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#darkling x reader
jossilyn-embereth · 2 days ago
Smuggler - General Kirigan
Part One
Tumblr media
It had been like any other pick up. The Grisha had paid in full. Now all that was left was to pick them up and deliver them to her allies near The Fold. For years she had smuggled Grisha and Ravkans through the Unsea, without so much as a whisper of her presence coming to light.
Now she was caught. Bound in chains and roped down to a chair. It was infuriating. Not knowing where she had gone wrong. The only people that knew where she would be were the two girls she was meant to be getting out of the Little Palace. She had interviewed them extensively. They hadn’t been the ones to betray her.
Her thoughts are interrupted by the sound of footsteps approaching down the narrow hall. Two faces appear. She recognizes the gloomy man dressed in black.
“General Kirigan.”
He scowls, “You…smuggle Grisha, out of MY PALACE!”
Y/n stares back at him with matching ferocity. She wouldn’t be intimidated by him. She refused.
“You have no right to those Grisha. I have only ever taken Grisha away of their own free will. Something I’m sure you have little experience in.”
“How dare you excuse your actions in such a way. You help soldiers desert their posts!”
“You take children’s from their families. From orphanages. From the streets. You offer them food, clothes, magical powers, and then a military rank. You give them no choice. And you excuse your actions by calling it mercy and loyalty.”
The General waves the woman in blue away. Once they are alone he pulls up a chair and seats himself, putting them at a more even level.
“Where are your associates?”
“I won’t tell you.”
“Then I will find a way to make you.”
Y/n tilts her head in an amused fashion; “You know I won’t talk. It doesn’t matter what you do.”
His face does not change, but y/n sees through his guise; “You’re angry, because you know I’m right.”
He shakes his head; “You’re a disgrace. Ravka needs all the help it can get and you ran away. You left us—you left m…why?”
Y/n wants to snap something back at him. Send him crawling back in his shell…
“I’m sorry no one offered you a choice General.”
They stare at one another for only a moment. She lets him see the pain in her eyes. The guilt she felt for leaving. The sureness in her shoulders. She didn’t retreat what she had done.
His eyes harden, but not before y/n catches a glimmer within them…
“Enjoy rotting in a cell.”
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writing--whore · a day ago
Dusk Till Dawn - Chapter Five (Final Chapter)
Pairing: The Darkling x reader
Summary: The best therapy is Kirigan’s head between your legs 😏
Word count: 4k
Warnings: Flashbacks, oral (female receiving), body worship?, PIV smut
Link to: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five
Tumblr media
“I can’t do it.”
You’re unable to take your eyes away from the podium you were expected to stand in front of in a few short minutes. This was your first day back on the job since what had happened… since you were kidnapped. And you were surrounded by so many people, so many pairs of eyes that would soon be judging your every move.
“Hey, hey,” Kirigan gently placed a hand on either side of your face and guided you to look at him. “Focus on me.”
You nodded and tried your best to let the world fade around you.
He continued, “If it helps, you can focus on me when you give your speech. I’ll stand right at the front so you can easily find me.”
You wanted to laugh. He was the most handsome and most powerful man in all of Ravka, possibly even the entire world; you would never struggle to pick him out of a crowd.
“You’ve been practicing for weeks. I know you can do this.”
He was right. You’d practiced harder for this than anything else in your life. It had given you something to distract yourself with. Pacing your bedroom reading the lines over and over again was easier than lying in bed and letting the memories fester. But the thought of having to deliver the speech in front of a crowd let alone the whole of the Little Palace filled you with terror.
Kirigan offered for you to practice in front of him. You’d hated the idea initially but eventually accepted the help. It was daunting - the incident had somehow managed to steal away your confidence. But Kirigan was patient with you. It didn’t matter if it was the second or the twenty-second time he’d heard your speech, he still sat through it quietly, with pride overbrimming in his eyes.
The speech itself wasn’t too difficult. It was just a report of a brief overview of what had recently been accomplished at the Little Palace and what their future aims were. You’d been asked to imbue it with a sense of motivation and encouragement, to boost morale.
Kirigan had spoken to the King and Queen, he’d told them briefly about the human trafficking ring, sparing the details about how you had been involved. With a little persuading, they’d agreed to channel some of their power into discovering and abolishing trafficking rings around the world. You’d cried when Kirigan had told you this. He suggested you mentioned it in your speech and, after a while of debating it with yourself, you decided to add it in. For as much as you were thrilled to be making a positive impact, this made your speech even harder to deliver. Would your words do the cause justice? Would you even be able to talk about that part without crying?
As if reading your mind, Kirigan reassured you, “You’re going to be amazing.”
His thumbs caressed your cheeks.
A woman stepped onto the stage. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, an announcement from Y/N Y/L/N.”
Fear shook your bones. The fear told you to run; bolt it through the crowd of dignitaries.
“Breathe.” Kirigan instructed, “I believe in you.”
Several people who knew who you were looked your way, waiting for you to get on stage.
Kirigan spoke into your ear “Good luck” and then kissed you on the forehead, in plain sight for all to see.
Your legs began moving towards the stage of their own accord. Your head was spinning. Kirigan had kissed you… in front of everyone… Your knees were wobbly as you climbed the stairs. Instead of worrying about your speech, all you could focus on now was keeping the blush from blooming across your face.
You stood behind the podium and gripped the sides of it for stability. You recognised a few of the faces from the crowd: Genya, Ivan, Feydor and Zoya. They all beamed at you, happy to see you back on the job. Kirigan, of course, was extremely easy to find, front and centre and as beautiful as ever.
Breathe - you remembered his instruction. It felt like an eternity to you, but it was likely only a few seconds as you took the time out to focus on the air flowing into your lungs and then gently blowing out. Kirigan was right, you’ve got this.
Your mind wasn’t entirely present, too focused on the anxiety of the situation, but the words flowed easily from all your practice. Eventually, you caught up to yourself and you were present in the moment, present with the speech you’d worked so hard on. Confidence slowly trickled back into your shoulders, more so than you’d ever felt before.
You abandoned the podium to walk across the stage and engage the crowd. You moved easily, making broad gestures, taking up the space you’d always been afraid to.
When it came time to talk about the trafficking, your heart rate began to soar, and you returned to your podium. But you made it through without a single stumble. And when you were finished, you were met with a roaring applause.
You froze. Announcements never received applause. You couldn’t believe it. A wide smile came over your face. It stretched even wider when you saw Kirigan’s enthusiastic clapping, much louder than the rest.
As the applause reached its end and the crowd went back to socialising, you made your way down the stage. Adrenaline began to seep from your body, leaving you even dizzier than before, so much so that you practically fell into Kirigan’s arms once you’d reached the floor.
“You did great.”
“Thank you.”
He pulled away from you but kept one arm wrapped around the small of your back. He began to lead you towards the crowd.
“Shall we?” He asked.
Honestly, your initial reaction was to hurry back to your room and hide, as you’d done with all your previous speeches. But Kirigan’s warm body pressed against your side, his arm declaring you as his, and you felt a desire to stay.
He guided you over to a small group of people. They all turned at the sound of his approach and smiled fondly, honoured to be receiving the general’s attention.
“This is Y/N,” He introduced “my girlfriend.”
You couldn’t fight the blush this time. It spread across your cheeks in a warm blaze.
After getting over their initial shock of the news, they greeted you with extra wide smiles.
“How lovely to meet you.”
“That was an incredible speech.”
You were tense to begin with but after a few minutes (and a few sips from a champagne glass you’d stolen from a passing waiter), you began to relax. Conversation flowed freely between all of you, and you actually found yourself having a good time.
As most of the crowd began slipping away back to their rooms, you gave Kirigan a glance saying you were ready to leave too. He understood the signal and you both excused yourselves.
You walked side by side back down the corridors. He somehow seemed even more attractive to you than ever. This man had not only tracked you down and rescued you, but he even sat with you through your darkest days and listened to everything you wanted to share. But now, he’d done the impossible. He’d helped you to feel happy.
“I think I’m ready.” You announced.
His pace slowed down. “Come again?”
You and Kirigan hadn’t had sex since the incident. Initially, you hadn’t wanted to. The idea of sex always seemed to be poisoned with the feelings of repulsion and fear. But as you started to heal, the desire came back to you.
You tried to have sex a few months ago but flashbacks had crawled into your mind and you didn’t know how to deal with them. Kirigan stopped immediately and you hadn’t given it another shot since.
“To have sex.” You explained. “I want to try again.”
“Are you sure? We don’t have to.”
You grasped his hand. “Yes, I’m sure. The same thing might happen again but I definitely want to try.”
He watched you carefully, making certain there was no doubt in your mind. You’d never desired someone so much before.
“Okay.” He gripped your hand tighter. “My room or yours?”
The thought of his large bed and those obsidian sheets had you practically dragging him down the corridor.
There was a moment’s pause once you both had entered the door. Sex had become such a dangerous territory to traverse that neither of you were sure where to begin.
“Just tell me if you want to stop at any point, okay?” Kirigan reminded you.
“I will.” You promised.
Awkwardly, you began undressing yourself and Kirigan mirrored your actions, his fingers fumbling with his shirt buttons. As his bare chest was slowly revealed to you, heat stoked itself in your abdomen, drowning out your anxieties.
Overcome with the desire to touch him, you clutched each panel of his half-unbuttoned shirt and guided him to sit on the edge of the bed. You finished the un-buttoning job for him, then, in one swift motion, discarded his shirt to the corner of the room.
Your hands were immediately on his chest, exploring the firm muscles there. He managed to reach between you both and rid you of the last of your clothes, which you promptly kicked away. You made quick work of removing his trousers and then straddled him, pressing yourself against his warm chest. You groaned at that sensation alone. There was no better feeling than being with Kirigan - in whatever form that manifested as.
Your lips latched onto his and his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, somehow pulling you even closer to him. His scent, his taste, his touch, it was so intoxicating. All other thoughts melted away and, if just for a moment, your whole world was Aleksander. His body was your home, your haven.
And yet... He rocked his hips up to meet yours and you were hit with a sudden flashback. Chained to a bed in that dark, musty room. A man rutting into you.
You tried to clear the memory from your head. You tried to stay in the moment with Kirigan, with safety. But even after you’d managed to stop thinking about what had happened, you were left with the residual feelings. Dirty. Empty.
You pushed yourself away from Kirigan.
“Stop, stop.”
Eyes going wide, he removed his hands from you and froze.
“Are you okay?”
“Shit, sorry, yeah.”
You hated the fact that the past was able to taint something so meaningful as being intimate with Kirigan. And you hated yourself for not being strong enough to combat it.
Embarrassed, you sat on the opposite side of the bed to Kirigan.
“I’m really sorry, I know you haven’t had sex in so long and-”
“Y/N.” He interrupted sharply.
He rose from the bed to kneel down in front of you. It was uncomfortable to meet his gaze but you managed it.
“Milaya, don’t ever say that. You have nothing to apologise for. It’s not your fault. I’m glad you stopped me, I never want you to be uncomfortable.”
“It’s just that you’re perfect and I really want to be with you but…”
“It’s okay. I don’t mind waiting however long you need.”
“No. I want to try again.”
“Are you sure?”
You nodded. “Yeah, it might not work out but I want to at least give it another go.”
You despised those men; so many moments you could have shared with Kirigan had been stolen from you. You didn’t want them to take any more. If it didn’t work, it didn’t work, you would have to wait some more or try a different approach. But you were determined to try again.
Kirigan suggested, “Maybe we should start slower.”
“What do you have in mind?”
Kirigan’s hands caressed one of your legs and pressed a delicate kiss to the skin there. You liked where this was going.
He trailed gentle kisses up and down your leg and you sighed contentedly. The tension in your shoulders began to melt away and you smiled as you watched him worship your legs. One of his hands crossed over to caress your other leg.
Looking up into your eyes, his hands roamed to your thighs and applied pressure there, asking for permission to spread your legs. You happily obliged and opened your legs wide for him.
With that, he was able to kiss along the insides of your legs and up towards your inner thigh, sending shivers down your spine.
“So beautiful.” He murmured against your legs.
Very slowly, he edged his lips towards your panties. You didn’t go to stop him and so he continued, pressing a kiss to your clothed vagina. Then he trailed kisses along the length of your underwear, so tantalisingly light.
“More.” You requested.
He understood the order and hooked his fingers beneath your pants then pulled them down your legs. He delved his head in and licked a hungry stripe between your folds, savouring the taste and smell of you. Then he placed a chaste kiss to your clit before setting a rhythm of small, gentle licks.
You groaned and tilted your head back. After going so long without any sexual contact, you were unused to the sensation and even these small movements were making you go crazy. And yet you wanted more.
You tangled one hand in Kirigan’s raven hair and gave his head a slight tug towards yourself. He understood your message and happily complied. Completely flattening his tongue against you, he began licking your clit with far more pressure.
He began to let himself go now he was reassured that you were okay with this and he ate you out with increasing fervour. He made out with your clit, hard and fast. And then he would pause and switch to give you tiny, more precise licks. It was driving you crazy.
He lightly sucked on your clit, catching you off guard and a strangled moan left your throat. You wildly combed your hands through his hair, feeling the strands run between your overly sensitive fingers. You’d never had a partner as good as Kirigan in the bedroom. He somehow already knew exactly how to please you. He was the definition of Heaven.
Your breathing was laboured to the point where you were struggling to catch your breath. Your legs were twitching and your whole body was thrumming, so receptive to his loving touch. You were growing close.
You tugged his hair for him to stop and his eyes suddenly shot up to yours. He was relieved when he saw your expression. Your eyes were half lidded - hazy with lust - and your lips were slightly parted. The epitome of pleasure.
“I want you.” You voiced - breathing ragged.
He pounced, his lips crashing against yours. He pushed you down onto the bed and, again, you were confronted by the flashbacks. The image of yourself spread out on the bed, a man pressing his weight down onto you.
You pushed Kirigan away.
“How about I go on top?” You suggested.
“Sure.” A grin spread across his face at the idea.
He splayed himself out across the mattress and, quickly getting back into the mood, you crawled on top of him with a primal smile. Kirigan placed his hands behind his head, allowing you full control to do as much or as little as you wanted and at your own pace.
You deliberately took your time pulling his underwear down from his body. You wanted to build anticipation and you enjoyed every second of it.
His dick was already hard but you took him into your hand and gave him a few slow and teasing strokes. You enjoyed feeling his length in your hand and you still hadn’t gotten used to the size of it.
A part of you knew that your actions also served to stall for time. You were excited to have sex; your whole body craved Kirigan so badly. But the flashbacks did scare you and you weren’t sure if you’d be able to handle having yet another one.
As you continued to stroke him, you locked eyes with him and felt yourself relax again. The warmth of his chocolate brown eyes always seemed to have that effect on you.
You were ready.
You adjusted yourself so one knee was on either side of Kirigan and your entrance was hovering above his dick. After giving him one last stroke, you lined him up with your entrance and slowly began to sink down.
You realised you were holding your breath when you released it. It was as if you’d been expecting your whole world to shatter with flashbacks as soon as he entered you but you discovered nothing but bliss.
You took the tip of him in and just that alone had you crushing your eyes closed. It wasn’t that it was painful, it was just so incredibly overwhelming. You weren’t sure how you were going to be able to take anymore of him in.
Perhaps you were insane but you managed to muster the willpower to impale yourself on him further. Eyebrows drawing down, your face lit up in ecstasy and a series of sinful moans left your body that you didn’t think you’d be able to contain even if you tried. You’d forgotten how incredible it was to have him inside of you.
Leaning over to place one hand on either side of Kirigan, you changed the position so you’d have more freedom to rock your hips as you pleased. You kept your motions slow and shallow, it was all you were able to handle right now. It was making you feel absolutely wild. You could already feel sparks shooting inside your abdomen. But it wasn’t just the physical sensation making you feel this way, you were so in love with Kirigan. Your bodies slotted together perfectly. Nothing seemed more right than this.
Your hips began to rock back further and further so you could take more of him in with each thrust. You were so greedy to have him. With every thrust you wanted more and more until you were taking in as much of him as you could in the position you were in. It was absolute bliss. Pure and utter bliss.
His hands roamed up your thighs and gently caressed the sides of your waist and then explored higher to caress your breasts. He massaged them gently while ghosting his thumbs across your nipples. You groaned into his touch and your thrusts began to speed up even more.
You pushed yourself up so you could be upright again and you groaned loudly as you fully sheathed yourself on his dick. You were still for a moment, closing your eyes to focus on the pleasure of feeling him filling you up to your entirety. He twitched inside of you and you could feel him brush very close to your cervix. A full-bodied shiver racked through you.
“Saints, I love you, Aleksander.”
“I love you too.” He grinned.
With that, you began your thrusts again, bouncing up and down on his dick, concentrating on how he filled you inch by inch before disappearing again. Each time he did fill you up, he brushed that sweet spot inside of you and you had no idea how you were going to be able to cope - you were already going cross eyed at each thrust.
The two of you had been going for so long that both of you had failed to notice the sun sink beneath the horizon. That was until the sunset painted the sky in soft hues of lilac and pink. The colours illuminated you, falling upon the sweat-soaked craters of your body. Kirigan was absolutely awe struck. He couldn’t stop staring at you, wanting to memorise every detail.
He got lost in the moment and started giving small thrusts of his hips, forgetting that he was keeping still to make sure you only did what you were comfortable with. You moaned, drowning in pleasure, and he decided he had permission to take back some of the control. He began to meet your thrusts with a mad fervour.
“Oh Saints!” You exclaimed.
You collapsed forwards and buried your face into Kirigan’s neck as you both rutted into each other. Your mouth hung open in a permanent ‘O’ as moan after moan was ripped from you. His arms wrapped around your body so you were completely encased by him and you let yourself relax, going slack beneath his grip as his dick pummelled into you over and over again.
“Oh- Fuck- Saints- Yes!”
Words of little meaning streamed from your mouth but you could do nothing to stop them like a woman possessed. You let yourself go, completely free to the moment as you covered Kirigan’s neck in millions of tiny kisses and nibbles, eliciting a heavy moan from him.
One of his hands moved up to caress the nape of your neck as he brutally fucked you. His other hand delved between your bodies to stroke your clit. His fingers on your sensitive nub felt absolutely insane. Fireworks started to build in your core. You were hurtling towards the finish line.
“Aleksander- Aleksander!” You called out breathlessly.
You tried to warn him you were close but you were unable to form a coherent sentence.
Somehow, he managed to understand. “I’m close too. It’s okay, baby. Cum for me.”
You pushed yourself back up onto your hands so you could look into his eyes. From this angle, you could feel your whole body rattle with each brutal thrust.
Your lips crashed against his as you felt yourself come undone. White hot fire began to spread through your every limb until it took you over entirely. You let out a wail of pleasure against his lips.
