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✳︎ . ⋆ *゚ | introducing royal erosa of the dawn court. they have arrived at the high court and rumor has it they are for the peace treaty signed 100 years ago. they are an eighty three year old high faerie and you know they’re around when you get flashes of glitter on cheeks, silks of violet & a calm, unwavering quiet. ₓ  ( bruna marquezine, cis woman, she/them )

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Okay y’all @lucien-stan and I have come to like this agreement that Thesan’s lover is like an asshole in the best way possible so like join us or die. He’s just blunt and he cares, he really does but like being polite and gentle just isn’t his thing. 

Also I’m like fixating on them and need to come up with a name for Thesan’s lover so I can write some cute fanfic about them.

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fellow acotar fans what background character did you fixate on???

mine is Thesan. And like the entire dawn court. I have a whole analysis of their court in my docs.

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I was scanning through acowar looking for any piece of gay I could find and am now ready to punch Feyre and Rhys in the mouth. Also I want to give Helion a hug and welcome him to the bi and poly community and teach him that he doesn’t have to be sexualised and give Tarquin and Kallias hugs and apologise for everything their courts have gone through. 

Also I want Thesan and his lover to adopt me and that’s final. They’re my dads now. Sorry I don’t make the rules. We have family reading night every Friday where we talk about romance novels and what one I should send to Nesta, family dinner is a requirement but we don’t eat it in the dining room, we eat it in Thesan’s office while I attempt to scale all the fancy statues and bookshelves. 

Can you guys see how deprived I am of a proper father figure? When Thesan and his lover were introduced I saw the oppurtunity to have two and I took it. You CANNOT tell me they wouldn’t be great dads even though we barely know anything about them. Also Cresseida and Viviane are invited over every saturday for girls day where we gossip about what stupid things the courts have done this week.

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@faenet editorial event
The Velaris Express is the magazine for everyone with an interest in the latest fashion, gossip and lifestyle news of the Night Court.

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Am I too crazy for thinking of Thesan like this? A little androgynous.

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Ooooh I’ve been painting this weekend and I have this “to-do list task” to paint an entire deck of cards in acotar theme, and so I started the court of dawn and although I don’t really have much inspiration because they weren’t really mentioned in the books, they turned out pretty neat!


I don’t know where I really was going with this post, I just wanted to share them



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@faenet Event 11: Alternate Universes

If the days had only stayed that long and those autumn leaves didn’t have to fall…

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