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#darkling fluff
aniqua · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Hades!Aleksander Morozova x Persephone!Reader
word count: 4.0K
warning: mature sexual content!!
genres: smut, Greek Mythology!AU, angst & fluff
summary: For most of your life, you lived in the garden that your mother, Demeter, created for you. You never left it until Aleksander, the god of the Underworld, took you away upon your request. In your absence, the crops of the human world began to fail because of your mother’s despair.
author’s note: The idea of having the reader wear the darkling’s kefta was not my idea at all. I got the idea from @zim-zam-goddamn​ in her Smol and Tol fanfiction.°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° enjoy. 
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Tumblr media
Demeter spent all the time that she could trying to bring you back home. Regrettably, in her blinding anger, she did not completely listen to what Zoya had said to the goddess before sentencing Zoya and the rest of the nymphs to a fate close to death. All she heard was you were sucked into the ground, and without another thought, she considered your disappearance to be a kidnapping and not an act of desperation, defiance, and passion.
She did not know that the god of the underworld had something to do with it since the only thing that Zoya could remember was how piercing and hypnotizing his eyes were. It was as if she lost every form of description that she could have used for him once he was gone. Consequently, Demeter paid the price for her overbearing nature by being forced to wander through different worlds trying to deduce who had taken you while also trying to balance her responsibilities with bringing successful crops for harvest.
While your mother was turning over every stone while her fears were consuming her, you were with Aleksander, exploring the world of the mortals for the first time in your existence. You witnessed the vastness of libraries, the beauty of museums, and the excitement of coliseums while having the god that you loved guide you through each experience.
He made sure that each place that you visited was capable of leaving you completely in awe. As you opened new books, dissected captivating paintings, and watched grand battles, he found pleasure in the things you said in response. He took you somewhere new every day, yet had not the faintest of interest in the locations. While you relished the adventures, he enjoyed the view from where he stood. You went from his home in the Underworld to a new place on earth for many weeks.
Now, you were carefully walking through a forest in a nation known as Ravka. As your figure weaved through streams and trees, he led you with his hand intertwined between your soft fingers. The way they felt around his made it clear that you were much more inexperience than he considered. While his hands were not necessarily callous, as he rubbed his thumb against the palm of yours in an act of affection, he noticed how it was almost like touching the skin of a newborn. This was fitting since you were an infant when it came to understanding everything that you were seeing.
“Where are you taking me?” you asked eagerly, jumped over a fallen branch.
“I’m taking you to see something extraordinary.” He tried not to chuckle as he watched your eager eyes search his for any hint of what he was up to.
Although he was the one navigating you through the forest, you were still a little ahead of him because of your bubbly exhilaration. As he made sure that you were walking north toward his surprise, he delighted in how the surrounding plants flourished in your wake.
For all his existence, all the god ever saw was how the living bowed in weakness in his presence and this included plants. Wherever he walked, they would momentarily hide until they were sure that he was no longer around. This was his reality until he met you.
On every adventure that he had taken you on, he quietly watched as flowers, trees, and anything that grew from the earth would spring in excitement as you walked by them. It gave him a feeling that he could not properly express the first time he saw it. It was as if Helios had brought the sun down from the heavens and onto the earth. You were a walking ball of light that could not be suppressed by his shadows, no matter how close he was.
For a while, this miracle is what blinded you to the problem that was brewing outside of the new world that you created with him. You never saw the ramifications of your decision to run away from home because the only evidence that could reach you was being buried by your own abilities. Moreover, Aleksander did not want to point it out for fear of ruining the happiness that you were holding onto.
While he was thinking of the all-encompassing nature of your pleasant presence, you were being brought right back to the home that you abandoned. The forest reminded you a lot of the place that you were raised in. You had seen so many things with Aleksander that demonstrated the power of civilization, but the simplicity of the forest that you were walking through brought an unusual sense of nostalgia.
Reminiscing about the past could make someone fall in love with something that never existed, and that is what you were already doing. As you took in the area, you remembered your mothers, the nymphs, and your home. You were not ready to immediately go back, but you were already starting to feel a little empty for something that you knew was not there.
That idea did not have enough time to be dissected by you because it was set aside once you saw the reason that Aleksander brought you to a secluded forest.
“What is that?” Your voice came out in a whisper.
“It’s no ordinary creature, but at its basic, it’s a stag.” He let go of your hand and gestured you toward the purely white animal.
You slowly neared it and watched as the stag went from focusing on eating to staring at you. It was much taller than you, but there was no wariness as you advanced to try and touch its nose. Aleksander knew that if it did not want to come in contact with you, it would have fled by now. If anyone could interact with the sacred animal, it was you; it was something that you deserved.
“You’re so beautiful,” you murmured to the stag as if it could understand you—maybe it could. 
As you brought your hands to pet its milk-white coat, you let out a laugh that sounded like an orchestra. Aleksander watched the flowers in the clearing blossom as if they were opening their eyes. Your elation brought a deep green back into the leaves of the nearby trees and the grass on the soil began to grow as if time was being sped up. It was a sight that he would have killed to see all over again for the first time.
Tumblr media
After a few more weeks of searching, Demeter had finally figured out who had taken you with the help of the eyes of mythical beings that were scattered across the world. Upon discovering it was Hades, she had lost more hope that she would get you back, and this caused her to completely neglect the plants that she oversaw. Her neglect was felt across the mortal world like a final blow. Many nations that were not ready for a famine were shoved into an age of death by starvation.
Families went hungry while the wealthy hoarded their wealth. Animosity began to spread through towns like forest fires. Just like Demeter had expected, the humans showed their selfishness through everything they did. The starvation started with the poor, but never grazed the rich since it was just introduced.
As this was happening, you were growing more distant as the days passed and it did not take a lot for Aleksander to notice. He should have seen it coming. After all, taking a naïve goddess out of the only place they ever knew would be exciting at first, but once the high dissipated, the only thing that would be left is homesickness.
You stayed in his room in the underworld and when he would try to take you somewhere, you would say that you were too tired for exploration. Eventually, the excuse became so frequent that when he asked, “What’s troubling you?” you would just say, “Nothing.” Accompanied by a smile that was not at all convincing.
So, he did the only thing that he knew would bring you joy without fail. While you were wallowing in your too long suppressed emotion, he brought you a gift.
“Y/N,” he murmured into your hair one morning.
“Hm?” you half-heartedly responded as you slept next to him.
“Can you come somewhere with me?”
“I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow.”
“Sweetheart, please,” he begged into your shoulder as he drew closer. “It will only take a minute.”
You were not even looking at him, but could certainly hear the sincerity in his voice and instantly felt wrong for dismissing him for so long. You caved at his request and told yourself that wherever you were going could probably take you out of the valley that you had slipped.
He led you out of the room that you both shared and through a hall that you never had the chance to explore. Before you could fully enter, you could already sense something coming from it in a world that was devoid of life.
“Aleksander,” was all that you could say when your eyes fell up a greenhouse.
When you finally got the chance to reach its doors, you froze at the sight, and were afraid if you reached out, the gift would have been like a mirage.
“Go ahead, open it,” he whispered into your ear.
You opened the glass door and almost felt like a gust of magic swept past you. The glass building was vast with many stairs swirling stairs that led to its second floor. There was a hammock that hung in one part and a few places where you could lie around scattered about the enormous house. Yet, what made you giddy was the sheer about of plants that managed to be packed behind clean glass. As you walked around, you found vegetation that you had never seen before in a vast assortment of colors. 
Aleksander followed right behind you and watched as the color return to your face like a lamp had been turned on. You went upstairs, and when you got a good sweeping view, you went back downstairs to look some more.
Time passed quickly in your joyful state. Now, you were laying against a tree at the center of the greenhouse on a large blanket to catch your breath.
“Do you like it?” he asked as he sat next to you.
“I love it!” You wrapped your arms around as much of him as you could. The tightness of your hug did not come as a surprise, but the look you gave him as you looked up at him was. You both laid under the tree with you against his body wearing his kefta as you hugged him. You had a habit of stealing it because the Underworld was so cold.
“Thank you,” you whispered to him as your shining eyes focused on his deeply.
You thought about the possible lengths that he had to go to for this present to come to fruition, and that made your desire to kiss him even stronger. You got off of him slowly, but he still held your hand. 
“What is it?” he asked as he watched you stare at him in a daze.
You took his face and kissed his lips with so much fervor. It did not take long for him to comprehend what was happening, so he took you in by your waist and gave back the same passion that you were giving him. You felt the coldness of the skin on his lips take over every aspect of your thoughts. He was taking you in like it was going to be the last time that he was ever going to see you. Soon enough, you had taken off his kefta and threw it aside so you could revel in the sensation that you got whenever his hands would explore the many parts of your body.
There was barely any room for you to take any air until he felt like he needed to take his love for you from your lips to your décolleté. His greedy mouth sucked at the plump flesh of your collar like it was a forbidden fruit. He gradual increased in intensity and eventually bit down on the area near your breast.
An unplanned groan poured from your lips like sweet honey, and it dripped into his ears. Your grip on his silk shirt tightened, and he felt your fingernails grazed against his chest and that only tempted him to dive in further. He ran his bottom lip up from your chest to your shoulder and your breathing got shallower as your body gave off small shakes. He traveled until he reached your shoulder, then massage your skin with his mouth. You let out another similar sound that encouraged his behavior, so he did not stop until he felt that he would see an oil painting of bruises on your skin the next day.
Eventually, you fell back onto the blanket as his body came over you. He planted both of his hands at your sides as you laid under him. Before he could say another word, you brought him back down to kiss him again. As you began to undo the buttons that held his shirt close, he took both of your hands to delay your actions.
“S-sweetheart,” he said.
“Yes?” You pulled back.
“Are you certain you want to go further?” You feverishly nodded at his question. He shook his and chuckled at how big your eyes had gotten. “I need you to say it out loud,” he whispered in your mouth.
Two lips hovered over each other in a greenhouse until one of them said, “Yes. Yes, please.”
At your command, he began to lift your dress like he was peeling you open. The hem of the garment went from grazing your legs to touching the tips of your breasts until the fabric was thrown aside where his clothes were as well.
As he marveled at your body, you watched how his moved when he breathed in and out. Naked, he was a vision that you could witness for days on end. Aleksander did not know what to think once you were completely bare, but his heart was already moving his body for him.
He tenderly secured you down by your waist and spotted you with kisses from your collar, through the valley between your breasts, and to the lowest part of your stomach.
Your heartbeats were picking up in frequency and you felt like you were being grazed with an ice cube as he made a line down your body that separate you into two. You never even got a chance to untangle your thoughts until he pulled you closer by your hips.
His hands latched onto both of your supple thighs, and he slowly spread your legs apart. His kisses continued as he covered as much of your thighs with love as he could. You felt him inching closer and closer to the core of your body, and as you peeked down at him, he stopped for a moment and looked up at you.
“Take my hand,” he said. You complied and took one of his hands, the one that was no longer on your thigh. He gave yours a squeeze and sent you smile. He was satisfied when he saw you were now much more relax.
He brought his lips to the part of your body that you had never explored before, and it blossomed a flower in your stomach. As the wetness of his tongue swept over your most sensitive spot, you knew a knot in your stomach was unraveling. 
“Shhh.” He spoke in your folds, and consequently, many things were awakening and being pumped through your veins for the first time. It was overwhelming. Your arousal washed over you like a large wave, and you were breathing in the clouds on Mount Olympus.
He continued lubricating your core with his tongue as you let go of his hand and grabbed his hair. You pulled at it every time your stomach flipped and your legs shook.
“Y-Y/N, p-please,” he said once the feeling of your fingers between his hair became something he could no longer ignore.
You did not hear him since you felt like you were climbing a steep hill for the first time. You did not have any clue as to what was happening, but right before you felt like you were about to burst, he stopped and went to devour to the ends of your breast.
There were so many ways that Aleksander wanted to ruin you, but he knew he needed to take his time. He wanted to believe that he and you had all the time in the world for him to give you what you needed.
“Hey, look at me,” he told you. Your eyes shot open to meet his and he would have been so happy to die right there. His pants were now gone and if you learned anything from what you used to read with the nymphs, you knew what was going to happen next.
He held you by your cheek and gave you a kiss on your forehead as he slid a singular slender finger into you. 
“Oh, my—” He took your lips into his to swallow your cries before you could finish.
He felt you tighten around his fingers as he went back and forth. He added another one and felt your hold on his shoulder tight. He added one more, and you buried your head into his shoulders as you were panting in the crook of his neck.
Once he had considered you were ready, he took his fingers out of you, which made you let out a whine. “No, no,” you groaned.
“Be patient,” he laughed.
You should have heeded his warning because once you felt his tip push past you, you were expelled out of your daze and gasped. Aleksander pushed you into his chest and he rubbed your back as he gingerly pushed further into you.
“Ugh,” you groaned. There was already a layer of sweat all over your body that glued you to him. You were too hot.
“Breath with me,” he said once he had fully entered you. 
You had no desire to ignore his advice, but the feeling of being gradually pushed apart caused you to have no control over your body. It was until the burning agony dissipated that your breathing went back into a pattern.
The god saw this as his cue to begin thrusting. It started slowly, like a rocking boat at the edge of the ocean, until it became like a ship being beaten by a storm. The sound of bodies slapping against another filled every corner of the greenhouse as the plants that were already deepening in their color began to grow.
As he beat against you, he pulled at the ball of string in your stomach. It unraveled and unraveled, and stars exploded near the corners of your eyes as you looked at the ceiling of the greenhouse. There was nothing left of the string until he pulled and pulled. Then it snapped.
“Persephone!” he cried.
Tumblr media
It was as if everything was falling into place like he had hoped. His gift that he had given you had managed to pull you out of the hole that you had dug for yourself. Aleksander brought back the same spirit that he had fallen in love with, but that was half of the battle. 
Zeus had heard the cries of the humans all the way from Mount Olympus. The trail of death that Demeter caused by her neglect left him with no choice but to intervene. He ignored the mother and her request to see Hades at first until he saw the mess that she made.
“I’m sure you of all people would know the number of people succumbing to the famine,” Nikolai said to Aleksander. He requested to see the god of the Underworld on Mount Olympus.
“Of course, but truly, I don’t see how this is any of my concern,” he replied dryly.
“Demeter has brought an unimaginable cold to earth all because you kidnapped her daughter. I’ve got to say, Aleksander, I’m a bit surprised. You are not the kind to make a rash decision.”
“Is that what she told you?” he bitterly laughed. “I’m not holding her captive. She comes and goes from the underworld as she pleases. Ask Demeter why her daughter has not returned.”
“She’s been begging me to talk to you.”
“She can visit the Underworld any time if she wishes to tell me something.”
“Now, you and I both know that that isn’t true,” Nikolai chuckled. “Figure out what you are going to do before Demeter comes back again the day after tomorrow. Bring her daughter or have a damn good explanation for her.”
Anyone would have been able to tell Aleksander that all good things were temporary, but he would have refused to hear it. After experiencing decades of loneliness, he felt like he was entitled to at least one form of permanent happiness, but existence was the cruelest fate in all the worlds.
“What’s wrong?” you asked him the following day. You sat on his lap in the greenhouse as you tried to secure a flower crown onto his head. Even when he stopped looking past you and met your eyes, you noticed the distant look in his gaze, and he still had not answered your question. “Tell me what’s bothering you.” You caressed his cheek, and he leaned into it for a little while.
“Your mother wants you back,” he finally said. Those words caused your stomach to fall like an extremely dense rock. “She’s stopped bringing the harvest to the humans in her despair.” As he told you about his meeting with the god of the sky, you finally began to try to unpack your feelings toward your mother.  
You missed her and the love that she gave you. You also missed speaking to the nymphs, especially Genya. You would not mind seeing them again, but you could not ignore the obvious tear in your wishes.
“Nikolai says I need to bring you to her, tomorrow.”
“N-no. No,” you shook your head. No matter how much you wanted to see her, you knew that she would never let you see Aleksander again, even if she did finally let you leave the bubble that she had made for you. “Please, no. I’ll never see you, again.”
“I know, but there is not a lot that can be done here.”
“Aleksander,” you got even closer to him, and you searched in his eyes for anything, even if it was pity. “Please! You can’t let her take me from you.” You held onto his hands tightly.
He let out a sigh, but then remembered what could be done. “I won’t.”
Tumblr media
You stared at the bright red pomegranate on a silver plate and how its seeds spilled outside of it where it was cut in half. Aleksander made it a point to never give you food himself, so you always had it from the human world or made it yourself. Now, after his explanation, you understood why.
“Do you trust me?” he asked.
“Of course, I do.”
You were not sure if your decision to eat the seeds was selfish. You wanted to return to your family and restore the world to its rightful balance, but you could never give him up. You did not think you could suffer another century alone while the rest of the world kept turning. The idea of spending years mending a broken heart while the humans ate until their heart’s content made you sick to your stomach. As you chewed, you told yourself repeatedly that you deserved to be happy, even though there was a corner of your mind telling you to spit out the seed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
💐Likes and reblogs or comments are extremely helpful. This was my first ever smut so tell me how I did if you are not shy :)💐 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shadow and bone masterlist
tag list: @sassygirl25, @aleksanderwh0r3​, @sweeter-than-strawberries 
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im-constantly-fangirling · 2 months ago
Can you do a darkling x reader where they get engaged and readers entire extended family just rocks up to the little palace. It's just pure fluff with a sprinkle of confused darkling.
