Once again, the carpet digs into your knees but this time it isn’t as painful. You look up, and you’re suddenly surrounded by everyone. Mr. Stan, Mr. Barnes, Mr. Bodecker, Mr. Blackwood, Mr. Evans, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Drysdale, and Mr. Barber… You’re not sure whether you should look at any of them in the eyes or not.
Truthfully, you’re not sure what to do. Should you run? Scream? Fight? Stay put? Millions of thoughts run through your mind but none of them seem to fully register. Everyone’s dominant hands are on their cocks, moving up and down at a rather fast pace. Chris and Sebastian fuck their hands even faster, eager to meet their climaxes.
Their moans and groans go straight to your wet pussy, fueling certain feelings you had been trying to push down all night. “Fuck, yes…” Chris moans coarsely. His balls tighten up and his red tip lets out spurts of cum. He paints your face and you nearly gag out of disgust. “You look even prettier with– with your face painted like that.” Lee groans, and he comes too. “Open up.” He orders in a creepy sing-song voice.
You listen to him obediently, and you haven’t noticed that the alcohol in your system has dissipated. His cum shoots straight into your mouth, his signature taste of muskiness and salt spreading across your tongue. After a few more seconds, Chris finally stops. He admires the way your face is covered in cum — his cum, to be exact. “C’mon, swallow it all like the good slut you are.” Sebastian urges, and his streaks of stickiness begin to shoot from his tip, too.
He paints your chest, almost like it’s a canvas. As much as you hate to admit it, this all turns you on even more. You can feel your wetness leaking from your cunt. Lee’s finger drags through the cum that’s on your face and he scoops some of it up. He pushes his finger into your mouth and shakes his head when he learns you haven’t swallowed his seed yet.
His frown is enough for you to listen. You swallow with difficulty, which comes from his digit. Your tongue laps up the cum on his finger and he smiles down at you. He pulls his finger out with a ‘pop’ and your legs are being spread again. You know for a fact you can’t take anything more, but you also know that they probably don’t care.
Ransom aims for your cunt, Steve too. They both come at the same time, loud moans escaping past their plump lips. More cum joins the gratuitous amount that’s already there. Once they stop moaning and they stop coming, you’re turned over onto your stomach. You already know that the carpet is probably a mess that dry cleaning might not accept.
Bucky and Charles cover your ass in ropes of their seed, and your messy chest presses into the ground. There’s more cum on you and in you than there is dignity. “Fuck, I wish my phone wasn’t dead. I would’ve taken so many lovely pictures of our masterpiece here.” Bucky groans, and he continues to give his cock a few more strokes just to lengthen his orgasm.
Andy is the last, only because he has patience for things like this. He paints your back like he’s Monet, or maybe even Da Vinci. Sebastian kneels down in front of you and picks your head up from off the ground. His thumb smears the cum on your face into your skin, and you don’t even have the energy to ask them if it’s all over. He chuckles, before standing back up again.
“Looks like you really were a good girl this year.”
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thewritingdoll · a month ago
Hear me out here: Dilf!bucky (breeding kink obvi) x innocent reader and a lil bit of dub-con and bondage …👀 ILY💕
payday loan : BB
fandom marvel
featuring dark!ceo!dilf!bucky x babysitter!reader (f)
content warning all smut, unprotected sex, breeding kink, innocent!reader, loss of virginity, dub con, bondage (spreader bar + cuffs), minor slapping kink, dacryphilia, size kink, use of the word daddy, Bucky’s pretty mean
summary you make the mistake of asking bucky for an advance payment for this week
word count 1k / mini musing
attention not proofread. do not repost or translate. reblog & give feedback!
Tumblr media
you probably should’ve kept your mouth shut; you’d always had an issue with restraint and anger management, and you knew that, but you should’ve bit the bullet and swallowed your pride when James said he couldn’t pay you any earlier than Friday for babysitting the kids. no, couldn’t had not been his word of choice. he wouldn’t pay you before Friday. James Barnes was loaded with cash, his multi million dollar company hadn’t gone under, and his massive mansion would not be snatched up by the bank if the prick gave you your well earned three hundred and twenty dollars on a Wednesday instead of a Friday.
and you’d told him so.
which had landed you in the position you’re in now.
on a few occasions, James or his wife had asked you to tidy up around the house and that included their bedroom. the room was massive and luxurious, with a king size bed in the center of the room. you’d seen plenty of oddities in there— handcuffs here, a flogger there, vibrators in the drawers and even a black, pleather bench with seatbelt-like straps hanging off it in the corner— but you never thought, in all the time you’ve worked for them, that you’d find yourself on your back in nothing but your bra and panties (which were both pulled askew to expose your breasts and give him access to your core) against the mattress, with thick, black straps on your ankles that bind them to a long, silver bar. your legs are spread wide for James, you has also fastened similar cuffs to each of your wrists to separate notches on the pole. his fist is wrapped around the center of the metal, gripping it tight. he seems to use it as a lever, pulling your entire body to his.
the tears are far from dried on your cheeks, though the majority of the pain from the initial insertion has dissipated, James is none too gentle as he ruts into you. your walls flutter about the girth of his manhood as it stretches you to a capacity you’ve never felt before. he was so big, much too big for him to have been your first, and you felt like he was ripping you apart, especially because he had no regard for how deep he was delving into you— each thrust of his hips sent him hilt-deep into a newly devirginized interior. because of this, your face remained twisted into an expression of discomfort, eyes wide with shock.
Bucky chuckles through grit teeth, “what’s the crocodile tears for, pretty girl? Weren’t expecting me to pop your cherry? Daddy’s cock too big for that itty, bitty belly of yours?” his crystalline pair coruscate in the dim lighting as his gaze travels over your stomach, pressing his free palm against the lump just below your navel, the size and shape of his cock. you mewl, head rolling about on the mattress, and your teeth sink into your lower lip; the pressure adds to the sensation of being stuffed full. “Ooh, listen to you whine for me,” he croons with faux sympathy, poking out his lower lip. “I’ll bet you’re used to gettin’ exactly what you want with those puppy dog eyes, aren’t you? But, I gotta tell you, baby girl, daddy’s made more girls cry than just you. You really think those little sniffles are gonna work on me? Make me go easier on you?”
his hips grind into yours as he digs as deep as possible without his thick tip bursting through your belly button (or, at least, that’s what it feels like), and you cry out, back arching. your fingernails claw at the restraints, arms tensed unable to do much but sting.
