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#dark academia fashion

falling in love with him, i think, would be like falling in love with old record stores and city walks, misty forests and rainy days.

like falling in love with midnight conversations and spotify playlists, dances in the rain and whispered thoughts.

like walking along hidden city streets and arching museum ceilings, climbing buildings and the flicker of a burning flame.

like falling in love with quick hugs and smiles and secret handshakes and clinging to the arms of a sweater.

falling in love with him, i think, would be like falling in love with the night sky and all its stars, the pitter patter of rain on windows, and the deep sea.

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“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” - Oscar Wilde

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Physically I’m here but emotionally I’m in a little 1900s European bakery, drinking coffee and watching pedestrians pass by through the window ☕

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Today’s outfit. I love mixing textures.

The outfit is so simple just a black turtleneck, and a skirt, the blazer is the statement piece.

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people are sleeping on charles xavier as a dark academia icon and it really shows

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In love with this skirt. It matches my breakfast.

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My trenchcoat is so long on me it caresses the ground when I walk

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Happy Monday!

I’m really excited there’s this new translation of the Oddessy without the sexist undertones as it is written by a woman. I wanna start it tonight.

This is today’s outfit. The polo and sweater are actually menswear. Super warm with a pair of thick leggings. I try to avoid jeans at all costs even in the winter.

What are you up to today?

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summer dark academia fashion

- linen, linen, linen!

Everything you already own but in linen. Trousers, shirts, shorts. A very light fabric which allows you to wear pants in the middle of summer. Very practical and often able to be found in thrift stores.

- lingerie

Anything you would wear under you clothes in winter now becomes outerwear (especially silk) . Lacy camisoles tucked into shorts, silk shorts with an oversized shirt.

- makeup

Sunscreen! Embrace the dewy complexion it gives you, layer over it light lipstick for blush and waterproof mascara ( so it does not smudge in the heat )

- sandals

Embrace your inner Roman with a good pair of leather (or fake leather) sandals. Berkenstocks are very durable and come in lots of nuteral and dark colours.

- dresses

Dark florals and nuteral colours. They are particularly good if you can find them in cotton or linen. Embrace the femmine side of dark academia if you like.

- pesant blouses

Embrace your inner pirate. Long sleeves keep you protected from the sun, whist the loose sleeves and bodice will keep you cool.

- underwear

Study in nothing but your underwear in the sweltering heat of summer. Embracing your body for what it is, perfect.

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I have a post about this here! But I’ll add a couple more for you in a light academia vein. 

  • Brown/tan trousers
  • Brown leather boots/oxfords
  • White cotton and/or silk button down
  • Flowy white shirt
  • White turtleneck to layer silk cami tops/cardigans/sweaters over
  • Gold/pearl jewelry

I think the simplest way to think about light academia fashion as compared to dark is that light academia uses browns where dark academia uses black, and has softer, more flowing fabrics and fits where dark academia is more fitted, tight, and streamlined. 

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