Chaotic Good
Darkling x Reader
Warnings: Swear words; Sexual Innuendos; Fuck canon, apparently
Word Count:
A/N: I only have 1 sibling, but I have around 10-15 cousins so this was kinda easy to write (creating chaos is practically a part of my bloodline at this point)! I hope you guys enjoy!!
Summary: Aleksander has seen it all when it comes to chaos- or so he thought.
[Masterlist] [Taglist Form] [Requests Open!]
“Palash!” You exclaimed with glee at the sight of your older cousin entering the Little Palace. “You came!” You ran up and engulfed him in a tight hug.
Palash laughed. “Of course I would! I couldn’t miss sizing up that fiancé of yours,” he said while ruffling your hair. You glared at him in mock anger, smacking him hard on his forearm.
“Thanks for that,” you muttered while fixing your hair.
You heard the clicking of expensive shoes echo throughout the entryway of the Little Palace and turned around. Descending on the stairs was your fiancé, Aleksander, looking as broody as every with his all-black signature kefta. He made eye contact with you and waved, before noticing the man who stood behind you.
Aleksander smiled. “You must be Palash!” he guessed, pleased when Palash nodded. “Y/N has told me so much about you!”
Palash grinned mischievously and chuckled. “Only great things I hope. Welcome to the family, Aleksander. Can I call you Aleksander?”
Aleksander reached the bottom of the stairs and extended his hand for a handshake. “Kirigan is fine.”
Palash nodded and shook Aleksander’s hand firmly. “Ooo, firm grip. You must have fun with that, Y/N,” he leaned down and whispered in your ear. You stiffened and felt yourself get hot with embarrassment.
“Fuck off to the dining room, Palash,” you said while laughing. “Everyone else is already there.”
Palash sighed dramatically. “Already trying to get rid of me, huh? God, I feel right at home.” You shoved his shoulder and he stumbled slightly, covering his heart with his palm in mock hurt. “A murder attempt by my own cousin?”
You stomped towards him threateningly. “You keep up that attitude,” you joked, “and my next attempt will be successful.” Palash only laughed and ran towards the double doors leading to the dining room with you chasing after him.
Unbeknownst to you, Aleksander had been watching the entire scene with amusement and slight fear. “What the fuck am I about to marry myself into?” he whispered to himself while walking behind you and Palash.
“Stop running, you’re going to topple over something expensive,” your Aunt Swapna scolded both you and Palash as you ran into the dining room and narrowly missed the platters being carried in by the staff.
Palash waved her off and laughed. “Hello to you too,” he said while sitting at one of the empty spots at the table.
You went up and hugged your aunt. “Don’t worry, if he topples something over I’ll say it was a dog or something.”
“Like I’d be dumb enough to fall for one of your lies,” Aleksander joked from the doors leading to the dining room. “I swear, the only ones that have fallen for your lies are the birds.”
You pulled away from your aunt and chuckled. “Shut up,” you muttered. You leaned your head towards Aleksander. “Aunt Swapna, this is Kirigan.”
“Pleasure to meet you,” Aleksander said, extending his hand to shake hers.
Your aunt stared at his hand before smiling and engulfing Aleksander in a hug. “Nonsense, boy, you’re family now. Handshakes just won’t do.”
Aleksander looked a bit shocked at her reaction, his arms staying glued to his sides before he wrapped them around your aunt. You looked at the sight and smiled. Aleksander had seen most of his family either die or desert him, so it was nice that your family could provide the one thing he hadn’t had for most of his life: companionship.
“Can we eat food now, please!” The voice of a little boy’s screaming echoed through the dining room. “Momma said I can only eat cake when you’ve all finished lunch so hurry up!”
“Kiran,” your other aunt Alpana chided, “you need to lower your voice and be patient.”
Aleksander and your aunt Swapna pulled away from their hug at the sound. Aunt Swapna looked at Kiran with jest in her eyes. “You keep screaming, Kiran, and I’ll eat the whole damn cake before you can finish your soup.” She wagged her finger at her nephew.
Aleksander laughed. “We should sit down as well,” he said, placing his hand on the small of your back and guiding you both to your spots near the head of the table. Literally everyone from your family had shown up, filling out all 30 seats at the dining table. Both heads of the table were left empty- mostly because there was a pile of coats on each seat, a sight that amused you and Aleksander to no end.
You leaned towards Aleksander and whispered, “Imagine if Nikolai knew his spot is a makeshift coat rack.”
Aleksander snickered. “The almighty King of Ravka’s seat isn’t protected from the wrath of cotton and linens.”
“Are you two going to keep being all mushy or are you going to actually eat some fucking food?” one of your uncles said from across the table.
“Momma, dad said a bad language thing!” his son exclaimed happily to his mother, as if he had just won a bet on whether his dad would curse at the table or not.
“Sorry,” you saw him mutter. With amusement still on your face, you noted that pretty much everyone in your family had served or was currently serving themselves, the plain white plates being decorated with bowls of soup, slices of bread, sides of rice and curry, and the bright greens of salads.
“What the hell?” Aleksander asked from next to you, his confusion clear as day.
You just chuckled. “It’s normal.”
“You’re family is so...chaotic. And I fucking love it.”
“Y/N!! Your fiancé said a bad language thing too!” your younger cousin pointed out to you. He turned his head to look at Aleksander. “Uncle Kirigan, you have to give her 5 kruge now, otherwise you’ll keep cursing! That’s what momma makes dad do, anyway.”
Aleksander threw his head back in laughter. “Don’t worry, I’ll give her 5 kruge.”
Your cousin didn’t seem satisfied though. “Actually, momma says you’re really rich, so maybe you should give Y/N more.”
“How much more do you want me to give her?” Aleksander asked out of curiosity.
Your cousin rubbed his imaginary beard and picked up his spoon, slurping up some soup before replying. “You should give her a castle!” A small bead of soup escaped his mouth, trailing down his chin. His mother took a handkerchief and wiped his mess.
You couldn’t help but laugh. “How about this: every time Aleks curses, he’ll give you a castle? You like that?” you answered your cousin.
Your cousin beamed and nodded enthusiastically. “I think I want Uncle Kirigan to say more bad language things now!”
By the time all of your cousins, aunts, and uncles had left the Little Palace, the silence had become deafening to your ears. You were used to yelling and screaming that accompanied your family everywhere, but with them now gone you couldn’t help but feel lonely in such a large castle.
Aleksander sneaked up behind you after having said goodbye to your little cousin, promising to bring him a mini castle the next time they visited. He wrapped his arms around you and rested his head on your shoulder. “What are you thinking?”
You hummed and leaned your head against his shoulder. “They’ve been gone for five minutes and I miss them already.”
Aleksander chuckled. “They really are something.” He sighed. “Is it just me, or is the silence weird? It’s just that I’ve been hearing your cousins talk about my castle and fighting with each other for hours, and it feels weird to...not hear that.”
You smiled. “They do have that effect, don’t they?”
Aleksander pulled away and gently turned you around, pulling you closer to him and letting you rest your head against his chest. “You know, I can think of a way to rectify that.”
You looked up at Aleksander with a slight crook in your brow. “And what is that, Aleks?”
All of a sudden flustered, Aleksander muttered, “we could, you know, have a big family. Together, I mean.”
A grin found its way on your face. “I’d love that.” You both settled into a peaceful silence, content with each other’s presence and warmth. That is until Nikolai’s voice echoed through the Little Palace, screaming: “Who the fuck ate the entire cake?”
Taglist: @mrs-brekker15 @aleksanderwh0r3 @alinastarkovmarrymelps @Fictionalhoomanofnowhere @advictedtohim
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aniquasmasterlists · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hades!Aleksander Morozova x Persephone!Reader
word count: 4.0K
summary: For most of your life, you lived in the garden that your mother, Demeter, created for you. You never left it until Aleksander, the god of the Underworld, took you away upon your request. In your absence, the crops of the human world began to fail because of your mother’s despair.
Tumblr media
An unplanned groan poured from your lips like sweet honey, and it dripped into his ears. Your grip on his silk shirt tightened, and he felt your fingernails grazed against his chest, and that only tempted him to dive in further. He ran his bottom lip up from your chest to your shoulder and your breathing got shallower as your body gave off small shakes. He traveled until he reached your shoulder then massage your skin with his mouth. You let out another similar sound that encouraged his behavior, so he did not stop until he felt he would see an oil painting of bruises on your skin the next day.
“S-sweetheart,” he said.
“Yes?” You pulled back.
“Are you certain you want to go further?” You feverishly nodded at his question. He shook his and chuckled at how big your eyes had gotten. “I need you to say it out loud,” he whispered in your mouth.
Two lips hovered over each other in a greenhouse until one of them said, “Yes. Yes, please.”
read more
Tumblr media
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stardust-danvers · 15 days ago
What if you are a heartrender and new to the palace. And everytime you meet the darkling you notice his heartbeat quickens seeing you 👀
Title taken from this lovely list by @creativepromptsforwriting
Can’t you feel my heart beating?
Word Count: 812 Warnings: none
The first time you notice it is more by chance than anything else. As not uncommon in the Little Palace, there is a feast for all the royals and nobels each year at the Winter Fete, but all the noise and people is not a thing that has ever been up your alley.
The noise of people talking and the strong, mixed scents of slight body odor, heavy perfume and consumables made you dizzy as you try to ground yourself, so you decided to concentrate on the heartbeats of all the people you could see and one by one you mentally went through the room, fingers crossed behind your back as you relaxed against a wall so no one would suspect you were doing something.
Soon enough, your eyes landed on, who you thought to be the most interesting person in the room.
The Black General.
He was wearing his usual black Kefta, but something seemed to be extra regal about him tonight as he seemed to be making casual conversation with the king and queen as his heart beat a steady pace.
You couldn't help but smile as he moved on from the conversation, the beating of his heart slowing down ever so slightly. Barely noticable around all the other hearts you could still hear in the back of your head.
You had no fear of being seen staring at him as you weren't the only one who was looking at the man clad in black. You knew that over the however long course of his life, he'd gotten used to it, just as you had gotten used to the stare of the commoners as you walked around Os Alta in your red and black Kefta as your eyes followed the general to one of the tables where part of the food was set up, where someone else chatted him up.
And then you caught it. The skipping of a heart beat. It was to obvious to be one of the beats that drummed in the back of your head and you wondered what it was that had made the ever-stoic general stop in his tracks.
Your eyes found his and you felt like you’d been set aflame under his intense gaze, unable to help the bashful smile that crept up your face, but your attention was pulled away from him as Marie whisks you away to a corner she and Nadia had made themselves home for the night.
You appreciate the gesture, but you couldn’t seem to keep your eyes of the general as you chat with your two friends, happy not having to pretend anymore that you were just waiting for someone.
You barely saw him the rest of the evening, guessing he was preoccupied with all the visiting ambasadors that had come from far and wide for the spectacle.
And for some reason it stung a little but you paid it little mind as you chatted the night away with your friends.
The second time you noticed was at a military gathering, discussing the next move of several faction of the first and second army. It was clear to you you weren’t going on any missions anytime soon so you resorted to listening to the heartbeats of the people present, a habit you’d foud calmed you and staved off boredom. All their hearts beat a steady pace. Once of rest and ease, despite the current discussion going on.
You easily found the general’s heartbeat, drumming just a little slower than the others around you as they faded to the back of your conciousness. You followed his eyes across the table, occasionally looking at the scale map that laid before you, the little black figurines standing a silent guard over the fake fold that had been constructed on it as missions were assigned and military issues were discussed. And then it happend again.
The general’s heart skipped a few beats.
You couldn’t read anything from his face, but his heartbeat had sped up significantly and you wondered why. As the meeting went on, it went back to its old, steady rythm and for a brief second you thought you caught Ivan rolling his eyes at him, but you paid it little mind.
Until the end of the meeting, as everyone slowly dispersed, getting ready for their respective missions when you caught his gaze, still listening to the heartbeats with half a mind and it happend again. Unmistakably, and you found yourself powerless to do anything against the intensity of his stare, smiling sheepishly as you cast your eyes down.
“I should be off,“ you murmured softly, but loud enough for him to hear.
The break of eyecontact seemed enough to break the spell and you quickly made your way out of the room, hopefully imagining the scoff that came from Ivan as you turned the corner to your rooms.
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diamondcamefromhell · 6 months ago
Blood Moon
Part One of the Blood Moon series
A/N: for A/N see after the fic
Blood Moon summary: Lena (pronounced as Le-na, not Leena) is a renounced witch, a grisha feared. Aleksander goes by many names, not many of which ring true. The pair is similar in more ways than one, but also as different as can be. One seeks power, another fears what the hunger might cost them both, however there is something about the darkness that invited them both. They meet in the middle, where the world collides. 
Important info: this takes place before the shadow and bone/six of crows, before there even is a shadow fold, and there isnt that much information about grishaverse in those times (note i havent looked much outside what books provide) i am taking a lot of creative freedom with it!
Lena wasn‘t sure how she ended up here, but she knew better than to ask questions. Aleksander, as she knew him, was a kind man. To her. Or maybe she was just one more foolish girl to him, whichever it was, he had accepted her for who she was.
A blood witch, many called her. All across Ravka and even beyond. They both had extraordinary talents, but for whatever reason, Aleksander was more accepted than her. Or, as accepted as grisha could be in these times. However, Lena remembered making the King himself kneel before her, then downing his entire army to do the same.
The power she felt, the name she earned. She used to wear lifeless colours, blending in, but she wore deepest of reds now, which seemed to be more fitting. It matched Aleksanders black attire quite nicely.
She counted herself lucky to even know him by that name, as he would never use it nowadays. He was known as something else, a shadow just passing through.
Aleksander was looking at the girl now, remembering his own mother, who once pretended to go by that name too – just like Lena did now. To him, she was Telyna, but for many reasons she didn’t like sharing, she despised that name.
Telyna was who she was before she became worthy of being a blood witch, it was a time of drowning and fear and pain. She broke through, but it cost her greatly, sometimes she wondered if it cost her humanity herself.
Aleksander liked that about her, as she stood there, glowing and graceful, radiating the power she had within. He saw the army kneel against their will. The world could be theirs, as they knew it.
But he needed to get stronger, to be worthy to stand next to her.
Lena looked at the man as shadows danced around them and he caught her gaze, smirking. The shadow extended, and she couldn’t see the light anymore.
“Impressive.” She said lazily, rubbing her hands on her cloak.
“Not enough to take down an entire army.” He said, letting the shadows drop – sunlight returned making Lena cover her eyes.
“No, I’m afraid not.” She agreed as he came to her, placing his hand on her shoulder. She felt the surge of power rush through her, as a reminder that he is an amplifier. Her mind for a second thought about what she could be is she bore his bones permanently, but she chased the thought away.
“Together we could-“
“Have the Ravka, Shu Han, Fjerda. Our reach might take Ketterdam and the whole world.” She finished as Aleksander just grinned.
She glanced at him and he involuntarily stepped back. His face grew tense but there was playfulness behind his eyes.
“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t do that.” She let him go, dropping herself to the grass and staring at the surrounding area. They were in an opening in a forest north of Ravka, close to the border.
“I thought we agreed not to discuss your plans to take over the world, Aleksander.” He pressed his lips tightly. This was a discussion neither of them really enjoyed.
“You almost took down the king.” Lena shot him a glance, sending him to his knees. He grunted but remained silent.
“It was for his treatment of grisha. Now he may never forget that if we wished to, we could destroy him and all he stands for.” Her voice trembled in anger. “That was his final warning.”
“Until he hurts another grisha.” Lena looked at Aleksander, who was still on his knees, staring at her. Shadows seeped out of him, seemingly not out of his will. She looked away.
“Then I will have him bring me his own head.” She said through her teeth. The woman couldn’t see Aleksander grin, as if he was twisting up a plan.
She only heard grass move and they were surrounded by darkness again. Even in it, she could see Aleksanders face change, as his shoulder relaxed, his skin began to glow. He looked better the further the darkness reached, and Lena wondered, what was happening to his soul in these moments.
Was he letting the darkness out, hence the glow, or was he letting it in, nest inside of him tainting all there is, eating him from inside out.
Lena has met Baghra once, even if she has been acquainted with Aleksander for some years now. The woman looked at her son with so much love, the girl felt herself grow jealous, even if just a little. But there was something behind her eyes there too, and only weeks later Lena had realized it was fear.
At first, she thought that it was for him, but perhaps it was for the world. Aleksander seemed to grow more and more power hungry every day he spent traveling across Ravka with her. They had no goals. After their visit to the royal court, they were both, hunted and feared.
But neither of those things really gave them power. And Aleksander wanted power.
Lena was scared to let him too close. To drink up his darkness, out of fear for becoming more like him, for wanting the world. She hated herself for what she did at court, yet she felt ecstatic about it too – using her power to it’s full potential. The fear in their faces.
She couldn’t see her cloak anymore, but the dark red was getting in her skin like permanent ink. She was owning the blood witch status. She loved being a scary story kids, to otkazat’sya. She was legend, she was seen and feared.
