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holmesacademia · a day ago
it's all tickety boo until it all goes pear shaped
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mizgnomer · 2 days ago
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Zooming in on Phileas Fogg/David Tennant in Around the World in 80 Days
See Also:   [ Zooming In ] and [ Zooming Out ]
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expelliarmus · 2 days ago
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iknowthislooksbad · 2 days ago
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I am a little obsessive
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onedothnot · 2 days ago
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Doctors behind the scenes ❤️
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sic-vita · a day ago
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Around the World in 80 Days Ep 6 - David Tennant + dishevelled desert island looks
atwi80d gifs: 9/?
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Sir Aziraphale of the Table Round 2.0: coloured edition
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docfox · 2 days ago
Aziraphale and Crowley <3
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cinnamonroll04 · 2 days ago
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i don't know what it is about seeing different actors you know of (and mildly obsess over) in the same show that is quite satisfying but it is
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mielpetite · 10 hours ago
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Trying to make sure my portrait skills stay sharp so I’m planning one a month for my patrons. Not displeased with how this turned out! Not Good Omens, but close. 😅
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cristinaecho · a day ago
A tale of braids
Crowley entered the bookshop with his usual swagger.
“Angel! Come on, let’s go... that stupid book market is 130 miles away and I don't want to get stuck in traffic.”
Aziraphale quickly came out of the back room, putting on his coat and mumbling something that sounded very much like “if it bothers you so much to accompany me, I can go without you”. However, as soon as he saw Crowley, he froze in the middle of the shop and just stared at him in surprise.
Crowley looked back at him with a vaguely annoyed expression, doing his best not to stir under his gaze.
“What?” He asked.
Aziraphale just blinked and kept staring at him.
“Your hair.” He said. “You cut it!”
Crowley shrugged with forced nonchalance.
“Yeah!” He just said, then swallowed a bit.  
“You don’t like it?” He tried not to sound anxious, but something in the back of his mind told him that he had failed. Miserably.
Aziraphale raised his eyebrows and smiled.
“No, no! I do like it, it’s just... I haven't seen you with short hair in a while! Since the 1940s, I believe...”
Crowley shrugged again.
“Yeah, well... it was time for a change.”
Aziraphale moved closer and studied the new haircut with deep interest.
“It looks good on you!”
“Right, uhm... ok...”
“Although, I have to be honest, whatever you do to your hair always looks good on you. I particularly liked the braids in 3000 B.C.”
Crowley looked at him with a deep scowl.
“What braids?” He asked.
The angel gave him a puzzled look.
“Well, the braids! You used to braid your hair back then, don’t you remember? Mesopotamia?”
Crowley suddenly looked embarrassed.
“Oh, that... it wasn’t me.”
Aziraphale frowned in confusion.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, it wasn’t me. It wasn't me doing the... braids thing. It was, uhm... the kids.”
The angel blinked at that.
“The kids?”
Crowley shrugged. “Yeah... the kids of the village.”
“The kids used to braid your hair?”
Aziraphale just stared at him for a moment, before speaking again.
“The kids used to braid your hair? You let the kids braid your hair?”
“Yes!” Said Crowley in exasperation, annoyed. “They enjoyed doing it and I just let them! How many times do you have to ask me?!”
The angel smiled fondly.
“Oh, Crowley!” The demon just knew where he was going with that.
“Oh, that’s so-”
“Stop it! Don’t even start!”
“Do you want to go to that stupid book market or not?!”
“I do, but-”
“Ok, then! Let’s go!” The demon turned on his heel and left the bookshop, making sure to slam the door as hard as he could.
Aziraphale just kept smiling to himself. He adjusted the collar of his coat and walked out of the shop.
It was going to be an interesting day.
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tamronto · 6 hours ago
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Satan overhearing Ineffable Husbands through Mr. Quackers
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ohsillyme · 16 hours ago
for good omens 2 i wish we could have an ineffable husbands kiss partly bc i ship it but also bc i want to see how michael would react to it
idk why but i imagine something like:
interviewer: what is the biggest accomplishment of your career?
michael: getting to kiss david tennant
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i may be right, i may be wrong, there's only one way to find out
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expelliarmus · 8 hours ago
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ghostmastergeneral · 2 days ago
David Tennant and Micheal Sheen could probably do the birdcage but Robin Williams and Nathan Lane could definitely do good omens
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bucklossom · 21 hours ago
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some pretty time lords
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mizgnomer · a day ago
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Behind the Scenes of the Waters of Mars (Part 19)
Excerpts from Doctor Who Magazine #415
In 2007, Lindsay [Duncan, who plays Captain Adelaide Brooke] appeared as Martha, an alcoholic, in the Polly Stenham play That Face at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs, in Chelsea, alongside Matt Smith as her son, Henry.  The play transferred to the West End the following year, and Matt won the Evening Standard’s Best Newcomer award for the role. “He’s a real delight,” says Lindsay. “We’ve become friends. He’s a gorgeous person. He kept the secret very, very well,” she says about Matt’s casting as the Eleventh Doctor. “I was watching the TV when they announced it, and I was screaming.”  She didn’t have an inklint, then?  “No, he’d kept it so secret. He’s a really good boy. I couldn’t believe it.  I texted him immediately. He was in South America at the time.” Does Lindsay think he’ll make a good Doctor?  “I’m sure he will. I was so impressed when I heard that it was Matt - somebody who’s not well known, but I know is an exceptional actor. Such a brilliant choice. Like David, he has an honesty about him. He’s generous. He’s incredibly hard working and conscientious. He has so much going for him. It’s terribly exciting.
“He’s younger than David, so he hasn’t had as much experience, but anyone who saw him in That Face will know that he is an actor of enormous range, enormous courage, and great emotional depth.  The part that he played, the role of my son, who had a very dysfunctional relationship with his mother, placed huge demands on him, and there aren’t many actors who could have delivered what he delivered in that play. I’m in such a privileged position to be one of the people that actually knows the new Doctor Who.”
Presumably, she’d like to return to Doctor Who, then? A rematch with the Eleventh Doctor? “Oh, I’d love to. I’d absolutely love to. I had such a great time doing it, and it’s such a great atmosphere. Everyone is very proud of what they do, and with good reason. There’s a great sense of pride an commitment about the whole thing. It’s a very happy environment to work in. I would so love to come back, in whatever form. Maybe I could become a monster. I’ve already started working on them to cast me again.”
Link to [ part one ] of this post, or click the #whoBtsWom tag (I’d link it but that seems to break Tumblr), or the [ full episode list ]
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davidtennantontwitter · a day ago
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#DavidTennant Daily Photo!
Today it's a photo of David from when he was on the set of #DeadwaterFell in 2019
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purpleratbastard · 2 days ago
oh my gender ? sexuality ?? i suppose you could say that i'm of the david bowie doctor who persuasion <3
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quasi-kot · a day ago
Cool guys don't look at explosions. They blow things up and then walk away.
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