Completely spent, you collapsed back down onto him and your head returned to his neck. He continued to thrust up into you, chasing his own orgasm. Your body kept twitching with each thrust and you couldn’t stop the flood of moans still spilling from your lips. Your hands buried themselves in his sweat-soaked hair as you rode out the last of your own orgasm.
A few more shaky thrusts and he groaned - deep and guttural - as his seed filled you up.
Completely exhausted, you clung to each other and then Kirigan pressed a flurry of kisses to your cheek.
“I love you.” He said again. It seemed neither of you could get enough of saying that.
“I love you too.”
With weak arms, you rolled over onto your side so he could spoon you properly. He placed a hand against your front and pressed you flush against himself. Wave after wave of endorphins washed over you and you couldn’t remember a time when you’d felt this happy. Somehow, it seemed like your life was going back to normal. Well, better than normal. And you had Kirigan to thank. For all of it.
After a while, you pulled away so you could grab a cloth from the bathroom to clean yourself up.
Behind you, you could hear Kirigan rustling around. He opened a window to let some air into the room that was now hot and heavy with the smell of sex. You could feel the breeze from all the way in the bathroom, a welcome contrast to your burning skin.
“Hey, come here.” He called.
You wrung out the cloth and looked over to Kirigan who stood at the window - still naked.
You gladly obliged. Once you were close enough, he took you by the hand and guided you so your back was against his sturdy chest and his arms could wrap around you.
You were glad Kirigan had called you over. It was an incredibly beautiful night. The moon was full and bright, casting a heavenly glow across the trees outside. A few wispy clouds rolled across the horizon but the sky was mostly clear, allowing you to see the millions of stars that twinkled in the sky.
They complemented each other perfectly: the night and the stars. You could think of no better harmony, than the ability to shine against the darkness.
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achillieus · 4 months ago
so there's no hot evil villain in love with me?
Tumblr media
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yesimwriting · 5 months ago
To Be Alone
VAGUE SPOILER WARNING FOR SHADOW AND BONE BOOK SERIES-- I try hard not to mention why the Darkling/General Kirigan is the bad guy so that I don’t spoil anything,, but the reader finds out that he lies about his identity and that he’s super sketchy/not a good guy (again,, I avoided as many specifics as possible to keep it from being spoiler-y)
Warnings: lowkey manipulation, kissing/makeout, slight fingering
A/n y’all drove me to this lol,, pls be nice!! This is the closest to full on smut I’ve ever written!! Ahh I’m lowkey scared to post
Summary: the reader finds out something about the Darkling/General Kirigan, he finds a way to convince her to stay 
No amount of evidence will ever be enough to convince me fully. A part of me will always hold onto unjustifiable doubt because a part of me hopes that if I hold onto the lies tight enough they’ll turn into the truth. But that’s not how the world works. 
General Kirigan. Ravka put its faith in him. I put my faith in him. I did more than that. I pushed aside my reservations and doubt in order to try and comfort him when he spoke of loneliness. Was all that a lie as well? 
No. I can’t afford to think of the emotional side of it all, because if I do I may find myself incapable of moving from this spot. I don’t have time to reflect on it all, to try and unravel hopeful lies and manipulative truths. That can be done when I’m not here. If I stay here, he’ll know I know and he’ll stop me from...what? What am I supposed to do next? I could find someone with some level of power to warn. 
“There you are.” Kirigan. I’m turned towards the window, not facing him, but there is no weariness or malice in his voice. He has no reason to suspect my suspicion. “Are you unwell?” 
Calm. I need to pass as calm. Not turning, I force myself to ignore the endearing hint of concern in his voice. “No.” I can hear his measured footsteps. “Why would you think that?” 
“I haven’t seen you all day,” he’s directly behind me now. If I turn, I’ll practically be against his chest. “And you didn’t come see me last night.” 
Oh. I knew it was a mistake to begin to pull on such a small thread so close to when he expected to see me, but it kept gnawing on me. That doubt. That tiny thing I couldn’t ever let go off. “I fell asleep.” No--I cringe at my impulsive response. He knows how difficult it is for me to fall asleep. “Yesterday was just really...draining.” 
In an easy movement, he places his hand on my shoulder. It’s a silent request for me to turn. Exhaling, I obey. Why? I could lie to myself and say that I’m listening to him in order to kill his suspicions, but the effect he has on me is undeniable. Even before touching each other became a casual thing on his part, my body wanted to react to him. 
He’s quick to cup my face, tilting my chin up slightly so that I can’t avoid his gaze. “What troubles you, little dove?” A nickname for when he’s feeling particularly gentle. Thoughts of the evil he has to be twist my stomach as my face flushes. Kirigan’s thumb brushes over the corner of my bottom lip, stalling as I fight the urge to melt into the contact. I meet his tense gaze cautiously. “You said nothing could make you look at me differently.” No. There’s no way he figured out my change with one look alone. I’ll deny it. I’ll do what I need to do to be convincing, and then I’ll manage to escape. His grip on my shoulder tightens. “Don’t you dare lie to me again.” 
The urge to snap and point out the sick irony of him telling me not to lie at him almost forces me to break. His gaze starts to shift away from me--towards the half packed escape bag I’d been in the middle of constructing. I stretch my arms forward, desperate to keep his gaze on me and away from what I can’t explain. 
Kirigan’s free hand moves to pull my hand off of his cheek, but he pauses, eyes shutting in peaceful contentment. “What do you know?” 
I expected his words to be angry, to border on violent...but he just sounds tired. Please, Saints, let me be wrong. “Is there anything to know?” The only reaction I get is the slightest stall of his breathing. “You said you didn’t want to be alone anymo--” 
“I don’t.” The harshness of his words almost coax a small flinch from me. 
Swallowing back the knot in my stomach, I exhale slowly. “A part of not being alone is being honest.” 
His eyes finally open. I don’t dare move as he moves my hand off of his cheek so that he can brush his lips against my knuckles. I suppress an embarrassing shudder. “You wouldn’t have stayed--if you knew you wouldn’t ha--” 
No denial. I can’t--I can’t do this. “You know what the worst part is?” I can’t believe I’m about to say this. I can’t believe it’s true. “I might have.” Those words break something in me as I force myself away from him. The lack of contact leaves me more frozen than ever. “I might have! I might have been able to bear all the monstrous things you’ve done if you had just--” 
“What?!” He meets my outburst with one of equal power. “You might have stayed regardless?” The way he scoffs leaves me feeling like a wandering child. “You might have still looked at me like I hung the stars in the sky instead of like I’m the darkness they fight against?” I stay silent as he steps forward, quick to hold my chin in place with his long fingers. “I couldn’t risk you on possibility.” Kirigan’s gaze is so intense, a part of me is surprised that shadows don’t come at me--drowning me in darkness and him. “And don’t think me foolish enough to believe that someone like you would understand that I have to do what I’m doing--” 
“Have to?” No--how did I almost let him lure me back in so easily. I pull myself away, approaching my open wardrobe. “That’s not past tense.” He’s still--he’s still actively hurting people. Why had I been so stupidly naive to think that maybe this was all history? “I--I can’t do this.” 
Each step towards the exit of the room chips away at a piece of my soul. “You’re not walking away from me,” his strong grip is on my arm in a sharp instinct, “I won’t--I can’t be alone again.” 
I swallow back the lump of emotion in my throat. “You already are.” 
His eyes are pleading, pools of frightened adoration. “No--no,” he steps towards me, not releasing his grip on my arm, “You’re hurt that I lied, but now I’ll never have to lie to you again.” I push against his grip. Kirigan doesn’t release me. “Y/n,” my name is a lament from his lips, “Please.” 
My eyes round out as my heart leaps into my chest. “I used to think that you were only touched by the darkness, but now I’m not sure you can tell where the darkness ends and you begin.” His grip just barely falters. Maybe it’s acceptance. 
I shift weakly, a softer attempt to escape. His grip tightens even more than before as he tugs me forward. The reminder of his physical strength leaves me frozen in shock. I can’t read his expression, but something about him has darkened. When I don’t pull away again, his thumb brushes up and down my forearm. The silkiness of his touch is warm temptation. I inhale slowly as he moves his other arm in order to touch my shoulder. The contact is almost shy. 
“Kirigan,” my voice betrays me, breaking as his fingers trace down my collar, “What--what are you doing?” 
He tilts his head, taking in the way his touch rids my body of fight. “Nothing, really.” His voice is low, supple in its assuredness. “You’re the only person who has ever seen me--and for you to leave me after that.” 
“No,” I try to step back, but my body freezes as he toys with the collar of my dress, “What I saw--what I found out--that wasn’t you.” 
“It’s who I have to make myself be,” he whispers, “I’m doing what needs to be done.” 
“That logic can earn you a lot,” my words are careful, “But it cannot earn you me.” 
His hand brushes past my neck, finding the root of my hair. Kirigan pulls on it slightly, forcing me to expose my lower jaw and neck. I’m still as he leans forward, warm breath fanning across my skin. I fight against a shiver in vain as his lips brush down my skin, only stopping as he nips the base of my neck. I can’t help the small sound of surprise that escapes me. 
“Are you sure about that?” Blood rushes to my face, motivated by both embarrassment and something else. “Little dove, don’t ruin us.” His touch is warm, but his words leave me with an uncomfortable chill. In an attempt to escape the coldness, I half-press myself into the trail of soft and desperate kisses he’s leaving down my neck.
Kirigan pauses, exhaling slowly, and I feel some mental strength return to me. “There can’t be an us--not like this.” 
“Y/n.” He never uses my name. “You are the only light I know.” His words steal something from me as he pulls away enough to look me in the eyes. “I can’t handle the weight of solitude anymore--it’s worse than the dark.”
 I am unflinching, watching him with a markman’s care. Kirigan takes my silence as a positive. I don’t move as his gaze drops to my lips before he presses his own together. I don’t move as he destroys the distance between us like it’s some type of unbearable weight. His lips meet mine with enough force to bruise my face. The surprise of it gives him the chance to coax my lips into parting as his hands move to either side of my face. My body reacts without my permission, letting him deepen the kiss. Every time I find some kind of free will, Kirigan pushes it away with some kind of tactful lull of his tongue. Keeping his control, Kirigan ends the kiss by grazing sharp teeth against my bottom lip. 
I’m left panting. “You’re--you lied, Kirigan--I--” 
“You told me once you could never see me as a monster.”
“I said that to a version of you that technically doesn’t exist.” 
The grief in my chest and desire in my stomach twist in a nauseating way. Kirigan’s eyes watch me patiently, a pain similar to my own reflected in them. “Who I am when I’m with you is less fictitious than any identity I’ve ever given myself.”
The vulnerability in his voice is as alluring and distracting as the kiss. I find myself thinking of the warmth of his mouth against my skin. He had kissed me like the cure for ancient solitude could come from me. I think he had a point, because now that he’s not touching me in that way I feel the familiar tugs of cold emptiness. 
“I don’t understa--” My words are cut off by his lips brushing against mine. 
His touch is soft, but it’s far from shy as he draws out the kiss. It’s an attempt to keep me on edge, to keep me wanting him enough to push past my doubts. “Y/n,” there’s a reverent quality to his voice, “I--” Kirigan grabs the collar of my dress, pulling me to him sharply. His kiss conveys things that neither of us truly understand. “Don’t go.” 
I don’t want to. The realization is a cruel wave crashing against my chest. “You lie to everyone, you lie to me--you--you hurt and destroy and I--” One of his hands brushes against the hem of my dress. “What are you,” the words are supposed to be sharp, but my resolve melts as his hand presses firmly against my thigh, “Doing?” 
“You know me,” he draws out each word as his fingers graze towards the inside of my thighs. The cool metal of his rings are practically ice against my flushed skin. “Little dove, trust me.” 
My nails dig into my palms as I try to ignore what he’s doing. “I did and you betrayed me.” 
“I couldn’t lose you,” he whispers, thumb inching up my inner thigh.
I press my lips together, fighting against a natural reaction. “You did lose me.” 
Kirigan’s eyes darken as his grip on my thigh tightens. “We’ll move past this.” He’s both pleading and assured. “I think I know how to make it up to you.” He trails his hand up my thigh swiftly, stopping with his hand on my lower hip. Shamelessly, he toys with the hem of my underwear. “The only thing that’s really changed is that now I’m touching you like this.” 
The only thing I can do is gape at him. He’s a villain, his hands are coated in unnecessarily spilled blood, and I am helpless against his slightest touch. I should try pushing him away or at the very least resist his blatant advantages. His fingers brush down my underwear, stopping at a growing wet spot. The knowing look he gives me burns my core. I try to keep my expression hard in a final form of protest, but when he presses his pointer finger against me all the resolve in me is shattered. 
My eyebrows draw together as a small sound escapes me, “Kirigan.” I can’t tell if it’s praise or a warning. 
He pauses, hand retracting slightly at my whining. “Y/n,” his other hand cups my cheek. I lean into the contact without permission from my body. “There is only one name that I have not given myself and only one name I want to hear you breathe like that.” His thumb traces my lips softly. I don’t move as he leans forward, turning his lips towards my ear. 
“Aleksander.” His name is nothing more than a breath, a stolen heartbeat on his lips. 
He presses his fingers against where I’m the weakest again. My hips grind forward instinctually, desperate for more contact as he kisses the top of my jaw. 
“Aleksander.” The name escapes me in the form of a broken moan. Speaking it feels more intimate than the way he’s touching me. 
There’s the slightest pause in his consuming actions. “Again,” he breathes, “Say my name again.” His request is so soft it feels like he’s more at my mercy than I am at his. 
My eyes shut as his teeth graze my neck. “Aleksander.” At the sound of his name, his teeth brush against my skin harder than ever. 
When he starts to pull away, I reach out desperately, grabbing his kefta. “I thought you wanted to leave, little dove.” 
No. No. He is not going to get me to agree to stay by giving me something as intimate as his original name and by denying me his touch. “Please.” 
He reaches for my hand, pulling it off of him cruelly. “Do you want to stay with me?” 
I know which answer will get me what I really want, but I’m not sure which answer is true. Do I want to stay with him? Even after knowing what he’s done? “I don’t want to leave you.” The vulnerability of the statement cracks at my heart. He turns away from me in order to face the wall. I take a tentative step towards. “But I’m not sure what I want matters.” 
In one quick motion, he’s yanking more forward and pressing me into the wall. “Of course desire matters,” his body is pressed against mine almost entirely, “It means something.” He brushes his knuckles against my cheek. “It means you could choose me.” 
What could I say to that? I part my lips to speak but he silences me by pressing his lips against my jaw. I offer no protest as he starts touching me the way he did earlier. I’m more desperate now, more needy and okay with that. His fingers slip past my underwear testingly, hesitating before finally entering me slowly. 
“Aleksander,” my voice is so needy I’m not sure it’s my own. 
“I want you to say my name like that again,” he whispers, kissing down my collarbone as he begins to press his fingers in and out of me faster, “And I want you to say my name casually,” his pace doesn’t slow, even when I begin to let out indistinguishable whines, “And I want you to say my name while you’re falling asleep,” his touch becomes more aggressive as his words become more sincere, “And I want you to say my name every other way there is to say it.” 
The bundle of nerves in the pit of my stomach grows until there’s nothing else for me to hold onto. I finish with a sharp gasp. The feeling of euphoria is only intensified as Aleksander begins to kiss up my jaw before finally pressing our lips together. 
I break the kiss first, desperate to breathe. Have my legs been so shaky this entire time? Aleksander lets me recover, resting his head against my forehead. “I’m tired of being alone.” 
I imagine all the foul acts he’s committed and all the bad he wants to bring. I picture all the innocent blood he’s spilled. I see all of it--every horror and dark deed he’s ever committed. But I cannot see me leaving him. Maybe that makes me a monster, maybe that makes me an idiot...but I can’t do it. 
Slowly, I move to drape my arms over his back in a loose hug. “You’re not alone, Aleksander.” I’m not sure what that signifies, but I know it’s true. There has to be good in him. No one capable of such warmth can be pure evil. “I choose you.” 
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im not usually one for the evil type, but thankyou netflix for evil prince caspian, thank you
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Our Sanctuary (Aleksander Morozova x Reader)
Tumblr media
Aleksander Morozova x Reader (Family AU)
The Darkling x Sun Summoner!Wife!Reader
Summary: Meet the Morozova family.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2.0K
It was a well-known fact that the leader of the Second Army, General Kirigan, was a dark, ambitious and powerful Grisha in all of the lands. He was feared and hated far and wide but the Grisha respected and lived to serve him. To the world, he was the Shadow Summoner, the Black General, but behind the safe enclosure of the Little Palace he was the savior of Grisha, Ravka’s hope, a son, and most importantly two titles he cherished; a husband and a father.
Within the walls of the Little Palace, a pair of small feet ran through the halls leaving a small resounding echo at each step. The halls were empty aside from the paintings, portraits, vases, and other antiquities aligning the hall. The owner of said feet giggled out of joy and cheer but most of all excitement. The little one was excited to explore the Little Palace on his own without any supervision. He was running, jumping, sliding, and screaming in pure giddiness as his imagination took over him. With his little mind preoccupied, without taking notice of his surroundings, the little one accidentally took a bump to a hard but dark ‘obstacle’. He would have fallen had the ‘obstacle’ not caught him and gently set him back on his tiny feet. Said ‘obstacle’ knelt down before the little one with eyes as dark as the night sky but filled with love and pride.
“And what mischief has my little warrior been up to?” said the dark ‘obstacle’ or rather General. The little one looked towards the man with eyes mirroring his own, and replied back with a giggle, “Papa, I was looking for you…I wanted to find you…but couldn’t find you, so I went to make a game of my own.”
“Really,” Aleksander mused then smiled at his beloved son, “and what sort of game was it that managed to draw you away from your mother?” The General playfully taunted his son which made the boy blush in embarrassment and looked down in guilt. “I’m sorry papa… I only left cause mama wasn’t feeling too good and then I thought papa makes mama happy, why not bring papa?” The General gave a soft smile at his boy, he was aware of his wife’s condition. She had been feeling unwell lately and he’s been reluctant to leave her be but she managed to coerce him to commit his duty as the General…besides she wouldn’t be alone…she had Genya and her son.
“Let’s head back to your mother, Aleksei, she’s probably worried,” Aleksander consoled his son as he lifted him in his arms to carry at his side. And they set off to their private chambers whilst talking. Aleksei, a sweet and simple name yet fitting for him. Their son indeed lives up to his name since he believes it’s his duty to defend and protect his family just like his papa taught him. His father always told him that he had an important job now and that was to look after his mother. That was something that Aleksei could never deny nor turn down, for his mother was his entire world. She helped raise him, bathe him, fed him, and love him, and so on. She did everything and Aleksander has never felt more proud having a beautiful wife and wonderful mother to his child.