She hated how it made her feel. But she loved it too. She understood Aleksander better than anyone.
The sun reached her again as the man looked at her, gracing her with a full-toothed smile.
“That was better.” For a moment, he looked like a child. They never discussed their true age, but in the many lifetimes they are yet to have, perhaps they were just kids now. Two small children playing with fire they might not be able to contain.
“It was.” She said, against her better judgement.
There was a steam nearby. She felt the water as she was a Tidemaker, a name that seemed to stick to those of Small Magic who learnt how to manipulate water. She couldn’t see it behind the trees, but her lips twitched as the tried to hold back a grin.
She lifted her arm, twisting it a little, and then flicking it. Water rushed from its source, soaking Aleksander who seemed to be struck by it unexpectedly. He was staring at her in disbelief as she allowed the water to fully drop, her laugh echoing across the forest.
“You should see your face.” She was bent over with laughter, but she still could see Aleksander biting back a smile too, until he burst out laughing. Lena knew he must be freezing though, so she did her best to get water off of him and his clothes once they had finished laughing.
They set camp then, sitting close by the fire. There was a comfortable silence between then as it seemed they have had all of the conversations through the years. Lena still felt herself yearn to hear him speak, tell a story of his earlier life, but he didn’t have many happy ones.
Nor did she.
“Do you think there is more people like us?” She asked, curiously, watching the embers in the fire.
“There aren’t anybody else like us.” Aleksander was looking at the girl, so she met his dark eyes. “And there never will be.”
“What makes you say that?” Lena asked as Aleksander smirked, closing his eyes and leaning in. Her heart skipped a beat as the girl shut her own eyes, but the man simply landed his forehead on hers.
“You and me, we are going to change the world.”
A/N: Hey, hey, so, I am kinda back? Idk if I will be writing Y/N fics (tho I do plan to do it) Ive had this idea of Darkling [kinda] fic for awhile, and i have it started on AO3 HOWEVER, the story there takes place in Grishaverse as we know it, aka, around Shadow and Bone trilogy era, whereas what I am sharing here is the backstory of Lena and Darkling, so I hope y’all enjoyed?? Let me know what u think, anonymous feedback can be left on my ask page. This part is short and they all might be, so i can get them out faster, that is if you actually like it?
either way, shooting my shot.
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don-daygamerz · a month ago
Our Sanctuary (Aleksander Morozova x Reader)
Tumblr media
Aleksander Morozova x Reader (Family AU)
The Darkling x Sun Summoner!Wife!Reader
Summary: Meet the Morozova family.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2.0K
It was a well-known fact that the leader of the Second Army, General Kirigan, was a dark, ambitious and powerful Grisha in all of the lands. He was feared and hated far and wide but the Grisha respected and lived to serve him. To the world, he was the Shadow Summoner, the Black General, but behind the safe enclosure of the Little Palace he was the savior of Grisha, Ravka’s hope, a son, and most importantly two titles he cherished; a husband and a father.
Within the walls of the Little Palace, a pair of small feet ran through the halls leaving a small resounding echo at each step. The halls were empty aside from the paintings, portraits, vases, and other antiquities aligning the hall. The owner of said feet giggled out of joy and cheer but most of all excitement. The little one was excited to explore the Little Palace on his own without any supervision. He was running, jumping, sliding, and screaming in pure giddiness as his imagination took over him. With his little mind preoccupied, without taking notice of his surroundings, the little one accidentally took a bump to a hard but dark ‘obstacle’. He would have fallen had the ‘obstacle’ not caught him and gently set him back on his tiny feet. Said ‘obstacle’ knelt down before the little one with eyes as dark as the night sky but filled with love and pride.
“And what mischief has my little warrior been up to?” said the dark ‘obstacle’ or rather General. The little one looked towards the man with eyes mirroring his own, and replied back with a giggle, “Papa, I was looking for you…I wanted to find you…but couldn’t find you, so I went to make a game of my own.”
“Really,” Aleksander mused then smiled at his beloved son, “and what sort of game was it that managed to draw you away from your mother?” The General playfully taunted his son which made the boy blush in embarrassment and looked down in guilt. “I’m sorry papa… I only left cause mama wasn’t feeling too good and then I thought papa makes mama happy, why not bring papa?” The General gave a soft smile at his boy, he was aware of his wife’s condition. She had been feeling unwell lately and he’s been reluctant to leave her be but she managed to coerce him to commit his duty as the General…besides she wouldn’t be alone…she had Genya and her son.
“Let’s head back to your mother, Aleksei, she’s probably worried,” Aleksander consoled his son as he lifted him in his arms to carry at his side. And they set off to their private chambers whilst talking. Aleksei, a sweet and simple name yet fitting for him. Their son indeed lives up to his name since he believes it’s his duty to defend and protect his family just like his papa taught him. His father always told him that he had an important job now and that was to look after his mother. That was something that Aleksei could never deny nor turn down, for his mother was his entire world. She helped raise him, bathe him, fed him, and love him, and so on. She did everything and Aleksander has never felt more proud having a beautiful wife and wonderful mother to his child.
“Mama has been looking different lately…she’s also been going to the bathroom a lot…” Aleksei said worriedly. “Your mother is just having morning illness. She is now carrying a baby. Could be a boy or a girl. What would you like? A brother? Or a sister?” The General turned to him to hear his answer.
“A brother! So that we could play together and hunt down monsters!” The little boy shouted in excitement.
“And what if you had a sister?”
“I would have liked a brother but sister is nice, I would be the one to protect her! She would be the princess and me, the greatest warrior in all of Ravka!”
The General smiled at that. He knew without a doubt that his first child would do amazing as a big brother to his sibling(s). He had raised him well. Throughout their walk, they had passed by other Grisha and servants. They gave a slight bow to the darkling in greeting as he walked by them and he, in turn, nodded back at them. Aleksei, being a young child he was, and 4 years old, just gave them a sweet smile and small wave which caused them to smile at him. The boy was a darling among the occupants of the Little Palace, in fact, he was also seen as their hope for a better future as he descended from two of the strongest and greatest Summoners. His father, the Shadow Summoner, and his mother, the Sun Summoner.
They had now finally reached the main doors leading to their private quarters. In their private quarters consisted of some bedrooms, the war room, dining room, and their own bathrooms. Just like the darkling preferred. Aleksander put his son to the floor and followed after the boy as he ran to his parents' room.
“Mama!” Aleksei shouted in delight as he burst through the room darting straight to the large bed.
(Name) formed a soft smile on her face as she turned her head towards the source of the most precious sound that nothing else could ever compare. She saw as her son climbed her and her husband’s lavish bed, and crawl towards her. She then reached forward and grabbed her little boy and sat him on her lap, careful not to squish the precious swell of her belly that carried another love of hers and Aleksander’s.
“Now where did you go off to, little gremlin?” (Name) chuckled as she held her son’s soft cheeks between her hands and gave him butterfly kisses all over his sweet cherub face. Aleksei laughed at the sweet but ticklish affection he received from his mama. One thing Aleksei loved more than anything was being in his mother’s arms and receiving those butterfly kisses.
The boy was laughing out of fun and joy while his father watched the scene from the bedroom door out of pure adoration. Here right in front of him was his entire world, his entire everything. His wife, his son, and his unborn second child. Aleksander never imagined settling down and having his own family but that all changed since (Name) came.
His dear wife (Name), how she had changed him for the better and had given him the greatest gifts in the world. (Name) had miraculously wedged deep into his heart and left a huge imprint. She was his biggest support through all of his endeavors and it would remain so. Side by side they had fought together against the forces of Fjerda and Shu Han for years. And now, both he and (Name) now hold an important objective; protecting their family. Ever since (Name) was pregnant with their first child, she and Aleksander had worked hard to keep their son a secret but the King was adamant that they announce the birth of their child should the pregnancy ever be a success.
Apparently, some nosy maids had managed to pass on the word to the Queen about the Sun Summoner’s situation. This did not sit well for the General and (Name) as they worried for the welfare of their child. They had hoped for a more secure and secretive life but when word got out, there would be no doubt that their enemies would dare try to target their family. Aleksander or rather as the public knows him as General Kirigan managed to sway the King’s interests in announcing his child’s birth and to leave it be for the sake of their protection. The pregnancy was not easy since it was obviously (Name)’s first time. 9 months later, she and her husband were blessed with a beautiful son. Their son bore a striking resemblance to his father; thick dark hair, eyes as dark as the night, and his father’s nose. But one thing he gained from his mother were her soft supple lips. A true beauty they had brought into their world. (Name) and Aleksander believed their son would do great things. In this harsh world, with its fill of wars, poverty, famine, and death, both parents have one light that helps shine away all that is negative, and that is their family.
As the Sun Summoner coddled her sweet little boy, Aleksander stepped forward and went around the bed to sit by his angelic wife’s side. “How have you been feeling? Aleksei says you’ve been visiting the bathroom a lot this morning,” he asked worried as he reached out to hold one of his wife’s soft hands, but (Name) smiled at him in assurance, “I’m fine, the baby is just very active…keeps playing with my organs,” she looked down at her round belly hidden by her white lace nightgown. Aleksei also looked at the bump in wonder and leaned his head to lie on his mother’s belly with both hands beside his head as if laying on a pillow.
“I can feel them, mama,” Aleksei said excitedly.
“That’s because they know you’re there. They can hear you, you know. Would you like to tell them something?” His mother softly told him.
Her son scrunched his cute little face in thought, trying to figure out what he could tell his baby sibling.
“Umm…Oh, I know. Hello, baby brother or sister, it’s your big brother. I can’t wait to see you. We’ve been waiting for you for a looong time, so better hurry! We’re going to play all sorts of games…I’ll even share all my toys with you….I love you,” their son then gave a hug to his mother’s belly. (Name)’s eyes watered slightly at the heart-warming message her son made to their unborn sibling and she knew deep down that her children would be alright.
Aleksander was proud to be raising a caring and loving son, and he would continue doing so. His children will never go through the same challenges as their parents did, never will they suffer nor struggle in their lives. He would do everything in his power to protect his wife and children from their enemies.
His wife, (Name), looked to her husband by her side and asked, “Has Aleksei shown signs of any abilities he may possess?” Aleksander stares back at her and answers, “I believe Aleksei has something to show you…”
Her husband then turned his son, “Aleksei, won’t you show your mother your surprise?”
Aleksei gave a big smile and nodded in excitement. He moved a bit further from his mother with his tiny bum sat on the bed, he then raised both his palms and had them facing one another. His face squinted in concentration as he tried to conjure or rather summon his power at the palm of his hands. “Don’t try too hard, Aleksei, just let it flow and it will come,” His father encouraged him as he couldn’t keep a smile off his face. (Name) looked closely at her son’s hands and her eyes widened. There she saw it. A small black mist swirling between his palms, like a little dark storm.
“I did it, papa! Look! I’m just like you! What do you think mama?!” their son bounced on the bed in delight, laughing at his amazing accomplishment. (Name) smiled and clapped her hands applauding her little boy’s ability. “I’m so proud of you, Aleksei,” she told him happily, “Just like your papa.”
‘I’m gonna be just like papa! I want to be just like papa! Strong, smart, tall, and everything else!”
Aleksander’s eyes watered slightly but held them back. He reached to pick up his son and cradled him to his chest. “You’re going to do even greater things, my lapushka,” he spoke softly on his son’s head as he gave a kiss on his black hair. “Your mother and I are so proud of you. And we love you so much. Remember that.”
“I love you, papa. I love you, mama.” the boy told his beloved papa as his eyes shut slowly, exhausted.
Aleksander and (Name) looked at their sleeping miracle out of pure love and adoration.
This is what they were fighting for. Everything they worked hard for, was for Aleksei and their little unborn bean.
This was their paradise.
This was their sanctuary.
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confuscita · 2 months ago
Grishaverse fics recs
$- Smut
£- Fluff
€- Hurt/Comfort
₹- Angst
Some fics, Drabbles or blurbs or headcanons didn’t have titles so I randomly titled them:D
Darkling x Reader
Cake Night Talks by @lillianastras £
Game of House by @cheekygreenty £
Stranger by @cheekygreenty £
Disobey by @cheekygreenty £
Pretend by @zim-zam-goddamn £€
My boy by @cheekygreenty £
Blow up by @all-art-is-quite-useless $£
Your Meaning by @sunny-reys £
Smol and tol by @zim-zam-goddamn £
Cat fight by @cheekygreenty £
Kaz Brekker x Reader
Simply clothes by @alcottsangel £
Cupid screwed up by @genyaakostyk £
Mans best friend by @magpiencrow £
Nicknames by @goldengoddess £
Sober thoughts by @goldengoddess £
Barrel’s Goddess by @alcottsangel £
Shawty by @brekkers-multi £
You are done for by @sumsebien £
The little things by @emotionaiwrecks £
Unpredictable little brat by @liberty-barnes £
Frustrating by @darling-i-read-it $£
Foe to Family by @im-constantly-fangirling-backup £
My crow by @darling-i-read-it £
Jesper Fahey x Reader
I put a spell on you by @genyaakostyk £
Oops, I did it again by @genyaakostyk £€
Timing, people, timing by @genyaakostyk £
May I have this dance? By @magpiencrow £
Not What it looks like by @magpiencrow £
Fake dating by @goldengoddess £
Take care by @goldengoddess £€₹
My heart beats for you by @magpiencrow £
Shut up and kiss me by @goldengoddess £
Friendly Flirtations by @thebadgerclan £
Strongest Sense by @thebadgerclan £
Lost hair pins by @triptuckers £
The Perfect Crime by @sunny-reys £
Kaz playing matchmaker by @magpiencrow £
Matthias Helvar x Reader
Temptress by @magpiencrow £€
Ask the saints by @genyaakostyk £
In the wake by @sumsebien £
Stay alive for me by @goldengoddess £₹€
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light-yaers · 5 months ago
Fools in the Darkness (Darkling x Reader) - Masterpost
Tumblr media
Ketterdam covered up your secrets perfectly. It’d only been a matter of weeks since you’d fled there, after travelling the exhausting journey across East Ravka until the Fold had stood before you; brooding, dangerous, a death-wish just to look at, let alone enter it.
Maybe you had to thank him for one thing, General Kirigan, because without him—
You never would have crossed the Fold on your own.
A story before the Sun Summoner, but one just as dangerous, devilish, and delicious. Aleksander Morozova was still just as predictable as the day he created the Fold. 
Warnings: Death, violence, drugs (Parem), NSFW and sexual content. This content is explicit and 18+ at some points.
Grisha!Reader, includes both the Darkling and the Crows.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | More to come...
Read on Ao3 here!
Buy me a coffee <3
Tell me if you wish to be added to the tag list!
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allegra-writes · 4 months ago
Aleksander was afraid you were killed in combat but finds out you are fine and storms the tent where they have you recovering ✋🏼🥺
"Just Mortal”
Tumblr media
"Moi soverennyi! You can't walk in her-" A single stormy stare stopped the young healer in her tracks, shadows swimming inside the obsidian orbs of the black general, threatening her to dare telling him what he could and couldn't do again.
She didn't dare.
"I saw her fall, I know she was brought here" She didn't need to ask who he was referring to, she knew. They all knew. "So don't make me ask again"
Despite his composed tone, she could feel the undercurrent of desperation in his voice, feel his barely restrained fear, his pain, and something else, something deep and unfathomable, something not unlike devotion, greater than any flimsy imitation of love she could ever have felt of her own. Every grisha was connected and drawn to the Darkling, that was something the destruction of the fold, the rise of the soldat sol and the disappearance of the man himself could not change. She was loyal to the dragon queen, had been trained by her under the triumvirate, too young to remember the times the Black General had been a mentor to all grisha at the little palace, but in that moment, she knew she would have done anything he asked of her, and she would have done so gladly.
But stronger than his compulsion power, was the power of friendship, of family. Because that's what you were to her. Padruga. Sestra. A fellow Corporalki, even if you were the strongest of them all, the only one powerful enough to put the starless sain back together after decades (or centuries if she was to believe the rumors saying time passed differently in the void) of torture inside the thorn wood tree. And not only his body, but also the jagged fragments of his shattered mind.
Even his very soul.
Koroleva serdets, they called you, in whispers. The Queen of Hearts, the only one capable to soothe the Shadow King's pain.
Either way, there was no choice to be made. She balled inside her fist the note she had intended to send to the queen back in Os Alta. That night, it would feed the fire outside the grisha pavilion.
Zoya of the lost city might be the queen of Ravka, but out there, in the battle front, the second army had one king and one king only.
The girl bowed her head, and with a simple wave of her hand, the sea of red keftkas inside the medical tent parted in two.
That's when he saw you, pale and fragile looking on the cot they had placed you in, your own keftka draped over you like a blanket. Two, three long strides later and he was on you, grasping at your cold hand, the familiar surge of power blossoming at the contact, waking you up.
All the air inside his lungs left him in a relieved sigh as your pretty eyes fluttered open, brow furrowed in confusion for a few seconds until you seemed to get your bearings.
"Aleksander" You breathed out his name, and he almost broke right then and there, audience be damned.
