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#dave seville
Tumblr media
Dave Seville from The Chipmunks is going to super hell for both dad crimes and bi crimes!!!
requested by: Anonymous
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billyhottamale · 8 months ago
I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying that
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David Seville, a black haired who wears mainly blue, adopted a troublemaker who in the new cartoon has red hair and their eye color is somewhat the same thing except that Alvin's lighter
Im not saying that if the color schemes were switched they would be the same as our David and his troublemaker
I'm just saying
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itsbrittanybiitch · a month ago
Incorrect AATC Quotes 7
Hello everyone I am back from the dead! Enjoy >:)
Jeanette: So, what's it like dating Brittany?
Alvin: I once asked her for water while she was still pissed at me so she brought me a glass full of ice and said, "wait".
Alvin: I love her.
Simon: *sneezes*
Simon: You're not even going to say, "bless you"?
Alvin: I'm sitting here with you, you've clearly been blessed
Brittany: Jeanette, how long does it take until you start hallucinating from sleep deprivation?
Jeanette: I think-
Simon: Seventy two vargas.
Jeanette: How do you-
Simon: There's a clown behind you.
Alvin: So, how do tall people like you possibly sleep at night when the blanket can't possibly cover you?
Simon: Alvin, it's four o'clock in the morning.
Alvin: So you can't sleep, huh? Is it because of the blanket?
Jeanette: Here's your birthday card.
Simon: *opening it* Aw, thanks Jeanette.
Simon: ...did you handwrite "ahsdjsksdbsk ily"?
Jeanette: And I meant every word.
Dave: I'm not like a regular dad, I'm a cool dad. Right, Alvin?
Alvin: Please stop talking.
Brittany: *sniffles*
Eleanor: Britt, you okay?
Brittany: *sniffles again*
Eleanor: *hugging her* If there's anything that's upsetting you, you can always come and talk to me...cheer up...
Brittany: Eleanor, I have a cold.
Eleanor: If anyone finds out what happened in these last few minutes, no one will find you again.
And finally,
"Can I copy your homework?"
Jeanette: I can help you with it!
Eleanor: Yeah, sure.
Alvin: Bold of you to assume I did the homework.
Simon: Lol nope.
Theodore: We had homework????
Brittany: *Read 5:55 pm*.
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kylejsugarman · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
simon vs the homosapiens agenda aka simon comes to terms with his sexuality and has full support from his whole family and his friends as he grapples with his preexisting feelings of estrangement and isolation in the context of being gay
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vesper-ian · a month ago
Munktober 2021
AGH sorry its so late i forgot to post it
im not sure if anyone's interested but here it is nonetheless
i haven't done something like this before so apologies if the prompts aren't that exciting
Tumblr media
1. free day (you choose)
2. favorite gen
3. scare
4. ghost
5. weremunk
6. performance
7. rivalry
8. family
9. experiment
10. blast from the past
11. favorite character(s)
12. carving
13. school play
14. sweet tooth
15. baking
16. vanity
17. full moon
18. autumn leaves
19. dave's not home
20. song
21. love
22. got your back
23. undead
24. movie
25. gift
26. matching
27. vampire
28. party
29. star
30. costume
31. trick-or-treat!
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ohjeanette · 4 days ago
Has Dave ever been known to write a song for the Chipettes? I’ve just got this precious image in my head of the girls around Dave’s piano and Alvin in the doorway getting pointlessly jealous.
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shewhotellsstories · a month ago
This was lost on me as a kid, but Dave is being such a good dad/guardian. He’s trying so hard to give Theodore a confidence boost. And those boys, well Alvin really, are a handful.
Dave: And here’s the time Alvin set all the lab rats free at school and there’s me in the picture.
Cop: Oh yeah, that’s the principal with her hands around your neck.
Dave: She has an impressive grip for a woman her age.
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psycho1960 · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fandomsandassortedgoods · 4 months ago
All right, I'm on the fic hunt again. I've been looking for this for a while, but I've got a feeling it may have been deleted.
