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withlovefromcannelle · 27 days ago
Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.
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dionyrtal · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I lost it in April — Dion Anja, from Motion Sickness (2022).
support your local poet this april (aka national poetry month) and buy her latest poetry collection motion sickness, thank you very much <3
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ohtoreadmyheart · 3 months ago
And if i could be in your eyes for a moment. if i could live in your mind for a second. if you could smile because of me. if you call my name for once - i am ready to win any crisis this world offers to me. i am ready to destroy any wrong this universe do to me. i am ready to wipe all those tears, each eye shed around me. i am ready to face, to break and to heal. if only you could know my existence , even if it lasts an instant in your memory that -- someone like me, loved you.
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destructivepictorial · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
The Years by Virgina Woolf.
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whereflowersbloom · 3 months ago
When the trees blow no more,
When there is no salt left in the sea,
And all the stars in the sky have died,
When time ceases to exist
Even then, I will carry your heart with me.
Letter I
A. M.
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mibastalaluna · a month ago
baby, there's something tragic about you;
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yara-writes · 5 months ago
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dyrdymalki · 11 months ago
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writing on a Starbucks napkin, trying to do something deep and meaningful, but to be honest all I can think of is that I don't even remember where I got it from, I haven't been to Starbucks for months, so why now? why today I've found a little napkin folded in my book? I don't even like it, and rarely can afford so what was I doing there?
Looking back now, I think I had a coupon, where from? Probably  from the workshops the day before.... yes I think that's it, but still why I was there?... I remember I had to wait somewhere, after doing something, I don't know what, because I couldn't go back home, and as far as I know this coupon was the only thing to eat I could that day afford.
And now I'm sitting here still not writing that deep meaningful piece, and instead thinking of all the things that happened that got me to find a little folded napkin. Of all the ways the planets has aligned, for me to one random day decide to go to Starbucks, of how the stars has guided me to take a little napkin with me, and of what course has my life took to find it today in my book.
And oh look I've wasted all the space not having written a single meaningful word, well maybe another time who knows what little folded napkin I'll find next
|repost from the old blog| |my other writing|
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thebloodmoonmistress · a month ago
To look at you is to feel my eyes glow yellow. 
I become prey, I feel the predator.
I am lured in, I am tempted through.
I look at you like it's something holy - burning, burning, burning -
your gaze grips me like you ache to choke me for daring to.
I tilt my head and step closer by the waist.
It's like a crime, a ferocity, a silent disposition.
"What are you going to do about it?" my eyes say,
"How deep are you going to let me drown?"
- Dracona Váli Rós Jeraphine Infernalis {The Blood Moon Mistress}
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white-poppie · 22 days ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢 𝐈 𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐟𝐟 𝐤𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐬
Men think that all women want is a rich man with a handsome face.
I want a man who speaks in deep whispers, words full of sensual knowledge and wisdom dripping down like ichor, his words so compelling, like the pipe of the pied piper that I am willingly following him to my ruin.
He who treats me like glass, gentle caresses like he is afraid to break what is already damaged, maybe his sultry and soft touches might heal me after all.
He who notices when I have gone quiet. Reassurances on the tip of his tongue as it clashes with mine, and I am forced to gulp in the love.
He who carves his name with the caverns of his mouth, hands running across the places I think I am most unfitting. I can't help but whimper, only the moonlight has ever touched me so intimately, only the moonlight.
He who tells me every terrible thing he did, iridescent tears flowing down his eyes, head rested on my chest. I would kiss his eyelids and tell him that he could be an absolute abomination, a beast and yet I would choose him.
I would never ask him stupid questions like, "would you still love me if I were a worm?" I think that he thought I was someone worth his love in this life is more than a blessing.
Even when he would talk to prettier women, I would turn my eye around, yes I am insecure, but I would trust him with my life, hand him my beating heart and give a dagger. in his hand. Haven't I given too much already? Haven't people hurt me with things I gave them out of love already?
He who would be the Achilles to my Patroclus. The Hades to my Persephone; I am a pauper that nobody owns, yet he would shatter my soul even when all he could see were my bones.
Even though my self-destructive manias, he would stay. I would be a bit too tangled in his soul. Pardon me, it's my fault for getting attached too quickly.
Who am I writing about? No one particular in mind, perhaps someone in future who might find me worth investing in.
My young soul has killed her gods, got my demons on her knees, yet his smile would give me a victory higher than all of them.
Since my childhood I have had love fed to me on a spoon, there were times, however, I just somehow learnt to lick it off knives as well.
Gauri Sharma (white-poppie) aka me :)
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Aesthetics writing white-poppie
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acadamia · 8 months ago
You never know what it feels like to fall until you do. You hear their stores about others looking up and feeling like the world stopped time just so they could look at their love a little longer. You hear about the perfect love stories and the untreatable bonds that they have.
Falling is never something you can expect, they say. It just happens.
They lied.
I know the entire time I was falling for you. From the long nights on the phone laughing over absolutely nothing. To the drives late at night with donut and coffee.
I knew.
I knew when you touched my hand for the first time. I knew when you told me you loved me in a whisper when you thought I wasn’t listening. I knew when you drove to my house in the pouring rain because thunder scared the shit out of me and I couldn’t move.
There wasn’t a moment after the first time we met that I didn’t know I loved you. That I didn’t know you were meant to be everything to me.
No one ever tells you what it feels like to fall for someone, they just tell you that its unexpected.
But it wasn’t.
