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#day 2

Shantae hears her name echo through the tunnel as she falls, and then there’s only the rush of the wind past her ears. Eventually she lands with a thud, wincing at the impact.

She takes a few deep breaths, checks herself over. Nothing’s broken, as far as she can tell, but this fall’s definitely going to bruise her.

Groaning, she pushes herself onto her feet, and stares up at the tunnel above her. She cups her hands around her mouth. “UNCLE? UNCLE, CAN YOU HEAR ME UP THERE?”

All she gets in return is a lonely echo…

“… no use.” She lets out a little frustrated growl. “If I could use the Harpy - or even the Monkey - I could get out of here -

I̸'̸m̴ ̷s̵o̸r̴r̷y̶,̵ ̶o̸k̴a̸y̶?̴!”

Shantae’s left eye starts to sting, and then she feels a sudden chill. Nega’s torn herself away, and she faces her double, her fists shaking and tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I̶ ̶d̴i̴d̶n̶'̸t̵ ̴t̴h̶i̶n̷k̷ ̵e̶v̵e̴r̶y̵t̵h̸i̷n̷g̶ ̶w̸o̶u̷l̵d̴ ̷g̴e̵t̶ ̸s̵h̸u̶t̷ ̶o̷f̷f̸!̴ ̵I̶ ̴j̵u̴s̶t̶ ̸w̷a̸n̷t̵e̵d̴ ̸t̴o̶ ̴h̵e̸l̷p̸!̶ I̵ ̴w̵a̷n̵t̶e̴d̶ ̵t̴h̴i̸s̵ ̷t̵o̵ ̵b̸e̵ ̸a̷ ̷r̷e̴a̴l̴ ̵v̵a̵c̴a̸t̸i̷o̸n̴ ̸a̷s̷ ̶m̸u̵c̶h̷ ̷a̸s̸ ̵y̶o̵u̸ ̵d̷i̴d̷!” Her ears droop as she hiccups and whimpers through her words “I̵ ̷w̸a̶n̸n̷a̸ ̴s̵a̷v̷e̴ ̷R̸o̷t̶t̸y̴ ̵a̷s̶ ̸m̵u̷c̵h̵ ̸a̵s̸ ̷y̴o̵u̶ ̷d̴o̴ ̸b̷u̴t̷ ̴I̵ ̷m̶e̴s̶s̷e̵d̶ ̷i̶t̸ ̸u̸p̷ ̶w̶i̵t̸h̷ ̶t̸h̴a̸t̶ ̵s̸t̴u̸p̷i̶d̸ ̶w̵i̵s̵h̶ ̴a̴n̶d̶ ̸I̶ ̴g̶e̵t̵ ̵i̴t̵!̷!̴!̶ ̸I̸'̴m̸ ̷s̴o̸r̴r̶y̵!̷!̵!̸!Y̸o̶u̶ ̷d̴o̴n̷'̷t̴ ̶h̸a̸v̷e̷ ̸t̸o̴ ̵k̵e̶e̶p̶ ̵r̷u̷b̷b̸i̵n̶g̵ ̸i̴t̶ ̵i̷n̶,̶ ̷a̴l̸r̴i̶g̸h̷t̶?̵!̴?̵!̸” She shoves her face into her clawed hands. Somehow, her crying still echoes through the tunnel.

Shantae pulls Nega into a hug, and only squeezes her tighter when she feels her flinch in her arms.

“… I’m sorry, too. I shouldn’t have yelled at you earlier. This whole thing is… it’s really frustrating. But I shouldn’t be taking it out on you.”

“Y̵-̴y̷-̸y̵o̸u̷'̴r̷e̷ ̷n̵o̵t̸ ̷m̷a̴d̸ ̴a̵t̵ ̴m̴e̶ ̴a̴n̴y̵m̵-̸m̵-̷m̴o̶r̸e̴?” Nega lets out a goopy sniffle.

“I’m… still a little mad. But that isn’t gonna help us. So we’re gonna work through it, and we’ll find another way out of here… wherever ‘here’ is, anyway. Okay?”


