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codexcorporis · 18 minutes ago
if you’re triggered everytime you look at someone’s blog...... then just don’t look at the blog how difficult is it
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dxmnedbloodlxst · 19 minutes ago
drac's worst nightmare: all the belmonts twerking in unison to Bloody Tears upon defeating him skldfj
(Anon it's not cool to reveal Vlad's secrets like that, it'll kill him for good!)
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wildwomanbluess · 20 minutes ago
I do often think about a canon divergence au where the hell deal never happened (Sam didn’t die) but castiel was still cast out of heaven for the crack in his chassis along with anael / sister jo. they still held onto their grace unlike anna because they still served the lord but chose to serve his creation instead without the interference of their family. they grow jaded in their exploits, of both god, their family and humanity. whilst jo maintains her faith healing— castiel runs a retreat in the woods with his speciality in healing the mind / healing memories. it’s flagged up as Just Another Cult. dean stumbles across his retreat in the woods on a motw case and cas is the monster. cas is the thing that goes bump in the night. his retreat is cut off from technology. they chant in tongues in the morning becuase it’s the closest castiel can get to his connection to angel radio. he layers on thick smokey soft clothing and his hands are scarred over thick with blistered stars from where his true form’s heat has eaten through the skin. from where his true form has gorged itself on the most painful memories. castiel says it keeps him aware of suffering, aware of the way that humans hurt each other so he keeps his distance. they’re rats in a maze to him. he may be just as broken as they, but at least he knows to stop hitting the pleasure button til he convulses and drops down dead. his hair is longer. every mirror is covered in gauze and heavy towels because castiel still sees through an angels eyes and sees the fragility of his true form reflected back at him! dean hates him at first, thinks he’s just a no good freak who thinks he can mess with people’s heads. who’s he to play god (castiel flinches at this mention, the same way dean drops his eyes to the floor when John’s name is resurrected in conversation) eventually, turns out the motw was never castiel. he and dean share a very intimate discussion, all held beneath gauze just the way that castiel’s reflection is because they can’t stand to see themselves in one another so much. dean asks castiel if he would rewrite his memories. take away each time his dad fell asleep on the floor smelling of a whiskey death rattle. scrub him clean of john’s aggression. only the righteous father. only the just. castiel shakes his head. if he did that, Dean would just have A head full of rose tinted polaroids with the absent father as the main focal point. He’d be just like his brothers and sisters. and castiel can’t stand to see dean follow the path that so naively went before. he takes dean’s jaw in his warped hand. he will not take the memories of this man’s broken father, but tonight he will give him the gift of a new memory, a new deity to worship. he will break off his own rib, fold it into the clay of this man’s body and mould him into a deserving altar. the kind that one day, he may kneel at and pray to.
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codexcorporis · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
fresh maxwell on the throne. poor guy hasn’t even seen the half of the hell he’s about to experience
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shyrose57 · 38 minutes ago
I didn't realize the We Are The Darkness Before Dawn AU & AU w/ villain!minors in the past raising younger them is the same AU. But anyways, who joins the criminal empire & how are Techno's two lives taken? What the the consequences of this? Also by doing what they did on a smaller scale, what does that mean? We also know when the future minors end up but where are they? Are they in Pogtopia? Are they togeather or seperated?
This is one of those AUs where all of the nations have people besides just the known characters to fill it out, so a bunch of civilians and villagers join the empire. There are also people like Ponk, who was getting closer with Purpled when the minors went on their villain arc, and maybe some others, though I don’t know who yet. Fundy, perhaps?
They’re also allied with the Badlands, seeing as for the most part, they don’t care about what they’re doing, and nobody in the Badlands has ever really hurt them-in fact, some of them have helped them before, and shown them kindness.
The first time, it’s a message to everyone. The minors pretty much do Techno’s execution, but with their own style. They wanted payback for what he did, and also wanted a way to ward everyone off-besides that, it really wasn’t personal. If they’d had the power to go after Dream at the time, Techno wouldn’t have been touched. 
The second time was personal. Techno demanded to talk Tommy about all of this, and they let him. Things got heated, and Tommy snapped, and the next thing they knew, Techno was waking up at home down another life.
The consequences of it are pretty much what was intended. Everyone is warier around them, takes them much more seriously. Neither Phil or Techno come anywhere near the Smp, or the minors. They become feared, and they make sure it stays that way.
By smaller scale, I mean they form a smaller little empire. Obviously, L’Manberg hasn’t fallen yet, so there aren’t as many desperate people out there yet, nor do they have the same ties as they did, but they still manage to amass a little group to help them get things done.
The villain!minors(I...need to give them some nicknames, this is confusing), all appear beside their respective past selves. Which means v!Ranboo isn’t even in the Server at the time-not that that lasts long. So they’re all separated, but again, it doesn’t last long.
