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well i was bored so HEY @jackdaw-kraai​ MADE YOU A THING
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nevertheless-moving · a day ago
never not obsessed with the idea of time traveling Luke doing the reverse Bespin “You Are My Dad—You’re my Dad! ~boogie woogie woogie ~
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tessiete · 2 days ago
ahh one of my fave authors is doing prompts!!! my night is made!!! Hmm I'll leave the choice to you...8 and either Anakin and Obi-Wan, or Obi-Wan and Satine?
Loooooooooook, so this ended up darker than I expected, but like the thing is, you picked Trial Before Pilate from Jesus Christ Superstar 🤣🤣🤣 So really, you've done this to yourself.
Hopefully, it's not too...dark or...idk. You know? IF YOU HATE IT I'LL WRITE YOU A NEW ONE!!! <3 @kckenobi I love you I love you I loooove you!!! And thank you!!
(tw: violence, a little bit of blood, Always-A-Sith Anakin, prisoner Obi-Wan, Palpatine being mean)
When the Republic falls the Jedi fall with it. Vader watches the Temple burn from the senate building, and when they bring the Council before the Chancellor he watches as they are executed one by one.
All except the last.
He is not a master, but a knight. No one special except he is the one to have lit the beacon, and secreted all the younglings out through the crypts. He has survived the longest. He is to be made an example.
He doesn’t carry a lightsaber - that has been taken from him, along with everything else - and he wears only the thin layers of under tunics as he stands shackled and still before Vader. His clothes are nearly the colour of his skin. Pale white. The colour of the sun. The colour of sand, and the Dune Sea he left behind so long ago. His mother is buried there.
His master killed her, in order to free him.
Love is a weakness, he’d said.
This Jedi will die knowing he has freed the children at the Temple. That he has saved countless Jedi who even now flee deeper and deeper into the night, toward the stars.
He will die at Vader’s hand. The Emperor has decreed it.
Unless - and the Emperor smiles when he marks out the condition - Unless he repudiates the Light, and Falls with us.
“That is your task, my apprentice,” Palpatine says. “It is a privilege, and a great triumph to make a Jedi Fall. If he does, then I shall spare his life, and he will be yours to tame as you see fit.”
It is still a death, Vader thinks. Whether in spirit or in flesh, this Jedi shall still die.
It is to be a humiliation of sorts, and a terrible surrender. The final disgrace of the Jedi, made public, with the whole of the Senate in attendance. They circle round in their separate rostrums, their faces gaunt and grim. There are fewer than before, Vader notes. He sees their empty pulpits clearly from where he stands raised upon the central dias, but then, he knows to look for them because it was he who saw them emptied. Traitors, and pacifists mostly, though not the bravest few who spoke with their eyes open. Organa is still here, and Amidala. They stand hunched, and afraid, casting wary looks over their shoulders knowing they must be next.
That is the trick of it, and Vader smiles to think of it. The Emperor wants them alive. It is better that they live in fear than die as martyrs, he says. So they are made to watch as the Jedi is made to kneel at Vader’s feet.
The Sith Lord does not draw his blade. He knows this knight will not bow to the threat of violence. No, he must work on him some other way.
“Obi-Wan Kenobi,” he says, voice deep and resonant. The fluctuations of his vocoder make him sound older. Ageless. He is made of shadow and suffering and eternity and fear. He is the dark side personified. Worlds have trembled to hear him speak.
This Jedi does not even blink.
Instead, he turns up bright blue eyes, so light they might as well contain all the stars of the galaxy therein.
“Lord Vader,” he says. His voice is soft. His lips move over the shape of Vader’s name gently. Kindly. He has never heard his title spoken with such civility before.
Behind his mask, he grits his teeth, and with a flick of his hand he throws Kenobi onto his back, helpless, and unable to break his fall while his hands are still bound. There are a few gasps, stifled quickly. Rage fills him, hot and comforting, and he is in control, pacing back and forth in front of his prisoner.
“Do you know why you are here, Jedi?”
“Because you have brought me here,” Kenobi says, rolling to his side. Then, clumsily he rises to his knees, and Vader watches. Waiting. Those eyes are back on him, a summer sky fretted with the golden fire rays of his lashes, like sunlight. It is sickening.
“You are a member of an order of traitors, and have acted to subvert the Empire. You have supported a coup, and been a leader in a campaign to unseat your Lord Emperor from his rightful throne. Do you deny it?”
“I would suggest that it is the Emperor himself who has instigated a coup,” he says. “The Jedi are peaceful. We have no desire to rule -”
He doesn’t bother with the Force this time, striking him with the back of his hand. He feels the fragile bones of Kenobi’s nose fracture, and a streak of scarlet smears across his cheek, but he does not seem the least bit penitent.
“The Jedi are weak.”
