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#daunte wright
bisexualvalve · 7 months ago
10 miles away from where the Derek chauvin trial is taking place, police murdered Daunte Wright, a Black man, today on April 11th. They then left his body on the ground for 6 hours. They pulled him over for having an air freshener obstructing his rear view mirror. This can't be reformed. Abolish the police
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angelsaxis · 7 months ago
A Black man named Daunte Wright was murdered by police, and protesters are now gathering in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. This person is gathering donations to pay for protester gear/protection. Please donate.
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16pc · 7 months ago
[updated 4/15, 3pm]
ways to support:
list of ways to help the brooklyn center community right now (updated 4/15)
gofundme for daunte wright’s family
support daunte wright’s girlfriend and baby son (ongoing) 
help documenting mn purchase supplies, food, etc (ongoing) 
support medics supply needs (need met) 
help purchase gas masks for protestors (ongoing) 
call these numbers and demand police defunding and abolition
call lorenz bus services to cut ties with the police in transporting protestors
brooklyn center mutual aid gofundme 
brooklyn center schools gofundme for students and families 
i’ve seen people posting donation links to minnesota freedom fund, but they already have plenty of money from last summer and i would instead redirect money to the links above and other bipoc individuals/orgs. black visions/reclaim the block are also not currently asking for donations. 
for those in the twin cities metro area:
volunteer to help out brooklyn center 
7pm protest at BPCD (4/15)
if you’re in school, there’s a walkout happening 4/19
gas masks available for black folks protesting
some guidelines for protesting/protestor safety
more protesting guidelines
dressing for protests
police have been using more impact rounds, prepare accordingly 
bail support number
call for a ride from protests (also here)
beware that the fbi has a complex a few blocks away from bcpd (physical location)
careful not to show your face while protesting/watch out for right wing grifters
in person donations: 
brooklyn center donations for food and supplies (4/15) 
CANMN is also collecting supplies for protestors (venmo/paypal open, accepting physical donations mon, wed, sat)
updates also on this fb page 
remember to check in and help with local encampments
keep this in mind to avoid the spread of misinformation
dealing with tear gas in homes 
sign this if you’re a umn student
if you’re coming from out of town: please be mindful of the community and spaces you’re entering and protect those who are more vulnerable. stay out of private yards and be aware that many young children live in these residential areas.
things to keep in mind:
I’ll keep editing this post with more resources so please check back for the most up to date info; these are all from trustworthy sources to the best of my knowledge. 
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theegeminimuse · 7 months ago
It’s going up in the city tonight and I won't be on here but before I leave for the night here are a list of local resources to share.
Direct Donations/Financial Help for Daunte’s Family
Cashapp: $hubby98 (Chyna, Daunte’s girlfriend and the mother of Daunte Jr.)
Venmo: @Chyna-W-1 (Chyna’s new personal venmo)
Paypal: (Chyna’s new personal paypal)
4/13 update by @holisticheaux who originally coordinated donations for Chyna
Community Donations for Protesters and Protective Equipment
DocumentingMN: local community member run organization providing plywood for Black owned business in the cities and well as hot meals, groceries, and safety gear
Venmo: @DocMN
Paypal: @DocumentingMN
Freedom Street Health: community medic organization, apart of Twin Cities Workers Defense Alliance. Providing first aid supplies for on the ground medics
Cashapp: $clamdunk
Venmo: @zwine
Justice Frontline Aid: community volunteer response and medic team currently accepting donations for protest protection packs and protective gear (respirator masks and goggles)
Brooklyn Center School District: urgent need for food and essentials for the community in Brooklyn Center, a food desert with limited access to grocery stores at this time
Gofundme (more information included in gfm)
Cashapp: $alfredadaniels
Venmo: @cindy-yang-19 and @jackie-hayden-2
Rebuild Brooklyn Center Shops Gofundme: mutual aid to help rebuild businesses that were looted/destroyed on Sunday April 11th
Minnesota Freedom Fund: bail relief fund (not requesting funds at this time)
The Bail Project: bail relief fund
George Floyd Square: community led and guarded autonomous zone on 38th and Chicago that provides community space and organizations to gather
Venmo: @marciahoward38thstreet
Paypal: @marciaxthree
Twitter: @GeorgeFloydSQ
Instagram: @38thandchicagogfs
Community Members to Follow for Updates and Information
Unicorn Riot: livestreaming broadcasts
Twitter: @UR_Ninja
Instagram: @unicorn.riot
Facebook: Unicorn Riot
MNUprising: also posting protest/rally info from across the U.S
Twitter: @MnUrising
Instagram: @mnurising
MN Teen Activists
Instagram: @mnteenactivists
Black Disability Collective: ran by local Black disabled community members
Twitter: @BlackDisability
Instagram: @blackdisabilitycollective
FSFAPV Justice: community family coalition that offers help and justice to families in the Twin Cities and nationwide that have lost loved ones to police violence
Instagram: @fsfapv
H.P Rogers, Ben Hovland, and Daviss: photojournalists
Instagram: @hpr_photography and @benjovland
Twitter: @daviss 
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justonebigbee · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
20 year old Daunte Wright was murdered by police in Brooklyn Center, a Minneapolis suburb today, April 11th, 2021 during a traffic stop.
