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#darryl murphey
rockshortage11 days ago
RedEye convincing Hector to do an interview for him to play over the raider radio station once nw has turned around some and is doing pretty well. Hector goes into it expecting typical questions about how he feels about certain raider/nw business things, why he made certain decisions, stuff like that, but it just turns into RedEye trying to get the Juicy Gossip on his relationship with the Minutemen general and how it came about
Tumblr media
This wasn't in the questions brief, Redeye, how could you do this to him
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corvidexoskeletona day ago
I feel like you might have sent this exact thing to me a while ago, so please forgive me if you did. The search feature was predictably not helpful
Anyway, I can't stop thinking about Sarah having another litter of puppies and she picks them up and brings them over to Darryl one by one 馃ズ
(and if Hector's there he cries of course because omg.........)
Absbdhxisks I did send one almost exactly like this, but where Sarah brings them to Hector instead
But anyways, yes. Darryl goes to take a nap and wakes up to find Sarah in the process of setting them all next to her
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corvidexoskeletona day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Got frustrated over the fact that I鈥檓 stuck on two different bosses, which means I of course had to start a new game until I work up the will to beat them
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rockshortage2 days ago
I thought the same thing about who could possibly be anon in that one post. Definitely screams Lily, but that wouldn't work. I thought maybe Mac, but I don't think he would either. Then I realized, that Darryl's actual son would probably work 100%, provided he was still around
AU in which everything's fine and no one died :)
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rockshortage20 days ago
Feeling unexpectedly somft about Darryl helping Hector put together a new gun after he gets back from far harbor, cause iirc they were friends by then, but she hadn't developed any feelings. But I'm just imagining them hanging out as usual, except now instead of just having a drink and shooting the breeze, they're inside at the table covered in parts, plans, and sketches while trying to design something, maybe even starts the trend of legit infodumping to each other since Darryl knows a lot about guns, and Hector has his fields of interest
Idk, seems like it would be a rare but otherwise nice period where they have an equal amount of both interest and knowledge about smth for them to go "same hat!" over. And the midst of it is when Darryl decides that maybe she is a bit more fond of this weird little dude than she thought, actually
Definitely not thinking about her just thinking like. Ah hell. And can't help but smile a little after he excitedly bursts through her front door with an armful of blueprints and parts he's made since the last time they hung out
Incredibly good, I love it 馃ズ
I imagine them being a little apprehensive about it at first maybe? They've learned by now that they're cool to hang out with, but they never sat down and did an actual project together. Or at least not as a fun pastime. Every other time they were hunched over plans and blueprints, it was minutemen/raider business related, which isn't necessarily a good time. So what if it turns out like that? Or if their chemistry for building shit together just doesn't work?
But then it turns out it is fun and they do have good chemistry and they just get so engrossed in it. Darryl starts infodumping about weapons and Hector's just 馃憖馃憖馃憖 trying to absorb every ounce of knowledge. Also grows fonder himself because omg... now she's speaking his language, she's so enthusiastic about it and so smart :0
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rockshortage26 days ago
Omg, the fictional adventure series based on Hector's journals somehow predicting with an uncanny amount of precision his getting together with Darryl and their dynamic although in the books it's portrayed slightly different bc of the much more likable personality of the protag
Not sure what's funnier - if Hector knew the series and how the story developed before getting together with Darryl or if they only learned of those story plots after getting together
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rockshortage18 days ago
Hsgsgxhz I keep forgetting that I've been meaning to give Darryl some more tattoos as well, but once again I've so far failed to come up with any solid ideas
But I was thinking back on when I mentioned her showing Hector some of her scars after he ends up revealing a couple of his own, and thought like....... ok yeah, her showing off some big, gnarly scars is great, but what about her showing off tattoos?
The specific image that came to mind was her removing like a shirt or jacket so she's in a tank top/undershirt and pointing out all the different ones on an arm or her back definitely not flexing a little to an increasingly flustered Hector which may vary depending on how close they are at the time
But there's also a couple other ways it could go. Either way, it seems like smth that would only end with smoke coming out of Hector's ears
asdjfng you've painted such a vivid image of this scene in my brain and now I'm mad my art skill isn't sufficient to illustrate it
But yeah. Hector's just 馃槼馃槼馃槼 the entire time, might not be listening to what she's saying at all because he's distracted by strong and pretty lady...
