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#day 11 lunar!!
trashpuppy · 5 days ago
day 11: lunar
i was having trouble with the prompts so i switched to @shyghosties adorable spooptober list <3
i, too, do day 11 today. not because i misread, but because i am very very behind
the gif was too big so now it's a video..
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andtosaturn · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Whenever I gaze up at the moon, I feel like I’m on a time machine. I am back to that precious pinpoint of time, standing on the foreboding – yet beautiful – Sea of Tranquillity. I could see our shining blue planet Earth poised in the darkness of space.” – Buzz Aldrin
50th anniversary of the first moon landing (21st july, 1969)
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juminsfakecat · 2 years ago
whenever rika’s character gets to participate in event chats, there’s always discourse over cheritz trying to make her likable because she’s not being overtly Evil(tm).... but idk man!! it’s the only time we actually get to get mundane rika dialogue that isn’t the rfa overly praising her past image, her abusing saeran, or her and v’s pretentious relationship. she’s just Dumb and it’s funny for no other reason than the fact that she’s a walking disaster and everyone expects her to be in charge. like none of it ever erases what it does or even contradicts it. her ridiculousness is just there for us to laugh lol
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wentzelepsy · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Inktober 2018, no. 2 - Tranquil
The Apollo 11 Lunar Module landed on the Moon in the Sea of Tranquility on Sunday, July 20, 1969. The ascent stage took off on July 21, leaving the lander base on the surface. Since then, the site has been tranquil and undisturbed.
Minor errors: the shadows are all wonky, and according to Wikipedia, the American flag fell over as the ascent stage blasted off into orbit. Whoops.
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rowandor · 3 months ago
Birthday Witchsona Generator
Tumblr media
Your Birth Month: Your Familiar
January: A small, cute-looking Demon that demands to be feared, despite being very cuddly
February: A Minotaur with the head of a Highland Cow
March: A large Horned Beetle with a lantern hanging from its horn
April: Mothman, or another Cryptid/Monster of your choice
May: A talking Rabbit in a waistcoat
June: A talking Possum who plays the banjo
July: A Biblical Angel who takes the form of a giant wheel with many wings and eyes
August: A giant, moss-covered Tortoise
September: A Baku (Japanese dream yokai who eats bad dreams)
October: A Crow with the face of a Plague Doctor Mask
November: A Kistune
December: A Frog in a white shirt and suspenders, holding a gun
Tumblr media
Your Birth Date: What Type of Witch you are?
1: Seamstress Witch
2: Literary/Scribe Witch
3: Warrior Witch
4: Hedge/Astral Witch
5: Crystal Witch
6: Environmental Witch (based on the biome you live in, mountain, forest, swamp, desert...)
7: Bird Witch
8: Sea/Water Witch 9: Divination Witch
10: Faerie Witch
11: Artist Witch (whatever art form you practice/are most interested in)
12: Fire Witch
13: Bard / Musical Witch
14: Metalsmith Witch
15: Cosmic/Astronomy Witch
16: Summer Witch
17: Astrology/Zodiac Witch (based on your personal zodiac sign)
18: Storm Witch
19: Deity Witch
20: Autumn Witch
21: Air Witch
22: Love/Sex Witch
23: Winter Witch
24: Oracle of the Gods
25: Kitchen Witch
26: Medic Witch
27: Lunar Witch
28: Death Witch / Necromancer
29: Dragon Witch
30: Solar Witch
31: Pop Culture Witch (based on your favorite series and media)
Tumblr media
First Letter of your Name (or Username): How you learned your craft
A: Participated in a Bacchanalian Fae Orgy
B: Your mother
C: Your older sister
D: Having sex with a Monster
E: Found a Demonology book in a library and got a little too involved
F: A cult you managed to escape, but still left you scarred with powers
G: A family member who’s since betrayed you
H: Your monster spouse
I: Got lost in a cave or forest and came out a changed person
J: You had a prophetic dream one night, and now you’re magic
K: A suspicious neighbor
L: Your father
M: Your familiar, who randomly showed up on your door one day
N: You got really high one day, and now you’re magic
O: The spirit of a dead ancestor
P: A Vampire taught you
Q: You drank a magic potion and now you have powers
R: A cursed object
S: You died, met God, and now you’re alive again with new power
T: Apprentice to a Wizard
U: Your best friend
V: The Queen, who you’ve been having a devious affair with
W: A coven adopted you
X: You got very sick one day, and now you’re magic
Y: Books of forbidden lore that you got arrested for having
Z: You were promised to a sacred temple at birth
Tumblr media
First Letter of your Nickname or Last Name: Physical Detail about you
A: A Cloak made of Moss
B: Flowers grow in your hair and bloom when you fall in love
C: Tarot Card motif
D: A pitch-black gradient on your hands and feet that fades and gets lighter as it goes up
E: A third eye
F: You can summon multiple arms when needed
G: Cat ears
H: A mushroom hat
I: You have no flesh on one of your arms; only your bone remains
J: A chain of skulls somewhere on your person
K: Mushrooms growing off of your person
L: Floppy, Cow-like ears
M: Horns
N: Multiple eyes
O: Wings
P: Plague doctor mask
Q: Furs somewhere on your person (fur cloak, fur collar, animal skins, etc.)
R: A cloak of crow/raven feathers that allows you to fly
S: Glowing eyes
T: Sigil tattoos
U: Flower crown
V: Mouth where there should not be a mouth
W: Antlers
X: Exposed bone on some part of your body
Y: You have lantern somewhere on your person
Z: Mask of some kind
Tumblr media
Your Birth Order: A Detail about you
Oldest: Magnificently skilled in Combat, both with weaponry, hand-to-hand and magical
Middle: Hunting down the soul of a very specific person. Why you are seeking them is up to you.
Youngest: A travelling vagabond, always on the road and often entering new realms and dimensions by accident
Only: A prolific shapeshifter, often turns into an animal to travel or evade enemies
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ggukkieland · 19 days ago
📕BTS Fic Reads - 2021 Sep
All fics read and loved the month of September. I am also glad there were comebacks from some authors who deleted/deactivated their fics (had a pleasure of re-reading too 🤗).
As per usual, if you’ve stumbled upon this list and decided to give the fics a try, please reblog author’s fics too =). Thank you, dear authors, for sharing these stories with us 🥰.
