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#daughter reader
It Takes A Village: Chapter 21
Tumblr media
Chris Evans x Teen-Mom!Daughter!Reader
Series MasterList
Series summary: You find out that you're pregnant. After being kicked out of your mom's house you go to live full time with your Dad who you only saw once every few months. Will he react badly to you being a mom at such a young age?
Chapter Summary: It's been a month! And it's Thanksgiving!
Series Warnings: swearing, fighting with a parent, teen pregnancy, speak of abortion.
Chapter Warnings: Teen mom? Idk
Tumblr media
You were exhausted, it's November super close to Thanksgiving. The twins are a month old yesterday and your Thanksgiving break just started which helped a bit but you didn't have off work until Thanksgiving which is in two days luckily.
"Mommy's coming." You mumbled rolling out of bed with a yawn going to the crib. You picked Flynn up rocking him lightly before checking his diaper. "Okay I'm getting you." You quickly took him to his changing table and changed his diaper before checking on Felix who was luckily still asleep though not for long since he'll be hungry soon.
You carried Flynn with you to the kitchen and began to prepare his bottle. You chose to bottle feed them after getting advice from your doctor about it. Finally, you were able to get back in bed him resting on your chest as you fed him. He'd fall asleep after this and sleep until about 7 while he brother usually wakes up around 5.
Once Flynn was sleeping Felix was awake and wailing. You repeated your steps, minus change his diaper since he didn't need it then you went back to bed yourself.
Chris quietly went into your room when he heard Felix crying. He'd been awake because he went on a morning run and since he's up he decided to help you out a bit.
"Hey Chunko." Chris whispered lifting the baby. He quietly changed the baby's diaper then brought his with him out. He loved being a grandpa. Especially a grandpa to two at once. He hasn't really thought about what the boys will call him though, probably something simple like Grandpa or gramps. He has thought about just letting the boys pick what they'll call him and he's leaned more towards that. "Okay you sit right there while I make you a bottle." He sat the baby down in his bouncer.
The young baby stared at his grandfather before sneezing.
"Oh bless you." He cooed before quickly going to warm his bottle up. "And here you are your greatness." He laughed picking the baby up, feeding him. "Yeah you gotta get big and strong so you can play football."
He was proud to say that he got his grandson's patriots' onesies. Obviously, he had to make sure his grandbabies are fans of what in his opinion is the greatest football team.
"Yeah." He cooed. Soon Felix was fast asleep in the swing, dodger was laying right next to it. They had a cute bond. Dodger was very good with the babies luckily and loved them. Chris God Flynn when he woke up and repeated his actions. Chris rested on the couch while Flynn slept in his arms and he watched tv. He would look over at Felix every few minutes. You didn't wake up until ten, and you are thank full for your dad.
You smiled as you put the hat on Flynn. It was Thanksgiving morning, you and your dad were going to head to your grandparents' house but you were getting the babies ready first. It was around 7. It was a small tradition to always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. You dressed the boys up in matching outfits except their hats were different. So they both were wearing a onesie that said
"Okay let's go." You put him in his carrier and then picked up Felix's as well and walked out to the living room where Chris was with Dodger getting him ready to bring with. "Hey dad keep an eye on them for a second I have to grab their diaper bag."
"Sure." He smiled clipping Dodger's leash on him. You hurried to your room grabbing your diaper bag and shoving two extra outfits in it and made your way back to your dad.
The drive was quick and you made it to your grandma's house. You walked in carrying their carriers while Chris had your bag and Dodger.
"Y/n! Can I hold one of them while we watch the parade?" Miles asked you smiling before looking down at your babies.
"And I want to hold the other one!" Stella said coming up next to her brother also looking at the twins.
"Maybe later I have to feed them first." You said setting the car seats down.
"Oh okay!"
"Can I help you feed them?" Ethan asked you smiling.
"Sure sit down let me warm their bottles up." You said as you picked up Felix and handed him to your cousin before you picked Flynn up. You then dug through the bag grabbing their bottles which were already made then heading to the kitchen. "Hi nana." You smiled.
"Hello sweetheart! And little man." She cooed at the baby before giving you a hug. "Where's his brother?"
"Ethan is holding him I just have to heat their bottles up." You explained.
"Ah go ahead."
Soon you and your cousins were sat on the couch watching the parade as you fed Flynn. This first month was anything but smooth sailing but spending time with your family assured you that all would end okay.
Tumblr media
A/n: first of all this is the outfit I was thinking: and then Flynn had a Grey hat while Felix had a Brown hat.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @toastisgood @coldmuffinpartycloud @thevelvetseries @uniquebeautyqueen @kaitieskidmore1 @peggycarter-steverogers @nekrasinclair
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oneshotnewbie · 3 hours ago
Could I request where Reader is Olivia's daughter (22 or so, no Noah) and she didn't see Elliot since he left. Reader is pretty mad about Elliot because she had to put the pieces of her mother back together when he left and when she comes to the precinct after work to visit her mother and he is there, it all ends with a big fight between both of them and Amanda has to intervene with Olivia and takes Reader out on a walk (Amanda and Reader are very close, they talk to each other about everything) and Reader spills everything she has on her heart?
A/N: Had to split it in two chapters because it was too long. Next will be up around Wednesday! :) --- It was a rainy and dark day in New York that mingled with the cold wind and the first falling snow, making it clear that winter had come.
The lights of the skyscrapers and the lanterns of the foggy streets were already on, showing a path through the almost empty streets of Manhattan. It was just after 4pm when you finished your shift at the emergency call center and yet outside it looked like it was late in the evening.
A look at your cell phone and a message from your mother told you that she didn't come home before 10 o'clock in the evening, something important came up so you decided to get some food and visit the team and your family in the headquarters.
When you got to the Precinct, the mood was battered and weird. There was an oppressive feeling that you couldn't classify, as if something was more than wrong here. You looked over to Finn, Kat and Amanda's desks and saw their completely perplexed and shocked faces.
As if they had seen a ghost.
The brunette was the first to emerge from her trance. She noticed that you were standing at the entrance and that the situation unsettled you. You have always been someone who immediately recognized when something was wrong or when feelings weren't playing as they should.
With a quick push out of her chair, she walked up to you and hugged you. "Hey sweetheart. What are you doing here?"
"I thought you all might be hungry." you said into her embrace and smiled slightly but that disappeared when your gaze wandered to your mother's office and you saw that the door was closed, which it usually never was.
"What's going on here? Where is mom?" you asked slightly panicked, as you pushed yourself out of her arms and walked to the said office. But you didn't even come close, your path was cut off by Amanda.
The blonde stood in front of you with a forced smile and put her hands on your shoulders before leaning you against her side and escorting you to her desk. With a jerk she took an chair and pushed it to her before she sat down on her own and pleaded you to sit down. Reluctantly you put the food on the table next to you and she handed it out Finn and Kat's desk while she kept looking at you.
You were still looking at the closed door and trying, despite the closed blinds, to somehow find out who it was. But it seemed important and private when she made everything opaque. Was it a new man in her life?
"Your mother is fine, she is just having an important conversation with someone right now. " Amanda tore you out from your thoughts and leaned over to gently clap her hands on your knees.
Kat also joined you with tea in her hands and began to open the various packs and put yours in your hands. You looked at the door one more time before you decided not to worry and to enjoy the time with your family.
"So, how is work?" asked the brunette boxer, stuffing some noodles in her mouth.
"I like it. The only thing I miss is that there is always a beginning and a tension curve with the call to the central, but you as a faceless helper on the phone never experience an end." you opened up to your friends and kept talking about your job and other stuff.
Some time passed while you were talking to each other about God and the world when the door of the office popped open and all the food fell on the table at the sight of your mother's obviously important conversation.
It was only after the clanking sound of the bouncing fork that Amanda and Kat realized what had happened and prepared themselves for the worst. They knew how you stood on the subject of Elliot and how much it hurt you when he left; he had hurt your mother so badly and you had to pick up all the broken pieces over the years, some of which you even had cut yourself on.
His short spiky hair, which was brown at the time, was gray and thin, and he was partially bald. His face looked tired, dark circles under his once so beautifully shining blue eyes showed the impressions and experiences he had witnessed and and the years showed with wrinkles on his face. Still, he was a handsome man with more muscles and a better taste for fashion.
As much as you were somewhere, deep in your heart, happy to see him again and longingly wished to just fall around his neck, the anger and sadness, the hatred and pain were stronger feelings and superimposed the positive ones. Overall, he was like a father figure to you and then he left without saying a single word.
He was just as visibly shocked when he stopped in his tracks and looked at you with wide eyes. He hadn't seen you since you were 12 and yet he recognized you immediately. You too had changed over the years. Not only did age and height grow taller year by year, but your character and mindset had changed from a little girl and her dolls to a grown woman with education and pride. "Y/N.."
Your mother too, stopped in her tracks a few meters behind him and expected the worst, her posture already tense and you could see her heartbeat in her throat. She knew that the time would come when she had to explain to you that he was back. But she hadn't suspected that it would come so quickly and suddenly.
Since he was gone, you tried to avoid this topic of conversation and didn't talk to her about your feelings. She tried again and again, but you always blocked. That was the first and only time that you didn't let her share your feelings.