“Mama has been looking different lately…she’s also been going to the bathroom a lot…” Aleksei said worriedly. “Your mother is just having morning illness. She is now carrying a baby. Could be a boy or a girl. What would you like? A brother? Or a sister?” The General turned to him to hear his answer.
“A brother! So that we could play together and hunt down monsters!” The little boy shouted in excitement.
“And what if you had a sister?”
“I would have liked a brother but sister is nice, I would be the one to protect her! She would be the princess and me, the greatest warrior in all of Ravka!”
The General smiled at that. He knew without a doubt that his first child would do amazing as a big brother to his sibling(s). He had raised him well. Throughout their walk, they had passed by other Grisha and servants. They gave a slight bow to the darkling in greeting as he walked by them and he, in turn, nodded back at them. Aleksei, being a young child he was, and 4 years old, just gave them a sweet smile and small wave which caused them to smile at him. The boy was a darling among the occupants of the Little Palace, in fact, he was also seen as their hope for a better future as he descended from two of the strongest and greatest Summoners. His father, the Shadow Summoner, and his mother, the Sun Summoner.
They had now finally reached the main doors leading to their private quarters. In their private quarters consisted of some bedrooms, the war room, dining room, and their own bathrooms. Just like the darkling preferred. Aleksander put his son to the floor and followed after the boy as he ran to his parents' room.
“Mama!” Aleksei shouted in delight as he burst through the room darting straight to the large bed.
(Name) formed a soft smile on her face as she turned her head towards the source of the most precious sound that nothing else could ever compare. She saw as her son climbed her and her husband’s lavish bed, and crawl towards her. She then reached forward and grabbed her little boy and sat him on her lap, careful not to squish the precious swell of her belly that carried another love of hers and Aleksander’s.
“Now where did you go off to, little gremlin?” (Name) chuckled as she held her son’s soft cheeks between her hands and gave him butterfly kisses all over his sweet cherub face. Aleksei laughed at the sweet but ticklish affection he received from his mama. One thing Aleksei loved more than anything was being in his mother’s arms and receiving those butterfly kisses.
The boy was laughing out of fun and joy while his father watched the scene from the bedroom door out of pure adoration. Here right in front of him was his entire world, his entire everything. His wife, his son, and his unborn second child. Aleksander never imagined settling down and having his own family but that all changed since (Name) came.
His dear wife (Name), how she had changed him for the better and had given him the greatest gifts in the world. (Name) had miraculously wedged deep into his heart and left a huge imprint. She was his biggest support through all of his endeavors and it would remain so. Side by side they had fought together against the forces of Fjerda and Shu Han for years. And now, both he and (Name) now hold an important objective; protecting their family. Ever since (Name) was pregnant with their first child, she and Aleksander had worked hard to keep their son a secret but the King was adamant that they announce the birth of their child should the pregnancy ever be a success.
Apparently, some nosy maids had managed to pass on the word to the Queen about the Sun Summoner’s situation. This did not sit well for the General and (Name) as they worried for the welfare of their child. They had hoped for a more secure and secretive life but when word got out, there would be no doubt that their enemies would dare try to target their family. Aleksander or rather as the public knows him as General Kirigan managed to sway the King’s interests in announcing his child’s birth and to leave it be for the sake of their protection. The pregnancy was not easy since it was obviously (Name)’s first time. 9 months later, she and her husband were blessed with a beautiful son. Their son bore a striking resemblance to his father; thick dark hair, eyes as dark as the night, and his father’s nose. But one thing he gained from his mother were her soft supple lips. A true beauty they had brought into their world. (Name) and Aleksander believed their son would do great things. In this harsh world, with its fill of wars, poverty, famine, and death, both parents have one light that helps shine away all that is negative, and that is their family.
As the Sun Summoner coddled her sweet little boy, Aleksander stepped forward and went around the bed to sit by his angelic wife’s side. “How have you been feeling? Aleksei says you’ve been visiting the bathroom a lot this morning,” he asked worried as he reached out to hold one of his wife’s soft hands, but (Name) smiled at him in assurance, “I’m fine, the baby is just very active…keeps playing with my organs,” she looked down at her round belly hidden by her white lace nightgown. Aleksei also looked at the bump in wonder and leaned his head to lie on his mother’s belly with both hands beside his head as if laying on a pillow.
“I can feel them, mama,” Aleksei said excitedly.
“That’s because they know you’re there. They can hear you, you know. Would you like to tell them something?” His mother softly told him.
Her son scrunched his cute little face in thought, trying to figure out what he could tell his baby sibling.
“Umm…Oh, I know. Hello, baby brother or sister, it’s your big brother. I can’t wait to see you. We’ve been waiting for you for a looong time, so better hurry! We’re going to play all sorts of games…I’ll even share all my toys with you….I love you,” their son then gave a hug to his mother’s belly. (Name)’s eyes watered slightly at the heart-warming message her son made to their unborn sibling and she knew deep down that her children would be alright.
Aleksander was proud to be raising a caring and loving son, and he would continue doing so. His children will never go through the same challenges as their parents did, never will they suffer nor struggle in their lives. He would do everything in his power to protect his wife and children from their enemies.
His wife, (Name), looked to her husband by her side and asked, “Has Aleksei shown signs of any abilities he may possess?” Aleksander stares back at her and answers, “I believe Aleksei has something to show you…”
Her husband then turned his son, “Aleksei, won’t you show your mother your surprise?”
Aleksei gave a big smile and nodded in excitement. He moved a bit further from his mother with his tiny bum sat on the bed, he then raised both his palms and had them facing one another. His face squinted in concentration as he tried to conjure or rather summon his power at the palm of his hands. “Don’t try too hard, Aleksei, just let it flow and it will come,” His father encouraged him as he couldn’t keep a smile off his face. (Name) looked closely at her son’s hands and her eyes widened. There she saw it. A small black mist swirling between his palms, like a little dark storm.
“I did it, papa! Look! I’m just like you! What do you think mama?!” their son bounced on the bed in delight, laughing at his amazing accomplishment. (Name) smiled and clapped her hands applauding her little boy’s ability. “I’m so proud of you, Aleksei,” she told him happily, “Just like your papa.”
‘I’m gonna be just like papa! I want to be just like papa! Strong, smart, tall, and everything else!”
Aleksander’s eyes watered slightly but held them back. He reached to pick up his son and cradled him to his chest. “You’re going to do even greater things, my lapushka,” he spoke softly on his son’s head as he gave a kiss on his black hair. “Your mother and I are so proud of you. And we love you so much. Remember that.”
“I love you, papa. I love you, mama.” the boy told his beloved papa as his eyes shut slowly, exhausted.
Aleksander and (Name) looked at their sleeping miracle out of pure love and adoration.
This is what they were fighting for. Everything they worked hard for, was for Aleksei and their little unborn bean.
This was their paradise.
This was their sanctuary.
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Grishaverse fics recs
$- Smut
£- Fluff
€- Hurt/Comfort
₹- Angst
Some fics, Drabbles or blurbs or headcanons didn’t have titles so I randomly titled them:D
Darkling x Reader
Cake Night Talks by @lillianastras £
Game of House by @cheekygreenty £
Stranger by @cheekygreenty £
Disobey by @cheekygreenty £
Pretend by @zim-zam-goddamn £€
My boy by @cheekygreenty £
Blow up by @all-art-is-quite-useless $£
Your Meaning by @sunny-reys £
Smol and tol by @zim-zam-goddamn £
Cat fight by @cheekygreenty £
Kaz Brekker x Reader
Simply clothes by @alcottsangel £
Cupid screwed up by @genyaakostyk £
Mans best friend by @magpiencrow £
Nicknames by @goldengoddess £
Sober thoughts by @goldengoddess £
Barrel’s Goddess by @alcottsangel £
Shawty by @brekkers-multi £
You are done for by @sumsebien £
The little things by @emotionaiwrecks £
Unpredictable little brat by @liberty-barnes £
Frustrating by @darling-i-read-it $£
Foe to Family by @im-constantly-fangirling-backup £
My crow by @darling-i-read-it £
Jesper Fahey x Reader
I put a spell on you by @genyaakostyk £
Oops, I did it again by @genyaakostyk £€
Timing, people, timing by @genyaakostyk £
May I have this dance? By @magpiencrow £
Not What it looks like by @magpiencrow £
Fake dating by @goldengoddess £
Take care by @goldengoddess £€₹
My heart beats for you by @magpiencrow £
Shut up and kiss me by @goldengoddess £
Friendly Flirtations by @thebadgerclan £
Strongest Sense by @thebadgerclan £
Lost hair pins by @triptuckers £
The Perfect Crime by @sunny-reys £
Kaz playing matchmaker by @magpiencrow £
Matthias Helvar x Reader
Temptress by @magpiencrow £€
Ask the saints by @genyaakostyk £
In the wake by @sumsebien £
Stay alive for me by @goldengoddess £₹€
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Calamity // The Darkling x Fem!Reader
Summary: Aleksander has always been protective of you, but an unfortunate event with another male Grisha leaves him showing his true feelings.
Pairing: Aleksander Morozova x Tide-Maker!Fem!Reader (Shadow and Bone)
Word Count: 3.6k
Warnings: Language, Injuries, sexual references/implications, sexist language.
Quick Links: Masterlist // Request Guidelines
Tumblr media
The forests beyond Os Alta and The Little Palace were beautiful. Their varying greens and colors during the midsummer season were a welcome change from the saddened dreariness of winter. With the arrival of warmer weather, a clearance needs to occur in the land beyond to ensure all training grounds were no danger to the people lucky enough to train there.
A new school of Grisha was arriving in a week's time, leaving you in charge of agitated, sweating Grisha trying to quickly clear the land.
"Remember! Every tree fallen and limb needs to be removed. I don't want a crying child running with blood down their leg through the palace halls because one of you forgot to clean it up!"
You swore you heard their angered groans and grumbles as you reminded them of what they had been assigned to do.
Across the grounds in Os Alta, the stables and circular training grounds were also being fixed in preparation, though they surely caught better breaks and less consequence because those in charge of those groups were spineless. You weren't even sure they had even seen The Fold for themselves; assigned to the palace from day one just to remain to appease whichever King or Queen ruled that year. Upon your arrival to the palace nearly ten years prior, you had seen The Fold a handful of times, but your specialities lay elsewhere amongst Grisha.
You weren't like them. Any of them, really. From a young age, you had discovered that you were blessed with the gift of summoning water, or tides. Tide-Makers functioned differently from other Grisha, but yours fell into a particularly curious range. Where someone like Aleksander was able to use his abilities as a Shadow Summoner at any moment, you required a closeness to the source of your abilities. Being stowed away in Os Alta, your abilities were quite useless. Though, your mind and keen eye for strategy let you become a close asset to the General–who had almost taken you on as a "right-hand-woman" to the cause.
It helped that he had inkling you were immortal. You hadn't aged a day since he met you and surely it was overdue that another powerful Grisha joined the two who remained after a couple of centuries.
Because of this, Aleksander trusted your command to oversee the Grisha who trained at The Little Palace, as well as the preparation. As the years went by, other Grisha caught on to the difference of treatment. Today, on a particularly warm and disgusting day of clearing, all hot-headed thoughts had come to head.
Walking the gravel, you could feel the stones underneath the soles of your black boots. It was comforting, in a way. Once you had trained there and now an entirely new generation of students would follow the same trails, battle the same courses, and respect the land you had a decade prior. Observing the Grisha around you, the job they had been doing thus far was quite good. Slow, but good.
"Hey! Why don't you come give us a hand!" You ignored the first call from a sweating man sawing a piece of fallen tree.
Aleksander had made it clear that these "clearing efforts" were not to be completed with their abilities. Doing manual labor for the cause would garner some strength these Grisha needed to be sent to the front lines. A war was raging and some of these souls would never return once sent. So, you continued walking. Eye contact with you was consistently ignored and avoided, your steps feeling heavier the further you went on the trail as the calls from angered men sawing on trees grew louder.
"Come on! You're doing nothing to help us!"
"Afraid to get your pretty hands dirty?"
"Is this work too difficult for you? Who even put you in charge?"
Those men knew nothing. They hadn't seen battle, seen death and destruction of what it means to be a Grisha in land that hates them. They grew up knowing that they'd be sent here when the time came and be protected in a world where anywhere else, they'd be killed for something they couldn't control. But instead, they heckled you, their leader at the moment. Pushing down their comments, you continued on and believed it was an insecurity for them to see a woman in charge.
"She's just a dumb bitch."
Your ears weren't amused by that.
"Yeah. She probably fucks the General to get out of work."
"Ah, an 'eye for an eye.' She must be good too for the General to keep her around this long."
"She's nothing special. Just look at her! Can't even use her powers out here."
Your walking had ceased with the second comment. Were you going to entertain their assumptions about you? No. Pettiness did not win wars or gain favors. If Aleksander heard what they had been saying he would have had their heads in an instant, but you were not him. You were nothing like Aleksander and that's why he put you in a command position. The workers around the group of three men had stopped whatever they had been doing and watched the scene unfold.
"I hear a lot of talking for men who should be doing work."
You mentally scolded yourself for sounding like a schoolteacher. It sounded ridiculous and of course, they laughed and dropped their tools.
"Now you show an interest in us? How about it love, pick up the saw and show us that you can help us."
"It's Captain, not love. My job isn't to do the work you're assigned. If you'd rather clean the bathrooms, I can have that arranged."
"Maybe we can work out some kind of deal, love."
One of the men, a burly, masculine man who smelled of oil and pine jumped over the fallen tree and into your line of sight. He was no longer wearing the red kefta he had been given, his undershirt soaked of a stench spreading further and further into the air. He had an orange beard, his fiery red hair nothing compared to the summer heat or sun. The heartrender looked as though he belonged in a child's lumberjack fairytale, not just beyond the walls of The Little Palace and its glamour.
"I'm not in the business of making deals. Get back to your position or I'll have you removed from the site." You held no prisoners against men like him.
"Now, I hear you are, Captain L/n. Are we just a little too below your status to trade a job for a job?"
"I will not ask again. Go back to your station or I will have you removed." You stared at him as he stared back. His green eyes envious with a fury belonging to a man who had privilege his entire life. Being a Grisha didn't mean favors for favors. It didn't mean escaping a physical job that occurred once or twice a year because it wasn't favorable. He was hot-headed, full of himself, and had no idea what would happen to him if he stepped out of bounds.
"What are you going to do if I don't? Can't do anything without water, right?"
You stepped away from him and motioned to two guards who had been assigned to follow you during tasks such as these. While the reality of threats was low, every ranking official within the Grishan army had at least two who accompanied them at most times. Today was no different, although they were more than alert regarding the situation at hand.
"This man is being reassigned to the stables. Let the Lieutenent in charge know what happened and he can assign where he sees fit." The guard you had talked to nodded his head and along with the other, guestured to take the arms of the disgruntled man who simply snickered and shook his head.
"Do you see this!?" He shouted to his fellow Grisha's in the forest.
"The General's whore isn't willing to prove her abilities. These are the people they put in charge? Women with no powers?"
No one replied to him, staring at his outburst as disrespectful and rude. You let out a dry laugh and turned, getting ready to walk away when suddenly that heavy feeling you felt prior was real; a sensation of pulling, dragging you down with a near stop of your heart. You could hear the yells, the scramble of people around you as some ran past you, to the trees, toward the man who had been undermining you.
Formulating words was non-existent. You could barely focus on the ground as your knees gave out and your eyes strained to see the dirt below you. The stones digging into your hands, your nose bleeding from the force.
"Ma'am! Ma'am! Someone get help!"
The voices were muddled.
"Stop him! What are you doing!? Stop him!"
You let out a choking noise that alerted you to the arms trying to lay you down; the body you felt outside of falling against the stones with a thud and a pair of hands and body positioned itself behind your head, trying to get you to focus.
"Can you hear me, Captain? Someone went to go get help!"
The pain was subsiding slowly, but your brain wasn't catching up as fast. The woman's face was becoming clearer, its fogginess becoming less with every second. The woman was speaking to someone position at your side and another at your feet.
"Hold her hand. Keep her steady please."
"Do it! I don't care if she's your Captain, just do it!"
Someone grabbed your hand and ran another over the top of it. It was comforting, like home.
"She can barely keep her eyes open. What do we do?"
"I don't know, I do-"
Their conversation stopped and you felt the one holding your hand grip it tighter than before. The light lessened around you, the sun disappearing for moments before the women around you nearly scattered when it returned. Moments in time were mushed together the longer you were unable to tell person from person, hand from hand, and second from hour.
A hand cradling your face and their own head invaded that growing, reappearance of the sun. It's gentle hold different from the other three that had surrounded you prior, a delicate touch against your face as their thumb caressed the space between your nose and chin.
"Y/n, I need to get to you the palace. Can you hear me?"
You could hear, you could barely see, but you could talk very little. You could feel the blood still trickling out of your nose, its metallic taste between your lips unwelcome as it continued to drip down your chin and neck and onto your kefta.
"I-I can-can't s-si-sit u-up." Your words were jumbled into a mumble of words they could hopefully piece together. Your vision continued to clear, and their nodding head was obvious, the dark hair on their head was more defined and you realized it was Aleksander who had arrived quickly (or what you believed to be) to your aid.
"I've got you, alright? I've got you."
Just as your vision was ready to clear, the world disappeared to black and your presence in their world had gone dark.
Tumblr media
The world returned to you at nightfall. Without waking with a start, your eyes slowly adjusted to the dimness of the room around you to show a familiar sight. Your room was just as you had left it that morning. Not a single piece of clothing or furniture out of place, an order to the space that only you could control. Your toes felt the cool, silk sheets and your head relaxed against your pillow with a sigh. In an attempt to move, your chest tightened, and a groan escaped your lips absentmindedly, immediately awaking the one sitting in front of the sitting space beside the fireplace that hadn't been lit.
Within a few steps, Aleksander appeared beside your bed, kneeling down and grabbing your hand.
"You shouldn't move. The healer said you had a collapsed lung, and it will be sore for the next few days."
His sudden appearance hadn't startled you in the slightest. For as long as you had known him, Aleksander had always attempted to shield you from the judgement of others and the criticisms of having appointed you. The Grishan Army hadn't had a woman yet in power and many of the men were against it. But Aleksander had the final say and while he tried to create a bubble, it was bound to burst at the most opportune moment.
"I just want to sit up." You told him without moving again. He nodded understandingly and slowly, but surely, helped you into a sitting position in your bed. The candlelight on your beside table illuminating his face with a fine yellow glow that made him appear more at peace than he truly was. Your concentration fell onto that face, his reading of you pulling out the questions you wanted to ask, though couldn't find the right words.
