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#dark cottagecore
little-witchys-garden · 18 hours ago
🌙Witchy phrases☀
Chase the hare around the blackberry bush- this won't end well and you know it won't end well so don't even try it.
Tell the bees - notifying the insects of a good news or bad new in the family so that the bees could share in the joy or mourning.
Acting a fawn - being shy.
lil imp - when someone is being mischievous.
Trust the trees - have faith.
Bees in the brain - you're being dumb.
Run the rabbit round the rose bush - if it sounds to good to be true then it is.
All bone and brimstone - very bad news
Knock on wood - hope the good spirits in trees keep you safe.
A cat may look a king - a person is not what they seem.
The vixen's bite is always right - always trust your instincts.
Don't be a dillweed - don't be a jerk.
A watched pot never boils - take your mind off things, time will pass anyway.
Don't be a honey badger - don't be badger/bug others.
Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth - beware that person might seem sweet but they aren't.
As fit as a butcher's dog - doing very well.
Wise as a witch's cat - very smart.
That's a rat king if I ever saw one - that person is no good.
Don't sell me the devil's dog - don't lie to me.
Seeing snakes - being in extreme fear.
By hook or by crook - any means necessary.
Like a bluebells kiss - something or someone who is good or sweet.
Did you kindle the brindle cat? - did you do something foolish?
Oh my stars - another form of " oh my "
May the bees bless - wish us luck
You worry me like a wasp - you worry me a lot.
Ask the angels - I don't have your answers.
Only the green knows - only the earth divine know.
The grims growling - something bad is happening.
Even good seeds can make deadly weeds - even good intentions can end badly.
Best be a rabbit - be humble and kind hearted.
Screwed the redcap - you really messed up.
Muttering/mutter to the moths - being very quiet.
Humble bumbles never fumble - best to be humble instead of prideful.
Jump the candle/sun - being foolish
Tell it to the crickets - I don't wanna hear it.
Red ring promise - keep your promises.
Cry to the moon - it's okay to be upset.
Head in the hollows - overthinking
When it's written in a web - I don't believe you.
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