Elliot nervously played with his hands on the sides of his jacket, not knowing what to do. He glance over his shoulder at Olivia, who was standing there with her hand over her mouth and lost in her thoughts on how to explain everything to you. Just before he started to speak, you scratched in his word.
"Can you explain to me, in not so many words, what the hell you are looking for here?"
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negans-lucille-tblr · 8 hours ago
Daddy’s Little Princess (Dark!Fic) - Part 7/8
Tumblr media
Summary: Daddy’s little princess, Y/N, isn’t as sweet and innocent as John convinces himself she is. Her brothers know her true colours - but what happens when they threaten to tell John?
Rating: 18+ (Dark fic)
Part Tags: non con, anger, betrayal, humiliation, crying, hints of being suicidal, held hostage, voyeurism, non con drug use
Part WC: ± 2.3K
@spndarkbingo​​ Square: John Winchester 
@spnkinkbingo​​ Square: Humiliation
A/Ns: This is quite a heavy part, please read the warnings. Send me an ask to be tagged in the final part of this series! Posted next Monday! ❤️
This story is available in full on Discord
Daddy’s Little Princess Masterlist // SPN Bingos // Sister!Reader Masterlist
< Part Six
Tumblr media
Part Seven
John’s POV
John watches Sam head towards the door. 
“Sam?” Sam stops and turns around slightly, just enough that John can see half his face. John has the words on the tip of his tongue. Don’t fucking touch your sister again, without my permission. But he doesn’t need a fight, he needs Sam out of his sight for a little while. “Tell Dean not to fuck up that truck.” 
“Yes sir,” Sam replies. John hears the front door open and close and stubs out the remainder of his cigarette, reaching for the bottle of beer Sam left behind. There’s a taste of something that isn’t glass or beer on the neck of the bottle, and John takes a long gulp before wiping his lips dry on the back of his hand. He heads towards the stairs and starts to climb them. He’s not even thought of what he’s going to say to Y/N, but he still walks confidently to her room, knowing he’s got the upperhand. 
He doesn’t knock, he just enters, seeing Y/N half dressed in panties and a long oversized t-shirt. 
“Daddy, hey,” she smiles sweetly, her eyes red and bloodshot. “Let me get dressed,” she excuses. 
“Don’t bother,” John tells her, stopping her in her tracks. “A little slut like you doesn’t need clothes, does she?” He can’t help himself. Can’t help the words fly out of his mouth like bullets. Just looking at the girl he thought to be so sweet and innocent is a punch to the gut, because now all he can see is a whore. He can still hear her moans in his head, begging her brother not to stop, hear the way she came for him. John’s cock is threatening to get hard again, and this time he doesn’t try to stop it. 
“What?” she whispers, eyes wide. 
“You fucking heard me,” he growls, stepping closer. “I know all about it.” 
“No, no Daddy, please, I can explain,” she panics. “What did Sam tell you?”
“Sam didn’t have to fucking tell me anything, I could hear you begging him, moaning like a fucking pornstar. Jesus Y/N, what the fuck is wrong with you? Opening your legs for your own fucking brothers?” Y/N shakes her head immediately, tears streaming down her cheeks. 
“Daddy, please I promise, I just wanted him to delete the video.” 
“You mean the one you were watching with Sam?” John prompts. 
“It- it wasn’t like that, Daddy, I swear. He made me watch it whilst he-” she chokes on her words. 
“What’d he do, hm? Fuck you?” She shakes her head no, and bites her trembling bottom lip. “No, did he touch you? Taste that slutty little pussy?” Y/N swallows hard and trembles on the spot. 
“He wouldn’t have taken it if you weren’t offering it, now would he?” John asks her next. 
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” John grabs hold of her upper arm and pulls her closer. 
“Where’s this video, then? Wanna see what all the fuss is about.” Y/N shakes in his grasp and swallows hard. 
“I think De-Dean still has a copy on his laptop,” she answers weakly. John drags Y/N out of her room and into Dean’s, heading straight for the laptop. He shoves Y/N forward and demands she finds it, which she does. “Daddy please, I don’t want you to see this.” John glares at her, and she starts to cry as she shakily presses play. Now John can see for himself that she’s laying on a bed, eyes closed, and the boys are touching her. Dean, specifically, has his fingers inside her. 
“I was drunk, and I’d taken some pills, and I didn’t know what they were doing, Daddy, I swear.” John only gets more angry. 
“What the fuck did you just say?” Y/N eyes widen even further. “You know your brothers tried telling me once that you liked getting fucked up. You know what I told them? Not my little princess, she’d never do something so fucking stupid, would she?” 
“I’m sorry, Daddy,” Y/N whimpers. John looks back at the video, watches the way she slicks Dean’s fingers. God, her pussy is perfect - everything he ever imagined it being. 
“This is what fucking happens when you get fucked up. You let whoever wants you, take whatever they want. Wonder how many more guys have fucked you whilst you’ve been passed out. Bet you don't even know, do you? Us men can’t resist a bit of easy pussy.” 
Y/N sobs and shakes her head, turning away from him. John grips her chin and forces her to look at him again. 
“What’s the matter? Truth hurts, doesn’t it sweetheart? You act like a whore and you’ll get treated like one.” John grabs her wrist and forces her hand to his crotch, over his painful erection. “Feel this? This is what little sluts like you do to men like us. And now you've gotta do something about it. Don't wanna be a cock tease do you?”
“No, no please Daddy, please don’t.” John doesn’t listen, gripping her arm and forcing her to leave Dean’s bedroom again. He drags her down the stairs and towards the cellar door, before taking her down into the basement, flicking on the shitty little light above their heads. 
“If all you wanna do is get high and fuck, then that’s what you’re gonna fucking do. You should be ashamed of yourself.” John grabs some rope, working on tying Y/N to one of the posts with it. 
“No, no Daddy I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” She’s squirming, clearly so humiliated, but the sight of her like this only makes John’s cock throb. Once she’s secure, John reaches under her shirt for her panties and tugs them down her legs, ripping them once they get to her knees. Y/N whimpers and squirms, closing her eyes tightly. “Now you’re going to be a good whore and do what you’re best at.” John scrambles to get into his jeans and free his aching cock.
“No, Daddy no, please Daddy.” 
“You’re gonna take my cock like you’re fucking made to do. This is what you wanted, sweetheart. This is what you’ve been begging for. Big girls face the consequences of their actions. You’re a big girl now, aren’t you?” 
“No Daddy, I’m still your baby, I swear.” 
John reaches up and grips her chin, turning her face to the side. 
“All those drugs and boys, doesn’t sound like something my sweet little girl would’ve done.” She’s wriggling in her bounds, but John manages to spread her legs enough to brush the tip of his cock through her folds. She stills as his tip nudges inside, and it seems like she’s forgotten to breathe. John takes the opportunity to push deeper, until he’s all the way inside, and fuck she’s better than he ever imagined she’d be. 
“Fuck, princess, no wonder so many boys want you. Bet your brothers got one little taste of this pussy and couldn’t leave it alone. It’s fucking made for a cock like Daddy’s.” Tears fall silently down Y/N’s cheeks as she still struggles to breathe. 
John fucks her hard and fast, already chasing his release because he’s been waiting so long for this. He’ll have her again - as many times as he wants. He doesn’t have to savour this moment like there won’t be another. And fuck, he just really needs to cum already. The cellar door opening startles them both, and Dean’s boots come into view before he does. 
“Dad? Y/N?” Once he’s down the stairs enough to see he stops, his eyes wide. “What the fuck?!” Dean grunts. John can’t tell if he’s jealous or not. Probably. John would be. 
“Just in time, Dean,” John smirks. “Been showing your sister what happens to little sluts that like to spread their legs for anyone.” Dean frowns and looks between them, seemingly speechless. 
“Dean, please make him stop. I’m sorry, I won’t ever go out again. Please,” Y/N starts begging, her tears back in full force now. 
“Sh sh, sweetheart, Daddy’s got you.” “Dad, she doesn’t want this, she’s fucking crying!” Dean argues. Y/N squirms against John again, and as she clenches around him, John’s near ready to bust. 
“You think this is any different to that video, Dean? I’ve already told her that little sluts that offer it up shouldn’t be so surprised when we take it. Us men are only human.” Dean swallows hard. “Why don’t you get that cell phone out, Dean? We’ll make another little video.” Dean doesn’t move, and John smirks, thrusting into Y/N again and making her cry out, begging for him to stop once more. “C’mon, Dean, you’re gonna miss the best bit,” John taunts. Dean reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell, not able to take his eyes off of them. “There we go. Gonna make the little slut cum.” 
Dean’s POV
Dean’s hand is shaking as he records what he can see in front of him. Y/N has never exactly loved it, but she’s never cried and begged like this before either. It’s making Dean uncomfortable, but his crotch still tightens regardless, and John isn’t freaking out about the video - isn’t yelling at Dean and beating him to the ground. John is punishing Y/N for being such a slut. Because she fucking is, of course, and Dean has always said that the only reason he fucks her is because he can’t help himself. He’s only human and she shouldn’t be dressing like a whore, and acting like a whore if she doesn’t wanna be fucked like one. And if John is agreeing with him, then Dean must’ve been right all along. 
Y/N screams out, and John chuckles, slowing down his thrusts. 