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dxmnedbloodlxst · 40 minutes ago
So did I hear right; that you're a DILF needing some attention~ (😂😂😘)
"The times in which we live are frustrating, my darling," he lamemted, rubbing his forehead.
"It seems the people have forgotten what true taste is...!"
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sanzoumon · 59 minutes ago
Oh ho! So there’s more to the story of The Hero Who Seeks Revenge (Fukushuu o Koinegau Saikyou Yuusha wa, Yami no Chikara de Senmetsu Musou Suru) isn’t over yet, huh??
NICE. I’m wondering what’s going on with the last part of chapter 34. So exciting!
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kairisplace · an hour ago
drunk shenanigans with,,, someone
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wahyamad · an hour ago
Eternal darkness taught me what love was, as well as the lasting feelings of grief & loss. ©RLCSF
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shyrose57 · an hour ago
We Are The Darkness Before Dawn AU - So like, what are the minors planning to do?
You mean, like while they’re still in their time, or in the past?
In their present, they basically just create a criminal empire out of everyone who’s been screwed over by all the fighting, take two of Techno’s lives, and make sure nobody ever messes with them or their’s again.
In the past, they adopt their younger selves, find a nice area to settle them in where they don’t have to worry about this all, and then do what they did in the future, on a smaller scale. 
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twilighthiro · an hour ago
On one hand, I would REALLY like to see the Zonai ruins without the need for mods/tiny bits of fire, but on the other hand Thyphlo Ruins is the only place where it stays dark Like That permanently, so you can play with your glowy stuff.
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katmk36 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dane & Laki
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dive-into-shadows · an hour ago
Diver walks around town at this hour before getting a strange feeling about something. Still he continues to roam around town, looking relieved that the local apocalypse was over. He soon figured out that things were far from being normal again when he saw something walks across the streets in the darkness of the night. The stand hid himself, only to find a large horned being in a bloody hospital gown walk past him, not noticing him at all. Diver then uses hide ability to hide inside of the shadows, before reappearing on another part of town. “W-What the hell was that?!” The robed stand asked himself before calming down. “Nevermind about that. I need to warn someone.”
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kairisplace · 2 hours ago
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shyrose57 · 2 hours ago
(The start of the fall for the future that will not be)
It starts like this.
Tommy knows the fate of heroes, and he knows it well. 
He is not Theseus, for all his brother tries to draw his parallels. 
He is not Theseus, but, still, he played into his story. Still, he slipped easily into the role, clutching so desperately at his very own Athens that he was blind to the cliff crumbling closer and closer to his unsteady feet.
Tommy is tired.
He is not Theseus, and he will not die a hero’s death.
It goes like this. 
Tubbo tends to his friend’s wounds without faltering, despite the little light. He is too practiced, and his hands cannot shake even if he wished them too.
(War has trained him far too well)
Tommy’s eyes are dark as he treads through his thoughts, and the words that leave his mouth are equally so. Equally so, and twice as charming, as he tastes the sounds and spills them out like frayed ribbons and velvet scrapes.
It’s such a pretty image, his little speech conjures.
And what is he, if not a yes-man?
It goes like this. 
Ranboo is quick to startle, and easy to bend, for all his strength. 
He is also undeniably loyal, to those who earn it.
The duo comes to him in the dead of the night. Their footsteps are silent in the snow, and their cloaks are tattered, but they hold their heads high, and let their words echo in the small shack of a house he tentatively wishes to call home.
They come to him in the dead of the night, Tommy who looks him in the eyes, and takes the fall for him without hesitation. Tubbo who falls into step with him with a smile, and scolds him when he hunches. 
The door is left open as they leave, and the snow is quick to hide the three trails left their wake.
It goes like this.
Purpled is not as distant as they think. 
It’s true, he prefers money, in exchange for his services, but it’s not the only thing of value he will take. Far from it. But, to put it simply, few can give him what he desires most.
Purpled prefers money, but he values the taste of honey on bread, golden jars glinting in the light as they are gifted to him. He values warm touches and freely given contact, offered hands when he stumbles. He values cold packs on his forehead, and a worried hum tucking a blanket up to his chin.
There’s no such a thing as loyalty on this server, not really. But when they come to him, he follows, because even if they don’t know it, they have paid him for a lifetime of service, and honestly, it’s about time he got to take up a job.
It ends like this. 
Once upon a time, four children were tossed into a world that did not show them kindness, so instead, they learned to be cruel.
Once upon a time, nation upon nation was destroyed, and it’s people left astray and scared. Then, the shadows gain color, and offered promises that they carried through with. Maybe if those who called themselves heroes would not save them, then the villains would.
Once upon a time, a man asked his littlest brother if he wanted to be a hero, and the littlest brother painted the floor red, and became a monster instead.
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