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On “Moody Blue.”

As a writer, does the word “restructuring” scare you? Read my latest blog post, “On ‘Moody Blue’” to learn why that word makes this writer excited!

As I mentioned in my last post, I gave up social media for Lent. It’s been a week, and I haven’t logged into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I haven’t used Facebook Messenger. There are currently 75 unopened notifications, two angry-looking numbers emphasized in a red background. Granted that when I update this blog, those accounts are also updated, but the point is that I’m not wasting time by…


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  • We the Kings released their new EP Saga last Friday, which features their newest single “No 1 Like U.” The new release also features the band’s previous track “These Nights.”
  • Of Mice & Men released the title track off of their upcoming EP Timeless. The three-song record is set for release on February 26 via SharpTone Records.
  • Ice Nine Kills covered Elvis Presley’s classic track “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The cover was previously heard in the credits of their past livestream event “The Silver Stream.”
  • Cheap Cuts released a new unofficial remix of Fall Out Boy’s hit song “Centuries.” The duo’s debut track, which was released last year, featured a spoken word appearance from the band’s bassist Pete Wentz.
  • Neck Deep released a new visual for an acoustic version of their song “What Took You So Long?.” The track appears on the band’s latest full-length All Distortions Are Intentional.
  • Chapel announced the details of a new EP titled Room Service. The EP will feature the singles “Pillow Talk” and “First Love,” and is scheduled for release on April 23 via Rise Records.
  • Electric Century, the side project of My Chemical Romance’s Mikey Way, announced their self-titled album would be released on February 26. The album is also produced by MCR bandmate Ray Toro.
  • Slowly Slowly released a new track titled “First Love,” featuring Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado. The band recently announced the details of their new album Race Car Blues: Chapter 2, an extension of the band’s 2020 album Race Car Blues.
  • After announcing their signing to Rude Records at the end of last year, Weatherstate released their first song on the label titled “Hangar.” The song was produced remotely by Four Year Strong’s Alan Day.
  • Trash Boat released a music video for their new song “He’s So Good.” The song is the band’s first new music since their standalone single “Synthetic Sympathy,” released in 2019.


  • Dashboard Confessional performed a “Lonely Hearts and Lovers” livestream event that took place on Valentine’s Day. The event was lead singer Chris Carrabba’s first performance since he was involved in a motorcycle accident last summer.
  • Bowling for Soup rescheduled their spring UK tour for the following year in 2022. The tour will now kick off in Blackpool, England on April 12 and end in Margate, England on April 22.
  • Tigress announced they will be embarking on “The Puravida Tour” across Europe later this fall. The tour will kick off in London on October 12 and finish in Munich on October 20.
  • Yungblud announced his upcoming “Occupy the UK” Tour is to be postponed due to the coronavirus. As it stands, his “Life on Mars” Tour is still scheduled to go ahead at the end of this year.


  • nothing,nowhere. premiered the first episode of his new series titled “Into the Trauma Factory,” named after his upcoming album. The artist also released a new track titled “Upside Down,” which will feature on the album.
  • Grandson’s 2018 hit “Blood // Water” was recently certified platinum in the United States. The single was previously certified gold in 2019 and currently boasts 11 million views on YouTube.
  • Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack’s autobiography, They Don’t Need to Understand: Stories of Hope, Fear, Family, Life and Never Giving In, is now available on audiobook. The book went to the top of Amazon’s Best Sellers in Rock Music.
  • The nominations for the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were announced. Foo Fighters and Iron Maiden were both nominated for the first time while Rage Against the Machine were nominated for a third.
  • Foo Fighters’ new album Medicine at Midnight debuted at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart. It marks the band’s fifth record to top the charts.
  • A copy of Architects’ 2005 demo is being auctioned off on eBay. The variety was previously only made available to friends and family before the main demo run was pressed.
  • Biffy Clyro’s track “Bubbles” was recently certified gold in the United Kingdom. The track appears on the band’s 2x platinum album Only Revolutions, which was released back in 2009.