“Told ya, Dean, they always fucking cum because they just can’t help it. She fucking loves it secretly, don’t you sweetheart?” Y/N whimpers and shakes her head, and Dean’s painfully hard behind his jeans now, mindlessly pushing his hand inside his boxers. John glances back at Dean and smirks. “You’ll get your turn, son, don’t worry. Gonna leave her down here, make her our personal little fuck doll. You’d like that, wouldn’t you princess?” God, just the thought of a pussy that tight on tap whenever Dean wants it is making his cock throb a little in his hand. “Tell you what, son. Why don’t you go and find something to keep her happy? You like it when she’s out of it, don’t you?” John gives Dean a knowing smirk. 
“Yes sir,” Dean nods quietly. He licks his lips and puts his phone away, and then retreats back up the stairs, to head for Y/N’s bedroom. He’s seen the little bags of pills she hides in her shoes before. He heads into her bedroom and looks, finding a bag almost immediately. As he leaves, he can hear the all too familiar sounds of the video sounding out in his bedroom, and turns around and heads towards it. It’s playing on a loop, the video just starting again as he steps inside, and he watches it for a moment, feeling the arousal get stronger still. 
He’s now eager to get back downstairs, back to the main attraction, and as he does he realises that his father is no longer fucking Y/N, he’s got his jeans done up and he’s sitting in the corner of the basement on an old dining chair. 
“She’s all yours, son,” John offers. Y/N looks tired as Dean steps up to her, and she looks at him with big pleading eyes that are shiny wet. 
“Please Dean, please don’t,” she whispers, probably hoping John won’t hear her. 
“Baby, you shouldn’t have been such a whore, you’ve asked for this,” Dean sighs. 
He reaches up to stroke the hair out of her face, some of it clinging to her wet cheek, before grabbing the bag from his pocket and reaching inside. “How many?” he prompts. Y/N looks at the bag and swallows hard. 
“All of them,” she tells him, looking him dead in the eyes. 
“I’m not fucking stupid, Y/N,” Dean grunts. “That’ll kill you, and we can’t have that.” Y/N closes her eyes, more tears making tracks down her face. 
“Then I don’t want any. It’s not my fault if you can’t fuck me when I’m sober, and begging you to stop.” The look she gives him is one of pure hatred. “I’ve never wanted to fuck you, ever.” Dean strikes her face before he’s even thought about it, and her cheek glows red. He reaches into the bag and pulls out two pills, prying her jaw open for her to take them. She struggles for a moment, but eventually swallows, and Dean smirks. 
“I don’t fucking care what you want, sweetheart. Whores don’t get to have opinions.” 
Y/N is barely making any sound now, just the odd whimper and whine, and her eyes keep rolling. Dean’s glad for her bounds keeping her standing, or she’d be a mess on the floor by now. He grabs at her thighs, wrapping them around his waist as he fucks into her harder still, and every now and then John will say something, as if just to remind him that he’s still there. But Dean doesn’t fucking care who sees this anymore, he just wants to fuck her until he cums. And he’s close now. Y/N’s head rolls to the side and Dean hears someone climbing down the stairs, he turns to see Sam descending them, frowning. 
“Dean, what the fuck, dude?” Sam grunts. 
“Sammy, just in time, it’s almost your turn. Don’t mind sloppy thirds do you?” Dean smirks. 
“Thirds?” Sam prompts, and then he turns his head and notices John, and his eyes widen. 
Tumblr media
Part Eight >
Tumblr media
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milkacchan · 10 hours ago
Request for anon: Hi bestie can I request platonic Aizawa and student reader plot: reader got their period and in leaks all over the chair in class and class ends and the reader is still there and Aizawa like what wtf your u still doing here you can leave 🦧( that happen to me once😔
• You had some cramps that morning and throughout the day but you figured it was probably from lack or sleep or eating something wrong
• not your fucking period
• Queen you knew you were fucked as SOON as you felt liquid heat run through your panties
• tbh just a kill me now moment
• seriously like what's my point on the planet rn moment
• You do a splendid job hiding the fact that something is terribly wrong
• Zero facial expressions
• and then focusing intently on your journal
• trying not to think about it bc if any of your classmates find out you will literally puke
• and when the bell rings you stay seated under the guise of copying the board
• your classmates don't question it
• but you can only copy for so long
• and Aizawas not gonna leave his own classroom so youre kinda fucked here
• And Aizawa looks up from his desk and looks puzzled.
"So..why are you still here? You have other things to do."
• What are you SUPPOSED TO SAY
'Aha well I started my period and I bled through and onto the chair'
• Thats what you end up saying
• Verbatim
• You Licherally just wanna crawl into a hole and die like what's the point anymore
• he nods slowly and sets his pen down. "Can I help you? Would you rather me get midnight?"
"Um...I don't really have a preference, kinda just want to die right now so up to you."
• Okay so I just KNOW this man would have some shit in his classroom.
• Absolutely had pads and tampons
• A little kit of emergency stuff, if you will
• he has to run to grab a spare skirt- recorder (imma leave it like this fr) girl had a spare few.
• she threw I'm another set of underwear and tights too
• You're so thankful
• He sets the bag, a plastic bag, nd the fit on your desk.
• "Mr. Aizawa, I'm really really sorry. I didn't know it was-"
"I don't want to hear it. Don't apologize for something you can't control. Just go get changed."
•You nod dumbly, face bright red as you get up.
• You wrap your jacket around your waist and /carefully/ oh so carefully walk to bathroom
• You throw your uniform into the plastic bag and shove that shit into your booking no mercy
• And sheepishly walk back to Aizawas class
• Walk of shame tm
• "Aizawa-Sensei again im-"
• "Don't want to hear it." He repeated.
"But sir- I ruined the chair-"
"We're one of the top schools in Japan. If we can't replace a chair, we're doing something wrong. You're fine. You can't control it and I don't want to hear an apology. Got it."
"Yes sir."
• So he sent you off to your next class, clean and taken care of KNOWING it wasn't your fault and you appreciated it.
• He remains your go-to man for period things in school even after you don't have him anymore.
• Dad tingz.
• 4 lyfers 🤞
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the-halloween-jack · 11 hours ago
The Telepath’s Daughter ◈ Chapter IV
Story Summary: Amelia Xavier was just like her father, a mutant. Though, unlike her father; her powers didn’t end with Telepathy, It went much further. Charles loved his daughter with all his heart, but when she was forcibly removed from him, he unwilling had to adapt to life without her. That was until one day in 1973 when he found himself face to face with her once again.
Charles Xavier x Daughter!OC
Peter Maximoff x OC
Series Masterlist
< Previous Chapter | Next Chapter (Coming Soon) >
Chapter four  ◈ The Aslyum
November 14th, 1962
Amelia woke to a blinding light; her eyes strained as she looked around the white room. She lied on a bed, covered only by a thin white sheet, and a single pillow under her head. Tears filled her eyes. Where was her father? Why was she in this room? The girl sat up and brought her knees to her shoulders, she rocked slightly as a sob broke from her chest. The door opened in front of her, but rather than looking up she kept her head buried in her knees.
'You're awake,' a man's low voice sounded from the corner, Amelia looked up in alarm.
'Where is my father? I want my father...' the girl cried, burying her face back into her knees and shuffling backward till her back was against the head of the bed.
'Do you remember what happened at the park?' the man asked.
'My dad told me that...' the girl cut herself off, she knew her dad told her not to tell anyone about her powers.
'Your dad told you what, darling?' the man asked trying to get the information from her, but to no avail, as the girl looked up and lied,
'I don't remember' she said.
'Maybe this will help you remember,' Amelia looked up, and for the first time she noticed the trolley the man pushed into the room with him, containing a needle on top. The girl's eye widened at the sight of the needle containing an orange solution, she was never fond of them. The man walked toward her and pulled her hair from her neck.
'This might pinch a little' he said as he pressed the tip of the needle at the base of her neck, Amelia's eyes began to droop as the room turned black around her.
Tumblr media
Charles sat at his desk, shoulders slumped as he drank from the bottle of whiskey in his hands. He had hoped the alcohol would help him forget the events of the previous night, but to no avail, he knew that no amount of drinking could allow him to erase the sight of his daughter's empty bed from his mind.
'We need to find her' Raven spoke up, she stood at the doorway; her eyes red and puffy. Raven was just as upset as Charles was, only she didn't feel the need to use whiskey as a crutch.
'The police are already looking for her, but the only evidence they have is the broken window, they didn't even leave a fingerprint behind.' Charles slurred; his bloodshot eyes staring his sister down,
'What could we possibly do that the police cannot?' he continued,
'I don't know, but we can't sit around as they are doing god knows what to her.'
Raven walked over to her brother and pulled the bottle from his hands,
'No more of this, if they end up finding her and we need to go see her, we can't have you in a drunken state' She said while carrying the bottle of alcohol away.
'There is no hope of finding her, they left no evidence!' Charles cried, head falling against the desk.
'We need to stay positive, she'll be home before we know it' Raven said, placing her hand on his shoulder. Only they never found her.
Tumblr media
Amelia awoke to yet another unfamiliar room; but rather than the bed she sat restrained to a cold metal chair, which prompted her to struggle against the straps containing her.  
'Where am I?! Why am I here?' The sound left her lips in the form of a cry.
'We've placed you in a mental asylum' the same man from earlier replied.
'Why?' she asked simply in response, her voice hesitant; already anticipating the answer.