Those eyes...For a moment, Vader feels himself unmasked and reaches up to run his hand through his hair in frustration, but his gloved fist meets the dome of his helmet and he is safe. Except that Kenobi still looks at him, all colour and light and certainty.
Very well, Vader thinks. I shall burn him from the inside out.
And he plunges into the river of power between them, for the Force flows all ways and he is strong enough to direct the current so that it flows for him. He surges against the shore of Kenobi’s mind like ocean waves upon a narrow spit of sand. But for all the fury of the sea, it cannot wash away the land, and instead of flooding the Jedi, Vader finds himself tumbled over the smooth rocks, and washed up upon the fine grit of his mind like a drowned man upon the beach. He gasps, breathing in warm, summer air. Great, heaving breaths. His lungs burn with it after swallowing icy water for so long. The sun shines down on him. He closes his eyes to its light, but it flickers red and pink between his lashes curious of this strange creature. His robes are heavier than ever, soaked and scratchy with salt, and before he even thinks of what it is he does, he takes off his cloak and -
Vader pulls back. He is back in the Senate. He has, indeed, not left it. And the Jedi is bent forward, his hands braced against the floor. Vader can feel a chill fritter up the back of his neck, and turns to see his master sneering over his shoulder. The Emperor grows impatient, and afraid. He grabs the Jedi by the back of the neck and forces him down, hissing in his ear as he looms over him. He turns his vocoder off so that he may whisper in his natural voice, a confession of his own.
“What did you do?” he asks. “What have you done to me?”
“Nothing,” Kenobi gasps. “Nothing, nothing.”
He shoves him aside, and calls out for the benefit of the audience, his voice booming once again. “Do you deny your trespasses, Jedi? Do you deny your Order?”
“I cannot deny the Light.”
“The Light has denied you,” Vader says.
“Then where is it?”
“Enough of this! Vader!” The Emperor rises from his seat, creeping forward silently, his arms crooked, and Vader can see the tips of his fingers blacken with the spark of a flame. “I grow tired of these Jedi games,” he sneers.
And lightning erupts from his fingertips.
Kenobi cries out once, then bites his tongue and Vader watches as blood trickles between his lips to coat the soft scruff of his beard.
As quick as it started, it also stops. The Emperor shouts down from his seat.
“Do you renounce the Light, Jedi? Do you see how it has betrayed you?”
Obi-Wan shakes his head.
The Emperor strikes him again. Electricity leaps in frantic little arcs over his body, rushing here and there as though it might bind him up in threads of blue light like a spider binds a fly. Vader knows what it is to be the fly. He has suffered at his master’s hands many times, and he can almost feel -
He can feel.
The Jedi. He has done something.
The lightning stops again and before the Emperor can speak, Vader moves to lift the Jedi up. He hauls him to his knees, and puts his mouth to Kenobi’s ear.
“What is this?” he asks. “I can feel you.”
“You came to me,” Obi-Wan breathes. “You found me in the Light.”
“What does he say, Vader? Does he repent? Does he embrace the Dark as you have done?”
Vader looks into Kenobi’s eyes, and Obi-Wan looks back with summer skies and ocean waves and kyber crystals and starlight and a hundred million suns.
Vader lets go, and he collapses at his feet.
“He does not,” he says, his voice sounding hollow to his own ear. Not strong, or powerful, only empty like a child calling out in the dark and getting no response.
The lightning comes again, and this time Obi-Wan is too weak to even flinch beneath its touch. He only stares at Vader, unblinking, blood pooling beneath his cheek, and Vader counts the seconds.
He stalks forward, and the Emperor stops to allow his apprentice to approach his prey. Vader wants to remove his helmet, he wants to remove his gloves, and feel the heat of Obi-Wan’s skin, and see the colour of his eyes without the distortion of his polarised lenses. But he cannot. He cannot. So he rolls Obi-Wan to his back, and leans over him as close as he can get. He imagines he would be able to feel his breath flutter against his cheek if he were bared enough.
“What do you want, Kenobi? What do you need? Tell me.”
Obi-Wan sighs, and his eyelids flutter. A small furrow appears beneath his brows as he struggles to bring Vader into focus this near to him, but he doesn’t say anything. He admits nothing. He confesses nothing. Vader wants to shake him.
“Speak to me, Obi-Wan!” he pleads. “I have your life in my hands.”
“You hold nothing in your hands,” he breathes. “For I am beloved of the Force, and you can’t change that.”
“Fool,” Vader spits. But he does not let go.
And when the Emperor asks, “Does he repent?”
Vader looks up, and says, “Yes.”
