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Penelope: You have to react when people cry.

Rossi: I did, I rolled my eyes.

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Why do you hate yourself?

Summery: The reason why Aaron is in therapy.

A/N: I have never experienced a PTSD episode. I just based this off from Lexie Grey’s episode from Grey’s Anatomy.

Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom

Warnings: PTSD episode, fire, murder, death

“Why do you hate yourself?”

Aaron stares at her. He hates himself because he’s weak. He couldn’t save his wife and he put his son in danger. Aaron hates himself because his team hates him. He is a narcissist, drill sergeant and a bully. Aaron hates himself because he can’t save anyone. Who wouldn’t hate him?

“Ok, do you hate yourself because of the fire?”

“What fire”, Aaron asks, confused. Suddenly it hits him. The fire.

“Hotch! We have to go!” Morgan says.

“No, he can still make it”, Aaron says as he continues to do compressions. He’s thirteen years old, he’s too young to die. Aaron can feel his ribs breaking but he doesn’t care.

“Hotch, come on!”, Morgan says as he pulls Hotch away from the kid’s dead body. Aaron tries to get him off.

“Aaron, we need to go. Now!” Morgan says. Aaron looks at him and let’s go of the kid’s body. Morgan rarely calls Hotch by his first name. He only said it when he needs to say it.

Aaron and Morgan quickly escape the abandoned building. Aaron looks back and sees fire burning down the walls slowly.

“I couldn’t save him”, Aaron says.

“You blame yourself for his death. Especially after you told his parents”

“H-h-he’s dead?” The mother asks Aaron.

“I’m so sorry”, Aaron says. Aaron tries to put his hand in her shoulder for comfort but she quickly pulls away.

“You monster”, she says.

“What?” Aaron asks.

“H-he’s dead because of you. You should’ve saved him. You should’ve tried harder. Why didn’t you tried harder!’ The boy’s mother asks who is now screaming.

“I-“, Aaron tries to say something but was pulled back by Rossi. Why didn’t he tried harder? Why didn’t he saved him? He watches as the mother drops to ground and cries.

“You blame yourself for so many deaths. This one finally broke you”

“I think he wants his son to die”, Aaron says.

“What?” Rossi asks, concerned.

“H-he doesn’t even know what his son was wearing the day he was missing. He also doesn’t know what toy he brought to the park. I mean does he want his son to die?” Aaron asks Rossi. Before Rossi can say anything, Hotch goes up to the father.

“Do you want your son to die? You know you could’ve just left your son in his room and burn your house down. That way you can insurance money from your son and the house”, Aaron says to the man. He can feel his chest tightening.

“Aaron!” Rossi says pulling him away from the father.

“Excuse me?” The father asks.

“Burning him would be easier because it gets rid of the body too-“ Aaron says before he bumps over a box of case files. He pushes the files out of the way. Aaron pulls his tie lose, it’s getting hard for him to breathe. He looks through his pockets for a lighter. He always keeps a lighter just in case he wants to go for a smoke. Aaron places the lighter in front of the father.

“Here, now you can burn down this whole damn place. Then you can find your son and-“ Aaron says as he gets pulled away. Rossi quickly brings him and Aaron into another room while JJ apologizes to the father.

“What the hell was that?!” Rossi asks. Aaron tries to say something but he can’t breathe. He suddenly faints and drops to the ground.

“You had a PTSD episode. It’s also why you’re here”

Aaron doesn’t say anything. Instead he looks at his hands.

“Do you know what I think? You’ve been bottling up so many emotions. And that fire was the last straw. You broke and you let all of you emotions out. Your wife died and one of your mentors died. Not to mention all of the other cases you probably have blamed yourself on”

Aaron continues looking at his hands. He can feel tears forming in eyes.

“I think that’s enough for today”

Before she can say anything else, Aaron quickly got up and left.

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Hello! Kinda wanting some rp partners. Right now I’m only doing Criminal Minds. MxM. Any storyline. Discord only. Open to any ships. But of course Spencer is a favorite, i mean, obviously. Hit me up!

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Serendipity~Aaron Hotchner

This NOT part two to Life’s Biggest Regret. I already had this written but I am currently writing part two to LBR:)

Word Count: ~4.6k

Warnings: abuse, unaccepting parents, poor reaction to being gay, mentions of conversion therapy, questioning your sexuality, cm content (kidnapping/beatings/torture), there’s a lot to this one so proceed with caution.

A/N: This happens in the future like 2023ish. We’re also going to pretend the pandemic didn’t happen (oops) and that season 15 didn’t end the way that it did. This is a little different than what I normally write but it was kind of inspired by the announcement of the revival. I am not one to place sexuality on people but just to make the story a little more interesting, Jack isn’t necessarily straight.

Summary: Jack Hotchner has gone off to college which means his dad can return to the BAU. A few months after coming back, Hotch gets a call from Jack. His roommate as well as another student on campus have gone missing. The BAU comes to Jack’s school to try and find Jack’s best friend.