As of 7pm, his body is still laying on the ground. Riot cops are on the scene with "less lethals" AND live weapons in response to a large crowd that has formed to hold space for grief and anger. Daunte's mother is there and speaking, and she shared the above photo of Daunte.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Derek Chauvin trial is currently ongoing and these police are out here still actively murdering our neighbors. ACAB forever.
Say his name and demand Justice for Daunte Wright
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hereditary-2018 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@ soulxhild
We are rallying community support for Daunte's son and his girlfriend. Please share this widely.
How to Support Daunte Wright’s Son and Girlfriend
Daunte Wright was murdered by Brooklyn Center police on 4/11. He leaves behind the mother of his child, Chyna, and his soon to be 2-year-old son, Daunte Jr.
Holistic Heaux has been in contact with Daunte Wrights’ girlfriend. We are rallying support for her and their son.
- Diaper Size 4
- 18-24 month clothes
- Shoe size 6
- Groceries
- Gift cards
Monetary Donations
Cashapp: $hubby98 (Chyna’s direct CashApp)
Venmo: @ thuy-jones (Will pass to Chyna)
Paypal: holisticheaux (Will pass to Chyna)
Please subject Daunte Jr.
Drop-Off Location
Please message HolisticHeaux for address on facebook or instagram
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queefbeef · 7 months ago
I was hoping I wouldn’t spend another summer glued to livestreams, snapmap and police radio because minneapolis killed another black person, but here we are. 
I wish nothing but peace and healing for daunte wright’s family. 
here’s a link to Minnesota Freedom Fund if anyone wants to donate for bail funds for people arrested last night and throughout the year 
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odinsblog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The police are the problem, not the solution.
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hellmilf · 7 months ago
I’m not sure I buy that the cop “accidentally” shot Daunte Wright. Tasers are drawn differently and don’t even weigh the same as a handgun.
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chismosite · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
April 12, 2021. Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. MPR News.
Local police murdered Daunte Wright during a traffic stop yesterday. In response to crowds of protestors demanding body camera footage and justice in general, Minnesota Governor called in National Guard, University of Minnesota Police, and State Patrol. Police deployed tear gas and munitions in a heavily residential area in response to unarmed protestors outside their headquarters after declaring an unlawful assembly and threatening arrests for all people in attendance, including press. The governor has extended a curfew through tonight to provide the police legal coverage in their violence against a mourning and angry community. Local police are also now flying the "Blue Lives Matter" flag, a reminder that police value their gang loyalty to enforce state authority.
This is occurring outside Minneapolis, where George Floyd was murdered by police in 2020 and his murder, Derek Chauvin, is now in the 3rd week of his trial.
Donate to Brooklyn Center protest efforts here
Donate to the family of Daunte Wright here
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magicklore · 7 months ago
Reminder that literally every single person killed by the police was innocent, because they were never proven guilty in a court of law. Innocent until proven guilty is encore tenant of the law. It doesn't matter if they resisted arrest, it doesn't matter if they have a warrant. If they weren't proven guilty in a court of law then they are innocent. End of discussion.
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leighlew3 · 7 months ago
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