Tumblr media
Note: if link doesn’t work, click on author and go to their masterlist
🥕 Ongoing - most recent chapter [as of date this list was posted] 🥕 Completed - completed one shots | series 🥕 S - smut | F - fluff | A - angst
[total: 60+ fics 😲]
Tumblr media
🥕 [Ongoing Series]
↬ Namjoon
Years END @kpopisthereasonihavenolife​ - two shot [1/2] | 15k+ | Dystopian AU, Sci-fi AU, Lunar child reader | a
↬ Seokjin
(reading same ongoing fics from previous lists)
↬ Yoongi
Buttercup @mccnyoongi​ - series [1/2] | 6k+ | College AU, stoner!yoongi, fuckboy au, FWB AU | s, slight a
Revival @bloomtilweache​ - SMAU | ongoing | idol!yoongi, idol!reader, heartbreak au, friends to lovers | a, f, possible s
↬ Hoseok
Life with You @suhdays - drabble series [2/5] | 2.8k+ | small town au, baker au, established relationship, slice of life | f
↬ Jimin
Lose Myself to Find You @jinpanman - series [2/?] | 12k+ | ex-villain!jimin, fairy tale keeper!reader, fantasy au, enemies to lovers, fairy tale-ish | f, a
Saudade @mochii0park​ - series [2/?] | 10k+ | art curator!reader, dancer!jimin, reader x lawyer!kyungsoo | a, f
↬ Taehyung
Bring Me Down @vantezza​ - series [1/?] | 28k+ | strangers to lovers, college au, fighter!taehyung | s, a
(re)starting over again @httpknjoon​ - series [1/?] | 4.3k+ | boyfriend au, amnesia au | f, a
↬ Jungkook
Back Again @casuallyimagining​ - series [1/?] | 1.9k+ | mythology au, gods au, hades!jungkook, established relationship, sister fic of Been to Hell | a, f
Fools Rush In @btsqualityy​ - series [7/?] | 15.7k+ | Age Gap AU, Noona AU (30 yrs old vs 23 year-old!Jungkook), unplanned pregnancy AU, Tennis Player!OC | s, f, a
Love to Hate @kpopfanfictrash - series [2/?] | 27k+ | Enemies to Lovers, FWB AU, Rich AU
Put a Pepperoni on my Heart @violets-room​ - series [1/?] | 5.2k+ | Mafia Boss!Jungkook (check warnings, there are scenes that might be too violent for you),, kind of enemies to lovers, *also included this in my Mafia!Jungkook fic rec list, as a wishlist because it was deleted. It’s now back 🥰*| f, s
Runaway Bride @minayuri12​ - series [1/?] | 3k+ | mafia au, arranged marriage, kind of enemies to lovers | a
Wicked @adonis-koo​ - series [4/?] | 25.2k+ | arranged marriage au, enemies to lovers, period/historical au of some sort, prince!jungkook | a, eventual s
02 03 04
Tumblr media
🥕[Themed Series]
New Year’s Kiss @seoulnotes​ - fluff
Seokjin -  775 wc | neighbor au, new year au
Yoongi - 1.1k | enemies to lovers, trapped au (elevator), producer au, new year au
Hoseok - 460 wc | idol au, established relationship
Namjoon -  893 wc | bestfriend au
Jimin - 1.2k | best friend au
Taehyung -   602 wc | arranged marriage, new year au
Jungkook -  904 wc | strangers to lovers, fratboy au, new year au
Tumblr media
🥕 [Completed Fics/Series]
Tumblr media
Appreciated @joonscypher​ - one shot | 5k | Alchemist!Namjoon, Witch!Reader, Assistant!Reader, co-workers (but boss-employee dynamics), mutual pining, supernatural au | s, f
11:09 PM (Jealous!Namjoon) @likeastarstar​ - drabble | >3k | fwb au, jealous possessive namjoon who is whipped for OC | s, f
Love is Not Over @seoulnotes - one shot | 4.5k | divorce au, husband au, breakup au, OC gave him 30 days before granting divorce | a, f
The Bodyguard @rmnamjoons​ - one shot | 62.9k | bodyguard au, fake dating/marriage, action (they’re on the run), road trip/vacation au, friends to lovers, idiots to lovers kind of, mutual pining, plot twist | f, s, a
The Top Drawer @spiderlilyserendipity​ - one shot | 4.6k | enemies to lovers, producer au, coworker au, BDSM | s, f
Tumblr media
In the Dead of Night @ot7always​ - one shot | 14.5k | vampire!seokjin, supernatural au, friends to lovers | s, f
Slow. Dirty. Wet @clouditae​ - one shot | 5.5k | friends to lovers, college au, fratboy!seokjin, summer au | s, f
With You @yoonpobs​ - one shot | 22.1k | divorce au, husband au, childhood friends au | a, f, s
Tumblr media
Baby, You Can Drive my Car + Maybe She Can Drive His Car  @jungshookz​ - two shot | 36.2k | bulleted, humor, strangers to lovers, mechanic!yoongi, rich!OC, spoiled!OC (think Clueless Cher) | a, f, s
Felix Culpa @army-author - one shot | 4.2k | demon au, incubus!yoongi, star-crossed, fairy!reader, supernatural au, royalty au (some sort) | f
So I Heard You Like Bad Boys @scriptaed - one shot | 4.7k | best friend au, bad boy!yoongi (or so his image), college au, unrequited, humor | f
Temptation @belovedkingx - one shot | 7.9k | part of a series (one OC x story with each member), professor au, college au | s (🔥)
Lipstick on my Satin Sheets @minyfic​ - one shot | 4.8k | part of the Social Experiment themed series, strangers to lovers, secret identity, college au | s, f
Silver Spoon @happy-meo - series [9/9] | 69.4k | Rom-com, boss-employee, CEO AU, Assistant!OC, Farmer!OC, Slice of Life, Humor, star-crossed (forbidden of some sort), Long Distance Relationship (LDR) at some point, Co-worker AU, Farm AU | f, f, f, f!!! slight a
I Love You @theluckyyyoneee - one shot | 2.3k | husband au, wife!OC testing what will happen if she doesn’t say “i love you” back | f
Tumblr media
Tension Changes @fantaesize​ - drabble | 2.2k | established relationship, fight that turned smutty (kitchen sex) | s, a
I Feel it Coming @94hixtape - drabble | 2.5k | werewolf!hoseok, a/b/o dynamics, enemies to lovers, so much tension I melted | s, slight f?
Sleeping Bags (and Other Unconventional Cures for Insomnia) @boymeetsweevil​ - drabble | 2.5k | enemies to lovers, stranded au (snowed in), rich!hoseok, post-grad au (law), one bed trope | f
Tumblr media
20 Things (And Counting) I Hades About you @readyplayerhobi - one shot | 8.5k | part of the Greek Gods series, gods au, Hades!Jimin, Boss-Employee, Assistant!OC, star-crossed of some sort, DJ!Jimin | a, f
Bibliophile @thepencilnerd - one shot | 5.1k | library au, secret identity, bookworm!oc and jimin, book thief vs book hoarder, kind of soulmate au | f
For Science @taehyung-the-baehyung - one shot | 7.7k | fuckboy!jimin, post-grad au, lots of tension | s
Heartburn @jiminrings​ - series [3/3] + [2/2] drabbles | 41k | breakup au, established relationship, (emotional) infidelity au, producer au | a, f
Our Get Along Shirt @dreamyjoons​ - one shot | 14.2k | Enemies to Lovers, College AU | s, f
Sorry, You Didn't Get The Job @mapleglasses27 - drabble | 420 wc | Recruiter!Jimin, applicant!OC (coming from HR type of work, this is my dream scenario) | f
When I Had You @lunarimagines - one shot | 15k | Fuckboy AU, Bet AU, College AU, Smart!OC | a, f
Suspending Gravity @jeonsjiddies​ - one shot | 7k | strangers to lovers, stranger who suddenly kissed OC on the street | f, s
Bruised Knuckles, Heavy Heart @writeaboutbts​ - drabble | 1.8k | underground fighter!jimin, established relationship, boyfriend au | a, s
Tumblr media
Flicker @chimoona - one shot | 7k | neighbor au, mutual pining, some plot twist | f, s (really 🔥)
One More Chapter @seoulnotes - drabble | 1.2k | established relationship, boyfriend au, almost break up au, proposal | f (really cute)
Muse @btsmutimagines​ - one shot | 4.5k | Painter!Taehyung, established relationship, boyfriend au, hurt/comfort, OC considered not his type, use of paint during the smut scene 🔥🔥 | f, a, s
Tumblr media
(Road)Tripping For You @latetaektalk​ - one shot | 31k | Slow Burn, Strangers to Lovers, Summer AU, Road Trip AU, There’s Only One Bed Trope | f, sligh a
An Endless Summer @seoulnotes​ - one shot | 19.7k | slice of life, rich!jungkook, strangers to lovers (has that Before Sunrise vibes but make it months-worth of adventure), road trip au, summer vacation au, only one bed trope | f, slight a
Bad Religion @lovesickjoon​ - one shot | 6.7k | Demon AU, Hunter!OC, supernatural | s
Between the Lines @sxgah - drabble | 1.4k | friends to lovers, use of poetry | tooth-rotting f
Champagne Problems @smoochkooks​ - drabble | 2.5k | Rich AU, FWB AU, sugar daddy jungkook, humor | s, a, f
Crema @inkedtae​ - one shot | 5k | brother’s best friend, friends to lovers, coffee shop. Star-crossed (forbidden), unrequited (but not really), curvy!reader who sent compromising video to Jungkook | s, f, slight a
Ghosts Just Wanna Have Fun @sugaxjpg​ - one shot | 20k | Crack/Humor (please this is so funny), Ghost AU (JK can see these ghosts), Psychic!Jungkook, Med School AU, Virgin!Jungkook | f, s
Hiraeth @thedefinitionofbts​ - one shot | 18k | soulmate au (OC doesn’t have one), college au, fuckboy!jungkook (or is he?), slow burn | f, a
