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It was coming up on two months now. Two months Klaus had been away from his family. Two months he’d been fighting in a war he knew next to nothing about. Two months he’d known Dave Katz.

He’d clicked with Dave immediately, and the man never seemed to get tired of him, something Klaus wasn’t really used to. They’d gotten close over the last couple months, and Dave had patiently taught him everything about this new place he was stuck in. But, also, he *listened*. He listened to Klaus’ late-night, practically nonsensical ramblings. And he listened when Klaus told him the whole story about where he had come from. They’d stayed out late together, one night, and Klaus, drunk and finally sure he could trust Dave, had told him the whole story.

Everything from him and his siblings’ powers, to the death of Reginald and their odd family reunion, to the murders he’d witnessed, to the kidnapping, and finally to the time traveling briefcase he’d used to get there. He couldn’t tell if Dave really believed his story, but if he didn’t, he never said anything.

It had become a more common occurrence, after that; the two sneaking off together, and Dave listening intently to Klaus’ stories of the future. One topic that came up a lot was Klaus’ siblings. Dave found the family very interesting. Dave had brothers, as well, but the most interesting thing about them was that one of them was missing a toe.

Klaus’ brothers, on the other hand, were extremely interesting. One of them was apparently fantastically strong, and could almost lift a truck without breaking a sweat! Dave thought that amount of strength would be pretty useful on a battlefield.

Another one of Klaus’ brothers was even stranger, though. Although he’d been born the same time as the rest of his siblings, he still looked like a teenager. Klaus had told Dave that he could teleport, and travel through time. Apparently the latter of those explained his appearance, but Dave hadn’t yet worked out how.

Klaus hadn’t gotten to telling Dave about the rest of his family, yet, and the man looked forward to hearing about more of these amazingly interesting people Klaus called family. He was happy to listen, always, and he hoped that Klaus knew how much he cared.

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Dave: in French, we don’t say “I love you”, we say “tu me manques”, which means “ you are missing from me” and I think that’s beautiful.

Klaus: in America, we don’t say you all, we say y’all, which means you all, unless you’re with more than one person, in which case you say all y’all which means all you all and I think that’s beautiful.

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Headcannon that every time something gay/progressive happens Klaus says “Trump would hate this”, which makes the other soldiers at Vietnam more than a little concerned.

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Ben, about Dave and Klaus: You’re both communication bottoms.

Klaus: Uh-huh

Ben: One of you needs to be the communication top.

Klaus: And here’s where you lost me—

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