"You do not have to worry about that man again." So, he killed him. "One of your Squaller's came running into the palace rambling about an accident. It took two minutes to get the information out of her before we knew what happened."
"I turned my back on him. I shouldn't have done that."
"He shouldn't have tried to kill you."
"Mhm." You could barely keep your eyes open even with the nearly 12 hours of sleep you had already gotten.
"How long have I been out?"
"Since this afternoon. It's already Tuesday, so you've missed quite a bit." You could hear the teasing in his voice that he only allowed very few to hear. Aleksander may have been a hard-shell to crack at first, but you melted it with little effort on your part.
"Ah, please tell me those trees have been cleared?"
"It'll be a few days before any of them get back to work." Your sigh held heavily in the air. The clearing had just become another issue on your already full plate, the injury not helping maintain the image you want.
"I do believe most of them are far more concerned with how you are faring. You should have seen their faces when I brought you back here." Aleksander returned to his standing position before scooting your legs over under the covers and sitting next to you, one of his arms resting on the other side of the legs he had just moved.
Your relationship had always teetered on the line of friendship or lovers. His protection appeared to be kind-hearted, but you had seen this in men before. He scared away any suitors, he allowed you to see a side of him no one else had, he told you of the past in complete trust. The two of you had moments where a line was almost blurred. A hand lingering too long, a kiss on the cheek that was a little too close to the mouth, a feeling bubbling in your stomachs when either was around. The implications of the men earlier that previous day had eaten at you, knowing you wanted something more, but Aleksander may have been hesitant to move forward.
You didn't want a relationship to scream "special treatment" and he didn't want a relationship to make you appear less than capable of leading an army of Grisha.
"A penny for your thoughts?" Aleksander's voice was soothing, calm against the calamity of the incident. Against the backdrop of your dark room, he appeared in the way you had imagined him in your own company. Slightly disheveled, kefta gone and forgotten, relaxed and content with the sight in front of him.
"Just thinking of the words they spoke. Men can be cruel."
"They can."
"Do you believe I am incapable of doing my job?"
A part of Aleksander couldn't fathom why you'd believe he'd think that, though he understood the sentiment. It was what he had feared. The prejudice of others and their rigid ideas of society couldn't be avoided even in the walls and world he had created long ago. Finally, Aleksander had found someone who he believed to be an equal, who now found themselves at the end of a skewer of public opinion.
"There is no one more capable to be a Captain. I would leave you the entire army if I could."
"Those men would never listen to me."
"I listen to you, and if I listen, they'll listen too."
"Maybe one day."
Aleksander could see the disappointment, the constant words that belittled you into something you weren't. None of those men would have said anything to him–far too terrified of his power and persona to try. Aleksander protected you because without the water, you were at a disadvantaged and often feared that pride would interfere with your protection. That was what the guards were for, what the position was partly for. He trusted and believed in you, but did not want his own emotions and feelings implying that was the reason why.
"One day they will. It will take time, but they will." You nodded without truly agreeing, though he moved on anyway.
"Do you need anything?"
"Sleep... a remedy for this migrane that I'm currently sporting." A small smile cracked itself onto your face to which he returned with a nod.
"I'll see what they can do, though they said sleep would be the best thing for you."
"Isn't there some privilege between the injured and healers? Since when did you become my caretaker?" You meant it as a joke; Aleksander saw it as an opening.
"I'll take care of you for as long as you'll let me."
Aleksander took the opportunity to use his spare hand to grab the one closest to his body. His fingers traced the skin on the back before slipping his hand into yours, the fit perfect against your palm and unlike the feeling earlier, your heart skipped a few beats. The look in his eyes was kind, a warmth unfounded without a deeper feeling inside. The emotion that made a heart hypothetically swell or a mind to turn fuzzy against all conflict and horrors.
"I can't have these people thinking I'm receiving special treatment, Aleksander."
"Let them believe what they want. Their opinion means nothing to me." He moved closer, his hand beside your legs surging forward beside your hip. The thumb barely brushing your body that had been covered by the light-colored duvet of your bed.
"And it means a lot to me."
"No one has to know, Y/n... I-" Rarely Aleksander was at a loss for words. His proximity and feelings were clouding his words when all he could think about was the sight of your slightly dried lips and the butterflies that threatened to explode out of his own stomach. Even the toughest of men were no match for love.
"–I want to protect you, even if you don't need it. You've consumed my thoughts; my mind is taken with the reflection of you. Despite being beside me, I think of you and how you fare, whether or not you agree with the decisions I've made. No one else's words matter if you do not agree, your choices and voice I hold above all else."
"I love you. I do. I've loved you for many years and I will not let my soldiers think less of you because of that."
Unlike Aleksander, you were not at a loss for words. Your mind had been concise and made up long ago regarding your feelings. There was always something there, though your want, nay, need, for acceptance was far too imposing to deal with anything else. So, you admired him from a far and allowed a friendship to form in its place. Though at some point, that friendship would indeed either crumble or evolve into more and you were far from disappointed that it was the latter.
"I love you, Aleksander. I always have."
"I promise you that it will get better, my love. You will be a great leader and Grisha and enemy alike will respect you for it."
Aleksander had moved his one hand that had been holding your own to gently hold your neck. Keeping in mind your injury, he wasn't going to treat you like a child's toy or a lesser person because he was elated inside that he finally revealed his truth and could act on it. His actions were calculated, cautious, and smooth. His thumb gently caressed your jaw, his eyes watching you, gauging a reaction. With the slightest nod of your head, he lowered his own to yours and softly your lips met. He did not mind that they had been chapped from lack of water, he did not mind that you were slightly dirty from laying on the floor. You were his and he was yours, no matter the circumstance or event at play.
The hand at your hip softly held you in place, your mouths moving with a harmony partners in life and love had. One day, Aleksander would make that thought a fact.
When he broke away, Aleksander rested his forehead against yours. You knew at that moment that whatever doubts you had about your ability to lead, they would eventually subside, and all would be well. The war would rage, but you would have respect. You would have the trust of the one man you wanted and that was enough.
"Get some sleep, Y/n. When you wake, we have an army to run and then when you're fully healed, I'll show you how much I love you."
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aurelia-thoughts · 5 months ago
Severed String- Darkling x Reader
Word Count: 487
A/N: I finished watching Shadow and Bone yesterday, and I’m starving for Darkling content😬 I couldn’t find much fics over him, so i thought i should take matters into my own hands..
Tumblr media
You had spent hours trying to find Aleksander, so imagine your surprise when you found him in his war room with a certain sun summoner, looking particularly close. They hadn’t even noticed you were there, yet both too absorbed with each other to care about anything else.
You recognized the look on his face. It was one that you had grown accustomed to seeing because it was the same way he looked at you once upon a time, but things changed when the sun summoner came into your lives. Now, he would look at you less and less, and you resented the girl for it.
You hadn’t noticed that Alina stood there wearing a black kefta. His color, you being the only other person allowed to wear it, but there she was wearing it, wearing a color that didn’t belong to her.
You cleared your throat, making your presence known. Both immediately stumbled away from each other, the mere sight of you crushing their little moment. Your gaze immediately locked Aleksander’s.
“I should have known I’d find you with the girl.” The tone in your voice snarky.
You felt yourself losing control of yourself by the minute.
“Alina, could you give us a moment?”
Alina slowly nodded and made her way towards the exit. She knew it wasn’t exactly a question, it was an order.
The tension in the room seemed palpable.
“Good to know  that you’ve still been rendezvousing with the Sun Summoner”
“She has a name. Call her by it.”
You laughed at his comment, but Aleksander’s face remained stern. “You can’t be serious.”
His expression remained the same.
“Have you actually caught feelings for the girl?!?”
“Did you need anything?” He said with a bored voice.
“Answer my question.” “ Do you have feelings for her?”
He sighed.
“It’s not what you think, Y/N.”
He might have thought that he could fool you with his words, but he was wrong. All those years spent with him taught you how to tell when he was lying, and right now, he was lying through his teeth.
“Saints, you have.” You couldn’t even meet his gaze anymore.
Although a part of you knew about Aleksander’s evolving feelings for Alina, it still stung nonetheless. He wasn’t yours anymore, yet you were still his, and you hated yourself for it. You hated that even knowing about his true feelings for Alina, you couldn’t leave him, you wouldn’t bear it.
“If you don’t need anything else, the king is expecting my presence.” He said, leaving you in the room with nothing but your thoughts.
It was over.
The string you had held onto so tightly that once connected you two, one formed after years spent by his side, broken, and you wouldn’t be able to mend it back. It was a severed string now, and the time had come to let go of it.
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Used to be
Part two here
Darkling x royalwife!reader
Summary: Reader tends to leave after Aleksander grows distant but it gets angsty lol idk how I explain this 😭
Warning: ANGST
Word count: 2k
Aleksandar and y/n had been married for about two years now. Y/n was human and she was raised to a lady like a proper respected house, a known family name. She always knew she was going to be married off like her mother did from one noble house to another just like her mother before her and on and on. What she didn’t knew was it would be a political marriage and she would be married into the grisha’s general to be precise.
Their marriage didn’t turn out to be an exact contactless political marriage. Both of them found each other congenial in no time. It was in a long time Aleksandar felt that way for anyone but it was true. He didn’t knew himself how much he began to cherish being around her. They became inseparable and Y/n had found her everything in her husband likewise for him. They learned and laughed and lived and loved. It was shocking how with everything there is to accomplish one person’s well being is all you care for Alecksandar would think in silence admiring her wife’s beauty, not just beauty the connection he grew with her was more than romantic feelings. He would feel whole around her something he wasn’t familiar with.
Everything seemed to be great…for a while. The “sun summoner” was enrolled, taken moreover to little palace and everything changed. Y/n got along with Alina at start but thing started become more and more obscure and heavy with Aleksandar. At first it was a few lesser glances with her husband but then he seemed to have disappeared from her life staying in the same palace. He wouldn’t sleep in their shared chambers, barely even met her let alone conversing, everyday started to feel like being on the battleground against a whole army. Y/n was raised to become a “lady” she wasn’t going to confront Aleksandar. That was all she hoped to do now that the past few months everything felt like crumbling to pieces. Everything went to hell with a blink of an eye and y/n didn’t even realise how?
Everything she used to find comfort in felt exhausting, knowing she was doing the things she enjoys to fill the void and the constant pressure to do so would just result in failure of that happening.
It didn’t get any better even with fortnights passing. Aleksander was the same with everyone else as he had been before but just her. Only her he’d ignore like an unnoticeable nuisance of some sort each time y/n would try to get close with him the way they used to be. Y/n didn’t have anything against Alina, not even once. But it just gave her this colossal pain in her heart watching her husband laugh the way he used to with her, how they’d both go on rides and stay up late. It was all coming back in heart shattering memories because he wasn’t doing all that with her anymore.
Y/n got along with Alina with no other intention but of making a friend. Both of them seemed to be in a position of needing one but Aleksandar refrained her from talking to Alina. He explained that Alina should rather prefer “grisha” company if she was to settle amongst them. Each day there would be a new low. How much till one breaks? Y/n sure was close. Aleksander “asked” her to not join the dinners because he had pressing war discussions going on with everyone-everyone as in everyone who’s a grisha. Another stab into the heart.
That’s when y/n seemed to have reached the bottom. She didn’t knew why he was behaving like this firstly.
Frustrated of everything y/n wrote a letter back home not being distinct of details she simply stated in the letter to her family about how she wants to return. Concerned for the only daughter of their noble house her family sent back men to Little palace from their army to get her back. Things took an ugly turn after that. The troop of human army her family sent had to conspire go get into the little palace since they weren’t grishas. However they were caught and it didn’t turn out as great for either of them. Y/n was unaware of anyone even coming for her in the first place. What Aleksander was reported about was that a few men invaded little place to which he had them sentenced to death considering he had a sun summoner on his hands, he couldn’t be foolish enough to spare them. If he had known the Royal troop was sent from his in-laws his decision would’ve differed—but he didn’t.
Finding out what had happened y/n was shattered. She couldn’t believe she lured men from her own army, men she would’ve known into slaughter. She felt huge grief, regret, rage, shock but most of all fear. She feared what Aleksander was going to do with her now. He wasn’t the same Aleksander now anyways and she feared what he might do out of anger, to her.
Aleksander stormed into their room with loud footsteps y/n heard even before he entered. It made her stomach twist with the uneasy feeling of knowing what was coming wasn’t going to be pleasant.
Aleksander slammed the door open entering, he looked at her weary face and Y/e/c eyes staring back him in fear most likely. He calmed himself avoiding any outbursts from his side and began with a flat voice “Did you know?”
“I did.” Y/n said in even softer voice not looking back at him. She knew lying wouldn’t help partially aware not to provoke him.
“Did you plan on letting me know you were inviting armies to invade little palace?” he asked her sharply.
“I didn’t intend to have them invade little pal—“
“You called them to have a play date then?” He remarked jumping down her throat.
Y/n stood silent unable to response, unable to think of a response.
“We have far more pressing matters going on, with miss starkov-the war and now is when you pick to play a little charade?” He said gritting his teeth.
“I wasn’t-it’s—they’re not alive anymore thanks to you then how does it matter?” Y/n responded fiercely, knowing it took everything in her to talk back to him.
“How does it matter?” Aleksander stepped forward and confined with a high pitched voice “Someone else could've gotten killed, gotten hurt!”
“Nobody else hurt-killed? Nobody but the men from the human army. Men who were just following orders” y/n said putting emphasis on human refereeing to everything Aleksander suggested her to be attained from because of. “Tell me did you even bother to know their names before you butchered them?”
“Carful there, none of it would’ve happened if you informed me about it.” He replied with a smug tone.
“They were just coming to take me back home not to start a battle!” She said as a single ball of tear started to form in her eyes.
“Take you home? What for?” That came to Aleksander as a surprise he wasn’t aware at the slightest the reason the army came called upon by y/n and why?
“Because I want to—I wrote to *insert your castle/palace name* informing that I want to.”
“I don’t want to stay here. That’s why”
“Is this about your complains with Alina again? I have the country at war, the sun summoner and the shadow fold and you want to go home at an inconvenience?!” He said raising he voice which made y/n flinch.
“It’s not an inconvenience-I don’t want to stay around here anymore just how you don’t want to stay around me.” This time tears were brimming down her eyes but y/n showed no sign of acknowledging that.
“What are you talking about?” Aleksander asked raising a brow.
“Oh don’t you know? How you don’t sleep in our chambers anymore—how I’m not allowed to talk to Alina or join dinner at the hall. F-for months now!” she said brushing off the tears from her cheeks with new ones flowing without her knowing.
“We’ve been married for two years and you want to go back running back home for that?” Aleksander shot back slyly.
“It’s not just that—you would know how it feels if you were in my place!”
“—I would very much so choose to react maturely.”
“You abandoned me! Y-you’re the general the entire day you forgot to be Aleksander!” Y/n spat strolling towards him unafraid to reply with him on any and the quality of words she chose.
“I never abandoned you—I chose to prioritise a better future for the both of us and you couldn’t make a different of it!” He yelled banging his fist to the side on the table loosing the patience he had.
“For us?!” Y/n chuckled ironically and continued with glossy eyes with more tears that were forming “I—I never wanted this marriage-but I was a damned fool to have started to want it, want you-and I loved you but yo—“
“It doesn’t look like you do-not right now it isn’t let alone if you ever did.” He scoffed undermining what she’d say helplessly in between sobs.
“I have loved you!” Unknown of how to be heard she gave his chest a push from her hands though he stood unmoved,”You don’t get to say that—I have loved you. I can’t keep trying and trying anymore knowing you never loved me and you never would-you’re not capable of that. You’re not capable to love anyone but yourself!”
Aleksander felt felt something shift in him with what y/n said, he grabbed her by her biceps tightly pushing her against the nearest wall breathing sharply against her skin. He tightened his grip by his fingers making her wince “You’re hurting me-“ she said softly not looking up at him but constantly trying to get away from his hold.
He titled her chin forcing he to face him and began. “You are the one who doesn’t get to say that-I have loved you since the day I laid my eyes on you and I tend to do till my last! My only weakness that has ever been is loosing you and I will not have it done by my own hands. You can cry and hate me, be petty for a few days but you’re not going away from my sight little dove.” Y/n pushed him away proceeding to stand away from him and looked at him in disbelief shaking her head.
“No—I want to go home.” She said firmly wiping her tears again.
“You can’t and you won’t.” Aleksander scowled back.
“But I do not wish to—“
“I’ve had about enough of this y/n you’re not leaving little palace and so aren’t your letters.” Aleksander said stiffly walking out of the door not waiting to hear her response.
Y/n stood there again crying in the huge chamber alone yet again, unsure to make sense of one more thing she was restricted of.
Tumblr media
Might (so badly want to) do a part 2 if this doesn’t flop 😩
An: AAAAAAAAAA I missed writing angst please let me know what you think :)
Tags 🏷
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light-yaers · 5 months ago
Fools in the Darkness (Darkling x Reader) - Masterpost
Tumblr media
Ketterdam covered up your secrets perfectly. It’d only been a matter of weeks since you’d fled there, after travelling the exhausting journey across East Ravka until the Fold had stood before you; brooding, dangerous, a death-wish just to look at, let alone enter it.
Maybe you had to thank him for one thing, General Kirigan, because without him—
You never would have crossed the Fold on your own.
A story before the Sun Summoner, but one just as dangerous, devilish, and delicious. Aleksander Morozova was still just as predictable as the day he created the Fold. 
Warnings: Death, violence, drugs (Parem), NSFW and sexual content. This content is explicit and 18+ at some points.
Grisha!Reader, includes both the Darkling and the Crows.
Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five | Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight | Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Chapter Eleven | More to come...
Read on Ao3 here!
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writing--whore · a day ago
Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: The Darkling x reader
Summary: After being kidnapped, you realise that Kirigan would stop at nothing to bring you back to him
Word count: 13k
Warnings: Human trafficking, violence, forced drugging, slave auction, fade to black rape scene, a lot of non-consensual stuff, trauma aftermath, consensual smut
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* = smut
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five*
Tag list: @lil-baby-nor @shawty-writes-a-little
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aniqua · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hades!Aleksander Morozova x Persephone!Reader
word count: 4.0K
warning: mature sexual content!!
genres: smut, Greek Mythology!AU, angst & fluff
summary: For most of your life, you lived in the garden that your mother, Demeter, created for you. You never left it until Aleksander, the god of the Underworld, took you away upon your request. In your absence, the crops of the human world began to fail because of your mother’s despair.
author’s note: The idea of having the reader wear the darkling’s kefta was not my idea at all. I got the idea from @zim-zam-goddamn​ in her Smol and Tol fanfiction.°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° enjoy. 