“Ah!” it’s more a bestial growl than a sound of pleasure you’d expect anyone to make, his eyes fiery with even more desire at your wriggling. “See, feel that? How your pussy tremors when she’s gripping my cock? You can glare up at me with those cute, puffy eyes and your makeup streaked down your cheeks, but I can tell by the way that little pussy hugs me that you don’t want it gentle. You don’t want me to be nice. You want to be fucked into submission, and daddy’s more than willing to break that bad fuckin’ habit of talking back to me with my cock.”
it was almost impossible to formulate a coherent sentence, batting tears back, but they fall anyways, squirming as if to escape the cocktail of pleasure and pain, and you turn away from him, angling your countenance towards the wall instead. “W—what— what if I t-told your, ah! Your wife about this—“
the most wicked of grins contorts James’ lips, and he reaches through the bar and between your arms to grip your face, turning it back to force you to look up at him. “You think she doesn’t know, pretty girl? I’ve only been planning to breed your little body since you started working for us. I just needed a good excuse to break you in, thanks for that.” he pauses, to groan and close his eyes, pace picking up as his hips begin to buck more erratically. “She thinks you’ll make a better baby factory than she ever could, and she’s more than willing to let me keep you here and fuckin’ ruin you until the only thing you want is for me to swell that little tummy with my bastards—“ even as your whimpering escalated into screams, you can hear him. your eyes close, head wanting to angle away from his grip, his palm makes contact with your cheek in a couple, quick slaps. “You can get used to being my little breed-whore, sweet girl. And don’t you worry, you’re gonna get a nice raise every time I knock you up; as long as you learn that your place is wrapped around daddy’s cock, and that pussy is for him to fill with his loads, you’re gonna be a fine new addition to this family.”
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simplystevies · 22 days ago
like you love me
Tumblr media
pairings || 70’s!pornstar!bucky x neighbour!reader
summary || your neighbour was never quiet, but when you came knocking on his door at four in the morning, you knew something was up.
warnings || 18+ minors dni, illusions to porn, alcohol consumption, reader is oblivious, unprotected sex, passionate sex, angst
note || this is honestly all over the place i’m sorry bdidndjdndjdjfjfb
wc || 2.3k
the day was dull, as were the other ones in the gloomy month of november. mornings were darker, barely having seven hours of real daylight. you loved the atmosphere.
you loved everything about it. the worst part, was your neighbour decided that it would be a great time to start bringing women home. your rooms were on opposite sides of a wall.
every night, the banging of his headboard sounded through to you. you were surprised that the wall hadn’t caved in. most nights were spend with you blaring queen before the banging stopped.
slowly, your schedule started to mould his. you were waking up when he did, sleeping when he did. your job at the cafe wasn’t very accepting on you being late every few days.
your neighbour was a sweet guy. his name was james, but he always asked you to call him bucky. his hair was somewhere near his jaw, his beautifully chiselled jaw.
his side profile was beautiful, enough to make your knees weak. he was easy to talk to, understanding. he wore dog tags around his neck, telling you stories about the war.
you met his friends, steve and sam, they were equally as sweet. steve was slightly awkward, even though he had no reason to, being so big and handsome. sam was equally as big and handsome.
the three of them seemed like the type you’d see at the gym and fall in love with each of them, or maybe you’d make eye contact with them at the airport and they infect your brain like a plague for days.
bucky was really charming, you figured that would’ve been a good attribution to why he takes multiple women home. he was already living in your apartment building when you moved in.
he showed you the ins and outs of the place, told you about the other people in the building. when you met him he had stubble and a tight haircut with a medium quiff.
he seemed to be following trends. you didn’t mind, walking up almost every morning and seeing him every day was a nice apology to everything that happens the night before.
sometimes you’d catch the women in the halls, if you were in for an early shift. they would give you a smile and wa— wobble downstairs. from the flushed looks and inability to walk, you gathered that he was good in bed.
if you were taking groceries up to your apartment, and bucky caught you, he’d take them all in. you hated it, but he assured you that it was okay and you could repay him with your treats.
every friday you would bake, bake for the week. cookies, brownies, pastries, anything. you would pack three of everything on a few plates for bucky.
“hi bucky!” you smiled as he opened the door. he smiled and looked at your hands. “ouu, more treats?” he asked, taking one of the plates from your hands, leaving you with two.
bucky walked away, allowing you to walk in. “yes, more treats, i put the chocolate chips in the brownies just like you like.” you said, putting the plates down. bucky turned you around and sighed.
“you’re amazin’, what would i do without ya?” he said, wrapping his arm around your waist. you smiled and kissed his cheek. he felt his cheeks grow hot. “i know what i’d do without you, i’d sleep better.”
your teasing tone made him chuckle and pick up a brownie. “y’know i cant held it.” he smirked, shoving it in his mouth. you rolled your eyes playfully and shoved his chest.
bucky smiled and sighed. “wanna sleepover tonight? promise no one is coming.” he smirked, pinching your waist. “hm, i don’t have work tomorrow.” you shrugged.
“please? i rented halloween and jaws, you can’t let me watch those alone.” he teased. you cocked an eyebrow before nodding. “fine, i’ll go get changed and i’ll come back.” you said.
bucky was ecstatic, already pulling out his tape of halloween. when you walked in wearing a tank top and shorts. he bit his lip as he sat down on his love seat.
he extended his arm, looking up at you. you sat down, cuddling into his chest. you felt something wet rub against the back of your thigh. you groaned and pulled it out.
you were now face to face with an empty condom. “wow, what a surprise.” you groaned, flicking it onto his lap. bucky groaned and lifted it himself. “shit, i’m sorry.” he said, getting up.
the night was fast, you two ended up sleeping on the couch in each other’s arms. you were the first to wake up, rubbing your nose and pulling away to stretch.
