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I don’t know if anyone will really see this but, I’m in need of a Latin buddy desperately. I’m trying to learn but I suck at self discipline and could use someone to help motivate me. And I’d do the same with you of course. So if you’re trying to learn too feel free to IM me! 🖤🤎🖤🤎

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made a book from scratch : sketchbook.


i spent a week trying paper making because when i was eight i would make really shitty doodle books etc.

i decided not to use the homemade paper in this book because i hadnt tried sizing paper before and i didnt want the paper to bleed when i went in with ink.

i used old paper i had lying around and stained it with a mix of instant coffee , a little bit of cacoa powder, water and wood glue. the wood glue was to size the paper a little more as a saftey measure beacuse i havent tried this paper yet.

i then got old cloth from an old project and dyed it a darker red because i wasnt a fan if the white.

after many failed attempts at binding i finally got it right. keep in mind im using what i have and dont actually have thr proper stuff. ones i had binded the pages i added i added mesh over the spine on top of wood glue to strengthen it.

the next was getting really thick card / like cardboard without the gapping. and fixed it too the spine and adding a darker scrap of cloth to cover up any mistakes along the spine.

this is my first time making anything like this and i hope too again soon. Xxx

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is now a good time to tell you that i am so utterly and completely in love with you and am living for the fact that i am watching you grow?

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Why can’t I just combine every era I’ve ever fallen in love with into one and live in it, huh?

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