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#dark academia literature
muralofmymusings4 months ago
Famous authors while naming characters
Jane Austen: 鈥淚 am going to create a character who is an avant-garde of elegance and is such a pleasant,lovely creature that even the heroine looks up to her and (in a high-pitched, lilting voice) I am going to name her Jane.鈥
On the other hand, Fyodor Dostoevsky: 鈥 I am going to create the most wretched, ugliest, womanizing buffoon that is a horrible father and is, without a doubt, most rotten man of the rogues and (in a rather deep, husky, lilting tone) I am going to name him Fyodor.鈥
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ataphya6 months ago
How beautiful it is to bond with someone over literature. You share with them why you feel, what you feel about a story; they share with you their own perspective of it. Theories and concepts, interpretations, presumptions and definitions. You both create a new, your own version of the story, that may be a little different than others but that would be because it would be all you and them. It would be like adding more beautiful pieces of decoration to an already beautiful art studio, like adding more little trees to a forest; it may not make a difference for everyone else but for you, it would be everything - a world hidden away from the rest of the universe.
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achillesreborn5 months ago
there is safety in familiarity, yes, but there is joy in discovery. beauty wears thin, time snaps past, & not one man can prevent its turning.
but the wonder & excitement of finishing the first chapter of a book & realising you simple cannot put it down is an unlimited ecstacy.
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theclassicalmind17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pretending to be a guest in my Asian household 鈽曪笍鈥.
Jane Austen really is unparalleled, when you come to think of it. Her writing is an amalgam of wit, humor and sass and it鈥檚 a perfect trilogy. I really haven鈥檛 come across anyone who resembles Austen but I think close to her is Edith Wharton minus the humor but that woman is also very piquant. (currently reading The Age of Innocence) Also I鈥檝e been wondering why I鈥檓 coming across so much infidelity content like The Great Gatsby, The Age of Innocence, Anna Karenina, Penthouse etc. anyways
QOTD: What is your comfort book? 馃摀
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muralofmymusings3 months ago
Can we get this straight for once??? Like Latin and Greek are dark academia languages because they are classical but like have you ever considered Arabic,Persian or Urdu or other languages of the East? If you dark academics found out about the ghazals of Ghalib or the poems of Faiz, you鈥檇 die in an instant !!! That鈥檚 how good they are !!!
Let鈥檚 make dark academia more inclusive because us Asians and Easterners can鈥檛 really learn Latin or Greek and if you are looking for romance, don鈥檛 miss out on the greatest treasures of the world !!!
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ataphya6 months ago
I recently read a post somewhere about how the "best" dark Academia life would be everything Western Eurocentric. So, here's my edition -
鈥 Learning any ancient language from around the world - Latin, Sanskrit, Greek, Roman, Arabic, Tamil, Bengali, German
鈥 wearing Coats, Chicken designed Kurtis, Dark shades of clothes, browns, Oxfords and Kolhapuris, Shiffon sarees, Bindis, Turbans
鈥 Read and write prose, poetry, Dohe (for reference see Saint Kabir of North India), Haikus, Plays, Vaakh (for reference see Lal Ded of Kashmir, India), Philosophy, Ancient literature
鈥 Learn how to play Piano, Harp, Santoor, Harmonium, Rabab
鈥 Be Straight, Bi, Gay, Ace, Pan, Demi, Trans, Queer or anything else that you feel defines you.
鈥 Go to Museums, Historical Monuments and societies, Parliament buildings
鈥 maybe have a research file on some people you may want to murder?
Something that will definitely NOT make the best dark Academia life?
I make the rules.
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smolsnailhugs13 days ago
Oversized sweaters. competitive desires, desires to win. cinnamon sticks instead of cigarettes. tweed skirts and cheap leather shoes. barren country fields and abandoned barns. fog in the hills. old bookstores. sweet coffee or hot tea. paper spilling out of your pockets. sword fights with twisted sticks. rosemary in the window. baked goods in your hand as you wander through the gravestones.
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yours-truly-so21 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing to write, all you have to do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.鈥
~ Ernest Hemingway
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