“mornin’.” bucky said, his voice raspy. you smiled and looked back at him. “i’m going out, later tonight, feel free to join me.” you winked, standing up. “you leavin’ me already?”
you shook your head, sitting next to him again. “just needed to stretch my back.” you mumbled, putting your head back on his chest. bucky’s hand moved to your thigh, his thumb rubbing the bottom of it.
you two stayed and spoke for another two hours before getting up and walking to the kitchen. “i need to get ready.” you mumbled, grabbing a bowl and pouring some cereal in it.
bucky ate breakfast with you before letting you leave, almost. “you gonna come tonight?” you asked, turning at his door. “i can’t, got work.” he shrugged. you scoffed and shook your head.
“work is code for super hot babe?” you teased, pressing the button of his nose. bucky smiled and sighed. “you know me too well.” he shook his head, kissing your head and pushing you slightly.
you walked back to your apartment, getting into a shower almost immediately. you washed and shaved before getting out and brushing your teeth. you styled your hair and did your makeup.
you wore a pair of flared jeans, a neon pink crop top that showed your cleavage and high high-heels. you hummed as you sat on you couch, waiting for your friends.
once your friends showed up, you left your apartment only to be greeted by bucky and some blonde chick. you gave him a flat smile before walking away with your friends.
sometimes you think to yourself, what if i like bucky? he is a great guy, he does make you feel butterflies when he compliments you, he does make you happy when you’re sad.
you shake the thought from your head, tonight was about you and your girls, not bucky. there was no need to think about bucky and his dashing looks or his witty charm.
shut up. god can you just shut up! you irritated yourself by thinking about him, about how he holds a cigarette in between his lips, or how he always has his hand under your leg, rubbing your thigh.
how he always wants just to cuddle, invites you over for movies, enjoys your treats not because he wants to fuck you, but because he actually likes them.
some days you thought he felt the same. him kissing your cheek or nose, the way he held you close if you two were hanging out. every gesture made you think your feelings were the same.
but then the banging starts. the painful banging that makes your heart tear apart an inch with each bang. every day you thought it was different, only to find out it was the same.
you thought about as you downed a shot, the burning took your mind from the situation for a second, making you thirsty for more. you downed another, then another, then another.
eventually you were dancing with your friends, random men and whoever would take your grasp. you were having the time of your life, and for a moment, you forgot about your troubles awaiting you at home.
but, everything good had to come to an end. you drunkenly walked up the steps to your apartment, giggling to yourself. you finally reached your door, searching for your keys.
“crap.” you cursed, giggling as you leaned into your door. you sighed loudly as you realised your only option was to greet bucky with a wide drunken smile.
“y/n? it’s four in the morning.” his voice was groggy, his eyes barely opened. you giggled at him, looking down to see he was only in a pair of boxers. “nice wiener dude.” you joked, walking inside.
bucky sighed and walked you to the red love seat. “what do you want?” he asked, rubbing his eyes. you looked around his apartment, it looked almost exactly like yours. “you’d think after the war they’d pay you enough to get a nice house.” you blurted.
you couldn’t help it, it was like word vomit, saying anything and everything. “hey, shut up.” bucky lightly slapped your cheek before walking to his kitchen.
you gasped and looked up at him with your eyebrows tied together. “here, take this.” he said, handing you two aspirin and some water. you smiled and took them, grabbing bucky and pulling him down.
bucky groaned and went to get up. “are you gonna leave? or do i have to babysit you tonight?” he teased, lifting you up bridal style. “i left my key with my friend.”
bucky rolled his eyes and brought you into his room. he stripped you of your jeans and crop top, going to grab you one of his shirts. your hands connect with his shoulders, pulling him in.
you kissed him roughly, hungrily. bucky kissed back, his hands moving onto your waist. “stop.. stop.” he whispered, pulling away. “i don’t wanna take advantage of you.” he shook his head.
“i want this, i want it real bad.. bucky just give it to me.” you begged, kissing him again. bucky sighed and gave in, pulling you into him. his hands moved under your thighs, lifting you up.
he placed you on his dresser, grinding against you. you whined, pulling him in by the light fabric of his boxers. “need you, bucky, fuckin’ need you.” you whispered, your hands moving to his face.
bucky nodded and pulled down his boxers. “do you want me to use a condom?” he asked. you shook your head. “i gotta feel you, james.” you sighed. bucky felt himself melt.
he moved your panties to the side, his forehead pressing against yours. “do you still want this?” he asked. you nodded and pulled in his hips. bucky smiled and slid into you.
you let out a loud moan, pushing your head into his. bucky groaned, giving you a few seconds to adjust before thrusting into you slowly. you whined, throwing your head back.
bucky shook his head, his hand moving to the back of your head, pulling your forehead against yours. “look at me.” he whispered. for a second, a tiny second, you felt like you were loved.
the feeling was so unfamiliar but beautiful, you wanted to saviour the moment forever. you kept your eyes on his, sweat growing on both of your foreheads.
you felt like you were floating. the both of you, drifting into the sky. you sighed, shutting your eyes for just a second. when you opened them, the moment was gone.
you were back in bucky’s apartment, both of you clung too each other. your hands moved around his neck as you cried out, bucky hitting the spot deep inside of you that you couldn’t even explain.
your toes curled and your tights squeezed around his hips. “is that it? that where you want me?” he asked, repeating the exact same slow and harsh thrusts. “oh my god yes! fuck yes!” you cried out.
you threw your head back as you felt a knot form in your stomach. “fuck, bucky, right there! oh, yes!” you moaned, biting your lip as you felt the knot grow tighter.
your legs wrapped around him as you released all over him, creating a massive mess. “oh god.” you sighed, pushing your head into his shoulder. bucky groaned as you clenched around him.
this led to bucky releasing ropes and ropes of his spend inside of you. “fuck.” he whispered, shutting his head and throwing his head back. you whimpered as he pulled out.
bucky watched as his orgasm slowly dripped out of you. there was a knock on the door— a pounding on the door. bucky sighed and pulled his boxers back up. “i’ll be back.” he said
you nodded and pulled up your panties. bucky walked back into the room with your keys in his hand. “thank you bucky.” you gushed, taking the keys from his hand.