Originally posted by arganfics

Aaron Hotchner resigned from the FBI, stepping away from the BAU after Mr. Scratch, to be a dad to Jack during his teenage years. Well, Jack is now a freshman in college so Aaron no longer has any excuse to be a stay at home dad. He decided that he did miss the BAU during his time away so now that Jack no longer needed him at home he could return to the FBI.

Jack was attending Rutgers University in New Jersey. He was stuck in WITSEC for a year and after their release his dad was still hesitant in letting himself stray far. After a lot of talks with his dad, he decided he would stay relatively close but still get out and go see the world. Rutgers was only three hours from Washington, DC and less than an hour from New York City.

Aaron couldn’t believe his son was going to college. His only child turned 18, graduated high school, and is now going to college in another state. Jack had been through so much, Hotch would do anything to see his son happy. No matter what personal sacrifices it took.

Jack convinced his dad that with him going away for school there would be no reason for Hotch to stay at home. Aaron had picked up teaching a law class for a local university just so he had something to do while Jack was at school during the day but he was able to eat dinner with his son every night. Which was something he rarely got to do before.

In his time away from the BAU, Aaron Hotchner met a woman. Y/N Y/L/N, they met a couple months after the Hotchner’s got out of WITSEC after Peter Lewis’s death in 2018. They got married in 2020 and Aaron felt whole again for the first time in a long time.

When he returned to the BAU, he was in his early fifties but he felt like he was 30 again. Married relatively recently and walking to the BAU, it gave him a little bit of deja vu if he was being honest.

Hotch felt as if Jack was probably safer in New Jersey than in DC anyway with him returning to the FBI. David Rossi had decided on retirement so he could write another book. With Aaron’s permission, he wanted to write it about Mr. Scratch and what happened to Hotch’s family.

Aaron took Rossi’s spot after his retirement and nothing made Dave happier than seeing his old friend back where he belonged. Shortly after Hotch’s return there was a brutal case, one none of them had ever experienced before and it affected Emily Prentiss more than she liked to admit. She was still the Unit Chief at the time but after that case she stepped down and took a small sabbatical.

When she stepped down, the only thing that felt right to her was to ask Hotch to take his spot back as Unit Chief. Reluctantly he agreed. He was nervous to get back in the saddle but deep down he was really excited. Matt Simmons had joined the team in Hotch’s absence but he enjoyed working with him on joint cases in the past. He was also a dad which made him more relatable. Tara Lewis was still there and Aaron missed her wit from the year or so they worked together.

JJ, Spencer, and Penelope were still there which provided comfort, some familiar faces to make his return that much easier. When they were reunited, Penelope hugged Hotch so tight as tears streamed down her face. JJ asked how Jack was doing at college while talking about how Henry was a junior so it wouldn’t be long until he’d be leaving the nest too but she still had an adolescent Michael to care for. Spencer was engaged and still looking younger than ever. Emily returned after a two month break.

It was late March when Hotch’s cell phone rang while he was going over some paperwork. He looked at his phone to see that Jack was calling him. Jack rarely called him when he knew that his dad was at work so it raised some concern.

“Hey, Jack. What’s going on?” Hotch asked, a small amount of concern laced in his voice. “Dad, I think something’s wrong” Jack admitted. “Why do you think that?” He asked. “My roommate, Caleb is missing. I haven’t seen him in two days. We have a class together and he skipped it. He’s never skipped class, not even the eight am’s. Something doesn’t feel right” Jack explained.

“Have you tried calling him?” Hotch asked his son. “I’ve called him and it goes to voicemail and my texts won’t deliver” Jack replied. “Send me his number and I’ll have Garcia track it okay?” The dad suggested. Aaron kept Jack on the phone as he made his way to Garcia’s lair.

“Garcia, can you track this number for me?” He asked as he rambled the digits to Penelope. “It hasn’t been used in over a day, sir. It lost signal right here” she points to the screen. “What is that place?” Aaron asked. “It looks like a field” she said. “A field?” Jack screamed out, worried that his friend’s dead body had been dumped in the middle of nowhere.

“Who’s number is this, sir?” Garcia asked. “It’s Jack’s roommate, he hasn’t seen him in two days” Hotch explained. “Well that can’t be good” Garcia said. “No, it can’t” Hotch agreed. “Jack, have you talked to campus police?” Aaron asked his son. “I haven’t today but I said something yesterday. The campus police are worthless though that’s why I called you” Jack explained.

“Has anyone else gone missing?” Aaron asked. “Yeah, three days before Caleb went missing another kid disappeared, Dawson James” Jack told him. “Looking up the report now sir” Garcia chimed. Within seconds Garcia had the information on the missing boy.

“Sir, I hate to tell you this but New York found a body matching Dawson James description almost an hour ago. His parents are on their way to ID the body now” Garcia explained. “Dad, please he’s my best friend” Jack whimpered. Hearing his son in pain, fearing that his best friend was going to die broke Aaron’s heart.

“If the body was in New York and he went missing in New Jersey, that crosses state lines which makes it federal jurisdiction. We’ll be there in a couple of hours, Jack. Call me if you find out anything okay?” Hotch said. . “Okay, dad. I love you” Jack said. “I love you too, bud”.

