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#dark academia aesthetic

Here’s a list of Bollywood Indie/Mainstream Dark Academia music that’s in my playlist, feel free to add more :

1. Manmarziya - Lootera (2013)

2. Shikayatein - Lootera (2013)

3. Monta Re - Lootera (2013)

4. Ek Woh Din - chachi 420 (1997)

5. Mann ki Lagan - Paap (2004)

6. Roshay - Made in Heaven (2018)

7. Boondein - Silk Route (1998)

8. Khuda Haafiz - Yuva (2006)

9. Pashmina - Fitoor (2018)

10. Yeh Fitoor Mera - Fitoor (2018)

11. Behene Deh - Raavan (2010)

12. Ishq Bina - Taal (1999)

13. Safarnama - Tamasha (2015)

14. Jiya Jale - Dil Se (1999)

15. Mar Jaaye Hum - Shikara (2020)

16. Tose Naina Laage/Jaaveda Zindagi - Anwar (2009)

17. Maula Mere - Anwar (2009)

18. Madno - Lamhaa (2010)

19. Saawli Si Raat - Barfi (2012)

20. Naiharwa - Kailasa (2006)

21. Surmayi Aankhen - Piya Basanti (2000)

22. Chaand Hai - Piya Basanti Again (2012)

23. Aise Na Dekho - Raanjhanaa (2013)

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it doesn’t look like im going to be able to post an update for a while; living at home, even for five-ish weeks Is proving to be a bit more difficult than expected. but ill provide not-fashion updates just the same. happy holidays to everyone ! stay safe :)

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Today I

  • Finished reading Behind Closed Doors by Miriam Halahmy! It was a decently written but meaningful story. I wouldn’t read it again anytime soon.
  • Did a body conditioning workout.
  • Watched 2 videos for “In the Studio,” an online Museum of Modern Art class that I’m taking!
  • Practiced my German.
  • Watched The Real Housewives of Potomac with my sister!
  • Had some green tea.
  • Bought ice cream bowls and scoopers, serving spoons, and wine glasses for my mom from Amazon and AliExpress!
  • Researched and bought a portable air conditioner from Lowe’s. It’ll be a Christmas present for my sister.
  • Worked on my personal statement for an internship!

Tomorrow I will

  • Do some yoga.
  • Do some homework for “In the Studio!”
  • Practice my Russian.
  • Look into buying some curtains, indoor plants, gardening tools, and a hose for my mom!
  • Work on my personal statement again.
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“She placed at my feet the treasures of the Orient, the moon, and beyond. She reduced me to the size of an ant so I could experience the universe from that smallness; she gave me wings to see it from the heavens; she gave me the tail of a fish so I would know the depths of the sea.”

I’ve read a few of Allende’s novels and her memoir. I must say, I’ve settled on this one as my favorite just as one would settle on choice of wine: a few sips here and there, tightening of the taste buds around one flavor and the instinctive feeling. Not too much logic involved, only how it makes a person feel.

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