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#dark aesthetic
legendcrown42 minutes ago
what do you buy at an antique store?
Tumblr media
( czech perfume bottle . ) while聽entranced by the shimmering, diverse collection of glassware (mostly junk), your eyes fall upon a lovely czech perfume bottle. it has an art deco sensibility, the wide base cut square like a diamond, almost severe in appearance. the stop fans out in a more gentle contrast, ribbed like a seashell, a touch reminiscent of sprawling wings. the heart is set with carved jade lotus flowers, the color of the bottle shifts from jewel green to glassy celadon as you turn it against the light.聽you open it, curious, taking a whiff of the fragrance, your eyes closed. a scent lingers, woody and warm notes of ambrette, cedar and vanilla. it reminds you a little how your grandmother鈥檚 bedroom used to smell. she had an enchantingly beautiful bottle of perfume on her vanity, not unlike this one. 鈥渨hy don鈥檛 you wear it?鈥 you asked. 鈥渋鈥檓 saving it for a special occasion.鈥 she answered every time. when cleaning her home after she passed you found the bottle in tact, unopened still. you smile as you think of her.聽鈥渢he pleasures of life don鈥檛 require any occasion more special than a lovely afternoon, a rough day, or a perfect moon鈥, you think to yourself as you carry your new found bibelots back home.
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