Hotch called Rutgers University Campus Police to inform them of what was happening and that it was now a federal case. Technically it wasn’t classified as BAU territory as it wasn’t considered serial but it has the potential to be and Jack could be in danger so Hotch through protocol to the wind.

The Unit Chief gathered and briefed his team. All of them are more than ready to get to New Jersey to help Jack. The jet left 30 minutes later, making it to New Jersey in about an hour. They grabbed government issued vehicles and made their way to campus.

Hotch told Jack to meet him at campus security. His son was the first person he saw. “Dad”, Jack called out, wrapping his arms around his dad immediately. “Jack, go with JJ, she’s going to ask you some questions about Caleb while I talk to Chief of Security, okay?” Hotch suggested and Jack went with the woman who was like another mom to him.

“Jack what do you know about Caleb?’ JJ asked. “He’s a good student. He never missed class and usually got A’s. He’s in a few clubs. He doesn’t go out much if he’s not at the library, class, or a club meeting, he’s in our dorm” he explained. “Is there anything about Caleb that could make him a target?” JJ asked. “Like what?” Jack asked. “Things he was in, something that made him different” JJ explained. “He’s um, well he’s gay” Jack admitted.

“Has he been dating anyone? Bad break up, maybe?” JJ asked. “No, um not that he’s told me about” Jack replied and JJ nodded. “Do you know anything about the other student?” She asked. “Now that I think about it, I think he’s gay too. Could the unsub be targeting them because of their sexuality?” Jack asked, concern growing in his voice. “I’m not sure, let me go talk to your dad. I’ll be right back, stay here” she said.

JJ told the team what Jack had said, specifically the part about both boys being gay. Reid and Emily had gone to the coroner in New York to find out information. They had just called to say that Dawson James had only been dead a couple of hours so he was held for three days before he was killed. Which meant they had less than a day to find Caleb.

Hotch had Garcia run other deaths of college aged boys in the area who were gay to see if anything lined up and only one other murder lined up and it happened a little over a week ago. “I think we’re ready to give the profile” Hotch stated.

“This unsub is strong as he can abduct college aged males. He is probably closer to their age so mid 20’s to mid 30’s. He may be on a religious quest to take care of sin, specifically the ‘sin’ of being gay as he is targeting gay men or he may be gay himself and acting out. There were no signs of sexual assault but there were signs of possible torture and beatings. He’s been keeping his victims for about three days before killing them so we have less than 24 hours to find Caleb Adams alive” Hotch explained to the team they were working with.

What Hotch didn’t know was that Jack heard everything. “Dad” Jack said as his voice cracked. “Jack, you weren’t supposed to hear that” Aaron said, a worried expression present on his face. “Caleb could be getting tortured?” Jack asked as tears welled in his eyes.

“It’s possible, bud. We’re doing everything we can. Tara and Matt found Caleb’s cellphone in the field where it last had a signal. It’s being ran for prints as we speak. Why don’t you go lay in your dorm room?” Hotch suggested to his son.“I’m not going anywhere until we find Caleb” Jack insisted.

Six hours went by without a break in the case. Jack spent the entire time worrying about his friend, wondering if his dad’s team was going to find him in time and frankly his dad was wondering the same thing.

Hotch had Garcia find people who had been kicked out of Rutgers University and tried to narrow it down with instances involving being gay or religious reasons. Garcia found one. A student who had been expelled three years ago who would have been graduating this year. Which very well could be the trigger, impending graduation that he doesn’t get to attend.

When he was a freshman the unsub was constantly bullied for being gay. One day,he fought back giving his bully a concussion, a broken arm, and a couple of broken ribs. He was kicked out of Rutgers as a result of fighting the student even if he was being bullied by him, the bully never placed hands on the unsub. Garcia found the address of one, Alexander Clemmings.

“I’m coming with you” Jack demanded. “No, you’re not” Aaron retaliated. “Dad, please. I’ll wear a vest and I’ll stay in the car until you tell me. I just need to know he’s okay” Jack begged. “Fine but you keep the vest on, you stay in the SUV, and you stay quiet” Aaron warned and Jack nodded, thankful his dad let him go.

The entire team sped the 30 minutes to Clemmings house. Jack and Aaron were both overly anxious the whole way there. Jack was scared that the team would be too late and so was Aaron. Hotch was more worried about the trauma his son would face if his friend was dead. He already lost so much with losing his mom, going into witness protection, and this would just be the icing on the cake.

They arrived and the team emerged from their vehicles, approaching the home. Their vests on, guns drawn, and minds alert. Matt knocked on the door, “FBI” he yelled. Hotch kicked in the door when there was no answer, too worried to be concerned with the knob.

They searched the house and it seemed as if he wasn’t there. Hotch began to worry that it was going to be too late for Caleb. Then he found a trap door and opened it. He found Caleb curled into a ball on the floor. The man silently prayed that the boy was alright.

“Caleb?” Hotch spoke gently. “He’s still here, he ran away” Caleb spoke. Hotch told his team through his ear piece to keep searching for Clemmings. “You’re going to be okay, Caleb” Hotch said, helping the boy to his feet. “Can you walk?” He asked and Caleb nodded.

