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#dark fairycore

I’ll bring you to the woods. we’ll walk through the trees and eat berries, as the thorns scrape our knees and the juice coats our fingers like blood. we’ll sit on the moss covered earth and speak; poetry, song, memories, thoughts - everything we have to offer. when the mosses and ivy have grown up past our knees, our ribs, our neck, only then will you realise that we have spent the last hundred years there, wordlessly pledging ourselves to the soil

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in one of those quiet dark nights

you heard of,

I went to my little garden, alone.

I seeked upon forget-me-nots and

daisies and foxgloves

something of meaning.

a glimpse of hope I longed for

in my little botanical chapel,

a sign from the ground promising me love.

then I saw, while pondering, numb

a little sparkle floating above

a little toadstool circle that I did not recall

being there the night before.

‘twas a fairy, I tell you,

and a pretty one at that!

it was little and shy, wearing 

a little leaf hat.

it’s wings were as of a dragonfly;

long and pristine,

it’s face like a little cherub,

with cheeks pink and plump,

like as of a child might have been.

I looked at the creature

with awe and delight,

and from the tiny fairy

came a tiny sigh.

it flew towards me and

landed on my nose,

leaving a little pixie dust on

the way it chose to go.

the little one smiled and stood up,

getting close to my ear,

it whispered, it’s soft voice

as sweet as a lollipop;

O, little lonely man, you musn’t

feel sad, for your little lonely life

is not that bad!

under a roof you nap and

on a gingersnap you nibble

and you can confortably read on the bed that

you sleep on.

but ‘tis not your fault you feel so tormented, so I,

as a gift, a blessing have invented!

with a little magic I have hidden in my pocket,

I’ll have you a-jumping and running like a rocket!’’

though I do not remember the time 

that it happened, I’ll tell you;

the fairy was right and did as it promised

since then, a tear I never shed,

nor my legs have stopped me

from bouncing up and down my bed!

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