You tried to sit up, but were still too weak to manage it by yourself, so he helped you.
"I'm sorry" He apologized hurriedly, "I should've bee here sooner, but I saw you go down and..." He didn't need to finish that sentence, you knew. Could picture it as if you were there: Whole battalions of enemy armies leveled, as far as the eye could reach, maybe even further, sliced cleanly in half by his cut.
A shiver ran down your spine and even if it wasn't because of the cold, you graciously accepted the wool shawl that Mila, the head healer, wrapped around your shoulders.
"Oh, Aleksander..." Your hand reached out for his face of it's own accord, cupping his cheek. He covered it completely with his much bigger one, keeping it there. Mila was polite enough to advert her eyes at the intimate display of affection, trying her best to give them some semblance of privacy.
"I will kill them all" He was all Darkling as he vowed, "I will annihilate every last one of them. No one shall dare to hurt you again."
"Sasha, I'm not hurt"
"Don't lie to me," He growled, "Not to protect them. They don't deserve your mercy, milaya. I saw you fall off your horse, under a hail of bullets"
"Sebastian was already slowing them down" You explained, referring to that squaller friend of yours, the one that always ran into battle (and into every little scheme your mischievous little brain seemed to concoct with the sole purpose of driving him crazy) by your side, "they never hit us harder than pebbles"
"Then why did you fall?" He inquired, sceptical, "And furthermore, why are you still here, surrounded by every healer and heartrender in your garrison?"
This time, it was Mila the one to reply,
"We are here for their protection. Healers to take care of them, and I must admit, a little bit out of medical curiosity. And the heartrenders seemed to have appointed themselves as their personal guard..."
Aleksander frowned in confusion,
"There are two heartbeats, sir"
You watched in amusement as the terrible, intimidating black general's jaw fell slack, midnight eyes big as platoons.
"I fell because I fainted. I didn't know, I swear, otherwise I wouldn't have fought today. I would nev-"
He cut you off with his lips on yours in a kiss far more passionate than was tasteful for a public display of affection, but neither of you cared. Someone in the background cleared their throat, but it only succeed in making Aleksander deepen the kiss even more, enveloping you in his arms and under his cape, as if wanting to hide you from the rest of the world, keep you only to himself.
And that was exactly what he wanted, even though he knew in practical terms it was impossible. But that word was losing his meaning more and more every minute he spent with you, wasn't it? He had thought impossible for him to survive the thorn wood tree, impossible to love again after the sunlight was stolen from him, had thought Alina was his only equal. But here you were, the mender of every fibre of his heart, literally and figuratively, a star of hope sparking up the long dark night of his existence. Hope because the mere fact that you had been able to conceive his child after over half a century of loneliness was a testament of you at least having the potential to be like him. And unlike Lizabeta, he actually loved you. And unlike Alina, you actually loved him back. And maybe he hadn't been wrong, maybe fate was real, cause he could feel you holding his in your dainty mortal hands.
What a capricious creature, fate was. Another healer, just mortal, just like Luda. Just like the cause of his greatest sin... And now, another healer was the bringer of his absolution.
Just mortal... He would fix that.
"I'll get you an amplifier. The most powerful of them all" He promised, when he finally released your lips, forehead resting against yours, "A Firebird, or a dragon-"
"You are not killing our queen just to get me an amplifier" You chuckled. But despite the joking tone of your words, Mila could see the speculative looks amongst the heartrenders. They had always been the most loyal to the Darkling.
But Aleksander chuckled too,
"Wouldn't dream of it. I make saints, milaya, I don't murder them" He was surprised by how true the words ringed in his ears. No, Sankta Soya could keep her throne, he was going to be too busy with his new family to run a kingdom anyway.
No, he had something far stronger in mind...
But, in the meantime,
"How many people know of this?" His voiced resonated through the tent with authority, and even though his eyes never left you, Mila knew he was talking to her.
"Only the people in this tent" They could keep the pregnancy hidden from the etheralki and the soldiers, but an extra heartbeat was a little hard to keep from a corporalki.
"Good, I want you and a female heartrender by her side at all times" That should help conceal the baby's heartbeat for a while, at least until you started to show, buy he hoped to have found the amplifier by then, "Spread word of her injury throughout the camp, and get my carriage ready, we'll head back to Os Alta for her recovery first thing in the morning."
In reality, he would procure an unremarkable, if fast, civilian carriage along with a handful of his most talented grisha and himself and you would be leaving for the palace before the night was over.
"Now, everybody out, I need a word alone with my fiancee"
That got you arching an eyebrow,
Aleksander shrugged, affecting nonchalance,
"Marrying you was always the goal, I see no reason not to speed the plans now"
You rolled your eyes,
"Ever the romantic..."
Aleksander waited until he heard the last healer, Mila, leave the tent before softly pushing you back until you hit the thin mattress, immediately covering you with his body.
"I can be romantic for you, milaya. I can be anything for you" He proved it, placing delicate pecks on your forehead, your closed eyelids, the tip of your nose, your cheeks. They graduated to wet, open mouthed kisses as he rained them on your jawline, down your neck, your throat, right up to that spot above your pulse point that had you sighing, melting into him. "I can be your lover, your protector, your husband..."
"What about the king of my heart?" You breathed out, fingers tangling on his soft locks as his short beard scratched your collarbones, setting your skin on fire.
You felt his smile against your chest, hands on the sash that kept your chemise closed When had he gotten rid of your keftka?
"Yes," He promised, lips trailing down until they were set over your, still flat, stomach, "I can be that"
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No,Kaz dressing like a sculptor and trying to act like an artist was literally the best scene in the whole show😭😭
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clairecrive · 4 months ago
hi!!! can I ask for darkling smut after he and the reader get in an argument? like it starts out angry but by the end they're super passionate and cuddly? thank you and congrats on so many followers!!
A/n: you ask and you shall receive, hun! I love writing this so so much. I hope you'll like to read it too. Thanks for requesting and for your words xx This is also for this anon.
Warnings: angst, smut, fluff at the end
Word count: 2.9 K
Tags: @blackst0nes7077, @thefictionalgemini, @louweasleymalfoy @jupiterandbutterflies , @for-bebbanburg, @tarkanelima-blog, genre), @pansysgirlfriend, @acciorudolphx, @kaqua , @hannaxmaria, @vintagebitc, @deardiarystuff (if you want you can add yourself to my taglist by filling this form)
Tumblr media
“You will not believe what-” y/n had the habit of not knocking before entering his room. The general had been more than annoyed with her initially, but she insisted that it was a way for him to distinguish her from everyone else.
Hear the door open? You don’t have to guess who it is, you’ll know it’s me, she used to tell him.
Now, however, she was wishing she didn’t have that habit in the first place. Stumbling into a room, your partner’s room, to find him standing way too close to another girl, wasn’t on her list for tonight. Maybe a warning would have been nice but at the same time, if she had knocked she wouldn’t have found them this way.
Her initial enthusiasm at the prospect of sharing this gossip with him had suddenly vanished. The smile on her face turned into a frown as Alina cleared her voice and took a step away from the general for decency’s sakes. Too late, y/n wanted to tell her.
It was painfully clear what she had interrupted. She willed her face to set into an emotionless expression but she couldn’t help a glance in Aleksander direction. Arms behind him, he looked nothing but proper and collected. But y/n knew him, probably better than anyone else in this world, and had learnt how to read his body. His jaw was clenched which meant that he wasn’t as calm as he wanted to appear.
Good, y/n thought, let him drown in guilt and misery.
Clearing her voice, she realized she had been standing there without saying anything for too long.
“I’m so sorry, General, I didn’t know you were busy. I should have knocked,” she excused herself without looking at them. “I’ll leave you to it.” With a slight nod, she added before hightailing out of the room.
She could feel Alina’s questioning gaze on her back as she closed the door behind her. There were already rumours going around about her supposed relationship with the General. No one knew for certain, neither y/n nor Kirigan had ever bothered confirming or denying them. Now though, she knew that words of this little encounter would spread, further cementing the already existing gossip.
Oh well, she thought as she walked to her room, by the looks of it there wasn’t going to be a relationship to gossip about anymore.
Her bedroom had lost every sense of familiarity and comfort a private space like this should have. She hardly ever slept in it anymore. Not since she and the general had become a thing. She only went there to change and so slipping into the bed felt weird and anonymous. As if she was in someone else’s bed and not hers.
Her sleep was doomed to be restless, she knew. However, tomorrow’s busy schedule prompted her to at least try and get some sleep. Even if it only was a couple of hours. Shuffling to change position she tried to keep Aleksander out of her mind.
An unachievable task, she was aware but she tried nonetheless. Things between them had been tense ever since he had come back to the Little Palace with her. y/n knew of his plans. She knew why he needed to do certain things and how Alina was involved. That didn’t mean she was fine with it though.
Not only did it bother her the fact that he was stripping the girl of her will and powers eventually but it also bothered her that he had chosen to get to her by manipulating her feelings. They had had countless fights because of this but nothing ever came out of it. A centuries-long existence meant that he was stubborn beyond belief and there was no way of making him change his mind once it was set on something.
After what she had witnessed today though, y/n wondered if the jokes were on him and he did end up feeling something genuine for Alina. Y/n herself had met her and spoke with her a couple of times and she had to admit begrudgingly that she wasn’t that bad.
Lost in her thoughts, y/n was snapped out of it by a loud knock at her door. As soon as she started to wonder who could be bothering her at this hour, the door opened and she stopped guessing.
Of course, it was him.
“I’m in no mood to talk to you, Aleksander. Please go.” She spoke, not bothering to turn towards where she knew he was standing. Y/n knew that while she couldn’t see him in the dark this wasn’t true for him. Shadows didn’t hinder his view like they did everyone else, they were an extension of him.
He didn’t speak but she also didn’t hear him walking away. She let out a sigh and that was the only way she was willing to acknowledge him. He wanted to stand in the shadow and stare like a creep? Fine, two could play this game.
Set on ignoring him, she stubbornly stared ahead of her. She was very aware of his eyes on her, stinging like needles. If sleep was arduous to achieve before now it was impossible. In any case, she closed her eyes and pretended to be at least. He wouldn’t know the difference and would leave her alone at some point.
But of course, she knew him well enough by now and he wasn’t as easily deterred. She didn’t know how much time passed but her eyes flew open as she felt her bed dip. Her breath hitched and she laid on full alert.
Then she felt the shadow of his touch on her neck and knew that he was close. Way too close that he should be. He was probably propped on his arm as she felt her pillow dip too.
“We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.” He whispered close to her ears, his lips suggestively tracing her earlobe.
Despite the chills that his touch would usually send to her body, y/n stifled a treacherous gasp. Instead, her body stiffened and she almost pushed him away but she wasn’t sure that touching him wouldn’t backfire.
“If you think I’d let you lay a finger on me after you touched her, you’re sorely mistaken.”
“Who says I did?”
“Please, stick to manipulating one girl, okay? Move. away.”
He didn’t reply but the hand that was on her neck moved to her shoulder and pushed back so that she was laying on her back and facing him. Well, the darkness was too thick for her to actually see his face but she could feel his breath.
“Do not push me away.”
“Don’t tell me what to do.” Y/n bite back.
“You’re well aware of my plans, don’t act so betrayed now.”
“Well, maybe I’m tired of being a pawn in your schemes.”
“A pawn isn’t aware of its role nor of the whole plan.”
“Being smart with me won’t help, Aleksander. You want Alina? Fine, go get her. But leave me out of this.” Pulling her face free of his grip, she turned on her side. The shadows around him had dissipated a bit, allowing you to glimpse at his face.
“You cannot do this, y/n.” he growled, pushing her on her back again, “you said you were in this. You said you wanted me, that you were going to be by my side always. You can’t just change your mind. You can’t.” His voice was strangled with emotion almost breaking on some words.
Y/n had never heard his voice so filled with sorrow. Because that’s what he must be feeling. She thought that he was also feeling betrayed by her but then she realized-- no, he was afraid. Afraid of losing her.
He knew what he did and he also was aware that y/n was not one to mess with. She was just as stubborn as he was and just as prideful. What she had seen had hurt her and it was only what she felt for him that prevented him from being mindlessly dismissed and removed from her life. She had not resisted him more forcefully because she cared, because the wound was still french and that meant that there was still a tiny hope left.
“That was before you fell for another woman. I can’t stand by and watch you be with her. You can’t ask that of me.” She whispered, meeting his eyes. No matter how much she loved him, that was simply something she was not willing to put herself through.
“That’s not what I’m asking. That’s not what's happening.” He pledged. Y/n didn’t know if it was a trick of the moonlight seeping in from her window but she saw his eyes well with unshed tears.
“Isn’t it?”
“It isn’t.” He insisted, his hand on your jaw holding it closer. “Alina is a pawn, Alina doesn’t know what is going to happen, she doesn’t know me.” Heaving a sigh, Aleksander held her face, his thumb caressing her cheek.
“There is no one on this earth that has ever seen me more clearly than you do, solnishko. I know what you saw, I know what it looked like because that was intentional. But I trust you to know the difference between what it’s really happening and what it looks like because they’re not the same.” His eyes were alive with an intensity y/n had only seen a few times before. He was ancient and he was skilled at manipulation amongst other things. She always tried to keep that in mind but now, looking at him, she couldn’t help but feel like he was being genuine.
Why would he want me near? There wasn’t an ulterior motive for wanting her by her side. Yes, she was the only one who knew about his plans but that wasn’t it. If it was, he would have simply killed her. Took less time than this. Also, y/n knew that the power was in her hands. If she said no, that she couldn’t do this anymore, she was sure that Aleksander would let her go.
“But the way you were looking at her, Aleks, I just-” a lump formed in her throat as she recalled the look on his face, “you’re spending more and more time with her and I can’t help but fear that- I mean she’s literally the embodiment of sunshine.”
“You’ve never seen the way I look at you, then.” Thumb trailing over her lower lip now, he gave her a weak smile. “I swear that there’s no one dearer to me than you.”
“I’m not sure I can’t stand the idea of you kissing and touching her, Aleksander, I’m sorry.” Y/n insisted as well because she knew him and she knew that the way she worded things was crucial.
“That won’t happen then.” He assured but she was still not fully convinced.
“I promise it won’t come to that.” So Aleks rephrased. It was better but still not good enough. But they could work on that surely.
“It seems to me though, that I have not done a good job at showing you what you meant to me. I need to reinforce it, don’t you think?” He proposed, using the hand on her face to pull her closer to him.
“I agree.” y/n mumbled on his lips before they smashed together. She didn’t wait for him to initiate the kiss. She thought she had lost him tonight and had already been trying to plan her life without him. She wasn’t willing to waste any more time. She was going to show everyone that he was hers and only hers so as not to leave any more doubts around them. Fuck gossip.
Propping herself on her elbow she used it as leverage to reach up to meet him. The hand he had on her face moved backwards to hold her head while her hand did the same in his hair. Both of them pulled the other impossible close, not willing to leave the smallest of spaces between them.
Sitting up, y/n used her other hand to first the lapel of his kefta. She quickly unfasted the buttons to get rid of it before she pushed him on his back.
“She thinks she has a chance, uh.” She taunted as she straddled his waist, roughly gathering her sleeping gown around her waist while his hands instantly shot up to rest on her hips.
“She thinks she’ll be as lucky as seeing you like this?” she continued, her hands caressing his naked chest, “that she’ll have the chance of touching you? kissing you?” she leaned down, one hand at the nape of his head to make him meet her halfway. It wasn’t a long kiss, she needed to make a point after all. Pulling away, she bit his lower lip earning a moan from him.
“To feel you like this?” she whispered in his mouth as her hips wiggled over his clothed member. His hands tightened his hold on her hips, pushing her down on it increasing the pressure.
“She’s delusional,” Aleks gasped as her mouth trailed kisses along his jaw and neck where it nipped and sucked.
“Mh,” y/n agreed, “let’s make sure she knows.” She promised before her mouth went back to sucking a few hickeys on his neck. Aleks only moaned and gave her more space to work on. His hands trailed up from her waist, cupping her breasts before playing with her nipples.
As her mouth lowered on his collarbone, Aleks decided that enough was enough. His hands roughly gripped the end of her gown before hastily pulling it up and off her body. One arm snaked over her waist pulling her flush against him as he sat up.
“Enough teasing,” he warned as the hand that wasn’t on her quickly discarded his undergarments.
“As you wish, moy sovregni,” she whispered sultrily on his lips knowing fully what effect those words had on him. Aleksander growled on her mouth, his hands kneading her ass cheeks as he gently lowered her on him.
Gasping as she felt every inch of him enter her, y/n gripped his shoulders as she started to move. Aleks’ hands guided her as she set a steady pace.
“She’s never going to feel your hands on her body,” she breathed as Aleks’ hips snapped up, setting a rougher pace.
“You’re mine.” She growled possessively on his lips as her hips met his.
“I’m yours, y/n. Just as you’re mine.” His tone matched hers. He sealed his promise with a bruising kiss. The trusting was becoming more and more frantic and Aleks’ could feel y/n clench around him.