Tumblr media
mini series masterlist
Tumblr media
Demeter spent all the time that she could trying to bring you back home. Regrettably, in her blinding anger, she did not completely listen to what Zoya had said to the goddess before sentencing Zoya and the rest of the nymphs to a fate close to death. All she heard was you were sucked into the ground, and without another thought, she considered your disappearance to be a kidnapping and not an act of desperation, defiance, and passion.
She did not know that the god of the underworld had something to do with it since the only thing that Zoya could remember was how piercing and hypnotizing his eyes were. It was as if she lost every form of description that she could have used for him once he was gone. Consequently, Demeter paid the price for her overbearing nature by being forced to wander through different worlds trying to deduce who had taken you while also trying to balance her responsibilities with bringing successful crops for harvest.
While your mother was turning over every stone while her fears were consuming her, you were with Aleksander, exploring the world of the mortals for the first time in your existence. You witnessed the vastness of libraries, the beauty of museums, and the excitement of coliseums while having the god that you loved guide you through each experience.
He made sure that each place that you visited was capable of leaving you completely in awe. As you opened new books, dissected captivating paintings, and watched grand battles, he found pleasure in the things you said in response. He took you somewhere new every day, yet had not the faintest of interest in the locations. While you relished the adventures, he enjoyed the view from where he stood. You went from his home in the Underworld to a new place on earth for many weeks.
Now, you were carefully walking through a forest in a nation known as Ravka. As your figure weaved through streams and trees, he led you with his hand intertwined between your soft fingers. The way they felt around his made it clear that you were much more inexperience than he considered. While his hands were not necessarily callous, as he rubbed his thumb against the palm of yours in an act of affection, he noticed how it was almost like touching the skin of a newborn. This was fitting since you were an infant when it came to understanding everything that you were seeing.
“Where are you taking me?” you asked eagerly, jumped over a fallen branch.
“I’m taking you to see something extraordinary.” He tried not to chuckle as he watched your eager eyes search his for any hint of what he was up to.
Although he was the one navigating you through the forest, you were still a little ahead of him because of your bubbly exhilaration. As he made sure that you were walking north toward his surprise, he delighted in how the surrounding plants flourished in your wake.
For all his existence, all the god ever saw was how the living bowed in weakness in his presence and this included plants. Wherever he walked, they would momentarily hide until they were sure that he was no longer around. This was his reality until he met you.
On every adventure that he had taken you on, he quietly watched as flowers, trees, and anything that grew from the earth would spring in excitement as you walked by them. It gave him a feeling that he could not properly express the first time he saw it. It was as if Helios had brought the sun down from the heavens and onto the earth. You were a walking ball of light that could not be suppressed by his shadows, no matter how close he was.
For a while, this miracle is what blinded you to the problem that was brewing outside of the new world that you created with him. You never saw the ramifications of your decision to run away from home because the only evidence that could reach you was being buried by your own abilities. Moreover, Aleksander did not want to point it out for fear of ruining the happiness that you were holding onto.
While he was thinking of the all-encompassing nature of your pleasant presence, you were being brought right back to the home that you abandoned. The forest reminded you a lot of the place that you were raised in. You had seen so many things with Aleksander that demonstrated the power of civilization, but the simplicity of the forest that you were walking through brought an unusual sense of nostalgia.
Reminiscing about the past could make someone fall in love with something that never existed, and that is what you were already doing. As you took in the area, you remembered your mothers, the nymphs, and your home. You were not ready to immediately go back, but you were already starting to feel a little empty for something that you knew was not there.
That idea did not have enough time to be dissected by you because it was set aside once you saw the reason that Aleksander brought you to a secluded forest.
“What is that?” Your voice came out in a whisper.
“It’s no ordinary creature, but at its basic, it’s a stag.” He let go of your hand and gestured you toward the purely white animal.
You slowly neared it and watched as the stag went from focusing on eating to staring at you. It was much taller than you, but there was no wariness as you advanced to try and touch its nose. Aleksander knew that if it did not want to come in contact with you, it would have fled by now. If anyone could interact with the sacred animal, it was you; it was something that you deserved.
“You’re so beautiful,” you murmured to the stag as if it could understand you—maybe it could. 
As you brought your hands to pet its milk-white coat, you let out a laugh that sounded like an orchestra. Aleksander watched the flowers in the clearing blossom as if they were opening their eyes. Your elation brought a deep green back into the leaves of the nearby trees and the grass on the soil began to grow as if time was being sped up. It was a sight that he would have killed to see all over again for the first time.
Tumblr media
After a few more weeks of searching, Demeter had finally figured out who had taken you with the help of the eyes of mythical beings that were scattered across the world. Upon discovering it was Hades, she had lost more hope that she would get you back, and this caused her to completely neglect the plants that she oversaw. Her neglect was felt across the mortal world like a final blow. Many nations that were not ready for a famine were shoved into an age of death by starvation.
Families went hungry while the wealthy hoarded their wealth. Animosity began to spread through towns like forest fires. Just like Demeter had expected, the humans showed their selfishness through everything they did. The starvation started with the poor, but never grazed the rich since it was just introduced.
As this was happening, you were growing more distant as the days passed and it did not take a lot for Aleksander to notice. He should have seen it coming. After all, taking a naïve goddess out of the only place they ever knew would be exciting at first, but once the high dissipated, the only thing that would be left is homesickness.
You stayed in his room in the underworld and when he would try to take you somewhere, you would say that you were too tired for exploration. Eventually, the excuse became so frequent that when he asked, “What’s troubling you?” you would just say, “Nothing.” Accompanied by a smile that was not at all convincing.
So, he did the only thing that he knew would bring you joy without fail. While you were wallowing in your too long suppressed emotion, he brought you a gift.
“Y/N,” he murmured into your hair one morning.
“Hm?” you half-heartedly responded as you slept next to him.
“Can you come somewhere with me?”
“I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow.”
“Sweetheart, please,” he begged into your shoulder as he drew closer. “It will only take a minute.”
You were not even looking at him, but could certainly hear the sincerity in his voice and instantly felt wrong for dismissing him for so long. You caved at his request and told yourself that wherever you were going could probably take you out of the valley that you had slipped.
He led you out of the room that you both shared and through a hall that you never had the chance to explore. Before you could fully enter, you could already sense something coming from it in a world that was devoid of life.
“Aleksander,” was all that you could say when your eyes fell up a greenhouse.
When you finally got the chance to reach its doors, you froze at the sight, and were afraid if you reached out, the gift would have been like a mirage.
“Go ahead, open it,” he whispered into your ear.
You opened the glass door and almost felt like a gust of magic swept past you. The glass building was vast with many stairs swirling stairs that led to its second floor. There was a hammock that hung in one part and a few places where you could lie around scattered about the enormous house. Yet, what made you giddy was the sheer about of plants that managed to be packed behind clean glass. As you walked around, you found vegetation that you had never seen before in a vast assortment of colors. 
Aleksander followed right behind you and watched as the color return to your face like a lamp had been turned on. You went upstairs, and when you got a good sweeping view, you went back downstairs to look some more.
Time passed quickly in your joyful state. Now, you were laying against a tree at the center of the greenhouse on a large blanket to catch your breath.
“Do you like it?” he asked as he sat next to you.
“I love it!” You wrapped your arms around as much of him as you could. The tightness of your hug did not come as a surprise, but the look you gave him as you looked up at him was. You both laid under the tree with you against his body wearing his kefta as you hugged him. You had a habit of stealing it because the Underworld was so cold.
“Thank you,” you whispered to him as your shining eyes focused on his deeply.
You thought about the possible lengths that he had to go to for this present to come to fruition, and that made your desire to kiss him even stronger. You got off of him slowly, but he still held your hand. 
“What is it?” he asked as he watched you stare at him in a daze.
You took his face and kissed his lips with so much fervor. It did not take long for him to comprehend what was happening, so he took you in by your waist and gave back the same passion that you were giving him. You felt the coldness of the skin on his lips take over every aspect of your thoughts. He was taking you in like it was going to be the last time that he was ever going to see you. Soon enough, you had taken off his kefta and threw it aside so you could revel in the sensation that you got whenever his hands would explore the many parts of your body.
There was barely any room for you to take any air until he felt like he needed to take his love for you from your lips to your décolleté. His greedy mouth sucked at the plump flesh of your collar like it was a forbidden fruit. He gradual increased in intensity and eventually bit down on the area near your breast.
An unplanned groan poured from your lips like sweet honey, and it dripped into his ears. Your grip on his silk shirt tightened, and he felt your fingernails grazed against his chest and that only tempted him to dive in further. He ran his bottom lip up from your chest to your shoulder and your breathing got shallower as your body gave off small shakes. He traveled until he reached your shoulder, then massage your skin with his mouth. You let out another similar sound that encouraged his behavior, so he did not stop until he felt that he would see an oil painting of bruises on your skin the next day.
Eventually, you fell back onto the blanket as his body came over you. He planted both of his hands at your sides as you laid under him. Before he could say another word, you brought him back down to kiss him again. As you began to undo the buttons that held his shirt close, he took both of your hands to delay your actions.
“S-sweetheart,” he said.
“Yes?” You pulled back.
“Are you certain you want to go further?” You feverishly nodded at his question. He shook his and chuckled at how big your eyes had gotten. “I need you to say it out loud,” he whispered in your mouth.
Two lips hovered over each other in a greenhouse until one of them said, “Yes. Yes, please.”
At your command, he began to lift your dress like he was peeling you open. The hem of the garment went from grazing your legs to touching the tips of your breasts until the fabric was thrown aside where his clothes were as well.
As he marveled at your body, you watched how his moved when he breathed in and out. Naked, he was a vision that you could witness for days on end. Aleksander did not know what to think once you were completely bare, but his heart was already moving his body for him.
He tenderly secured you down by your waist and spotted you with kisses from your collar, through the valley between your breasts, and to the lowest part of your stomach.
Your heartbeats were picking up in frequency and you felt like you were being grazed with an ice cube as he made a line down your body that separate you into two. You never even got a chance to untangle your thoughts until he pulled you closer by your hips.
His hands latched onto both of your supple thighs, and he slowly spread your legs apart. His kisses continued as he covered as much of your thighs with love as he could. You felt him inching closer and closer to the core of your body, and as you peeked down at him, he stopped for a moment and looked up at you.
“Take my hand,” he said. You complied and took one of his hands, the one that was no longer on your thigh. He gave yours a squeeze and sent you smile. He was satisfied when he saw you were now much more relax.
He brought his lips to the part of your body that you had never explored before, and it blossomed a flower in your stomach. As the wetness of his tongue swept over your most sensitive spot, you knew a knot in your stomach was unraveling. 
“Shhh.” He spoke in your folds, and consequently, many things were awakening and being pumped through your veins for the first time. It was overwhelming. Your arousal washed over you like a large wave, and you were breathing in the clouds on Mount Olympus.
He continued lubricating your core with his tongue as you let go of his hand and grabbed his hair. You pulled at it every time your stomach flipped and your legs shook.
“Y-Y/N, p-please,” he said once the feeling of your fingers between his hair became something he could no longer ignore.
You did not hear him since you felt like you were climbing a steep hill for the first time. You did not have any clue as to what was happening, but right before you felt like you were about to burst, he stopped and went to devour to the ends of your breast.
There were so many ways that Aleksander wanted to ruin you, but he knew he needed to take his time. He wanted to believe that he and you had all the time in the world for him to give you what you needed.
“Hey, look at me,” he told you. Your eyes shot open to meet his and he would have been so happy to die right there. His pants were now gone and if you learned anything from what you used to read with the nymphs, you knew what was going to happen next.
He held you by your cheek and gave you a kiss on your forehead as he slid a singular slender finger into you. 
“Oh, my—” He took your lips into his to swallow your cries before you could finish.
He felt you tighten around his fingers as he went back and forth. He added another one and felt your hold on his shoulder tight. He added one more, and you buried your head into his shoulders as you were panting in the crook of his neck.
Once he had considered you were ready, he took his fingers out of you, which made you let out a whine. “No, no,” you groaned.
“Be patient,” he laughed.
You should have heeded his warning because once you felt his tip push past you, you were expelled out of your daze and gasped. Aleksander pushed you into his chest and he rubbed your back as he gingerly pushed further into you.
“Ugh,” you groaned. There was already a layer of sweat all over your body that glued you to him. You were too hot.
“Breath with me,” he said once he had fully entered you. 
You had no desire to ignore his advice, but the feeling of being gradually pushed apart caused you to have no control over your body. It was until the burning agony dissipated that your breathing went back into a pattern.
The god saw this as his cue to begin thrusting. It started slowly, like a rocking boat at the edge of the ocean, until it became like a ship being beaten by a storm. The sound of bodies slapping against another filled every corner of the greenhouse as the plants that were already deepening in their color began to grow.
As he beat against you, he pulled at the ball of string in your stomach. It unraveled and unraveled, and stars exploded near the corners of your eyes as you looked at the ceiling of the greenhouse. There was nothing left of the string until he pulled and pulled. Then it snapped.
“Persephone!” he cried.
Tumblr media
It was as if everything was falling into place like he had hoped. His gift that he had given you had managed to pull you out of the hole that you had dug for yourself. Aleksander brought back the same spirit that he had fallen in love with, but that was half of the battle. 
Zeus had heard the cries of the humans all the way from Mount Olympus. The trail of death that Demeter caused by her neglect left him with no choice but to intervene. He ignored the mother and her request to see Hades at first until he saw the mess that she made.
“I’m sure you of all people would know the number of people succumbing to the famine,” Nikolai said to Aleksander. He requested to see the god of the Underworld on Mount Olympus.
“Of course, but truly, I don’t see how this is any of my concern,” he replied dryly.
“Demeter has brought an unimaginable cold to earth all because you kidnapped her daughter. I’ve got to say, Aleksander, I’m a bit surprised. You are not the kind to make a rash decision.”
“Is that what she told you?” he bitterly laughed. “I’m not holding her captive. She comes and goes from the underworld as she pleases. Ask Demeter why her daughter has not returned.”
“She’s been begging me to talk to you.”
“She can visit the Underworld any time if she wishes to tell me something.”
“Now, you and I both know that that isn’t true,” Nikolai chuckled. “Figure out what you are going to do before Demeter comes back again the day after tomorrow. Bring her daughter or have a damn good explanation for her.”
Anyone would have been able to tell Aleksander that all good things were temporary, but he would have refused to hear it. After experiencing decades of loneliness, he felt like he was entitled to at least one form of permanent happiness, but existence was the cruelest fate in all the worlds.
“What’s wrong?” you asked him the following day. You sat on his lap in the greenhouse as you tried to secure a flower crown onto his head. Even when he stopped looking past you and met your eyes, you noticed the distant look in his gaze, and he still had not answered your question. “Tell me what’s bothering you.” You caressed his cheek, and he leaned into it for a little while.
“Your mother wants you back,” he finally said. Those words caused your stomach to fall like an extremely dense rock. “She’s stopped bringing the harvest to the humans in her despair.” As he told you about his meeting with the god of the sky, you finally began to try to unpack your feelings toward your mother.  
You missed her and the love that she gave you. You also missed speaking to the nymphs, especially Genya. You would not mind seeing them again, but you could not ignore the obvious tear in your wishes.
“Nikolai says I need to bring you to her, tomorrow.”
“N-no. No,” you shook your head. No matter how much you wanted to see her, you knew that she would never let you see Aleksander again, even if she did finally let you leave the bubble that she had made for you. “Please, no. I’ll never see you, again.”
“I know, but there is not a lot that can be done here.”
“Aleksander,” you got even closer to him, and you searched in his eyes for anything, even if it was pity. “Please! You can’t let her take me from you.” You held onto his hands tightly.
He let out a sigh, but then remembered what could be done. “I won’t.”
Tumblr media
You stared at the bright red pomegranate on a silver plate and how its seeds spilled outside of it where it was cut in half. Aleksander made it a point to never give you food himself, so you always had it from the human world or made it yourself. Now, after his explanation, you understood why.
“Do you trust me?” he asked.
“Of course, I do.”
You were not sure if your decision to eat the seeds was selfish. You wanted to return to your family and restore the world to its rightful balance, but you could never give him up. You did not think you could suffer another century alone while the rest of the world kept turning. The idea of spending years mending a broken heart while the humans ate until their heart’s content made you sick to your stomach. As you chewed, you told yourself repeatedly that you deserved to be happy, even though there was a corner of your mind telling you to spit out the seed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Nightly activities
Pairings: Aleksander Morozova x f!reader
Summary: Basically just porn without plot
Warnings: Smut, rough sex, vaginal sex, oral (female recieving), blink and you’ll miss it mention of anal, unprotected sex (does that even need a warning? I don’t think condoms excist in SOB-verse) but anyway; wrap it before you tap it, guys! 
Wordcount: 2,4 k
Tumblr media
You had yet to discover just how dangerous General Kirigan really was. You were reminded of his darkness every time you looked at him. The black pools of his eyes swallowed yours, showing you the depth of his darkened soul and sometimes you swore you could even see more than that. You could feel the darkness every time he was near, like a cold gust of wind which would somehow center around you. The feeling would always start as a tingle in the base of your spine, slowly creeping up your back and spreading goosebumps in its way. You’d never thought you could actually feel the dark, but with Kirigan you certainly could. They didn’t call him the Darkling for nothing, after all. Yet, you had never been afraid of him. 
Not even now, as you lay naked and spread on top of the black sheets of his bed, nothing shielding you but his looming shadows. You once again found yourself in one of the most vulnerable of positions, head thrown back, neck bared and exposed with your legs spread as wide as they would go; and the Darkling’s head in between them. His tongue was hungrily lapping at your cunt as if he was a starved man, which might even be true, but really who cared in that moment? His hands had an irongrip on your hips, holding them down as you tried to buck up into his mouth. His stimulation to your clit was too much, but not nearly enough at the same time. He was too good at torturing you like this. 
“Please,” the simple word left your lips in a whimper, so small and careful you were afraid he might not hear it. Not that it would matter, because Kirigan hardly ever cared whether you pleaded or not. He used you as he liked and even if you had all the power in the world there was nothing you could do about it. He’d push you to the finishline eventually, he always did, but each time with him was different. There had been times he’d spent hours between your legs, bringing you orgasm after orgasm until you weren’t certain you could handle it anymore. And even then he wouldn’t stop until you were all but passed out from overstimulation and the exhaustion it brought. 
And sometimes he’d go at it for hours without letting you cum, using everything he had to torture you until you would be begging for him to let you reach the high you were chasing. Many things could be said about the Darkling, but very few knew how patient and in control he was in the privacy of his bedchambers. Even fewer had probably experienced it. 
