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#darth maul
gffa · 2 days ago
You ever think about how much damage Maul did to the galaxy as one lone rogue Force-sensitive?  All the people he hurt and killed?  The places he was able to go because of his abilities?  That he was able to rip minds apart, read people’s thoughts, easily kill them, take over the entire crime syndicate of Crimson Dawn because who was going to stop him, hell, take over an entire planet because he won a battle for it?  That he was able to practically waltz in there and set himself on the throne because who was going to stop him? Do you ever think about the crazy amounts of damage he did even after he was captured by Ahsoka?  Once she let him out of his cell to be a distraction, do you ever think about how he ripped that cruiser apart, how he just mowed down all those clones in his wake without so much as a weapon in his hand, just his own connection to the Force? Maul left huge swathes of damage and death in his wake because his abilities made him borderline unstoppable to most people and even the Jedi had difficulties in catching up to him, given that they were in the middle of a war and it’s a big fucking galaxy, it’s not like he was somewhere in the same city as them. You ever think about how much one person was able to hurt the galaxy because of their Force-sensitive abilities and go, shit, maybe the Jedi have a point about how they really really need to get themselves under control because otherwise people are going to die if they don’t?
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pixalry · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Darth Maul - Created by Drumond Art
You can follow this artist on Instagram and Twitter.
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incorrectclonewars · 2 days ago
Ahsoka: Even though you tried to kill me, revenge was not an idea that was promoted in the Jedi Order. 
Mau, relieved: Oh, well that’s good-
Ahsoka: [grabs Maul by the shoulders] …But I’m not in the Jedi Order anymore, am I.
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into-daylight-hope · 2 days ago
Darth Maul on Obi-Wan Kenobi +
Perception of the Jedi by their Enemies
Darth Maul has a very consistent strategy when trying to bring down Obi-Wan. Which is attack somewhere, put innocent people in danger. Kenobi being the annoying knight he is will come running to save them. Than kill him when he is busy being a good person.
1-Raydonia 2-Satine 3-Mandalore 4-Luke
(He didn't personally go in the third one but he sent Ahsoka. And he put himself in great risk by authorizing the Siege. This action was illegal.)
The best part is Maul is completely aware what he is doing. He acknowledges this many times.
Your noble flaw is a weakness shared by you and your duchess.
I was expecting Kenobi. Why are you here?
I am lost... And yet, I-I can feel his presence, so close. So close! I can... see him... in my mind's eye. Kenobi. KENOBIIIII!... Will it end here, like this? No. NO! I must draw kenobi out, tempt his noble heart. But how, how?... I know... I know.
His plans literally revolves around Obi-Wan having a noble heart. Which is one of the reasons Maul sees it as a flaw. Because it leaves someone vulnerable to wicked people like Maul.
This isn't even a specific Maul & Obi-Wan thing. We can find many examples of people trying to use Jedi's virtue against them. The Jedi seem to have a reputation in the galaxy as highly virtuous people.
Admiral Trench specifically bombarding Senator Organa's refugee camps because he believes this will force Republic Army to engage him. (Tell me again how Republic was as bad as the CIS)
Zygerrian slavers method of enslaving and attempting to control Jedi was hurting innocents every time they showed defiance.
Admiral Trench makes this gamble again in the last season but with the worst person he could choose.
Tumblr media
This is a good reference to other scenes and quotes. Reusing the word "nobility" was definitely trying to make a contrast between Trench & Anakin with Maul & Obi-Wan.
It really shows how much Anakin has diverted from what a Jedi should be. He even calls nobility a flaw like Maul does.
Inspiration for this post came when after seeing some bewildering takes on Obi-Wan, my first thought was:
"Man, even Maul would find these claims ridiculous. No one in star wars has any delusions of Kenobi being evil or corrupt to the degree they imagine."
Things spiraled from there. I ended up finding many evidences of this in canon. Like this quote ⬇️
Why come to this place, not simply to hide?... Oh, you have a purpose here.
I love this one. Maul knows Kenobi is not one to abandon his duty or ideals. Which means if he is on Tatooine he must have some some kind of mission here.
All of this resulted in creating a hilarious picture because,
I can't believe Admiral Trench and Zygerrians have a more positive perception of the Jedi than many fans of Star Wars.
And people are really out there making Darth freaking MAUL look like a fan. You know it has gone too far when even Maul (the og hater) can't agree with such horrible takes.
I must draw Kenobi out, tempt his noble heart.