“My ribs hurt” he murmured. “He probably broke them but we’ll get you checked out alright?” Hotch told him. “You’re Jack’s dad, right?” Caleb asked. “Yeah, I am” Hotch answered. “Did he tell you to find me?” The teenager asked. “Yeah, he called me to tell me you were missing”, Aaron explained. The man’s answer warmed Caleb’s heart. “Is he here?” He asked. “He’s in the car, he wouldn’t let me tell him no” Hotch responded and Caleb smiled for the first time in almost three days.

Right then two gun shots went off. Aaron was hopeful that the unsub was down and not one of his team. Jack, on the other hand, feared that not only his friend was dead but that his dad was too. He was pleasantly relieved when he saw his dad walk out with one arm around Caleb’s back to hold him steady.

Jack sprinted out of the car not caring if he didn’t wait for his dad to tell him it was safe, seeing Caleb brought tears to his eyes and he just needed to hug his best friend. “Caleb” Jack called out. “Jack” Caleb sighed, relieved to see him again. “His ribs hurt so be careful”, Hotch warned. Jack gently wrapped his arms around Caleb. “I’m so glad, you’re okay” Jack murmured as a tear slipped from his eye. “Thank you for calling your dad. I would have been dead if it wasn’t for you”.

Caleb got checked out by an ambulance and was encouraged to go to the hospital but refused as he was over 18. He just wanted to be with Jack. He just wanted to feel safe. Once he signed the papers denying medical care even though Hotch suggested he should get looked at, Caleb and Jack climbed back into the SUV.

Aaron went off to finish taking care of some things around the scene before they left. When he returned to the SUV he found Caleb tucked underneath Jack’s arm. Caleb’s hand was intertwined with Jack’s as they rested in the back of the car. Both of them were exhausted from the events over the last few days.

Hotch realized then why Jack was so worried about Caleb. His only child, was in love with the boy that he had just saved and Aaron couldn’t be any happier for his son. Although he was thrown off just a little as Jack had never told him about his interest in boys. Whoever Jack loved, didn’t matter, as long as he was happy.

Hotch opened the door which caused Jack to wake up. His eyes shot open as he realized he had fallen asleep, cuddling and holding hands with Caleb. “Dad, it’s not what it looks like” Jack said defensively. Hotch smiles as he looks down at his son. “Jack, I hate to break it to ya but it’s exactly what it looks like. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I just want you to be happy and safe” Aaron says.

“I am” Jack replied. “Jack, you could have told me” Hotch said. “I didn’t tell you because I wasn’t sure. I don’t know what I am. I had never even thought about it until I came to college then I met Caleb and everything changed. I don’t think I’m gay, I think I lean more like bisexual?” Jack explained, unsure of what he wanted to say.

“Jack, you’re young you don’t need to know right now. It may change as time goes on but just know, no matter what, you are my son and I will always love you and support you” Aaron admitted leaning down to kiss his son on the top of the head. In retrospect, Jack was probably too old for that but after everything he’d been through he didn’t seem to mind. Hotch climbed into the front seat.

“Thanks,dad. For everything” Jack said. “Any time, kiddo” Hotch smiled into his rear view at his son. “You’ll always be my hero, dad”, the child admitted to his dad. “And I thought you’d lose that feeling as you got older” Aaron chuckled. “I don’t compare you to Captain America anymore so that’s an improvement, I guess” Jack smiled.

“Hey, Jack?” Aaron said. “Yeah?” He replied. “When your boyfriend wakes up tell him, I wear two guns for a reason” Aaron smirked even though he would never lay a hand on Caleb, he seemed like a really good kid.

“Daaaaad” Jack groaned embarrassed by Hotch’s subtle attempt to protect his kid.


Hotch went home to his wife after the case. “How’s Jack doing?” Y/N asked. “He’s good. He was pretty scared there for a while but when I found his” Aaron paused, trying to find the word, “…friend, he was relieved”.

“He told you, didn’t he?” Y/N asked. “Yeah, has he told you?” Aaron asked. “No, I knew. His face lit up every time he talked about Caleb and there was a sparkle in his eye every time Caleb walked in the room. I don’t know how you never figured it out, being a profiler and all. Not to mention being the Unit Chief” Y/N admitted.

“I try not to profile my son or his sexuality,” Aaron replied. “Clearly, it didn’t take a profiler to figure it out”, his wife responded. “Yeah, yeah, yeah” Hotch sighed. “Do you think Caleb is good enough for Jack?” Y/N asked. “I think so. I should have realized with how persistent he was during this case that he was more than his best friend. I caught them cuddling in the back of one of the SUV’s” Hotch admitted.

“What did you say to him?” She asked. “I told him that I didn’t care who he loved as long as he felt happy and safe” Aaron explained. “Did you say anything else?” Y/N asked. “I may or may have told him to tell Caleb that I wear two guns” Hotch shrugged.

