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NO SINGLE MOMS! - When Single Men With No Kids Refuse to Date Single Mothers! Why do so many single mothers get angry when a man excludes them from his dating pool? Why try to FORCE yourself on a man who isn’t interested in you or your children? Not everyone thinks your kids are precious angels, ya know?!

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I posted a while ago about the duck I found on tinder… It’s still going, comment questions you want me to ask and I’ll post an update

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I get defensive so easily that whenever new people I talk to make a joke I don’t like or tease me I’m about to just lose my shit. How am I supposed to even get to know anybody like this

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request: omg maybe some scott lang x reader hcs??? i mean he’s literally the biggest angel bb in existence and i love him so much🥺🥺nothin super specific, just really really cute n fluffy stuff??? love ur work btw:)))


  • so the two of you are good friends, and you have been since high school
    • so you know him like the back of your hand
    • and he knows you better than he knows himself
  • and you may or may not have always had a thing for scott, but he’s just so  d u m b  when he wants to be
    • so he clearly has zero idea about all of it
  • but don’t get me wrong, you were never super hung up on him
    • bro never saw you that way!!!
      • then he had a wife!!!!
        • and an insanely cute kid!!!!
          • there was no way in hell you were going to get in between that
    • you had your own fair share of partners during this time
      • but none of them were ever serious
        • scott would always joke about when you would finally settle down
          • “maybe someday.”
          • “in the meantime, i’ll make bets on it.”
  • and you were good friends with his wife and cassie, and you were always careful to never overstep
    • and you were good at it, at this point
      • scott was just one of those loves that would never be
  • then he lands himself in prison
    • and the two of you have a fight when you go to see him
      • because you understand what he was doing, but he went too far! he has a wife and a child to think about, now!
      • and he knows that, but he couldn’t just stand by
      • “sometimes you have to stand by! sometimes that’s all you can do!”
      • “no, (y/n), you can always do something!”
      • “not from in here, you can’t.”
      • and the two of you seethe at each other for a minute, then you get up to leave
      • “(y/n)…”
      • and you turn around
        • and it looks like he wants to say something, but you’re not sure what
      • “watch over cassie for me, yeah?”
      • and you nod stiffly
  • you’re mad for a long while
  • and scott feels so guilty
    • he’s lost everything - his daughter, his wife, you, everything he’s ever worked for…
      • and for what? did it even make a difference?
        • he ruined his life, did it make any bit of change?
  • and you know scott
    • and you know he’s beating himself up.
  • so when you cool down, you go to apologize
    • and he tries to apologize first, in classic scott fashion
      • and you allow him, and then you express your apology as well
        • “i really thought this would be it.”
        • “you can’t get rid of me, lang. i would never be able to stay mad at you for long.”
        • “i really am sorry, (y/n).”
        • “i know.”
  • and when he gets out, you are so supportive
    • you frequently go to baskin robins to cheer him up, even if it is by making fun of his pink polo shirt
      • “it’s a terrible uniform.”
      • “i think it suits you.”
  • but let’s be real, scott is one of the best friends you could ever have
    • so supportive and kind
      • he has your back for everything, and he is always trying to remind you of your strengths???
        • scott gives praise so freely, so please just give him some in return
  • and you find yourself falling for him all over again, but you have to remind yourself that scott has to find himself right now, and adding your feelings into the mix would only complicate things
  • also, when he becomes ant man, you’d better believe that his first instinct is to tell you
    • and you know he’s hiding something because this man is many things, but smooth is  n o t  one of them
    • and when he tells you, you think he’s joking
      • but when you find out he’s telling the truth???
        • “what the hell???? why didn’t you tell me???”
        • “i did!”
        • “you could have shown me!!!”
  • okay, but scott lang is full of untapped potential???
    • i mean, bro has soooooo many talents
      • he has amassed so much useless knowledge and so many odd talents during his house arrest
        • so there is never a dull moment with this man
    • he is also just a mega nerd
      • he has so many interests, and you will just let him rant about them for hours with sounds of agreement in all the right places
        • and you will watch all of his favorite movies with him and get super into them
    • he also just has the best stories, and you indulge him in telling them
      • “i’m sorry, you met tony stark?”
      • “fought him, actually. keep up.”
  • and at this point, being friends for literal years, the two of you are very much in sync
    • it’s honestly just cute to see the two of you, because you both care so deeply for each other and have each other’s backs in the best and worst of situations
      • hope is honestly so shocked that the two of you have never dated, and when she tells scott this, he is at first like,,, what??? but then it’s just,,,,, oh
        • oh
          • oh, no
  • so he tells luis about it, and luis is just like,,,, yeah, man. i agree.
  • and so now, scott is fully aware of it
    • and he is able to reconcile his feelings pretty fast
      • he likes you
        • no, he loves you
          • he always has, hasn’t he?
  • and then he thinks about you, and he thinks about how you’ve never really settled down, how you’ve always been closest to him, how you always cared about him more than anyone else
    • and he just knows that you have to like him too
      • no, love him
        • you always had, hadn’t you?
  • and you would think that scott would hide his feelings behind jokes and stuff
    • and he does, until he gets you alone
      • then he is very heartfelt and upfront about his feelings, and how you’ve always been there for him, in thick and thin, and how he’ll always be there for you, even if you don’t feel the same
        • “but i really hope you feel the same.”
      • and you are surprised, but not entirely shocked, because you always knew this side of scot existed, it’s why you fell in love with him in the first place.
        • “of course i love you, scott. i always have.”
  • and literally no one is shocked by this revelation, but it’s hella cute anyway
  • but onto some random fluff because i need it!!!
    • scott is the definition of 🥺🥺🥺🥺 when you are the big spoon
      • he just feel so safe and loved???
    • and he definitely sings in the shower, so i hope you’re ready for that
    • he is also pretty good at cooking???
      • he probably worked at a diner for a while, so he’s really good at making breakfast
    • he knows  z e r o  popular songs after 2010
      • so if you make him playlists he just,,, melts
    • he’s a huge movie buff, so you guys are frequently going to the cinema
      • you also go to watch kid movies with cassie, and it’s cute to see how invested he gets
        • he claims it’s so he can support cassie’s interests, but you have seen him crying in a movie or two
    • he also has an unhealthy love for milkshakes, i don’t know why
  • but more than that???
    • he loves  y o u


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