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nonbinarydin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[id: the cat surrounded by knives meme. the cat is labeled maul, while the circle of knives is labeled iram radique, bando gora, wolf worm, sidious, plagueis, jabba the hutt, warden blirr, and zero. end id]
maul: lockdown summarized
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jester-mereel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maul grappling with reminders of his failure.
Darth Maul—Death Sentence #2
writer: Tom Taylor, art: Bruno Redondo, Michael Atiyeh
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phoenixyfriend · a day ago
For the made up fanfic title: Cornfield Chase
send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it
You know when you go to a house and enter the corn maze and get chased by a dude with a fake chainsaw covered in fake blood as you scream real screams?
Maul got hired to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan is bringing his kids (Anakin and Ahsoka) to a haunted house as a reward for doing well on their midterms. Maul gets a job as a corn maze chase dude.
His chainsaw is not fake.
Obi-Wan is not aware of this, and spends the entire time narrowly dodging real death while laughing as he tries to keep Ahsoka from bolting out of his sight and Anakin from punching people.*
Obi-Wan walks out unscathed and completely ignorant to the fact Maul was a real hitman trying to kill him.
It is now personal and Obi-Wan should be fearing for his life for the next year.
He is not, mostly because he's still randomly avoiding every death that Maul sets and never finding out that anyone wants him dead at all. Maul isn't having any trouble with any other targets, mind you, nor is Obi-Wan doing this on purpose. One time Maul nearly trips off a subway platform and Obi-Wan saves him and then, when Maul attempts a stabbing, Obi-Wan thinks he just tripped and tells him to be a little more careful, maybe he should sit down?
It's a very frustrating time to be Maul.
IDK maybe they start dating the Halloween after that.
* Note: If your fear response is violence, don't go to a place where you pay people to scare you. These people are doing their jobs, and do not deserve broken noses for it.
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willowcrowned · 2 days ago
thoughts on how funny it would be if maul subconsciously picked up on obi wans comping mechanism of "being a slut"
darth “to defeat your enemy, you must know them—even practice their beliefs” maul sees obi-wan divert a breakdown by finding a hookup and decides that’s how he’s finally going to understand how the Jedi control their emotions. cut to two months later he’s the best adjusted he’s ever been because he’s finally experienced endorphins
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gffa · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Star Wars Redone Posters | by Benny Productions
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daeserter · a day ago
Tumblr media
Darth Maul by Mayrhosby Yeoshen
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incorrectclonewars · 15 hours ago
Maul: I got us matching friendship bracelets, and you say I don't care about our our relationship.
Ahsoka: ...
Ahsoka: These are handcuffs.
Maul: Ya cause we're partners in crime!
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dilf-vader · a day ago
Fuck it, lucasfilms should clone darth maul
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vayonel · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ahsoka being the living representation of the light side and Maul the dark side? Ohhh yessssss pleaseeee.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cl-01-kestis · a day ago
Competition - Darth Maul x Female Sith!Reader | nsfw
Summary: You’re taken under Darth Sidious’ wing and begin your training beside Maul, the man who makes your blood boil like no other. As the two of you are busy hating and constantly challenging each other, something else begins to form within the whirlwind of competition.
Warnings: smut!! Slight degrading, enemies to lovers, overstimulation, maul eats pussy like a champ
This was such an unnecessarily long fic
Tumblr media
You hated training with Maul. From the first time it happened, to the most recent.
He always judges you from your form, stamina, lack of training, politeness towards your shared Master, and even your small age gap. He was 22, you were only 19. He took any opportunity and made up any excuse to bully you, as though he was trying to prove something to Sidious by showing that he was the stronger Apprentice. Nevertheless, it didn’t work.
You had been training with Maul for over a year now, the two of you butted heads constantly whilst also doing your best to make Sidious happy by not killing each other. It was more difficult than it sounded, the two of you were on the brink of a massacre every time you trained together. Sidious was oblivious to your hatred most of the time, and if he knew, he would highly encourage it.
Right now, you were face to face with Maul with a long wooden stick held with both of your hands, a fierce grip tightening as your jaw clenched. He was smirking at you, a stick in his hands too except he appeared more casual. More relaxed. He was infuriating.
You made the first move, swinging the stick in the direction of his head. But your speed wasn’t your best ability, and Maul ducked beneath the stick as though he was made of pure air. You didn’t stop there, spinning around and kicking his side with the heel of your foot, wounding him momentarily. Maul grunted sharply before lunging forward and swinging his stick to your leg, you reacted quick and jumped before the stick caught your knees or ankles.
