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#day 2

Again, I am so sorry for forgetting about this @tomarryherewegoagain. Please forgive this lowly writer, your writer-ness.


Day 2: Savvvvaggggeeeeee

Harry stared at the immaculate ma- no, monster, before him in disbelief and pain. He had trusted this monster with his hopes, his dreams, his very ambitions, his secrets and dreams- ones he thought lost after everything he had been through.

He had told Lord Voldemort everything.

He had memorized his lover’s everything–his smile, his frown, his thought processes.

He had fallen in love with every single one of his quirks, forgiving every single one of faults, overlooking the torturing, the murdering, the cheating.

He still held on, there was no fathomable way Harry could ever rid himself of Tom Riddle–not when they loved each other too much.

Not when Tom was obsessed with Harry.

But this betrayal was too much. Harry couldn’t hold on any more.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, Lord Voldemort, Bloody He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

He couldn’t stay with him.

Not anymore.

Especially when Tom Riddle, the savage, dared to say chocolate was better than strawberry ice cream.

He just couldn’t.


He means cheating at monopoly, by the way. Do you think that Tom Riddle would actually cheat on Harry?

Your royal writer-ness, is this enough crack to satisfy you?

Again. this lowly writer begs your forgiveness, @tomarryherewegoagain

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30 Days of SHIPPING 🛳♥️

Day 2: What was your very first ship?

Well, this is kind of a tricky question.

The first couple I’ve became really invested into (like search for fanfics, fanart, posts, etc) was definitely Ranma and Akane. They were the ones who introduced me into the ‘fandom’ and ‘shipping’ world of fanfics, fan art, fan accounts that I wasn’t aware existed till then.

Gosh, the amount of love I still have for these two is still unmeasurable.


Originally posted by perfectblue7

They’re definitely my most frustrating OTP E V E R!! Not only because they’re obviously so in love with each other and are to proud to admit it, but definitely because I think they had EVERYTHING to get together at any point for once and for all. But I guess Rumiko just likes to play the heck out of us.

This is probably one of the only ‘canon’ ships that I’m into and GODDAMN!!! They didn’t even kiss 🙃

Still, I only have LOVE for this two.

BUT (once again, I can’t just pick one can I?) while Ranma and Akane are definitely the first ship I could say ‘I ship this!!’ (Due to the lack of knowledge regarding shipping and fandoms) the first couple that comes to mind and probably the first couple that I liked was Blossick or Blossom and Brick for the ones who don’t understand


Originally posted by ppgxrrblove

(This is literally the only gif I find of them wth)

I loved them as a kid, and I grew to love them even more now. The PPG fandom is filled with some of the most amazing, well-written fanfics EVER!! The dynamic between this two partially chosen by the fandom is just to MELT for, I just adore them!!

So yeah, still love this two couples A EFFIN LOT!!♥️♥️

What do you think? Feel free to join and tag me if you do ✨

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Caught in the Light of the Afternoon Sun (Gateway Arch National Park) by Mark Stevens
Via Flickr:
Another image captured while standing near one of the bases at Gateway Arch and a view looking up. After some initial work adjusting contrast, saturation and brightness in Capture NX2, I added a Reflector Effects CEP filter with a soft gold filter to bring out that look I visualized for an afternoon setting at this national park.

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Unnamed WIP #1: The Shape-shifter and The Prince

Goal to reach by the end of April: 15k

Word count for today: 571

Full word count: 1623

Excerpt from today (unedited):

You’d think think in a castle they’d keep up the maintenance enough so the doors didn’t creak and you’d be wrong. The kings studies door gave an awful creak as [prince] opened it, it was no wonder his mother got more work done than his dad with the amount of people who pushed this door open a day.

“MY BOY! Oh, my precious boy, what were you doing, going out in a storm. You nearly lost your life, oh and what would we do then, I couldn’t bare to loose you, and you don’t even have any heirs yet, what are you doing, you are going to be king one d-”

[The Prince] lowly filtered his father out, he loved the man, truly, but damn could he be suffocating, he knew he was just scared but after hearing the same speech worded differently again and again it got boring.

Tag list:  @awessomness @aslanwrites (Let me know if you’d like to be added or removed form the tag list)

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Originally posted by rosiitea

A tad late, whoops

Here’s the link to the entire challenge by @thepastelpriestess

The ritual I’m thinking of doing might not be quite like what others will plan to do.. it’s several acts of love in one day, but the things I’m planning on doing are based off of the relationship between her and me, not between her and others. Basically I’m a baby witch who gets intimidated easy and knows working with a deity is a lot more serious to other way more advanced witches.

Coincidentally, the full moon is also my little brother’s birthday. While Aphrodite is the goddess of romantic love and sexuality, she is also the goddess of all types of love including familial. I have recently been blessed by spontaneous hangouts with my brother lately after sending a little prayer to her because he often spends time with just himself.

On the full moon I intend to try to make sure my brother has a good birthday despite the quarantine and continue to reestablish our brother/sister connection that’s been stretched with time apart.

I’ll take a shower in the morning while listening to the album Rare by Selena Gomez (because that really helps me feel more connected with Aphrodite) and pamper myself afterward with my makeup. If I have time, I may paint my nails because that’s something I love doing but don’t do often.

Afterwards I will sit by my altar to Aphrodite and light my pink candles I have there for her and meditate. I would love to perhaps draw something in my devotional journal for her or write a poem, etc. Something creative and artistic for sure.

I want to see if I can find time at some point during the day to watch a movie that is special to me and makes me feel connected to Aphrodite: Letters to Juliet. There was one time way in the beginning of the relationship where I stopped feeling her presence for a week and became worried and asked if she could send me a sign. That evening at work, my boss brought up a movie I didn’t think she would know about, and it was Letters to Juliet. I was so thankful and grateful when I heard that title. It’s one of my feel good movies now.

Dancing is something I used to do when I couldn’t come up with an offering to her, and she really seemed to love seeing me exercise and feel proud for attempting. In the evening maybe I will have that make a comeback.

My ideal conclusion to this whole day would be writing to her in my journal and telling her how happy I am to work with her, followed by listening to ocean sounds and meditating until I drift to sleep.

Please don’t judge me if this doesn’t sound like a good idea of a ‘ritual’ because to be perfectly honest I haven’t learned a lot about rituals or devotion, which might make me sound worse, but hear me out. I’m a baby witch working from the ground up. Aphrodite came into my life after a mental breakdown to teach me self love long overdue, and she’s clearly expressed to me that she is completely willing to be patient with me as long as I’m trying my best. So I’ve continued on my path the way I intended before she appeared, and am going from the basics to the advanced at my own pace. After writing this I’m extremely excited for the full moon to have an entire day of love with my brother, my family, myself, and her. <3

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April Drawing Challenge Day 2: Outfit

So there’s this otome game called My Candy Love that I’ve been playing for way too long. You have a little avatar that you can dress up in lots of cute outfits. I wanted to doodle something similar to my avatar’s current outfit.

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Perplexed. That is exactly what she was. It turned out, the sound of silence was the whirring of a brain attempting to make sense of the unimaginable. Her mind was somehow at once buzzing full of questions and stunned into silence. Like how a room full of a hundred different conversations sounds as one unintelligible roar.

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