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#date: jan21

losing my mind over how dean was a man who was afraid of flying and castiel was an angel who was afraid of falling and they found each other

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“no i will not elaborate” is such a fun line, but unfortunately i have adhd and am incapable of shutting up. yes i will elaborate

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seeing people call my art cute in reblog tags truly is a shot of serotonin i love y’all thank you :DDDDD

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i left destiel university tumblr for half a day and my entire dash is just people vague blogging now?????? something with uquizzes?? what is even going on

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me: *minding my business on tiktok*



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<div> —  Gabe Turner about what Harry’s like on set - <a href="">15/01</a> </div><span>He works to a really high standard but he’s unbelievably kind to literally everyone, all the time. Even if he’s under pressure, he never drops his standards of the right way to behave and being kind to people. It’s so impressive to work with someone like that. He’s never not a good bloke about whatever it is that he faces. You watch the way he is with the runners, producers, sound people, whoever… He’s treating them with so much love and respect that everyone works as hard as they possibly can to make his vision come true because he’s so joyful to be around. It does sound like a love-in, but that’s the most defining factor – he’s so talented and so nice about it.</span>
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<div> —  Ben Turner to Music Week - <a href="">15/01</a> </div><span>There’s so much in that song (TPWK) and the feel of it that a slightly weird, leftfield idea makes perfect sense. I think that’s to do with how deep his creative thought and well of feeling [are], that allows it to go off. Not just our videos, but the ones everyone else made for the album, they’re widely varied but they work together. That’s got to be down to him (Harry), he’s the common thread. His creative team, too. They’re great sounding boards to work with, a guiding hand.</span>
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<div> —  Ben Turner about the Golden music video - <a href="">15/01</a> </div><span>Golden feels like a driving song. The initial idea was Harry driving around LA with different people getting in and out of the car, people who were significant to the album or his life. That came off the table with Covid, but it was the idea we fell in love with. The world changed and he couldn’t tour, so they wanted to make more videos. We couldn’t make that original version, but the thing of movement came out of it.</span>
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๓(๑•o-๑)๓ おはにょ~☆

There are two post that I have yet to finish and one video idea that I’ve yet to even start but ’m positive today. I’ll clean up and trash as much as it take to shine. Whenever I plan my events for the day I always slip up and convince myself it’s ok to neglect my duties. How can I become an unbound idol like this!? Today is Vermont Kiss at 8:44, I don’t have much to clean up because I door often after that thought I want to study my Japanese, Paint, Embroider, or…something else I’ll think of. Probably self care yeah duh that first

It’s 12:01 now. Midnight of course. It took me forever to clean up because I got distracted and I didn’t do much of anything today expect for worry about my time and I keep forgetting the more I focus on it the more I lose of it. But today was OK. I didn’t too much or too little. It was I’m going to take this time, night time because its where I feel most comfortable at..I’m embracing a lot this year.

I hope.

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it’s week one and my biology teacher has referred to book prices as “total bullshit”, used a penguin “hauling ass in the water” as part of her explaination of adaptation, and told us to watch a science tiktok because she thought it was funny. i like her.

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shanemccauley @shawnmendes for @britishgq

Styling @tiffbrisenostylist

Grooming @heyannabee

Production @ouiproductions

#shawnmendes #britishgq #outtakes

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shawnmendes via Instagram stories (January 14th, 2021)

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Shawn via the Community app (January 14th, 2020)

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January 10 
Pokémon Sword: Shiny Hunting
Goal: Scorbunny  

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suho’s heart for u edition will be airing on kntv starting on 11pm, january 21! [x]

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i wanna go back my you can’t sit with us irene icon but……….the idea of using the same icon twice………..stresses me out

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