'When you were at the park yesterday, people stated that they saw you float things with your mind, they also said you claimed to be hearing voices' The man continued,
'That still doesn't explain why I am here; at an asylum' Amelia protested,
'Anyone that claims to hear voices belongs at an asylum' the man chuckled,
'Now why don't you tell me what really happened?'
'I have powers' the girl said before she could stop herself, it must have been the orange solution she was injected with talking. The man took notes,
'And your name?'
'Amelia Xavier'
'Where did you get these 'powers''
'I was born with them, but they only started showing recently; I suppose they were always there'
'You mean to tell me they are genetic?' The man questioned
'I think so' Amelia tried with every last bit of her resolve to refrain from saying these things, but it was as if all of her control had been depleted.
'I think that's all the information we need for today' The man said while bringing his fist down to her head; and before Amelia could do anything in defense, the world has already turned dark.
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Did I choose to write my TFATWS series centering Sam and his daughter because he is severely under-appreciated in the fandom, he deserves better, and I love him so fucking much, it is absolutely insane?
Did I also choose to write my TFATWS series centering Sam and his daughter because I knew I wanted the reader to call the other guy their uncle and I could absolutely not write that series having the reader repeatedly refer to him as “Uncle Sam”?
Also yes.
Did I also just realize that “Uncle Bucky” sounds a lot like “Uncle Buck” and am now this close to chucking myself out the the fucking window?
Sadly, also yes.
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“D-daisy.. daisy.. give-give me your answer do-do.. *sniff* I’m half crazy.. all-all for the lo-love of you.. it.. it would.. *sniff* it would be a stylish marriage… I-I can’t afford a carriage.. but all I hope is that-that dad hears me say.. I-I love.. you”
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the quad as things me and my siblings have said
Stormi: I’m afraid of planes.. I’m afraid of heights.. And I’m afraid of pilots
*Flint crying in the bathroom*
Y/n: Creepa! Awwww mannn, so we back in the mines got out pick axe swinging side to side side side to side-
Clay: When you’re playing minecraft your pick axe goes up and down.
Y/n: *mummbling the lyrics* You’re right.
*Flint whispering to Stormi*
Flint: The bongo drummer kinda looks like callmecarson from here
*Stormi whispering back*: What the f-
Y/n: Look there’s a man on a tiny motorcycle
Reid: I don’t think that’s a motorcycle
*The car gets closer to the other vehicle*
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klinenovakwinchester · 19 hours ago
Looking Too Closely (Bucky x Fem!Stark!Reader) -- part six
I feel like this is finally getting into the good stuff so my brain has been very !!!!!!! and decided to spit out this next chapter so fast xx
Summary: Coffee (not) date with Bucky!
Warnings: more mentions of homelessness, arguing/yelling, Tony being a general asshole, I think that’s all
Tumblr media
You weren’t expecting to feel so...out of place on the streets of New York until you stepped out of the Tower and suddenly, you’re there.
Last time you were here, you were homeless. These streets were your home and in a weird way, it still feels like it. 
“What’s with the hood?” You shove Bucky’s flesh arm to get his attention as the two of you walk down the street. 
He looks over at you, shrugging. “Feels more comfortable. I’m still not well-liked, you know.” Which explains the jacket and gloves, too.
“You’re not gonna get us arrested, are you?”
He smirks. “Are you?”
“Nah,” you shake your head. “I’ll be fine. As long as none of them have like...been looking for my face or…” You pause, looking at him. “Um. Actually-- Can I have your hat?”
“You have a hood! If we both need disguises then I need something, too.”
“It’s not really a disguise--”
“Just give me your hat so I don’t have to do something illegal.”
He’s already taking it off and replacing his hood before you’re done talking. “Here.”
“Thank you.” Placing the hat on your head, you pull it down a little to hopefully shadow your face enough to the point of blending in. “Where are we going?”
“Coffee,” he says tiredly. “Just an excuse to leave that isn’t therapy.”
“You go to therapy?”
“Every week,” he nods.
“Part of my pardon,” he says. “It’s definitely not by choice.”
“Do you like it, at least?”
He shrugs again, pausing at the crosswalk. You reach over and press the button.
“I don’t hate it,” he finally says. “Don’t love it, either.” After a pause, he says, “Why, are you thinking of going?”
“Me? No,” you almost laugh. “I was just...making conversation.”
He chuckles. “Got it.”
His flesh hand rests between your shoulder blades when the light changes. He keeps you close as the two of you cross over.
“Probably should duck on a sidestreet,” he says quietly.
Without hesitation, you slide down a random sidestreet. Only to you, it isn’t random at all. You used to walk down this street every day, hell, you remember sleeping back here one night. It wasn’t as comfortable as your other spots, though.
Bucky follows you, eyes narrowing at the way you walk. It’s obvious to him within seconds that you know exactly where you are.
You round a corner and nearly smack right into someone.
“Hey, watch-- Y/N?”
Your eyes widen. “Jade? Holy shit!”
“Holy shit is right!” They grin, hugging you tightly. “What are you doing out here? 12 is still looking everywhere for you.”
“Yeah, I know,” you mutter. “Oh, this is Bucky, by the way. Bucky, this is Jade, we used to live together for a while.”
“Before she up and left my ass,” Jade jokes, waving at Bucky. “Nice to meet you.”
“Yeah,” he nods. “Who is 12?”
“Police,” Jade answers, then nudges your arm. “Where’d you find this guy?”
“He’s um…” You pause. Tony Stark isn’t exactly a friend of the homeless community. In fact, everyone thinks he’s a bit of a jackass. “He’s just a friend.”
Jade looks between you and Bucky, smirks, then says, “Yeah. Just a friend, okay.”
“What are you doing out here?” You change the subject quickly. “I thought you’d be a few states over by now.”
“Nope, staying here,” Jade shrugs. “Gotta go, though. Got somewhere to be. Take care and try to stay out of trouble?”
“Yeah, sure,” you grin, letting them go before you have to make up any more lies.
Once Jade is out of earshot, Bucky looks at you blankly.
“Nothing,” he says. “Coffee?”
“Sure. Lead the way.”
It’s been years since you’ve had coffee, but whatever it is that Bucky orders you tastes good. He chose a table in the back, where you’re right next to the emergency exit and he can sit facing the front door.
“So,” Bucky starts. “I...I don’t even know what to ask. Um… How...are things?”
“Things?” You take a sip of the coffee, shrugging. “Good. Fine. Better than I was. Here’s a better topic: Tony wants me to pick a movie to watch tonight. Any ideas?”
“I… No, no. I don’t watch movies.”
“Okay, well,” you sigh. “I’ll ask Wanda.”
“Good idea,” Bucky nods. “Speaking of Tony, um… How is that?”
“Him being my dad?” You question, though you don’t need to. “It’s fine, I’m...really trying not to think about it too much.”
“You believe him?”
“Science doesn’t lie,” you say. “Not like my mom.” 
You’re not sure what it is, but you with Bucky. Like you can tell him anything, like nothing will make him think any less of you.
So, you continue. “My mom-- She didn’t-- She wasn’t around. She was always working, but I never knew what it was, so I just knew she wasn’t around, didn’t care, hated me, whatever.” You pause, shaking your head. “But...the one thing she did tell me, so much that my ears fuckin’ bled from it, was that Tony Stark is my dad.” You scoff. “Why does it even matter? All it meant was that instead of having just one parent who could care less about me, I had two.”
“Tony cares about you, though. He does.”
“I know that now,” you say. “I guess, I-- It’s weird to think about. Yeah, he’s technically my dad, but...I still barely know him. At least he’s giving me a place to stay. Dumpsters were getting uncomfortable,” you joke, but Bucky doesn’t really smile. “I’m fine,” you say.
“You shouldn’t have...been sleeping against dumpsters and--”
“It was either that, or...prison and I’m not-- I didn’t do what they think I did, I was just trying to--” You cut yourself off, sensing someone-- no, sensing Tony walking into the coffee shop. “What is Tony doing here?”
Tony, having heard you, freezes.
You turn around, finding exactly who you sensed. “I thought you had meetings all day?”
“And I thought I told you not to leave the Tower alone,” he quips, finishing his stride and sliding into the chair next to you. 
“I’m not alone,” you reply, gesturing to Bucky who waves awkwardly, his smile tired.
“This,” Tony points at Bucky, “is a neon sign saying arrest me, so, before that happens, we’re going back to the Tower. Right now.” He stands, gesturing to you. “Come on, up.”
You roll your eyes. “In a minute.”
“No, I said now.”
“And I said in a minute,” you reply. “Can I at least finish my coffee?”
“You can finish it on the way.”
“Oh my God, relax.”
“I’m very relaxed--”
“No, you’re being a dick--”
“Watch the language.”
“I’m not a kid, Tony!”
“Oh really? You’re acting a lot like one right now--”
“Says you,” Bucky scoffs.
“This does not involve you,” Tony says sharply. “And you are coming with me. Get up.”
“No,” you laugh. “You don’t get to order me around”
“Like what?”
“Like you’re my father!” You yell, standing from your seat, the table rocking in the process. 
It's at this moment that you notice the many cellphones raised, cameras trained on the scene you’ve just unfolded, the anger you’ve let loose. 
Tony stands before you, well aware of the cameras. “Let’s go,” he says quietly. “I’m not asking again.”
