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“Glitch Art International
ONline Exhibition”

This art piece created for my PhD and Research about “Artistic Practices, Digital Art in Social Networks & Net Art” used techniques diversity artistic, re-mixed apropiation of video or image and original work from called data-moshing, generative art and glitch art, artwork which remove image’s & video i-frames (also known as key frames and altered binary code) & Pixelsorting Art; causing it to look extremely senses and distorted; created for virtual gallery on-line.
by ™℗®© Louis M o n t i e l

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Facebook ~ Louis Montiel
YouTube ~ Louis M o n t i e l

#visualartists #glitchart #glitch #glitché #pixelsorting #glitchartistscollective #glitchvideo #datamosh #digitalglitch #videoglitch #hyperspektiv #minimalart #videoart #dfkt #pixelsorter #artistsvisual #glitchartoninstagram #glitchartscollective #glitcharts #glitchartistcommunity #glitchartwork #datamoshing #glitchartists #glitchartcommunity #glitchartistcollective #glitchartist #pixelsortingart #proceduralart #creativecodeart #pixelsortingeffect (at Paris, France)

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Final Datamosh of the pink phrase of the bauhaus ballet

I worked on making the sound more bearable to listen to and focused on making it sound all consuming. I also included some of the original music.

Thinking of transitioning into more music like sound over the entire ballet so will focus on the sound for the black phrase.

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Pink Bauhaus Ballet Datamosh v2

This is the second layer of datamoshing applied to clips of the bauhaus ballet’s pink phrase. This video became increasingly abstracted, more so than the previous attempt with the yellow phase.

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The second phrase in the bauhaus ballet datamoshed.

This is the first rough edit with only one layer of datamoshing so the individual scenes are not cohesive. The movement in this section of the ballet let itself very well to the datamoshing as there was a lot of movement that allowed for pixel wipes and the generation of vibrant colours.

The next phrase is themed on the colour black so I am intrigued on how this will effect the neon colours often produced in datamoshing.

I also realised when editing this video that the colours of yellow and pink come up a lot in a home video where I am talking about being the ‘yellow and pink one’ (referring to power rangers). Might be interesting to mix the two very distinct pieces and see the effect on a viewer.

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Refining the technique from the original video and extending the piece.

This time I focused way more on the audio so it would have a more enveloping feel. I tried layering different versions of the same audio with types f=of white noise generated from raw image data.

Very happy with the result and want to extend it into a series with a more traceable narrative perhaps extending into the present day.

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