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#dark fantasy
spilledink-tch · an hour ago
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The Cosmic Squid - Jezebel **DO NOT REPOST or NFT** The 2nd Member of the Shoal Squad. Our friendly neighborhood DJ is an eldritch glam rock goddess with a body count higher than crusades and twice as vicious. She's here for your entertainment and spends her days indulging in the best horror and thrillers she can get her hand on while channeling her inner Britney Spears! Worship and Adore Mortals!!! If you'd like to help me get her into circulation as a Print: Donate to my KO-FI or Join My PATREON to receive a High Res downloadable print.
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vane-sya · an hour ago
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dndinsp0 · an hour ago
Day 5!
Fifth day of the worldbuilding challenge!!!
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5 History: Emblem
Three Bridges and an Obelisk is the official emblem of the City of Gomene, and can be seen on many buildings in the center, representing the four major landmarks, the legend being that the other humanoid races have created them in order to help the city rebuild and are seen as signs of benevolent rulership and renewal.  However, the Gomene nobility pay lots of money for finding and destroying the old emblems that the dwarves have left. The dwarven emblem for Gomene is a crossed hammer, a sickle and a mining pick and can be found on many old buildings, but it's considered bad luck by many of the commonfolk to remove those, even as other dwarven symbols of their empire are destroyed.
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cnc-pet · 2 hours ago
so suuper dark fantasy, like, trigger warning for abusive doctors, serious gaslighting, and mental health
I to be committed to a hospital against my will. like, commited to those kind of mental institutions that don't ever exist any more.
I'm deemed crazy and that I'm a risk to others but instead of getting help my doctor just abuses me every night. embarrasses me by making me wear a straightjacket (and maybe diaper shhh) long term, and in public. everyone knows that I'm a risk to others, and dangerous. (what a good way to hide abuse by claiming it's self inflicted)
but I'm not actually crazy, but every time I try to speak out or get help, claim my doctor is abusing me, raping me. beating me. its just deemed by other doctors that my hallucinations are clearly getting worse, and I'm given more meds that mess with my perception.
Ooof that is pretty dark. I gotta say I do enjoy the idea of being so helpless because no one believes you(in fantasy at least). I feel like eventually I’d start to believe the doctor’s lies and truly think that they’re helping me. There’s only so much abuse, drugs, and gaslighting I could take before I break.
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moonandwordss · 2 hours ago
Is it just me or you feel homesick for a place that does not even exist but exists just not in reality but in the many pages of books I've read and in the many many dreams I've dreamt of?
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renegades-redemption · 2 hours ago
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Chapter 2, Page 82 (2.82.94)
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An establishing shot of some birds sitting on a roof.
And then Nania yells WHAT!!! Loud enough to make them take flight.
While chewing on a piece of bread, Nania also chews Elian out.
“You let some scrawny archer boy steal your bird!? Elian, this is a disaster.”
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Chapter Masterpost
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scalesftm · 3 hours ago
Wanna wake up in a mostly empty room, on a bed with a camera pointed towards the floor and a row of toys, a not entirely unfamiliar sight for me. I know the camera is recording, and there’s a note beside the smallest toy - instructions on what to do, and a bottle of lube. I’d get to work right away, making my way through each toy, the next one stretching me further. beside the last one is some rope and I have to remember how to do the specific harness that the note says, but I remember, anchoring it inside of my hole and going to ring a bell. Someone comes in, I’m not sure if I recognise them, but they tell me to get on the bed and sit with my knees open and my wrists behind my back. They tie them and my ankles all together so that my chest is presented, reframing the camera and taking the chip out of it before putting in a new one and hitting record again. They leave, and after a moment, I feel the toy in me start buzzing, bringing tears to my eyes; I hadn’t realised that that was what it was, and the material is so hard but I can’t stop my body from clenching down on it even though it hurts. It’s not long before I’m crying, but I stay like that for a while, realising eventually that it’s for as long as it took me to get onto the bed and cursing myself for not going faster. I don’t know how many times I cum, but between the number of things I fucked myself with and now this, it’s way too many. Eventually my partner comes in and tells me that I did such a good job, switching off the toy, and that he was just showing his friends how obedient I was, and would I mind going out and helping him show them just how good I was for him? I agree, of course I agree, i love making him happy and he says this will make him very happy, and to grab the impact tools from the bin. He unties my hands and ankles and I do so, following him out of the room obediently, and when gestured to introduce myself I do, and he tells me to do whatever they want me to do, and to tell them about each of the implements I’ve brought out. I explain each of them, and eagerly let them all test oit whichever ones they want on me, suck off whoever wants it, hump thighs desperately and choke on cock because I still have a gag reflex. The last thing I’m asked to do is struggle and fight back while one of them fucks me. I look at my partner for approval and he tells me that he said to do whatever I was asked. But every time I struggle or say no, I see him taking a note. any time I stop fighting back, I also see him take a note, and he snaps at me to do what I’m told, so I go back to struggling as much as I can even though his friend isn’t ever going to lose to me, especially with how exhausted I am. After they all leave, I’m told that I was supposed to be good and do what I was asked, and how could I embarrass him in front of his friends like that? I apologise and accept my punishment, a slap to my cunt for every time I struggled, and I fall asleep tied open on the bed, throat sore from crying. When I wake up, I can tell it hasn’t been long, but I’m being untied and dragged back out to the entertainment area and told to present my body to his friends again so they can all help him punish me more, since that must be what I wanted anyways with how much of a brat I was being, and even when I pass out they don’t stop - I wake up getting hit or fucked intermittently, or a cock pressed to my lips for me to clean it off, tasting blood and cum and myself on it.
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eireanndreams · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Heather Amistad
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anikasometimes · 5 hours ago
It is kinda disheartening how Miles goes for seeking a 'Great Perhaps' but ends up in a Labyrinth named 'Alaska'.
The way He says ''I know so many last words. But I will never know hers''. You know he got into something that will take everything out of him.
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