I expected every single moment of it.
-E. ~x
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withlovefromcannelle · 23 days ago
like you, I can't sleep, because I love too many things, and my heart, dressed like the dead, overflows towards the universe.
—Miguel Hernández, tr by Robert Bly, from The Selected Poems : "Death"
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soymilkwriter · 13 days ago
Letter to my soulmate I wonder what you’re up to. In fact, I have found, that when I am accompanied by my own presence, I think of you the most. I wonder where you’re from. I wonder what music you listen to when you’re in the car alone, hiding guilty pleasures for only your ears to hear. I wonder if you would let me be as special as to also hear them, the fear of judgement vanishing because it is me. What movies do you like? Any that resemble a part of your childhood? Do you find joy when the sun is out, or do you mourn the loss of gloomy weather? What are you like in the mornings? Do you look out at the curtain, barely blocking the sun shining down as you groan and try to look the other way? I like to imagine, that while your sleepy form dreads the sun, it illuminates your pretty features all the same. If, or I suppose when, the day comes where I am delighted the essence of you, do you view me the way I know I will view you? Ethereal, kind, or the human embodiment of sunlight? Coming back from work, do you imagine my smile as you drive home? Your heart fluttering at the anticipation of our eyes meeting as you walk through the front door? Do you giggle like a child, as you meet my body into a warm embrace? What does your smile look like? I bet it’s infectious, as well as your laugh. Your personality lighting up the room, as I admire from afar, loving the outlandish personality you give to others while falling in love with the sweet tone you save just for me. Do you ever think of me? Looking up at the same starry sky, fantasizing of the day when we can share more than the sight of the same sky. Do you ponder what I’m like? I can tell you with all the confidence I have, that the moment I learned of such a thing, I’ve been seeking for you everywhere I go.
A <3
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ohtoreadmyheart · 4 months ago
and once in a lifetime, you will fall for someone who will snitch your heart away from you and you will just stare at them. who will make you feel miserable but special. who will turn you into a beautiful beast. who will make you forget all the sorrows of your life and so yourself. who will make you someone totally unknown from what you were. who will give you the most beautiful heart ache ever, a heart ache that you will crave for. once in a lifetime, you will fall for someone who will be so dear to you. someone , who can never be yours. someone whom you can never take your heart back from.  
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destructivepictorial · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
quote from euripides, hekabe, grief lessons: four plays
artwork by kim jakobsson "i won't become"
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dionyrtal · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
FEBRUARY SALE! to celebrate MOTION SICKNESS’ release, MY DAWN IS ONLY FIVE HOURS AWAY is only 99 cents throughout february & on all platforms! it’s the perfect companion to say goodbye to winter & get ready for spring. get your copy, a cup of tea, your cat (there’s a poem about cats in there, just sayin’) and enjoy!
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mibastalaluna · 4 months ago
if my love story isn't like an hozier's song I don't think I want to sign up
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yara-writes · 4 months ago
i love folk clothing. folk embroidery, folk tattoos, folk dances and music. i love the fact that, through all of these expressions of human creativity, millions of people looked at the sky, the fire, the water, the grass, the trees and said "this is worthy of my love and redemption. i will honor them forever, or for as long as i can uphold their memory" and then they braided and sewed and carved and tattooed, with these hands that learned from other hands, more ancient and close to nature than themselves. and thinking about that makes me realize, these hands not only crafted, they gifted their art to you. these hands trusted their legacy to your hands, to your whole body, to your memory. nobody else could've made it, so trustworthyly, so exact. they crafted and composed and created, so you could craft and compose and create as well.
i try to emulate, with my own art, with my own crafting, the care of these hands that created all the sort of things, everywhere in the world. maybe in a distant future or even in the chaotic present, the children of those who had these blessed hands will realize and say "this person cares about what the others before me cared. she cares about me as well".
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especiallythatnight · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
We saw each other again yesterday.
You said that you “don’t want to rely on me too much and keep it fun”, which my rational side completely understands, but my emotional side completely loathes.
We both agreed on this- we knew that we were bound to end the moment we touched. This was never meant to last.
But the way we act around each other seems to suggest otherwise. The way you kiss my forehead. The way I trace your back, with your head nestled perfectly on the curve of my waist. The way we can sit in silence, soaking up each other’s company without feeling the need to fill it with anything other than the comfort of each other’s presence.
I want this to be something more than “just some fun”, but I know deep down that it’s something entirely unlikely. Yet, I so badly want that confirmation of further affection- that step forward into enjoying each other’s companionship and personhood, rather than just dwelling in the fleeting realm of physical affection and lust.
I know what I’m yearning for is illogical, but again, what better thing to do illogically than to love?
To give yourself to someone, or to find refuge in another person- the concept in itself is illogical. Love is supposed to transcend and surpass any logical inhibitions. It’s supposed to be the one thing that makes your existence just a little more special and meaningful.
So why not this? Why not take the risk?
Hold my hand, and let’s leap into the unknown together.
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thebloodmoonmistress · 2 months ago
I'm tired of this blind numbness. Take me to the wolves. Let me remember rage among the wild again. I never belonged to this machine world and their paper thoughts, paper ideas. I need ravenous feasts, excruciating atrocity, and heaps of passion in the name of gods of death - I will become fire itself if it burns every bit of the residue this age has tried to rust me over with. I will swallow the flame like it's the sun melting on my tongue.
Dracona Váli Rós Jeraphine Infernalis {The Blood Moon Mistress}
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