La Luxure @kimtaejin​ - one shot | 10.9k | Bar AU, Bartender!Jungkook, strangers to lovers, one night stand of some sort | s, slight a
Stare at Me @jimin-day​ - one shot (author mentioned it might get a sequel?)  | 4.6k | shy!OC, broken-hearted OC who decided to just have one night stand scenario, coffee shop au, college au, strangers to lovers, cocky!jungkook offering himself | s
Take What’s Yours and Stay @kidguk - one shot | 11.7k | Best Friend AU, ex-best friend (falling out), College AU | a, f, s
The Maid of Honor Misadventures @jjkthclub​ - one shot | 16.5k | One Night Stand AU, Wedding AU, Strangers to Lovers | a, f, s
The Most Beautiful in Life @livefree-and-diestrong​ - series [13/13] | 66.7k | slice of life, slow burn, roommate au, college au, unrequited love, friends to lovers, designer!oc, photographer!jungkook | f, a
Tiny Jungkook drabble @1kook - drabble | >3k | strangers to lovers (train), teacher!jungkook (daycare), tattooed!jungkook | f (really cute)
Keep Your Seatbelts Fastened @joyfulhopelox​ - one shot | 2.9k | flight attendant!jungkook,, strangers to lovers, mile high club | s
Oh to be Intimate @sugacoatinq - one shot | 2.3k | fwb au, noona au | s
Ready or Not @chateautae​ - sequel to Here I Come | 4k | College AU, hide and seek game closet smut aftermath | s
Worth the Wait @moonbelt​ - one shot | 9.2k+ | soulmate au on Earth V12, coffee shop au | f
The Sex Affair @koodak - drabble | 2k | age gap (39!jungkook x 25!OC), neighbor au, jungkook about to divorce wife, infidelity au, check warnings (jungkook displays toxic behavior, he really is an a$$hole here) | s, pwp
Careful What You Wish For @kookiesbuckethat​ - one shot | 4.5k | established relationship, boyfriend au, fighting between the couple, loss of voice (almost) | a, f
If It Isn’t Me @jiminrings - one shot | 4k | Bodyguard!OC, Single Dad!Jungkook, Exes AU | a
Angels Like You @minyfic - one shot | 3.8k | part of the Social Experiment series, dancer!oc x dancer!jungkook, strangers to lovers, college au, surprise partner themes | s
Obedience is Key @jiminnie-pink - one shot | 4.1k | werewolf au, alpha!jungkook, established relationship, mad jungkook exercising dominance | s
Tumblr media
Terror Made Me Cruel @sluttyandere​ - series [1/?] | 4.4k+ | supernatural, fantasy, Vampire!BTS, Hunter!OC, blood bank!OC, yandere themes | a, s
Kim Line x Reader
Satisfy @suga-kookiemonster - series [4/?] | 27.9k+ | escort au, ceo au
Jimin x Reader x Seokjin
Beside You @kimnjss​ - SMAU | ongoing | idol au, fake relationships, love triangle, solo artist!jimin, actor!seokjin, idol!OC | a, s
Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook
The Bath House @dimpleddaydreams​ - series [11/?] | 31.1k+ |  King!Yoongi, Queen!OC, Servant!Jungkook, Royalty AU, Historical AU, infidelity themes, war themes | s, a, f
Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung
Nothing but Trust @strwberrytae - one shot | 7.2k | fiance!!jungkook, taehyung is jungkook’s best friend (also his gift to OC), threesome | s, f
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 Oct 04
link to other reading lists
other fic rec lists (by theme)
I love to read so feel free to message me about fics! 🌷
Tumblr media
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frejs-froggy-artblog · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
long distance relationship
day 10 and 11, Solar and Lunar 
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just--space · a month ago
Tumblr media
Moon over ISS : Completing one orbit of our fair planet in 90 minutes the International Space Station can easily be spotted by eye as a very bright star moving through the night sky. Have you seen it? The next time you do, you will have recognized the location of over 20 years of continuous human presence in space. In fact, the Expedition 1 crew to the ISS docked with the orbital outpost some 400 kilometers above the Earth on November 2, 2000. No telescope is required to spot the ISS flashing through the night. But this telescopic field of view does reveal remarkable details of the space station captured as it transited the waning gibbous moon on November 3, just one day after the space age milestone. The well-timed telescopic snapshot also contains the location of another inspirational human achievement. About 400,000 kilometers away, the Apollo 11 landing site on the dark, smooth lunar Sea of Tranquility is to the right of the ISS silhouette. via NASA
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ggukkiereads · 8 months ago
Hii!! Can you please give recs about cheating and regret?(any member) It doesn't matter if the ending is happy or not, I just want to cry skskksms🤧🤧 Thankyou love!!💖💖
🌷 Here you go, anon 😊.
Thank you dear authors for these fics! ♥️
Note: I don’t condone and support cheating. These are just works of fiction and I appreciate how these writers tackled the scenarios. 
Tumblr media
BTS Infidelity/Cheating AUs
implied or suspected | member cheating on OC | member x OC cheating on partners | OC cheated on member | Member being cheated on by SO
There are fics I can’t recall the title/s of but I’ll try to update once I remember. I didn’t include fics that romanticizes it (like pwp type)
Tumblr media
Break up With Your Girlfriend @pradaksj - 1920s
Chasing Pavements (ongoing) @guklvr - married bestfriend!JK [4/5] not really full-blown cheating
Comfort Inn Ending @joonbird - established turned exes, idol!au [7/7]
Decalcomania @floralseokjin - established relationship [2/2]
Forever Has a Limit @readyplayerhobi -  husband!jk drabble
Ghost in my Bed (ongoing) @yeojaa - exes!au, e2l, rockstar [4/?]
I’d Rather be Dead + Everything I Wanted (ongoing) @starshapedkookie - fratboy!jk [2/3] 
I Hate You, I Love You @jungblue - bestfriend!jk, unrequited love [2/2 + drabbles  morning truths + when spirits spill]
Love is Not Over @moonnightyoongi   - established relationship [7/7]
Mutual Help (ongoing) @personasintro - bestfriend!au, broken up sad boy Jungkook (not really a cheating au but topics of cheating are touched upon across chapters. Also, this is the only reason I visit wattpad 😁. It's really angsty too!) [33/?]
Paradise @lunar-jimin - ceo x secretary
Rain by nijoon [AO3] - husband, divorce!au
Red by @7deadlysinsfics [AO3, but they'll repost on tumblr soon) - affair 
Slow and Steady @yoonia - artist!jk, husband!jk
Snapdragon + Daffodil @dfdph - fratboy!jk, college au (part 2: doctor!jungkook, doctor!reader, exes au)
Sound the Alarms @littlemisskookie - bestfriend’s boyfriend [8/8]
Splinter @/jungblue - exes reunion
Stubborn Love @hoseoksyn - modern day royalty, bodyguard
UNDO @/moonnightyoongi  - affair, college au (01 02 03 04)
Way Down in Bed Stuy @minstrivia - sister’s boyfriend; very angsty
If Walls Could Talk @smoochkooks - fwb!au
Stay High @personasintro - exes!au
UNDO @yoonia - exes!au (I remember needing a moment to calm down after reading this fic) [one shot + 7/7 drabbles]
Wrong hoseokiehopie [AO3] - fuckboy!au [10/10]
Wildest Moments @/joonbird - producer!yoongi [7/7]
Somebody Else @sincerelyourfangirl -  Your husband found solace in somebody else’s arms. [6/6]
Third Wheeling (ongoing, updates every Sat) @untaemedqueen - ceo!au, married!yoongi, pregnancy [17/?]
Come Home to Me...Darling @roses-ruby  - husband au [2/2]
Faded Love @jamaisjoons ​ - husband au
Cheater @/personasintro -  Ten proofs you got to find out the truth but you were too blind in love to see.
Let Love Be Enough @jingabitch ​ - exes!au, divorced couple
Swan Song @avveh​ - Lord!hoseok x maid!reader 👀 [2/2]
This is Not a Love Story @sincerelyourfangirl - almost wedding
The Story of Us @/littlemisskookie - in a diary form, suspecting JHS of cheating
Stranger I Met on the Bus @9uk - strangers2lovers
Promises @jeonsweetheart - husband au, idol au [5/5]
Break Up With Your Girlfriend @lovetrivia - TA!Namjoon  Namjoon has a GF who broke his heart (but he still wants her until our tease OC comes along 😉)
Infidelity @jungk0oksthighs - ex!husband
My Tiny Secret @personasintro - mistress AU 
Tumblr media
Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook
Everything Goes @/jamaisjoons - fuckboy!kth
Get Someone You Love @bangtaninink - exes!au, pining koo
House of Cards @aiimaginesbts - friend!kth [10/10]
Jungkook x Reader x Yoongi 
Hidden Stars @/jungblue​ - idol!au [5/5 + drabble]
I Feel You in my Heart (ongoing) @purpletaecup ​​ - exes!au, discussions of cheating   [11/?]
Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Intoxicated @sugarjaee -  fuckboy!jk, jimin comes in latter parts  [6/6 + drabble]
Right of Way by fringesofinsanity [AO3]  I can still hear hearts shattering 💔 [12/12]
Taehyung x Reader x Jimin 
Slight Changes @jiminimoon - idol!au, appearance of Hwarang actors (lol) [11/11]
Tumblr media
🌷 posted: 2021 Feb 11 🌷 other lists 🌷 I love to read so feel free to recommend a fic =) 
Tumblr media
Please note that the fics are NOT mine. Please show these authors love by reblogging their fics, giving them feedback, and engaging in any positive interaction you can think of! 🥰
Tumblr media
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glisteninbrown · 6 months ago
❂ Fame & power degrees ❂
Everyone already knows about the infamous Leo degrees but there are also some other degrees in theory that are associated with power/fame. These degrees can be for planets, houses, angles, Part of Fortune, Lunar Nodes, and to a lesser extent major asteroids (Lilith, Chiron, Pallas, etc).
You can use both your Sidereal and Placidus charts too as both are accurate in their own way.
💫 5°, 17°, 29° - Of course, the Leo degrees usually associated with fame.
Drake (Leo ASC at 29°)
Donald Trump (Leo ASC at 29°)
Megan Thee Stallion (Leo moon at 29°)
John D. Rockefeller (Cancer Mercury at 29°)
💫 2° - The degree of Taurus, this sign is associated with worth, possessions, wealth*, luxury, and stability. The 2° specifically is known as the supreme power degree and has been in charts of people who had obtained supreme power at some point in their lives/ been linked to someone with this degree/ had something remarkable (or drastic) happen to them and/ or made highly remarkable achievements.
Queen Victoria (Gemini sun at 2°)
Henry Ford (Leo Mercury at 2°)
John F. Kennedy (Leo Neptune 2°) drastic death.
Eleanor Roosevelt (ruler of 7H at 2°) wife to Franklin Roosevelt .
Rosaline Carter (ruler of 7H at 2°) wife to Jimmy Carter.
Michael Jackson (Pluto & Neptune at 2°) he had his sun conjunct Pluto & Jupiter conjunct Neptune.
💫 11° and 22° - Associated with Aquarius (11) and Capricorn (22), these are known as the master degrees. This is because in Numerology 11 and 22 numbers are master numbers that connect to the spiritual plane. People with these number are driven to achieve something important in their life, usually something for the greater good of a community.
Stevie Wonder ( Taurus sun at 22° 8H and Virgo Mars at 22° 12H)
Michael Jackson (Taurus Mars at 22° 2H)
Nelson Mandela (Gemini Venus at 22° 6H)
Michael Jordan (Pisces MC at 22°)
Rihanna (Aries Moon at 11° 12H)
💫  28° - Associated with the sign of Cancer, this degree is known as the house hold name, people with this in their chart are likely to have their name known in some way whether thats in the community, nationwide, or worldwide.
Michael Jackson (Jupiter at 28° Libra 8H)
I have a friend who also has his Jupiter 8H at 28° but in Capricorn, he is not famous famous but he is well known in our industry and has many connections.
Michael Jordan (Aquarius sun at 28° 9H)
Donald Trump (Part of Fortune in Aquarius at 28°)
DISCLAIMER: Just because you have these degrees does not automatically mean you’ll be famous and same for those without these degrees, though those with the degrees will likely be popular either in family, school, or work at some point in their lives. If you do not have these degrees, there are other chart indicators that can point towards fame so don’t feel bad! Believing in yourself will always trump astrology at the end of the day too.
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sasuhinamonth · 3 months ago
Official 2021 Prompt List
Tumblr media
Good day, everyone! It’s with great pride and joy that our team presents you with the Official Prompt List of 2021! We went through the fans’ countless suggestions and did our best to accommodate everyone’s desires as much as we could. The prompts are very open for interpretation and we hope you enjoy each and every one of them 😊.
Happy SasuHina Month!
¡Buen día a todos! ¡Es con gran orgullo y placer que les presentamos la Lista de temas oficial del 2021! Leímos y revisamos todas sus sugerencias para el evento y tratamos de acomodar los deseos de cada quien. Los temas son muy abiertos a la interpretación y esperamos que disfruten cada uno de ellos 😊.
¡Feliz Mes SasuHina!
Day 1
The Beginning of Us
El comienzo de nosotros
Subtle Dating At Its Finest
Citas sutiles a su más fino
Day 2
A Birthmark That Binds Us
Un lunar que nos vincula
Fashion Statements
Declaraciones de moda
Day 3
The Imperial Court
La corte imperial
Addicted to Your Touch
Adicto a tu piel
Day 4
Spring Hanami: The Flowers of the Season
Spring Hanami: Las flores de la temporada
Childhood Connections
Conexiones de infancia
Day 5
Heirs of a Clan
Herederos de un clan
Queen of the Garden
La reina del jardín
Day 6
The Special Senses
Los cinco sentidos
Marriage Agreement: ‘Til Our Contract Do Us Part
Matrimonio arreglado: Hasta que el contrato nos separe
Day 7
The Genin Era
La era Genin
Of Endless Universes: Favorite AUs & Crossovers
De universos sin fin: AU favorito & crossovers
Day 8
Blackmail Material
Material para chantaje
High School Trip: To the Beaches of Okinawa
Excursión de colegio: A las playas de Okinawa
Day 9
A Second Look
Una segunda mirada
Never Have I Ever
Juegos: Verdad o consecuencia
Day 10
The O-bon Festival
El festival O-bon
Genderbend Situations
Desafiando los roles de género
Day 11
Lord Uchiha
Lord Uchiha
The Forest of Death
El bosque de la muerte
Day 12
The Boy Next Door
El chico de al lado
ANBU Black Ops
ANBU Black Ops
Day 13
Dating Apps AU: "You don't look like your profile picture. Good."
Aplicación de citas: "No te ves como tu foto de perfil. Perfecto."
K-Pop AU
K-Pop AU
Day 14
Within These Dreams
Dentro de estos sueños
Missed Connections
Conexiones perdidas
Day 15
Ame Agari: Silence After the Rainfall
Ame agari: El silencio después de la lluvia
The Crisp Leaves of Fall
Las hojas secas de otoño
Day 16
At the Stroke of Midnight
Al toque de la medianoche
Free Day
Día libre
Day 17
From Me to You: The Letters Sent Through Time
De mi para ti: Las cartas mandadas a través del tiempo
The Cottage Hidden in the Woods
La cabaña oculta en el bosque
Day 18
Hogwarts: A History AU
Hogwarts: Una Historia AU
The Witching Hour: Of Ghosts & Superstitions
La hora fantasmal: De ánimas & supersticiones
Day 19
Meetings in a Vintage Bookstore
Encuentros en una libreria antigua
The Season of Decay, the Season of Rebirth
La temporada del decaer, la temporada del renacer
Day 20
Of Spirit Animals & Personality
De animales espirituales y personalidades
Thunderous As a Storm, Gentle As the Dew
Recio como una tormenta, suave como el rocío
Day 21
The Art of Murder
La arte del homicidio
Out in the Autumn Night
Afuera en la noche otoñal
Day 22
Pomegranate of Sin: The Forbidden Fruit
Granada del pecado: La fruta prohibida
Transcendence of Memory
Recuerdos que trascienden
Day 23
Skin Pale As Snow, Lips Red As the Rose
Piel pálida como la nieve, labios rojos como la rosa
Under the New Moon
Bajo la luna nueva
Day 24
Sasame Yuki: Snow that Falls in Silence
Sasame yuki: La nieve que cae en silencio
Smoke & Mirrors
Humo y espejos
Day 25
The Season of Grief
La temporada de dolor
The Warmth of You
La calidez de tu ser
Day 26
Sweater Weather
Clima para abrigar
The Flavor of Tea
El sabor del té
Day 27
Hold Me As the Night Falls
Abrázame mientras la noche cae
The Girl Trapped in the Painting
La mujer atrapada en la pintura
Day 28
The Twisted Curse of Immortality
La cruel maldición de la inmortalidad
The Love We Hide
El amor que ocultamos
Day 29
Lost Among the Stars
Perdidos entre las estrellas
Seeing Through These Blind Eyes
Viendo a través de estos ojos ciegos
Day 30
Lunar Descendants
Descendientes de la luna
A Story Without End
Una historia sin fin
Day 31
Tribute to Your Favorite Fanfic/Fanart
Tributo para tu escritor o artista favorito
-June 26, 2021
MOD: Fher43
**Banner art belongs to @perlmuttt!**
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twwofwwands · 4 months ago
A Year and a Day UPDATED - 206 prompts - A Quest to discover my individual Witchcraft
*UPDATED - original post was 196 prompts
After a lifetime of subtle magic and a year of failing to step into my power, I wrote this personalized curriculum to learn my own individual Witchcraft over 366 days. There are 206 points on the list. Some will take a bit of time and work. Others require more simple answers.
