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#dark acadamia aesthetic
f0mo · 5 months ago
okay but waking up in the middle of the night to soft rain and knowing you've got hours to sleep, when you're toasty warm and comfortable and sleep has made you forget all your worries and you go back to sleep feeling as content as ever.
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scholarlyacademia · 6 months ago
people who know random things are so platonically attractive to me like yes let me be your best friend tell me about the history of liquid soap
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faedaimon · 9 months ago
Why did we stop with ballroom dances??? Like seriously to waltz around a room with a handsome stranger to classical music while others look at us with envy and after the music ends both of you with flushed cheeks, breathing fast, the sexual tension ; that was the shit.
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merely-a-fool · 7 months ago
What really gets me is when you're reading a book and the chapter labels have, like, vines or floral details around them or something. it makes me so soft - just- the fact that someone was like 'ooh we can add beauty here, we totally should' and they did it
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local-deadpoet · 3 months ago
drug of choice? english teachers complimenting my writing.
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lunamonchtuna · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
— Sophocles, Electra (translated by Anne Carson, with Introduction and Notes by Michael Shaw) (via lunamonchtuna)
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blushingwildflower · a month ago
That intimate moment between you and the book you have just read the last words of, where you sit there taking in the enormity of what you have just finished.
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orchid-child · 7 months ago
If y'all need me, I'll be in my room, in the dark, yearning melodramatically
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