However, you weren’t so quick to react to his second blow as the tip of the stick jabbed right into your stomach, pushing you to the ground but you wouldn’t be taken down so easily. After a few coughs, you steadied yourself and fixed your grip on your stick, hands trembling ever so slightly.
You began to circle each other, slow but primal. You weren’t sure who the predator or prey was in the situation, you two were just as desperate to tear each other apart but only one would win. Only one could prove their dominance.
The sound of your heartbeat pulsed in your ears, short and sharp breaths leaving your parted lips as goosebumps races over your body. You were grateful you decided to wear a black vest instead of a white one, or else Maul would be getting a nice view of your exposed and erect nipples. You felt so exploded, but it was so hot. The training rooms never had the best ventilation, so you and Maul had to rely on little clothing.
“You seem a little hesitant to strike, young one,” Maul taunted, smirk dancing on his face as he twirled his stick around skilfully in an attempt to intimidate you. You frowned at his words, your grip only getting tighter which seemed to fuel his arrogance.
“Shut up, you’re distracting me,” You hissed, finally making a move and raising your leg up, past your height, to kick Maul right in the jaw. It was an unexpected move, physical combat wasn’t allowed when you were in lightsaber training. You just broke a rule.
Maul fell on the ground and dropped his stick, eyes burning with an anger like nothing you had ever seen. Blood ran from his nose as he sat up, his fingers collecting some to prove that you had caused a bit too much damage. However, he stood up and left his stick on the ground, fists and jaw clenched.
“Oh, I see how it is,” He cracked his knuckles before using the force to rip your own stick from your grasp. You gasped at his sudden actions and you were about to protest, until he ran towards you and tackled you to the ground.
A wrestle flourished between the two of you, far from friendly or in the category of training. You wrapped your legs around him and rolled over, hands around his throat which made him struggle only slightly. Your nails pressed into his flesh as his hands reached up to grab your hair and force you to let go. A cry of pain left you as he achieved the upper hand and slipped from beneath you, his body now pressed behind you and his arms catching you in a head lock.
He was strong, you knew by learning the hard way. No matter how hard you scratched him or thrashed around, his forearm was still pressed tight against your jugular, making it almost impossible to breathe. Quickly, you rolled your whole body forward and brought Maul with you, his body crashing into the mats which caused a loud boom to echo around the training room. The eruption was followed by a groan of discomfort from the Nightbrother, who stayed in the ground for a few more seconds before sitting up and scuttling towards you, his hand reaching out to grab your ankle and tug you violently towards him, underneath him.
Out of breath, a broken whimper left your throat as Maul peered down at you with a smug expression. You tried to move but a sudden force bound your limbs to your body, tight and unforgiving.
“Karking hell Maul, let me go! This isn’t fair!” You screamed, anger scorching in your veins as your eyes flashed bright, vibrant gold - matching his. The Zabrak stayed on top of you and a quiet chuckle left him.
“Not fair? Not fair? You’re the one who started this!” He gripped your chin harshly and forced you to look at him. “Need I remind you that I’m the one with more experience here, you’re just a useless whore who I haven’t killed yet because my master needs you alive,” He gritted his teeth as he spoke, eyes ablaze with an emotion you couldn’t quite decipher.
A useless whore. Those words sunk into your brain and another sound of vulnerability left you. Maul seemed to hear the sound and didn’t respond for about a minute. The silence was killing you, but maker the anticipation of his next move was suffocating you.
Unconsciously, you clenched your legs together and looked away from his intense gaze. You continued to struggle and make small sounds of frustration, which only fuelled Maul’s ego. He slipped past your mental barriers and shuffled through your thoughts without your permission, discovering the arousal that was brewing inside you at his degradation.
Maul wrapped a hand around your throat and you immediately struggled, eyes growing wide with fright as he squeezed, softly.
“How… surprising,” Maul smirked, a chuckle rumbled deep in his chest which vibrated against yours, causing you to look away from him and save yourself the embarrassment of watching him laugh at your situation.
“Let go” You whined, your nails digging into the skin on the back of his hand as you tried pulling it off your neck. He only squeezed tighter and caused you to gasp, choking slightly and spluttering on your words.
“I’ll let you go once you’ve admitted I’m the stronger one” He spoke, and at that point you weren’t sure if he was teasing you anymore. His tone deepened and you felt his knee press against your core, moving it up and down slightly which caused you to freeze.
Oh god… this was actually happening.
