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Songs If TUA Was A Musical

Luther - Moon Boom

Diego - My Knife or the Highway

Allison - Woes of Gossiping


Five - Where The Hell Is My Coffee?

Ben - If I Wasn’t Already Dead Your BS Would Have Killed Me Already

Vanya - AAAAAAA Reprise

Dave - Gay in the Middle of a War

Eudora - I Used to Love a Dumbass

Grace - I Have to Do Everything Around Here

Pogo - The Monkey Blues

Reginald - Time To Die Before Taking Any Responsibility For My Actions

Cha-Cha - Slide Right into My Line of Fire

Hazel - If Donuts Could Chirp

Agnes - Why Would They Chirp?

The Handler - Wearing Heels in an Apocalypse

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okay but what’s the point of them all time travelling back to the 60′s if it doesn’t mean that Klaus gets to find Dave at some point so they can be together again? (because lets be honest, there’s no way that Dave wouldn’t re-fall for Klaus; that’s ridiculous.)

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Klaus was going crazy.

He had been sober for almost an entire week, and he has not been able to conjure Dave back. He’s dealt with agonizing withdrawals from the drugs (he still feels them, the need for a needle in his arm or some weed to smoke, but it wasn’t as bad as others day), and he’s been dealing with all kinds of ghosts screaming at him, begging for attention 24/7. He was tired; all Klaus wanted was to see Dave.

“Where are you Dave?” Klaus asked, but he knew that he wouldn’t get an answer. “Why don’t you come see me!?” He paced around his room, getting frustrated. Ben sat on Klaus’s bed, watching this happen, sadness in his eyes.

He ran his hand through his unruly hair. “Dave, please,  I need to talk to you! I need to see you again,” he said, desperation clear in his voice. Ben honestly didn’t know what to say, or how to calm Klaus down. He’s never seen him like this; then again, this was the first time Klaus was ever in love.

“I really need to see you, Dave,” he said, voice quieter. “I just…I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.” 

“…Klaus,” Ben tried, voice soft. He went ignored.

“Seriously, Dave, why don’t you show up? I-I can’t keep doing this, not without you.”

“Klaus please,” Ben said, a little louder now. “Klaus, c’mon, let’s just get some rest, okay? How about a bubble bath?”

Klaus continued to pace around the small bedroom, completely ignoring Ben. He paused, and looked over to the bed. But Ben knew that he wasn’t looking at him. “Klaus, no,” Ben started, getting up to face Klaus. But Klaus was looking right through him. “Klaus, I know what you’re thinking. We both know that you can’t go back to drugs. Think about all of the progress that you’ll lose! And I–Klaus pay attention to me!”

“Ben, do you think…one joint wouldn’t hurt right?” He started itching closer to the bed. 

“Yes! It would hurt!”

“Why did I even ask you, you’re a ghost, and if I remember correctly, I know what my body can handle. And if I say I can handle one joint, then I think I will be fine,” Klaus reassured. Moving the mattress, he expected to see his stash. Instead, all he saw was nothing.

“Five and Diego moved it when you first started to get sober,” Ben reminded (honestly, Ben forgot about this himself), “you’re not going to find anything.” Klaus stared for a few minutes, thinking. Then, he gave Ben a smile.

And rushed out of the room. Confused, Ben quickly followed wanting to know what his brother was up to. He watched as Klaus entered Five’s room, and gave him a glare.

“Klaus, stop it! I know you’re upset, and you’re tired about everything, but please, don’t throw all your handwork away.”

“Ben, we both knew that I was going to relapse. I had a good run, but now I need to ransack Five’s liquor cabinet.” 

“Klaus, please, I know how badly you want to see Dave, but getting drunk or high or whatever isn’t going to help!”

Klaus paused for a few minutes, then gave a small sigh. “Listen, Benny, you’ve been with me through thick and thin, no matter what I did, and I appreciate it, I really do, but you can leave now. You don’t have to stay with me, you never did.”

Ben stared at his brother, not sure what to say. As Klaus broke the lock on the cabinet (Even though Diego just told him to get rid of all the alcohol like they did with the bar, but Five persisted with just a lock, saying that would be fine), he opened it up, and reached for one of the bottles.

Ben didn’t know what to do. So, he did the first thing that came to mind. He tackled Klaus.

And landed harshly on the ground.

“What the hell Ben!?” Klaus said, then paused. Ben tackled him. Ben tackled him. He always struggled making ghosts corporeal, and was rarely able to make it work for Ben (even when he did, it was for a short amount of time. It took too much of Klaus’s energy for him to keep him corporeal for so long). So why now, of all times? It wasn’t like Klaus was trying to make Ben corporeal, so why was he?

“Klaus, please,” Ben said once again, “let’s just talk.” Klaus stayed there for a few moments, thinking. Maybe, just maybe, Ben could help. 

Klaus took a deep breath, and took a chance.

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We joked about Klaus starting a cult then it happened.

Lmao what if Klaus levitated and had telekinesis???? Wouldnt surprise me honestly, and you’ve got all those things with the floaty shit. Lmao!!

What if…what if dave came back??? Lmao that’ll be iconic, ahdksj imagine dave comes back and klaus is with him??

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I can’t tell if this is them play fighting and having a joking happy play fight because they are both smiling(don’t know if Justin and Robert just couldnt keep a straight face) or if Ben is keeping the car keys from Klaus and maybe Klaus has drugs in his pocket that Bens trying to get from him?

Maybe it is them realizing Klaus can make him Corporeal without him trying for the first time? Gaining powers while sober?

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