Half of you wants to disobey for the hell of it. You want to run out the emergency exit, shed these stupid clothes, go find Jade, and fuck off to wherever they want to go as long as it’s far from here.
But you don’t. You follow Tony out of the coffee shop, with Bucky close behind. Tony left his car idling on the curb and you get in the backseat, grumbling as you slam the door. 
Bucky decides to walk. You don’t blame him.
Tony slides into the driver’s seat, clearly pissed off, and because he doesn’t know when to stop, he says, “You know, when I gave you a phone, the idea was that you’d keep it with you. You know, in case I needed to text you or call you if you disappear.”
“Stop talking,” you say through gritted teeth. “Just stop.”
“Why were you even out with him?” Tony continues, looking at you through the rearview mirror. “Is there something going on that I don’t know about?”
You close your eyes, ignoring him, refusing to answer and fuel his ego.
Tony barely sees you when he pulls into the garage back at the Tower. You’re out of the car and stomping off to the elevator before he even shuts the engine off.
He lets you go. He should really apologize, but right now isn’t the time.
Instead, he takes the stairs to a different elevator. 
By the time Tony makes it to the conference room that he told Steve and Natasha to meet him in, Bucky is already there, too. Tony has no idea how, but Bucky is known for sneaking around. He was practically hardwired to do just that, which is why Tony doesn’t trust him.
That, and Bucky very obviously has feelings for you. Even if he doesn’t know it.
“Lay it on me,” Tony says, throwing his hands up. “Father of the Year award goes to me, of course. I’ll take a plaque, no need for a trophy, I don’t have the shelf space.”
Bucky rolls his eyes. 
“I told her not to leave without me,” Tony says, as more of an explanation for Steve and Nat, but all it does is give Bucky a headache.
“You can’t expect her to stay in here all the time, she’s just a kid,” Steve argues. “You saw how that worked with Wanda.”
“I didn’t lock her in here, she has access to the entire Tower!” Tony yells. “I just specifically told her not to leave with you.” He points to Bucky. “What are you doing, taking her to coffee? Giving her your hat?”
“Letting her get fresh air?” Bucky counters. “Is that another random crime around here?”
“It is when she’s my daughter,” Tony says lowly. “Stay away from her. I mean it, Barnes.”
“Sure, yeah, got it.”
“Next subject,” Steve interrupts. 
Natasha nods. “Y/N did good today. She’s definitely stronger than normal and I don’t think she realizes the full extent of what she can do.”
Tony nods, looking at Steve. “What do you think?”
“She’s impressive.”
“Good enough for me,” Tony says. “Nat, do the honors of training her, will you? Dr. Banner is getting in tomorrow and we’ll start looking at the data and try to figure out what’s…you know.”
“When are you gonna tell her?” Bucky speaks up. “About what she is?”
“Soon,” Tony says. “Eventually. When it’s right. And when I can think of how to say it.”
There is no right time. Everyone knows that. But Tony has convinced himself that there is, and that it’s not right now. Because he has no idea how he’s going to tell you. 
Steve knew what was happening to him. He consented, he was ready. Bucky didn’t, but Bucky was brainwashed, rewired. You...Tony has no idea what this means for you. How did it happen in a way that left you with no memory of it? Surely you’d remember the pain, the changes, but you’re oblivious.
Tony leaves the meeting first, no doubt headed to the lab to blow off steam and blast music before Pepper intervenes and gets him to see the light. She’s sitting in the rest of his meetings since he decided to leave and find you.
Natasha knows the look that Steve is giving Bucky, so she leaves them alone to have their talk.
Steve wastes no time, getting straight to the point once Natasha is down the hall. “You gave her your hat.”
Bucky shrugs. “She asked for it.”
“And you just...let her have it.”
“She needed a small disguise,” Bucky says. “They’re still looking for her.”
“C’mon, Buck. You and I both know a hat does nothing for a disguise. Not on its own.”
“Yeah,” Bucky sighs. “I know.”
There’s something deeper there, something Bucky can’t explain, something he hasn’t felt since before the war.
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homoo-wan-kenobi · 20 hours ago
hello, hello! just a little update! I am working on headcanons right now cause I've got a few requests in my ask box! and just a reminder, fic requests are closed, but if you want something done as a headcanon then you can definitely send it my way and I will get to it as quickly as I can! I'll do heacanons for everybody in re8 btw!
and as for fics, I know I haven't been posting a lot! and that's what happens when you just have no inspiration for it and I don't wanna give y'all bad content which is why I closed my fic requests! so for right now, I'm just taking it nice and easy and getting things written as brilliantly as possible!
anyway, here are two things that I recently posted:
lady dimitrescu x reader break up fic, part 1: tumblr link and ao3 link, and don't worry, I'll explain why they broke up in part 2 before I get to the 3 different endings!
and then, make me feel better chapter 3, where reader gets punished: tumblr link and ao3 link! fair warning, chapter 4 gets a little dark, but it'll have some fluff too :)
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Morgan being a bad uncle prt5.
Y/n: Are you smarter than a 6th grader?
Morgan: Yeah… obviously.
Y/n: I doubt that.. anyways I applied you onto the show and bet against you, good luck!
*Reid comes over to pick up Y/n*
Reid: Where’s Morgan?
Flint: He’s on tv!
Stormi: Yeah! Isn’t it cool?!
*On screen Morgan is literally crying over a science question he can’t solve*
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A Witch And Android | Mother Figure! Wanda x Reader, Dad Figure! Vision x Reader
(Angst with a hint of fluff) Reader has pyrokinesis. Reader is about 16/17.
This is loosely based off of something that happened in my DR.
Steve said it would take an hour at the most to clear out a hydra base. He sent in Bucky, Wanda, and you to clear out and grab intel. He, Natasha, and Vision were backup if needed. The mission was routine and supposed to go off without a hitch.
As the quinjet landed, the recon team got out. “Get into position and wait for my signal.” Steve said over the comms. Wanda grabbed your hand and rubbed the back of it. “Follow protocol and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” She kissed your forehead. “I know, Wan. I’ll be fine.” You rush over to your position.
“Wanda, there are two guys to the left of your position.” Bucky says. “On it.” Wanda uses her magic and takes the men out. “Let’s move out.” Bucky motions us to a metal door. Bucky opens the door and starts to clear the facility. You and Wanda follow closely behind.
“(Y/N), clear the room on the left, and I’ll get the one on the right. Wanda, stand guard in the main room.” You follow Bucky’s orders. The room has a desk with a computer and filing cabinets. “Steve, I have files and a computer. Maybe asbestos because this room is pretty dusty.” Nat chuckles.
“Download the data and search the files.” You start to download the data. A loud bang is heard from the back of the facility. Alarms start ringing. “The files were a distraction. Get out of there!” Steve shouts.
The door to the room shuts and locks. “I’m stuck!” You say and grab the door. You try melting the metal, but it’s too thick. You start shouting for Wanda and Bucky. You can hear them trying to pry the door open. “Self-destruct in 1 minute.” A robotic voice says over the intercom. “You guys have to get out of here!” Wanda starts to sob. “I’m not leaving you. I can’t go without you!” You use all your force to melt the door. You faint from the amount of energy exerted.
You awake in a bed. You assume it’s the infirmary from the beeping noises. You hear Wanda’s voice, but you don’t have the energy to open your eyes. Her hand is clutching yours for dear life. “Please be okay. I can’t lose my fire. You’ve given me the chance to love and be loved unconditionally. You’ve given Viz and me the opportunity to be parents. You’ve completed our family in ways you don’t even know. We can’t go on without you”
You squeeze her hand. “I’m not going anywhere.” You rasp out as you open your eyes. You see a puffy eyed Wanda and very concerned Vision setting on the left side of the bed. Vision has one hand on her shoulder and another on the bed. You move your hand and pat the bed for Wanda and Vision to come sit next to you.
Wanda moves next to you, and Vision sits by your feet. “How am I alive?” You weakly say. “I ripped the door apart and pulled you out.” Vision puts his hand on your leg. “I couldn’t bear to think of a world without you.” You nod and lean into Wanda. “Thank you.” Vision shakes his head. “There is no need to thank me. You know I will always try my best to protect you and Wanda.” Wanda starts to play with your hair. “I think you made it easy for him. The door was almost melted when he got there.” You gave her a small laugh.
“Thank you, guys.” Vision sighs. “You don’t have to thank us.” You cut him off before he can start to ramble. “I’m not thanking you for this. However, saving my life is a big deal. I’m thanking you for taking me in and giving me a family.” You choke up a bit. “I’m thanking you two for being the best mom and dad anyone could ask for.” Vision and Wanda lean in to hug you. You start crying a bit, and Wanda wipes your tears with her thumb. “We’ll always try to be the best parents for our fire.”
Tony stands at the doorway. “You know kid, the best parents usually are a witch and android.” You roll your eyes at him but he’s right. The best parents for you are a witch and android.
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Y/N x MCU. (Picnic Edition)
(A/N in the tags)
You wake up in your room. It's morning and the window was open. Gosh, no wonder it was so cold last night.
You sit up and your notice your alarm on your nightstand, it's 1:30. With the new information you stand up slowly then grabbing a sweater from your closet. You plan to have a shower after breakfast.
Breakfast… did mom make some already? Or did she already go to work? You think for a moment before shrugging. Eh, it doesn't matter I can just whip up something.