I used the words "personalized" and "individual" for a reason. Witchcraft is very personal. We are all individuals and nothing we do looks exactly the same. Some of the points may not suit you. Adjust or omit them.
I will be kicking this off with a devotional river bath on June 1st.
Follow me on Instagram if you'd to tag along. Inspired by
Cleansing Commencement Ritual
1. List everything you’re grateful for. Be very specific – from the people you love to the water you drink
2. Write down what you want to change about your life. What is holding you back?
3. List everything you need to release, unlearn, and cleanse
4. Write affirmations to support your unlearning and growth with everyday
5. Take a cleansing shower or bath. Use whatever candles, herbs, crystals, etc. you feel like.
Wheel of the Year
6. Create your own calendar/”wheel” as you go
a. Keep a running list of signs you notice of the changing seasons
7. Research each of the Sabbats and decide how they work into your craft.
a. Summer Solstice/Litha – June 20
b. Lammas/Lughnasadh – August 1
c. Fall Equinox/Mabon – September 22
d. Samhain/Halloween – October 31
e. Yule/Winter Solstice – December 21
f. Imbolc/Candlemas – February 2
g. Spring Equinox/Ostara – March 20
h. May Day/Beltane – May 1
8. How do you wish to celebrate the popular holidays or combine them with related Sabbats? Valentine’s Day? Easter and Ostara? Yule and Christmas?
Witchcraft 101
9. Definitions – Determine what these terms mean to you by researching various descriptions
a. Grounding
b. Centering
c. Cleansing
d. Charging
e. Blessing
f. Charming
g. Enchanting
h. Warding
i. Binding
j. Banishing
k. Consecrating
10. How do you ground and center?
11. How do you cast a circle? Do you bother?
12. What are the corners? How do you call them?
13. How do you set up an altar? Do you bother?
14. Research various workings and their origins;
a. Candle magic
b. Knot/braid magic
c. Sigils
d. Self protection
e. Home protection
f. Egg workings
g. Foot track work
h. Hair/Tag-lock magic
i. Money magic
i. Money bowl/plate
ii. Money candle
iii. Money dust
iv. Lode stone money spell
v. Look up 5 good money spells that you would use
j. Sex magic
k. True jar spells
15. Directions
16. (5) Elements
17. 7 Days of the week
18. Colours
19. Read your own birth chart in depth while working through this section
20. Triplicities – Elements in Astrology
21. Quadruplicities – Cardinal/Mutable/Fixed
22. The 12 zodiac signs
23. The 12 houses
24. Aspects
25. Rising sign
26. Sun sign
27. Moon sign
28. Mercury
29. Venus
30. Mars
31. Saturn
32. Jupiter
33. Uranus
34. Neptune
35. Pluto
Lunar Magic
36. Moon Phases
a. Correspondences
b. Add to your calendar/”wheel”
37. New Moon rituals
38. Full moon rituals
39. Read cards every day
40. Pull a tarot card for each week. Read it for yourself. Research traditional meanings and symbolism as well.
41. Draw some tarot spreads to refer to.
42. Write a list of other divining methods that you’re interested in
43. Make runes or charms…a bone set?
44. How do crystals work?
45. How do you cleanse crystals?
46. How do you charge crystals?
47. How do you program crystals?
a. Create a charm to carry with you as reminder and amplifier of your magic
48. What are the uses of crystal grids? Look up some examples for more ideas.
49. How can you use crystals?
a. Physically
b. Metaphysically
c. Around the home
50. Write an information page for every crystal you have. (See Crystal List)
Green Witchery
51. Research all the herbs you are growing;
a. Basil
b. Calendula
c. Chives
d. Catnip
e. Chamomile
f. Dill
g. Lavender
h. Lemon Balm
i. Oregano
j. Peppermint
k. Rosemary
l. Sage
m. Thyme
52. Identify and research 15 plants or trees in your yard. How can you use these in your craft?
53. Identify and research 15 wild plants or trees in nature. How can you use these in your craft?
54. How can you garden by the moon?
55. Note any foraging times on the calendar/”wheel”
56. Research the essential oils you have on hand
a. Bergamot
b. Cedarwood
c. Cinnamon leaf
d. Chamomile
e. Eucalyptus
f. Frankincense
g. Geranium
h. Lavender
i. Lemon
j. Lemongrass
k. Lime
l. Peppermint
m. Rose
n. Rosemary
o. Tea tree
57. Make body butter
58. Make “Personal Growth” scalp and nail massage oil
59. Make face/gua sha oil
60. Make toothpaste
61. Make toner with oil (like micellar water)
62. Make ‘Thieves’ body spray
63. Create your own signature scent in a body spray
64. Learn to make herbal infusions
65. Learn to make infused oils
66. Learn to make herbal decoctions
67. Learn to make tinctures
68. Learn to make mouthwashes
Spirit Work
69. List the Spirits you can think to work with
a. Ancestors
i. Do you have an item that belonged to them?
b. Flora, Fauna & the Land
c. Planets
i. Where are they in your chart?
70. How can one connect with the spirit of a/an;
a. Ancestor
b. Plant or tree
c. Natural body of water
d. Fairies
e. Planet
71. What type of offerings would you provide different spirits?
a. Ancestors
b. Plants or trees
c. A natural body of water
d. Fairies
e. A planet
72. Take what you’ve learned above and try connecting with spirits;
a. An Ancestor
b. A plant or tree
c. A natural body of water
d. Fairies
e. A Planet
Shadow work
73. Look at your chart;
a. Moon, house
b. 12th house, ruler
c. Saturn
d. Chiron
e. Hard aspects
74. Research Jungian Archetypes and determine which ones fit you.
a. What are your shadows? How can you work on them?
75. Research Myers-Briggs personality types and determine which one fits you.
Personal Maintenance & Glamour
76. Hydrate – your body, brain, Earth and the Moon are mainly water
77. Eat of the Earth
78. Create a soothing bedtime ritual
79. Create a morning ritual that you look forward to
a. ‘Bubble up’ ideas
b. Make a list of Affirmations
c. Gratitude candles
d. Print a checklist
80. Exercise – hike, bike, lift
a. Make a list of your favourite dog walking spots
b. Make a list of your favourite hiking spots
c. Make a list of your favourite biking spots
81. Meditate daily – even if it’s just a few minutes
82. List best hair care practices
83. List best skin care practices
84. Make a detailed Calendar or “Wheel” with your individualized plans for the next year. (June 1, 2022-June 1, 2023)
85. Write your Grimoire – Create a tidy book of the information that you will use in your craft.
a. Your personalized Holiday/Sabbat celebrations, dates, symbols, etc
b. The basics that make up the foundation of your craft
c. The various workings you do/intend to use
d. Spells
e. Correspondences
f. The tools of your craft
g. Your completed birth chart interpretation
h. Moon Rituals
i. Personal Tarot card meanings, spreads
j. A guide to your Runes, Bones, or whatever divination set you may have made or acquired (#39)
k. Crystal practices, information pages
l. Plant information
m. Essential Oil information
n. Recipes
o. Spirit information, communication records
p. Shadow work and a plan to work on your shadows
q. Your ideal day
r. Your ideal week
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ladyvesuvia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
STATUS: CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated! All interactions are under the tag #vesuvia’s 500 followers beach party. I love you all!!!
writing this at 495 followers because i’m hyped af <3
Tumblr media
ANYWAY, i’ll take you guys following me as a sign that you all think i’m cool 👀 so thank you!!! i’m at half a thousand omfg i love u all thank you for reading my stories and being fun people to be around with. i enjoy interacting with each and everyone of u and it makes my heart swell (in love, not cholesterol buildup) :’))
July 2, 2021 05:50 to July 9, 2021 11:59
Tumblr media
🍉 munch a bunch » ask me anything.
☀️ under the heat » send me something to cast my mutuals as. (you may take inspo from my fandom list here.)