He could pleasure you for hours without giving a single thought to his own pleasure. You enjoyed those nights because it made you believe that perhaps he wasn’t just using you. That perhaps your own comfort mattered to him. On other nights, though, the tables turned. He’d use your body for his own enjoyment for as long as he saw fit. He’d fuck you for so long it’d leave you sore, shaking and bordering on painfully done for. And if you ever claimed it was too much, that your pussy so abused it was nearly beyond saving, he wouldn’t have it. He never pushed you too far. There was never a time he wouldn’t stop if you’d utter you were done, but as he’d once said; “You have two more holes. We’re far from done”. 
On those nights you were almost afraid he’d break you. He never did, but one of these days he just might. 
He gave one final, long lick to your cunt. Taking his time to drag his tongue all the way from your opening and up to your clit, he sucked the swollen nub between his lips. A small moan of protest escaped your throat as he realised it. Placing a small kiss at your left hipbone, where his fingers had been digging into the skin and no doubt left bruises for Genya to cover up in the morning, he crawled up your body. You whined as his hand wrapped itself around your neck, not squeezing to cut off your air supply, just resting there. A reminder of who you belonged to. 
He pushed into you slowly, the impressive girth of his cock stretching you beyond belief. No matter how many times you did this you always wondered how he could possibly fit inside you. But he always made it. You wondered if he took some sort of sick pride in that fact. You did. You’d struggled to take him in the first few times, not being used to being with men who was as… Well-endowed as General Kirigan was. But once you had learned to relax enough for him to enter without much resistance you’d felt the sense of pride wash over you. You were only there to please him, after all. Couldn’t you shower in the feeling of passing that task successfully? 
He didn’t give you much time to get used to him, pulling out slowly and back in without wasting another beat or hesitating. He was careful on the first few thrusts, he always was. Another gasp left you as he went particularly deep on the fourth stroke, hitting your cervix and almost passing right through it. A small groan escaped his lips as well, but other than he was as quiet as always. He never said much during sex, content to only offer you small noises of pleasure. And it was enough for you. He didn’t need to speak, you already knew he enjoyed this. 
He set a brutal pace almost from the start. His hand at your throat prevented you from moving up the bed along with the strength of his thrusts. Your own hands wrapped themselves along his wrist and you closed your eyes, tipping your head further back. You were content to just hang on for the ride. 
You lost track of how long he kept it up, having a feeling this was going to be one of those nights where you could hardly stand on your feet at the end of it all. He fucked you into the mattress for at least a quarter of an hour, that much you were sure of. At least enough time passed that you could hardly feel him anymore, your pussy throbbing with need and raw with frictionburns. His hand on your thigh, the one you hadn’t even registered until he moved it, graced over your cunt. You panted and forced your eyes open as he created a V with his fingers, gliding it over where the two of you connected. You could feel his touch on your inner lips every time he withdrew, your tight pussy clinging to his cock and drawing him back in. 
You kept your eyes locked on his face, getting lost in his beautiful features. It wasn’t surprising he’d managed to lure you into his bed in the first place. He was handsome, beyond perfect even. You’d always found this to be your preferred vision of him. Not just because you got to see him in all his naked glory, but because you believed this might be the closest you’d ever get to see the real him. When the lines around his eyes were softened due to the fact that you’d managed to lift some weight off of his heavy shoulders. When his hair was messed up and some stray strands were framing his face after he’d allowed you to run your fingers through it. When his mouth was slightly parted with every shallow breath he took, small grunts and groans leaving it every now and then. When his eyes would shift between being open and looking so bright, even in the dull light, and screwing up in pleasure. He was a sight to behold, truly. 
He looked up from where he’d watched himself pushing in and out of your body and met your glance. He held it, not saying anything and you resisted the urge to close your eyes. It always felt strange whenever he’d meet your eyes during moments like this. It was like there was a connection there that neither of you wanted to admit to existing. It almost felt tender, how much his eyes would soften the moment they landed on yours, but there was nothing tender about the Darkling. Nor your relationship with him. 
His pace faltered just the tiniest bit and though you might have imagined it, you still closed your eyes, shutting whatever it was you were feeling out. He seemed to have been able to shake it as well, because he thrusted even harder into you. A small shriek left your lips at the force of it, feeling him as deep as he would go. 
His hand dropped from your neck and your hands followed it for something to hold onto. He switched his hands around, the one at your cunt grabbing a hold at your hip, smearing your slick onto your skin there, and angling it upwards. He hit your g-stop on the next thrust and you moaned loudly. You could almost sense the change in him. He was in no mood to play tonight. 
You helped him remain the position, bracing your left foot on the sheets to hold your weight and draping the other leg around his hip. His hand, the one you were clutching onto, went to rest on your stomach. You opened your eyes to watch, seeing his hand rise and fall with every thrust of his hips. It was always a fascinating sight, how his cock was big enough to make dents in your stomach show from the outside. His thumb went to your clit and you were done for almost before he touched you. 
He rubbed harsh circles, pressing hard and just on this side of painful with pleasure as an aftertaste. It didn’t take long before you felt that pit in your stomach grow, barely registering with how everything from your waist down felt sore and numb already from his ministrations. But the heat rising inside of you was unmistakable, your muscles clenching up in anticipation. And Kirigan knew you were close as well. He let it be known to you by letting out a particularly loud moan, something he always did when you tightened around him, consciously or not. 
The coil snapped before you were even aware of how close to edge you’d been. Your eyes screwed up shut and your head fell back against the pillows with a soft thud. A silent scream escaped you as the waves of pleasure washed over you. You felt as if your whole body had been lit on fire, as if you were being burned alive at the stake. The heat spread all the way to the tips of your toes and your temples tingled as you struggled to draw decent gulps of air down your lungs. 
Kirigan kept thrusting into you, prolonging your orgasm as you struggled to come down. His pace was a little more erratic and you thanked the Saints that it appeared he would soon finish as well. In your blissed out haze you squeezed his wrist, a silent plea for him to let go as well. He wasn’t far being, but as always it took him a few more minutes. You became aware of your surroundings again, but kept your eyes closed, head turned to the side in a submissive manner. You didn’t want to do anything to upset his rhythm. 
He released himself inside of you with a quiet grunt, hips jerking into yours at the end. You were too numb between your legs to feel any of it, but his own high was never mistakable. You missed having sex with others, missed those sweet and gentle times where you could bask in the afterglow with your counterpart. Sex with Kirigan had never been gentle. Whenever he finished he’d have ruined you to the point where you couldn’t feel his cock twitch inside of you, couldn’t feel his cum paint your insides. You missed that, yet you knew the skies would be falling before you’d ever experience that with him. 
He pulled himself out of you without another word, as he always did, and climbed off the bed. You reluctantly let him, dropping your hands to your side and keeping your legs spread. You could feel his seed leaking out of you, only registering it when the warm stickiness traveled over the crack of your asshole. 
Kirigan was back to wipe it away before it could stain his sheets, though. The touch of the wet cloth in his hand was expected, but it still startled you. You let him clean you without meeting his eyes, relishing in the only gentleness you could get out of him. Aftercare had never been something Kirigan did. Even after the nights where he’d fucked you raw for hours on end, there would be little sweetness from him afterwards. He’d always clean you up, but that was it. You wondered why that was. He treated you as nothing more than a sextoy, you could certainly clean yourself. But he had somehow always done this, always pulling right out of you whenever he counted himself finished with your nightly sessions and gone straight for a bowl and washcloth. You weren’t about to complain. 
“You may see yourself out now,” he muttered once he was content with his job. Once more he left the bed and you longingly watched after him as he padded naked into the bathroom connected to his chamber. That was another thing he always did when the two of you were done; went to wash himself while you got dressed and made an escape for your own chamber. Right. Of course he wasn’t about to let you stay tonight. 
You climbed out of his bed and hurried to dress once more, even though your body screamed in protest. Once you were done, you left his chambers without another word. He had been surprisingly tame with you tonight. Don’t misunderstand, he’d been far from gentle. In fact, he’d fucked you with the same roughness he did every night. But you hadn’t spent more than an hour total in his room. You wondered what that would mean for tomorrow. Would that possibly be the night he’d finally break you?
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earlgreydream · 3 months ago
shadow summoner.
| darkling x shadow summoner!reader | smut |
worshiping the shadow summoner
for my dyad 🖤
cw: religious motifs
Tumblr media
“Aleksander, I’m afraid.”
Your voice was small in the dark, getting lost in the thick, warm, shadows that curled around you.
You reached out in the night, praying for the presence of your shadow saint. Your eyes fluttered open as you heard a deep voice, familiar and authoritative.
Your vision focused on the man that stood before you, adorned in a black kefta and silver jewelry. Impossibly dark eyes gazed into yours, a sculpted face framed by black locks.
You sat up, trying to figure out how how the shadow summoner had suddenly appeared in your bedroom. Your trembling fingers clutched your sheets to your chest, offering you little protection as you stared at him.
“How?” You breathed, startled by the presence of the shadow-saint.
“I can feel you. We’re connected, I heard you calling for me,” the deep voice was impossibly smooth, the words effortlessly rolling off of his lips.
“Sankt Aleksander,” your voice was filled with reverence.
His small smile was devoid of the darkness that twisted in shadowy claws around his body.
You wondered if he was real. This gorgeous man- this saint- stood before you with unwavering power and authority. A man who’d shown up in your bedroom when you’d cried out to him, now tangible, using magic that had depths you couldn’t even begin to understand.
“Why me?”
“It is only us. You summon the shadows, do you not?” Aleksander inquired, tilting his pretty head.
You nodded, darkness spilling around you like water, seeping over the floorboards and covering everything in its path.
A proud smile graced his features. A smile you’d die to see again.
“I want to make you my protégé. To teach you how to control your power.”
“Yes, Sankt Aleksander.”
He held out his hand for you, a promise to take you away from the unholy place you resided in. Darkness seemed to rush through his veins, twisting in delicate patterns through his skin. 
“Let me take you far from this place. Let me make you a grisha so powerful that even the men of the Barrel in Ketterdam will fall at your feet in worship,” The Darkling spoke, dark eyes boring into yours, seeing the most hidden parts of your soul. 
“You have nothing to fear. Not anymore, not with me.”
You grasped his outstretched hand, bridging your connection and allowing yourself to be pulled through. 
Your black kefta swept the marble floors, darkness spilling out from your feet, swallowing the castle you stood in. Your training with the shadow saint had proved your talent as a student, and his as a teacher.
Aleksander gripped your wrist, amplifying your abilities. The darkness burst from within you, touching all the way to the horizon. 
“I’m proud of you,” he breathed, the words hot against your skin, his breath dancing along your neck, stirring your hair. 
“Let me worship you properly, Sankt,” you begged, turning in his grasp. 
Your chests rose and fell quickly, the intensity heightening between you. His hand came to your face, bringing you into a kiss. Even in his kiss he was authoritative, heavy and slow, consuming you in lust. 
Before you knew it, you were being pulled to his chambers. Your fingers unfastened the dark kefta, pushing it off of his shoulders. Black silk was tight against his skin, his pants already ill-fitting just from feeling your lips against his. 
You sank to your knees before him, your hands finding security on his strong thighs. You gently palmed him through the thin silk, suddenly feeling intimidated. He sensed the shift in your confidence, and his hand came down to your head, touching you almost tenderly. He was reassuring you, silently promising approval of your efforts. 
“Touch me, Y/N.”
Your fingers hooked into the waistband of the fabric that clung to his hips, pulling it down in one swift motion. You shifted as you felt your arousal pool between your legs at the mere sight of him. 
His fingers brushing over your cheekbone snapped you out of your stunned timidness. You carefully wrapped your hand around him, dragging your touch down his length and squeezing, monitoring his reaction. He leaned back against the wall, his hips tilted forward as you knelt between his feet, touching him in a calculated way, trying to extract the pleasure from him that he so desperately deserved. 
You didn’t need to be told to use your mouth, leaning forward and lapping your tongue over the beads that were dripping from his slit. A low noise erupted from his throat, his fingers threading into your hair, allowing him to guide your head. 
You parted your lips, letting him enter your throat. Aleksander’s moan of pleasure overshadowed the uncomfortable fullness of him in your mouth. Your hand continued to stroke what you couldn’t take, and you bobbed your head, guided by his hands. 
His dark head fell back in ecstasy, his moans growing louder as you hollowed your cheeks and worked harder to get him off. His lashes parted, gazing down at you with those dark eyes you wanted to lose yourself in, his heady gaze sending a wave of warmth through you. 
You swore you could’ve finished from pleasing him alone, the erotic action, the worship, making lust bloom in your core. It was better than magic, better than calling your power. You thought nothing could replicate that rush, but this was infinitely more satisfying. 
“If you don’t...” Aleksander started to speak, unable to make it through his warning before he was releasing down your throat. Tears welled in your eyes as you forced yourself to swallow, proving your devotion.
He pulled out of your mouth, his hands still cradling your head. You simpered, resting back on your heels as you gazed up at him. 
He smiled affectionately, the corners of his lips turning up. You leaned into his touch, warm under his adoring gaze. His tall frame bent down over you, pressing a kiss to your mouth, settling any insecurity that arose.
He lifted you to your feet, holding your body against his own. 
“Let me fuck you,” he mouthed along your neck, kissing the underside of your jaw and squeezing your breasts through your thin clothing. 
“Please, I need you,” your voice came out in a desperate whine, making him smirk at you. 
“You have me, summoner,” he assured you.
Your clothes were torn from your body in a display of power, a desperate need to bury himself inside of you. You felt no shame as he stripped you before him, his shirt falling to the floor with the rest of your clothes. 
Your hands went to his face, his dark hair prickling under your fingers. Your lips met in a fiery, heated kiss, igniting your body. You were practically screaming for him, a need burning so deep that only he could satiate it. 
“Fuck me, Aleksander,” you murmured against his mouth. 
He didn’t waste a single second after that, penetrating you until he was fully sheathed inside of you. A cry fell from your lips, your back arching, your chest pressing against his. Aleksander’s hips met yours, though he was much broader than you, his well-endowed length nearly tearing you apart. 
He bit your shoulder, stifling his own scream. He melted into you, letting your body swallow him. His swollen lips pressed to your throat, kissing your skin.
Your legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him deeper inside of you. Darkness rose around you, your screams getting lost in the shadows that creeped around you. You threw your head back as Aleksander’s hips rocked against yours in hard, steady movements. Red lines dragged down his milky skin as you clawed at his back, the pressure building behind your navel. You felt every ridge and vein of him through your thin walls as he fucked you, sending shocks of pleasure through your limbs. 
“Aleksander!” you cried, your arms wrapping around his neck, holding his sweat-slick body against your own. 
“Let go, let me feel you fall apart on me,” Aleksander’s smooth voice pushed you over your peak, warmth radiating through your body as the tension in your legs released. 
Your screams were swallowed in his kiss, his seed pouring into you as he came for the second time. His hands searched for purchase on your body, coming to squeeze your hip as he collapsed over you. 
“Did I worship my saint properly?” you breathed between kisses, meeting his dark eyes. 
“Yes,” he almost laughed, his nose brushing against yours. 
“Will you stay?” He questioned, rolling off of you, onto his back. 
An arm folded under his head, his face turned to look at you. You were sitting up on your knees, your hand resting on his chest, tracing over a tattooed symbol. 
“As long as you let me,” you answered.
His arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you down onto his chest, into another kiss. 
“I still have some things to teach you.”
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Hymn of Light ☼ The Darkling
“I love you too,” he murmured against her skin as his lips trailed down from her mouth to the base of her neck. He’s quick to tighten his grasp on the back of her dress, bunching up the taut fabric which left more of her skin exposed to the biting chill. Yes, wanting her left him weak, exposed to the next bastard who so much as dared look at her the wrong way. But in almost inexplicable ways, she made him stronger than before. She made him feel alive, like pure light — able to heal and bless.
Pairings: The Darkling x [F]Sun Summoner!reader  Content: Rough smut, oversim, pet names, dom/sub undertones, established relationship, unprotected and possessive sex, religious imagery & symbolism A/N: I hate the darkling but GAWD DAMN! LIKE FINE, MAKE ME YOUR WHORE!
〚 Masterlist | ao3 〛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual content. If you are not 18 or older, do not read. Remember to practice safe sex and do not use these stories as an educational reference. If you are interested in any of these topics, research them more in-depth. Practice safe sex!
Chapter i | Always You
“Thanks for ending early,” Y/N said with a light tone. Even though he couldn’t see her, her back facing him, Aleksander knew that she was smirking. He could hear it in her voice.
“Mhm. Bit of a bore, don’t you think?” he replied, equally as sly. He strides over to his bed, taking off his kefta made for the evening event at the Little Palace that night. The embroidery used threaded silver with highlights of gold specks. He and Y/N performed a mesmerizing light show; the shadow and light blended, merging into one before the entire room became a sky full of twinkling stars.
Light and dark, he thinks, always one to compliment each other so well.
Aleksander sighed, the knots in his shoulders appeared to slacken now as he’s in the comfort of his — no, their quarters. He finds himself smiling at the sound, their quarters.
The room was now scattered with her belongings. A vanity replaced an old full-length mirror in his room; the bed smelled like her, clothes that are far too colourful for his palette littered his drawers; with his small set of cologne, her perfume bottles laid on top of the dressers. Books, sketchbooks, makeup, the lively green plant in the corner — all belonging to her. And he treasures the sight, causing sunspots to dance around in his heart.
He felt so much more human, fulfilled now that she’s by his side.
Her dress underneath was silk and paper-thin — coincidently, it was one of his favourites. From the cold air, her hardened nipples grazed against the soft fabric before she bent down to kick off her shoes.
Her dress underneath was silk and paper-thin — coincidently, it was one of his favourites. From the cold air, her hardened nipples grazed against the soft fabric before she bent down to kick off her shoes.
He was mesmerized by the scene in front of him. Something about her was so dismantling in the most beautiful — tragic way. Her personality, the way she spoke, the ability to command an entire room… The way he loved her, it was all powering and consuming.
He recalls the first time he’d ever seen her, back in that dinghy tent years ago. To the Darkling — the Black Heretic — to Aleksander, the end was soon when he was by her side.
Aleksander grins, walking up behind her as he fiddles with the strap of her dress before his hands wrapped around her torso, bringing her close to his chest. He watched her smile in the vanity’s mirror and the happy squeal made him feel electric.
Despite what people thought, he — the Shadow Summoner, the leader of the Second Army — domineering, deadly and cunning, Aleksander was not the one with control in their relationship; it was her. He was at her mercy.
If she asked, he would gladly watch the world disintegrate into dust if it made her happy. Damn the consqeuences.
Y/N made him fall to his knees; and in any way she wanted, he would live to serve and honour her, letting her shine brightly.
He continued to pepper a few chaste kisses to her shoulder blade, his head falling into the crook of her neck, breathing in deeply.