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mynameisanakin · 2 days ago
My God, you were totally right about the majority of the Star Wars fandom sucking ass! I rather snarkily commented on one Jedi defender’s post that “I shudder to think what would happen to any child under their care” because I genuinely was shocked by how many people were defending them for child neglect in regards to Anakin with the Chancellor in their now “official” canon Disney Obi Wan Kenobi comic. Immediately, they started streaming into my inbox about how I must be one of “those spoiled children who never knew got disciplined in my life by my parents” because I dared to point how the Jedi Council were being shown to be emotionally negligent parents in regards to Anakin’s well being, and yes, made a rather snarky comment about how I shuddered to think of any of them being or becoming parents. Like, how does it not sound vaguely threatening for the Chancellor to say “Well, the Jedi are under jurisdiction to listen to the Senate, and as I am the Chancellor…” right after Mace Windu tries to tell him that Obi Wan could handle Anakin and say no. That was blackmail, which was a red flag! The Jedi Council were more concerned about their image and reputation for “the greater good” than the well-being of a child under their care. That was child neglect of Anakin and also borderline exploitation.
The funny thing is that they have absolutely no problem in commenting how Disney has invalidated the original EU that, while not entirely written by George Lucas, was giving his guidance and approval to the authors who wrote The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. None of those added scenes or explanations about the characters motivations directly contradict what we see on screen. They naturally expand upon what was implied, revealed, shown, or touched upon in the PT movies, but fans still are stuck upon this idea of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader never being anything more than the powerful illusion of the cartoon villain cyborg killer machine man he was in “New Hope.”
To be honest, I also think a lot of it has to do with the fact that a lot of fans in this fandom are middle aged comic book nerds who LIKE cartoonish and generic antiheroes and villains who seem intimidating and badass on screen. They want characters they can only imagine themselves to ever be as badass, macho, and cool and logical under pressure. They want male power That’s why you get articles online shitting on Luke Skywalker in the OT and Anakin Skywalker in the PT for being “too whiny,” “too emotional,” and “too irrational,” while they’ll talk about how Han Solo was the real hero they liked so much better in them. They want black-and-white good vs evil tropes because they don’t want to watch these movies or explore this universe to think or consider other perspectives more deeply than they normally would. They don’t appreciate the classic literary overtones and themes in the narrative of Shakespearean tragedy overtones, dystopian societies that fall apart, Byronic heroes, tragic heroes, tragic villains, emotional lead male characters, or female characters who aren’t strong women™️
Tumblr media
As much as I do not hear that I am correct enough, and as such, would dearly like to enjoy hearing it, it's never about anything good when I do hear it. So, I have to say, I am genuinely sorry to be right about this.
It really sucks the joy out of something when one is not allowed to be enjoying it. If you want to enjoy Star Wars without having an insanely negative experience, there are only a couple of, oftentimes overlapping, ways in which you're allowed to do so: fully mindless enjoyment or engaging with the characters, narrative, and media in ways that are hyperspecificaly Approved. It's like One Ring of Aggressive Dipshittery in this fandom. There is only but one correct way to view the characters, enjoy them, speak of them. One correct set of preferential media. One correct viewpoint on the narrative. And while most things pertaining to engaging with fiction have some degree of not being capable of holding to purely objective, correct views, this shit takes the entire cake shop of flying in the face of canon, creator intent, literary constructs, and critical thinking. Also, basic empathy of both characters and the real people they're interacting with.
I did see your ongoing nonsense anons, but I was in the middle of work, recovering from work, then, in the middle of editing. They're absolutely typical of what happens when someone steps out of line, though, and I was honestly a little shocked it took them so long to bravely drop into your inbox anonymously to harass you.
Because it's one of those terribly {un}funny things; while they are so vehemently offended that they will attack you, as a real person, they'll also be on about how it's "just fiction" in the same damn sentence once they find something they believe they can use as easily moveable goalposts to that end. This works extremely well for them, since they lack the reading comprehension, conversational skill, and common sense required to actually hold opposing viewpoints with someone else, let alone to make a valid argument of any sort.
The "arguments" always come down to:
so actually you hate/support killing children
you're a fascist
you're a racist
you just want to fuck Anakin
stunning exhibitions of misogyny, misandry, ableism, and homophobia
equally stunning exhibitions of cognitive dissonance
it's not real omg
Because there isn't actually an argument they can win at, they literally have to be reactive as hell. They're operating at the worst intersection of fandom-as-activism and the same, tired, gross behavior that this fandom, specifically, has been infamous for online and in person for about as long as it has existed.
And you're absolutely right, a lot of it does have to do with the sort of people involved. They do tend to want purely mindless, stereotypical media that they can make something novel as it suits them, moving the same tropes and clichés with them across every fandom space they inhabit. If you spend time in any other active mega fandom, or have in the last decade, you'll see exactly the same "characters" with different names and appearances for this reason. Next time there is a massive, even if temporary, explosion of something, watch. You can about count down to fanon ascribing a chaotic dumbass, a long-suffering only-real-adult, our lesbian daughter/bi son, and fashionable take no shit from the boys character to that show, movie, or play.