You brush your hair before heading out of the room to the kitchen. You stop midstep as you realized you forgot your socks, so you quickly head back to your room on the cold floor.
Once your done you head back, ignoring the figure sitting at the couch. Your heart spikes, thinking it's an intruder but you calm down when you see it's The Vision reading a newspaper.
"Uh, good morning…?" You start before remembering it's the afternoon. "Uh, I meant good afternoon."
He notices you and gets up," it's alright, I didn't mean to bother you like this but I came to keep you mom company"
You nod you head, " ah, I see, well do you know where she is?"
Now that you think about it… aren't they supposed to be a work?
As if The Vision read your thoughts he answered, " Since nothing much was happening today, we were able to have a day off and leave the minor events to the rest."
Then as if on que, your mom emerges from the hallway wearing comfy clothes. She smiled at you before placing a kiss on your head, "Good morning y/n, how did you sleep?"
"I slept fine, how was yours?"
"I slept like a baby" she grins and heads over to the kitchen to grab a coffee mug. You follow her to grab the cereal box.
" Me and Vision wasn't sure if you wanted your breakfast to be in the microwave or have it made later so we decided that you would want to make it yourself."
"Oh okay, thanks." You says as you pour in the milk. You then sit at the table with your mom sitting beside you. You can tell instantly that she's thinking of something but not exactly (it's moments like this that you wished you had telepathy like your mom)
"Mom? What's up?" You stop eating and your mom smiles, Vision goes back to reading the newspaper but at the table.
"Nothing much but I was thinking we should all hang out at the park today, you know have a picnic."
"That's sound fun but what are we going to do about, " You nod your head to Vision. Upon see this he perks up from the paper.
"Well I can solve that problem since I can change my appearance at will." He says. You give a quiet woah, that's cool. Because it was true, you never hung out with him much so you never heard of this before.
"Guess that answers your plans mom, when are we going?" You say. Your mom checks her phone. "Around 2:30, we would need time to finish packing the food," she stands up and pats your head before putting her cup in the sink.
Then you talk with them more before heading to the bathroom to take your shower. Once your done you see your mom chatting with the Vision as they place the food in the basket.
You stand by the wall to admire them. Ever since uncle pietro passed, your mom hasn't been in the best shape so you're glad that she's smiling more with Vision around. You think that if they were to get married, you would like having him as a dad.
You go over to them to hug your mom and she looks confused before hugging you back. You talk with them more as you help prepare the basket before you head out.
Once there, you set out the cliché picnic colored blanket then human Vision hands out your favorite drink to you. You give your thanks before everyone gets settled. Your mom pulls out monopoly so you two play while Vision watches the game with interest.
"Do you want to play Vision?" You ask as you take the paper money from your mom as she lands on your property. She gives you a look of defeat.
"If I played, I'm sure you would beat me at it. I'm not well versed in games" He says as he admires an avatar before placing it back in tbe box. You roll the dice and you land on a chest. You pick your card while your mom has an essential crisis on what to do to beat me.
"I don't like this game," she says.
"Well your the one who brought the game!" You reply. You earn a playful hit from her.
"Well I thought I would win this time but things aren't in my favor it seems"
You play a bit more before you take a break to eat. There wasn't that much talk but it was a peaceful atmosphere. You wished things were always like this but eventually something dangerous can appear and it can potentially take away your mom. You couldn't stop crying when your uncle died and your not too sure how you would handle it if she died too.
No one truly knows what's in the future so you just enjoy their presence while it lasts.
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the-halloween-jack · a day ago
The Telepath’s Daughter ◈ Chapter III
Tumblr media
Story Summary: Amelia Xavier was just like her father, a mutant. Though, unlike her father; her powers didn’t end with Telepathy, It went much further. Charles loved his daughter with all his heart, but when she was forcibly removed from him, he unwilling had to adapt to life without her. That was until one day in 1973 when he found himself face to face with her once again.
Charles Xavier x Daughter!OC
Peter Maximoff x OC
Series Masterlist
< Previous Chapter | Next Chapter >
Chapter Three ◈ The Playground
November 13th, 1962
Amelia woke with a start. The voices still present in her head acted as a reminder of the events of the previous night. She climbed out of bed and stalked down the hallway that followed to the kitchen; only to find Raven already awake and making breakfast,
'Good morning' Amelia yawned; rubbing her temples, trying to rid herself of the pain that the voices left.
'How are you? I heard you had a rough time last night' Raven questioned, gabbing Amelia a bowl and beginning to pour her some of her favourite cereal. Before placing it on the table in front of the girl.
'I'm okay, my head just hurts a little; sorry if I woke you up' Amelia said, while she climbed onto the chair in front of her bowl,
'Don't worry, I was already awake' Raven said with a smile, before leaving the room.
Tumblr media
Amelia had just been taking the final spoonful of her cereal when her father walked through the door.
'Good morning darling, how are you feeling?' Charles said as he walked up and gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek.
'I'm okay, my head still hurts a little' Amelia winced, as the mention of her migraine brought the voices back, Charles noticed her discomfort; he pressed his fingers to his temples and concentrated on blocking the voices out of his daughter mind.
'Is that better?' Charles asked, letting his hand drop from the side of the head,
'Yeah, thank you' Amelia replied,
'Why don't you go and get dressed, Raven and I were talking about taking you to the park today for a play' Charles said with a smile, knowing how much his daughter enjoyed going to the park, Amelia's eyes widen in excitement, she ran off to her room to get ready.
Amelia didn't have any children in her life the only people she knew were adults, that is why a simple trip to the park meant the world to her, she hardly ever spent time with children her age. This was mostly because Charles had decided to home-school the five-year-old; he always knew she had abilities ever since the letter her mother had left with the child the day he found her on his doorstep. That is why she is always with either Raven or himself, he didn't want to risk the girl showing her mutation in public when he wasn't there to help her; the very thought of it terrified him.
Tumblr media
'Do you want me to push you on the swing set?' Raven ask the girl, Amelia didn't even respond she simply ran towards the swings and climbed on top waiting patiently for Raven to push her, Raven chuckled at the five-year-old as she followed behind,
Charles sat on the bench overlooking the park, watching as his sister pushed the little girl, squealing in excitement every time the swing reached the sky. Suddenly the excited squealing stopped, he looked at the face of his daughter, her eyes were like they had been the night before, wide open, but not seeing what was around her. Charles entered her mind, this time they weren't in a forest, instead, there was nothing; it was like a void. Charles quickly made his way to the girl and grabbed a hold of her shoulders trying to calm her down before anything could go wrong. But it was too late he could already hear the panicked thoughts of the people around them,
What is she?
She's not human.
We need to get the other children away, we can't have them involved with freaks like her.
Their thoughts disgusted Charles, how could they call her a freak? She was just a child, she couldn't help being born different; none of them could. Charles left her mind, so he could see what was happening outside of her illusion. Objects were floating everywhere, held up by the same blue and black force as the previous night, only this time you could see it coming from her hands. Charles held his fingers against her head and made her fall asleep, it was the only way they could get her away from the people in the park. Charles picked her up and carried her away, they took a different path than they had when they arrived, hopefully, that way people wouldn't follow them.
Charles turned to look over his shoulder, to find Raven following them from behind. Her face was sickly pale, clearly, she was scared; only it wasn't of Amelia, she was afraid of what the people would to her if they found out where they lived.  
Tumblr media
No one talked much for the rest of the night, Charles paced the living room; pinching the bridge of his nose. He was terrified that someone had spotted them, Charles understood that when people are exposed to something they didn't understand, such as the concept of a young girl with abilities out of the ordinary; they tend to want to fight back. All it took was for one person to follow them home, and all of a sudden his little girl is not safe anymore.
He looked down to his sister, as she cradled the sleeping girl in her arms. He had not woken his daughter since the incident at the park, he didn't want to worry her. But he knew he needed to explain what had happened to her eventually; may as well be now.
He walked toward Raven, arms outstretched. He picked up the girl and held her against his chest, her head softly fell to his neck, her body unconsciously nuzzled closer to the warm feeling of her father's embrace.
'What is she dreaming about?' Raven spoke up. Charles looked inside her mind, she still dreamed of the park, only the incident never took place. In her dreams, she still was being pushed peacefully on the swings by her aunt. It was time to wake her. Her eyes fluttered open, as Charles release her from his hold over her mind.
'Hey sleepyhead' he cooed as Amelia's eyes met his own.
'What happened? Why aren't we at the park?' she questioned, eyebrow furrowed in an expression of confusion.
'Don't you remember?' Raven spoke this time, looking at the girl in her brother's arms.
'I remember being pushed on the swing, then I woke up here' she said, now looking toward Raven.
'Sweetie, you lost control of your powers again, we had to take you home' Charles said pushing the hair in front of her face behind her ear.
'Oh' was all she said.
Tumblr media
'Time for bed' Charles called as turned the corner to the room she occupied. The girl sat crossed-legged on the ground with her nose stuck in a book. Charles faintly made out the title 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' scrolled out on the cover of the tattered old novel.
'Just one more chapter!' his daughter cried out, not quite ready to put it down just yet. Even though the girl was only 5 years of age, she was extremely intelligent; and a book such as 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' was merely a light read.
