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APPRECIATION DAY for Asher Garcia - The Creative Team’s Take

For each appreciation day, the creative team of AMBITION chimed in to share what they love most about the character. Then we’ll share a couple of the memes that are common in our group chat centering on this character. :)

“What I love most about Asher Lupe Garcia is his feral nature and how his emotions drive his logic, Asher lets himself feel what he feels, he’s a sensitive guy. But his sensitive side is no hindrance for his feral instincts, he’s ready to fight 24/7, especially when he’s defending the people he loves. His dedication and attention to detail goes way further than set design, he manages to see hidden depths in people who are often overlooked by others. I’m so excited for him to keep discovering himself in S3 and beyond.” –Natalia, beta

“Dat Ashhhh lmao jk idk what that was I don’t call him that. The other half of the show’s healthiest relationship. I think Asher is actually someone I relate with a lot more than I realize bc of his sensitivity, loyalty to his friends, and anxiety lmao. Like I said for Dyl, I’m so happy he’s a regular this season :)” –Divine, beta

“Asher, the king of my heart! I love my over-anxious little bird bones so much. ❤ I am so excited for everyone to see what’s in store for him this season – it’s some of the most incredible arc we’ve gotten to see from him yet, and I can’t wait for y'all to see it! Happy Asher Day, Asher Nation; all of you are as iconic as your namesake. ❤” –Katie, co-producer

“What I love most about Asher is that he’s both relatable and someone to aspire to be like. He has strong morals and sticks by them, he knows what he wants in life and works hard to get it, and he’s been in a committed relationship since like… 14. But he’s anxious, too much of a perfectionist, and is prepared to kill a bitch (cough Maya cough) if it comes to it. He’s someone I would genuinely want to be friends with in real life, and I love seeing him be an amazing friend to those around him. Can’t wait to delve into who he is and what makes him tick even more in S3!!” –Esther, co-creator

“Asher Lupe Garcia, bird bones! It’s no secret how much I love this neurotic, compassionate, slightly feral twink. Much like his other half, Asher was never intended to become as crucial to the story of AMBITION as he has, but that ascension was incredibly organic. He actually was more instrumental in Dasher’s rise to regulars at first, as it was his driving love for Lucas and need to stand up to him in fact to protect him (and Dylan) that become the core of that major S2 arc. He definitely encapsulates a lot of my own life experience in that narrative arc, being the best friend who gets accused of being perfect and not getting it and having everything easy (and that definitely not being true), but still has to make the tough choices in keeping the people you love from going off the deep end (at, admittedly, a much too young age to be making those type of choices). Then, of course, there’s the other ways he incidentally reflects pieces of my nature – his obsessive mind, his attention to detail and wanting everything to be as good as it could possibly be, the effort he puts into taking care of his friends (being the “mom” friend). However, for all the ways he takes after me, there’s an equal quality that is nothing like me, like his great hair, how fastidious he is about his appearance, and of course, having a Dylan Orlando to spend the rest of his life with. Asher and Dylan are two characters that expand in my mind far past AAA alone, and they’ve already inspired so many other projects and ideas that they’re essentially my muses at this point. So there will always be a deep, deep love for Asher and his feral, finicky, sensitive bird bones. ♥” –Maggie, co-creator

And now, a couple of our favorite memes:


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It wasn’t so much torturous, pun not intended, anymore, but rather exasperating, dozy and waking up tied to something or other in an enemy base. Of course this wasn’t the part Rex signed up for, but he knew this was the sort of…risks that a career like a secret agent would entail. Besides, maybe he had too much fun exercising his usual charm with the interrogator.

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