They truly want the same characters over and over again, while wanting them in new material. It's like fanfic but malignant for its reliance on and reduction of canon, as well as going the distance with that fanon to force it to "become" canon.
It's perfectly alright to have different interpretations of something, things speak differently to everyone because none of us are listening quite the same way. It's perfectly alright to build on what you're given in canon, to creatively explore those worlds and characters, making them something of your own in headcanons and meta. So long as you're not forcing it out there on everyone as the one and only actual canon that can be discussed and accepted. They don't do this, they do force it, and because they have high stakes involved, it has to become outrageously aggressive and personal.
That's always been a problem to a degree, it was personal offense of middle-age fanboys in the PT release era {and when they were younger, plenty of them hated RotJ as well for doing the same thing, ruining their fantasy} that has so negatively impacted everything to do with the PT, save the fucking clown wars with exactly no coincidence there, that to this day, you still have fans wary of admitting liking them or those that refused to engage with them for years, only to find out that they'd been missing out. Fans of that era were so invested in SW as a part of their personality that they forgot what SW even was outside of their personal desires for what it should be. They only wanted the toxic male power fantasy. Only ANH Vader's projection of ultimate badass villainy, only objectified women, and a cool man to objectify them.
And none of that is, in actuality, the OT that they felt was so ruined by the PT as to ruin their childhoods. That Vader is shown to be an illusion as the story develops, the illusion is undermined in the next film as much as it tries to add to itself, for but one example of how none of that truly is there. But to take that away, in their viewpoint, is taking away that viewpoint itself and the things they've built of themselves around it.
It is now like that with the imperative to approach fiction through a lens of trend-morality as well. When you question or disagree with anything, even the silliest of fanon meant to be silly {regardless of whether it is in actuality or is a legitimate example of harmful stereotypes not created by the media itself but fans}, you are morally disagreeing with these people. You're endangering the fictitious, hyper-woke, heroism they've built their personalities around. Ergo, you're not just objectively or even speculatively wrong about something in fiction, you are terminally Wrong as a person as well and need to be "called out" on it.
This furthers the absolute need to engage with simplistic media, too. Nuanced characters and stories are dangerous and difficult to force into black and white logic. They've got to be reduced at a core level, and if their preferred media of the moment doesn't fit that already, they'll get to work with the fanon...that, then, is picked up and catered to by corporations, yeah. It was, literally, this sort of shit that made TCW. That was not a work of unadulterated, personal creativity on Lucas' part. The shit disney has been dribbling out since 2012 most certainly isn't, its entire "creative" impetus is monetary.
So, you have determinedly fan-reductive fiction, high personal stakes, but you also have...the internet as it has become in nearly 2022. People were always potentially shitty online, I think I was online for maybe an hour for the first time in 1995 before witnessing that, but it's baseline now. Like, I know it's An Old Person thing to say, but it's fucking true; the era of social media has turned other people into content. We're reduced to what we're providing for someone else, we're not real people anymore to others, while there is the idea that the snippet of one's life being displayed is the full view. You somehow know everyone here based on their opinions and shit posts, and honestly, you might actually know more about random people on tumblr than you ever will someone you meet in person, but at the same time, that lends no credibility to being a real, live person.
If you're not producing desired content and metrics, you just don't exist at all. If you're producing undesirable content and contrary opinions, your value becomes being mobbed by those who are {or, for the attention and validation of those who are}.
So, no, of course, they cannot parse that what you said isn't a case of fiction not equally reality whilst employing that counter-logic themselves to demonize you.
You know, I spend a lot of time bitching about that topic. It really bothers me that so many people reduce fictional characters in this way as well, engaging with fiction as though it is real in this way instead of viewing characters and stories as what they are; narrative functions within a narrative. I enjoy realistically looking at fiction, I enjoy writing that way as well. One of my favorite things is, quite obviously, taking an unrealistic world with real-life reflections within it and writing about it very realistically. However, my appreciation for the story is that it is a story, it isn't real.
When you look at someone's favorite character and use that as a judgment on them, as a real person, that is making fiction equal reality. It is based in the repeatedly denounced idea that the fiction one consumes influences negatively their real-life behaviors. That because someone's favorite character has done something morally objectionable {which, yep, bingo, is part of the imperative to make sure that character hasn't in fanon}, they support it and/or will/would do so as well.
This is not speaking of the opinions expressed by real fucking people, which is what you were doing. The victim-blaming, vilifying of neurodivergency, and intensely real-life opinions expressed in that post, and many others, are not based in fiction. They are reflections of reality being transposed onto a fictional topic. And it is, legitimately, concerning.
