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👁👁 Au réveil tu découvres dans quelle dimension tu t’es téléporté dans la nuit 🌙
#wishmasta 🧞‍♂️ •••••
#anotherworld #darkness #midnightmarauders #artistlife #beatmaking #beats #musicproducer #instru #boombap #rap #deep #vibes #quarantine #confinement #fuckingcovid19
••• Qui voyez Vous capable de kill ce beat ? 👀

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We didn’t kn the value of silence .. the value of darkness .. the value of enjoying all of that with watching the empty streets from ur spot ,listing to ur fav music .. knowing that we are all in this and ur lonely but u r not alone nw enjoying all of that .. sometimes I got those scary thoughts but also the idea of that’s not my responsibility and all I have to do is believe .. and just enjoying the unusual things get me feel calm and peaceful.

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Do you ever just watch yourself fall apart in the mirror?? Like do you ever watch how the tears build up in your eyes, and once your eyelid can no longer hold any more, they begin dripping down your cheeks?? Do you ever realise the pain you’re constantly living under? Does it ever sadden you? The way you fall apart, the pain you see in yourself. 

You’re constantly hurting. And the absolute worst part about it is that no one knows. No one knows how absolutely close you are to just giving up. And those who do know, they underestimate the pain you’re in. They just shove it under the rug and categorise it as teenage angst, or oh it’s just a bad matter what, they always fucking minimise it and think that you will get over it. You just have to fix your mindset. As if, I could just stop feeling this way.

It breaks my heart, because I can no longer speak about the hurt without being told to just change my mindset, or stop being so pessimistic. As if, mental illness is cured by only changing your mindset and focusing on the positives.

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You never slept with her
Now you dream and fantasize of her
You hold regret for her
At her peak you’re mesmerized by her

I used to think I was outgoing at night
I look back on it and I was pretty tamed
If I would’ve surrendered to the fight
I’m sure I would be a man full of shame

I’ve got nothing to offer
I can’t even pocket a dime
Your sole motive is to slaughter
Your gift is wasting precious time

You never earned my love, but I still gave it away
That’s why you get jealous whenever I take it away
And hand my pain to someone else worth deserving
For me, idealizing your figure was so unnerving

You make your looks
You have your hooks
Your physical appeal is what draws boys in
Body parts arouse their demons within

As long as your appearance is kept up in style
Manhood will be probed in attempt to pass your trial
You have so-called men waiting for your availability online
You’re much convinced you’ve found the one when he’s only next in line

I’ve got nothing to offer
I can’t even pocket a dime
Your sole motive is to slaughter
Your gift is wasting precious time

I’ve got nothing to offer
I can’t even pocket a dime
Your sole motive is to slaughter
Your gift is wasting precious time

Social media expectation is equivalent to cutting your wrists
Once your outer beauty is dismissed, you’ll forget how to exist
You’ll leave behind a halo and leftover angeldust
And all it’ll become is old dirt and some ring rust

You leave behind a halo and leftover angeldust
And all it becomes is grime and some fading ring rust
You leave behind a halo
You leave behind some old angeldust

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Si. Si les acteurs mondiaux actuels sont suffisamment authentiques et transparents, vous apprendrez la vérité sur la dissimulation COVID — sinon, il faudrait se contenter de l'idée qu'elle a été provoquée par des chauves-souris et des pangolins.

Si vous leur permettez d'emprisonner votre esprit, dans la peur, vous devrez en supporter les conséquences.

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Far above her, a faint glow appeared, dispelling the shadows. That was it ! She wanted to reach the light with her hand but invisible claws were holding her back, drawing her deeper and deeper in the abyss. She struggled, now driven by the fear of being swallowed for good.

“Let me go ! I have to go back !”

Liane managed to free her arm from the grasping darkness and threw it towards the light. She noticed with horror that it was loosing intensity.

“NO !” she shrieked, “Don’t go ! I have to wake up ! I can’t die here !”

She redoubled her effort, fighting against the grim pressure that was crushing her lungs. Finally releasing the rest of her body, she began to ascend to the surface, like she was swimming to escape drowning. Slowly, the distance between her and the light was decreasing.

I wrote a scene where Liane’s trying to wake up from a deadly nightmare, and I couldn’t resist drawing it. I’m not used to watercolors but I’m pretty satisfied with this one since it fit the picture I originally had in mind.                

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April 2020 KHUX Story Update


So, as I cannot read Japanese and can’t seem to get my hands on any translations, let me speculate on some things based on what I have seen, for now:

1. Ventus is seen in the same building Strelitzia was killed in, and during his recollection of events Strelitzia appears toward the end. I’ve seen people argue about whether or not Ventus is a “cold-hearted killer”, but consider KH358/2 Days for a moment, where Roxas and Xion were sent to kill each other under the guise of a Heartless. What if the reason that it seems they cannot see each other here is because Ventus sees Strelitzia as something else and strikes her down as a result. The guilt of this act would theoretically make Ventus susceptible to Darkness, who we know hides in Ventus’ Heart to reach the future, just as it had done every other time wielders crossed Worldlines to attempt to end the Keyblade War.

The only thing I am struggling with is that after we see Ava lead Ventus away and then she provides him Strelitzia’s Rule Book - which, like many have theorized, is likely Darkness in disguise. However, given Strelitzia’s arrival and Ventus being there the transition between scenes doesn’t really make sense.

I also see people arguing all the time over whether or not Vanitas is Darkness due to it being in Ventus’ Heart at the main showdown in the Keybalde Graveyard in KHIII, but Vanitas literally calls himself Darkness as an intended bridge point between KHIII and KHUX. Plus I’ve outlined in a previous point the significance of The Block Noise appearing in Daybreak Town - in which Noise appears in The World Ends With You between Worlds as a manifestation of negative emotions, which is Vanitas’ whole schtick.

2. Lauriam is left in the same battered position as Strelitzia when she was killed, so perhaps he becomes Marluxia before travelling to the future. This would hell explain Ienzo’s seemingly throwaway line in KHDDD where he claimed that, if the World someone fell to darkness in was unavailable upon recompletion, ,they would appear in Traverse Town instead, which is where I believe Lauriam and Elrena appeared after KHII

Maleficent is also gone, as is one of the compartments of the Ark, so I imagine she’s back in the future. I think Lauiram was actually taken out by Darkness, and I say this because the compartment he’d prepped for Maleficent appears to have been damaged or destroyed, which is what I believe to have been the source if the destruction in the room. This thus leaves 5 compartments in the Ark, one for Marluxia, Elrena, Skuld, and Ventus - as well as one other, who we know cannot be Ephemer or Brain. Perhaps Demyx? As he is the only one whose whereabouts are unaccounted for - given that Luxord is suggested to be from Yozura’s Worldline.

I’ve also seen it suggested that Luxu will appear to give Brain No Name, but I believe this already happened given that Brain is the only one of the Union leaders who has yet to summon his Keyblade, with the weight of this likely being because he wields No Name.

Anyway, I’ll probably post again after I read some translations :p

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