With no previous warning, he lowered his hands from her ass to her thighs so that he could hold her while he changed their position. Guiding her legs to wrap around his waist, Aleksander leaned on his knees while he pushed her upper body down with his chest. Y/n gasped on his lips not knowing if it was for the movement, for the change of position that meant that he was now able to reach deeper than before or because she could feel her orgasm approaching.
Whatever the reason may be, Aleks swallowed her gasp as his lips refused to leave hers. Snapping his hips, he moved his hands from her legs. One went to stimulate her clit while the other choked her lightly. He knew that this combo would prove to send her over the edge. Not long after, as a matter of fact, he felt y/n’s nails on his shoulders as well as her walls tightening around him. He was not behind.
While y/n whimpered his name over and over as her orgasm hit her, Aleksander’s thrusts began to falter. With one deep thrust, he emptied inside her, obscene sounds leaving his mouth.
He leaned over y/n’s body, both of their breaths heavy, they basked in the afterglow. Aleks’ head rested over her chest, comforted by her steady heartbeat while y/n’s hands trailed over his back.
Once their breath had levelled and they could regain control over their limbs, Aleks propped himself over his elbow, his nose nuzzling y/n’s making her giggle at the soft touch. She loved these rare moments of softness and intimacy between them. If she could, she’d never let them end.
“I promise you’ll never have to doubt me again.”
“If you keep this up, it’d be impossible for me to.” She chuckled, referring to her limp body. She couldn’t trust her body to move. Sex with Aleksander always had this effect on her.
“Good to know I can still satisfy you.” He smirked as he leaned down for a small kiss. Giggling on his lips, y/n pulled him close, making him rest his weight on her rather than his elbow.
“I’m thoroughly sated, my love. You have nothing to worry about in that department.” Aleks couldn’t see her but could feel the smirk on her lips. Intertwining their legs, he got more comfortable on her. Her arms held him in a tight embrace.
“You’ll do well to remember it, dearest.” His voice came out muffled since his face rested between her breasts but y/n got what he meant anyway. Laughing at the idea that she could ever need anyone else, y/n held him closer to her chest. The embrace her form of a promise to him.
She had everything she’d ever need right here in her arms.
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aniqua · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hades!Aleksander Morozova x Persephone!Reader
word count: 1.9K
genres: Greek Mythology!AU, angst & fluff, strong suggestive themes (allusion to sexual acts)
summary: For most of your life, you lived in the garden that your mother, Demeter, created for you. You never left it until Aleksander, the god of the Underworld, took you away upon your request. In your absence, the crops of the human world began to fail because of your mother’s despair.
author’s note: This is is the epilogue. Sorry for being slighty off of my 1K present week. So many things are going on but I wanted to get this out there. Enjoy! (I was debating on how I wanted to end it and I thought that I could leave it more open so that I may always revisit the characters if I wish)
Tumblr media
miniseries masterlist
Tumblr media
When you had come back into Aleksander’s arms, he had almost considered that what he had seen was a dream, or possibly a hallucination. Yet, when he held you in his arms and touched the skin on your face, he knew that the familiar feeling was not something he nor the god of the sky could easily replicate. The softness of your cheek and the smell of your hair was a feeling that he spent much too long failing to recount in the discomfort of his home.
Every so often he was given the chance to see you in the garden, but it paled in comparison to the memories that he had created with you amidst traveled and in the greenhouse that he had given you. If the day had found a way to stretch into a thousand years and he had not seen you in weeks, he would go there to lay his head so that the plants there would mimic the aura that your presence emitted. At a certain point in the year, it was no longer your mother keeping you from him, but now the responsibilities of title. 
But now, in the final months of the year and the ones ushering in the new, he had you. So, he spent days peppering your flesh with his burning lips and consuming you, however you liked him to every morning. Letting him show you the world brought you excitement, but being in his proximity for as long as you could help it put you in a constant state of unaltered passion.
You got to hear “sweetheart” frequently as you made yourself more comfortable in the dreariness of his home. You did not mind where you stayed and found comfort in the shadow of his realm because it reminded you of him. Oftentimes, he would revel in the sensation of feeling you nearly clinging to him as he went about his day doing mundane matters. To have constant company was a new experience that only took a second for him to grow used to.
On one of those mundane days where you wove flowers in his hair as he looked over papers of important matters, he told you of a brief trip he had to make to the world of the mortals. It was nothing that you knew you would be excited to participate in, so you opted to stay home and entertain Cerberus, which Aleksander found quite amusing since the dark-haired dog was significantly greater than you but moved around like an excited pup.
“Come back soon,” you said while he kissed your forehead as he always liked to.
“I will,” he smiled, then took the opportunity to grace you with his lips on yours as another signal of reassurance.
Being left alone to your own decisions in a realm filled with untouched wonders was never something you considered until Cerberus grew tired and went to sleep to rid himself of his exhaustion.
“Are you tired?” you asked the creature and only got him lying on the ground, peaceful as his response. 
You took the chance to find another form of distraction until Aleksander could arrive back. After all, most of his evening departures never lasted too long. You weaved throughout the home of the god of death while you were being fueled by your burning curiosity to see a sight that he had not properly shown you before.
It was not as if you were completely ignorant to Aleksander’s home, but there were still certain parts of it that were completely unexplored by you because of your preference to rest in bed consuming his scent after a night of having him within you.
As your feet wandered, you thought to visit the person who could give you quiet company.
“Hello, Ivan.” You flashed him a comfortable smile as you boarded the ferry. He was silent but acknowledged you with a polite smile, nod, and an outstretched hand in demand of a coin. You sighed and reluctantly gave the only piece of earthly metal that you were in possession of at the moment. You had gotten it from one of your many adventures and hoped in another escapade, you would be able to get a hold of another. The treasures humans made were always so fascinating to you.
The ride along the river was tranquil the first time around. It was something you found pleasure in watching, but never got to experience because of Ivan’s apprehension. Thankfully, a coin was all it took to buy his confidence. You let the boat cut through the water like a bird in flight, as you did not have to sacrifice the silence that came with autonomy. 
You experienced the ride along the river until Ivan needed to take someone down the Acheron. As he was making his way, you did exactly what he had told you not to do. You reached out to a soul. It swam along the river and brought out a hand to the ferry. It was not a plea, but rather a move in interest. To see a beating heart riding along the river drew the attention of many others in the water. 
Your curiosity always got the better of you, so you reached out from where you sat on the ferry. The feeling of touching it had you crossing a line of comforting uncertainty. 
As you bent closer to see it, you were mesmerized by the water. The way it swirled with a dark hue made it difficult for you to maintain your composure. While Ivan kept his attention on navigating the boat, you were being pulled by the feeling of the river when you took the hand that called for you. It was an attempt to connect to it, yet without the influence of the river, you would have never wanted to. It was as if someone was whispering your name. 
The call of your name caused you to reach to fly too high. You fell into the waters of the river. When you broke through the surface, all you could see were the souls of those that had ridden the ferry before you. They were like swirling clouds of smoke at the end of a fire. It was when you truly saw the sheer concentration of them that resided in the river that your heart stopped. 
You felt the spirit of the body of water pull at all your energy as if it was plucking at your feathers. Your feet had no want to beat against the water in an attempt to move upward. Tragically, even if they did, the pitfall in your character was that it was something that you had never done before. Demeter had always kept the water in your home shallow. The irony of this was that her precautions would have been the reason for your hurt. 
So, with the inability to swim and the desire to stay underwater, you stayed in the river motionless. Its occupants whispered to you lullabies that convinced you that the water was more welcoming than the land. 
Although you held your breath, you felt the desire to let go and fall further into the bed that they had made for you to scream at you. The river promised you a lot of things and one of them was to never see anyone you ever loved as long as you stayed there. And because of its hypnotic nature, the thought of that did not bother you. 
You grew more tired and felt as if you were being rocked into a comforting sleep. Yet before you could submit, you felt a hand pull you out by your arm. In an instant, you returned to the floor of the ferry while arriving in a cloud of dark shadow.
The contents of the Acheron flew out of your mouth as you cough to rid yourself of where you had been. Aleksander’s hands were on your shoulders as you laid across the ferry while his firm voice was sending flaming arrows to Ivan.
You could not entirely listen to their words because of how clogged your ears were, as if you were still submerged.
“What made you believe that you could take her down the river?” His voice never rose, but it was entirely frigid.
As he spoke firmly, he held onto you, as you were preoccupied with recovering from what you had seen. It was not a fearful sight, but rather peaceful, and that was what made the river horrifying. How it was able to lull you into believing that drowning was better than living and being.
“Why did you go there?” He appeared so much closer to your face than he previously was, but you did not remember when he got there. His dark eyes scoured the land of your features to discover some semblance of sanity as he tried to pull you back from the trance that you were in.
When you looked up, you saw that you were no longer on the ferry, but in the room that you spent all your nights in. He had sat you down on the bed and stood before you and you had not even noticed.
“Y/N?” Before he could say anything further, you slowly walked right into his chest and hugged him tightly. Your mind was as vacant as how you felt, so it took feeling your own body shaking against his to realize that you were crying.
“Sweetheart,” he sighed as returned to the embrace. “You’re not supposed to be there.”
You looked at him and wondered how the river could ever convince you that staying there in its hold would be better than seeing him again. So, you kissed him, in hopes that it would send a message back to the place where you almost drowned him. To tell the trapped souls there that you did not prefer their company.
As he returned your kiss, you landed back on the bed as you clung onto him like as he was your lifeline and hoped the feeling of his mouth would allow you to forget how suffocating the river was. The fear of losing you to the clutches of the sorrowful incentivized him to lay as many kisses as he could on your neck. So as his hands push aside your dress until it hit the floor like spilled honey, he decorated your body with intimate contact.
As you both your hands took his face to continue taking him over, he removed his clothes. By the next minute, you both found company in the warmth of the bed, still kissing as you laid on top of his bare chest. 
All the tears and visions of the river were gone and all you could experience was him. He took over every aspect of your senses. As you made a move to go further, he halted your actions and took both of your hands to place a kiss on each of them. 
“Let’s just lie here,” he said. “In the coming days, we’ll have all the time in the world to be in each company.” This was the only truth that could ever exist.
You spent that evening naked over him resting as you attentively listened to the sound of his breath entering and exiting his beautiful figure until you fell asleep as he played with your hands.
Tumblr media
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sassybadqueen · a month ago
Tumblr media
^^SIRIUS after catching LILY and JAMES coming out of a broom closet together...
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aniquasmasterlists · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Heart Covered in Thrones
summary: Aleksander went by many names once he created the Fold with his magic and Maleficent was one of them. He cast a spell on your future that he would come to regret when you try to rid the world of the Unsea with your light.
To Be Pretty, Powerful, and Important
summary: All you have ever wanted was to matter. In secret, the general made you feel like it, but it was never genuine. You watched from a distance as Alina Starkov got everything you had ever wanted.
Golden Cages series
summary: You have lived isolated from the outside world in a forest for a large portion of your life. One day, a mistake you made causes you to end up with the Darkling wounded in your cottage. Time passes as you both become closer while you nurse him back to health. When it is time for him to return to the Little Palace, you go with him, which puts you on the track of a new part of your life.
A Secret Garden miniseries
Greek Mythology!AU
summary: You were forced to stay in the garden that your mother, Demeter, made for you. A mysterious god soon enters without her knowledge and the secret love that you both share becomes something that you no longer want to hide.
Pencil Case
summary: You and Aleksander are unaware that your pining is mutual, which leaves an opportunity for a lot of situations to transpire in Os Alta’s most prestigious postsecondary educational institution.
summary: You’re locked in your room when you refuse to participate in the Darkling’s plans to “change the world.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: After being in a relationship with Kaz for a long period of time, he decided to do something he had been anticipating trying for weeks.
If This Was a Movie... 
summary: Kaz’s actions sometimes have you feeling like you were the last name on his list, but he is the kind to not even notice sometimes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Golden Cages series
summary: You have lived isolated from the outside world in a forest for a large portion of your life. One day, a mistake you made causes you to end up with the Darkling wounded in your cottage. Time passes as you both become closer while you nurse him back to health. When it is time for him to return to the Little Palace, you go with him, which puts you on the track of a new part of your life.
summary: You’re locked in your room when you refuse to participate in the Darkling’s plans to “change the world.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stardust-danvers · 3 months ago
You and the general having to share one bed in this pub and oh what happens hmm? 👀
*slams hands on the table* and there was oNLY ONE BED!
Warnings: none, just heavy pining Word count: 1856
Part of you was in hysterics about the situation, wanted to laugh about it until you could barely breathe while the other part of you was absolutely terrified. Out of all the people to land in a scene that could have been straight out of a romance novel, it was you and the infamous Ravkan general.
Your heart was probably beating loud enough that every heartrender in the nearby perimiter could hear it as you dropped your traveling bag a little louder than you wanted to, drawing his attention, which up until that point you had managed to keep from yourself for the most part, save for the moment at the bar where you’d found out there were not enough rooms to house all six of you comfortably.
It wasn’t that you didn’t like it, but everytime he looked at you, you felt like every nerve ending had suddenly been set on fire and you muttered a quick apology before plucking your night shifts out of your bag and moved to the small but closed off washing area.
At least here you couldn’t feel his heavy gaze as you slowly relaxed and stripped out of your day wear and put the comfortable fabric over your limbs. It wasn’t fashionable in any way, but it kept you warm during the night.
Behind the curtain you could hear him shuffling around and the dry sigh of the fabric from his Kefta told you he was changing as well, and you decided to wait a little until the commotion died down enough for you to be confident that he was done, not accidentally wanting to see him naked and poked your head around the curtain to see if your suspicions were correct.
What you were not expecting to see was the fact that he had forgone the need for a shirt and had his back turned to you as he looked out of the window, which you were glad about as you felt a blush creep up your cheeks and quickly retreated behind the curtain again.
Your heart was certainly loud enough now that Ivan and Fedyor, the two heartrenders in your company, could almost definitely hear it and you wouldn’t put it above Ivan to come in and complain that you needed to keep your heart beat down so he could sleep.
Sunken away in your thoughts, you opened the tap above the small sink and let the water run as you splashed your face with it. The cold water felt nice against your heated skin and slowly, you could feel your heart come back to its normal pace.
Eyes now heavy with sleep, you turned off the tap and yawned as you pushed the curtain aside to get comfortable somewhere, completely forgetting the fact that you had seen the general half naked just a few minutes ago, but as you looked around the room, he was nowhere to be found.
Deciding it would be rude to take the only bed in the room, you plucked the few cushions from the two seats in the room and made yourself as comfortable as possible and hoped you would be asleep before he came back, saving you the discussion over who would take the floor that night.
You weren’t sure how late it was when you woke up. The silvery slivers that came through the blinds told you it was still night, but you wouldn’t be able to tell the time even if your life depended on it.
The warmth around you slowly settled in your reality as your mind became more aware of its surroundings, little by little.
First came the pleasant weight of a blanket and the softness of the fabric, then the weight of something else draped over your middle. It was heavy, but not unpleasantly. There was a heavy, steady breath near the nape of your neck and when you moved a little, trying to take in more of your surroundings, you could feel the soft tickling of a beard on your shoulder.
Whether the realisation had hit you as slow as you had woken up or faster than a manipulated wind current from a Squaller, you didn’t know, but once the knowledge had set in, your mind began to race. Like it always did when you were near him.
Why he had disappeared before you went to sleep or how you had ended up next to him in the small bed the room possessed, you had no idea, though you could only guess that he had seen you asleep in the corner and had taken you to bed with him, for a reason only the Saints could ever reveal to you.
Breathing in deeply, you tried to calm your mind. There were still a good few hours left before the sun would come up and you’d have to leave, but there seemed no calming it, no matter how much you focussed on your breath.
Shifting a little under the heavy weight that laid over your waist, you managed to find a position that was more comfortable to be awake in as your eyes moved around the room, scanning the dark silhouttes that clung to the floor and walls.
You tensed involutarily at the sound of his voice behind you as you tried to figure out what had woken him. You were fairly certain you had been as quiet and still as you could, save for the small change in your position just now, unless he had been awake before you’d woken up.
Was more before I knew you were awake, you thought to yourself as the familiar burn began to settle over your body, even more noticable now in the places where your bodies touched each other, and you thought you might burn a hole into the bed right there and accidentally set the establishment on fire.
You shifted again, but this time he lifted his arm to give you more room to move. If he had been awake before you first moved your position, he had done a terrific job at keeping you in the dark about it.
“Yeah, comfortable,” you said as you let out a breath that sagged your whole body, leaning completely against him as you let your head sink back into the cushion it had been laying on, but you doubted you would be falling back into sleep any time soon.
Words were weighing heavily on your tongue, though you could not give them shape as you became acutely aware of the silence in the room. A silence that was comfortable, but you didn’t want it to be there. You wanted to talk. To hear the voice of the man behind you. You wanted to talk to him, but you didn’t know where to start.
Your breath was slow but steady as you stared at what you assumed was the curtain to the washing area and you pondered over the things you wanted to say. One part of you wanted to make simple small talk, hear each others voices until one of you fell asleep first, the other wanted to cut to the chase. To confess your feelings for him right here in this moment of clear vunerability and as you debated and weighed your options, the urge to turn to your other side began to rise as well when you felt the shoulder you were laying on get uncomfortable.
