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#dark fairytale

Wendy learnd (in the hard way) that all trees have a mind.

She thought in the first time that she had tried to escape that she just need to wait until she’ll be alone. The losts kids can’t hang around her forever. While they all like her (well, most of them), they have so many other things to do. They have games to play, tresures to find, pirates to fight against, indians to kill. 

When they leave her alone in the camp (and he is gone, god knows where), she doesn’t waste any time. “I’m coming home”, she thought, and this thought is happy enough to make her fly. Her feets leave the ground and warm joy fills her heart. 

She is raising high, higher then she ever fly when she was alone. After years being traped in neverland she had learned (she had been forced to learn) how to fly in the the direction she wanted, how to keep the thought gathered. (She was so good at flying that he started to call her bird).

Her body is so high, and Wendy could see the last branch. This is it. after this branch there will be nothing but clear skies. It makes her fly even faster. (She is always so close and yet so, so far).

She tried to fly off when one of the branches wrapped arround her ankle. Bad luck? Her feet kicked in the air in effort to break free, when another branch is wrapped around her hand. Panic spread in her guts.

She cries (quietly, she already learned that it’s best for her to cry quietly) when she understand that she is trapped. The more she tries to break free, the more the trees tight their grab on her. If she’ll yell for help she might get back to her cage. 

Her head spin when she hears a sound coming down. Her heart sink. If any lost boy would find her there, he might cut her throat. They might like her, but they adore him. She tense up, didn’t dare to breath.

It’s not a lost boy. It’s worst. 

He fly up to her, his terrible smile promised no good. “And where do you think you’re going, Wendy-bird?”

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“I’m alone, but mom said she’d pick me up soon!”

The little girl twirls around, as if to show off her lack of parents.

Both the boys she’s talking to look awed like they can’t imagine how cool she must be to be left by herself. Her sun yellow overalls are already stained with grass, and her wide smile shows a missing tooth.

“What d’ya wanna play?” asks the shorter one. His jeans are slightly too big, and he tugs at the legs to keep from tripping.

The taller one, only just clearing the height of the girl, and haloed by a cloud of black curls, stops him.

“She picked last time. I get to pick this time. Right?” 

The last part is aimed at the girl, and she bounces slightly with the force of her nod. “Yep! Now pick something, I wanna play.”

They run around and past each other chasing butterflies and imagined faeries, the trees in the park blocking the bright sun. 

Light pools on the ground like WORD, and catches the fluff floating in the air.

The taller boy sees a particularly large piece of it, and decides that that is the next fairy he’s going to catch. It dances in the air like it’s alive, and seems to glow.

As it drifts further and further from the other children, the boy follows. 

Around and around in circles, slightly closer every time, until he’s standing amongst the trees, with no clue where he came from. The piece of fluff, finally caught, is clenched tightly in his hand.

The wind picks up and more and more fluff starts swirling between the trees, until that is all he can see.

As one lands on his nose, he sees the thin limbs protruding from the down, and sheer wings buzzing gently. 

More and more of them settle down, and he feels the first sting.

There are stings everywhere, and no matter how much he waves his arms, he can’t get them off. Slowly, he feels himself getting weaker, and 




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A Macabre Graphic Novel: Two dark souls fight for dominance. The master - a thief & cheat; the beast - chained & caged. Two minds but only one can have control.

$5 for digital book; $10 for physical 17x11 book

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A Macabre Graphic Novel: Two dark souls fight for dominance. The master - a thief & cheat; the beast - chained & caged. Two minds but only one can have control. 

$5 for digital book; $10 for physical 17x11 book

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Belle’s curious eyes looked up at the Master, her lips still curled in a soft, relaxed smile. ‘What is it?’ She asked gently.

‘A..deer..’ The Master frowned. ‘..or something like it.’

It was unusual for deer to get this close to the castle. They knew well that a predator lived here. And one would only go to a predator’s lair if they were young and naive or..hmmmOr..Or chased..


Like the devil heard the Master’s inward grunt, the front door was barged open, icy winds spewing a whirl of snow into the entry hall. 


Without thinking twice the Master lifted Belle in his arms, his long legs making a sprint for the first room to his right, his brain not even thinking of blocking the doorway; they needed to get out of here. Now.

Was it back? Was it back?!


Update: It’s here! Read A Baptism of Fire now! 

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Vampire!Henry x Belle - multi-chapter

< Chap 10 | Chapter 11 - Where Wolves Cry | Chap 12 >


Disclaimer: Dark adult fairytale - depictions of hunting and killing, bloodlust, smut, bloody oral (f), but also fluff  

Author’s note: This chapter is not Disney approved mkay? *cough* smut *cough*. May you enjoy..the hunt, fair maidens of mine! 👀Also, I totally fell in love with this absolutely gorgeous Hebrew love song ‘Evening of Roses / Erev Shel Shoshanim’ (based on a like-named poem). I’ve added a few versions of it in my playlist, listen to them if you find the time ❤️

Thank you again sweet @thelastsock​, for beta’ing for me!  🌹

Word count: 5.261

Reading music: Sheku Kanneh-Mason - Evening of Roses 

(Link to my Masterlist)

Late afternoon rays of sun trickled through the darkening trees. They were casting a rather pretty myriad of tiny lights on the snowy forest floor, bringing with them rich hues of orange and gold. Pretty, but not important as of right now. In this small time frame of dusk, the evening provided him a perfect moment to hunt. And today he wasn’t hunting alone. Looking over his shoulder his azule eyes found the young maiden, her large brown eyes fixed on him, unsure of how to proceed if not for his clear instructions. Good. He’d never forgive himself if anything was to happen to her. This forest was, after all, not a safe place for young maidens like her.

Gesturing her to halt, he looked left and right, his eyes and ears picking up small tremors and movements in the icy landscape. As winter had fallen, most animals were hibernating in their homes. But not all. A herd of deer was not far, and from the sound of it one of them was ripe for the taking; an inflamed hoove stood nervously on the icy ground.


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Deep in the forest there’s a skeleton tree,
whispered the man in the dark.
Find it and bring a rib back to me,
and bring me three bones from its bark.

Then I’ll give you the potion your maiden must drink
and you’d better run boy, run like the wind.
For you should know, there’s a Skeleton King,
and he won’t rest till the stolen’s redeemed.

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One of prospective cover for our book!

Lycus : The prophecy of annihilation.

Read it for free! Link in bio!

Follow @argo_rak for more

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