“Aaron, don’t threaten him!” Y/N shrieked as she smacked her husband playfully. “I was just kidding! Jack knows that!” Aaron replied, his voice getting higher in defense. “Sure he did” Y/N replied sarcastically. “He did” Hotch replied. “Mhmm, yeah okay” Y/N hummed as she leaned closer to husband. “I love you” Aaron said as he leaned closer to his wife, ghosting his lips over hers. “And I love you” Y/N said capturing her husband’s lips with her own. Thankful that Jack, Aaron, and Caleb all made it out okay.


The rest of the semester passes by and Jack comes home for the summer. He’s not exactly thrilled about it, however, as coming home means leaving Caleb. Caleb lives in Pennsylvania so for the rest of May, all of June and July, plus most of August they’ll be in a long distance relationship.

One day in early June, Caleb and Jack were on the phone. Caleb wasn’t out to his parents as they thought being gay was a sin so he could never truly be himself at home. That’s why he went to a college in another state.


That’s how he and Jack became so close so quickly. Being roommates can be hit or miss but Caleb was finally able to be himself around Jack and Jack had all sorts of things to talk about. Being in witness protection, a serial killer killing his mom while he hid in a box, his dad killing the guy with his bare hands, watching the SWAT team break into his house and arrest his dad, you know the usual. They bonded over their unfair life experiences.

Then one day they were laying in Jack’s bed in their dorm room as he had the better view of the tv. Caleb looked Jack in the eyes then gazed down at his lips. Without saying a word, Jack smashed his lips onto Caleb’s.

“I didn’t know you were into guys, “ Caleb admitted. “I’m not, well I didn’t think I was but with you it’s different” Jack explained. “We can always see what happens, no pressure?” Caleb suggested. “Yeah, let’s just see what happens. I’ve never felt like this before and I’m not sure what it means” Jack agreed.


Caleb’s parents had come home early on that one day in early June and had overhearing a sappy conversation with Jack. They stormed into his room demanding to know if he was gay. Jack stayed on the phone, listening carefully. Caleb refused to answer until Jack heard Caleb’s dad hit him. Jack would do anything to save Caleb but he knew from so far away there was nothing he could do.

After Caleb reluctantly admitted that he was gay, his dad threatened to kick him out. His options were church camp and conversion therapy, or he was getting kicked out. Caleb packed a suitcase. He was an adult and he wasn’t going to be treated this way, he didn’t deserve that.

Caleb walked out of his house, never looking back. He still had his phone but knew it wouldn’t be long until the service was shut off. Not knowing what to do, he called the only person who made him feel safe. Jack Alexander Hotchner. Jack told him to go somewhere warm and safe. A library or a restaurant, preferably one with internet.

Jack made his way to Quantico to find his dad. When he arrived to the sixth floor, his dad wasn’t in his office. The first person he saw was Emily. “Where’s my dad?” He asked her. “He’s in a meeting but it should be almost over” Emily explained. “Okay” Jack replied. “Jack, what’s going on?” Emily asked. “I just need my dad”, he said as he made his way up to Hotch’s office.

He saw his dad’s chair and thought of a simpler time. A time when he was young and would climb into his dad’s big chair but he had grown to where he was now bigger than the chair. It just wasn’t as much fun to sit in anymore.

Ten minutes drug on before Aaron made his way into his office, surprised to see his son. “Jack, why are you here?” He asked. “It’s Caleb” Jack admitted. “What happened?” Aaron asked. “His parents found out he was gay and his dad hit him while we were still on the phone then they kicked him out. If he didn’t leave they were going to send him to conversion therapy, dad. How awful is that?” Jack explained. “Where is he now?” His dad asked. “He walked to his local library and he’s waiting there until I tell him what to do”.

“Tell him to take a bus to the airport” Hotch said. “Dad, where is he going to go? He doesn’t have anyone” Jack replied. “He has you, right?” Aaron asked. “Well, yeah. Of course he does” Jack responded. “Have him get a flight to DC, I’ll pay for it and he can come stay with us” Hotch offered.

“You’d do that?” Jack asked. “He’s made you happier than I have ever seen and I know you’ll be miserable worrying about him. He’s not even twenty, he shouldn’t be worrying about where he is going to sleep tonight” Aaron explained. Jack wrapped his arms around his dad, thankful for how understanding his dad was.

He called Caleb immediately to tell him to get on a bus and get to the airport so he could book a flight to Washington, DC. This was all too much and it wasn’t even noon yet. Thankfully airports had WiFi so Jack and Caleb were able to stay in touch. They made a plan while Caleb waited for his flight.

At 10 o’ clock that night Aaron and Jack had made their way to the airport to pick Caleb up. Jack knew the exact spot that he told Caleb to find them at and he couldn’t wait to see him. When he spotted the dark hair boy that he loved, Jack couldn’t help but run to him. They hugged as Aaron watched the relief pass through his son.

Jack brushed his hand over the cut on Caleb’s eyebrow from where his dad had hit him. “Let’s go home” Hotch said grabbing the suitcase and walking towards the entrance, the two boys trailing a few feet behind him.

Jack led Caleb to the bathroom so he could clean the cut on his face. Caleb also decided on taking a shower so Jack got him towels and some of his pajamas so they wouldn’t have to mess with the suitcase.