It was already a miracle in and of itself that he had managed to get you both into the small bed and you were convinced that if you tried going flat on your back that you would accidentally push him off, which left completely turning around as your only option. Besides of course continueing the discomfort in your shoulder, but your decision was quickly made as the discomfort began to turn into pain and wordlessly you turned around in his arms and settled into the matrass again.
When your nose brushed against the naked skin of his shoulder, you could swear everything in the world had stopped. From your heart to your thoughts to the passage of time itself.
The bastard was still half naked.
As you regained your ability to breathe, your thoughts slowly came back to you, racing through your head though they all seemed to consist of a single word.
You didn’t know where to keep your hands as your thoughts raced on, but it seemed best to keep them where they were, on your own chest while the burning feeling in your body seemed to reach its high.
“Something on your mind?” he asked, and you swore you could hear a smile in his words.
You, you thought. You have been the only thing on my damn mind since I woke up and if you say one more word I am probably going to combust. But despite that thought, you answered him anyway.
“Everything… and nothing at the same time.”
He hummed at your response, though you could not find any judgement and a question passed your lips.
“Anything on yours?”
“Not in particular.”
He trailed his fingers up and down along the length of your spine and for some Saintforsaken reason, the feeling helped you relax. Silence fell over the room once again and again, you wanted to lift it. Hear his voice and hear your own talking to his.
His ministrations moved from your spine over your shoulder, to your arm, drawing patterns that seemed senseless to you, but you enjoyed the feeling and it compelled you to put at least one hand on him as well, though you didn’t exactly know why.
The feel of his skin under your fingertips sent a strange sensation through your body, one that cooled the burning heat you had felt from his touch and kept it to a pleasant, fuzzy warmth and your fingers began, without thinking, mimicking the movements of the ones that were trailing your arm and soon enough, you could feel your mind drift back towards the realm of sleep.
“I wish we could stay like this forever,” you murmured, not awake enough to think of the repercussions your words could have, memorising the feel of his skin.
“Too bad the night will disappear…” you heard him reply above you and you smiled.
“Yeah, too bad…”
You memorised his skin for long moments after that, hoping to remember every little detail, every little bump or dip you could feel until your fingers lost their path from how close you were to falling back into dreams and you moved a little closer to him, hoping you would wake up like this, that none of it had been a dream.
You could hear words coming from your mouth, but you didn’t know what they meant as your mind began to drift back into sleep once more and your head dipped forward to lay against his chest, inhaling his scent and you could swear you heard an answer from him, but you were gone before you could figure them out, surely dreaming of the press of his lips on the crown of your head.
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lauralestrange7 · 29 days ago
Y/n : You are not going to let me go are you?
Sirius: Nope
Y/n : ……
Sirius : Aren’t you gonna still try and wriggle out?
Y/n : It’s no good
Sirius : Exactly *kisses your forehead securing his arms tighter around you*
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comfortscripts · 25 days ago
Offscreen Prince ¬ Ben B.
Tumblr media
Plot - Who would have thought that playing Rapunzel would lead you to your own prince charming?
Genre - Fluff ☁️
Pairing - Ben Barnes x Actor!Fem!reader
Notes/Warnings - Age gap (Ben is 40ish and reader is early 20s), this takes place after they finished filming so during press. Basically saw a fancast of Ben as Flynn and my mind went wild. This is just self-indulging cheesiness but oh well.
Word Count - 1.6k
"So Y/N, how did you find the whole process of getting into the hair and makeup? From some of the behind-the-scenes, it looked like such a hassle." Spoke the interviewer, asking the same question that plenty of interviewers had hours before. Not that you could blame them, no matter how tired you were of the question, it was still their job.
Faking a simple giggle before answering. "Oh definitely, there was about 20 pounds of hair extensions to deal with every morning and whilst the dress was beautiful, being in a corset for more than an hour is suffocating. But that being said, I think all the hassle I had with the costume was nothing compared to what crew had to deal with by putting it on me and maintaining it."
"I'd say the hassle was worth it. You truly look like a Disney princess, absolutely stunning."
You were used to compliments every now and then from an interviewer, some were pleasant and some had you walking out but that’s a whole other story. His compliment was kind enough and correct, even if you do say so yourself. The lilac dress that was crafted to your body, flowed and contoured perfectly to create the image of a princess, whilst the long golden wig created an aura of power around your character.
"Well she always looks stunning, more queen-like than princess I'd say"
The deep British voice responded before you could even open your mouth, not that you minded. Your co-star, Ben, spoke with such a manner that it was like listening to velvet and your ears would drink up the sound without ever being quenched. The Brit and yourself had a flirty relationship which blossomed over the course of the film, with compliments and suggestive jokes being fired between the two of you only behind closed doors, but this was uncharted territory.
Shifting your eyes from the interviewer's, you sent Ben a shy smile framed by the light blush that graced your cheeks. If your heart wasn't racing enough at his comment before, the gentle smile he returned was causing a storm of flutters to completely throw off your heartbeat.
"Oh please, says the Disney prince" You retort suddenly reminding yourself that you are in the middle of an interview. If you had stayed looking at Ben, you might have accidently confessed right there on camera, so you turned back to the interviewer.
These feelings were eating you alive but you had a plan; wait till the end of the press tour, just in case he doesn't feel the same. You didn't want to risk ruining the atmosphere around the movie or losing him as a friend but you knew at some point you were going to burst with emotion.
After the interview was finally over, you felt the last drop of energy leave your body. Bidding farewell to some of the other cast members, you trudged back to your hotel room. Only another week of press then you were free from the bundles of commitments.
The feeling of the satin sheets welcomed your being as you flopped onto the hotel bed, debating the idea of getting room service or just partaking in a much needed nap. Before you could weigh the decision, the grumbling and constricting of your stomach had made the choice for you. Room service it is.
Reaching over to dial the phone, two sharp knocks stole your attention away. Internally groaning at the thought of it being your publicist asking for more press stuff. But as you opened the door, you were pleasantly surprised to find a dark-haired Brit standing there with his hand encasing the neck of a bottle of wine whilst the other was gripping a large pizza.
"I was bored and drinking alone is no fun, so care to join?"
Never being able to say no to that man or the goodies he offered, you stepped aside and led him through to the living area of your suite. Retreating into your sofa, the actor was close enough that you could feel the warmth radiate off him as the smell of his cologne evaded your senses to fog your mind.
Indulging in wine, pizza and good conversation was exactly the remedy you needed to relax from all the stress. Allowing yourself to slip away from your responsibilities as Ben did the same, you felt more at peace with him than ever before. You were openly blushing and flirting back, as was the man. Laughter filled the air, only becoming more common as the wine dwindled.
A buzzing noise broke your bubble of relaxation, the vibrating sound emanating from your phone. Whilst you would often ignore any messages during a moment like this, being on a press tour meant that you often got schedules last minute, so checking your phone was crucial. Sliding open the device as Ben finished off the last drop of wine before heading to the fridge in search of another bottle, you saw it was from your other co-star, Xenia.
Xenia; God, Ben could not have looked more in love with if he tried!!!
Xenia Sent A Video
The initial text sobered you up instantly, stomach flipping with excitement and curiosity as you clicked the video. It was a fan-edit of the interview from earlier in the day captioned, 'I want someone to look at me the way Ben Barnes looks at Y/N L/N'.
Quickly checking to see if Ben was still wine hunting, you pressed play. As it started, you realised that it was Ben's reaction to your Disney Prince compliment. The Brit's cheeks faltering from trying to supress the smile your comment had caused and hands shifting, wishing they were caressing yours. But the give-away were his captivating eyes, focused on you like you were the only source of light in a darkened room, like you were the only thing good in the world. The look you give to someone you are irrefutably in love with.
Being entranced by the video, attempting to comprehend the emotion these looks were conveying, you didn't notice the presence of a certain man returning to his seat right beside you. His curiosity high at what had managed to take away your attention.
"What's got you so caught up? Am I truly that boring?" Jested the older man.
His voice broke your trance as if being an antidote to a spell, your cheeks flushed at the realisation that he caught you. Attempting to play it off you responded. "Oh shush, you could never bore me. It was just a fan-edit that took my fancy."
"Can I see?"
You realised in a millisecond that you couldn't escape this. If you said no, it would give away that it was more than just a simple fan-edit but if you said yes, it could ruin everything by bringing those emotions up to the surface. But you had no choice, either could go wrong, so you chose the latter. Rewinding the video, you passed the phone to the dashing man who held your heart and now, your phone.
The video, which was barely 15 seconds long, seemed to last for hours. Your hands grew clammy as the possibilities of all the outcomes swirled through your head like a hurricane. Before eventually, the video ended and the man laughed.
"Wow, I never thought I was that obvious. Geez, maybe I'm not actor material."
You took a second to wrap your head around the reaction but your heart had already taken the new information. Haphazardly throwing your phone onto the table, you met the gaze of the brunette.
"Wait, you mean that? You actually look at me that way?"
It was as if Ben had finally realised what he said. His eyes filled with a concoction of fear and hope, swirling through his dazzling orbs fighting for dominance. Inhaling deeply, he shifted his entire body towards you.
"I never meant for it to come out this way but yeah. I'm whole-heartedly in love with you and how could I not be? All those compliments, they were real. You are beautiful, kind, caring and god, you make me laugh so hard that my lungs exhaust themselves. I just couldn't risk losing you over these feelings."
Hanging onto his every word, you felt yourself give into your heart fully. The excitement and pure joy that was beating through you was unexplainable but you knew in that moment, you weren't planning on hiding your feelings any longer.
Without thought, your hands found the back of his neck as you connected your lips in the heat of the moment. Eruptions of butterflies took sanctuary in your stomach as you felt your skin tingle with sparks. Ben revelled in the taste your lips provided as if he was a starving man. In some ways, you both were starving for the love that was hidden for these many months but now, it was unleashed and neither of you would ever have to go without again.
Breaking apart for air, you felt a beaming smile take over. The loving gaze of the actor protected you as you regained your breath. His plumped lips seemed even more enticing now you had tasted them, his arms wrapped around you like this was how it was always meant to be.
"So I guess the only question left is, could I be your off-screen prince as well?"
Giggling at his childish but romantic question, you communicated your answer via a fleeting kiss. Pulling away, you nestled your head into the crook of his shoulder before feeling his arms tighten around your body. This was home, this was the love those Disney movies had been talking about.
"I love you, my prince"
"And I love you, princess"
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don-daygamerz · 27 days ago
Weeds Amongst Flowers (Aleksander Morozova x Reader)
Tumblr media
Aleksander Morozova x Reader (Family AU)
The Darkling x Sun Summoner!Wife!Reader
Summary: Wolves in sheep's clothing dare to hurt that which the darkling cherishes. And what fools they were thinking they could manage to get away with this.
Prequel: Our Sanctuary
Warnings: Attempted kidnapping, betrayal, intruders, mentions of blood, screaming, innocent children getting hurt and scared, trauma, decapitation, fighting...
Word Count: 4.3K
It was around mid-day at the Little Palace of Os Alta just like any other day. Grisha of all kinds, young and old, were training hard through blood, sweat, and tears, in order to reach past their limits and meet the expectations of their dark general. As opposed to the harsh and brutal training the Grishas were going through, two little Grishas of unique powers and abilities were gently taught and trained in controlling their abilities with grace and tenderness. Aleksander was occupied in his war room discussing strategy with the council and leading Grisha, and (Name), his beloved wife, was preparing something special for her family down in the kitchens.
In the private homestead of one of the oldest Grishas, the two little Grishas first mentioned, were currently situated there as they received their training. The old Grisha, Baghra, though seen as impatient, and harsh, her methods, also known to be cruel and unorthodox; she was also kind and gentle to those closest to her and dearest in her heart. The two little Grishas, her grandchildren, were her pride and joy. It was obvious she favored them the most.
“Look babushka! I did it!” exclaimed the youngest one, as she held her small soft palms together to conjure her little ball of light. Baghra couldn’t help but smile at her granddaughter’s achievement of summoning her Grisha abilities. Little Yelena, just like her mother, was a sun summoner, and she was a natural. While Yelena was in awe of the little ball of light in her palms, her big brother Aleksei was busy constructing something out of the shadows he commanded. Grandma Baghra turned to her grandson and watched him concentrate hard at his work.
“Careful, Aleksei. Don’t push yourself too hard. I don’t want you to hurt yourself,” Baghra coaxed him gently. Aleksei faced his grandmother, “Yes, babushka.” Slowly he twisted his hands and curled his fingers to morph the shadows into something his grandmother never thought possible. Aleksei finished his work and in his palms was a small horse made of shadows trotting around his fingers. “My word… Such beautiful work, Aleksei. I’m very proud of you,” Baghra said to him. She couldn’t believe how talented the little shadow summoner had become and so creative in harvesting this dangerous power into something beautiful.
Baghra always believed that being a shadow summoner was a cursed and dangerous life. The power of harnessing shadows brought fear and death. But since the birth of the next generation shadow summoner, it has lifted the burden and pain. Aleksei, now 8 years of age, was quick in discovering ways in how to better use and understand the powers of shadow summoning.
Yelena stopped her practice and ran to her brother’s side to look at the marvelous creation that he had created. “Wow!” she exclaimed in wonder and excitement, on her tippy toes she was and her little arm clutching tight on her brother’s coat to get a better look. The little shadow horse that danced round the boy’s hands gave a small tiny neigh which caused the 4-year-old to giggle.
“Horsey! Horsey!” she shouted.
“Yeah! Just like papa’s horse! I can’t wait to show him!” he exclaimed in excitement and joy at the thought of seeing the look of pride on his father’s face. Everything he did and would do was to make the man he looked up to, the man he called papa, the man he wished to become one day, to make him proud and happy of his son’s achievements.
“That’s enough learning for today, children. It’s almost time for lunch. You don’t want to be late now,” advised their grandmother as she arranged Yelena’s coat.
“Yeah! Mama’s cooking in the kitchen, Lena. You know what that means…” he gestured to his sweet little sister.
“Yummy food! Mama makes the best food...the best cakes…” Yelena had trailed off as Baghra helped to button up her coat. Their Babushka chuckled at the little girl’s comment, “Yes, your mama makes delicious food, doesn’t she? Make sure to thank your mother as well.”
“Are you coming to eat with us, babushka?” Aleksei asked expectantly. He and Yelena loved eating with their babushka, and when she did, she would make her special treats for her grandbabies. Baghra loved to spoil her grandchildren all in all, and they both loved and adored their babushka.
“I can’t today, my sweet darlings. But I will join you and your parents for dinner,” she told them with a soft smile, something she rarely showed except for her beloved family.
“That’s fine, babushka,” he told her, “Let’s go Lena!” he grabbed his sister’s hand as Baghra led them out the door where two Grisha bodyguards waited outside to help escort the General’s children. Aleksei and Yelena bid their grandmother farewell as they headed towards their family’s private quarters.
Tumblr media
(Name) was helping set the table alongside the maids. Today, she had decided to treat her family with good old traditional Ravkan cuisines; from vareniki to patties with potatoes. And for dessert, her famous chocolate fudge. She thanked the maids for their work and sent them off while she waited for her family to come to eat at their private dining room. The doors opened to reveal her husband who was the first to arrive. He looked exhausted and frustrated, (Name) could see as his hair was slightly out of place which pointed out that the General’s meeting in the war room was not at all pleasant.
“I’m guessing the meeting didn’t turn out as you’d expected,” she countered to her husband. Aleksander was seated on the couch, breathing heavily but slowly calming down. He did not want to point his anger towards the woman he loved. So he carefully said back to her, “No. No, it did not….the council…the advisers…the noblemen…such fools they are…”
He trailed off but (Name) let her husband continue, waiting to hear the rest. She had a bad feeling about where this is going. “They want to send in more skiffs into the fold…more healers at the front of the line…increase tax…none of these things are beneficial,” he said firmly.
“But that’s not all… there have been rumors in the town of foreign men roaming in the nights.” (Name) held her breath at the news, she knew what that meant.
“Fjerdan or Shu?” she asked.
“Fjerdan…we asked some possible witnesses and they gave us distinctive features of the foreigners which immediately added up to being Fjerdan,” he explained.
Their conversation was cut short as the main doors leading to their private quarters opened out of the blue.
“Mama! Papa!” Both parents heard their children call for them. They would continue their conversation later, now it was time to enjoy their lunch as a family. Aleksei ran to his father first to tell him all of his lessons and newfound ability while sweet little Yelena toddled over to her mother’s skirts clutching on the fabric as she looked up to her mama in adoration and joy. “Mama!” she shouted towards her.
(Name) gave a loving smile as she bent over and picked up her daughter to carry her at her waist. “Yes, my sweetling,” she kissed her youngest cheeks then gave her Eskimo kisses which caused the little girl to giggle at the sweet affection. “How are your lessons, Yelena?” she inquired the little girl.
“I made a little sun, mama,” Yelena said proudly.
“That’s wonderful, my dear. Did you hear that Sasha? Our little starlight made a sun,” (Name) directly asked Aleksander as she moved to sit beside him. Aleksander smiled and reached out to Yelena to place her on his lap, “That is wonderful. I hope you and your brother haven’t been giving your babushka a hard time. Have you?”
The children both shook their heads saying no.