“In your dreams, you horny headed asshole” You sneered, a smirk growing on your lips as you challenged the, much stronger, Nightbrother who had you completely and utterly at his mercy.
You didn’t want to admit it, and you tried to ignore it, but you could feel the slick of your arousal start to seep through your panties. If it wasn’t blatantly obvious to Maul before, it would be now due to his heightened senses. He could most definitely smell you right now.
Maul sat up, removing his grip from your neck and tugging his shirt off his torso before throwing it to the side. You started feeling more tense - what was he planning?
You didn’t think much about it as he tugged on your leggings and started removing them from your hips, but still keeping your panties on. You squirmed under the force’s grip, sweat starting to form on your temple as you felt him take off your socks as well, before finally slipping off your bottoms.
“You’ll learn your lesson when I’m finished with you, you’ll learn who’s really in charge here” Maul growled, parting your legs and slotting himself between them. One of his hands cupped your cheek and pulled you up to kiss him, hard and passionate. You were thrown off slightly with how forceful the kiss was, your head growing a bit hazy as he slipped his tongue between your lips. Both of you groaned, the kiss was sloppy but it done absolute wonders especially with building tension. Maul bit down on your bottom lip and started kissing down your neck, leaving a trail of teeth marks and saliva which would surely bruise the day after.
“I’m going to ruin you, have you scream my name” He sunk his teeth into your shoulder as his hand started fondling your breast. You closed your eyes and made a small noise of satisfaction, grinding up into him and feeling his own arousal which was separated from yours by his trousers.
“You can try” You challenged, your words brave but your tone pitiful. It was amusing for him to see.
“I will, and I’ll succeed” He smirked cockily, slipping his hand underneath your black vest and rubbing his thumb delicately over your hardening nipple. You bit your bruised lip and found it more difficult to hold back the moans building up in your chest. Maul could sense your arousal growing, and he only smirked as he pinched your nipple and earned a surprised yelp from you.
“What makes you so sure?” You continued to argue, biting the tip of your tongue as Maul ripped off your vest without any care and dipped his head to take one of your nipples in his mouth. You bucked your hips up again, letting out a breath of pleasure as Maul left a dark trail of love bites and bruises down to your navel.
Lifting one of your legs up and over his shoulder, he looked up at you from where he was lying and you immediately regret asking him that in the first place. Maul’s hands found your hips and his fingers slid under the bands of your panties, his nails digging in to the point your skin broke. You let out a loud cry of pain that echoed around the training room, the sound vibrating off the sound proof walls.
“I have you completely at my mercy, and I can sense how desperate you are for me, do not belittle me” Maul dragged his nails down your hips slightly which made you whine once again, struggling to keep still as he started licking and sucking his way down your naked body until he eventually landed at the hem of your panties. You looked away out of embarrassment, cheeks glowing with heat as you felt his breath on your covered clit. You had never been in this situation before, you weren’t a virgin but no one had ever pleasured you with their mouth, so you were a little on edge.
Maul could sense your anticipation grow and he responded to it by breathing in your aroused scent, his eyes fluttering shut as his fingers hooked around the hem of your panties and pulled them down. You stiffened, attempting to clench your legs together to cover yourself up but Maul delivered a hard smack to the back of your thigh, causing a baffled moan to slip past your bruised lips as you sent him an irritated glare. He only smirked.
Maul didn’t waste a second as he slipped your panties through your feet and threw them to the side, discarded with his shirt and your leggings. You couldn’t bare to watch, your face burning with humiliation as you lay fully exposed to the man you loathed. But your body deceived you as Maul rest his cheek on your hipbone and looked up at you with a grin.
A slender finger prodded against your clit, his feather light touch massaging small circles onto the bundle of nerves as he curiously watched your reaction. Your back immediately arched, hips jolting up at the sudden contact of his fingers.
“Maul, please…” You sighed, clenching your hands into fists as they struggled against the force grip at either side of your head.
“Use your words, darling” He cooed, pressing soft kisses onto your skin and tantalising you even further.
“I- I want to feel your mouth” You winced, hating how you sounded so vulnerable and weak as Maul chuckled deeply at your response and readjusted his position so his head was between your legs and your thighs were over his shoulders. His arms held onto your thighs, biting and kissing them tenderly in an attempt to warm you up before any further ministrations.
“Good girl, see how easy it is to accept that I’m in charge?” Maul smirked, his breath fanning against your exposed clit. You were going to snap back a snarky reply, but the pleasure made you soon forget about what he said. Chills shook your body, you couldn’t seem to lie still as Maul’s lips pressed above your clit, still teasing you and driving you to the point of insanity.