🏐 over the net » i’ll tell you a random story from my life. (bonus points if you tell one of yours.)
🐚 shell collector » send me this emoji and i’ll show you some cool/random object that i own.
🌊 dance with the waves » just send me 2-4 facts about u + ur gender + angsty or fluffy + a character and i’ll give u a song from my playlist that’ll serve as your theme song with them! || AVAILABLE FANDOMS: Harry Potter (Marauders and Golden Trio), The Lunar Chronicles, The Maze Runner, and Stranger Things
⛱ shelter shade » tell me your first impression of me and i’ll tell you my first impression of you! (moots only!)
tagging my beloved moots under the cut and writing them a little something! <3 this is a long list so im sorry omg i probably should have made a separate moot appreciation post but i didn’t expect it to be this long and i’m too lazy hshshs anyway thank u!!!
Tumblr media
@mauvea, thanks for interacting. jk that’s not all ilysm!!! you’re hella fun to talk to and i enjoy ✨interacting✨ with you mwah <3 PAULA HNGGGG dobby simps unite
@selenesheart, i still haven’t forgotten you scripting draco to call you spanish pet names 😭✋🏻 i’m sorry nsndjww aside from that, ily! u cool af like- hnggg
@elevatorsdoor, DANIELAAA!!! no i still have not forgiven you for bombing my ships but you’re an effective person to be with in the diner so ig you’re alright 🙄 jk ily mwahhh
@railmeharrypotter, your url alone is *chef’s kiss* and omfg i love simping over harry w u hehe more simping days to come <3 iloveu sm omg you’re chaotic too and i love that (even tho u do me so dirty in cyms)
@lovegoodsgf, bestie you’re one of my first moots here i still remember the tongue twister days iykyk skskdnx i love you and your headcanons oml
@just-another-multifangirl, EMMA JAM EMMA JAM BABYYYY you’re literally so sweet??? and fun??? what a perfect combo ilysm my beloved chaotic, chaotic bestie!!!
@holden-caulfield, lia jfc i haven’t been reading a lot of fanfics lately but your works are literally so immaculate and perfect and immaculate and have i said perfect? i’m in love with your writing ilysm you’re like an older sister to me ily mwah <3 adding emojis for spice: 🤪😍🥵
@mendesxruel, one o my first moots!!! you’re like an older sister but also a baby sister at the same time??? like i want to protect u but i want u to protect me too hSHSHS i love talking to u sm oml
@gothboutique, your url is so pretty like??? and you’re like one of the cool kids™️ no actually you are hAHSBSA your posts are chaotically pleasing and that’s a fact. ily holly!!! :*
@romqnticizer, i’m low key scared of u sometimes because u have this intimidating aura but omfg when we talk you’re literally so cool and chill aaaaa 👹👹👹 <this is the trademark of our friendship
@prettygirlkay, AYYYEEEE IT’S MY ANGST BESTIE AHAHAHAHA pls you’re so relatable and your writing is so pretty??? like??? i love u hnggg
@meiitanoia, you’re the sweetest person ever. there, i said it. you hype me up so good omg and you’re a literal sunshine ily <3
@shadesofvelma, i stand by vel&ves supremacy. we’re only either a comedy show because we’re a joke or a dramatic soap opera because…well, drama. jokes aside you give off cool kid energy i’m so honored to have u as a moot oml mwah bestie love u
@oeuryale, yep yep yep never forget cotton eye joe. ma’am you’re a ray of sunshine 🤧 ilysm and i enjoy interacting w u A LOT.
@eunoniaa, another famous moot what??27282 NIA you wholesome but also chaotic being ily!!! pls i’m still low key intimidated tho hHAHAAH
@hellounicorn, rhea rhea rhEAA A ANDID i honestly don’t know what to say except that every interaction with you is so eventful hHAHAHA you’re funny af and creative ;*
@gwlvr, i’d be lying if i said i don’t wait for your reblogs hHAHAHAHA omfg i feel so loved and appreciated whenever you quote my works!!! literally the best omfg thank you sm and iloveu mwah 💋
@slut4drvc0, babi omg we don’t talk much but ily hngggg *convulses* you’re so pretty omg and hella fun to talk to!!!
@starless-starkov, ah yes, my fellow cool person who also likes to change icons. but that’s ok, we’re both icons ;pp your name is so cute and pretty btw mwah love u
@potters-heart, well hello fellow harry simp. mad respect to you hAHHAAHHA i feel comfortable talking to u ily
@ronsmommy, jade we don’t interact much but i feel honored you’re a moot- YOU’RE FAMOUS HNGTJEIOWW anyway omg ily you talented af
@untowardflower, hello mum. SHSJEJW mara i look up to u oml i love u sm you’re such a spirit animal aaaaa ily
there’s literally so much more i want to say but can’t because this is gonna be a very, very long ass post. next time imma make a separate post for this mbad that’s on me and i can’t tag any more of u all :<
more moots i literally love with all my heart and i think deserve the world: @gxtitobxby @arcaneslut @mrzweasley @just2bubbly @gingerale2017 @illiicitarts @mellifluousart @omgrachwrites @amourtentiaa @roonilwazlibweasley @hey-there-angels @annemagus @babydraco04 @dracomalfoys-wh0re @ronsbadidea @ronsonlywhore @mais-e @cupids-crystals @damianxmeg @miss-casually-cruel @mistress-riddle @angeloniaa @alice1nwoderland @toms-diary @messrsmoonee @artxemqs @harmqnia @destourtereaux + LITERALLY EVERYONE AAAA ILY ALL MWAH MWAH
Tumblr media
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moonwatchuniverse · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
April 28, 2021 … RIP astronaut Michael Collins… Gemini X (July 1966) and Apollo 11 (July 1969) NASA astronaut Michael Collins, who orbited the Moon during the world’s first lunar landing mission, passed away at the age of 90. Collins graduated from the United States Military Academy - West Point Class 1952, joined the USAF as a testpilot and was selected in NASA’s third group of astronauts in 1963. During his two spaceflight missions, Michael Collins accumulated 11 days 2 hours in space. This July 1965 Press briefing photo shows Michael Collins as Gemini VII backup astronaut wearing his personal Rolex Turn-O-Graph pilot wristwatch. Collins wore this Rolex toolwatch during Gemini and Apollo training between May 1964 and June 1969. (Photo: NASA)
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kaiderforever · 2 months ago
Hiii its me,ceren!Your friendly neighborhood
Anyways,just like a lot of you know last year we made the tlc ship weeks.Cause unfortunately the official one is not happening anymore(i still have hope tho) BUT we still have our fandom!And with your support and participation,we will make a unofficial tlc ship weeks 2021!!!!!!!
Im so honored to arrange the prompts,hope you all will like it!Let's make our fandom proud!
August 2=Day 1~Honesty
August 3=Day 2~Runaway
August 4=Day 3~AU day!(victorian, pirate,royal,modern etc etc)
August 5=Day 4~Song lyric day!
August 6=Day 5~Change the universe!(Characters in a different universe.Example;tlc characters in hunger games)
August 7=Day 6~Mirror
August 8=Day 7~Map
August 9=Day 1~Breathtaking
August 10=Day 2~Show me
August 11=Day 3~AU day!(victorian, pirate,royal, modern etc etc)
August 12=Day 4~Song lyric day!
August 13=Day 5~Change the universe!(Characters in a different universe.Example;tlc characters in hunger games)
August 14=Day 6~Impressed
August 15=Day 7~ Chocolate cake
August 16=Day 1~Firefly
August 17=Day 2~Together
August 18=Day 3~AU day!(victorian, pirate, royal, modern etc etc)
August 19=Day 4~Song lyric day!
August 20=Day 5~Change the universe!(Characters in a different universe.Example;tlc characters in hunger games)
August 21=Day 6~Sunrise
August 22=Day 7~Violets
August 23=Day 1~In another life
August 24=Day 2~Wings
August 25=Day 3~AU day!(victorian, pirate,royal, modern etc etc)
August 26=Day 4~Song lyric day!
