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#dark academic aesthetic
aisherkan hour ago
"I ask you about love, you'd probably quote me a sonnet but you've never looked at woman and been totally vulnerable. Known someone that could level you with her eyes. Feelin' like God put an angel on Earth just for you who could rescue you from the depths of hell. And you wouldn't know what it's like to be her angel to have that love for her , be there forever. Through anything, through cancer ."
,馃帴 饾悊饾惃饾惃饾悵 饾悥饾悽饾惀饾惀 饾悋饾惍饾惂饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹 ( 1997)
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dark academia places to visit
Mortlock Wing
Morgan Library and Museum
Adelaide Arcade
The Frick Collection
Lichtenstein Castle
MET Cloisters
Cambridge, England
The Barr Smith Library
The Art Gallery of South Australia
Neue Galerie
British Galleries Exhibit at the MET
Linderhof Palace
Merchant's House Museum
Apoteca Bar
Schweriner Castle
Maybe Mae Bar
Wartburg Castle
Abandoned City Hall Subway Station
New York Society Library
Church of St. Francis Xavier
Shakespeare and Company
The Moulin Rouge
Oxford, England
Edinburg, Scotland
Neuschwanstein Castle
Hohenzollern Castle
Reichsburg Cochem
Trondheim, Norway
Evora, Portugal
Glasgow, Scotland
Berlin, Germany
Library Trinity College
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advikab3 hours ago
When I woke up today it was raining,so I took a long,hot bath. Washed my hair,cleaned my skin,wore my best dress,my heart locket,curled my hair and made a cup of cold coffee.
Why you may ask?
For my lover is here to take me.
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moonsiechild5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Inspired by this 馃尮
Utter a cheep and you shall awaken me
Heart pulsing slow in my ears
Your every struggle and fear are all my adversary
I will silence them shut mercilessly
Eyes wide unexpecting
Held by strong yet erroneous arms
I fled from the maw
When I first heard your far-off cry
You quake under
An irresistible beast
Heated blood rises to break your mask
You hastily brush away your worries
And took a chance; a deep plunge
Into this beast's dark ocean
Tasting fresh fruit and aged wine, beholding of nature, the mounting of light
None of them were familiar to me or humane
My ears whir a little
But your beautiful small lips pressed against mine brought me life
Such a divine kiss grimly reminds me of mortality
So I know to savor every taste, every touch, every sense of you
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alingcocothemuse7 hours ago
ive noticed being heartbroken makes you write beautiful things. its like everything is just coming out of those cracks and materializing into words and art. sometimes more and more start coming out. things that shouldve and wouldve. the ifs. the dreams. everything. beauty of art somehow always has a price. beauty is terror.
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alingcocothemuse7 hours ago
the effort and time i put into trying to socialize is equal to the effort and time to read like a 500 page book in one day, which is why i dont socialize and stick to my fantasy worlds which are much more worth my effort and time. so sorry cant hang out.
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poeticintrovert8 hours ago
If you look at the four seasons, each season brings fruit. In summer, there's fruit, in autumn, too. Winter brings different fruit and spring, too. No mother can fill her fridge with such a variety of fruit for her children. No mother can do as much for her children as God does for His creatures. You want to refuse all that? You want to give it all up? You want to give up the taste of cherries?
Taste of Cherry, dir. Abbas Kiarostami
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whiskedthought9 hours ago
You are not your own person , really you are not. You are the laughter of your mother . The anger of your father. You are the warmth of your best friend and the kindness of the last book you read. You are pages of torn history , you are the music you sway to and beauty of stars on a clear night . You are the clouds on a rainy day and you are the clear skies on the sunny day. You are fragments of everything and everyone in your life regardless of where they are now. You are not you own person 鈥 but the whole universe.
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iespeciallyme11 hours ago
Astronomy: May 16th, 2021 - Crooked Constellations
May 16th, 2021 Crooked Constellations
Have you ever wondered if the constellations in the sky that the visionaries and dreamers go to sleep thinking about at night are perfect like everyone tells you they are? From Earth, we connect the stars in long, straight lines, which never shirk the path they've been assigned to travel on. On Earth, they have grand names of queens, warriors, and legendary animals, like Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Orion, and Taurus. But are they as beautiful, and legendary as everyone proclaims them to be, or are they just hiding in the undecipherable exegesis of stardust and sunlight?
From time to time when I'm in the city, staring at a blank surface, a black hole that sucks up all the diamonds and substitutes them with an air of nothingness. And, the same mat, the same sky in the villages that are full of golden sunlight and lush grass, the colors change, undergo metamorphosis like a butterfly, unveiling its star-flecked wings.聽
And when I look at the stars in this view, I wonder, what if we didn't join the stars by stiff, abrupt, white lines, rather with arching, silky curves, with sharp turns, and constant U-turns. What would our sky look like to the world then?
Would it look like the same endless and overflowing bowl of diamonds and dark, or would it warp into a mess, like a child's scribbles on a white wall?
Every time I looked at the sky, I used to draw words, animals, and glyphs in it, all with fraudulent and broken lines, one my geometry teacher would never approve of in an exam.
And then, it hit me.
Our constellations aren't the same, and they never will be, if we look at them from another planet. To Mercury, The Big Dipper may look like a Big Black Hole, and to Pluto, Orion may look like a dot. How brilliantly perspective changes things.
Our sky, our beautiful, perfect sky, wasn't perfect. To be perfect, everyone had to believe you were, but when everything is crooked, how can you be pure?聽
You can't.聽
It's that simple.
We are all part of crooked family trees with branches that are dark, black, and spoiled, parts of crooked oceans with beasts prepared to drag you down into the gloominess of the unexplored parts of the sea. We are all bricks in a crooked building, wherein at any point, it may collapse to pieces. We are also part of crooked constellations that show that our destinies that are written in the stars are quite the contrary to perfect.
We are all stars in crooked constellations.
But we still shine, as bright as we possibly would.
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