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five-mini-cubes · 9 hours ago
Aidan turning to Five's character. also david doing a lil dancing
- taken from aidan's tua behind the scenes videos
his demeanor changed after "rehearsing" was said
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froylanmadden · 45 minutes ago
David Castañeda or KJ Apa?
Tumblr media
Ask me about two celeb guys and I’ll tell you which I find more attractive.
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more-than-a-feeeling · a day ago
new video of david training
via Jeff McCann Instagram stories
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daily-castaneda · 2 days ago
Ah yes, now the shirt has gone. About time.
David Castañeda training
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almpnd-pie · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Diego Hargreeves x fem!reader
Words: 2.1k !!
a/n: this is my first ever fic :)) so excuse literally everything 😭 also I was kind of cringing when writing the last part of this lol
Summary: yn is followed by two scary men, she gets hurt when running from them, Diego sees, helps her out by cleaning her injuries etc, and u two get close if yk what i mean >:}
Warnings: mention of blood/punching, swearing ig, fluff,
Yn was in a bit of a sticky situation. Actually “sticky” didn't even begin to compare to this. She was walking around, out in the street. It was dark out so it was quiet and the only light source came from either bright neon signs or the street lights that towered high above her head since most things were closed at this time of night. Yn was having fun for the most part of the night, airpods in her ears, enjoying the alone time she so desperately needed, until all that changed when a couple of morons started following her. Naturally, she checked if they were really following her. Yn crossed the street, then crossed again, and sure enough, her intuition was correct. She told herself not to panic. But that was pretty difficult all things considered. Yn had the bright idea to try and lose to the men who were now about ten feet behind her by picking up her pace. The clickety-clacking of her shoes became louder as she swiftly turned the corner down an alleyway. The more yn walked the more the sickening feeling of realisation grew within her stomach. Sh!t. She had walked into a dead end.
Yn was cornered. Trapped. She quickly scanned the alley for anything that could help her. She couldn't see much, let alone anything that could come in handy. It wasn't long until the two men caught up to her.
“Hand over your purse lady,” said a scrawny, bearded one, confident he would get his way. His arms were crossed and his stance was cocky.
“Yeah,” the larger one smurked “ we don't want things to get violent.”
Yn stood silent for a moment, contemplating her next move, clutching her purse. No way were these people getting away with this.
“Ugly bastards!” she screamed and ran at the men trying her best to force her way past one of them. The larger one grabbed onto her shoulders and shoved her off of him. Then he pulled back his arm and swung it at her left cheek, knocking her to the ground. She hit the ground hard and graised her cheek as it made contact with the ground it started to sting and both the men laughed at her. Yn slowly lifted her head, she felt dizzy and placed her hand to where she could still feel that contact had been made with her face, her attacker’s fist, she probably fell on top of something that sliced through her cheek. Her eyes were watering and she felt blood running down her face. It took a second for yn to steady herself after that. Then she pulled back her arm just like the larger guy had done before and struck the bearded one in the nose. It was a strong punch, his nose was probably broken. The pair were both stunned and yn made a run for it, clutching her purse and wiping away the water from her eyes. Back up the alleyway towards anywhere other than here. As yn sprinted around the corner she saw a masculine silhouette get out of their car and head down the alley she was just in moments ago. It stopped her in her tracks. should she yell out to this mysterious man? tell him it's not safe? Yn followed him with her eyes and peeked around the corner to watch him. The two men yn was with before were getting their footing again and turned to go after the girl who escaped their grasp. But the unknown man seemed to be holding a peculiar shaped object. He was holding one in each hand like weapons. The two idiots looked scared. The unknown man flung his right hand and released the object, and from what yn saw it hit the scrawny one in the head. Did she know this guy?? What did he do to him? He then kicked both the men in the gut and sent them running ( not like they could run fast anyways smh )
The man with the knives turned on his heel and you ran to hide behind a trash can, you could tell this guy was dangerous. He was scanning the street up and down in a hurry, looking for something. Your head spun and you felt confused. Surely not for you right?? WRONG. He was covering ground quickly, looking for you, getting closer by the second. What should you do? You were stunned and frozen to the core and your breathing was heavy.
Once you got a second you lifted your hand once again to feel your cheek. All you could feel was your blood.
As the man moved in and out of the streets various glowing lights you could define his features just a little more. He had very short dark hair with almond coloured skin. His clothes were all black and his face was cold and expressionless, not to mention he was terribly handsome. >:) Your cheek was still bloody and your mouth was slightly agape from pure shock.