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Shantae leaps down after Risky, but can’t spot the pirate anywhere once she lands. She makes her way through the tunnels, fighting monsters along the way.

Every now and then, she spots an obstacle that would be no problem for the transformations and spells she’s grown used to wielding. Every time the thought drifts to her mind, she feels Nega flinch.

One final, debris-filled tunnel brings her to a familiar face… but not the one she’s expecting.

“… Uncle Mimic?” There’s a chill in her gut, and as much as she wants to run up to him, she doesn’t. “What’re you doing down here?”

“I might ask you the same question.” His gaze is soft, relieved… and just a little stern. “You’re… staying out of trouble, I hope?”

“Pretty much…” She sighs. “Uncle, I’m… I’m sorry I snapped earlier. I know you’re just worried about me, ‘cause that’s what you do, but… nobody else in Arena Town was going to do anything about this. And the Mayor’s a nice guy, but he seems pretty in over his head when it comes to magic stuff, as much as he wants to appreciate and share it. I just… I couldn’t sit there and do nothing.”

“I know. You’ve always had a big heart when it comes to this sort of thing. I just don’t want something to happen to you, too.”

Shantae feels the familiar sting of tears welling up in her eyes. She takes a step towards her uncle -

And the tunnel starts to rumble.

“What’s all this, now?”

The ground under Shantae crumbles and collapses. She lets out a yelp, reaches out with her hand, with her hair, but she’s already falling far too fast, and the last thing she sees is Mimic reaching for her before she falls completely into the dark.

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“Yeah, sour is… one way to put it - ”

A flash of black and red at the far end of the bridge catches her attention.

“… Was that a Tinkerbat…?” Shantae breaks out into a run. She sees another bright flash of red darting away down some scaffolding. “H-hey!!! Get back here!”

She continues to chase it, but it seems like she can’t keep up. Following it eventually leads her to a battered old hatch… and she barely skids to a stop in order to hide from who she sees standing atop it.

“Risky Boots…?!” she hisses. “What in the world is she doing on this island?”

Instinctually, she tries to shift into a smaller form to hide better, and then remembers…

“s̷o̶r̷r̴y̷.̴“ Nega mumbles.

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Most of the crowd in Arena Town is muttering about the show being cancelled, how unfortunate it is… and doing nothing. Just being here is infuriating her more, so she passes through as quickly as she can. When she’s on the town’s outskirts, she lets herself breathe.

“… hey. How’re you doing.” She still doesn’t sound all that happy.

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30 Day Lore Challenge

Day 2-  A dragon with selfish intentions

Tiamut is the living embodiment of the term ‘selfish’. He’s the ruler of Tiamut’s Assembly, formerly known as the Monarch Assembly. His main goal is expansion and  conquering nearby places of interest. His main goal is to take over Rampone’s kingdom as it’s a hot spot for resources and trade. He’s so undeniably evil and selfish, and everyone knows that. It isn’t a huge issue as literally everyone who works for him is also a criminal of sorts. He does seriously believe that Rampone /should/ adore and admire him, believing that he has no flaws.

He’s disgusting and I love him

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❝ I’m here darling. Were you waiting for me? Did you missed me? How silly of me to ask. You can’t answer me. Not anymore. Why did you run away so far, love? You’re so far from me. You know, your last words still linger in my mind. But I can’t understand them. How could it be my fault that you commited suicide? You carved my heart out, not even batting an eye. You shouldn’t be suprised when I crawled back at you. My healing light, you’re only way to fill the gaping hole in my chest. Don’t leave me to bleed and die. Here, I brought you flowers. Hyacinth. The florist lady said purple hyacinth meant “I’m sorry.” I don’t know what is my wrongdoing however I can apologize if you want. I will say it until my vocal cords snap. After all I don’t need my voice so long you forgive me.