Any time a person with connection to any of those topics in reality expresses even the most polite discomfort, that concern is borne out in the response to it. I mean, does it seem like a rational, compassionate thing to do for that response, and much worse, to be given to real trauma sufferers, real people with mental illness and other neurodivergency? Because it sure doesn't seem like it to me! I would think, if someone genuinely gave a shit, they'd at least not engage, agree to disagree, do anything other than talk over someone with genuine, expensively bought, experience on those matters...instead of freaking out in their inbox because it challenges the necessary pseudo-intellectualism and moral authority they've established.
You saw how quickly it goes from a gratingly "single voice of maturity" sort of chidding that "don't you think" to maximum, juvenile hostility. And again, it goes right into the exposition of how very little things have changed. For all that their side of the fandom, and all of tumblr, wants to be on about how progressive-minded they are, it's performative only. They're going to bust out with how you're a sad, sexless, relationshipless, childless afab who wants to either romantically be with your favorite character or is finding that through them. They're going to break out offensive terminology and ideas about mental illness and differences, the same people who will lose their minds over you implying a character might have symptoms of a mental illness have no problem whatsoever calling you, not your actions, crazy or even "retarded." They're going to delve all the way back to this fandom circa 2002 and start implying things that give me war flashbacks to when the resolution to any contrary point was calling Anakin a "faggot" or a "queer" meant in the derogatory way.
But it's all "alright," you see, since everyone who disagrees with them is the moral sludge of the earth.
Welcome to hell!
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gch1995 · 2 days ago
Fanatics like yourself tend to view any sort of discipline as abuse, so your kids are going to grow up to be horrible spoiled abusive bullies, just like your lord and savior Satanakin Buttfucker. And when they inevitably get punished by the world because you won’t punish them, you’ll yell at the village for not raising your brats for you. Sounds like a horrible parent to me.
You know what, nonny, I think you need to let it go!
Tumblr media
You don’t seem to understand that your side of the fandom has been winning for the past 13 years now! The original EU canon novelizations for the PT and OT, which were largely approved and/or edited by George Lucas as an extension of canon for the movies, is considered Legends now since Dave Filoni, Bob Iger, Pablo Hidalgo, and Disney took over the franchise in 2008, and started rewriting everything that made Luke, Anakin/Vader, Padme, Leia, and the Skywalker family line at all complex, relatable, and interesting characters, in spite of their flaws. The complex, dynamic, nuanced, morally gray, and tragic characters that the Skywalkers once were has been getting erased to put them into narrow categories of good and evil, so that characters like Kenobi, Rey, Ahsoka, the Republic government, and the Jedi Council can be elevated and sanitized. Never mind the fact that the Skywalkers were the main characters of George Lucas’s series. For better or worse, the series was about Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker. You have won by scaring off half this fandom and George Lucas! A lot of our canon, the original canon that was true to George Lucas’s vision, has been actively getting retconned in the past 13 years since the release of the 2008 TCW movie and TV series.
Yes, I know that George Lucas was involved in the running of that movie and show for the first few seasons, which is why he actually stuck to some of his points about how, in spite of being well-meaning, the Jedi Council fucked up and contributed to the fall of their Order, the fall of Anakin, and the fall of Dooku. However, Anakin, Padme, and Obi Wan are largely different characters than they were in the PT and OT movies and novelizations.
Obi Wan actually comes off as more of a dick than he was in the PT films/novelizations. For all of his flaws of being blindly hypocritical, a coward in regards to his own emotions, and rather self-righteous, at the very least Obi Wan was generally pretty consistent in sticking to the Jedi Order’s rules until the end. He was wrong, and the end of Revenge Of the Sith showed his cowardice and underlying vindictiveness in regards to Anakin. In TCW, while he’s still too dedicated to the Order, he also had a crush on another woman, who he let go for the Order, but then he openly blasts Anakin for getting married to Padme behind the Council’s back, which doesn’t make consistent sense with the timeline either because, even if Obi Wan low key knew about Anakin’s relationship with Padme, he clearly never mentioned that he did to either of them, or even admitted to himself that he knew. In Revenge of the Sith, when he tells Padme that Anakin has fallen to the dark side and realizes she’s pregnant, he says “Is Anakin the father? I’m so sorry.” So like, at the back of his mind, Obi Wan knew that something had to be going on between Anakin and Padme, but he never mentioned it because he did care about Anakin like a little brother. It also was kind of his fault that they ended up falling for each other since he knew that Anakin was head over heels in love with Padme in AOTC before allowing him to go to guard her alone on Naboo, but still requested for him to take the mission, anyway, so it would look bad for him as a padawan master in front of Yoda if he’d ever found out. There’s no subtlety in his characterization anymore.