Just as you were about to argue, Maul gave your clit an wet, open mouthed kiss. You sucked in a sharp breath, scared to make any noise as an indication that he was getting the upper hand. If he made you cum, then maybe you would warm up to the idea of him being in charge. But if he didn’t, well, you’d be a little bit angry.
Maul’s concentration on the force gripping your wrists died away and you instantly bit into your finger to diminish the moans threatening to spill from your bruised lips. Your other hand flew to his head and gripped onto his short horns, pushing your hips up slightly into his mouth as he continued his assault on your swollen nub.
He groaned against you as he felt your hand grab onto his head, he took that as a sign of dependence from you and a signal to continue his ministrations.
His tongue pressed onto you harder, lapping at the slick which was pooling at your entrance before forcefully gripping your hips and pulling you closer. You couldn’t stop yourself from mewling loudly as Maul’s tongue slid through your folds and wriggled inside you, tasting you as much as he could. You closed your eyes and finally let yourself enjoy what was happening, removing your hand from your mouth and allowing yourself to moan without feeling vulnerable.
Your sudden moans fuelled Maul’s determination to please you further, moving one of his hands from your hips and removed his lips and tongue from your swollen cunt. You whined at the absence of his mouth but quickly shut up when his finger prodded at your slick entrance, circling it teasingly as he watched your expression shift. He studied you quietly, sheathing his finger inside you till he reached the knuckle. You gasped, letting out another stifled plea as Maul started thrusting his finger in and out.
He added another shortly after, creating a scissoring motion to stretch you open more. His tongue quickly returned to your clit, his breath hot and heavy as he started curling his fingers up into your g-spot, causing you to tighten almost instantly and call his name.
“M-Maul, fuck… where’d you learn to do this?” You struggled to even get the question out considering he was putting in most of his strength into making you come undone. Maul only smirked, looking up at you with his piercing yellow eyes which matched yours.
A shallow pressure started to build in the core of your stomach, you felt like a balloon was being inflated inside you slowly and surely. It was building up quick, due to Maul’s lips wrapping around your clit and sucking hard. You weren’t able to clench your thighs due to his horns poking at your skin, but you didn’t know what to do with yourself. You could only hold his head and thrust up into him as your orgasm approached.
“I-I’m gonna cum…!” You whimpered, face flush with embarrassment as you spoke without even thinking, but Maul didn’t make a snarky comment or chuckle, instead he applied much more pressure and quickened the pace of his fingers inside you.
Maul ate you out like he was absolutely starving, as though he had been deprived for days and just been given the most delectable fruit. He was an animal, one you could no longer control.
Your orgasm hit you hard, it crashed through your body uncontrollably but Maul still continued eating you out. You cried out, voice broken and blabbering out incoherent nonsense as you tried pulling Maul’s face away from your overspent sex.
“Karking hell, Maul stop-!” You sobbed pathetically, hips stuttering underneath him as he continued milking you dry. It felt so fucking good, but you felt your consciousness slipping as your orgasm came to an end. Maul finally stopped when he noticed your droopy eyes and your loosened grip on his horns. He delicately removed his fingers from you, giving your clit one last kiss before sitting up and sucking his fingers dry.
Your legs trembled, you were barely able to move as you lay completely spent on the gymnasium mats. Loud panting was the only sound in the training room and it even echoed against the walls.
“You are breathtaking” You heard Maul say, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before shuffling over to lie beside you, he propped himself on his elbows so he was looking down at you. You blushed at his heartfelt comment, smiling like an idiot as you reached a hand up to cup his cheek and study his facial features.
“What have we gotten ourselves into?” You laughed, feeling amused by the situation you had both tangled yourselves into. Maul only grinned and leaned over to kiss the top of your head affectionately.
“I’m still not admitting you’re the stronger one” You meant to say it as a passing comment, but the moment you looked at Maul after you said that made you realise you had made a mistake.
“Then maybe I should convince you some more” He cooed, taking your chin in his nimble fingers and tilting your head up so you could see him properly.
Oh boy, you thought - maybe you underestimated just how competitive Maul really was.
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k3arttime · a day ago
Tumblr media
hi these are my OCs Ashley and Paul, please don’t steal thanks!
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phoenixyfriend · 20 hours ago
Every MaulObi fic I come up with is just "Maul tries to kill Obi-Wan. Fails. He feels gay about it and tries to kill him again but harder this time."
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