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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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hickman finally broke his long silence on Twitter by trying to explain that his work should speak for itself and he wanted people to focus on it instead of him…pathetic

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Tempo (Heather Tucker) the former member of the terrorist group MLF (Mutant Liberation Front) has a job given by Sebastian Shaw. Her job was to use her time-manipulation powers for distilling his stash of whiskey. 

Time manipulation is quite a useful superpower at the mundane utility side when it comes to distilling the alcohol or slowing down the expiry of food. 

- Marauders #10, 2020

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X-Men #9 Review


The issue starts with an egg Rahne brought home on her space travels… And the Brood. (Sigh- I want to be clear; I LOVE the Brood! They’re fun-they’re great. But much like the Daleks or Cybermen of DW…they get SO OVERUSED in X-books that they kind of stop being fun because every writer has to ‘Up the ante’…as you will see with the stupid 'egg’ plot point…)

 Oya pops up! (Sweet!) 

 Vulcan’s ’Multiple-death crisis’ happens (Because we are ALL hanging on the edge of our seats to find out what happens to Mr. Plot device/aka the most boring Summers EVER…🙄) 

 Broo and Idie are chillin’, when Broo notices the egg and freaks! 

 S*** hits the ’Brood-y’ fan, as they come looking for that sweet, sweet egg… (Why does EVERY space creature have to have an egg now??) 

More X-teams join in and they decide to get the egg back into space. 

 Sunspot negotiates to free the Star Jammers, who were getting the egg for Ronan the Accuser…(Because X-comics are basically just trying to be other popular movies and comics now…) 

 Kid Gladiator makes a cameo… (UGH! 😖) 

 Gladiator is going after Ronan…and it’s just a free for all at this point…. 


 Honestly, I kept getting ’JLU’ vibes from this…except, JLU did it way better with ’Dark Heart’… This issue feels super generic. 

 It’s sad, because the Brood USED to be a blast… 


 Kid Gladiator will find some way to aggravate the s*** out of me…

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