“see you tomorrow?” he asked, smiling at you. you nodded and kissed his cheek. “bye bucky.” you mumbled, walking out of his apartment and into your own.
you cleaned yourself up, before getting into bed and falling asleep happily. the next morning, you woke up and got in for a shower almost immediately.
you walked out of your apartment, getting ready to see bucky with a smile. you looked over at his door to see him walking in with a blonde girl. you felt your heart shatter.
you froze. bucky turned around and his face dropped. “y/n, i can explain.” he said quickly, walking over to you. you shook your head and walked back into your apartment.
you sat on the floor, putting your head in your hands with a loud groan. this time wasn’t different, you were stupid to even think that it was anything but the same.
bucky’s heart broke as he watched your door slam in his face. he sighed and walked into his own apartment. “i cant shoot tonight, sorry.” he mumbled, walking into his room.
the crew and the girl sighed and groaned as they started to pack up, getting out of the room to leave bucky alone with his thoughts.
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fuckandfluff · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: DarkDoctor!Bucky x reader (featuring Steve)
Summary: you and your husband Steve will do anything for a baby
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI! Unprotected vaginal sex, breeding kink, cuckholding, creampie, cum play, degradation, swearing, mild choking.. I think that’s it?
Tumblr media
Marrying Steve Rogers was the best decision of your life, bar none.
The man treated you like absolute gold and there was never any doubt that he was your soulmate. He would bring you the fluffiest Eggs Benedict in bed each Sunday, would draw you the perfect bubble bath every evening, and made sure you wanted for nothing.
But since trying for a baby, you’d grown irritated with the things that normally delighted you about him. Countless appointments at the fertility clinic had sucked out any semblance of sponteneity in your sex life. Tracking your ovulation and taking hormones that made you a cranky bitch didn’t exactly make you feel sexy, either. Yet Steve somehow always had the patience of a saint.
As you sat in Dr. Barnes’ office awaiting the test results, Steve assured you that no matter what the outcome was, he’d make sure you got the baby you’d both dreamed of. This test would determine which of you was the “faulty” party responsible for infertility. You just hoped that if it was you, Steve would keep his promise and not be upset. He wanted to be a father so badly so if you were the reason for holding it up, you’d be devastated.
Three raps against the solid oak door and Dr. Barnes entered the room, a somber expression etched across his chiseled features. Though you’d spent dozens of hours at the clinic these past few months, Dr. Barnes’ appearance had been lost on you. He was six feet of dark and brooding gorgeousness.
After he awkwardly shuffled a few papers together on his desk, he broke the silence by clearing his throat lowly:
“Y/N, Steven.. I’m sorry to tell you this. It’s the semen that’s causing your infertility issues - it’s just not viable.”
Steve turns his head to you, pure sorrow flooding his baby blues.
“I’m so so sorry Y/N,” he whispers quietly, threading his fingers between yours.
You promised Steve you wouldn’t be mad but you can’t help it. The hypocrisy isn’t lost on you as you choke back tears, pulling your hand from your husband’s. All those nights where you cried yourself to sleep for being not woman enough to get pregnant, and it was him all along.
After a few miserable moments pass, Dr. Barnes pipes up, “I do have one last option for you prior to sending a referral to the adoption clinic..”
You cut him off mid-sentence, words dripping with desperation, “yes anything! We will try anything, Dr. Barnes!” Steve shoots you a surprised look, brows knit tightly together.
“Please, call me Bucky. Have you two thought about sperm donation?”
“Thanks, but no thanks,” Steve guffaws, waving off the idea.
Bucky flicks his inkjet pen against the desk pensively, “I know it’s not ideal. It’s daunting, in fact. I have a thick binder with hundreds of potential candidates but let’s be honest. You don’t get to see their photo and for all we know, they lie on the intake form,” he says matter of factly.
“So, what do you suggest? I mean, if these guys could be balding or the next Ted Bundy.. what’s our best option?” you inquire, intently focused on every word pouring out of Bucky’s mouth.
“Well..” Bucky smirks, “I do know a Harvard educated doctor who could be of service?”
“No fuckin way,” Steve sneers, “grab your coat, we’re goin’ home.”
You tug at Steve’s arm, mouthing “please” in the hopes that the doe-eyed routine still works on him. Through gritted teeth he throws his head back, a non-verbal acknowledgement that he’ll continue hearing the pitch.
“You know me, my history. You know what I look like, where I work. I’d be happy to help out. But it’s a lot so I’ll let you two think about it.”
Bucky silently slinks out of the office, allowing you and Steve the chance to mull it over.
“Steve, we both want this. Adoption takes years and I can’t imagine picking a guy from a laminated binder. Please? How is it any different than taking a sample from someone else?” you plead, stroking his back with ample affection.
Steve stews for a moment, searching for a valid reason to shoot you down. He’s always been the strong, silent type which up until now, you’ve appreciated. But your impatience gets the best of you and you interject:
“Besides, it’s your dick that doesn’t work.”
You immediately regret saying it, hands flying up to your mouth in shock. One thing you learned at a very young age was that you can’t take back words.
Steve just throws his hands up in the air, defeated. He knows that you aren’t going to let the issue go.
“Whatever you want Y/N. Whatever!”
Tumblr media
Several dozen pages of paperwork later, Bucky shakes Steve’s hand as a sort of informal gentleman’s agreement. Making note that you’re currently ovulating, he convinces you that now is as good of time as ever to get things done. Besides, Bucky claimed his next availability was six months away and you just couldn’t wait that long.
“There’s a vending machine in the waiting room Steve, shouldn’t be too long in here,” Bucky says, but Steve just shakes his head resolutely.
“Oh you like to watch?” Bucky stands up from the chair, swiftly unbuckling his Italian leather belt, “Suit yourself.”
