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mysharona1987 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Your love life during covid.
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transenbyconfessions · 2 days ago
I’m having such a hard time being trans/enby. I see all these posts saying that being trans is such a wonderful thing and they love it and don’t need validation from cis people. But honestly right now, I do need that validation. I’m caught between not liking my body now, and knowing I would not like my body post transition bc it still wouldn’t be a cis male body. I feel like I don’t see anyone talk about how much that hurts and aches, and how disconnecting it is from one’s body to just hate it bc it will never be what they deeply want it to be. Bc I am pre-op entirely, and not on hormones, dating is so hard bc I’m gay, but not in the body gay men generally want.
I’m also fat, so that adds so many layers of body hate. I wish wearing a binder felt euphoric to me but tbh it feels uncomfortable, sweaty, no support and my hips still feel way too femme anyway.
All of this to say, I am having a really, really, really hard time in my trans body, in my fat trans body. And I feel like I don’t know anyone who can relate.
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aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
This is going to sound bad, but I feel like allos often come off really needy and desperate, at least the ones around me do. Like during the height of the pandemic, I saw a lot of people stop trying to date or hook up instead of quarantining and I thought it was so selfish of them to risk the safety and health of other people just for their own comfort. And even without the pandemic, I often saw people getting so distraught over being ghosted when they’ve only talked to the other person for a short period of time, it’s even more confusing when they’ve never seen the person they’ve been talking to in person. To be so hung up over someone you barely even know but had intentions to pursue a romantic/sexual relationship with makes no logical sense. I wish I could understand it so that I could sympathize and not think of it as needy or desperate, but unfortunately that’s all I can see
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lerocchhhhka · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
😱 My videos and photos with dirty debauchery on this site 👉🏻SITE SITE SITE 👈🏻  Look for me there and I'll throw you my nudity 💦🥵
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letsallgotothelobby · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The dating app pose
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amishsicario · a day ago
if your man has pronouns in his bio you’re single to me. what’s he/they gonna do about it, report me to twitter staff?
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aroaceconfessions · a day ago
When I was still figuring things out (honestly still are tho...) I had a boyfriend who proposed to me (as I was trying to break up with him!).
He left the ring he was proposing with at my home. I tried to give it back to him. Both up front and to smuggle it into his bag. He refused to accept it.
Even though it made me uncomfortable to keep it I didn't want to throw it away in case he ever came and demanded it back.
Jokes on him now though, because after some years I found it again, and now I use it as my "ace-ring", which I just recently found out was a thing. (Yes, he tried to propose with a black ring)
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misshyperglam · a day ago
Tumblr media
It’s very simple babes.
Closed mouths don’t get fed.
Part of being intentional is asserting yourself. Part of being confident within yourself is knowing that if someone doesn’t see your value.. you are still very much valuable.
One of the worst things you can do is neglect your wants and needs to make yourself more available for somebody else’s wants and needs.
The best that can come out of vocalising what you want is .. *drumroll*… you actually get what you want or open a line of communication for compromise.
The worst that can come out of asking for what you want is…you get a no 😔which if you shift your mindset is actually a blessing because it allows you to know where you stand and gives you a bigger picture, to which you can either choose to settle OR choose to move forward and better align yourself with what you actually want.
Decisions decisions 💕
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tinderpodcast · a year ago
Tumblr media
To all the girls who “Love adventures”
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