Padme is relegated to a tertiary character, so Filoni can add in Ahsoka as the main lead in TCW instead, and when Padme does appear on screen, she sometimes comes across as being a rather two-faced mean girl and strong woman™️
They flanderdized Anakin’s negative traits to foreshadow Vader a billion times over, even when what he’s doing is justified, and/or isn’t any worse than Obi Wan, Ahsoka, and the rest of the Order. Whereas he was just more of a clingy insecure type attachment in regards to Padme in the movies and novels before falling to the dark side, they took that one scene where he choked her in a blind rage, paranoia, and frantic effort to avoid abandonment when he was high on the dark side and dissociating after seeing Obi Wan step out of the ship looking ready to kill him right as Padme was telling him she loved him but couldn’t be with him, and tried to make his entire relationship with Padme look like a mess of him being a toxically masculine, possessive, and controlling jackass.
While it was not an excuse for force choking her in the movie at all, that clearly was a crime of passion he made in his blind rage, fear and paranoia when he was completely out of his damned mind after having a mental breakdown on the high of the dark side for the first time, not this deliberate murder attempt because she “no longer fit his narrative.” The point was that it was entirely out of character for Anakin to do and to show how fucking out of his mind he was. If that’s just “who he always was” with Padme all along, then what was the tragedy in his fall? What was there for Padme to ever love? What was there for Luke to ever save?
Additionally, there was also this recurring trait in the narrative of the OT and PT movies and novelizations that Anakin became so deferential with his desires, his needs, his emotional/mental health, and his moral compass in regards to trying to fit in, please, and/or protect the ones he loved with Padme, Obi Wan, and the Jedi Order, only ever rebelling to try to be true to his own heart in secret, that it eventually caused him to have a complete mental breakdown in Revenge of the Sith. If he finds it so easy to publicly rebel and stick up for himself and his beliefs, then the sympathy and tragedy of his fall is also undermined. Anakin’s downfall was that he was too afraid to displease Padme, Obi Wan, his mom, and eventually even Palpatine to the point that his loyalties and trust between the people he loved became confused and fractured when he had a mental breakdown in Revenge of the Sith. This is consistent with what we see in regards to his conflicted heart between Luke and Sidious in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Order.
Anakin’s greatest downfall is how he has no sense of faith in himself. Even when he’s high and deluded on the dark side, he’s not interested in world domination unless he has a family member or loved one to defer to. Even though Sidious manipulated him to turn on everyone he ever loved in his fear and desperation, and openly treats him like garbage after he gets burned alive and put in that suit, he still has trouble letting go of his love for this guy he logically knows is the worst because Anakin Skywalker’s sense of self-worth is so low that he’ll latch on to anyone who was nice to him once forever, for better or worse.
Anakin/Vader was very much a Byronic Hero, a tragic hero, and a tragic villain with clear signs of deep emotional/psychological damage and mental illness that clearly never got properly treated in the narrative. Even if C-PTSD and BPD weren’t his official mental illnesses that he was diagnosed with in canon, it is clear that George Lucas and the writers of the OT and PT movies and novelizations incorporated several of those symptoms into his characterization. Not that mental illness is an entire excuse for crimes, but it makes sense why they would become dangerous when the person suffering from them is constantly in an abusive and oppressive environment of war from which options for healthy support, escape, and treatment are limited to non-existent.
Then, you have Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo openly admitting in the DVD behind the scenes that they didn’t like Anakin’s portrayal in the prequel movies because it was “too whiney,” so they deliberately rewrote him to be a “mix of Han Solo and Luke” because they wanted a more “macho” male power fantasy of the young man who became Darth Vader that made his fall seem more inevitable to cater to fans like you, nonny, who bitched that Anakin was “too whiney” in the prequels, rather than just taking his abuse from Obi Wan and the Council like a “good victim,” and sucking it up.
That has been how they’ve been rewriting Anakin/Vader since TCW (08), and it’s never going to stop because Disney is a cash cow that keeps catering to fans like you who wanted for this character to be the male power fantasy villain you thought you were going to get when you first watched “New Hope,” and are disappointed that you never fully did or will be able to get, even under Disney, if only because they can’t totally retcon his backstory by outright saying the Jedi Council and Republic did nothing wrong since Anakin/Vader wouldn’t have any reasons to turn on them at all.
So when I actually point out that the writers of the Disney version of the now “official canon” Star Wars actually did something right in terms of staying true to George Lucas’s original vision in an Obi Wan Kenobi comic by showing us how both he and the Council were very emotionally negligent parents to Anakin Skywalker who didn’t do enough to protect him, your response is to still deny that they did anything wrong, even though the narrative of your fucking Disney™️ Star Wars comic is outright showing you they did by allowing him access to Palpatine alone!