Confusion wipes across your face - you naively thought he was going to provide a sterile sample. As Bucky clues into your bewilderment, he dusts his fingers across the bottom of your jaw, “artificial insemination just isn’t as effective. You trust me, don’t you? The degree on the wall does affirm my expertise, yeah?”
Steve wraps his palm around your forearm, “we’re done here babe, that’s enough. This guy is sick.”
Bucky clicks the roof of his mouth harshly, tutting your husband’s brazenness as he taps the pile of papers on his desk, “you just signed a legally binding contract.”
Bucky motions for you to stand up and bend over the desk. As he slowly peels off your white lace panties, he can’t help but notice the slick traitorously pooling between your legs.
“See? I’m not that bad, am I?” he laughs, swiping his thumb across your already wet folds. As he runs the length of his shaft against your pussy, you white-knuckle Steve’s hand.
With one firm push, Bucky fully seats himself inside your velvety walls. The thrusts are slow and pointed as he mutters some bullshit about languid sex increasing the egg’s chance at fertilizing. You’re genuinely not listening because my god, Bucky’s thick cock fills you up so fucking good. You try to stifle the pangs of guilt over how blissed out he’s making you feel, breaking your hand free from Steve’s and dropping your head down shamefully. The precipice of a wanton moan prances along your lips so you desperately try and strangle it.
Bucky grabs your chin with both hands, forcefully lifting your head back up to direct your gaze in Steve’s direction: “Don’t look down, look at him. Look at the fuckin’ cuck who’s letting me fuck a baby into you.”
With each thrust, your body thuds violently against the desk. Sweet mewls escape your parted lips as you lock eyes with Steve, pupils probably blown out like saucers.
“Gonna give you a baby, unlike your pathetic husband. Tell him he’s a fuckin’ loser ‘cus he can’t knock you up.”
So far gone that you don’t even realize what you’re saying, you parrot back what Bucky asked of you, “l-loser, can’t even knock me up..”
You can’t help it when your toes curl from the sheer pleasure, feeling betrayed as your body decides the perfect time to come is right after degrading your angel of a husband. You try to fight through it, stave off the inevitable, but Bucky’s not going to let you.
He shoves three of his daunting digits down your throat, past the fleshy bit just behind your tongue. Gagging at the unexpected intrusion, you attempt to force them out and suck in a full breath.
“You can either force my fingers out or force my cock out, your choice.”
His balls smack against your ass, rock hard cock jabbing against your cervix. With a few more deep thrusts, you come entirely undone as you milk his cock for everything it’s got.
“Beg me, beg me to knock this tight cunt up, wanna hear how desperate you are for it,” he cruelly commands, his thrusts shallowing in a sick show of dominance. He knows how much you want this, how you’ll say or do anything at this point to ensure he finishes what he’s started.
“Want you to knock me up - fill my pussy up, pleaseee,” you stammer, still riding out the orgasm he ripped from you minutes earlier.
The corners of Bucky’s lips pinch into a sadistic smirk as he chases his release and paints your womb walls white with his hot cum. You collapse onto the desk, trying to regain composure as your legs wobble underneath you. He pulls out hastily, rubbing his fingers against against your throbbing heat and swiping his sticky spend under Steve’s nose.
Tucking himself back into his navy blue slacks, he can’t help but get out the last word:
“We’ll see you both back here in five weeks. Make sure to book a follow up at reception on your way out.”
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · a month ago
Tumblr media
I is here to request the Bonky :3
“You’re going to regret that, sweetheart.” + angst
Let’s get this party started 😏😏
Tumblr media
I loved your gifs! I swear to god I’m chuckling 😆😆 also when I read that prompt, the first thing that came to my mind was, mob!Bucky.
Thank you so much for sending this request, bestie! Ily! 🤩🥺🥰 hope you like it! 😘
stuck inside my head
𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩!𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙠!𝙢𝙤𝙗!𝙗𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙨 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || ANGST, SMUT, unprotected sex, daddy kink, orgasm denial, orgasm control, oral sex, spit kink???, implied overstimulation, 𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙊𝙍𝙎 𝙋𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙀 𝘿𝙉𝙄!
this is not proofread :/
also alpine is there! ;)
Tumblr media
“What is all this?” You asked as you gawked at the whole room filled with delicately wrapped presents. It would probably cost you your whole day just to unwrap and look at each and very one of them.
“Happy birthday, doll! All of this is yours. Beautiful gifts for my beautiful wife.” He purposely reminded you of your marital status. He couldn’t let you live a single day peacefully.
“I don’t want this!” You weren’t going to take even a single thing from this scheming man. Once bitten, twice shy.
“It doesn’t matter if you want it or not. It’s yours!” You clenched your jaw and curled your fingers to form a fist. You wished you could punch him in his pretty face.
“Also, this is the most special gift I have for you.” Despite there being all sizes of gifts neatly packed on the floor, he still held one velvet box in his hand.
He opened it to reveal a sparkling diamond necklace. The lustrous diamonds were intricately arranged into beautiful flower patterns. It truly was one of the best necklaces you’d ever seen.
But no matter how magnificent it was, it was still a trap. “Come here, let me put it on you.” He motion you to come ahead and instead you just scowled.
“You know what? I don’t want anything from you. Wear this yourself!” You spat right in his face. You could see his turn cold and dark losing the warmth there once resided.
“You’re going to regret that, sweetheart.”
His tone was deadly and though you were scared, you still put on a brave face. “Guess what? I already am. I asked you once, and look where it landed me!” Huffing, you walked out of the room leaving Bucky fuming with his anger.
Walking up to your room, you slammed the door shut. You didn’t know which gods you had angered to deserve this fate.
You still remembered how it all started. Back then you had heard a lot of the feared mobster James Barnes. People respected him more than they feared him.
He had a reputation of destroying his enemies but at the same time uplifting the people who asked for help. You were an idiot that you fell for that ploy.
Fresh out of college, you had decided to start a cafe. But for that you needed funds, and none of the banks gave a good enough offer. Finally helpless, you turned towards the Robin Hood of the city.