He soon spotted you and saw where you stood in silence and he strode up to you, he locked eyes with you and it felt like time had stopped in its tracks as you stared into his eyes. Then he surprised you once again when he softly smiled at you. A thought crossed your mind, “ he didn't look dangerous at all.'' It was as if he was worried about you and finding you was a relief to him. It made you blush pink and your heart skip a beat, maybe two <3
“Excuse me, Ma’am?” He said calmly, careful not to startle you too much. His voice was deep and raspy as if he hadn't had much sleep. He stood wary and concerned.
“Are you alright? I saw what those guys did to you back there and I was wondering if you were ok.” You were in shock. complete and utter shock. You lowered your voice to a whisper,
“Did you really throw a knife at that guy’s head???” you breathed. He quietly chuckled
“No I.. threw it so it only grazed his ear, I scared them off though don't worry”
“How in the..” you trailed off.
“Anyways..” he started “ You must be scared.. And your face..” he says gesturing to the blood on your cheek “ It looks bad, do you want me to help clean it up a bit? We could drive back to mine?”
“Yeah, I'd like that, since you kinda saved my ass and stuff,” you said shyly,
“Im sure you could have handled them on your own judging off of that punch you threw,” he said almost in awe. You chuckled, he was cute too.
“Hey uh… I didn't quite catch your name?” you asked.
“Oh, yeah right um, the name’s Diego” he cleared his throat. “Im yn” you smiled up at him and he returned the sweet gesture. “Alright then, after you yn?” and you followed him to his car.
Diego showed Yn to the door to his room where he lived in a gym. Diego opened the door and started panicky cleaning things up and Yn took off her coat.
“Sorry for the mess,” he said, shoving the things he had picked up inside of a small closet. Yn glanced around Diego’s room, it was dimly lit and the walls were made from red brick, as well as the rest of the gym. Yn stood on a platform near one of two doorways and she guessed the other went to the bathroom. There were little trinkets spread around the room, there were street signs and artworks hanging on the walls. In the corner in front of her, Diego had a dresser and next to the dresser was a shooting range target, now Yn could see how he got impossibly good with his knives.
“You live in a gym?” Yn questioned mockingly.
“Well uh..” Diego started “I work here so.. yeah, this place comes with the job.”
“Cool,” the girl smiled while she looked around his room some more.
“Ill go and get some alcohol wipes and some bandages for your cheek, I don't think it will need stitches so make yourself at home,” Diego said before quickly darting into the bathroom to get what he needed. Yn sighed deeply and leaned against Diego’s makeshift kitchen counter with her coat folded over her arms, waiting patiently for him to return. He came out of the bathroom with a small box full of medical supplies. He placed it down on the counter, dried his hands with a tea towel and reached over her, to flick on a lightswitch, and the room exploded with light . Yn could see Diego better in this lighting too and upon closer inspection she could see his scar on the right side of his face, kind of like hers except it went from above his ear to the top of his cheek bone.
“Do you do this often?” yn said pointing out the scar on his face, rather scared of what his reaction might be.
“Yeah a bit” he laughed, not making eye contact with her. She put her coat down and watched Diego’s hands as he turned on the tap and wet a towel.
“Can you lift your chin for me?” Diego said, and yn did as he asked, raising her chin and looking at the ceiling. The towel was cold on her skin. Diego quickly wiped some of the already dried blood off yn’s face. He took the once white towel now coloured red from your blood and he rinsed it again. He then placed it back onto her face, making sure to be super gentle. Everything was silent except for the dripping of the tap, but it wasn’t awkward silence to yn, it was comfortable. It was like everything was perfectly fine and always will be. Diego took her chin in his hand to take another close look at her wound, making sure there wasn't anything that wasn't supposed to be there. His touch was cold and yn made a quiet ”gasp” noise. Then he let her free from his grasp. Diego chucked the towel in the basin of the sink and grabbed a cotton bud and a bottle of disinfectant from the small box sitting next to the girl, on the counter.
“This part might sting a little,” he warned, and yn braised herself as he placed the cotton bud dipped in disinfectant on her open cut. Diego was right. It did sting, and yn flinched backwards, away from him and closer to the counter.