I’m not a parent yet, but how is it good parenting to isolate children from their birth families and friends, to refuse to allow them to form healthy attachments, to refuse to allow them to develop any sort of faith in their sense of self, to refuse to allow them to have their own personal lives and relationships outside of just your cult organization, to teach them how to use lethal weapons, to completely gaslight and shame them for having completely valid concerns, fears, desires, and negative emotions, and to completely refuse to emotionally and/or financially support them if they decide they want to leave, so they can groom them to be submissive soldiers for warfare with no attachments?
I could understand if Anakin and these kids were fully consenting, emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy adults who had full knowledge of what being a Jedi entailed, and knew they could leave anytime without being cut off, impoverished, and/or shamed by the rest of the Order of “peacekeepers of the galaxy.” However, that’s not how they are running things in the prequels. What the Jedi system was doing to Anakin and these other members in the Order was abusive. Abuse is about breaking down and isolating victims to make them feel totally dependent on their abuser. Child endangerment and neglect happens when their well-being is risked and/or overlooked. You can’t deny that is what happened to Anakin Skywalker and these other recruits in the prequels. You just can’t.
If any adult was caught treating their kids in any of the ways the Jedi Council treated Anakin and those other recruits under their care in the prequels, they wouldn’t just get off with CPS for being well-meaning in their abuse, endangerment, neglect, and exploitation of them for warfare and politics of “the greater good.” They would be facing serious charges and jail time.
The entire Order didn’t deserve to be mass murdered in Order 66. Nor was Anakin right to participate in it as an adult. That was wrong and he does hold responsibility for making that choice, regardless of the mitigating factors of poor emotional/mental health, limited support, and limited escape options. No, the Council are not responsible for him making that choice to turn on them. However, they are responsible for allowing him to speak alone with Palpatine when he was a child under their care and for condoning and practicing that systematic abuse, corruption, emotional neglect, and oppression that created that emotional/mental instability, anger, desperation, moral confusion, pressure, and those insecurities in Anakin that lured him in that dark direction.
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veradragonjedi · 2 days ago
Girlboss - Fennec
Gatekeep - Din
Gaslight - Moff Gideon
Gaylord - Luke
Gangbang - Leia
Grandad - Vader/Anakin
Grogu - Grogu
GetTheFuckOut - Boba
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gch1995 · 2 days ago
Did you just say that Jedi fans are or are likely to be bad parents in the future? Wth? That’s disgusting ! When are you going to take a step back and realize you’re judging real people over freaking Star Wars ??
Shut up, nonny! Yes, I judged you blind and hypocritical Jedi apologists for potentially becoming or being shitty parents to your kids! Maybe, you’re good parents in real life. Maybe, you haven’t become parents yet, but, hopefully, you will learn to see just how fucked up and negligent the Jedi Order’s treatment of children were before you become them.
However, the fact of the matter is that I don’t know you in real life, so the only way I can judge your beliefs, personalities, and personal values is through your posts on tumblr. Thus, the fact that you Jedi apologists on tumblr are condoning the multiple canonical instances of the Jedi Council of elders willingly committing child abuse, child grooming to be a weapon to their order, child endangerment, child exploitation, and child emotional neglect, while victim blaming Anakin for not just “being more intelligent in regards to Palpatine before he revealed himself to be a Sith lord,” for being “too arrogant and conceited to see through Palpatine’s grooming of him for 14 years from the age of 9-12,” for daring to react like a real cult/narcissistic/grooming abuse victim who felt trapped by limited to nonexistent viable escape options from consistently toxic environments under these abusive, corrupt, oppressive, and misguided authority/parental figures in the Jedi Order who all made him feel like a monster for having completely valid human desires and emotions by only teaching him he was “dangerous” and “selfish” to have them and completely deny them, for ever trusting Palpatine over them at all, for growing angry, resentful, unsure of who he could trust, including those he loved, and for growing to feel mixed emotions in regards to Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu, and the Council, rather than just taking all of their abuse, neglect, and oppression like the “good victim” Obi Wan-Stu Nobi by falling in line with them because they claim to have been doing it for “the greater good,” heavily implies to me that you’re not, or you wouldn’t, make good parents/guardians of children in real life. It heavily implies to me that you do or would suck at parenting.
No, this does not mean that Anakin was right to participate as a weapon in Palpatine’s execution of Order 66 in his desperation to avoid potential abandonment from his wife. He was selfish in his desperation, and he knew what he was doing didn’t ultimately feel right. He deserved either a clean death penalty when Obi Wan got the high ground over him, and/or some prison time for his crimes against the Order. I think a diminished actuality/diminished capacity defense for Anakin would work in real life, which would put him in prison for multiple counts of voluntary and/or involuntary mass manslaughter and war crimes for 10-20 years.