“Ok my little lapushkas, go wash your hands. It’s time to eat. We’ll hear more of your lessons later. Go now,” their mother told them. They both whined but later complied.
The young Grisha family now all sat and began to fill their stomachs with great delicacies and cuisines made by the beloved wife and mother. Aleksander always enjoyed eating what his wife prepared and their children went by their own motto that goes ‘Mama’s the best cook!’
(Name) loved cooking and baking for her family, and it would remain that way.
The family ate, talked, and laughed together until their bellies were full. Aleksei and Yelena pleaded with their parent if they could go and play in the gardens. Their parents accepted but later told them to immediately return inside before it got dark. Despite living in the safest place for Grisha, Aleksander and his wife (Name) are still worried about the safety of their children.
In the lush and vibrant gardens of the Little Palace, the Morozova children ran around and played all sorts of games. They played long and hard while stuck in their little imagination of dragons, princesses, knights, and all things magical. While the children played and explored the lively garden, the General was occupied with his fellow Grisha soldiers and their mother was helping her dear friend, Genya.
Despite the fun and warm atmosphere hanging around the children, something dark and sinister was lurking hidden. The sun was setting and it would be dark soon, but the children were still out and about in the gardens. The Grisha bodyguards that were stationed not too far from the view of their General’s children were suddenly but stealthily taken down by a couple of strangers; they were the weeds amongst the flowers. Knocked out they were, the strangers quietly headed straight for Aleksei and Yelena, determined to capture them without causing a commotion.
Aleksei felt different. He felt there was something wrong, so he turned around, and there before him, were 3 people headed straight for him and his sister. From the clothing they wore, one of them was a female Grisha, an Etherealki with red accents, and the other two were male servants. Wolves in sheep clothing. Aleksei felt something sinister with these people. Something was not right about them.
And he was right, there, hanging around their belts were sacks and ropes. Even though Aleksei was just 8 years old, he knew what was happening. Quickly, he grabbed his little sister’s hand and dragged her away from the tulips she was enamored by. Yelena was confused by her brother’s sudden behavior, her little legs also moved at a fast pace but not as fast as her brother’s. “Why are we running Aleks? Is this a new game?” she asked. “No, Lena. There are some bad people coming after us!”
“Don’t let them get away!” one of them shouted but not loud enough to alert anyone nearby. This was their chance. The gardens were deserted except for the knocked-out guards, the 3 intruders, and the two children running away.
They were catching up to the children, and fast. Aleksei turned his head back to their pursuers, he needed to push them back. His father always taught him not to be afraid, so it was time for him to stand ground and protect his little sister. He stopped momentarily, bringing his palms forth to summon the shadows. Yelena stood behind her brother scared, clutching tight at the tails of his black coat, as she watched the invaders take a stance as well.
“It’s okay, little ones. We mean no harm,” one of the ‘servants’ gently coerced them with his arms raised in a calming motion. He tried to take small steps before them.
“Step back!” shouted Aleksei, “Leave us alone! Or else…I’ll hurt you!” This made the strangers laugh.
“Aww the little brat thinks he can try and fight us off?!” the first ‘servant’ said.
The Etherealki woman looked anxious and impatient, her head facing different directions on the lookout for any guards or even anybody who could pass by. “We don’t have much time,” she seethed angrily at her partners. “Let’s grab ‘em and go!”
“Slow down, woman. Besides they’re little children…what harm could they do?” - said the first servant.
Aleksei immediately brought the shadows to his command and pushed them towards the invaders which knocked them off their feet. Thrown off by the attack, they laid groaning on the ground, bruised and out of breath. That gave Aleksei and Yelena enough time to run further away. Aleksei and his sister ran into the large garden maze, where they were sure they’d manage to lose them.
“I want mama and papa!” Yelena whined, she was getting scared. Her brother noticed so he held her hand tight in assurance, “Me too. But we have to get to the end of the maze.”
“I’m scared!” she was beginning to cry.
“Shh…don’t cry, Lena. I’ll protect you. No one’s gonna hurt you. I won’t let that happen.”
Yelena slowly stopped crying, the boy then leaned down with his back turned, “I’ll carry you. We have to hurry, Lena.” They could hear the thuds of heavy feet headed their way. “We have to hide.”
“It’s getting late. They should be here by now. I wonder what’s keeping them.” (Name) asked, curious as to why her sweet babies were not escorted back to their private quarters. Her husband was quiet, there seemed to be something wrong. “What is it, my love?”
“Something doesn’t feel right…” he said seriously.
His statement brought chills down (Name)’s spine for she knew her husband’s intuition was never wrong. “You don’t think there’s something wrong, is there?” she was getting paranoid as she asked that question.
The general was about to reply back but the main doors to their quarters opened fast and sudden, interrupting him. Ivan looked out of breath and agitated, “General, forgive my outburst…” though Ivan was of a strong and composed character, there was no one he feared most than his general; which was why he was afraid to reveal to him some distressing news, “The guards responsible for looking after your children were found unconscious in the gardens…” he was afraid to go further but the murderous look on his General’s face told him to not ever stop, “We found a trail of footsteps headed deep in the gardens…the maze most probably…”
“The children…” (Name) stood from her seat, her eyes watering. Both (Name) and Aleksander ran out from their chambers followed by Ivan, they rushed to the gardens hoping even perhaps praying their beloved children were not harmed.
“Was there any sight of a fight? Blood?” Aleksander asked while they ran in search of the direct entrance to the gardens. He was afraid of asking this question.
“We surveyed the area and found there was indeed a fight put up but no signs of blood…it seemed the children were trying to get away,”
“How in Ravka were these assailants able to gain access in Little Palace?!” the general’s wife practically screamed. ‘How? How on earth were they able to slip through our security?’
“We believe it’s an inside job.”
This made the general even madder…furious is more like it. Someone from the inside…someone on their side…someone who fights alongside them…dares to betray them to go after his two innocent, sweet, and beloved Aleksei and Yelena…for what purpose? To hurt them? To kidnap them? To use them? What?! Why them?!
Aleksander or rather, General Kirigan, was not going to let a bunch of low-life scum lay a hand on his children. (Name) felt her heart race fast, she needed to get to her babies now! She and her husband, the father of her children, were going to make sure that these traitors wished they never messed with them. Soon after, they managed to find the trail leading straight into the maze. Aleksander knew then and there that his son was trying to lose their pursuers. The maze was big and long, with its share of complicated twists and turns. They had warned their children never to step foot into the maze unless they wished to get lost.
“How can we find them in this damn maze, Sasha?” (Name) said agitatedly in an anxious tone.
“We’ll find them,” he turned to her as he cupped her angelic and fear-stricken face, rubbing away her tears. “We will find them,” he promised her.
Aleksei and Yelena kept running their little feet as fast as they could, but they were getting restless and scared. “I’m tired,” the little girl said loudly, “Mama and Papa always told us not to go in the maze”
They stopped for a moment, the Morozova children made random turns, left, right, left, right, until they realized how lost they became. “Wait do you hear that?” Aleksei shushed his little sister.
Yelena’s teary eyes widened in surprise and in turn, she yelled out hoping they could hear them, “Mama! Papa!”
They then heard the ruffling of the hedges from beside them. Was it their parents? Did they finally come to rescue them? Aleksei held onto his little sister protectively, and something unexpected happened.
“Found you! Damn brats!” their pursuers had miraculously caught up with them. They had savagely torn through the green hedges of the maze and cornered the general’s children.
Yelena screamed loud whilst crying as she held tight to Aleksei in search for safety. This made the boy scared but enraged that this scum (Like father, like son) dared to try and terrorize his innocent and sweet little Lena.
And with a war cry, Aleksei charged forward.
“Mama! Papa!”
That was Yelena! Aleksander and (Name) both grew paranoid, it was there and then…their children were in danger! And they were not going to fail in protecting them. Not now, not ever. It wasn’t long before they had found a slashed hedge, and through that new pathway the assailants had made, there before them were the 3 traitors responsible for this mess. Two servant-dressed men were struggling in tying up a screaming Aleksei, his right cheek looked evidently red and was swollen, and it looked ready to bruise. Little Yelena, just so innocent, precious, and pure, was also tied up and gagged, and being shoved into a sack by the female Inferni.
Both the parents saw red…they were in total rage mode. “YOU!!” the darkling shouted in a menacing tone. This caught the attention of the kidnappers who looked up to the source of the voice. The body temperature grew cold, a sign of fear. It was too late they had been apprehended…but maybe they could try to sway them…say…
“Back off!” said the Inferni, she then summoned a ball of fire in her palm and brought it close to Yelena, who quivered at the intense heat and started whimpering. “Or one of your little brats gets hurt…and we wouldn’t that, now would we?” she taunted them like a crazed maniac.
Fear swam in the darkling’s eyes at the prospect of his beloved children ever being hurt. He then turned his dark eyes at the Inferni, “How dare you betray your own kind. You. Are. Grisha!”
“That may be so, but I never wanted to become one of you. Being a Grisha was a curse. A death sentence! I had to serve the all-powerful, all-fearing, The Dark General! You are nothing but a parasite…a stain on this entire world. I gave my loyalty to the Fjerdans in exchange for the cure of the Grisha curse as well as for my safety!”
The General grew disgusted at what he had heard from his traitorous fire Grisha, she was so blind and sick with lies. “You’re a fool in believing there is a way to extinguish your gift. Once a Grisha, always a Grisha,” seethed (Name) as her face contorted into absolute hate towards the traitor, “You really think that the Fjerdans will look past who you really are and what you can do?! Even if you did their bidding and helped them win the war, they will immediately turn on you and kill you!”
“Shut up! You know nothing!” the Inferni grew irritated.
“She’s right,” the darkling slowly walked closer to them, his hands bringing forth the shadows to morph them into the cut. “Whatever the Fjerdans are telling you, they’re just lies. There is no possible way of removing our abilities…You think they’ll accept you into their community as one of their own?”
Doubts began to hang around the deceitful Inferni’s head which caused her to lose her concentration and the fire in her palm began to diminish. The two ‘servants’ became angry at the Inferni’s reluctance. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” one of them shouted.
The three were distracted for just a moment but it was enough time for Ivan to manage to pinpoint all their hearts, get the right momentum, and finally constrict the blood flow of the 3 assailants. The general and his wife then rushed towards them. (Name) raised her hands to create two spherical shields, one each encasing their two children. This caused the invaders to be push back and at the same time scorched from the fire-like light that encased Aleksei and Yelena like bubbles of light.
Aleksander, with so much hate and anger, slashed the inferni’s hand and encased the two ‘servants’ in a cloud of shadows to trap them and hold them down. He would kill them later, now they needed answers. (Name) brought the shield orbs towards her so she could finally hold onto her beloved children. Not too long did reinforcements arrive at the scene of the crime, and General Kirigan placed the order to have these traitors shackled in chains and have them in for questioning until they decide their fates. It was obvious from the faces of the Grisha that arrived alongside the palace guards that they felt scorned towards the traitorous Inferni that they had welcomed into their family.
(Name) managed to carry both her freed children in her arms as she was escorted back to her family’s quarters by some healers that the General demanded they quickly tend to them. Only some bruises, scratches, and scrapes to their skins, poor little Yelena had received a light burn mark on her cherub cheek from the Inferni’s threatening flames but the healers managed to get rid of it. This event had somewhat traumatized the poor children as they never let go of their mother’s bodice of her dark dress. Their mother held on tight to them as she switched back and forth kissing their soft dark hairs, their heads tucked in their mama’s shoulders.
“It’s over now, my loves,” she whispered to them gently, “Papa and mama are so sorry for not doing so well in protecting you…”
“It’s alright, mama. You and papa came, and saved us,” her baby boy said softly. He didn’t want to make mama sad.
“I know, my babies. Your papa and I are just feeling bad that we let some bad people even dare hurt you…” Her (e/c) eyes began to water as she continued, “But you’re all safe and healed…and we will never ever let anyone else hurt you ever again. Your papa and I will make sure of that.”
The children, still spooked and quiet were ushered by their mother to wash up and dress up in their sleepwear. (Name) then brought her children to their parents’ bed so they could feel safe as well as secure sleeping in the arms of their parents.
“I know you haven’t had supper, so why not some soup and bread? Your Babushka we’ll be there.”
“Babushka…” Yelena murmured elated at hearing that their sweet old grandma would also be there to comfort them.
“She’s also bringing some treats, would you like some?” – (Name) asked them.
Aleksei and Yelena each gave a happy smile of being coddled with love and sweets from babushka.
The moment was interrupted when the door to the bedroom opened in revealing Aleksander who looked somber but at the same time relieved to have his darlings safe.
“Papa!” Yelena cried to her father with her little arms stretched out to reach out to him. Aleksander immediately went to pick up his daughter as he sat down on the bed beside his wife, who was tending to Aleksei. The darkling rubbed the girl’s back as she whimpered and hiccupped on her papa’s shoulders.
“Shh…shh…I’m here. I’m here. The bad people are gone, darling. No more,” Aleksander felt he would cry. His children were hurt, terrorized, and scared. This was not to happen. Ever. Why them? Why his children? They were innocent and did nothing wrong.
The General knew that his wife and children would be targeted by their enemies and today marked as the first attempt on their children’s lives where they were able to manipulate one of their fellow Grisha and sneaked in two Fjerdans to pose as servants in the Little Palace. Their goal was to kidnap the General’s children, transport them to the hands of other Fjerdans hiding in the town, and then finally bring them to their lands, where they would hold them hostage. They were getting bolder and bolder each day, even going as far, to even hurt little children not part of the war. But to their foes, whether they liked it or not, the children of the Shadow and Sun Summoners, were now a part of this.
(Name) and Aleksander felt they failed in protecting their children from the harsh reality of this meaningless war, so this time they had to push harder against their foes. The war may be ruthless and unkind but with Ravka being led by The Darkling and the Sun Saint, they had the advantage. And sooner than later, this war would end, and their children would be safe.
That wasn’t just their promise to their family but their ultimate mission.
Author's note:
I'm happy to see everyone enjoy the family au fics. So here's somewhat a continuation for 'Our Sanctuary'. It's not really a series but I'm making sort of like a mini-series on the lives of the Morozova family. It took me so long to write or rather type this all down. I apologize for my poor grammar but I hope you will enjoy this new piece I made. Thank you.
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light-yaers · 5 months ago
Fools in the Darkness: Chapter One
Darkling x Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Death, violence, drugs (Parem), NSFW and sexual content. This content is explicit and 18+ at some points.
A/N: I caved. I am a wildly stupid individual who has no control over her actions. I know I might come to regret posting this so fast and thus forcing myself into my third ongoing x reader fic, but I also just generally don’t care. I’m still working on No Saints and Sweet Esacpe, just as a slower pace due to my mental health, but this baby here floated out of me like melted butter. I’ll be alternating between uploading this fic and my currently ongoing others! I just had to get this shit out of my system about Shadow and Bone, fr. 
Fic Masterpost
Word Count - 3.4k
Chapter One
Ketterdam covered up your secrets perfectly. It’d only been a matter of weeks since you’d fled there, after travelling the exhausting journey across East Ravka until the Fold had stood before you; brooding, dangerous, a death-wish just to look at, let alone enter it.
Maybe you had to thank him for one thing, General Kirigan, because without him—
You never would have crossed the Fold on your own.
Maybe Ketterdam was made for a person such as yourself. Dark, danger around every corner, full to the brim with power-hungry men and women trapped behind silks. You’d never warmed to anyone yet, but that wasn’t a surprise—it was easy to hate people in the Barrel, but even easier to take their kruge and send them sailing upon the True Sea without another glance.
Kerch was a merchant port, stuffed with expensive clubs and those with no money troubles, armed and ready to open their pockets if they so wished. There were two sides of the docks—Fifth Harbour; the lavishly bright sector for the rich and wealthy—and the Barrel; a breeding ground for crime, killings and losing all of your kruge in one night.
You’d made acquaintances with the Barrel rats from the very beginning, hearing stories about the destruction they caused. You’d much rather not be on the side of the wealth, but the side of fear.
“I found her wandering the harbour, Kaz,” A petite lady in dark clothes spoke to her boss. She’d dragged you from the bustling harbour, flying you through the dark streets of Ketterdam. You tried to hear her footsteps across the cobblestones, but she left no footprints, like a Wraith in the night.
Kaz approached his desk then, stepping into the small lamp light of his office in the Slat. Kaz Brekker was a man that no one wanted to cross. With his clenched jaw and unforgiving stares, the Bastard of the Barrel was cut-throat in every sense of the description.
“She’s a rat, Inej. Not our responsibility—,”
“Do you see the clothes she’s wearing?” Inej cut over Kaz, stepping towards him abruptly. He stayed in place, looking at his Wraith in the eyes, unwaveringly. He regarded her for a moment, taking all of her in, before turning back to you.
His eyes skimmed you up and down, traversing the darkened and muddied fabrics on your body.
“A Kefta,” He whispered it, his eyes widening. “It doesn’t look like the usual Second Army attire,” He added. You perked up, trying to keep your expression as blunt as possible. After your journey, it wasn’t hard not to show anything—you’d been forced to endure a quiet and agonising journey for a month, while trying to stay in the shadows at the same time.