August 27=Day 5~Change the universe!(Characters in a different universe.Example;tlc characters in hunger games)
August 28=Day 6~Cursed
August 29=Day 7~Journey of us
You can write for every ship and every character from lunar chronicles on that day!!(winlet,carsin/peony,torin etc etc)
Tags: @winterrhayle @miss-casually-cruel @gingerale2017 @cosmicnovaflare @salt-warrior @princessselene126 @lovelunarchron @cyborg-martyr-wolf-monarch @cindersassasin @as-the-stars-foretold @healing-winston-pratt @honey-hippie-harper @hearing-in-color @impossiblesuitcase @cinderswrench @just2bubbly @starry-tea-party @whyiask @lothloriien @strawberry-seraph @cindersnightmare @shanlightyear @shelbylmkaider @shellyseashell @peoplecallmeginger @janisarkisian @im-just-your-problem @jacihayle @nina-sayu @sexy-dumpster-fire @arushahisatroll @spellbound-fire @zephyr-thedragon @thepurpledragon4444 @kaider-is-my-otp @kaiderswell @hayleblackburn @thelunarchronicles-kaider @lunarchroniclesnet @onceuponadystopia @saltyfortunes @kaiderswell @thestarryeyedsapphic @asmileyoucouldbottle @sseashelly @septembersart @greasicookies @greenalmond @distance-does-not-matter @moon-swoon
Tag more people who would love to join!
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just--space · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Biking to the Moon : As you watched October's first Full Moon rise last night, the Full Moon closest to the northern autumnal equinox, you were probably asking yourself, "How long would it take to bike to the Moon?" Sure, Apollo 11 astronauts made the trip in 1969, from launch to Moon landing, in about 103 hours or 4.3 days. But the Moon is 400,000 kilometers away. This year, the top bike riders in planet Earth's well-known Tour de France race covered almost 3,500 kilometers in 21 stages after about 87 hours on the road. That gives an average speed of about 40 kilometers per hour and a lunar cycling travel time of 10,000 hours, a little over 416 days. While this bike rider's destination isn't clear, his journey did begin around moonrise on September 27 near Cleeve Hill, Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham, UK. via NASA
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ggukkieland · 11 months ago
📕CURRENT READS (2020 November)
🌹 Almost done with the list except for a few and I am excited to curate fics that are fitting for merry December 🎅❄🎄🤶 woot woot! 
I enjoyed this month’s reads - a mix of cyberpunk au, android au, werewolf aus, slice of life, exes and those on the verge of breaking up, and lots of beautifully-written drabbles which ended up in my list of favorites. 
Please send these authors some love by reblogging their content =)
✅ -  done reading   | S (smut) F (fluff) A (angst) 
Tumblr media
🥕[Ongoing Series - to check weekly] 
Still reading the ongoing series from October’s reading list, whenever there is an update 😊.
Onyx @springbean - JJK | ABO universe, omega!reader, rouge!Alpha!Jungkook, roommates, cyberpunk au | A, F (this is so fascinating)
[2/?] years after the war, Soketh has become a bustling electric city of life and death. a world now filled with mystery, danger, and rules, y/n finds herself rooming with her old friend while trying to find herself in the city of dangerous dreams. however, her world is turned upside down when a rouge alpha enters their life seeking refuge and help…
Vulgar and Divine @yeoldontknow - JHS | elf!hoseok au, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage,  fantasy au, horror, suspense | A, S
[1/?] The Elf King buys your hand in marriage as an act of political strategy - you, the Banshee Priestess and your ability to forewarn death in exchange for your people’s return to your original home in the River Lands. You hate him for the way his kind make a mockery of death. Even before you meet him, you decide you will not grieve his death - not even a little. But then, on the day of your wedding you begin to weep - and it is not out of love or rapture.
Kitchen Confidential @glitter-kookiedough - KSJ | chef au, slow burn, enemies to lovers | A, F, S
[3/?] After years of annoying the life out of you, your rival, Kim Seokjin, pushes you a step too far and he knows it. As angry and resentful as you are, you don’t realize that something has been brewing under the surface for years. This weekend, that will change. 🌟 new chapter🌟
enemiestolovers drabble series @sincerelyourfangirl - JJK | enemies to lovers, fwb, co-workers | S, A, F
[3/?] Maybe the line between love and hate is thin. Especially when you’re in bed with Jungkook.
Challenge Accepted | What Happens When You’re not Careful | Risky Business
The Lost Luna @hobisbeautifulass - KTH | werewolf au, soulmate au, rival clans | F, A
[2/?] One Luna is born per a hundred-year cycle or so and only appears after the previous one has passed away.  This Luna was forced into hiding for seventeen years, but now she’s back, bloodthirsty, and ready to reclaim her throne.
Mutual Help @personasintro - JJK | bestfriend au, fwb au, fake dating | A, S, F
[24/?] in order for you to pretend to be his girlfriend, he helps you with your sexual desires ⏤ he calls it a mutual help
Bite Me @cheeky-kookie - PJM | vampire au | A, F, S
[1/?] Growing up, you always learned to look over your shoulder at night, hoping to never run into the catlike gleam of a vampires eyes. Yet, one night on your way home you find yourself staring into the very things you feared most. Dangerously beautiful and undeniably confident, Park Jimin was everything you knew you needed to stay away from, but he had other plans.
Nut Jobs @ironicarmy - OT7 | slice of life, crack, humor, friends au | S
[5/?] Eight friends. One terrible idea. A whole lot of trouble. Welcome to No Nut November.
Cherry Pickers @kimnjss - JJK | social media au, smau, gamer, fuckboi, vixen!reader, virgin!reader | F, S, A
[4/?] [updates daily] known for your body and surrounded by rumors about your sex life… rumors that he doesn’t think to doubt. until he’s meeting you… forced to realize there’s much more to you then the thonged shorts and lacy costumes.
(or, you’re a video vixen with an assumed identity and jungkook manages to see past it.)
Across the Board @out-of-jams - KTH | 20s, gambling, mafia au, enemies to lovers | S, A
[1/?] And now you’re indebted to the city’s most dangerous mob boss, forced to pay your dues in blood one way or another. With a gun pushed into your hands and your life at stake; once you’re in, you’re in. You’ll never get out.
Tumblr media
🥕[Completed AUs/Series/Drabbles -  to read]
Through Time and Space @taephilia - 10.6k | KSJ | F, A, sci-fi, time travel au, adventure, doctor who au 
re: Untitled @to-star-lake - 18.8k | JJK | A, S, F, ceo au, arranged marriage, childhood acquaintance turned enemies (one of my favorites this month 🥰)  
01 02 03 04  ✅
Moral of the Story @suhdays - 7.7k | JHS | A, F, S, strangers to loves, soulmate au, OC can tell if people are telling the truth (really interesting)  ✅
In the Margins  @bonvoyagenoona - 31k | MYG | F, S, A, writer au, humor, enemies to friends to lovers, slow burn, editor!reader, writer!yoongi [also on AO3] 
01: Winter (5k words)   ✅ 02: Spring (6k words)  03: Summer (7k words)  04: Fall (13k words) 
Into my Bones @inkofyoongi - 15k | MYG | S, F, A, fwb to lovers, slice of life-ish, non-chronological (this is awesome 🌟) ✅
A Human Touch @snackhobi - 39.1k | KTH | F, S, robot au, android!taehyung 
01 ✅ 1.5  02 (will finish the rest of the chapters; this is so good)
Supply and Demand @scribblemetae - 5.7k | MYG | S, A, supernatural au, telepathic!myg, strangers to lovers, enemies to lovers  ✅
More than Us @jeongi - 11.3k | KTH | F, S, college au, roommate au, best friend to lovers
Moirai @jimlingss - 46.9k | KTH | F, A, isekai au, fantasy au, reborn as a villain in a video game
