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Snakes are known to encircle their eggs/their young as a way to protect them

So my theory on why Crowley is always walking in circles around Aziraphale is because it’s in his snakey nature and DNA to protect and keep danger away from Aziraphale.

And if you notice he only circles Aziraphale in the scene where danger is a possibility

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You know what the most impressive acting in Good Omens is? It happens in the close-up shot in Episode 5 that runs from 30:39 to 31:05. David Tennant has to sit there for almost 30 seconds being maniacal, but he has to a) let the mania build, b) keep it varied and interesting, and c) do it without saying any lines.

Thirty seconds is a long goddamn time to go without a cut, and a 30 second closeup is, like, insane. Try it. Sit in a chair and loudly pretend to be more and more almost on fire for half a minute, but mix it up and keep it fun.

Actors are so fucking weird, and I am in awe of them.

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To the world ✨🥂

Happy 1st anniversary to the amazing show that is Good Omens!! ♥️

A year ago this brilliant show came out. And just like the book it’s based on, it has changed my life for the better. I’ve met some wonderful people and made new friends. I’ve discovered some really talented artists. So to celebrate the first anniversary of the show I’m gong to rewatch it for the 20th time. I didn’t think it was possible but every time I watch it I fall in love with it even more. I can’t really find the words to express how much the book and the show mean to me but know that they mean an awful lot. Good Omens is my rock, my safe place. I love Good Omens as much as Crowley and Aziraphale love each other. I will never be grateful enough for @neil-gaiman and Terry Pratchett for penning this delightful story. I’d like to thank them and everyone else who made it all come to life ♥️

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Behind the Scene of Turn Left (Part 3)

Excerpt from DWM 397′s feature on Turn Left, by Jason Arnopp:

Tonight’s scene will see Donna Noble and Rose Tyler sitting on a park bench (currently being kept dry by plastic sheets), while flame from the destroyed Sontaran ship blazes across the sky. Catherine Tate laughs as she and Third AD Paul Bennett jump over a small lake of rainwater, hand in hand, approaching the set.

“Is it possible to rehearse with brollies,” smiles Catherine to good-humoured First Assistant Director Simon Morris, “or is that out of the question?”  She and Billie are sitting on the bench, with the benefit of umbrellas, coats on their legs, and cute mini hot water bottles.

A red light stands by to shine on them both, representing the Sontaran flame. “Sexy,” laughs Billie, teeth chattering.

Filming continues, although one take is disrupted by increasingly strong winds blowing Catherine’s hair across her face.

“Pick it up from there!” calls Graeme (Harper, director)

“I think I should do it again,” sighs Billie. “I was so rubbish.”

“Billie,” asks camera operator Roger Pearce, “could you wipe the rain from above your lip?”

“That’s sweat!” she laughs.

“Cover the cast!” says Simon, as another take ends. Billie and Catherine are offered pasties. Billie takes one, but Catherine doesn’t like the way “they stick to the roof of your mouth.”  It’s 1 am.  

During one take, when Billie tells Catherine, “You’re going to die”, they disintegrate into laughter and Billie does some dance moves. Wonderful corpsing fun. Somewhere around 1:40am, Catherine mentions that she’s keen to avoid “the EastEnders moment” in this scene - she suggests a change which prevents Donna from keeping her back to Rose while talking to her. To celebrate Catherine’s victory, Billie and Catherine perform the ‘Enders drum-beats together.

Link to [ Part One ] [ Part Two ]
(or click the #whoBtsTurnLeft tag)

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