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#david wymack
okay but kevin asking matt to get gorilla off of the court in the first game just gives me so much serotonin? like?? my baby?? kevin?? asking for help and getting it because no matter how much of an asshole he is the foxes all still care about him??
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that-coolish-acc · 2 days ago
Some All For The Game Agendas
(Not to be confused with headcanons because these are my agendas i have full intention of spreading)
Andrew is vegetarian (because i’m vegetarian and i said so)
Bisexual Kevin Day (because i’m bisexual and i said so)
Bipolar Andrew (because i’m bipolar and i said so)
NB Matt (because i’m NB and i said so)
5’6 Renee (because i’m 5’6 and i said so)
Do you see a pattern yet
Aaron is barely taller than Andrew but Andrew has gaslit him into thinking they’re the same hight
Wymack is from the Torres Straight Islands (maybe Tonga?)
Like Kevin is literally mixed
Basic phenotypes and punnet squares would tell you they’re related we didn’t need a letter from Tetsuji
Like Kevin is so obviously brown that nobody outside of the foxes is shocked David is the father
idk that mental image made my read so enjoyable
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thebooknerdian · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
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neil-jortsen · 2 months ago
wymack watching andrew’s attempt at flirting and neil being oblivious to it all:
Tumblr media
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jensen57 · 23 days ago
daily aftg hc: andrew continues to break into wymacks apartment for various reason, but he also starts bringing neil with. wymack has come home late to see neil watching tv and andrew baking some sweet in his kitchen. they usually just nod or wave like it's nothing. the first few times he says something along the lines of 'great you're multiplying' or 'you do know you don't live here, right?' but eventually he just gets used to it. once he heard the door handle jiggling at midnight and grabbed a bat, only to find andrew and neil standing in pajamas on the other side carrying pillows, blankets, and a few dvds because the player in the dorms broke
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begforyourmercy · a month ago
wymack: what are you doing?
andrew: we’re playin’ a game of whack-fuck
andrew: *swings his racquet* whack
kevin, getting pelted with a ball in the distance: FUCK
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rainbowd00dles · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
“My father comes to all of my games. That is enough.”
please do not use, edit or post my art to other sites
i need to lie down, pls don’t let me draw BG people ever again
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yolkylemon · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
<<1/3>> this is taking me so long I apologize,, but it’s a scene redraw from the last chapter of tkm!!
|| PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 ||
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anonknown · 5 months ago
POV: You’re Neil Josten, a high school senior on the run from the mafia in millport Arizona
Tumblr media
In wymack’s defense, he didn’t know about the second part...can’t defend Neil for this one though
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meridasthoughts · 20 days ago
i love how for andrew his attraction for neil was full of paranoia, ifs and maybes and whats
while neil entered the fucking room and said ‘yeah i want that one’ without the slightest doubt, homeboy didn’t even question his sexuality he just saw andrew and that’s it that’s what he wants
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thespineoftherighteous · 3 months ago
David 'dad' Wymack things
"how did you get into my house?" (said in varying levels of pitch, at various times of the night)
"why did you get into my house?"
"yes you can spend the night" or alternatively : "please, make yourself at home" said sarcastically after child has already made themselves at home
not paying attention to the foxes conversation until he realizes that he was just used as an example of bad fashion choices by the team for Neil ("what's wrong with this shirt?" "er-nothing coach. it's just...not Neil's style")
having a record player in his office and getting made fun of for his music taste
"the kids"
"coach do you like my new haircut?" "hm?" "my hair?" "what about it?" "it's new" *stares hard* "yeah...yeah it's very pretty"
being caught off guard in the midst of a speech by one of their comments that was actually funny and breaking character
on that note- finding out that it's something of a game between them to get him to break whenever they can
"for the last time guys, no we cannot change the team color. yes i asked, multiple times, yes i know it messes with your 'aesthetic', it does mine too, no there's no one else I can talk to"
*stumbles through three other names before he gets the person he's actually trying to talk to*
"coach we brought you those chocolates you like" "really? i- no we're not cancelling practice today, nice try. go get ready. leave the chocolate"
*examines kid closely* "are you high?" "no coach" "your eyes are bloodshot" "yes coach" "...why are they bloodshot?" "long story short, it's exams season and i haven't slept in nearly sixty hours" "minYARD-"
hearing one of the kids casually mention something that happened to them when they were younger or catching a glimpse of scars he had forgotten about and remembering just who they are and what they've gone through and getting angry all over again
*furrows brows*
dressing up for sports banquet and getting "coach? is that really you?" from the boys and "aww coach you look so nice" from Dan and Renee and *stands up, walks over to him, straightens his tie, brushes off his shoulders, wipes away a pretend tear, fake whispers an "I'm so proud"* from Allison. every single time
holding his breath every time one of the kids doesn't get up right away after getting knocked down on court
worrying about them 25/7 but keeping his distance because he never wants to overstep (and asking Abby or bee to make sure one of them is okay instead, if he feels like something is wrong)
recognizing more pop culture references than he'd ever think himself able to, thanks to one Nicky Hemmick
"coach when you were younger did you have..." "how fucking old do you think i am?"
but still uses "back in my day" stories and just gets blank looks and polite nods back
*to himself while the monsters are arguing furiously* "i thought they spoke Spanish..."
"hey coach so i was wondering-" "get your ass back on court"
also literally just "get your ass" for everything: "get your asses showered and on the bus in half an hour" "get your ass out of my office" "stop bleeding all over me and get your ass to abby now"
getting offended by the increasingly transparent attempts at bribery
so. goddamn. many. #1 dad/coach gag gifts (he keeps them all)
"above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my pay grade above my-"
additionally: *sees some kind of conflict* *turns around quickly* "not my problem not my problem not my problem not my problem not- oh fucking hell"
visibly thawing whenever he sees the kids bonding or having each others backs at banquets or getting over something or just showing any signs of healing
pacing in front of Abbyy for half an hour while ranting either about the kids or for the kids or on their behalf
"hey you, YOU. come here. how do I take a...a screenshot on this thing?"
replaying "that is enough" and every moment like it that came after in his head
pretending to have a frozen heart but tearing up out of pride on so many occasions: every graduation, giving Neil a side-hug and realizing after how far he came, seeing Neil and Kevin's faces the first time they have a proper holiday, watching Kevin walk out with his queen tattoo for the first time, seeing all the foxes packed together in the lounge freshly showered and exhausted but quietly brimming with happiness and pride after winning at the end of tkm, etc, etc, etc. and, whenever he gets caught: "aw coach you do care, you're a sap" *aggressively wipes face* "shut your bitch ass up, you terror"
*gruff voice* I'm proud of you, kid
*choked up* thanks Coach
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one-black-coffeee · a month ago
can you imagine how badly Andrew wanted to punch Neil during the “doesn’t mean i wouldn’t blow you” scene? Neil really heard an offer to get his dick sucked and immediately jumped to the conclusion that Andrew liked him. he was absolutely correct and that definitely made Andrew want to shove him out of a closed window.
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eloquent-apollo · 3 months ago
[after the foxes win the championship]
Dan: I couldn’t have done it without the team
Kevin: I could
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neilmfjosten · 2 months ago
Andrew, T-posing in the hallway: Good morning, parental figure.
Wymack, not looking up from his coffee: Hello, problem child.
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heyidkyay · a month ago
Wymack: How’s everyone doing?
Neil: Alive. Breathing.
Andrew, scoffs: Setting the bar a little low there, Junkie.
Neil: It’s more than Kevin can say.
Kevin, having a panic attack: Fuck you.
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