A smile so bright formed on his lips, rare, large, but nothing short of alluring. Y/N thought to herself, as she watched him in the mirror, that perhaps he was the one that could summon light, not her.
There was a certain soft playfulness to Aleksander that he rarely revealed when they're alone, it even took him a few years for that side to be shown to her.
She turns around, looking up to him with so much love that it made a solace spread through him like a warm bath. He felt his skin set ablaze, alive and hopeful. She would never truly understand how much he craved for her — how he yeared for every touch, every smile, every rant, every giggle.
All he ever wanted was her.
He never considered himself a Starless Saint, not when he had her.
“I love you,” she whispered as his forehead pressed against hers. The blooming feeling in both of their chest was so intense, basking in their eternal glory.
A hand filled with chunky silver rings runs up and down her shoulders before settling on the base of her back. Aleksander innocently wanted to spend a beautiful, comforting moment with his lover, but she seemingly had other plans. Y/N’s lips ghosted just below his jaw, which sent shivers down his spine and caused him to smirk down; she knew exactly how to rile him up.
He pulled back, his eyes were lidded and dangerously dark as he towered over her, his chest pressed against hers as his head tilted. His eyes were the colour of moonlit ice, glinting with silver steel, shining like glass with mysterious mirth.
He eyed her like a predator to its prey, a lost traveller eyeing a found oasis.
Sometimes, it amazed Y/N how he could effortlessly signal that she was his without even having to lift a finger.
A hand went to the side of her face, tilting her head upwards as their lips pressed together in a searing kiss. It started with soft pecks, which had each other giggling in between before they progressively got more aggressive. The sweet, softness of her lips beckons him more and more, putting him into a trance.
“Jump,” he said. His hands went around her protectively as she wrapped her legs around his waist, placing her onto the vanity.
“I love you too,” he murmured against her skin as his lips trailed down from her mouth to the base of her neck. He’s quick to tighten his grasp on the back of her dress, bunching up the taut fabric which left more of her skin exposed to the biting chill. Yes, wanting her left him weak, exposed to the next bastard who so much as dared look at her the wrong way. But in almost inexplicable ways, she made him stronger than before. She made him feel understood — alive, like pure light — able to heal and bless.
He’s waited over four hundred years for her and it was worth it. She taught him more than he had learned within those lonely years.
“Moya zvezda,” he breathed. His next words were almost lethal, mocking. His index finger found a place under her chin, forcing her to look up at him as his hand trailed dangerously close to her core that had been slowly building up in arousal. His hand rubbed her inner thigh, temptation laced his voice. “Tell me what you want.”
“You, Aleksander,” she whimpered out, “Always you.”
When faith flickered out, she would be there by his side.
His lips crashed onto hers. Impatiently, he wiggled her out of her dress, her breast popping out. A hand went to cup one, fondling it in a massage, almost therapeutically before he rolled the bud in between his fingers, giving it a sharp tug that left her gasping.
Soon, he tilted her backwards slightly so his lips could latch onto her nipple. His tongue swirled in light circles, watching as her mouth gaped open and her hands woven in his hair. So responsive already and he hardly touched her.
After a particular tug, her lips parted with a quiet cry that made him get drunk off the sound. He felt his cock twitch in his pants, his erection straining in want.
His hand takes hers, so soft and small in his, as he guides her to touch his bulge. He rocks into her hand, “Look what you do to me,” he whispers dangerously. The apples of Aleksander’s cheeks were stained with a light tint that caused a beautiful flush.
“Please,” Y/N’s voice whines out.
“Please what?” His fingers ghost over her clothed clit. Even he’d been losing patience. His face is just millimetres from her face, his lips red and swollen from the kissing.
“Can you please touch me?” Her voice came out strangled, pleading almost.
“Anything you please, my Sun Summoner.” Aleksander’s voice is ragged, out of control. His hand slips under her knickers; fingers outline her outer labia with feather-light touches. Using his middle finger, he traces up her slit before rubbing tender circular and vertical motions on her clit. She was already so wet, eager to please and lose herself to the pleasure.
Y/N’s eyes shut her eyes as he continued his torment, sending waves of ecstasy through her. Swiftly, Aleksander brought his mouth up to hers and moaned into it.
His fingers find their way back to her nipples, his thumb tracing the bud before a finger slips into her, stretching her out before sliding in another. They curl upwards in a firm thrust; his cold rings adding an extra added pleasure, the sensation tickled and contrasted with how hot she felt.
The building pressure collecting in her lower abdomen released as she came in small, hot waves. Aleksander doesn’t stop his menstruation as he helps her through her ride. If anything, he picks up his pace on her swollen clit and chuckles as he watches her struggle to open her eyes.
Then he pulls away and she frowns at the lack of touch. Her chest heaves while Aleksander has to take a moment to calm down. His heart thumps wildly in his chest, his mind clouded with the most lustful thoughts as he stared hungrily at her.
Aleksander was a man of great patience and restraint, however, he’d never have been so restless in his life as he grazed her feverish skin. His body ached with need, uncontrollable desire and he wondered if he could die from the sheer, uncomfortable need of her.
Her lips licked in anticipation knowing that the night had only just begun.
Tumblr media
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ahopelessromantic · 7 months ago
A Child Of Sun And Darkness (M)
Pairing: the Darkling x Sun Summoner!Reader
Word count: 6,6k
Warnings: Smut. SMUT. This is filth. I feel like I need to send a formal apology to Ben Barnes and Leigh Bardugo. Spoiler of the Darkling’s name. Villain! Reader. Villain!Darkling. Manipulative Behavior. Hints of breeding/ impreg kink. Oral (female receiving). Unprotected sex (don’t be a fool, wrap your tool, we don’t truly want little darklings, do we?). Darkling being a simp for the reader. Excessive use of pet names.
DISCLAIMER! The Darkling is and will always be a villain. I do not condone villainous, manipulative, morally wrong behaviors. This is but a fantasy in which the sun summoner, here the reader instead of Alina, joins the Darkling instead of fighting him. I also do not know what came over me while writing this. If you know me, no you don’t.
Tumblr media
You could feel the eyes of the entire court on you. Their curiosity prickled on your skin, and your fingers were trembling. Hushed whispers echoed through the air, and if it had been you alone up on that stage you would have headlessly fled the room. But then, suddenly, a hand gripped yours, and a feeling of calm washed over you. You turned to look at him. Him in his dark robes, with his regal posture, the utter confidence he exuded. His dark eyes watched you carefully, scouring your mimics for a sign of fear. But feeling his power mingle with yours through touch alone, feeling the light ready to rise up through you, you lifted your chin.
The hint of a smile played around his lips upon seeing the determination written across your face. It was that damned half-smile you had gotten so used to in the past months. It felt as if only you knew it, and that privilege of knowing him so intimately gave you the last ounce of confidence you’d needed. You gave him an almost invisible nod, and then within moments, darkness surrounded you. It was a hopeless, all-consuming shade of black, but for one of the first times in your life, you weren’t afraid. You felt him turn to you, taking both of your hands in his this time. Again, there was this feeling of absolute certainty, of power, flowing between the two of you. You imagined his face, the delicate cheekbones, the piercing gaze. His smile at your sarcastic remarks, but also the cold, powerful expression with which he took the world head-on day after day. You imagined a proud expression, a pleased one playing across his features. And it was this joy at the idea of being his pride that finally enabled you to call your power forth in all its strength. Making full use of his qualities as an amplifier you first allowed a sphere of pulsating bright light to bloom around you. And then, once you could see in his eyes again, you let it explode through the room. The mirrors specially placed in the ballroom for this occasion captured the light- fractured it- until the entirety of the space was dipped in gold. Your sun was quick to swallow up his darkness, the swirling dark tendrils quickly succumbing to the light. Gasps sounded through the room, then whispered wows, and then a wave of applause surged through the audience. You felt exhilarated, their enthusiasm and the Darkling’s sparkling eyes making you feel like the most powerful woman in the world. Maybe you were. Unable to suppress your delighted giggles, you almost ran off stage- his hand still clasped tightly in yours. With the excitement of all of it, you could barely hear your fellow Grisha congratulating you on your successful demonstration. With him so near you, still touching you, all you could think about was his face. His power. Your own. It was all-consuming, and you felt ready to burst with it. As if he were able to read your thoughts the Darkling led you outside of the ballroom, down a long corridor. Once he deemed the two of you safe, with no spectators around, he pressed you against a wall and looked at you in a way that made your breath hitch in your throat. Judging by the fire burning in his eyes, one could have almost thought that he was the sun summoner, not you. But the thing that truly stole your breath wasn’t really his gaze. It was that he looked just as frazzled, just as drunk on power as you. And he was. Saints, he was. It took all of him not to ravage you right there, to make you feel the full extent of his passions for you. But he slowly lifted your chin with his fingers instead, desperately trying to control his breathing. Your pupils were blown wide open, and the innocence in your eyes made him want to kneel in front of you, to hand you the world on a silver platter. “Do you know.” He said carefully, voice low. “Do you know how long I’ve waited to have this with you? To have you like this?” Your mouth opened in a silent gasp. “Now, everyone, the entire kingdom, knows we’re one. Knows we belong together.” Your thoughts wandered to how the two of you probably had looked like: the only two people in the kingdom wearing black, hands intertwined, you with his symbol dangling from your neck. Once you had been disgusted at the idea of ever belonging to a man, yet now you couldn’t be more proud to possibly belong to him. You were shocked at yourself, but you wanted to belong to him. You wanted him to own you, so you would finally have a place in this cold, dreary world. You watched his gaze wander downwards, watched him take in the way your gown flowed down your body. “I want you to never wear another colour again. I only ever want to see you wearing black, or nothing at all.” At that, the hint of a smirk tugged at your lips. “I think that could be arranged.” You whispered, amazed at the steadiness in your voice. He chuckled, deeply. Then he ghosted his thumb along the outline of your lips, allowing it to come to rest at the corner of your mouth. “Look at you. Biting back even though you’re completely in my power. I couldn’t have been blessed with a more fitting counterpart.” He leaned closer, your noses bare millimetres apart. “But tonight, it will be me doing the teasing.” And then his lips were finally on yours, soft velvet on velvet. You had kissed before, once, but this was nothing like the first, clumsy press of lips to lips. No, this was pure passion. His desire to be the only thought coursing through your head and veins. You held onto him for dear life, opening your mouth to deepen the kiss. He smiled into it at that, and it made you even more desperate to get closer, closer, closer to him. In a matter of seconds, his lips were wandering down your neck, and you couldn’t help the quiet moan that escaped you. Suddenly one of your legs was thrown around his hips, and his breath was ghosting over your cleavage. You threw your head against the wall behind you, and it was this act of submission that made him stop in his tracks. “Look at us.” He uttered in that calm, low voice of his that drove you mad. “Getting completely lost in each other in the middle of a hallway.” He straightened up slightly, away from you, which involuntary caused you to whine. You tried to pull him closer again, wanting to feel him surrounding you again, but the Darkling just tutted. “My darling. My sun. Please know that I am dying to have you. To taste you. But not like this. If we are to do this, I want to take my time with you. Have you spread out on a bed for me, show you what real pleasure feels like. Not here, where anyone could pass by any minute.” Your gaze dropped to your shoes, cheeks heating up. “Ohh.” He murmured. “Does my little darling like that idea? Of getting caught? Of everyone knowing she’s my favourite and no one else?” You grumbled, unwilling to admit it but also unable to deny it. “We have all the time in the world, all of eternity, to indulge in those fantasies one day. But for today, this first time, I want to do it right.” He leaned down to breathe another kiss against your lips. “Are you alright with that?” You looked up into his eyes, dared yourself to cup his face with one hand. You felt all of his emotions as if they were your own, his desire, his urgency, his annoyance at himself for truly wanting to take his time. But beneath all that was a certainty to match yours. This. The two of you. It was no coincidence that your powers matched each other this well. You had been made for each other, forged in the heat of the sun and dipped to cool down into the darkness of the night. You got on your tiptoes to press your lips to his. “More than alright.” You whispered, and a wicked smile shot across his lips. “Thank god I don’t have to be a saint.” He sighed. “The temptation of your sin would kill me.” With those words, he pulled you along with him, down another corridor, through a set of doors emblazed with his symbol. You caught a glimpse at his council room before the hallway made a sharp turn right. Just ahead of you was another set of double doors, but this time you didn’t immediately go through them. He stopped to turn to you, seeking your gaze once more as if to ask if you were sure about this. You nodded at him, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze. You had never wanted anything the way you wanted this, and you hoped more than anything that he could feel that, too. At your nod of consent, he pushed the doors open and your astonished self was able to catch her first glance at the Darkling’s private chambers. The two of you were now standing in some sort of private library, dark wooden shelves carrying thousands of gold embellished books. An archway at the other end of the room opened into his bedroom. The furniture was made of the same dark, expensive wood as the bookshelves, but that by far wasn’t the most extraordinary thing about the room. The walls were painted in a dark, almost blackish blue, and constellations of stars were fashioned upon them in what looked like real gold. Your gaze wandered to the ceiling, where in its centre, a stunning painting of a sun in eclipse commanded the room. The gold of the sun seemed to be glowing, dipping the entire room into a golden light. You inwardly applauded the Fabrikator responsible for this singular piece of art, for even among all the riches of the Little Palace, you had never seen anything like it. The Darkling stepped behind you, close enough so you could feel his presence, but still with enough space so you could calmly take in his room. “Is it to your liking?” He dipped down to whisper into your ear, and his voice sent shivers down your spine. “It’s…” You whispered, scared to ruin the moment with your shaky voice. “It’s marvellous.” He snaked his arms around you, to finally pull you closer to him again, and began kissing down your neck. You leaned back against him to allow him more access to the delicate skin at the base of your neck. “This will be the centre of our power. You and I are the only people allowed in this sanctuary of Us. No one else shall taint it.” At his words, you turned around in his grasp to search for solemnity in his expression. All of this almost seemed too fantastical to really be true. But you were met with nothing but steadfast honesty in his eyes, so you let yourself give in to your desire to kiss him mad again. Momentarily, you had been so caught up in studying his chambers that you had forgotten about the desire burning in your veins, but with his lips connected to yours once more, it was sparked again tenfold. Before you even realised it you had made your way over to the bed, where he once more stopped in his tracks and sat down on the mattress to look up at you. Where he found the strength in himself to stop time and time again you didn’t understand. The pure adoration in his dark eyes and their intensity made you clench your thighs together. For a moment, there was silence between the two of you, and you remembered his words from the hallway. Tonight, it will be me teasing you. He was already making true to his promise. You were positively squirming, waiting for him to make the next move. And then he did. He leaned back slightly, made himself comfortable, then met your eyes again. “Take off your dress.” He said in a tone so authoritarian you didn’t even dare to protest. Feeling slightly awkward, you raised your arms to unclasp the singular button that held the expensive silk gown to your body. The material fell down your body in one fluid motion, and you were left in nothing but your slip dress and golden slippers. You kicked them off, and then uncertainly played with the dainty straps of your undergarment. For a moment, the hungry look in the Darkling’s face was replaced by a reassuring one. “Go on. There’s no need to be shy. I want to see you in all your glory.” His gaze dropped to where your breasts were barely concealed by the thin underdress still clinging to your body. “And then I want to worship you.” While taking a deep breath to brace yourself, you took hold of the straps once more and slid them off your shoulders. Just like your gown, the underdress slid right off your body, leaving you to stand naked in front of the most powerful man in the kingdom. His jaw was clenched, his hungry eyes taking in your figure as if they had been starving for centuries. Without a word, he raised from his position on the bed, closed the distance between you in less than two steps, and sealed his lips over yours in a searing hot kiss. You sighed into it, gripping onto his shoulders for support. “The most beautiful.” He whispered in-between kisses, and you keened at his praise. But suddenly you noticed your undressed state, and his still very clothed one. With gentle determination you pushed him back into the direction of the bed, carefully undoing the few clasps of his black kefta. He seemed pleased at your eagerness, and without interruptions from his side, you proceeded to slide the garment that was so essential to his status off his shoulders. He now stood before you in a simple black shirt and breeches of the same colour. Gingerly, still waiting for him to stop you, you unbuttoned the shirt, revealing the soft skin of his chest. He was watching you attentively, waiting for you to finally rid him of his clothing. Once the buttons were all undone, you ran your hands down his chest, felt the taut skin of his stomach beneath your fingers. With that, his patience seemed to be used up, for in the next moment you found yourself laying on his silken black sheets. “Look at you. So beautiful, so eager. All mine. If you only knew about the things I want to do to you…” He was caressing the side of your neck with one hand and had snuck the other one between your bodies to play with your breasts. You buried your fingers in his silky hair, softly tugging at the roots to make him look at you. “Show me, then.” You whispered. He looked at you in wonder, completely breathless, as if he hadn’t expected your response. Then his lips were on yours again, the hand on your neck ever so slightly gripping it. You collected all your courage and slung your legs around his waist, grinding up against the hardened bulge in his hands. Both of you moaned out at the friction. You really hadn’t expected it to feel that good. “Do that again.” He commanded, or begged, you really couldn’t tell at this point. You pushed him closer against you, your arms around his neck, your bare torsos pressed skin to skin. The contact of his clothed manhood with your female counterpart caused what felt like a fire between your legs, and surprised at the sheer pleasure of it, you looked at him with wide eyes. He smiled, lips red and wet. Then he descended upon you, rolling his hips against you, fingers playing with your nipples, and you thought you were going to go mad with lust for him. He kissed down your neck again, but this time he didn’t dive back up to return to your lips. He made his way down your chest, at first deliberately missing your nipples, then stopping right next to one. You whined and lifted your chest in protest, hearing a low chuckle escape his lips. His tongue finally made contact with one of your nipples, and you closed your eyes in pleasure. You thought that that was it, that he was now finally going to come back up and kiss you again, but then you felt his lips travel down even further south. You widened your eyes and were about to prop yourself up on your elbows when he placed a calming hand on your thigh. “Shh. Just let me take care of you. Do you trust me?” You carefully looked at him, his head dangerously close to that area between your legs, eyes darkened with sin. Then you nodded. He hummed happily, pressing a gentle kiss against the inside of your thigh that already sent waves of shock through you again. “Untense, darling. And tell me if anything is not to your liking. But if I’m right…” He placed another soft kiss on your skin, this time right above where your lower lips parted. The surprised breath that escaped you was all the validation he needed. He first began by just breathing on the sensitive skin of your lips, wildly enjoying your squirming at his actions. Then, boldened by your response, he flattened his tongue and licked a broad stripe all the way up to your clit. You squeaked in surprise, clenching your eyes shut in embarrassment. But there his calming big hands were again, stroking your thighs. “Let it out, my sun. I want to hear you.” He dove in once more, and this time you didn’t hold back. He gave a few more teasing licks, got