Bucky granted the loan and soon you had started your cafe. In his free time, Bucky used to visit your cafe. What began as small smiles soon turned into full blown conversations.
You hadn’t expected him to be so caring towards you. You knew what he did for a living, but every night you would convince yourself that he was better than the animal others thought he was.
But life wasn’t a fairy tale, and reality was always gritty. Somehow Rumlow, the rival of Bucky, got the sniff of you and one day knocked on your door.
Afraid, you called the one man you knew who would keep you safe. Bucky had come over to save you like a mad man. You saw with your own two eyes how he beat the crap out of Rumlow until his face was a mush.
And that’s when it had struck you, Bucky wasn’t the gentleman he pretended to be. He was a lion who tore down people. And that wasn’t the life you wanted.
Once he was done with Rumlow, he had looked up at you and made the worst proposal of all time. With his face dripping in Rumlow’s blood, he had ordered you, “Marry me.”
You were planing of packing your bags and leaving the city while this man was asking you to marry him. You both couldn’t be on much different pages.
You had denied, you weren’t ready for a marriage. You had just started your business and you had many aspirations from life. Marrying anytime soon wasn’t one of them.
But that’s when the true nightmare had begun. In a cold ruthless voice, he had informed you that you didn’t really have a choice.
His deal was simple, if you denied him, you would have to pay his money the very next day and if you married him, all your debt would be waived.
Bucky just wanted you to be safe. Somehow his rivals were now aware of you and how you had him wrapped around your fingers. And the best way of protecting you was marrying you.
You still remembered how your hand shook as you signed the marriage certificate. You cursed yourself for asking to him for help, you should’ve stuck to a bank.
It was now almost two months to your so called marriage. Your mood hadn’t improved since that day, and in order to make it better, Bucky used to constantly as you what you wanted. He also bought extravagant gifts you weren’t interested in.
Your chain of thoughts was broken by the soft furball that tucked itself in your lap. Alpine purred and stretched herself before settling in your lap.
You had been shocked to know that a dangerous man like Bucky had a beloved pet like alpine. But ever since alpine had met you, you were her favourite.
You could tell Bucky was jealous how alpine only ever came to you and you bathed in taunting him. But if there was a friend of yours in this house, it was alpine.
You ran your hand through her soft fur and petted her. “He keeps on asking me what I want. But even I don’t know what I want. Some days I make meticulous plans of running away but then some days I feel as I won’t be able to live without him.”
You confessed and the cat simply purred in response as if it was listening and understanding what you were saying. You massaged her between the ears as you continued talking.
“There was a time I was in love with him. The truth is I still am. I just pretend to be mad at him because if I don’t, I won’t be able to stop myself from kissing him. He’s kind of pretty you know.”
Busy in your ranting, you forgot to notice that Bucky had entered the room. He was mad beyond his senses when he had come to talk with you, but now, he absolutely melted after listening to your confession.
“What did you say?” Upon listening to Bucky’s voice, you jerked up scaring alpine in the process. The kitty jumped down and walked out of the room swaying her tail.
“Nothing.” You shook your head. Tilting his head, he smiled at you and you didn’t know whether it was terrifying or soothing. “What I heard sure wasn’t nothing.”
“Wh… what did you hear?” Goddamit, why did he hear all the things he wasn’t supposed to? And why were you stuttering at the wrong time?
“You know what I heard.” He started walking closer to you and you backed away. Bucky noticed it and stopped.
“What is it? What is so wrong with me that you won’t even look at me? Isn’t it supposed to be simple? You love me, I love you and we live happily ever after!”
You just stared at him for a moment without moving. “You… you love me?” He hadn’t said that before. “Why do you think I married you?”
“Because of your… ego?” You were somewhat scared to say it out aloud. Unexpectedly he laughed out. “Really? I try to impress you every single time and you lash out at me. And I’m the one with ego.”
Well, he had a point. He had married you, but he hadn’t forced you to do anything else. “So… you love me..?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows.
“Yes and I said it, now it’s your turn.” You didn’t realise when he had walked up to you. Your breath hitched when he gently tucked a tuft of your hair behind your ear.
“Say. It.” You would say it, but he needed to work for it. You shook your head, “Say it doll. Don’t you wanna be my good girl?”
“Yes daddy.” You whispered. Your words affected Bucky more than you thought and at that very instant, he pounced on you, clashing your lips together.
You gasped at the suddenness and taking the opportunity, he slipped his tongue right in to explore your mouth. The moan that tore out of your mouth was muffled by his kiss.
You both walked backwards towards the bed. You were panting by the time you separated to breath. “Don’t you have work?”
You could feel the hunger radiate off him. “Work can wait doll, my dick can’t.” You were about to chuckle but before that he pulled your blouse up and tore your bra.
“Oh Fuck!” He knead your breasts before taking one nipple in mouth and pinching the other. Releasing it with a pop, he pressed kissed down your stomach and pulled down your pants.
He pressed fluttering kisses to your thighs and hips. Leaving behind a trail of his saliva. He wanted to map every single inch of your body, but it would have to wait for later.
Getting up, he pushed you back on the bed. You squealed with surprise as you bounced twice. He started unbuttoning his shirt and your eyes refused to move.
You wanted to lick his Adonis belt and abs. His metal arm gleamed in the light and when he crawled over you, you traced the copper lines with your fingers.
Truth be told, Bucky wasn’t sure you would be accepting of his metal arm. But you seemed to be in love with it. Your eyes followed the movements of your eyes and you were enchanted by the arm.
“Daddy.” You softly called him out. All his anger was dissipated by now. He wanted to gently hold you and keep you safe in his strong arms. “Yes, my girl.”
“You’re so pretty!” Your hand was now tracing the scars on his shoulder. You reached up and kissed from his collarbone to his neck.
They all thought he made you his captive by marrying you. But they were so wrong, his heart was a captive of yours.
Bucky felt heat rise in his cheeks at your compliment. You thought he was pretty, nothing in his compared to this feeling.
