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How to get rid of the "I might as well send them another follow up message to see if they're interested now" mindset?
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you broke me. left me with no explanation and no goodbye.

why? that’s all i wish i could ask you . . but i finally did myself some good and blocked you on every single thing, even though i kill myself every single day by checking up on your stuff . . and i should stop. i miss you, but i shouldn’t. i shouldn’t even think about you anymore, because i know you don’t miss me anymore nor do you even care about me. you didn’t care to even say goodbye or give me a reason for breaking my heart . . again. this was the second time. YOU came back, wanting that second chance to start our ‘forever’ again . . but you left. you turned out to be so toxic, an insecure narcissist. you flirted with everyone, even while dating me and treated it as if you didn’t care that i saw and you always got angry or annoyed when i brought it up. you didn’t like that i set boundaries the second time, all because i didn’t want to risk breaking up again. 

you knew you were my FP, aka favorite person, & you knew all about my mental health and my borderline personality disorder. you leaving, caused my BPD to become triggered so severely. physical pain, emotional and mental pain.. i cannot stop crying every single day or night. i haven’t even changed my clothes, and if i do, i clean the old ones then to put them right back on. i allowed you to see me naked, you took my virginity and i now regret that so much. i relapsed because of you. i now have more scars on my body . . including your initials on my thigh. you broke me. they say i deserve better, someone who actually communicates and treats me right. some of your family even told me i’m not the first person you’ve done this too; that makes me more upset. your ex best friend told me everything about your past relationships. you’re a cheater, a toxic narcissist who plays with people’s feelings. i can’t even watch my favorite movies anymore . . because i know that they are yours too.. 

i don’t even know if i can trust people anymore with dating . . with giving someone my heart and allowing them to love me. all thanks to you.. i regret ever messaging you back in 2020 to bring you into my life just for you to be so toxic and leave like i never meant anything to you. now… i doubt i will ever mean anything to anyone ever… why me? you broke the one person who would have never left you.. why can’t i just be loved? to be cared for? just like i tried to do for you… i try so hard to be the best girlfriend.. and i’m NEVER enough. i don’t even have friends because they all left me.. 


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God Hayden and I have so much love and warmth in our hearts for each other. I really hope we can start dating after quarantine is over

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someone’s gonna break up with me because of all the weird lil puzzle games i play. they’re gonna be like “you love that app more than me” and i’ll be busy putting all the squares in the right pattern

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Girls don’t appreciate guys who get too sexual too quickly... but lose interest in guys who don’t seem into them enough... so where is the sweet spot?
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Halsey’s Dating History Through the Years

Halsey’s Dating History Through the Years

Not so bad at love! Halsey has had her fair share of romances through the years, being linked to multiple famous men.
In January 2021, the singer (whose real name is Ashley Frangipane) announced that she’s pregnant with her first child with screenwriter Alev Aydin. However, it wasn’t the first time she considered having children.
During a 2018 interview with Marie Claire, the “Without Me” singer…


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How unfortunate. Avoiding them, I fear, may be difficult, depending on your House. The fact that you are in the same year already makes this troublesome. Perhaps you need to reconsider your objective. 

I understand the need for limited contact. It sounds like the parting was not amicable. When I was a student, I dated a Ravenclaw girl for about, oh, six months, perhaps. The split was tumultuous. Being in the same year, we did share friends, and more importantly, had many classes together. Sitting on opposite sides of the room could only do so much. We had to learn to tolerate one another - first enough to act as though the other were not there, and then, later on, to be civil when interacting. 

It will be hard at first. Depending on the nature of your personalities and the breakup, hard may mean you cannot get through a potions lesson without trying to sabotage the other’s work - or it could mean you are merely trying to get through the class without crying into your cauldron. Determine what your goals are, the level of drama that is at stake, and how the two of you may act in the vicinity of one another. 

Next, focus on tempering these emotions, for the sake of your ability to learn and for peace amongst all parties. You must also come to terms with the fact that your life can and will continue on in much the same manner as it did - just, for better or for worse, without her. Class time is not the time for swirling emotions. Write angsty teenage poetry if you must, but for merlin’s sake, do not share it with her. 

As for your friends, this can be difficult as well, but it can also be easier. Simply treat them normally. Do not attempt to strongarm them into choosing sides. If your ex did something dishonorable - cheating, lying, anything abusive - you do not have to hide it, but don’t embark on a smear campaign, either. If her actions were as such, then let them speak for themselves and allow your friends to act according to their own desires and morals. There will be some who gravitate towards supporting you. Embrace them. These will be your closest allies in later life hardships, as well. There will be some who gravitate towards your ex. You can be disappointed, but do not swear vengeance unless you are ready for the conflict that entails. 

If you were the offending party - perhaps you had a youthful indiscretion, or said something offensive - expect most of your friends to side with her. There will be nothing you can do to stop them. It is only natural, and you should examine how you present yourself to others in the future. 

Given the nature of young romance, I imagine the both of you said and did things while caught up in the moment. I certainly exchanged some choice words with that Ravenclaw girl. But if you are on equal footing, it is less likely your friends will take sides. So that is something promising. 

Perhaps some day you will be friends once more. Perhaps not. I never spoke to my Ravenclaw associate after graduation. But I do not regret the experience. 

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