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corvidexoskeleton26 days ago
now I'm laughing imagining Darryl preparing to set off to NW to find Butch and companions/friends/Derrick losing their minds about it, like. are you fucking insane??? this is a TERRIBLE idea, I thought you were joking, what the fuck-
Ashxbzuzjs Yeah, I mean, that's basically it lmao. But she's not really one to sit around and WAIT for Butch to get back to the compound. She's got shit to DO, god damn it! She doesn't have time to just sit there when she could be doing literally anything else. If she wants something done, then she's just gonna have to do it her own damn self
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rockshortage26 days ago
You know, between what kind of hobbies she already has and what kinds of skills I assume she'd have, sometimes I wonder if maybe the gun Hector took from Darryl's basement wasn't one that she'd personally hand built herself. Like, I'm sure carving some of the parts out of a genuinely high quality wood wouldn't be that difficult for her, plus there's also the chance she could've either made or had someone else make some other custom parts for it
And since I figure she'd try to just make another one from scratch and whatever she can find post war instead of trying to buy or trade for one, that would also make it a little easier to tell that the one Hector has really was hers, since it would basically be a completely unique weapon, and the only thing like it would be the one Darryl built post war
馃憖馃憖馃憖 yes good excellent
Beautiful handmade weapon like that is sure to catch his attention. Because by the time he makes it down to Darryl's basement, he's seen lots and lots of weapons already but never one that looked quite like this one, so he simply must have it... Takes it out for a test run and when it turns out it's not only pretty but also works really good? That baby's his now, thank you definitely-deceased-never-to-emerge-again-pre-war-resident-of-this-particular-house.
Since it's a bit easier to spot the uniqueness of the weapon now, that makes me wonder if Darryl doesn't notice it long before she would have otherwise. If I remember correctly, we said something about them already being at the stage of hanging out together by the time Darryl gets her hands on 'Hector's' rifle and notices that it's actually her old one.
So I'm curious, if she notices before they get to the stage of being friendly with each other, would she confront Hector about it?
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rockshortage26 days ago
Well shit, now I wonder if maybe when the rifle from darryl breaks in far harbor, it might just be that part of the wood just cracks or gets a nasty split in it. Although, if it were just the wood that breaks, then we have some options: darryl can manage to carve a new one to fix it for him, or she might be able to help hector make his own when he gets back, if it can't be salvaged
Like, even if she just gives a few pointers on how she made or put together a part in the two she made, so that hector can try to recreate smth that was pretty good about them. Or just helps him try to troubleshoot some possible modifications, or try to help him remember some specific aspects of a specific pre war make/model that he might want to add in, since she'd probably be pretty knowledgeable there. And maybe there's a part or two that she knows how to make better than he does that he needs help with, idk
Or he can manage to get a new one mostly put together on his own, but then ends up asking if she can inlay it like she did with hers, then he can paint/finish it accordingly
There's vague bits and pieces floating around in my head about a big crab giving it some nasty snip snaps that renders it pretty much unusable, but... haven't really decided yet what happens to it exactly. Always open to ideas 馃
I'm picturing Hector just really fucking sad about it, approaching Darryl with the poor mangled rifle and asking her if there's any way she can salvage it. And let's say for this example that she can't or it's not worth it at least, he should just retire it at this point. She'll help out with the new one if he wants her to though.
Maybe also does some restoration work on the old one so it at least looks like it works, and Hector can display it? Because it's amassed plenty of sentimental value at this point and he definitely doesn't just wanna throw it away.
I prefer Darryl being more involved with the new rifle than just the finishing touches, so to speak, but I'm also leaning towards Hector making an energy weapon out of it - question is how much experience Darryl has with those. Hector would definitely need her help replicating the aspects of her rifle that he liked a lot, but there will have to be a lot of design adjustments for making it viable as an energy weapon.
Basically what I have in mind at the moment is that the essence of it is still pretty close to Darryl's rifle (like the basic structure, some functions, how it handles, stuff like that), but the end product is also quite a bit different.
But also wood inlays to make it Aesthetic and as a nod to the old one? I think that would be very cool
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corvidexoskeleton20 days ago
Hm the spot I've been looking at for Darryl's house is pretty close to listening post bravo, so maybe once all the stuff with blind betrayal goes down, Danse can be one of the people to keep an eye on the place when she's not home, and probably watch Sarah as well when Darryl can't take her with
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corvidexoskeletona month ago
okay so. If I remember right, Derrick joined up with the BOS with the goal to get out there more and hopefully find clues for the whereabouts of his son. He also has a military history pre-war, which wasn't necessarily all that positive, was it?