So I read this a few years ago. Fic mostly focused on the main brothers. They're all kind of being bullied in school, though Alvin gets the blunt of it. The brothers start developing a psychic connection? They can feel when another is hurt, they don't do well when they're apart for long. Alvin ends up falling down the stairs at one point and breaking his leg. It had quite a few chapters, though it wasn't finished at the time I read it. If you know anything about this, it would be really appreciated!
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itsbrittanybiitch · 7 months ago
Incorrect AATC Quotes Part 5
Look guys I finally made another one! Enjoy :))))
Simon: Can I can be frank with you guys?
Theodore: Can I still be Theodore?
Jeanette: And can I still be Jeanette?
Alvin: Shhhh, let Frank speak
Alvin: Okay, before you say no-
Dave: No
Alvin: But I haven't even told you yet!
Dave: I'm sticking with 'no'
Eleanor: You overthink too much
Jeanette: No I don't! But i do sometimes wonder when i kill a bug if their mom is sitting somewhere waiting for them to come home but they’re dead
Eleanor: .........okay
Theodore: Alvin told me that the paper strip that’s in the chocolate kisses were edible and I ate them with the chocolate for a year
Eleanor: They are
Theodore: FOR REAL?
Eleanor: Why would you believe in this again?
Alvin: You wanna kick my ass?
Alvin: *punches a car window*
Alvin: Nobody can kick my ass better than I can!
Theodore: Why is everyone so obsessed with top or bottom? Honestly, I'd just be excited to have a bunk bed
Alvin: I'm gonna tell him
Simon: Don't you dare
Brittany: So we’ve gotten to the point in quarantine where my boyfriend comes home and says, “darling”-
Brittany, pointing at a creepy looking statue on the table: “I brought home a potentially cursed item”!
Alvin: The keyword is “potentially”!
Brittany: The keyword is “CURSED”!
And now, for the most iconic incorrect quote on this website
Alvin: From now on, we'll be using codenames. You will address me as "Eagle 1".
Alvin: Brittany. Codename: "Been there, done that".
Alvin: Eleanor is "Currently doing that".
Alvin: Jeanette is "It happened once in a dream."
Alvin: Theodore. Codename: "If I had to pick a dude."
Alvin: Simon, you're "Eagle 2."
Simon: Oh, thank god....
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toonindividual · 6 months ago
i have now watched all four of the live action alvin & the chipmunk movies. why? cause i've lost all control of my life.
(its under a readmore because its gonna be a lot)
~alvin & the chipmunks (2007)~
the nostalgia for this movie is real. i watched this all the damn time as a kid. the soundtrack to this movie & the cars soundtrack were what played in my grandmas car 24/7. its very much a guilty pleasure. and i still enjoy it just as much as i did as a kid.
also, the soundtrack still absolutely slaps so fucking hard.
had a lot of memories of this one too. but its ok. nothing special to me. the chipettes are nice to see but they don't do much, so, i dunno.
though, there's a scene where theodore gets bullied and alvin & simon go bananas and its very wholesome. and i love good sibling moments. this is also a start for alvin character development and, as a newly discovered alvin kinnie, i love to see it.
also, the climax is pretty fun.
only watched this one once many years ago and only remembered that the kids get stuck on an island, there's a girl on the island, and ian is in a bird suit the entire time.
but honestly? the banter between the chipmunks & chipettes is great and its way fucking funnier then i remembered.
the chipmunks & chipettes look really good in this, its an improvement over the other two movies by a long shot. and alvin stepping up, building the shelter and taking responsibility was great, good big brother moment. also, alvin and dave's reunion had me having to pause the movie. the talk they had was really fucking sweet.
this was my first viewing of this movie and, oh my god.
the chipmunks and chipettes look great. like, its an immediate improvement from the other three movies. i think it was a different studio doing it (don't quote me) but they looked really great. the colors were so vibrant and everything looked just softer, it was very pretty and made the kids very adorable.
it was honestly so sweet and wholesome towards the end. the song for dave is so fucking sweet and gets me in my feelings. and i felt the alvin character development.
like, its not perfect, but the development of alvin is there and effective if you watch these back to back and its real sweet.
and the cover of uptown funk is actually really fucking good, the big band they added was *chefs kiss*
my favorites from best to worst
~alvin & the chipmunks
thank you for coming to my alvin & the chipmunks tedtalk
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