Before going to bed, Jack found his parents. “We’re going to bed”, Jack said. “Caleb needs to sleep in the guest room” Hotch replied. “Dad, please. Can he sleep in my room at least for tonight? He doesn’t want to be alone” Jack pleaded. “That’s fine, we can talk about stuff in the morning” Aaron replied.

Over the course of the next few days, Caleb started to settle into his new living situation. He was grateful that Jack’s family took him in without giving it a second thought. Jack was raised incredibly well and Caleb couldn’t be more thankful.

Jack woke up early one morning to get some things that he knew Caleb liked that they typically didn’t keep in the house. Caleb woke up to a text from Jack explaining where his boyfriend was then he made his way to the kitchen for some cereal and juice. When he walked in, he found Aaron making coffee.

“Would you like any?” Hotch offered. “No thank you, sir” Caleb replied. “Please, it’s Aaron. I get called sir all day at work, it gets old” Aaron chuckles gently to himself. “Right, of course” Caleb said.

“I know this week has been tough on you but things will get easier” the older man encouraged. “Thank you for taking me in so quickly. You guys are amazing. I got so lucky with Jack” Caleb admitted. “I’d say he got pretty lucky with you too. This is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time” Aaron replied.

“Thank you” Caleb smiled. “Has your dad hit you before?” Hotch asked the boy softly. “Yeah, he’s got really intense anger issues and I’m the only boy as well as the oldest so he’s always taken it out on me“ Caleb explained.

“I’m sorry. Jack knows this but he doesn’t know that much but my dad hit me too. A lot of bruises, broken ribs, a broken collarbone once and a broken arm” Hotch admitted. “How’d you get through it?” Caleb wondered. “I met Jack’s mom and she saved my life” Aaron replied.

“He doesn’t know it but I think in a way, Jack saved my life too” Caleb confessed. “You’re safe here, Caleb. No one is going to hurt you. You’ll receive nothing but love and support while you’re living with us” Hotch reassured.

“I appreciate that. I know Jack being with me caught you by surprise but thank you for accepting, loving, and supporting him. He was confused for a long time and he still isn’t sure but having your parents’ support makes things so much easier. I would give anything to have that”, Caleb said.

“I didn’t have my son so I could create who I wanted him to be. He is his own person and he can love whoever he wants so long as they treat him well. I owe him everything for the childhood he went through. College is about finding yourself and I’m grateful that he was finally able to do that” Aaron spoke.

“He knew I was gay, early on and he accepted me right away. It was something that has never happened to me before” Caleb admitted. “Well, you’ll always be accepted here” Aaron replied. “Thank you”.

“Caleb as long as you’re with my son, you’ll always be welcome here. Once you go back to school whenever Jack comes home you’re more than welcome to come with him. I know things with your parents are rocky and no one knows what is going to happen but if you need anything just let us know. We’re here to help” Hotch said.

Aaron hugged the boy and Caleb was brought to tears. He couldn’t tell you the last time he had been hugged by his dad or really anyone that wasn’t Jack. What the two in the kitchen didn’t know was that Jack had just gotten back from the store.

Jack watched his dad hug his boyfriend. He was so glad to have the family he did. A family that loved him and his significant other. He knew Caleb would never experience that but he knew even though his dad may not be the most emotional person that he and Caleb would always have someone to turn to whenever they needed.

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My Love and I

Chapter 4

Summary: Y/N had been in love with Spencer Reid for years, but what she didn’t know was that he loved her too. Will their past traumas separate them, or will they fight through it and end up together?

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 1276


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As soon as you got back to the BAU Garcia was waiting for the team, like she always does. She always missed you guys when you were gone, especially the girls.

“We have to have a ladies night ASAP, it’s been way too long” She told you, Emily, and JJ

“I agree, I say any night but tonight though” You laughed

You were all pretty tired from the case, while it wasn’t a horrible one, you were still tired. You all decided that the next night worked for everyone, so you would get together then.

Hotch sent everyone home and told you guys to be back by 9 am tomorrow to work on some paperwork. Everyone was very relieved and headed out the door.

On the way to your car Spencer stopped you.

“Hey! So we’re back…” He said shyly

“That we are” You giggled

“So do you maybe want to go furniture shopping this weekend?”

“Well somebody’s excited to hang out with me” You said sarcastically

“I- well- I just know you said you needed to go-”

“Spencer it’s okay, I was only kidding, this weekends perfect!”

“Okay well um how about we meet at my apartment Saturday around 1 and we can go together?”

“That sounds great!”

“Alright it’s a date! I mean- not a date- but you know-”

“I got it Spencer” You chuckled

“Okay, well goodnight, I’ll see you tomorrow” he smiled

“I’ll see you tomorrow Spencer”

You got in your car with the biggest smile on your face. Why was he so damn adorable all the time? You could barely pull yourself together, and you giggled to yourself the whole way home.

When you got inside your apartment you threw the clothes from your go bag in the washer and then headed to take a shower. You grabbed a T-shirt and some sweatpants and got in. After your shower you got in your bed, read some of your book, and scrolled on your phone for a while before drifting off to sleep.