'I'm not letting you get away with that again, this time you are going straight to bed' Charles said as he lifted the book from his daughter's hands and placed it on the desk sitting in the corner of the room. Next, he walked back to his daughter and picked her up carrying her to her room, which was still in a bit of a mess since the previous night. Charles laid her down and pulled the cover-up to her shoulders.
'Sweet dreams darling' He said placing a soft kiss on her forehead.
'Goodnight dad' she murmured, eyes already drooping closed, Charles assumed that the overuse of her abilities had left her drained of energy.
'I love you' he whispered, but the girl had already fallen asleep. He lifted himself from the bed and left the room keeping the door ajar behind him.
Tumblr media
Charles woke the sound of glass shattering, he turned to look to the window; it was still intact. The events of the day had rushed back to him at that moment; he felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach, leaving behind a nauseous feeling as he remembered the events of the park.
He ran to his daughter's bedroom, ripping the door open and running to her bedside, only to find that the girl was no longer there. That is when he noticed the shattered glass spread out on the floor; the room showed obvious signs of struggle. Tears clouded his vision as he dropped to his knees; the realisation had dawned on him.
They had taken her.
They had taken his daughter...
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thewidowsghost · a day ago
Shy (Wanda Maximoff x Stark!Fem!Reader)
Anon asked:
May I request you writing a fic where Wanda Maximoff trains a new shy avenger who doesn’t laugh a lot and Wanda accidentally finds out that the reader is EXTREMELY ticklish and she thinks it’s very funny and she pins him/her down and tickles the reader to get him/her to laugh and open up to her?
This was so much fun to write!
Thanks to all of you guys who've recently sent in requests!
(Y/n) Stark had to be the shiest person any of the Avengers had ever met, and that hadn't changed when the young woman had joined the Avengers.
Now, the youngest Stark is nothing like her father. Where Tony was loud and obnoxious, (Y/n) is shy and not once had anyone, not even her mother, Pepper, nor her father had once heard (Y/n) laugh.
The young Avenger had only smiled in the presence of someone that wasn't her parents added up to a grand total of three times, and they had all been directed by her godmother Natasha. Once was because Natasha had gotten (Y/n) the exact gift she'd wanted without telling the former assassin. The second has been when (Y/n) was five and she'd left her favorite bear at her parent's house, and Natasha had taken (Y/n) to Build-A-Bear to make a new bear. The third had been the time when (Y/n) was sick - Tony and Pepper were at work like always - and Natasha is tasked with caring for the youngest Stark; Natasha had snuggled with her goddaughter, bring forth the third and last smile Natasha had seen from the girl, a grateful, loving smile that had Natasha cuddling (Y/n) closer.
Then Wanda Maximoff had entered the picture.
At first, (Y/n) had treated the newest Avenger with the same attitude as the other, but after a month or so, (Y/n) had warmed up to the witch.
The two young women are having their twice-a-week movie night when Wanda brushes (Y/n)'s side with a hand as she reaches for the bowl of popcorn.
"I'm sorry!" Wanda says hastily but smiles slightly when she catches (Y/n)'s lips quirks into the slightest smile and she hears the soft giggle escape them. "Oh, the quietest Avenger is ticklish?" Wanda teases, wiggling her fingers playfully.
"No, no I'm not," (Y/n) protests, her slight smile still betraying her.
Wanda grins, tackles (Y/n), and digs her fingers into (Y/n)'s ribs.
"W-wan-nda-a!" (Y/n) laughs, unable to stop herself. "S-st-to-op!" she exclaims, still laughs hysterically.
The door to (Y/n)'s room slams open and five Avengers and a mother are framed in the doorway, staring dumbfounded at the scene in front of them: Wanda straddling (Y/n)'s waist, fingers still dug into (Y/n)'s ribs, and, possibly the strangest part of the situation is the fact that (Y/n) is still laughing.
"I thought someone had died," Pepper says softly.
"This might be stranger though," Tony continues, just as soft as his wife, the six backing out of the room, silently closing the door behind them.
Wanda, still grinning, settles back down on the bed beside (Y/n), and (Y/n) sits up, her cheeks still red.
"Do I win a prize?" Wanda asks teasingly.
"What would you like?" (Y/n) asks, a soft smile creeping onto her face.
"Why do you never smile or laugh?" Wanda asks, turning to study (Y/n) closely.
(Y/n) silently considers the question, a thoughtful expression crossing her face. Then she speaks, "I guess it's because my parents were always at work when I was younger, and I was always left with Nat. Don't get me wrong, I love Natasha, but sometimes I just want to spend time with them. They were just always gone."
Wanda replies curiously, "Why didn't you just tell them?"
"I'm shy, I guess that played a part in it," (Y/n) pauses. "But I guess it's also the fact that I didn't want to disappoint them."
"(Y/n), you're not disappointing anyone, not now, not ever," Wanda says fiercely. "They want what's best for you - making sure you have everything you could ever want."
"Wanda, I-I," (Y/n) falters, notice the emotion behind the witch's words. "Thank you," (Y/n) finally settles with, turning back towards the TV.
(Y/n) leans against Wanda slightly, the popcorn bowl resting in (Y/n)'s lap. The youngest Stark is feeling a lot better with all that she'd told Wanda off her chest.
The next morning, (Y/n) wakes up, determined to make today a good day.
(Y/n) is the first one downstairs, and she's the one who makes breakfast - waffles, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and sliced fruit.
(Y/n) greets Natasha with a warm hug and a stack of waffles with sliced strawberries on top, and the former assassin smiles, (Y/n) returns the smile shyly.
(Y/n) greets the remainder of the Avengers with shy, nervous smiles, and their choice of breakfast.
The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed this morning, (Y/n) thinks as she sits down beside Wanda, and when the witch smiles warmly, (Y/n) returns it.
Wanda is helping (Y/n) clean up the breakfast dishes, the other Avengers having moved into the training room when Wanda turns to ask (Y/n) a question. "(Y/n)?" (Y/n) turns to meet Wanda's gaze. "Would you want to, maybe, only if you want to," Wanda falters as if she's nervous, and (Y/n) smiles reassuringly at the witch. "Would you like to go out with me? It's okay if you don't want to," Wanda asks hastily. "It's up -"
"Wanda!" (Y/n) interupts. "Wanda, I'd love to go out with you."
"Wait, really?" Wanda asks, her eyes wide with disbelief.
"Wanda, you helped bring out a side of myself that even I've never seen before, that was all you," (Y/n) says. "Talking about the thing we talked out yesterday, or," (Y/n) cracks the slightest smiles, "what you forced out of me yesterday, made me realize that, despite what I thought, my parents to want me around."
"I'll pick you up in the lobby at 5'o'clock?" Wanda asks and (Y/n) nods.
"See you soon," (Y/n) says, placing a soft kiss on Wanda's cheek.
At 5'o'clock, (Y/n) and Wanda meet in the lobby of the Compound.
"You look really nice," Wanda tells (Y/n), and the young Stark flushes. (Y/n) is wearing a pair of dark jeans, a mint green t-shirt, a dark green leather jacket that must've belonged to Natasha, and a pair of black tennis shoes.
"I-I, wow," is (Y/n)'s response as she gazes at Wanda. The witch is wearing a black dress with a red leather jacket, and a pair of black, knee-high leather boots.
Wanda chuckles taking (Y/n)'s hand gently in her own before she leads the Stark out to a waiting car - a familiar black Corvette Stingray.
Wanda opens one of the back doors and (Y/n) slides into the car.
"Hello, Miss Stark, Miss Maximoff," says Natasha Romanoff, who Wanda had recruited - not that it took a lot of convincing - to be their shofar for the night.
"Oh, hi Nattie," (Y/n) greets her godmother.
Natasha smiles at the girl before she starts the car, driving to their destination.
"This is beautiful," (Y/n murmurs, gazing at all the light strung through the gazebo. "And how'd you figure out all my favorite foods - paprikash, roasted potatoes; beef stroganoff," albeit an interesting assortment of food. "Nattie used to make me a ton of eastern European and Russian dishes when I was younger. You use your powers?"
"I like to ask permission when I use them. I took a guess, and well, Nat helped me a little," Wanda admits. "I also went with a few of my own favorites."
(Y/n)'s phone dings partway through the dinner, and (Y/n) glances apologetically at Wanda before she glances down at the phone beside her plate at the table.
"It's Nattie," (Y/n) says.
Nattie: How's it going 😀 ❤️ Having fun?
Me: Haha ❤️ You've been in on this all day and you haven't told me 🥺 ❤️
(Y/n) glances over to the car and smiles at her godmother, who smiles lovingly in return.
A sleepy (Y/n) rests against Wanda on the quiet ride back to the Compound; Wanda smiles, her green eyes sparkling.
Wanda sends Natasha a grateful smile and walks (Y/n) up to her room.
"I had a really nice time," (Y/n) says with a sleepy smile. "Can we do something tomorrow? Maybe see a movie?"
"I'd love to," Wanda beams.
Word Count: 1323 words
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John Winchester: Daddy just listen
Pride Collection 2021 June 12th
Tumblr media
Pairing: John Winchester x Daughter!Reader
Pov: Reader
Warnings: Angst, fluff, being scared, fearing your father, coming out, getting caught. Mention of Dean and Sam.
Summary: Being (Bisexual) has always been your secret until your father catches you in a rather uncompromising position with your girlfriend and boyfriend.