I don’t know how anyone can argue that he was not suffering from several symptoms of poorly treated/seriously neglected BPD/CPTSD, ADHD, and substance abuse, or ever had a fair chance to not become the monster he ended up being for the majority of the second half of his life under such consistently shitty life circumstances of oppression under a series of abusive, corrupt, and/or negligent authority/parental figures (like the only good parent Anakin ever had was his mom, and he got separated from her), and very limited to nonexistent options for healthy support, proper physical/mental health treatment, and viable escape options from such a consistently horrible environment.
Yes, limited and restricted as it was, Anakin did have more agency than he believed to make his own choices, he ultimately always realized that the crimes he committed were wrong, so in that sense, he is guilty for committing those crimes, regardless of the mitigating factors. He did stop trying after he fell to the dark side for awhile because he was scared. No one deserved to be murdered.
However, it’s a lot more complex than “Anakin was the spawn of Satan and a bad egg who was always destined to be evil and entirely responsible for his crimes and fall to the dark side, the fall of the Republic, and the fall of the Order” because we see canonical evidence that this is not the case. It is true that making the right choice is always going to be harder than making the wrong choice under shitty circumstances and pressure. However, when the odds are constantly stacked against someone for being healthy, safe, and successful in making the morally correct choices, due to very limited to nonexistent options for escape from, healthy support within, and proper emotional/mental treatment within such consistently abusive, corrupt, dangerous, manipulative, negligent, oppressive, and toxic environments, I don’t believe it’s fair to pin the blame all on the victim for breaking under those circumstances and becoming a complicit victimizer, too.
Yes, Anakin is responsible for committing those crimes in his fear of abandonment, fear of loss, and desperation. Regardless of the mitigating circumstances of limited options for escape from and healthy support within such consistently toxic environments with such consistently abusive, manipulative, and oppressive authority figures, I don’t believe he was so mentally incapacitated and incompetent that Anakin had no idea that the crimes he was committing were wrong at all, so I don’t think he’s entirely unworthy of punishment for them. He is.
However, I don’t know how anyone can claim that Anakin was this completely cold blooded and pre-meditated murderer who could easily have made himself stop killing for Sidious anytime he wanted to in those 23 years in that suit with him either. Yes, it looks like an obvious solution to third party viewers for Anakin to stop being a murderer. Just kill Sidious, break free, and go back to Obi Wan and Yoda. Anakin, however, hates himself. Padme is dead, and even if that is at least partly on him, it doesn’t matter, because the same woman he was willing to sell his soul to the devil for and help Sidious destroy the galaxy for to avoid potential abandonment from in the first place in his selfish desperation is gone forever. He has a slave mindset that he never really recovered from. Sidious has been abusing him and grooming him for most of his life. The only person left in the Jedi Order who he ever deeply loved and who ever genuinely cared about him, in spite of being really bad at showing it, Obi Wan, cut off his limbs and left him to burn alive on Mustafar, rather than giving him a clean death penalty for his crimes against the order when he had the opportunity to do it after he gained the high ground, because he was too much of a coward and low-key vindictive. The Jedi Code has taught him, Obi Wan, and Yoda that there was no way back to the light after a Jedi became a Sith when he was growing up.
Yes, nonny, I am judging you blind and hypocritical Jedi apologists for possibly being and/or becoming very bad parents to children in real life because that is how you are all presenting yourself in your defenses of the Council of adults abuse, manipulation, and neglect of Anakin and these other kids under their care on tumblr. That is the only way I’ll ever know you. Stop making total justifications for their shitty choices in regards to these kids, regardless of the systematic brainwashing they were victims of themselves, and regardless of the good intentions they had.
I mean, if Anakin still deserves blame for all of his crimes, in spite of all the mitigating factors of being abused, groomed, oppressed, having several symptoms of BPD/C-PTSD, and having very limited to nonexistent escape routes and mental health treatment options available to him under such consistently shitty life circumstances because he still eventually became too afraid and selfish in his desperation and fear under pressure to even try to do what was right as an adult, then so do Obi Wan, Mace Windu, Yoda, and the Jedi Order of adults for abusing, conscripting, endangering, exploiting, isolating, and neglecting children for warfare and politics for the “greater good,” rather than trying to take a stand to do what they knew was right, regardless of what the Jedi and Republic rule book said to keep their reputation.
If Anakin was emotionally a coward for not even trying to turn back to the light for 19 years, regardless of the mitigating circumstances of his poorly treated/neglected C-PTSD symptoms, slave mindset, very limited to nonexistent safe escape and healthy treatment options, and being taught that there was no way back by the Order, then Yoda and especially Obi Wan were also cowardly and wrong for going into hiding for 19-23 years after realizing Anakin didn’t die in the fire that they left him to burn in, only to attempt to use his son as a weapon to finish off the monster of a man they both contributed to the creation of, rather than facing him themselves.
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