“Sorry” he whispered to her. He was so close to her. Yn could feel his breath on her neck and her cheeks began burning up. Diego pulled away from her face. He was finished disinfecting the wound and he threw the cotton bud into a bin. Diego then folded a tissue and raised it to yn’s cheek. Then he stuck it there with two bandaids and slowly went back and forth with his fingers to smooth it out against her skin. Diego did this again and again until he was just caressing her cheek at that point. He slowly reached for yns’ hand and took it in his own, he lifted it and interlocked his fingers with hers. Diego then let go of her cheek and snaked his arm around the back of yn’s waist. She felt giddy and her breathing quickened. He looked deep into yn’s eyes, then down to her lips.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Yn and Diego were both startled and quickly backed away from each other. They waited staring at each other, hoping the person on the other side of the door would just go away. There was another, more aggressive knock, this time followed by a voice.
“Open up Diego, I know you're in there!” The person at the door knocked again, and Diego rushed up the steps to get the door. He opened it just enough so he could peek his head through.
“What do you want, Luther?!” Diego spat, clearly annoyed. “I’m kind of busy at the moment.”
“Its just theres a situation at the academ- DO YOU HAVE A GIRL IN THERE?!”
/ty for reading <3/
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viktorhargreeves · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
 @usergif back to cool event, #2: color [...] ft. DIEGO HARGREEVES ↳ You remember that vigilante shit I used to do?  Yeah. Bargain Batman.  You know, you guys all laugh, but that shit helped me, man. Kicking assholes in their assholes is like therapy, but for cool people.
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kermodefan94-blog · 6 days ago
The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) Season 3. Review (MIld Spoilers)
More of the same but with major diminishing returns.
In terms of superhero adjacent streaming series debuting in 2019 the diverging paths of Netflix’s, The Umbrella Academy and Amazon The Boys are an interesting point of comparison. One has blossomed into one of the best most critically acclaimed multilayered shows on TV. The other is The Umbrella Academy. Season One is mostly fun with some engaging characters and quirky style but was never truly…
Tumblr media
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wonderchica05 · 7 days ago
Ritu’s out here fighting for her life in interviews to not point out they’re a couple… Meanwhile, David has graduated to posting videos of them laying in bed while she plays with his toes 😂 This fool man.
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thekraken4 · 8 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dancing in the Apocalypse light.
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pepperf · 10 days ago
This post is for anyone looking for some of the short films that David Castañeda has been in. The ones that I know are currently available online are Maddoggin’, Heart To Heart, and Unlovable.
Maddoggin’ (2011). “Two boys in East L.A. are being pressured to join the local gang.  The choices they make over a single day will alter their lives forever.”
Featuring young David! This one is terribly sad and violent, tw for violence, police violence and harassment, drugs, sexual assault (offscreen but referred to), guns, death... basically be warned. David’s role is particularly heartbreaking, and he plays it spectacularly.
Heart to Heart (2020). “Syv pretends like everything is fine, but when things get heated on a fourth date with an enigmatic young man named Martin - she realizes that she'll have to risk everything to be honest with him - and herself.”
This one is my favourite. David is SO FUCKING CUTE. Nothing more constructive to say here. 100/10 would date.
Unlovable (2021). “A young woman examines what it means to be loved.”
This is a short film about domestic violence, so tw for that. David’s character is not a nice guy.
There you go, those are the three I know about. I’m not including movies on Prime, Netflix, etc, as those you can find by searching, and it varies by country, and I just don’t have the patience, tbh. Feel free to add more, if you know of their whereabouts!
And if you want my opinions on their fuckability (minus Maddoggin’), that is here.
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velvtier · 10 days ago
mannnnn i don't even know where to watch that short film with David playing duvad 🤧😭😭😭😭
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davidsnipplering · 2 days ago
me checking Jeff McCann’s story to see if there’s a new David workout vid
Tumblr media
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hellogoodbyeben · 14 days ago
and thats the take they DIDN’T use? we were robbed
Tumblr media
alt id: screenshot of David Castañeda's instagram story. he resposted a screen cap of Lila saying “Diego might be 90% moron and 10% pelvic thrusts but he’s right” and captioned it “there’s a take in this scene where i raise my hands and repeat proudly to Five, “TEN percent” end alt id
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daily-castaneda · 5 days ago
David Castañeda, Ritu Arya, and Javon Wanna Walton backstage filming TUA s3
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issdisgrace · 17 days ago
The shit I would do with this man if I had unrestricted access to him
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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emziess · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
David Castañeda as Diego Hargreeves We Only See Each Other at Weddings and Funerals, The Umbrella Academy
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thekraken4 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These two are actually their characters in real life.
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