The next morning you woke up around 8:00, got dressed, and stopped to get some breakfast on your way to work. When you arrived at Quantico you hopped out with your coffee and breakfast sandwich and headed inside. You caught up with Derek on the way in and you guys rode the elevator together up to the bullpen.

“Hey babygirl, how’re you feelin?”

“Good, it felt nice to actually get some sleep” you laughed

“Yeah, I agree. What are you up to after work?”

“We’re having a BAU ladies night”

“Oooo how fun” he teased

“Oh you bet…take out, movies, drinks, the whole 9 yards”

“Well I hope you ladies have fun” he said right as the doors opened

“Fun with what?” Penelope asked walking by the elevator

“Oh I was just telling Derek Morgan here about our wild plans for tonight” You responded, winking at Derek

JJ walked up right as you said that with some not great news, “Actually, we’re going to have to post pone our girls night, Will is out of town and I couldn’t find a sitter”

“JJ!” You and Penelope both yelled

“I know I know, I’m sorry it was just so last minute and I thought we would be good to go, but turns out I was wrong”

At that point Derek had walked away because he didn’t want to be intruding on your conversation, but you had an idea.

“What if Derek and Spencer watched the kids? Spencer owes me after he lost that bet last month, and Derek could keep him company?”

“Ooo yes! Do that!” Penelope said

“I mean I guess it wouldn’t hurt, Spencer has kept an eye on them before, and if he does owe you…” JJ responded

The 3 of you walked over to Derek and Spencer who were chatting at Spencers desk.

You walked up to Spencer with a grin on your face, he immediately knew you were up to something, “Oh my, what is it?”

“So you remember last month when I said you couldn’t go a day without telling me any random fun facts you knew, and you lost within the first 20 minutes?”

“Yes, I remember” he sighed

“Well it’s time to pay up, will you watch the boys so we can have our ladies night? Morgan could do it with you so you’re not alone?”

“That’s not the worst thing you could have me do, so yes I will babysit for you, but keep in mind, this is it. No "oh you only did one little thing” this is your reward"

“I’m perfectly fine with that, thank you Dr. Reid” you teased

“You’re welcome” he said as you and the girls walked away

It didn’t take long to finish up your paperwork and you were out of there by 4. You ran home, changed into comfier clothes, packed a bag, and headed to Garcia’s.

You were in charge of the movie, so you headed to the local video store and picked out some of your favorite classic chick flicks. When you got there Emily was already there hanging out with Garcia and you were just waiting on JJ who was picking up the Chinese food.

“Ooo what did you get?!” Garcia asked

“Oh you know just the classics, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, She’s the Man, and The Notebook” you responded

“Well shoot, which one are we gonna watch first?” Emily asked sarcastically

“Hey I know you’re not a big chick flick girl, but these are classics! You have to see them at least once in your lifetime!” Garcia said

Right after she finished JJ walked in.

“Food!” You shouted

“Yes yes, it’s here, and I’m starving, so let’s eat” JJ said

You all sat around talking, Garcia grabbed some glasses and Emily poured some of the wine she brought. You all finished up your food and sat there talking.

“So Y/N, you and Spence huh?” JJ asked

“Oh yes, how’s that going?” Emily laughed

“You guys, it’s not funny! You know I still like him, I have for the last few years, nothing has stopped it. Not even dating other guys. I just need to accept that it’s never going to happen” you responded

“Well now why would you say that? Do you see the way he looks at you? He is completely infatuated with you but you are so blind to see it just because you are scared of him rejecting you” Garcia told you

“That is simply not true!” You responded

Emily started, “Oh yes it is Y/N, there’s no other reason you should be scared to tell him if that wasn’t the case”

“Well it’s just after everything that happened with Maeve, I don’t think he’s ready for a new relationship”

“Well lucky for you, that’s not your decision, it’s his. It’s been years, I’m sure if he found the right person…” JJ said nudging you

“And I’m the right person?” You asked

“You could be, but you won’t know unless you try” Garcia said

You spent the rest of the night eating popcorn, drinking and watching movies, all while thinking over the conversation you just had with the girls. Could he like you? Could he be ready for another relationship? Could he want another relationship? You just didn’t know. But you were also extremely scared to ask him about it, so you decided not to. You would just wait it out and hope that he confessed he had feelings for you. Even though you knew he would never do that, it was fun to think about the idea of it.

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So this was an amazing request by @lucy08novembre2001 (wattpad)

Pairing: JJ & Emily (Jemily), season 7 cast

Warnings: Tooth Rotting Fluff and bc people get offended (fr?) this is a wlw.

william lemonhead does not exist here.


The day couldn’t have been gone any better.

It started boring, the whole team staying at the office to catch up on their paperwork, occasionally getting distracted by Garcia’s warming appearance.

Just as the team was about to head out for lunch, JJ and Emily’s midwife rang.

Their surrogates’ water had broken and it was looking to be a quick and easy birth. Well, as easy as one can naturally deliver twins.

