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#dark fairycore
🍓🌺Just cute Babacore things 🌼✨
Having the dead spirits of animals fill your home to keep you company.
Having insects as lil pets.
Pointed ears.
Objects haunted by sweet spirits.
Cottages in the woods.
Forest friends.
Having iron or fanged teeth.
Beautiful textured skin.
Messy hair.
Eyes so ancient and all knowing that they can rip the soul from a human body.
Bare feet.
A garden.
A oven to cook naughty children in.
Having a cute familiar.
Mutiple rings.
A laugh so wicked that it makes chill run down the spines of your enemies.
House plants.
Mythology books.
Speaking in dead languages to summon the ancient ones.
Homemade baked goods.
Knitted sweaters.
Flowy cloaks.
Claws that can rip the flesh from intruders.
Jingly jewlrey.
Fairytale books.
Ya know just cute things 🌷🌈
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