Why are you silent now?! Just answer, just a word… I can’t take this anymore. When did you become as cold as the marble surrounding you? ❞

- Day 2

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Pairing: Alex Manes/Michael Guerin

Characters in this chapter: Alex Manes; Michael Guerin; Forrest Long

Rating: T

Words in chapter: 1k

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**Tags (TW) for this chapter: some violence & gun use; trespassing & kidnapping; blood; small scene with Forrest/Alex.

Summary: Day 2: | LOSS | disappearance.

A/N: This is chapter 2 of a 3 chapter story for the Missing Alex Manes Weekend. Read chapter 1 here. 

Ch. 2: To Be Found

Days pass like the changing of seasons, and Alex cannot get Michael off of his mind.

However, he meant what he had said. He needs to focus on his own life, his own happiness for a while.

Alex is in love with Michael, but nothing ever changes between them. Michael has taken the steps to break their never-ending angst cycle, so now it is his turn to continue the change and hopefully growth.

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DAY6 30-Day Song Challenge!


Day 2: The song that made me a MyDay

I was a casual listener just going through their Spotify, but once Somehow came on it felt like everything else quieted down to make way for this song. It was a sound I’d never heard before, and Jae’s intro fairy powers worked for sure. The building pre-chorus got me so excited, and the chorus!! Realizing that each of the vocalists sing the strong high notes was enough for me to decide that these men had to be stanned 😂 This song has a special place in my heart

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Salami + Cheese
2.5g carbs / 35g fat / 38.5g protein / 488 calories

Frozen Blackberry + Almond Milk Smoothie
4g carbs / 2g fat / 1.58g protein / 75 calories

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
~5g carbs / 35.4g fat / 51.4g protein / 325 calories


Day 2 Totals: ~11.5g carbs / 72.4g fat / 91.48g protein / 888 calories

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Day 2: How easy was it for you to collect the series to watch it?

I recorded the episodes in VHS in one of the reruns (I think it was on 2000 but I’m not sure). I managed to record almost every episode except the first 10 or so from season 1 and the two last episodes of Next. I still have the video tapes, but the quality is very poor…
It wasn’t until 2017 (Slayers, Next and Try) and 2018 (Evo and Revo) that the series were licensed in DVD and Bluray here in Spain. There was a small glint of hope for the movies and the OVA’s to be licensed too, but finally it cannot be… 

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“Unless all my missing friends magically turn up again, I don’t think today’s going to ‘get better’,” Shantae huffs.

There’s a prickling sensation in the back of her mind.

“What is it, Nega.

W̴e̸.̷.̷.̶ ̴p̸r̷o̴b̴a̶b̷l̷y̸ ̵c̴a̷n̵'̷t̴ ̶d̷o̶ ̵m̶u̷c̵h̴ ̶a̷b̴o̴u̷t̷ ̶o̵u̶r̷ ̸m̷i̶s̷s̷i̸n̶g̵ ̶f̶r̷i̵e̸n̶d̵s̷ ̸i̴f̷ ̶w̵e̷ ̷j̷u̷s̶t̶ ̷s̶i̵t̸ ̴o̸u̵t̵ ̴h̶e̶r̶e̶.̷ ̵M̶a̶y̴b̶e̷ ̸w̵e̴ ̷s̴h̶o̴u̵l̸d̵ ̶t̶r̶y̶ ̸h̷e̵a̵d̴i̶n̷g̴ ̸e̵a̷s̶t̶ ̵o̸f̵ ̷A̷r̷e̴n̵a̴ ̸T̸o̷w̷n̸.̴.̸.

Sure. Why not.

.̵.̶.̷ ̷I̷'̶m̴ ̸s̸o̸r̸r̸y̵ ̸a̷b̷o̸u̷t̴ ̶o̷u̴r̵ ̸m̵a̴g̷i̵c̶.̶.̶.̸”

Shantae sighs as she heads back to Arena Town, fully intent on just passing through it.

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Her own volume startles her, and she clamps her hands over her mouth.

“… I’m so sorry. I just…” She sighs, and her ears droop. “This vacation’s gotten off to a really rough start… um. How’re you doing…”

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