Taking her wife aside, Emily quickly told JJ, leaving the team very confused; and worried.

“They’re coming!” JJ blurted out, Penelope the first to get it.

“The babies!” She quickly explained to the team, rushing to her office and coming back with two hand-knitted beanies, one blue and one pink.

“Did you guys finish the nursery?” Derek asked.

“No, we didn’t, we still have to put away their clothes..” Emily said in guilt.

“Well, lets get to it, i piccoli stanno arrivando!” Rossi happily raised his hands, shooing everyone to the door.

Getting in separate cars, everyone drove over to JJ and Emily’s townhouse, packing baby bags and putting away the huge remainder of freshly washed baby clothes.

“Are you going to tell us the names yet?” Spencer questioned, zipping up the final bag before handing it to Derek.

Looking over to JJ, Emily smirked at the whole team.

“That’s a surprise for all of you,” She said, making direct eye contact with Aaron.

“All of us?” He asked.

“All of you,” JJ responded.

Even though she wanted to press, Penelope held back and help the moms with their last needs.

Everyone waited in the waiting room of the hospital while JJ and Emily scrubbed down and entered the delivery room. Standing on each side of the surrogate, they watched as their son came first, their daughter only coming 5 minutes later.

Emily wasn’t one to cry, but her eyes were filled with tears.

She was a mom. She was a mom to the sweetest bundle of joys she has ever seen.

Each baby had a team of nurses cleaning them up and making sure they were healthy as can be, while the OBGYN worked on the surrogate, both moms thanking her until they couldn’t anymore.

“Here he is!” A nurse cheerily said, handing Emily her boy.

“You can’t forget miss pretty over here!” Another nurse said, this time handing a crying JJ her daughter.

“Names?” The OBGYN asked.

“We got that covered,” They both said.

Moving the surrogate to a recovery room, the babies went to the nursery while JJ and Emily got the team.

“I wanna see!” Penelope was basically jumping up and down, trying to look for the babies through the glass.  

“That one there is Aaron Prentiss-Jareau and there is Diana Penelope Prentiss- Jareau,” JJ pointed at her babies, turning back to the team.

“You guys didn’t,” Spencer teared up at his mother’s name.

“I think I love those munchkins even more!” A crying Penelope said.

“Can I hold him?” Aaron asked.

“Of course,” Both moms accidentally said in sync, more laughter coming from the team.

Handing Aaron to Aaron and Diana to Penelope, they stood back, watching their huge family surround each other.

“Welcome to motherhood, Mrs. Prentiss-Jareau” Emily whispered in her wife’s ear.

“Welcome to motherhood, Mrs. Prentiss-Jareau”


Heyyy, so I’m gonna pretend like I haven’t updated this thing in over a month …

How are you all?

And one last thing: Jemily should have happened.


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“A family is a place where minds come in contact with one another. If these minds love one another the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden. But if these minds get out of harmony with one another it is like a storm that plays havoc with the garden.” -Buddha
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 6x1 “The Longest Night”
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the alley scene with hotch and rossi in 4x18/omnivore is a fucking masterclass in acting, thomas is incredible in it

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  • Warnings:  Canon-typical violence + mention of past abuse
  • Notes:  Still hitting my goal of one part per day!  Not much else to say about it.  Enjoy it earlier than usual!  <3  Thank you to everyone who is reading and commenting, I love you all!

“Guys in the yard today were talkin’ about you, said you got a reputation, callin’ you Law Man out there,” Scales said, laying back on his bed with his eyes closed.  “Sounds like String Bean ain’t gonna stick. Damn shame, too, I liked that one.  I heard some stories about you.”

“What stories?” Aaron asked.  He was lying on his side, back to the wall, curled inside of his blankets and ready to sleep.  He was too long for his bed to be comfortable stretched out, too long for his blankets, and though sleeping curled up like this always made his hips ache, he had no choice if he wanted to stay warm.  They were ten minutes to lights out and he intended to sleep if it was the last thing he did.  

“You got a lotta enemies in here, but so far most don’t wanna mess around with you.  Got a few I’m holding off for the time being, only because you’re interesting and it ain’t easy to come by cell mates don’t wanna get into your business.  You seem like a nice, private guy.  My advice?  Snap outta whatever hopeless funk you’re in, we all get into it at first, but you’re coming in here with a reputation for not taking any shit and not backing down, lotta these guys are afraid of you – not all of em, but if you live up to it, you might be alright, especially for a Fed. Stay in here long enough you could be runnin’ the place.”

“I’d rather not,” Aaron sighed.  He closed his eyes and thanked his lucky stars for the small break.  With any luck, it would be enough to help him sleep.  

“Yeah…you like puttin’ us away too much, huh?  Guess that’d be hard to give up.”

“Lights out, ladies!” they heard a guard holler from the end of the corridor, and all of the lights shut off.  Aaron didn’t flinch this time, just pulled the blanket up over his face, and fell fast asleep. He supposed if the worst that happened to him was that someone came into his cell and hurt him or killed him, well, at least he went out getting his first night of sleep in almost a week.  He could think of worse things.  

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