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N- Bisexual @firefly-graphics for the dividers
Pride Collection Master List 2021
Main Master List
Tumblr media
Having secrets from my father was normal. It was a sort of family tradition. Dean never told daddy where he went when he left late at night. Sam would never let it out to the whole family that he didn't feel like e belonged, and as for me, I'd never tell a single soul that lived in this house that I wanted more for my love life.
Can you imagine hiding a secret like that from your father? I've always been daddy little innocent girl well at least in his eyes. Well, I should say that Dean, Sam, and I don't have secrets we share even if it's just a little.
Now what they don't know along with daddy is that I've at this current point in my life is dating two people at once. If Dean were to ever find out he'd probably congratulate me. I love both of them. I can't express how much, but I can't stand having to lie to them on why they can't come over and spend some good time together.
"I'm leaving I'll be back later, Y/n," "Okay Daddy," Daddy says he grabs his truck keys and is out of the door quicker than Sam can read out a quote from hamlet. "Hey, Kiddo Did dad leave already?" I heard Dean scream from the top of the stairs
"Dad left, go leave now. I want my company to come over." I yelled back, I heard the heavy footsteps of Dean's boots on the stairs, before he was waving me goodbye and then was out the door just as quickly as daddy.
Hearing the rev of Dean's car leaves the garage and down the driveway. I picked up my phone and shot a message to my people.
>Babes, Do you wanna come over to my house?
In a quick response, I got two messages.
>Fuck yeah
>Finally hon
Finally, I'd be able to have some quality time with my boyfriend and girlfriend. I shot back a message declaring where my address was and that I'd see them soon.
Then took the time that I had leftover to clean up a little bit change my clothes and get more comfortable. And before I knew it my doorbell was ringing and there stood my other halves.
My girlfriend was a bit shorter than me. Her vermillion hair standing out the most. Her boots covered her feet, and her bright smile beamed she leaned in to give me a hug, and a chaste kiss.
Next to her stood my boyfriend he was much taller than either of us. He wore a worn flannel, washed blue jeans, and his nordic blue eyes sparkled as he leaned down and gave me a kiss on my cheek.
They both slipped their shoes off and I showed them to my living room. I sat down and before I knew it they both were sitting down next to me.
It started off innocently. Or at least I thought it had. James my boyfriend had wrapped his arm around both of us. His head leaning into my shoulder. Rose my girlfriend had snuggled up into me as we watched the scary movie that I had put on.
I think I had missed the memo that tonight was going to be a freaky night, or at least somewhat freaky. Here we are halfway through a movie with my girlfriend kissing and leaving hickeys on my neck.
While my boyfriend has his hands trailing down my thighs and back up my sides. That is that I'm reveling in this feeling. Feeling like nothing can touch me, but at the same time, I've got two amazing, sexy people sitting next to me with their hands on me.
It takes me a moment to realize what's going on. James is moving my legs wider, and Rose she's quick to get my shirt off, and before I know it the three of us are sitting together half-ass butt naked.
James' hands are less hesitant as they move to the swell of my breast. Rose is bringer her hands into the situation now. Her much smaller and colder hands are in contrast to James' larger, and hotter hands.
Have you ever felt like you're living in a dream? Here's a more important question have you ever been having the most wonderful dream, something you know you'll only ever dream of once or twice and you get woken up?
It's as if being with these two was like being in a fever dream. Nothing could possibly ruin it. Nothing could ruin the way that their touch felt on my burnt skin. Or the way that their breathe and lips felt as they barely touched my skin.
Then just as quickly has the euphoric feeling has come. It's shut down and pushed away in a deep dark box at the bottom of my heart, and soul.
I hear the hard boots my daddy wears hit the lament floor. I hear him throw his keys onto the kitchen table. I hear the door shut, but I'm so stuck in my euphoric feeling I don't notice him entirely.
Until I hear him clear his throat. James and Rose are off of me quicker than they had ever been. James is throwing his shirt back on and throwing Rose hers.
Going from a moment of happiness serenity to panic, stress, but most of all denial, denial that I'd been caught. Caught in my own head believing that he'd ever accepted me.
"You two can leave now." He said harshly.
I'm silent, what do I even say. He's got every chance to be mad, and he is. It's fuming out of his ears I can see the crease lines in his forehead and his eyes, he's leaning against the beam of the house in the living room.
Looking down on me. So much for being Daddy's sweet innocent little girl.
"You, I can't believe I just caught you... In my HOUSE!" He's starting to yell now. I'm not scared, but not exactly happy about being yelled at. I want to so badly speak for myself but the words won't come out. Nothing comes out.
"You missy, you won't be seeing them ever do you un," He says, "No Daddy you just have to listen to me." I pleading. "I don't have to listen to you at all. I'm your father. You listen to me."
"Daddy, please. Please don't do that to me. Don't punish me for loving... Don't punish me for falling love, for wanting more than I've got right now." He walks into the room, daddy always been so much taller than me, it's in this moment almost too scary to look up to him.
He gives me raised eyebrows, that face that tells you he dones' want to hear another word, but I push further. I've never pushed.
"Daddy you can't deny me the same right you fought for to have mom. You can't let me live believing that the love you used to speak of so fondly when it came to mom wasn't and isn't real." I said pushing, Standing up I'm still not tall enough to reach daddy's eye level.
"Okay, but a few rules will be rules put in place." Daddy said and walked away, grabbing paper and pen. So we sat and we talked. Even then I was still scared, but I guess there's nowhere better to start.
Tumblr media
Completed on: 06/11/2021
Posted on 06/12/2021
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rachaelswrites · a day ago
Future Memories
Loki Laufeyson x Daughter!reader
Loki learns the fate of his daughter as he watches his future at the TVA
Word Count: 721
A/N: This is my first Loki fic! If you all enjoy it, I’ll probably write more for him
Warnings: CONTAINS LOKI SPOILERS, brief description of death
Loki’s eyes watched as moments of his future flashed on the screen. Scenes of Frigga dying were now burned in his mind, alongside the validations of Odin, something he wanted his whole life. All he wanted to hear was Odin call him his son and to be treated like Thor. There were also scenes of him and his brother, ones Loki never thought would happen. Thor saying he always cared for Loki and wanted them to fight alongside each other. A new scene flashed onto the screen and Loki froze, hearing your voice, scared and confused. 
“Father?” you asked quietly, “When will I get to see you again?”
Loki looked at you with sad eyes. He was never getting out of here and the only reason you got to visit was because of Frigga and even then it was through an illusion. You weren’t really there but he wanted you to be. He wanted to hold you close to him again and tell you everything was going to be fine, “Soon darling. I promise,” he said. He stood up from the small bench he was sitting on and walked towards you. He crouched down in front of you so he could take in your face one more time. 
“I love you,” you whispered to him. You reached out to hug him but your arms fell through him, making tears well up in your eyes. You forgot that since you were just an illusion, you couldn’t actually touch your father. 
The scene ended and a new one slid onto the screen. The two of you were older now and Loki could tell, just from the way you carried yourself, that you were different. It was a good difference and he was proud to see how the person you’d become. 
You were looking out the window of the ship, gazing at the stars passing by you. Your vision was slightly blurred, due to the tears forming in your eyes. Your home planet was just destroyed and you had nowhere to go. You were scared and confused about what was going to happen next. 
Loki had searched the ship for you, wanting to check in to see what was going on through your head. He saw you sitting on the floor near one of the large windows and quietly made his way over to you, sitting down next to you. 
“Are we going to be okay?” you asked him, sensing his presence. 
“Of course we will Y/n,” placing his hand on your arm gently, “All we need is each other.”
The scene faded as a small smile appeared on your face. Loki’s heart ached to see you again. You were most important to him, more than Thor and more than Frigga. 
Thanos’ voice filled the room and Loki’s eyes moved back to the screen. He watched as Thanos had a hand wrapped around his throat and squeezed, a loud snap echoed through the room. His eyes went wide at seeing his own death on the screen in front of him but when he heard your voice call out for him, broken and on the verge of tears, he found it hard to keep his composure, “No,” he whispered as the screen panned to you and Thor, tears falling from his eyes slowly, “No.”
You were a wreck, sobbing and clinging to Loki’s now lifeless body. Your tears spilled onto his chest as you cupped his face in your hands, “Please wake up. Please please,” you begged, “I need you. Please don’t leave me.”
The ship started rumbling and you looked up at Thor. He had tears in his own eyes, seeing his brother lying on the ground and you, his niece, your heart breaking at seeing the only person you loved taken from you, “Y/n,” he said, “It’ll be okay.”
You shook your head and clung to your father even tighter, knowing that the increased rumbling of the ship meant you would be separated from him. As the ship shook, a wave of purple washed over you and you lost your grip on your dad and you cried out for him as you were sent through space. 
The screen went black and the words End of File flashed on the screen. Loki choked on his breath. How could that be the end?
@ssebstann @peachyprincessss @emmy-writes-sometimes @dudele @prentisswrites @laura-naruto-fan1998 @multifamdomfan12 @aquariuslavenderhoney @taylorsmuseatthelakes @vxidsti1es @waxingmoonwrites @benbarnesbussy @imfaosoph @hallecarey1
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Clay has a stutter and also cannot pronounce banana (like Drew Lynch). It’s funny because he’s supposed to be like very short tempered and angry so he goes like:
‘You- You- Better no-not- GOD JUST STOP M**-“
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