You moaned as he started sucking and nibbling as he went down your body. He spread your legs further so that he could settle right in between.
Once he had his share of kissing your inner thighs, he finally licked a stripe of your dripping pussy. As he continued his impeccable ministrations, you lost all your coherent thoughts.
You whimpered as he stopped and looked up at you with lust filled eyes. “Say. It.” You stared with wide eyes as he spit on your swollen folds and went back to devouring you.
“Did you just…. Oh god!” This man sure knew how to pleasure a woman. The way his tongue was flicking your clit was alternated by gentle sucks by his mouth.
Your hand was gripping the short strands of his hair while the other was holding the headboard as your back arched up with pleasure.
You were about to cum as he fucked you with his tongue, before that, he stopped. “You’re not gonna cum until you say it.” You whined as he crawled back and kissed you silly.
“Fuck daddy! Please!” Taking his dick in his hands, he just rubbed it on your folds frustrating you further. “What do you want doll?”
You batted your eyelashes and swallowed thickly, “I… I need you! Please! Please fuck me, daddy!” Your desperation was clear in your voice.
The moment your sentence was complete, he slammed right into you. Your channel was wet enough to take him all at once. You both gasped once he was fully seated within you.
“Fuck!” You wrapped your legs around his waist and while you were clutching him with one hand, the other was still holding the headboard.
He couldn’t control his movements once he was wrapped in your tight heat. His lips sucked while his teeth bit whatever skin of yours he could touch as he wildly pumped into you.
You were close and you had to cum this time. But most importantly you wanted to tell Bucky that you felt the same. “Buck… Bucky, I love you!”
He held you tighter and his thrusts became erratic. “I love you too!…. Fuck…. Cum for me.!” Your eyes rolled back and your legs quivered around him as you came the hardest you ever had.
As your walls gripped him, he too came, filling you up with his warmth. You held each other as you both reached the highs of pleasure.
You lazily rubbed your legs over his as you basked in the afterglow. “Happy birthday!” He once again wished you. “Thanks.” This time you were much mellow.
“Gonna make it your best one yet.” You didn’t know what he meant until his hand snaked right back between your thighs. You were on the verge of being oversensitive. “Bucky!” You whined in protest, without really meaning it.
Bucky simply smirked and replied, “I promised you, you were gonna regret being a brat.”
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velvetcardiganbucky · 7 months ago
Mob bucky/seb or mob chris/andy recs??
Tumblr media
Updated 07/04/21 ✨ = Just Added
To be added please tag me in your future works!
Hey Anon! I’m so glad you asked this because Mob/Mafia! Any version of those boys is my favorite. In my previous fic recs I recommended...
If love was an option by @mianorth » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Part 1 🦋 Part 2 🦋 Part 3
Good Little Wife & Good Little Girl by @donutloverxo » Mob!Andy Barber x Reader – A little dark and it has some really good smut in it.
Blackmail by @stargazingfangirl18 » Soft!DarkMafia Andy Barber x Female Reader — You were just doing it to protect your family, at least that’s what you kept telling yourself, especially once you started to like it. (One-Shot)
Blow Sweet and Thick by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Bucky is having a bad day, you can help him feel good. (Part of Mafia Monday’s)
Run To You by @bestofbucky » Mob!Boss Bucky x Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. (Series)
Can’t Run, Can’t Hide by @angrythingstarlight » Dark!MafiaBucky Barnes x Reader — When you get noticed by the infamous mob boss, you flee. But Bucky doesn’t like to be denied anything and he’s coming for you. (One-shot)
Six Feet | Ch.1 ⚰️ Ch.2 by @queenoftheworldisdead » Dark Mob!Steve x Reader + Dark Mob!Bucky x Reader — Your family’s small funeral home comes into financial trouble. In desperation your father finds the most unlikely solution to solve his financial problems. | (Short Series)
Bankrupt by @mypoisonedvine » dark!40’s!Mob!Stucky x Reader — Your husband’s gambling addiction quickly got him in hot water with the mob, and you by extension. When some debt collectors come by to settle what is owed, you realize that you have a lot more to worry about than money problems.
Partition by @angrythingstarlight » Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky comforts you after a bad day, and your boss learns why no one messes with his girl. —> Part 2: Let Me Show You — You wanted to know what your mobster boyfriend did, lucky for you he’s more into the show then tell.
Say the word and it’s yours by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your mobster boyfriend rescues you from a long, boring day at work. Bucky always said, “ask and its yours”
Lost Without You by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky Barnes would be lost with you. You’re his everything and he plans on spending Valentine’s Day proving it to you.
All Dressed In White by @angrythingstarlight » Dark!Mafia Bucky Barnes x Reader — You were going to marry someone else, Bucky won’t let that happen. You belong to him now and forever. Till Death Do You Part.
Thick As Thieves by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader x Mafia!Steve Rogers — The only thing the Mafia hates as much as snitches are thieves. And you’re planning on stealing from Bucky and Steve, what happens if you get caught?
Won’t Let You Go by @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay » Mob!Bucky Barnes x OFC!Kori — Kori met Bucky in one of his clubs, out to get shit-faced with a couple of friends to forget about her worries and maybe take home a guy to further rid herself of her numerous frustrations. Little did she know that the one-night stand with Bucky would turn into so much more than that.
Tell Me What You Want by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve Rogers x Reader; Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your mob boyfriend, is none other than Steve Rogers and he is willing to get you whatever you wanted, all you have to do is ask. And be careful what you ask for because he’s going to give it to you over and over again.
To Have & To Hold by @slyyywriting » Bucky Barnes x Mob Boss!Reader — Bucky is trying his best to provide and care for his daughter who just entered first grade. Everything was alright until she asks why everyone else seems to have a mom except for her. You’re just a plain mob boss who wants to turn a new leaf. Challenges arise when the world refuses to let you take a softer, non-violent route. A little girl helps you navigate a compromise.(series)
✨ Mob!Sugar Daddy!Stucky Moodboard by @brattycherubwrites » Mob!Stucky x Reader
✨ Laced Around Your Throat by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve x Reader, Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Your Mob boyfriend knows that the only thing that looks even better than his hand around your throat is his custom made necklace. You’re his girl and the world needs to know it.