“Because it’s not,” You spoke up, for the first time since entering Brekker’s office. Kaz turned his attention to your face, stepping forward menacingly. His crow-headed cane slammed the wooden floorboards threateningly, but you weren’t scared—
You’d crossed the fucking Fold on your own. Nothing scared you anymore.
“Who are you?” He questioned, trying to keep his voice steady. Men like Kaz tried not to show off what they felt either, but the curiosity in his tone was undeniable. You cleared your throat.
“How much time have you got?”
Fjerda, 1 Year Ago
It was a risk to take, that was for sure. But choosing whether to go through the Fold or around it was a no brainer. Evidently, it had paid off so far, as you and your sister travelled through the barren coldness of Fjerda, headed for the Ravkan border.
“How much farther?” Your sister chided. She was older than you by a year, but on this mission, you’d taken charge. You shuffled into your pack, pulling out a tattered map and a compass. You set the point to North, calculating the miles you had left to trudge to safety.
Your sister wasn’t Grisha, no—you were. A Squaller; untrained, unenthusiastic about your power and utterly afraid of the Druskelle. But you’d had no choice in getting you and your sister safely around the Fold. There was no other way to go from where you’d first found asylum in Novyi Zem; going through Fjerda was the safest route to the Ravkan army.
You smiled at the map. “Five miles. Then we’ll be in Ravka,” An exhausted but relief filled scoff fell from your lips. You locked eyes with your sister, before the two of you embraced tightly. “We’ll be safe soon,” You whispered in her ear, enjoying the small warmth you got from her bare cheek pressing against your jaw.
“You’ll be safe soon,” She replied, bringing a hand to rest on the back of your neck. She pulled away then, as the tears began to well in her crystalline eyes. “You put yourself in this danger to keep me safe. I’m the older sister—I should be keeping you safe,”
“It was this, or through the Fold,” You spoke, furrowing your brows at her. “I’d rather take on twenty druskelle than step foot in that heaping mound of darkness,” Laughter trickled from both sisters, floating over the snow-covered trees and giving you hope.
You both continued forward tirelessly, mercilessly, trudging through inches of untouched snow and praying to whichever god out there who was listening. You prayed for your sister’s safety, for a safe life for her in the First Army. You prayed that you could stay with her—
A Squaller you were, yes, but over your dead body would you be taken to the Little Palace. You knew that’s where Grisha were trained for the King, you knew it was different. Your abilities didn’t define you; Saints, you barely even used them.
They were unpredictable. And you were scared of hurting those around you without meaning to. Ever since an incident when you were younger, you’d almost been afraid of your own power. You kept it hidden from those who you didn’t know closely.
Those who knew you were Grisha in Novyi Zem called you zowa—blessed, in Zemeni. It also meant Grisha, so you didn’t know if they were simply calling you what you were, or if they were commenting upon how strong your Squaller abilities were.
You’d never even met another Sqauller. You had nothing to compare yourself off of.
With a mile until you hit the Ravkan border, you stopped abruptly. Plumes of smoke rose high above the skies, coming from somewhere further on before you. You stuck your hand out, halting your sister from walking any further.
You were silent, listening for any signs of breakings twigs, compacted snow, or other indications of druskelle being near.
“Saints, you look like a fentomen,” Your sister scoffed beside you.
“Quiet,” You hit back with.
“What is it?” She spoke again, quieter this time, but not by much.
“Quiet,” You hissed.
You both waited another few minutes, silently standing like statues in the garden of the Grand Palace. You let out shaky breaths as you eventually straightened yourself once more, clutching onto your sister’s forearm for dear life.
“It’s okay. We just need to be wary,” You whispered. She nodded in response.
You both set off once more through countless trees and untouched snow. But you didn’t get far—until two druskelle spotted you. Neither of you could speak Fjerdan, and you were a fucking Grisha. This couldn’t have been any worse, when you were so close to being free.
“Hje marden,” One of them spoke. They were both tall, with broad shoulders and the white hair and blue eyes of Fjerda. Neither had beards—they were in training to being full druskelle. The trainees were always worse than their commanders, you thought. They would do anything to prove themselves to their superiors.
You tried not to shake as they circled you and your sister.
“I’m sorry, we don’t speak Fjerdan,” You said honestly. The druskelle immediately changed. Their hands rested upon their guns, ready to fire if need be. You raised your hands to the sky as your expression dropped. “Please! Please, we are just travellers—uh—we are perjenger—,”
“Perjenger? Travellers? To where?” The second druskelle spat.
You glanced at your sister quickly, knowing that if you answered Ravka, you’d both be shot immediately. Ravka was at war with Fjerda—Grisha were at war with Druskelle.
“Kerch,” You said strongly. “We have to go through Ravka and Shu Han. We can’t cross the Fold,”
For a moment, you thought it had worked. The druskelle looked at each other gruffly, muttering some words in Fjerdan. You clutched onto your sister’s arm tightly, not planning on letting her go now until you’d both crossed the border.
“Wait here,” One of the men said, as he began trudging back through the snow. He disappeared in the white landscape, leaving you with one druskelle.
You stayed quiet, feeling the warmth of your sister next to you. You glanced at her then, traversing your gaze over her side profile. Her nose, which was the same as yours; her eyes, brighter and more beautiful than your own, mimicking your mother; her hair, lighter and softer than yours. She was shorter than you, smaller than you, getting a lot of genetics from your mother, while you took from your father greatly. His height, his broad shoulders, his darker hair.
But she was your only family left, your only love and focus and everything.
And you were less than a mile from getting her to safety. You were less than a mile from being free of this Saint forsaken country, full of killers and fascists and men who only cared about power.
It was one druskelle against a Squaller. One against one. You could do that. You could beat him.
That’s what made you push your sister back, falling into the snow slowly as you brought your hands together. The druskelle yelled as he saw your movements, trying to aim his gun at you between your eyes, but it was too late—
In a flash, you summoned a storm that whipped him off of his feet. It circled him, gliding him backwards through the trees as you kept pushing and pushing, ignoring the raging winds as they whipped your hair from your face and agitated the snow on the trees.
“Come on!” You yelled behind you, as your sister scrambled up from the floor to stand beside you. She held your arm sturdily, watching fearfully as the druskelle struggled against the rapid winds that you wielded.
You thought that was it—you could both run with the time you’d bought—but that’s when the entire druskelle camp rocketed through the tree line. They yelled and boomed as they came to aid their brother, pushing back against the furious winds you were trying desperately to wield.
“Drüsje!” The commander yelled, storming through the group as he set up the largest of their guns—a machine gun, aimed and ready fire. You gasped, and for a second the winds wavered—they wavered long enough for the machine gun round to penetrate the small snow snuffed tornado that you’d created—
Until those bullets trickled over the blanketed ground, moving steadily closer and closer—
Until one landed straight through the heart of your sister.
All you remembered was that time slowed, then, as you saw the bullet exit her shoulder blade. She fell to the floor, unclasping her hands from your forearm and collapsing into a shocked heap on the floor. You remembered the way her blood dyed the snow. You remembered the way her eyes stayed open—
And then you remembered screaming.
It was a blur, as you tensed all of your limbs to the point where they yelled beneath your skin. You mustered all of your strength into this one storm; one that was merciless and unforgiving, circling all the druskelle in the clearing around you. You knew that soon all of the air would fade from within the eye of the storm that whipped devilishly around them.
You knew that soon they’d all begin to run out of oxygen and pass out, or better yet—maybe their hearts would stop. Cease to beat, drained of any energy to fire more rounds of bullets or kill Grisha for no fucking reason.
The storm was the largest you’d ever summoned, engulfing the entire druskelle camp and uprooting trees from their homes in the cold, hard Fjerdan ground. You saw them get sucked into your whirlwind, flying high, high, high until they eventually slipped out of the storms’ gusts; then they fell back down to earth, landing aggressively and dangerously on the ground below and being spat out at any random location.
You didn’t stop the storm, not even when you saw a tree fall atop a druskelle, crushing him where he’d stood moments before. The commander was the last one standing, rising above his suffocating men to look at you, face on, menacingly.
“Drüsje like you deserve to lose that which you love,” He boomed, using his remaining energy to cast you to Hell.
You wasted no time when you adjusted your stance, focusing the brunt force of the storm onto him—you decreased the eye of the storm until it flowed over him, and only him, grunting all of your strength into the circling winds that now surrounded him utterly and completely.
You collapsed at the same time that the commander did, falling into inches of snow and crawling exhaustedly to your sister. She was motionless, cold, her lips turning blue by the second as her blood continued to flow on Fjerdan soil. Dead. Gone.
Tears cascaded down your cheeks without any indication of stopping, but you couldn’t sob. It was impossible when you were already holding your breath, too afraid that if you were to breathe, only screams would pour from your coarse lungs.
The clearing was deserted, now, as druskelle bodies laid motionless on the snow-covered ground, their camp up ahead completely destroyed. Broken branches, twigs, tree trunks were dotted around, acting as just another indication of the destruction that you were truly capable of. Saints, you wanted to know if you were a normal Grisha, a normal Squaller, since those old women on Novyi Zem had looked at you like a weapon from the first day you could summon and control hurricanes and tornados at will.
Your fingers found your sister’s forehead then, swiping the hair off of her face. You cupped her cheek, laying your other hand upon her stomach. “Vaarwell,” You whispered shakily. “I’m sorry—I’m so sorry—,”
“Who’s there?” A voice spoke up from just beyond the clearing. You got up from the floor immediately, feeling a strange sense of power surrounding you. You waited silently, until First Army soldiers made their way to the clearing. A few stopped and checked the pulses of the druskelle upon the floor, before continuing forward until you were finally spotted.
A young man approached you slowly, holding his gun tightly, draped against his shoulder. “Was this... you?” He asked, looking you in the eye. His gaze dropped to the ground by your feet, seeing the blood-stained snow where your sister lay dead, before he looked back up to you.
He was joined by the rest of his crew. They slowly approached you, almost as if they were trapping you within a circle of their bodies. You stepped back once then, keeping your chin high and proud. The young man at the front was trying everything to keep you calm, you could see it in his eyes, but what he didn’t know was that you were seething—
And nothing would stop that.
Without your sister, you’d be taken to the Little Palace. Without knowing she was safe in the First Army, nothing would get you through the rest of your life—
You were dead. Inside and out. Nothing would change that.
Without a word, you brought your hands together, far too quickly for any of the soldiers to raise their weapons in defence. You ignored their begs and pleads as you circled them within in your storm, slowly suffocating the air out of their lungs and seeing the way their eyes bulged uncomfortably in their skulls.
“General!” The young man shouted, clutching at his throat as he tried desperately to suck air into his lungs. His voice echoed throughout the clearing, travelling through the trees slowly, until an eery type of silence settled into the air around you.
That’s when he arrived—his horse just as black at the Kefta on his frame, the stubble on his chin and the irises of his eyes. He dismounted, ignoring the cries from the soldiers within your raging storm as he began to approach you, step by step by step, crunching through the snow broodingly.
You knew who this man was; General Kirigan of the Second Army.
The Darkling.
He got ever closer, walking around the circular storm. The gap was beginning to bridge, and the more it did, the more you faltered. He took one more step, and you lost it.
“Stop!” You yelled. “Don’t come any closer, Darkling,” He stopped on command, keeping his arms by his sides, but the corners of his mouth upturned into a smile. “You find me amusing?” You spat.
“By the looks of this,” He gestured to the druskelle. “You were trying to get to Ravka. We’re here to help, yet you’re trying to suffocate my men,” You ignored his words, but you found your energy waning slightly—or maybe your heart was finally giving in. It didn’t really want to hurt anyone else, didn’t want to cause more damage than was already on your hands. “You’re a Squaller?” Kirigan asked, and that surprised you.
“Isn’t this how all Squaller’s are?” You asked in reply. Kirigin raised a brow at you.
“Not usually,” He said honestly. “You’ve never met another Grisha before?”
“I know what you’re doing,” You furrowed your brows at him. “You’re trying to distract me, to make me let my guard down and go with you willingly. I’d rather die than work for the King at the Little Palace,” Your breaths were getting more laborious the longer you held on to the storm. You were losing energy rapidly.
“Interesting,” The Darkling muttered.
There were a few moments then, where he was simply staring at you. Regarding you, analysing you, or perhaps— waiting for you to lose all of your energy. You were in a somewhat sticky situation, losing a grasp on your power with every passing second and feeling the intense gaze of Kirigan to your left.
“Let go,” He spoke softly. “I can see you’re tired, you don’t truly want to kill these men,”
“You don’t know anything about me,” You forced your eyelids to stay open as a wave of exhaustion flowed through you.
“And you know me?” He chided. You moved your gaze to him then, as your limbs finally lost momentum. Your hands dropped to your sides, your storm dissipating into the cold air at the Fjerdan border. Soldiers sucked in breaths noisily, gaining back their vision.
You stumbled back once, forcing yourself to stay standing despite the immense urge to pass the fuck out. Kirigan stayed still the entire time, a softness on his jaw that you hadn’t been expecting.
“Everyone knows you,” You mumbled. “I never wanted to meet you, though,”
Your heart jolted then, when the General let out a scoff. You forced yourself to move. Step by step through disturbed snow, until you were back where your sister lay on the floor. You collapsed to your knees unwillingly, as your body threatened to blackout at any moment.
You laid a shaky hand on her collarbone, curling your fingers up to her jaw. Kirigan moved slowly in your peripheral, turning towards you but staying at the distance he’d always been.
“Don’t take me to Os Alta,” You muttered. “Please, don’t take me,” You looked up at the General with pleading eyes.
“Why?” Kirigan whispered with furrowed brows, as if he was trying to work out why on earth you didn’t want a life within the royal Ravkan walls, living in luxury, fighting with other Grisha and honing your power.
Your vision began to blur then, as black spots dotted the white snow that surrounded you.
You never answered the General, your body gave up before you could—
And all you saw was black.
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allegra-writes · 5 months ago
*sigh* so it’s that time again…could really use your fluff superpower 💞 no pressure though, I could always go back and re-read your masterlist
NEVER!! If my baby needs fluff, then fluff my baby shall have! This might be a bit bad cause I'm running a fever right now so... Bear with me😂
Anyway, here, have a little fluffy blurb that can be read as Alina x Darkling or Reader x Darkling depending on your mood.
"Grisha don't get sick"
Tumblr media
He was a pitiful sight. He truly was: chest heaving, cheeks rosy with the unhealthy crimson of fever, alabaster skin paler than usual, on his hands and knees on the palace floor, no doubt after having lost his balance, but, somehow, I couldn't bring myself to pity him.
"I hope now you listen to me, and finally go to bed" I scolded, stopping right on front of him, hands on my hips. He looked up at me with glossy unfocused eyes,
"You sound like Baghra" He accused, making me roll my eyes.
"Well, if you were half a stubborn as a child as you are when you're sick, I think I can empathize with her"
"I'm not sick" He insisted, petulantly, even tho he was letting me support most of his weight as I helped him get up, "Grisha don't get sick"
"Fine. Poisoned, then. Obviously, someone slipped you something, a mysterious new chemical that makes you manifest every single symptom of the Flu, designed solely for you, since none of our tasters seems affect by this poison" I snorted, bending under his weight. It was obvious we weren't going to make it into his bedchambers, so I changed course, setting on the nearest guest room, that luckily was only a few feet away.
He mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "damn right" into my hair, his -way too hot- breath sending shivers down my traitorous body, that forgot to be annoyed at him.
Finally reaching the bed, I tried to untangle from him and drop him on it, but he held onto me, making us both fall on the mattress.
"Well, well, well... If this was the reason you wanted so bad to get me into a bed, my darling wife, you needed only ask" The seductive effect of his smirk was completely ruined by the coughing fit that started shaking his body even before the last word was able to leave his mouth. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes yet again, instead getting up and away from him, despite his whining. He called my name, the genuine panic in his voice making me turn before reaching the door.
"Wait! Don't... Don't leave me, please!" He sounded so small, so vulnerable and unsure, I couldn't help but melt a little: There he was, the second most powerful Grisha in the whole world (the first being myself), the stoic, powerful Starless Saint who instilled fear in the hearts of our enemies and allies alike, reduced to a frightened, needy mess by a simple illness that hadn't been lethal in well over a century. Not to mention, he was actually immortal.
I shook my head. Men, they were all the same.
He pouted, misunderstanding my gesture.
"I'm not leaving, I'm just calling for a maid to bring us the tea the healers made"
"The healers already made the tea?"
"Yes, you might be in denial but luckily for you, your wife wasn't. The kitchens are already fully stocked with herbal tea, and chicken soup"
"And ice cream? For my sore throat?" He ventured, hopefully. By now, Ravka's eternal tsar's sweet tooth was the kingdom's worst kept secret.
"Yes, and Ice cream"
His replying smile was nothing short of beatific.
"Now, be a good boy, and stay there until I come back. Choose a movie for us to watch together, just-"
"No dramas" He smiled, trying to nod, but aborting the mission when the room started spinning around.
"No tragedies" I confirmed, practically sprinting out of the room, already in a hurry to get back to him as soon as possible. No, no tragedies, I thought. Only fluff, and happy endings for us. Forever.
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