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#dark lord saltine

i understand that quote about falling a little bit in love with strangers more and more every time i accidentally kill myself in smash ultimate and the random person im playing with me immediately throws themselves off the ledge without hesitation so we have the same stock. like thats the video game equivalent of having someone bring u a plate of freshly cut mango just as ur craving something sweet

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when i was a kid i organized a hetalia art collab between a bunch of BNFs and it was gonna be pretty sizable and probably wouldve been stupid popular given the climate of the time but i made a new email to organize it through and then immediately forgot about it, so only me and one other person ever contributed to it and it never saw the light of day

and i am so fucking glad that thats one piece of cannon fodder no one can EVER use against me

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i think lockdown 2: electric boogaloo is coming yall….. i had a job interview at a teaching center today and the woman interviewing me told me that there was a fairly high chance that our state is gonna shut down again pretty soon, and then about 2 hours ago my sister told me that our area was back on a curfew. and now this time theres not gonna be a stimulus check to keep us going while we cant work so. woohoo!

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there is something deeply hysterical about the fact that that stupid supernatural ask i got took off bc now people a) think i know shit/care about supernatural or any of the actors, and b) are sincerely complaining that the Evil Fandom ™ is calling the “ray of sunshine jensen” homophobic 

and yes, someone actually did reply to the ask and used that exact terminology 

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ok ive been having a fucking moment over this for hours and i think i need to actually go to bed now but man.. i am SO glad we got to experience this same fervor again over something so fucking stupid. this night honest to god has the spontaneity and utter chaos of the thwomp night in 2012 (2013?), while also having the widespread reach, impact, and absolute power of the release of [s] cascade. we may never achieve this level of euphoria again…. but i can live with that

goodnight to all my ex-homosexuals, and may you remain as homophobic as jensen ackles himself ❤️

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i need to make a tag for all these posts so i can fucking relive this feeling but i cant think of a name. @ all my followers: what should i tag all the shit that happened tonight as

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i am so fucking high right now and i am absolutely fucking manic from all the goings on. destiel became canon in the most fucking queerbaiting and homophobic way possible. putin is allegedly stepping down due to poor health. my embarrassing middle school play ask broke 1000 notes sometime in the last few days without me noticing it until right fucking now. georgia is projected to flip blue for the first time in 30 fucking years. i dont even know what to do with all this adrenaline im gonna go wash a dish

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