✨ Hidden Gems by @jtargaryen18 » Mob!Steve Rogers x Mob!Daughter Reader — Your father is the head of one of the most powerful crime families in Boston but he’s protected you from that life. In your quiet home outside the city, you’ve been cared for and protected. When the desires of a more powerful man with the will to dominate bursts into your life, all your illusions are shattered as he comes to claim what is his.
Necessary Arrangements by @stargazingfangirl18 » Andy Barber x Fem!Reader, Ari Levinson x (Different) Fem! Reader ft. Ransom Drysdale » One of my favorite series, chapters are decent sized and the smut is so good!
Hugs My Love by @thatfuckingweirdo » Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader — You just really need a hug, and Bucky is the only one you want it from.
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam by @cloudystevie » Mob Boss!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader — steve gives you what you want… kind of.
Brooklyn Wars by @world-of-aus » Stucky x Reader
Petals and Bullets by @revengingbarnes » Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader (One of my all time favorites series)
I would check out @sinner-as-saint’s Masterlist they have quite a few Mob!Bucky series and one-shots that I have loved in the past.
Special by @buckycuddlebuddy » Bucky Barnes x Reader — this one-shot is really hot.
Love, Honor, and Obey by @constantwriter85 » Bucky Barnes — This one is good and I need to catch up on.
Mafioso by @captain-barnes-writes » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Please do yourself a favor and read.
Lipstick and Crayons by @oneoftheprettynerds » Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader - In Progress
A really good DarkMob!Steve Drabble called Please Hurt Me by @gotnofucks *chefs kiss*
The Mobster’s Little Girl by @smutsonian » Steve Rogers x Reader
off to the races 🐻 off to the races 2 by @harryspet » Soft!Dark Steve Rogers x Reader
The Ignorant Beauty & the Beast by @mysterioh » Steve Rogers x Reader – With 21 parts sadly it hasn’t been updated in 8 months, it’s one of my favorite Mob!Steve Roger fics out there. *Thanks to @inactivewhore I found out this story was moved to AO3 and is now called where angels fear to tread it was last updated on 13/11/20*
What It Takes by @cherienymphe » Bucky Barnes x Reader — You left Bucky once you found out who he really is. The one thing you thought would guarantee your safety ends up sealing your fate.
Welcome Home by @punani » Chris Evans x Black!Reader — He’s been away for awhile, but he knows that his girl’s loyalty to him knows no bounds. Knows she’s been waiting for him after her adamancy in telling him there was no other option. It’s only right to make the reunion a memorable one. | So, so, so, so freaking good!
These are what I found on Tumblr that I plan on reading.
Handmaid by @extremelyblackandwhite » Sebastian Stan x ingenue!Reader — y/n works as a handmaid for the daughter of an influential mob leader who is promised to the new boss of the most powerful mob family in new york, sebastian.
AO3 Website Reccomendations
Satellite Heart » Stucky x Reader — You used to be Steve and Bucky's girl. Then they fucking left without saying goodbye. Little did they know, you were pregnant. But life went on. You raised your Talia to the best of your ability. But one day, everything goes to shit. Now your boys are back in your life. And they're not planning on leaving anytime soon.
Little Fox A/B/O Series » Soft!Dark Bucky Barnes x Soft!Dark Natasha Romanoff x OFC! & Peter Parker x Soft!Dark Tony Stark — So I can’t stress this enough you need to read the tags for this series and I kept getting confused as I read this story as to how old Violet Mason is. But this series takes you on a roller coaster, I like it, my cousin didn’t finish it, I need to catch up.
Pelmeni *finished* » Stucky x Reader — James Bucky Barnes has a good life, as a member of a powerful organized crime syndicate. His best friend Steve is a member too and his literal partner in crime. Bucky's got a problem though. You. His longtime love and secret girlfriend. Unfortunately, your father is his boss and has plans for you that involve normal life. Steve has a problem too. Steve wants in on your relationship and more than the semi-regular/occasional steamy threesomes. You don't have a problem, you're just busy with a big mob wedding coming up, which means a big celebration, that you're busy catering for.
Dying For This Love » Dark!Bucky x Reader — That was before. When you were Bucky’s girl. Now, you have a score to settle. That’s why you’re wearing Bucky’s favorite red satin dress, the one with the cuts that reach right up to the tops of your thighs, the tennis necklace he gifted you for your anniversary, and are fresh off of a mani/pedi and hair appointment. He’s going to regret the day he fucked with you. | This one is intense and a tad bit dark, but the smut is good.
off to the races » Steve Rogers x Reader — In which you call the kingpin your Daddy.
The Mobster’s Little Girl » Steve Rogers x Reader — what happens when the big bad mobster gets blackmailed by your father to marry you? (kind of fluffy kind of not. kinda dark kinda not.)
Brooklyn Sweethearts » Dark!Stucky x Reader — Bucky and Steve had always been meant to keep her safe and happy. As far as anyone else was concerned, that was their sole reason for being alive. Unfortunately, the things that kept her safe were not always the things that kept her happy. Lately, she was making it pretty damn hard for them to compromise. | Probably one of my all time favorite Mafia!Stucky stories I have ever read, just sadly it also hasn’t been updated in like 8 months and I keep hoping it will get updated.
Hot Doll » Skinny!MobBoss Steve Rogers x Reader — Steve Rogers is on the rise in the New York underground as you’re trying to keep your own place there. | Dark and good!
Doctor Doctor » Steve Rogers x PlusSize! Reader — (1940 Mobster AU!) You're a war widow down on her luck; and the King of Brooklyn, Steve Rogers, takes notice. | Another one of my favorites. A little bit dark as well.
The Widow » Dark!MobBoss x Reader — It’s the 1920s and everyone’s having a roaring time but you. | Trust me it’s just dark enough.
Those are just some on AO3, I would just go through Mafia AU tag and go to filter and click Avengers or Captain America.
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