I guess my question is: is he as anti-military as Darryl? To a lesser degree? Not against it at all?
Was joining up with the BOS a necessary evil for him in order to find his son? Did he like it anyway? Did it grow on him after working with them?
Long story short: how does Derrick feel about the BOS
I think Derrick's feelings about the bos are kinda complicated, as were his feelings about the pre-war military
To start, both Derrick and Darryl grew up in a military family. There were a lot of people in their extended family who were actively in it, and for the most part the family had pretty good opinions of them. Some didn't or had bad opinions, but they weren't included much
Growing up, Darryl had a pretty positive view of the military, but grew less so as she got older and learned about them more, but by the time she joined she was still just kinda indifferent about them, maybe feeling pretty unsure. But as that post a while back said about how the military is a cult, she joined anyways after enough pressure from her family - despite the growing feelings she had that maybe the military isn鈥檛 so good, nor her family. And since she had to step up and take care of Derrick where their parents fell short, a lot of her views got mixed up with some of the views their family tried to push onto him
He was around 11 when Darryl joined the military and saw it for what it was, after which she wasn鈥檛 around as much to combat the stuff their parents told him, so he had a lot of uncertainty because: on the one hand, this is what his parents and a lot of his extended family is saying, and he鈥檚 still young and impressionable, but on the other hand he does remember some of the stuff Darryl told him. And he鈥檇 feel like he should trust what Darryl has to say about it bc she always seemed to care more than the rest of their family and he generally trusted her with most other stuff, and because of that - even tho their family tried really hard to get him to believe them - he鈥檇 have felt really uneasy and not so good about the stuff they said, even if he can鈥檛 quite reject or dispute it
Anyways. That being said, Derrick knew that the military was kinda not that good before he joined up - bc of Darryl鈥檚 influence when he was growing up, and bc of the stuff she told him after she joined - but he was, ultimately, still pretty dependent on and easily coerced or talked into doing stuff he maybe didn鈥檛 really want to do by their family. I mean, he was like 18 when he was pressured into joining. Tho I鈥檓 sure that the fact that there was a war about to break out certainly didn鈥檛 help
But I doubt it took long for Derrick to go from 鈥渉ey maybe the military isn鈥檛 really that good鈥 to 鈥渙h my god these guys are horrible, why did I let my parents talk me into doing this鈥. He really didn鈥檛 like being in the military. He didn鈥檛 like what they did, the way they operated, what they stood for, and he definitely didn鈥檛 like what he had to do while in the military. I think he would at least be as anti-military as Darryl, but I can鈥檛 decide if he would be any more or less than her. They both grew up in the cult of military culture and military families, and they鈥檝e both been funneled into it despite how they might feel about it, so they鈥檙e both pretty against it
As far as the bos goes, I think that the intentions behind joining up were genuinely from a necessary evil standpoint. However, after he was in, I think that there was definitely an aspect of, like, old habits dying hard, or like relapsing into a self-destructive tendency. I鈥檓 having a hard time thinking of the right way to phrase it atm, but the closest comparison I can think of is an abuse victim continuously ending up in abusive situations, or a cult survivor getting roped into another cult. Partially bc they鈥檝e grown somewhat accustomed to or dependent on the dynamic, but also partially bc they don鈥檛 really have the ability to get out that situation on their own
Which means that even tho Darryl was able to find Kellogg and the kids, he wasn鈥檛 really able to extricate himself from the bos until blind betrayal happened, something drastic enough that he more or less had to. Although, I don鈥檛 think that that was the only reason he stayed in the bos. There鈥檚 also the fact that it would be extremely helpful to have insider info on the bos and the stuff they鈥檙e getting up to
As far as his opinion on the bos, he鈥檇 initially think of them the same way he felt about the military. But, once he and Danse start getting closer, he鈥檇 end up in a similar situation that he was in with his family when he was younger; where he logically knows that the group is bad, but he鈥檚 still subject to being influenced by certain people in the group whom he feels he should listen to, regardless of whether or not he trusts them. Which he doesn鈥檛
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