Check in next Tuesday for more “Posi Talk with Sage Haley,” only at @sagehaleyofficial!

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Valentine’s Day gift to myself: Dashboard Confessional’s livestream concert!

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instagram story by mikeyway 

dashboardconfessional: Spend your Valentine’s Day with us for the Lonely Hearts & Lovers Stream at 4PM Pacific / 7PM Eastern.
Tickets, merchandise and free downloadable Valentine’s cards are available now at

[Feb 14, 2021]

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Dashboard Confessional, from “The Secret’s in the Telling”

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Watch The Trailer Now & Tune In On February 14th
At 7pm EST/4pm PST /Midnight GMT

“Nearly a year ago, our 20-year celebration came to a halt when everyone’s lives were changed by Covid. Then, I was in an accident that left me worried that I would…


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So during COVID I created a playlist for Tom and B’Elanna with thirty songs that all mean something different. I just hope you enjoy this list as much as I do.


1. If We have each other by Alec Benjamin

Reason: this song remind me of Workforce part 1. With B’Elanna being alone with a baby on the way… I imagine this is what Tom saw her as

2.Like Real People Do by Hozier

Reason: this story by @mollybecameanengineer (if you read this don’t blame me)

3. The Night We Met by Lord Huron

Reason: this song post Faces. When Tom and B’Elanna are struggling of what has happen on the Viidian planet.

4. There’s Nothing Holding Me Back (Kurt Hugo Shneider version)

Reason: this version of this song, in my personal opinion, is the song is one of the many songs I want to see created as their video.

5.Show Me What I’m Looking For by Carolina Liar

Reason: I think this is voyagers song, it’s a powerful song that represents the feeling of lost in a vast unknown if world/space

6. We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Ella Erye

Reason: I love this song on how slow but powerful this song is, it’s season three B’Elanna song on how she’s afraid to date Tom at that very emotional and vulnerable state

7. Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls

Reason: Honestly the title always reminds me of captain proton. NEED I SAY MORE

8. Vindicated by Dashboard Confessions

Reason: This song is the jaded pilot turn good guy song. Literally read the lyrics and tell me that this song isn’t just telling you Tom’s full story before and on Voyager.

9. Kissaphobic by Make out Mondays

Reason: This song is an Alter Egos/ Vis a Vis song. The tone is very 1950’s and sad.

10. She by Dodie

Reason: mostly Tom song for B’Elanna during season 2+3. Watching them spend so much time together. The bridge of the song pulls at me all the time.

11. Here by Alessia Cara

Reason: tell me this is not B’Elanna song. I could honestly see her at a party or event and giving off resting bitch face while telling people she doesn’t want to be at the party.

12. Tell Her You Love Her by Echosmith

Reason: this is the fans yelling at the screen wanting post day of honor tom to tell her you love her!

13. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

Reason: This story by Fencing Fox just makes me think of the chorus of the song. And I love this song

14. Hello My Old Heart by The Oh Hellos

Reason: Post Course Oblivion, or after clone B’Elanna death. I know at the end of the song is positive but I think that’s because clone Tom died and is now hanging out with his B’Elanna.

15. Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots

Reason: another song I could see be used as a couple YouTube song… literally that build up could be the montage of them getting out of trouble.

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He is afraid of remembering it all, remembering at all

He leans on the sink.

/I need to visit the Problems Man./

/…which one?/

WARNING: This is non-fiction stream-of-consciousness involving real grief, real schemas, and a better acknowledgement than I formerly felt I could give in this environment of my own fears of culpability and compliance–not that I have been untruthful, but that I haven’t–hadn’t–taken myself to court on it officially, and that’s been burning at me since the last post in this tag. I haven’t edited it beyond a typo or two, it felt disingenuous.

I’ve let enough people narrate my story, painted white, painted black. Outlining the grey is what separates me from monochrome, which is not a tone humans can live in.

Take care of yourself reading, if you do, and keep on keeping on. You are all Tock to me.

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And you kissed me like you meant it

And I knew that you meant it, that you meant it

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The scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers

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