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 
Taking Flight @rmnamjoons - 15.2k | KNJ | S, sci-fi, post-apocalypse, rivals to friends to lovers au
Lining’s Silver @sketchguk - 14.1k | MYG | S, F, College au, idiots to lovers, enemies to lovers 
Even a Forest Fire Dies Out @9uk - 6.6k | JJK | A, F, exes au (a re-read) ✅
Southpaw @starshapedkookie - 30k | JJK | A, S, F, childhood friends, college au, boxer au, kinda e2l-ish (a re-read, that fight scene was just exhilarating) 🔥🥊 ✅
All That We Had @starlightauroras-writes - 13k | JJK | Heavy A, S, F, exes au, reunion, ex-husband!JK ✅ (author said there’ll be Pt2)
After the Honeymoon Fades @onherwings - 13k | MYG | A, S, F, established relationship (on the rocks), producer!yoongi, professor!OC ✅
Cozy Thief @bratkook - 5.1k | JJK | F, S, roommates au, mutual pining ✅
Quiet Baby by bratkook - 3.2k | JJK | S, established au, pwp, exhibitionism✅
Come Over by bratkook - 7.2k | JJK | S, pwp, neighbors au, voyeurism ✅
Tear You Apart by bratkook - 17.4k | KTH | S, pwp, slight horror, paranormal
01  ✅ 02 (to read)
Breathe @ephemeralkookie - 6.9k | JJK | A, S, F, exes au, multiple break-ups   ✅
Shield @namgukgalore  - 18.6k | JJK | F, S, slow burn, security guard!JJK, co-workers au ✅
Imitation of Art by namgukgalore - 9.6k | KTH | F, S, romance, friends to lovers
High School Reunion @btsarmy9593 - 6k | MYG | F, reunion, second chances ✅
One Night Ride by btsarmy9593 - 3.8k | JJK | F, hints of S, college!JK, noona, one night stand au ✅
Off the Table @fakeleaves - 11k | KNJ | A, F, exes to lovers  ✅
By its Cover @crystaljins - 38.9k | JHS | F, A, enemies to lovers, demon au, magic/supernatural, witch!reader 
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 ✅
Your Eyes Tell @njkbangtan - 40k | JJK | A, F, mild S, soulmate au, roommates au, enemies to lovers, slow burn, a bit sugar baby au, lawyer!reader, artist!jungkook 
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15   ✅
Popular-ish (drabble series) @hansolmates - 16.1k | JJK | F, S, A, popular!JJK, normie!reader, college au, fwb-ish
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09  10 11 12 13  ✅ 🥰
One More Time (Finale) - 7.3k | reunion ✅ 
No One @dfdph - 21k | JJK | A, extreme sports, slice of life, epistolary (in form of letters), heavy angst (not kidding! with trigger warnings; written so beautifully but angst may not be for all) ✅
Repercussions: Suspenders, Satin and Stockings @pars-ley​ - 3.1k | MYG | S, pwp, established relationship ✅
Have Faith in Me @aroseforyoongi - 6.4k | KTH | S, F, werewolf au, soulmates au, bestfriends to lovers ✅
The Art of Boxing @seokiie -  3.1k | JJK | S, pwp, boxing au ✅
Beautiful Confession @btsracket - 6.3k | JJK | S, F, fake dating, friends to lovers  ✅
Tongue Tied @btssavedmylifeblr - 12k | PJM | S, F, minor A,  crack, demon au, idol verse, established relationship, pwp  ✅
Infamous @sugaxjpg - 12.5k | KTH | S, A, secret relationship au, fuckboy au  ✅
Familiar Stranger @army-author - 7.3k | KTH | F, friends to lovers, high school au, mixed-up identity  ✅
Strangers Again @minniefilms  - 11.4k |  JJK | A, F, enemies to lovers, best friend’s boyfriend
01 02 03 04 drabble ✅
Ruin Him @kingsuckjin​ - 3.5k | JJK | S, pwp, virgin!JK, coworker au ✅
Sex Education @extravaguk - 12k | JJK | S, F, A, brother’s best friend, virgin!OC (actually came out fluffier than expected 🥰)   ✅
In your Eyes @sweetaesuga - 10.6k | JJK | S, F, A, college au, fratboy au, ex-fuckboy jk, friends to lovers ✅
Drabble Series: In Your Heart [4/11] ✅
Lunar Violence @taetaesbaebaepsae - 7.4k | JJK | S, rock band au, werewolf au, ABO dynamics, strangers to lovers ✅
A Fallen Bookmark on a Thursday Afternoon @cutaepatootie​ - 19k | JJK | A, F, S, strangers to lovers, takes the same train every Thursday 😭 ✅
There You Are @joonkookiemonster - 13.4k | JJK | F, S, ABO dynamics, werewolf au  ✅
Here I Come @jiminssthetic - 3k | JJK | S, pwp, college au, friends to lovers ✅
Morning Rush @atdawnsuga - 3.2k | JJK | S, college au, exhibitionism, strangers ✅
(in)Satiable @thatlongspringnight - 11.3k | JJK | S, F, incubus au, lucid dreams ✅
The Red Pool @ksmuttherapy - 3.1k | JJK | S, horror, vampire au, dusk til dawn vibes
inTOXICated @sugarjaee - JJK | A, S, toxic relationship, college au, fboi au  
01 02 03 04 05 06  ✅
Inebriated [Jungkook’s POV] - 7.4k, read after chapter 4 ✅
You’re so Creepy (drabble series) @whatifyoulivelikethat  - 2k per member | OT7 | F, crack, university au, creepy girl au, (actually cute) 
There’s always at least one campus creepy girl. Or seven. Part 1 (1st kiss) Part 2 (2nd meeting)
kim namjoon - part i | part ii (fave)  ✅
kim seokjin - part i | part ii (fave)  ✅
min yoongi - part i | part ii  ✅
jung hoseok - part i | part ii (fave)  ✅
park jimin  - part i | part ii (fave)  ✅
kim taehyung  - part i | part ii ✅
jeon jungkook - part i | part ii  ✅
Tumblr media
Feeling @sometimeinjoon - 2.3k | JJK | demon JJK, established relationship, a bit slice-of-life | love this so much ✅🥰
Warmth @artaefact - 306 words | JJK | fluff, fantasy au, incandesce couple ✅
Too Close @taestybae​ - 1.4k words | JJK | expecting parents au, boxer au, angst  ✅
“i’m yours, in every way you’ll have me” by taestybae - 0.8k | KTH | S, A, fwb au ✅
“Are you Sure?” by taestybae - 2k | KTH | S, F, brother’s best friend | love this!  ✅ 🥰
“The strings are attached already” @taetaespeaches - 1.8k | KNJ | angst, fwb ✅
Deep End @latetaektalk - 2.2k | MYG | angst, fuckboy au, a bit of fluff  ✅
Game Boy @suqakoo - 2.7k | JJK | S, gamer au, enemies to lovers, a bit of fluff ✅🔥
Reese’s It’s All for You @joonkookiemonster - 3.1k | JJK | F, demon au, roommate au, Driving me Wild Halloween Drabble ✅
Transparent @kingsuckin - 793 words | JJK | S, pwp, established relationship, see-through JJK shirt 😉 ✅🔥
Savage Love @whatifyoulivelikethat - | JJK | S, pwp, OC is yoongi’s ex 😬 ✅
🌹  Drabbles by @zephyoongist​  - I love the way these are written. Just beautiful. Truly fluffy (like butterflies in my stomach) and also gives off a deep/for keeps type of dynamics between the characters:
you and yoongi had an unusual friendship... - 665 words | MYG | fluff, mutual pining, friends to lovers ✅🥰
kim taehyung had only met you a few times… - 1.2k | KTH | fluff, accidental pregnancy au ✅🥰 (a fave)
there wasn’t any particular reason as to why min yoongi chose you to be his mate - his luna… - 840 words | MYG | fluff, werewolf au, slice of life ✅🥰
jung hoseok found you when you were about to make the biggest mistake of your life… - 1.5k | JHS | fluff, runaway bride, slice of life | really cute ✅🥰
Tumblr media
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wilhelm--fink · 2 months ago
Playlist: May 2021
1. Canción de Cuna para Marte - Zoé
2. Resiste - Zoé
3. Escuela de danza aérea - Love Of Lesbian
4. Remordimiento - Camilo Séptimo
5. Los Irrompibles - Love Of Lesbian
6. Chamber of Reflection - Mac DeMarco
7. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz
8. El Malasuerte - Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to Patio
9. El País de No Pasa Nada - Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to Patio
10. Supermercado - Maldita Vecindad Y Los Hijos Del 5to Patio
11. Tabu - Gustavo Cerati
12. Beautiful - Gustavo Cerati
13. Bocanada - Gustavo Cerati
14. El Innombrable - El Cuarteto De Nos
15. El ciclo lunar de Halley Star - Love Of Lesbian
16. mary magdalene - FKA twigs
17. Saturnz Barz - Gorillaz, Popcaan
18. Inertia Creeps - Massive Attack
19. You Could Be Mine - Guns n' Roses
20. Voices: Synthwave Edition - Motionless In White
21. Salvatore - Lana Del Rey
22. Viernes, 3AM - Serú Girán
23. Pedestrian at Best - Courtney Barnett
24. Seize The Day - Paul McCartney, Phoebe Bridgers
25. Long Tailed Winter Bird Damon Albarn Remix - Paul McCartney, Damon Albarn
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