so lost in his own pleasure that he forgot about his intent of teasing you until you begged him to please touch you. His tongue found your clit, and soon a rhythm that made a wave rise up in you way sooner than you had thought possible. When he stopped and the wave ebbed away, you leaned up and almost cursed him out for it. But in doing so, you were able to see his actions: Meeting your gaze, he popped his fingers out of his mouth, his eyes once more looking for your approval. You nodded a barely noticeable nod and watched him ever so carefully enter one finger into your wet hole. “So wet.” He happily murmured, probably more to himself than to you. Then his mouth was back on your clit, and the combination of his finger and his tongue made you throw your head back in pleasure. He soon added another finger, moving it inside of you in come hither motions, his tongue dancing circles around your clit. There that wave was again, and this time he didn’t seem to be planning to let it ebb away again. With your moans getting more frequent he sped up, until you felt so close to the edge you could taste it. And then he stopped. “Should I allow you to come?” He mused tantalisingly slow. You groaned, very much ready to grab him by his gorgeous head of full hair and press him to your womanhood again. He grinned a devilish smile, his entire expression screaming of sin. “Don’t fret. Of course I want to see you come undone. But look at you. You’re such a joy to tease.” You just raised an eyebrow at him, feeling at his mercy and overwhelmed with the many sensations caressing your body. You felt as though you were going to combust any minute. “Let’s see. Will you beg me to let you come?” He teased one singular finger inside of you and you wanted to scream. “Come on, darling. One single little please, and it’s yours. I’m yours.” You lifted your chin, jaw set with resolve. But then he moved another finger inside of you and your resolve crumbled. “Please. Saints, please. Please.” He smiled. “Such a good girl.” And with that, his lips engulfed that sensitive spot between your legs again, his fingers inside you moving at a pace that made you see stars. The wave rose up way faster than it had before, and finally, you felt yourself being pushed over the edge. His pace was relentless, and you gasped out, clenching around his fingers. Pure ecstasy flooded your veins, a burst of light brightening the room for seconds to last. Even when you were so overstimulated it almost hurt, he didn’t stop, and it took you burying your fingers in his hair for him to stop. You didn’t even give him the time to say anything, just pulled him up to you and kissed him wildly. You could taste yourself on his tongue, but you found that you really didn’t care about that. After parting from the kiss he looked at you for a long moment, gently moving a few strands away from your face. “Look at you, (Y/N). You put every goddess out there to shame.” Trying to hide your blush at his words, you gripped his hand to press a tender kiss against it. He watched you in awe, then kissed you. This kiss was much slower than the ones before, but it didn’t take long for the now-familiar fire to be ignited again. It was incredible how you couldn’t get enough of him, even after having just been satisfied. You just wanted more, more, more of the god called Darkling between your legs. “Please.” You breathed out, not even really knowing what you were asking for. He released you from his hold, pressed a long kiss against your neck and then got off the bed. You curiously watched him, the distance between your bodies already paining you. With a mixture of interest and inhibition, you watched him rid himself of his pants, your gaze inevitably landing on his stiff member. A fearful voice inside of you tainted your thoughts with anxiety, but your lust for him won. Gladly you watched him return to bed, settling himself beside you and kissing you slowly again. His tongue against yours made your nether regions throb with want again, and your leg was soon thrown over his hip again. “Are you sure about this?” He whispered laying on his side, studying your features. You nodded before you were able to properly think it through, only stopping him when you were laying on your back once more. “Wait.” You hushed, sitting up. “If we do this…We need to get married. You know castle gossip. They probably already know I didn’t return to my chambers tonight. Saints, I’m so sorry- I should have realised that before you got-“ You made an indeterminate gesture in the direction of his nakedness. He just kneeled between your legs and caressed the side of your face. This one touch was enough to shut you up, enough to quiet down the mean voices in your head. “I will tell the servants to start preparations for our betrothal tomorrow. The people will be expecting it by now anyway, won’t they?” You were too shocked to widen your eyes, even. The certainty in his eyes was all-consuming and more earth-shattering than the orgasm he had given you mere minutes ago. There were no words you could find in yourself that would match the sanctity of the moment, so you sealed your lips to his in a kiss. He grabbed your face to deepen it, then parted from you. “You and I are going to change the world, my sun.” His words made a different kind of warmth bloom in your chest, one so different from your powers or the fire he ignited in you with his touch. You were done for. But so was he. He helped you lay down again, then allowed his hands to wander to your wetness once more. “Still so wet for me. So ready to receive me. Tell me, when was the last time you bled?” You looked at him, lips parted, then thought of the last time your courses had plagued you. “A bit less than two weeks ago.” You whispered, starting to understand what he was getting at. Your heartbeat quickened its already impossible pace, but it wasn’t out of fear. A whole new wave of lust darkened his eyes, and if that wasn’t already enough to tell, his hands gripping the pillow right next to your head painfully tight was. “You’re just too perfect.” He groaned, and then he was kissing you again. Your legs found their home around his waist again, and this time there was nothing separating the two of you. “Imagine.” He whispered against your lips, his hard cock teasing along your folds. “A child with our combined powers. A child of sun and darkness. A child of ours.” You closed your legs around him tighter, reigning him in closer. “We would be unstoppable.” You responded, and he smiled. A new emotion ebbed through him, and thanks to the connection of your powers through you, too: gratefulness. Relief. Joy. At your understanding him. You got lost in each other’s touch again, his kisses clouding your brain. It was you who gripped his member, allowed it inside of you. Both of you moaned out upon his entering, never before having felt anything alike. You felt… complete. He was all around you, in your thoughts, in your arms, inside of you. He buried his head in your neck, nipping at the soft skin there. “(Y/N). Fuck.” It was the first time you had ever heard him curse, and the sound of it caused you to clench even tighter around him. “Please tell me I can move.” You rolled your hips against his in response, sending the breath from both your lungs. He started slows, almost tantalizingly so. You wanted to scream at him to speed up, to just take you, but you also never wanted him to stop. He propped himself up to watch you while he drove himself in and out of you, his expressions just as sullen as yours. Carefully, he started to pick up his pace, and it took you all your willpower not to let your eyes roll into the back of your head and allow him to entirely have his way with you. More and more often now he hit that spot inside of you, that spot that convinced you that every prayer you had ever made had been made in vain, for this was the first holy thing you had ever experienced. “Saints.” You moaned. “Please. Please. Darkl-“ “Call me Aleksander.”, he panted. You involuntarily tensed up, coaxing a loud moan from his pretty lips. “Aleksander.” You whispered, as if to test out the way his name felt in your mouth. His real name. Pleased with it, you lifted his chin with your fingers and, this time voluntarily, clenched around his cock. You could watch him fight the urge to close his eyes, their dark hues foggy with lust. “Faster, Aleksander.” You whispered.” He followed your wish, switching to a pace that made you sure you would never be able to lay with another man again. For a moment you thought he was nearing his climax, when suddenly his thumb found your clit. “I want to feel you unravel around me. Can you do that?” You nodded, leaning up to capture his lips. The kiss was more clashing teeth than lips and tongue, but still, neither of you could get enough of it. You wandered from his lips, kissed his jaw, his neck, softly bit the soft skin there. He groaned, his head once more buried in your neck, your fingers playing with and tugging at the hair in the nape of his neck. He now truly seemed to be nearing his end, but so were you. “Aleksander, I’m going to…” He nodded, placing a constellation of kisses against the side of your neck. “Me too, my sun. Me too.” He sped up, his pace becoming messy and unrhythmical. But that didn’t stop him from continuing to play with your clit, the pleasure overwhelming you to a point where you felt you could cry. “I feel you getting tighter around me… are you going to come undone for me? I know you can do it.” He was holding himself back, waiting for you to join him in his reverie, and all it took was a few more strokes of his member against that place inside of you to make your end bubble up inside of you. Incapable of forming even mere words you clung to him like a madwoman, addicted to the way his touch made you feel. “Once this happens, there is no turning back.”, he panted. You shook your head. “I want it. I want it all. No turning back.” He leaned his forehead against yours, and with a few final movements of his thumb against your clit you were succumbed by a wave of pleasure unlike anything you had ever felt. You both erupted into a duet of moans and pants, completely unashamed at that point of your union. “Then take it.” He bit through clenched teeth, ramming himself inside you. You rode out your highs together until the stimulation made you both squirm, and then, for a few moments, you just stayed laying like that. Your bodies were connected, just as your souls were intertwined. It was only after you both had caught your breaths again that you realised that the room was dipped in a mixture of darkness and light. Tendrils of dark shadows swirled around rays of light, neither one cancelling out the other. The Darkling carefully pulled himself from you, then laid on his side to pull you against himself. “Have you ever seen something like this?” You whispered, watching the slowly fading light and shadows play with each other. “I haven’t.” He responded, pressing a kiss behind your ear. “But I’m not surprised. This is our power. I told you we would be unstoppable.” You grabbed his arm, urged him to pull you even closer. “You did.”
When you awoke the next morning, Aleksander was already gone. His absence made your heart clench in pain, but then you spotted a note placed right where his head had left an indentation on the pillow. My sun, Having to leave you this morning is more difficult than learning to control my powers all these years ago. But an important matter in council arose, and it needs to be taken care of. Please, feel free to roam freely amongst my chambers. They’re yours now, too. With pure adoration, A. You decided against indulging the feeling of disappointment rising up in your chest and got up to get dressed. Your dress from last night was nowhere to be seen, but a seemingly brand new kefta had been laid across an ottoman at the other end of the room. You couldn’t help the smile tugging at your lips. It was black. You slipped into the new uniform and stepped in front of the bedroom’s mirror. You looked… sated. Well-rested despite the lack of sleep. Something about the look in your eyes had changed, and there were love bites decorating your neck. You ghosted your fingers across them, afraid to somehow make them disappear. Did he have the same on his neck? The thought of people possibly seeing them sent another, smug, smile across your lips. He was yours. And you were his. No matter what happened.
The next two weeks passed by in a blur. The inevitable gossip at court had started to spin its stories as you continued to walk through the darkling’s doors day in, day out, as if they were your own. It wasn’t difficult to put together that you slept in his chambers now, and your relationship had become no more than an official secret. Under different circumstances, you would have been fine with it. Reliable sources were reporting sightings of Morozova's stag, and of course, you understood the gravity of such news. Especially since the amplifier was meant for you. But you were growing impatient. Despite your nights shared with the Darkling, you felt him slipping from your grasp, his attentions constantly stolen by meetings with his councilmen. By the end of the third week, you couldn’t take it anymore. Desperate to finally see his face in the daytime again, at least for longer than a few moments of passing him by in hallways, you made your way to his office. You could hear voices talking inside, even heard the word stag being mentioned. And despite the fact that you knew how much he hated being interrupted during council meetings, you knocked on the door. “Come in, my sun.” His calm voice called out. He had probably long sensed your presence. For a moment, the gaze he met yours with seemed annoyed, but it fell when he saw the expression on your face. Your need to talk to him had, thankfully, been apparent enough. “Out.” He demanded, silencing one of his Grisha councilmen before they were even able to open their mouth in protest. “Talk of the stag can wait for a day. My sun cannot. You’re all excused.” The group of Grisha trampled by you, grumpily mumbling their words of respect to you. Once the two of you were alone, the Darkling eyed you with a mix of anger and worry. “You know I don’t like being interrupted during council.” “And you know I should be in training right now instead of standing here. I wouldn’t have interrupted if there had been another way to get your attention.” He frowned and lowered his gaze to his desk in front of him. Was that shame in his expression? “I apologize. I shouldn’t have made you mine to then only hold conversations with you in the dark of the night.” You walked up to his desk, hoping your stepping closer was enough of a demonstration of you not being completely mad at him. “I understand that the stag is the number one priority right now. You know that out of all people, I understand the most. But something… arose. You told me you would ask the servants to begin the preparations for our wedding?” He, the Darkling, looked confused for a split second. But then, as he did, he got his facial expressions under control and scrutinized you, searching for an explanation for your sudden intrusion. “I’m sorry, my sun.” He murmured, walking around his desk. “It slipped my mind once news of Morozova's stag arose. I didn’t think it that pressing a matter.” He held out his hand to you, inviting you to hold it. It was an offer of peace, but you didn’t feel ready to take it yet. Not with the news you were about to break to him. “Well, it is.” You said, more harshly than intended. “You promised, Aleksander.” It was easier to make your voice sound rough than allowing its shakiness to take way. Your usage of his real name seemed to finally shake the mask of regality from his face. Finally, you were talking to the Darkling you knew behind closed doors. “(Y/N), has something happened?” You shook your head, almost turned to go, then shook it again. “I-“ Within seconds he stood in front of you, a comforting darkness wrapping around the two of you. “I can feel your anxiety, my darling.” He murmured, cupping your face in his hands. “Please. Is everything alright?” You lowered your gaze, biting back tears. After shakily exhaling, you finally found the strength in you to meet his gaze head-on again. “I haven’t bled, Aleksander.” For a long moment, he looked at you. Petrified, without even blinking. Then, the realization finally seemed to hit him. Against any of your expectations, he neither killed you, nee laughed at you or exiled you. He sank to his knees in front of you, his forehead carefully leaning against your lower belly. “Are we to be so lucky?” He whispered, looking up to you. “Upon the first try?” “I don’t know.” You answered in earnest, finally taking his hand in yours. “I can’t go to a healer before we’re married, otherwise news of our… union and its fruits would get out before I’d even begin to show any symptoms.” Aleksander pressed a kiss to your stomach, then got up to place another one between your brows. “I will hold a council for our upcoming wedding festivities immediately. The stag shall be your wedding present, my sun.” You smiled, revelling in the warmth of his body for a moment. You had missed him like this. “It’s not safe enough for you to train anymore, is it? We’ll arrange so-called ‘private lessons’ for you. The court will only think it’s another perk of being my favourite. We’ll continue to take our meals in private, so if anything displeases your stomach no one else besides me will know. Is there anything I didn’t think of?” You squeezed his hand and kissed his jaw. “I think that’s all for the moment. But, I just… I must ask. You’re genuinely happy about this?” A smile, wider than any you’d ever seen brightening up his features, grew across his face. “My sun. I think this is the happiest I’ve ever been. Just imagine it. You. Me. A product of our love. We’ll be the most powerful family to have ever lived.” Your ambitious side listened up at his words. And finally, you started to be at peace with the thought of mothering the Darkling’s child.
It was a few nights before your wedding when the Darkling suddenly shook you awake at night. You had started to sleep more than usual, and your once beloved rose perfume had now become the bane of your existence. You still weren’t entirely certain about your impending motherhood, but that was about to change. Your betrothed shook you awake with an almost comical vigour, a frazzled look in his eyes. “My sun. I can feel them.” “What?” You murmured; voice heavy with sleep. “Our child. I can feel them when I touch you. I can’t explain it. They’re just… there. I think it’s my amplifier abilities.” Your eyes widened, and the next best thing you could do to feeling it yourself was feeling it through Aleksander. So you touched your hand to his cheek and immediately felt tears welling up in your eyes. “Oh.” You whispered, almost unable to believe it. “We’ll have everything we dreamed of, my sun.”
And that you really would. The Darkling had stayed true to his promise. His present to you on your wedding day had been the stag, for you to slay. A talented Fabrikator had helped with turning it into a set of bracelets, bracelets you would never take off. Thanks to this present, your powers surged to new highs. Your present to him had stayed hidden beneath your gown throughout the ceremony, but it was beginning to become visible. Soon, your family’s reign of terror would begin. You would overthrow the king, seize control of the Grisha, instrumentalize the shadow fold for your own gains. Your children would grow into even more powerful beings than you or your beloved husband, and for centuries you would rule over Ravka, undefeated. The Darkling had been right from the beginning. You and him truly were going to change the world. Just not for the better.
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aurelia-thoughts · 5 months ago
Severed String Part 2- Darkling x Reader
Word Count: 607
A/N: It makes me so happy that all of you enjoyed the first part so much. I feel like I didn’t do this part justice, apologies beforehand, but hope you enjoy it. 
Severed String Part 1 
Tumblr media
It had been weeks since the incident, and not a word had been spoken between you two, neither of you knowing the right thing to say to each other.
In contrast to you, Aleksander seemed perfectly fine. Aleksander and Alina seemed to get closer by the second, which felt casually cruel to you. They somehow made it more difficult by the day for you to let go of the severed string.They managed to plague all of your thoughts, but today, you had decided, would be different you were finally going to let go.
You stood in front of the mirror gaping at yourself, it felt like you were looking at a stranger, someone unrecognizable. You never thought you would be wearing this kefta again, but here you were. It still fitted you perfectly, as if it had been waiting for you to come back to it.
As you walked down the stairs of the Little Palace, everyone’s gazes were on you, whispering, wondering about your sudden change in keftas. But you only cared about one, Aleksander’s.
As you made your way down, everyone piled around you, asking questions. You didn’t have the time to address any of them though, because the next thing you know, a certain someone's hand is pulling you towards him.
“If you’ll excuse us, I need to discuss something with Y/n”
Even after weeks had passed, his touch still had the same effect on you, and you hated it. You hated the control he had over you.
And just like that, you found yourself in the war room with Aleksander, reminding you of the recent events that occurred in this room. You had known Aleksander for years, yet even now you had no clue what was going through his mind. 
There was a deafening silence for a couple of minutes.
“Are you going to say something, or are you just planning to stand there and stare?”
He seemed taken back by what you said.
After some hesitation, he finally spoke his first words to you. “Y/N, I never intended to hurt you.”
You only raised your eyebrows in response, letting him continue what he was going to say.
“Alina is just a means to an end. That’s all.” You wanted to believe him, but you couldn't. 
“We both know that’s not true, Aleksander.”
“Y/N, please..”
“I don’t think that’s-”
He hurriedly reached for your hands “Listen to me, I can’t do this without you, so please, just stay, say you’ll stay with me.”
You were at a loss of words, after all those years together not once, had you heard him beg, but a part of you knew that you couldn’t take him back as much as it would hurt to lose him, he wasn’t yours to lose anymore.
 “I’m not sure if that’s best for either of us”
“Don’t say that.” His voice held more order this time around.
“Well, what am I supposed to say?!?”
He looked at you with a somber expression “Say that you won’t give up on us. Just say you’ll give me another chance, and I promise this time I won’t leave room in your mind for doubt.”
You never really could say no to Aleksander, could you? And if he was so willing to try, then the least you could do was say yes. You would do anything for Aleksander, even if it pained you to be with him.
“Okay” you let out, voice barely a whisper. 
“Okay, I’ll stay.”  He erupted into a grin as he pulled you close. It felt good to be in his arms again, to feel loved by him. Maybe the severed string could be mended, after all.
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